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Top 10 Best Treasure Movies


Finding a treasure is exciting, exciting, and dangerous. And there are quite a few films about such adventures, but only a few deserve your attention and can justifiably be called the most interesting.

Top 10 incredibly cool films about treasure hunters and treasures:

  1. "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider". Lara is the lord's daughter, but she behaves completely differently than a true lady befits. This girl is incredibly smart and strong, masterly owns almost all types of weapons and can perfectly show themselves in hand-to-hand combat. There will be a unique and rare event - a parade of planets, on the eve of which Lara under the stairs finds the entrance to the mysterious room. In this room, the main character discovers a strange clock, the purpose of which is unknown. Lara needs to figure out why this item is needed. And the search for an answer is accompanied by adventures with incredible treasures, constant dangers and threats.
  2. "Mines of King Solomon". Jesse's father decides to go on an incredible journey to find the diamond mines that once belonged to King Solomon himself. But suddenly a man goes missing, and his daughter begins to organize an expedition to search for her father. Allan Quatermain is called to help her, and he is the only one who can lead the team to the right place and overcome all difficulties. This soldier of fortune and his ward will have to get ahead of the cruel thirsty rival to take possession of the treasure and face a lot of obstacles: get away from hungry cannibals, cross the quicksand, avoid imminent death in boiling lava and hide from huge spiders. Unbelievable courage and love help travelers to reach their goal.
  3. "The Librarian: In Search of the Spear of Destiny". This film is also worth seeing, and in the center of the plot, it would seem, is the most common librarian. But when Flynn Karssen took up this position, he could not think what to expect. From the secret vault of the central library of New York, a unique artifact possessing magical properties was stolen - part of the Spear of Destiny. And now, a simple guy will have to throw all his strength at finding a fragment and not letting the villains get two other pieces of shrapnel, because if you put the object together, it could threaten the danger of the entire planet.
  4. "Sahara". This picture turned out to be incredibly dynamic thanks in large part to the charismatic Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey who played in it. One of the main characters Dirk Pitt once worked as an engineer on the ship, but now he is engaged in the search for treasure. Always with him assistant and comrade Alo Giordino. Fate brings these two together with the gorgeous beauty Eva Rojas, who is a member of the World Health Organization. In her plans to eliminate the terrible epidemic that is rapidly taking the lives of a huge number of people. It turned out that mass infections caused unauthorized waste to be thrown out. And now the whole trio is embarking on an exciting adventure to stop the emissions and at the same time to find the shipwreck of death that once sunken.
  5. "The Treasure of the Nation". Ben Franklin Gates heads a group of modern treasure hunters and learns that, according to legend, the founders of America have hidden the treasure. The Declaration of Independence of the State will help to reveal the secret, because it is the answer that lies in it. But the heroes will not only smash their heads over the solution of the main secret, but also confront lovers of easy money who want to profit from the national wealth and take their hands on it.
  6. Fool's Gold. Ben Fennigan is a keen treasure hunter who has been trying to get to the Aurelia boat for eight years to find the golden crown in it. Once he finds himself almost at the target and finds a piece of the ship, but everything goes wrong: his boat with the equipment fails, the sponsor stops providing financial assistance, and the main partner and beloved spouse decides to dissolve the marriage and file for divorce. Life would be derailed if Ben didn't find a new source of funding. The rich man is ready to give money, and Fennigan has a chance to fulfill his long-cherished dream and improve relations with his wife. But not everything is as simple as we would like.
  7. "Indiana Jones: In Search of the Lost Ark". Dr. Jones is a renowned and successful archaeologist and an experienced occult specialist. The US government itself entrusts the man with a dangerous task: the main character must find a unique and especially valuable Ark. But Jones, ready to help the country and prove himself, does not know yet that the same order was given by Adolf Hitler to German agents. Who will get to the sacred relic first and remain alive in this fight? This is to learn the audience while watching the picture.
  8. "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Listing the best films about treasures and hunters behind them, it is worth mentioning this picture, because it is incredibly exciting and unpredictable. Jack Sparrow - a real adventurer and sly, ready for adventure. And his life changed dramatically when a ship belonging to him with the proud name “Black Pearl” was kidnapped by a longtime enemy - Captain Barbossa, who steals Governor’s daughter Elizabeth. The faithful friend of the girl Will Turner, along with the owner of the vessel Jack and the self-styled bridegroom of the kidnapped Norrington, go in search to rescue the main character and return the ship. But Barbossa is cursed, and under the moon every night becomes the living dead, like his entire team. Remove the curse by returning the gold stolen by the pirates.
  9. "God's armor". The main character Jackie is called in Europe as an “Asian hawk”, because he is a famous treasure hunter who has managed to achieve considerable success. But when a guy kidnapped a ritual sword in Africa, he could not even imagine what this act would lead to. It turns out that an ancient object is included in the set of God's armor, and if all components are destroyed, then the world will be captured by evil and dangerous forces. The villains are safely hiding in the monastery, and when they find out that Jackie has the opportunity to get the rest of the armor, they kidnap his beloved and ask for ransom, threatening with reprisals. Now the guy has to constantly risk himself and be on the edge between life and death to rescue his beloved.
  10. "The Treasure of the Amazon". A mercenary and a true adventurer Beck, whose role was played by Duane Johnson, is assigned by one of the customers to find his son Travis, who disappeared in the impenetrable jungle of the dangerous Amazon. This guy dreams of finding the legendary riches of Eldorado. After a difficult search, Beck still manages to stumble on the trail of the missing guy and subsequently find him, but not everything is so simple: Travis is not ready to retreat from the target, and the local gang, whose leader also tries to get to the treasure for a long time, has already started hunting for him . Heroes fall into the hands of the mafia boss, and now they have to get out of here. But thoughts about the treasure do not leave Travis and Beck, and they plan to continue to look for him.

