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20 most successful poses for a female photo shoot!


If you are the owner of magnificent forms, it is not necessary to deny yourself the pleasure of being photographed. Years pass, but the memory of them can be captured. Do not be ashamed of yourself and look at the podium models with sadness. You are also a model, but unique.

The success of the photo shoot will depend not only on the appearance of the model, but on its openness, natural state of rest, and self-confidence. Tune in to a positive result in your head, but knowing the basics of the right posture in front of the lens will not hurt you.

Portrait rules

The portrait should emphasize the dignity of the face and neckline model. The plan is large, the lens can add a couple of kilograms. Therefore, the photographer should take pictures from above, but in no case below.

To avoid the effect of a second chin, you must:

  • sit in a half turn to the camera
  • slightly raise the head and slightly throw it back (do not overdo it so that it is not noticeable in the photo that you intentionally did this),
  • move your upper body forward - there will be an emphasis on a face that stretches a bit,
  • owners of long hair should be spread over their shoulders to lengthen the oval too. If the portrait is half-turned, the hair can be spread to one side, covering the cheek close to the lens,
  • try to avoid straight lines in posing in front of the camera, be sure to have a slight deflection of the body or a bias towards
  • the play of light and shadow, if the studio is shooting - a bright accent is given on the center of the face, the contours are slightly darkened to hide the chubby cheeks, the second chin, to make the oval more elongated.

Normal photo standing, sitting or lying

Many ladies of juicy forms refuse to be photographed to their full height, collecting only pictures along the chest line in their album. If you choose the correct posture, you can remove the folds on the abdomen, lengthen the legs, reduce the volume of the hips, make the hands more attractive even in clothes with short sleeves.

Perspective standing

Fat girls always try to huddle, slouch, thinking that they will be less so. And the correct posture for a photo shoot is:

    Straightened back, straightened shoulders, chest as much as possible raised and put forward (if you have something to show, then why hide - this should be the main focus).

The hands of the model should not be tight to the body and be straight. They need to be slightly apart, you can bend, touch the hair, any accessory, or just leave on the waist. To reduce the waist volume of the palm must be positioned towards the middle, and not along the edges. The smaller the distance from one brush to another, the narrower the waist looks like a plump model. Hands can be wrapped around the abdomen to remove several lines of folds. So you can emphasize the chest.

Bending in everything - the principle of poses for a photo shoot for full standing girls. Body lines should not be strictly vertical or horizontal. You can always move the shoulders forward or to the side, lean the body forward or back, bend the lumbar region, if the photo is taken from the side or half a turn, the hips should be directed in the opposite direction from the shoulder girdle. Catch yourself thinking that you are not a tree, but a wave that changes its state.

  • A frame from the back is very popular when the model's face is turned in half a turn and one shoulder. The camp is slightly deployed, the waist seems narrower. The presence of a scarf or a developing scarf will add zest, distract from the overall physique of the model.
  • Pose for plump sitting

    When a model sits down on a chair, a sofa, a chair, her body becomes shorter and wider, especially if you turn full face.

    Correct posing consists in the following nuances:

    1. Sit in half, without touching the back. The back is flat, the shoulders are laid back. Head slightly tilted to the side and lift. Legs can be thrown on top of each other or one raised on the bench, and the other left below. In this case, the body should be straight or slightly folded back to avoid wrinkles in the abdomen.
    2. The chair can only be used as a support - stand with your back to it, place your hands on your back with your hands and sit down or bend one leg to your knees, and leave the other straight. Do not allow the body pose to direct the body towards the camera while sitting.
    3. Use accessories to cover the belly in a sitting position. Soft toys, pillows will distract attention from problem areas.
    4. Chubby girls on a photo shoot should try to pose in a prone position, especially on the stomach. This position will add spice to the pictures. To photo did not seem vulgar, you can wear a beautiful evening or home outfit. It all depends on the subject of the photo shoot.

    The key to success is, of course, correctly chosen outfit, hairstyle, makeup. Without this, even the brightest model with the correct body proportions can turn out badly in the photo.

    Pose for a photo lying

    See a selection of photos of beautiful interiors - how to decorate an apartment.

