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Wedding anniversary 1 day: what a wedding is, how to celebrate and congratulate a spouse


After how many years is the green wedding celebrated? Probably, this question worries every girl who is going to give her heart forever to her beloved person. After all, this is one of the most important stages in the development of a new family. Let's find out together what a green wedding is and whether it is possible to celebrate it in the family’s calendar.

This event is called directly creating a family, that is, the day of marriage. Green wedding call such an event, because the green color symbolizes the plant, which, like the family, is born, germinates. Over time, it grows, blooms, but in order for the color of this plant to not fade, but for a long time to please two lovers, the couple needs to appreciate and keep the family hearth.

How to successfully organize your perfect wedding

This day is very important both for the couple in love and for the parents, because then a new part is created in their family tree. It is necessary not to forget about anything, to have time to take into account every detail so that everything goes beautifully, organizedly and everyone is satisfied. But the most important thing is to make it so that this event is remembered for a lifetime! Therefore, you need to know how to properly organize a wedding in green.

Decor and decoration

Wedding day was called the holiday of love. The symbol of the event is a myrtle wreath, which the newlyweds dress directly on the day of marriage. So the myrtle may be present in other attributes of the wedding:

  • the bride's bouquet,
  • girlfriends bracelets,
  • boutonnieres
  • tables,
  • chairs,
  • arch.

Wedding in the green now make a lot of couples. Because, firstly, it tells the guests that a family has been created, and, secondly, this color is very beautiful and will fill your wedding with bright and fresh colors, will give a festive mood.

Holiday traditions

There are several traditions accompanying the first day of family life:

  • planting the newlyweds,
  • weaving a wreath with myrtle,
  • fortune telling on the leaves

On the wedding day, the newlyweds plant a small tree, which symbolizes their family. They knit colorful ribbons on it and write wishes for each other. This way, the young couple takes root of their love and makes it stronger.

The parents of the bride plant myrtle on the day when their daughter was born, and, on the eve of their marriage, give this plant to lovers. In this way, parents show that they give their child custody and protection of the groom. She also weaves the leaves of this tree into her wedding wreath.

Also one of the main events on the green wedding is fortune-telling on a branch with fresh leaves. It is conducted to determine the sex of the first child in the family. Guests are given one sprig for everyone, and each pulls out from one to three leaves and gives them to a neighbor. Depending on the last one, the man, or the woman they got, they will know the sex of the unborn child.

Holiday contests

In order for everything to be successful, fun and organized on a green holiday there are special competitions:

  • "Who is the bride"?
  • "Portrait"
  • "Rope"

“Rope” is a very interesting game, because it will improve the mood of all the guests on your holiday. The essence of the game is this: you will need two ropes with a spoon tied at one end. Participants are divided into two teams. They need to string themselves on a rope. And this can be done in this way: stick a spoon with a string through your clothes. Wins the team that perform the task first.

A green wedding is like the birth of a new life, a combination of two particles into one whole. Create the perfect atmosphere on this day.. How many years would not have passed, you will remember your marriage in this fresh color. If you decorate the place of marriage according to the green style with the help of plants and do not forget about myrtle. Keep all traditions. Celebrate your family's birthday every month. And then your love will flourish and please the soul. Set the perfect start for your love!

What is a green wedding

Green wedding is a unique concept in wedding terminology, because by and large it is still 0 years of living together. Wedding day is called a green wedding, and then each month the newlyweds celebrate this special holiday and there are 11 of them a year - from the first month of marriage to 11 months, because 12 months is the first anniversary - the print wedding.
To a green wedding, i.e. Wedding day, must be present elements of green.

You can, of course, organize a wedding in green, but if another main shade of celebration was chosen, then the green is perfectly combined with other colors from the color palette. Well, at least in the bridal bouquet and in the boutonniere green leaves of flowers may be present. In addition, bridal fashion and floristics also present the newlyweds a very beautiful opportunity to decorate their wedding with flowers.

Traditions for a green wedding

The green wedding acquired its name not so much because of its figurative meaning "green", i.e. young and inexperienced, like newlyweds at the beginning of their family life, how much because of the old tradition of giving the bridegroom a special tree - myrtle. When a girl was born in a family, parents always planted an evergreen myrtle tree, which grew in their home with their daughter until the day she married. On the wedding day, this tree was given to the groom with his daughter, and in the new family this tree should have been taken care of not worse than the parents of the girl took care of. It was in this way that the groom was checked for the quality of the role of his spouse.

In our time, such a tradition has long been outlived by its use in the wedding scenario, and it’s not at every wedding to meet myrtle as a gift. This tradition was successfully replaced simply by planting a family tree or a simple houseplant. It is believed that for a green wedding, the newlyweds, in addition to flowers, must definitely give a potted plant, which they will take care of, as well as their feelings.

How to celebrate a green wedding

For newlyweds to celebrate their wedding day is a real pleasure, because this is another great opportunity to relive all their emotions and feelings. In the tips how to celebrate the day of their marriage, two lovers simply do not need, because this is a celebration of two hearts, which means the whole celebration can be transferred exclusively to each other.

Romantic dinners, dates, evenings with light music and by candlelight, enjoying each other - these are the celebrations for a green wedding. It should be so, because the first year of life is the enjoyment of one’s status and at the same time the study of each other. May this study take place in romantic settings, in peace and harmony.

To this day, our grandparents are of the opinion that the couple’s bed should be narrow and the blanket cold so that they often touch each other and think of ways to warm themselves on cold nights. It is worth listening to the wise advice and never neglect the opportunity to once again prove to each other your feelings, show your love and confirm your right choice. It is in these moods that a green wedding should take place not only on the day of the marriage, but also on each subsequent birthday of the family and throughout life.