These were the most interesting films about treasure hunters that are worth seeing.

1. Indiana Jones

The first place in the rating of films about treasures is occupied by the adventure fighter "Indiana Jones". The protagonist of all five parts is an American professor of archeology. The events of the film unfold in the XX century, at a time when treasure hunting was popular in the west. Professor Jones also got involved in this hunt. He is accompanied by loyal friends, and resist the harsh enemies in the form of the Nazis and opponents of Stalin. Jones always gets into incredible adventures, but always comes out with honor from difficult and dangerous woes.

2. National Treasure

In the second place in the list of the best - "National Treasure". When the protagonist of the film Benjamin Franklin Gates learns the legend according to which the great founders of the United States of America hid countless treasures in a mysterious place, his life takes on a new meaning. In inheritance from his grandfather, Ben receives the first key indicating the location of the treasure. Ben, in the company of his friend Riley Poole and treasure hunter Ian Howe, are sent in search of the legendary treasure. However, when treasure hunters find a second clue, a split occurs in their ranks, and now the companions become enemies. Who will eventually find the legendary treasure, and does it really exist?

3. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

The first part of "Pirates of the Caribbean" closes the top three best films about treasure. The pirates of the legendary Black Pearl bark are looking for the missing coin from the treasure of the ancient Indians, which they prepared for ransom from the cunning paws of Cortes. This treasure is cursed and therefore it is worth returning all the gold to its place, otherwise the pirates will forever remain the immortal dead. The missing coin turns out to be with Elizabeth Swan, however, it does not belong to her and therefore does not help the pirates to remove the curse. But when the coin falls into the hands of the young pirate Will Turner, the most interesting thing begins - pirates become mortal and have a different look at life.

The “Hobbit” film trilogy was made based on the legendary book by R. R. Tolkien “The Hobbit, or There and Back” and is one of the best films about treasures. The main character is the hobbit Bilbo Baggens. As an experienced thief, he was invited to make an incredible journey in the company of 13 dwarfs to the Lonely Mountain, where the treasures of the dwarfs are kept under the supervision of the dragon Smaug. This picture is an introductory part to the film trilogy "The Lord of the Rings."

5. Armor of God

The Armor of God is one of the most popular treasure films. The main character Jackie, known to the world as a treasure hunter, nicknamed "Hawk", is forced to save the world each time, as well as the life of himself and his loved ones. When evil people want to get the legendary treasure for their insidious goals, they are ready at any cost to use the knowledge and skills of the invincible and fearless "Hawk". Jackie is constantly on the verge between life and death, passes through a series of incredible adventures and endlessly fights evil to save the lives of their loved ones, as well as to prevent a catastrophe of universal proportions. The main mission of Jackie - to do everything possible and impossible to ensure that magical treasures do not fall into evil hands.

6. Romance with a stone

The heroes of this film fall into incredible adventures and indescribable treasures constantly revolve around them. They met in the jungle, where adventurer novelist Joan Walder came from New York to save her sister from the hands of the kidnappers. She comes to the aid of a hunter and adventurer Jack T. Colton. A spark of true love flashes between a man and a woman, thanks to which they overcome all obstacles. They marry and live in luxury carefree. However, such a life does not like newlyweds and they decide to go in search of treasure in the Nile Valley. And a series of incredible adventures continues. A game with life and death lurks them at every turn.

7. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

The name of the film speaks for itself. The main character of the film Lara Croft is a brave and fearless treasure hunter. She is divinely beautiful, very strong and brave woman. Lara is fluent in hand-to-hand combat and knows the technique of handling cold weapons and firearms. Lara would be an indispensable fighter in any army in the world. On the eve of a grand event - a parade of planets, which happens only once every 5 thousand years, Lara Croft discovers the entrance to a secret room. In it, she finds a strange watch. She has to figure out their purpose. Lara will be confronted by dangerous people whom she accidentally crossed the road.

8. Welcome to Paradise

Continues the list of the best films about the treasure hunt - thriller "Welcome to Paradise". The heroes of this film are lifeguards, scuba divers. Often, by risking their own lives, they saved the lives of people drowning and in distress. However, in the life of lifeguards, scuba divers, there are sometimes rather unusual cases. In the first part they discover a sunken plane with a large batch of cocaine, and in the second part of the film they are forced to work for the good of bad people, and use their skills and abilities to achieve their malicious intent. In parallel with the adventure basis of the film, the love line between the main characters is also seen. Thanks to his strong feelings, the heroes of the film cope with all the troubles and overcome all obstacles to fulfill their good mission.

"Sahara" - one of the most interesting films about treasure. The protagonist of this film is a former naval engineer, and now a treasure hunter Dirk Pitt is looking for the missing "death ship". He is assisted by his loyal friend and comrade Alo Giordino. Their search led to a pleasant acquaintance with the beautiful woman Eva Rojas. She is a member of the World Health Organization. Eve is engaged in the elimination of the epidemic that kills a large number of people. It turns out the cause of the epidemic is the unauthorized release of industrial waste. The brave trio throws all their strength to prevent a global catastrophe, and at the same time to find the missing "ship of death".

10. Island of the Goons

Completes our list of the top 10 best films about the treasure of "Island of the Goons". Blood feud between two pirate brothers leads to the death of one of them. The daughter of the deceased pirate Morgan Adams is ready to get even with the murderer of her father at any cost. In her hands is a third of the map of the Island of thugs, on which pirate treasure is buried. She is recruiting a team of her father's friends and redeems the adventurer and brave man William Shaw in the slave market. By chance, Shaw has the second third of the card, while the last third of the card belongs to Uncle Morgan. Who will eventually find alluring treasure?

In search of the lost ark

But we will put in our chart not the second, but the first “Indiana Jones”, and hardly anyone will seriously argue about this and threaten with court. The film, which brought an extraordinarily ancient genre of “films about treasures and treasures” to a new level, and with which, up to “Pirates of the Caribbean,” no one could bear it. The “ark” cost, by the way, ridiculous by the standards of our time 18 million dollars.

Aguirre, the wrath of God

The darkest movie on our list, but in many ways the best too. For the generation of the '70s, he was about the same as the “Survivor” with DiCaprio for the present: an endless road-movie for survival. Only here before the travelers looms also the ghost of the luxurious fairytale Eldorado, in search of which they set off, ignoring common sense and the instinct of self-preservation.

Going on fire

A bit out of place, but on the whole, the successful attempt made a whirlwind to create something like “Romana with a stone”, but in the main role to show off. Chuck Norris! Treasure hunters are looking for the next Aztec treasure and are being dragged away to the fullest, especially when Chuck comes to his best blows in jumping and turning.

Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia

Russia should also be famous all over the world for its treasures - Eldar Ryazanov logically suggested and began to shoot this adventurous comedy. You yourself should know that it is about how a group of foreign pro-Hindeans turns upside down all of Leningrad, trying to find the hidden treasure buried under a mysterious lion. Actually, the lion also appears in the film and replays professional actors, even Andrei Mironov.

12 chairs

Also a story about the search for hidden Russian treasures. The only question for discussion is: which of the screen versions of the novel by Ilf and Petrov is considered the main one? For the time being we will dwell on this one, with the inimitable Gomiashvili.

An ode to Italian adventurism with Adriano Celentano in the lead role, of course. In the center of the plot there is a cunningly tricky scam with mythical ancient treasures, but by and large this is just a pretext for gags, chases, and Celentano benefit tricks.

The Da Vinci Code

Almost the entire film (and in the book too) the main character does not really understand what he is looking for. From the understanding and concentration of his forever distract the killings, chases and abductions. Actually, this was the main drive of the novel, which in the film dimmed slightly, but did not go all around. Whether thanks to, or in spite of Tom Hanks in the title role.

Mines of King Solomon

A popular plot with an absolutely typical romantic couple of adventurers. But here you need to keep in mind that this is just the screen version of the original source, the eponymous 1885 novel. Although in the book the team was mostly male. Not to say that the film was particularly successful (especially against the background of Romana with a Stone and Indiana Jones), however, here in the frame Sharon Stone looms all the time. And this, you understand, is incredibly important!

To the treasures of a plane crash

Hit the Soviet film distribution, vigorous comedy thriller about finding a plane crashed in New Zealand with gold bars. Cinema, of course, today is already difficult to watch with the same eyes that it was devoured by the Soviet audience. И все же несложно заметить, что легкая ироничность и живописность все еще на месте.

Хоббит: трилогия

Раздутая, но в чем-то даже цепляющая своей избыточной детальностью сага по мотивам книги Толкина о том, как отряд тяжело вооруженных жадностью гномов идет отбирать золото у дракона. It is curious that all the formal signs of a treasure-searching film in The Hobbit are present: a card with a cipher, coded doors and, of course, ferocious guards. But where is she against the best cracker Shira!