1 day married - Green wedding anniversary

Wedding is the most important, joyful, unforgettable event in the life of two loving people and, most importantly, a new family has been born since the wedding day.

For any young girl is very important to find the guy who will share with her all his life and in grief and joy. Girls are very anxious about preparing a wedding, wanting her to remember not only the newlyweds, but also the guests.

The first and most important date in marriage is the date of marriage. This day is called the "green wedding".

This holiday is not only the very first in the list of family anniversaries, but also the longest, since it is customary to celebrate a green wedding throughout the year, every month, on the day of the wedding.

What to give a spouse for a green wedding?

What to give a husband or wife for a wedding anniversary? On the wedding day, the newlyweds give each other flowers. Those who marry from the wedding must choose two bottles of champagne. Open one bottle for the first anniversary of your family, and the second for the birth of a baby.

It is believed that the myrtle tree is the most beautiful gift for the wedding day. If there is a myrtle in the house, then the home hearth is protected from hatred, anger, and also frees from all self-doubt and gives strength in all life endeavors.

It has long been considered mandatory: on the wedding day it was necessary to give flowers, as a symbol of a friendly and strong family. The tradition has come down to our times, the bridegroom, having come to the bride's house, must give her a wedding bouquet, and she should attach a buttonhole to him in return.

What to give to a green wedding, if you are a guest

You were invited to the wedding, and you do not know what to give? Nowadays, in the first place a gift for a green wedding is money. How original to give money for a wedding? It is believed that cash will give impetus to the new family life, and the myrtle tree brings happiness. Attach money to the leaves of myrtle tree and it will be the most original gift.

In the second place, wedding gifts on the wedding day are various items for the household, equipment, home decorations and souvenirs.. Also, an excellent gift for the newlyweds will be the keys to the car or from the apartment. But it is worth recalling that with a gift you need to give a myrtle tree or flowers.

Where to celebrate a green wedding?

It is preferable to celebrate the first anniversary of family life in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Options, how to celebrate a green wedding, you can think of many. It all depends on how many guests will be at the festival, and where the celebration will take place. In the warm season, you can gather friends and celebrate the anniversary in nature. You can arrange a holiday in the open air in a picturesque place, and you can comfortably spend it in the country or in a country house.

The symbol of a green wedding is a myrtle or myrtle tree - an evergreen shrub. Even in ancient times, the myrtle wreath with roses was a favorite wedding decoration. According to legend, the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite was crowned with a wreath from myrtle during the famous controversy. In Europe, there was an old tradition, according to which the father of the bride at the wedding handed over to his brother-in-law a myrtle tree that was planted on the bride's birthday.

To emphasize the touchingness of the event and create a light holiday atmosphere, you need to take care of the wedding wreath and bouquet of the bride with myrtle leaves and boutonnieres with fresh flowers.

The decoration of the hall for the holiday should be solemn and beautiful. When decorating, you can use flowers and fragrant herbs.

In advance you need to send guests an invitation to a green wedding. Pay attention to its themed design. It is desirable that the invitation was green with a picture of a myrtle tree. A light green cardboard or envelope of the color of young grass will be very appropriate. Of course, in our time, you can easily confine electronic invitations, but they, too, should be issued properly.

What to give to his wife and husband?

A wonderful gift for a wife can be any jewelry with natural stones of green color.

Husband can give an engraved watch or money clip.

To emphasize the green color of gifts can be symbolically in a joking manner with the help of banknotes of green color or a trip to the exotic country.

What to wear for a green wedding?

As the name speaks for itself, you can actively use any green accessories, for example, a green belt or ribbons in decorations. The bridesmaid dress can be colored (any shade of green) or with a delicate floral pattern. Any piece of clothing of the groom - a green jacket, vest or tie - will help to create a festive atmosphere.

What to treat?

Maybe you want to arrange a green wedding in an eco-style. In this case, you can use environmentally friendly or organic products for the holiday table and use green biodegradable disposable dishes. But if you are a connoisseur of tradition, make green accents on the table decoration and generously use greens in the design of dishes.

Green salads, dishes with green grapes and apples and assorted green fruits (kiwi, avocado) will be appropriate on the table on this day.

When making a cake, decide what you like best - a white wedding cake with green decorations on a green dish or a cake in green glaze that will look spectacular on a white dish.

A green wedding is the very beginning of a happy family life when the young ones have an exciting process ahead of them to create a loving strong family. Do not miss the chance to feel happy, give each other a holiday!

What to gift?

Green wedding assumes the presence of green in the gifts. One of the European traditions tells about the obligatory presence of leaves or twigs of myrtle tree at a green wedding. After all, Myrtle (or myrtle tree) is an evergreen shrub. According to legend, the Roman goddess of love Venus was very fond of Myrtle. In ancient Rome and in ancient Greece, the head of the bride was usually decorated with a wreath of leaves and flowers of Mirtha.

In many countries, the tradition to give the newlyweds a myrtle tree for the wedding has been preserved. Flowers in the hands of the bride or groom's boutonniere - the same symbol of evergreen myrtle as eternal and devoted love. On the wedding day, guests usually give flowers and gifts for the newlyweds, not focusing on their color.

The 1st wedding anniversary is a significant and touching event in the life of the newlyweds. On this auspicious day, it will be symbolic to choose a gift of green color, and indoor plants can be presented as flowers. The green color of gifts can be underlined in a comic manner or symbolically: it can be both banknotes of green shades, and ornaments with natural stones of green color, and tourist vouchers to an exotic country.

A calico wedding will replace the green one after one more year of a happy married life.