    For the first photo shoot, select a photographer who has a portfolio of girls with juicy sizes. Discuss the details of shooting, tick all that you like in yourself and that does not suit. An experienced specialist will offer poses for a photo shoot, emphasizing your individuality.

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    7. The basic elementary pose that looks amazing. Again, when shooting, it’s better to drop below and take pictures almost from ground level.

    8. And this amazing pose is well suited for girls with any figure. You can experiment with different positions of the legs and arms.

    9. Nice and playful pose. Great for almost any interior: on the bed, in the grass or on the beach.

    10. Easy beautiful pose which wonderful demonstrates a beautiful figure.

    11. Another option in sitting posture. One knee should be pressed to the chest, and the other leg, also bent at the knee, should lie on the ground. The look is directed to the lens.

    12. Throw back your hair and slightly bend back. - such a pose reveals all the advantages of a figure.

    13. The body of the body is turned slightly to the side, hands in the back pockets. Simple and at the same time elegant posture.

    14. Slight forward bend can gently emphasize the form. It looks very attractive and bewitching.

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    15. Hands thrown over his head, the weight of the body is moved to one leg, the second is relaxed. Suitable for a slim physique.

    16. The options for posing in full growth are infinite. This position can be taken as a starting point.. And then change the position of the hands, the inclination of the body and so on.

    17. This posture looks pretty relaxed. Do not forget that you can lean against the wall not only with your back, but also with your shoulder, arm or thigh.

    18. The shape should resemble the English letter S, weight shifted on one leg, hands are relaxed.

    19. One of the most spectacular poses for with a huge number of possible options. To catch the most advantageous position, slowly change the position of the arms and continuously flex the body..

    20. Romantic, tender pose. Use different fabrics and drapes. With their help, you can get sensual images.

    Cross your legs!

    Another way to look slimmer in a photo is to cross your legs. Pay attention to the photos of fashion bloggers, they often pose with their legs crossed, and not by chance! So the legs seem longer, and the whole figure is thinner.

    Hand on the thigh, legs crosswise. Taylor Swift knows how to pose for a photo correctly!

    Watch for proportions!

    In the photo most of all it seems that it was closest to the camera. If your head is closest to the camera, you will be in the photo a tadpole with short legs. If the legs are closest to the camera, they will seem infinitely long.

    If the loop is closest to the camera - the loop will be the most in the photo!

    If the photographer is taller than you, ask him to sit down. Otherwise, the camera will distort the proportions and visually shorten your legs.

    The photographer distorted the proportions of Jessica Beal

    Relax, you are filmed!

    No matter how perfect your posture is, if you are tense - the photo looks artificial. Relax and behave naturally!

    The most successful pose for a photo is natural!

    To pose properly for a photo, stop posing! Be yourself, be free - this is the best way to look good in a photo.

    The best poses for a photo shoot

    1. Stand to the photographer sideways, shoulder slightly raised and lower your chin. Excellent angle for slimming effect.

    2. Sit on the sofa, relax, lean on the backrest. Relaxed posture for shooting indoors.

    3. Possessing and open posture. You can also lean slightly against the wall.

    4. Relaxed informal sitting posture.

    5. This position is great for shooting in full growth. Allows you to demonstrate the figure.

    6. This posture also perfectly emphasizes the dignity of the figure, visually slims, allows you to avoid template shots. Look better look to the side.

    7. Pose with arms down. Consider that your arms should be completely relaxed. You should not look constrained.

    8. It is believed that the pose with arms folded on the chest creates a repulsive effect. However, posing for the camera, it is worth trying, but try to smile openly.

    9. Also an example of a full-length pose with arms down. Perfect for shooting in the city and on the beach.

    10. Pose for shooting lying down: on the couch, on the grass or on the beach. Crossed legs create the effect of relaxation and playfulness.

    11. If you are the owner of long beautiful hair, be sure to include them in the work. Let the wind play with your strands!

    12. Ideal posture for staged artistic photography. Change the position of the arms and legs to achieve the desired visual effect.

    13. Such a pose perfectly emphasizes your chiseled silhouette.

    14. Another example of a feminine pose for full-length shooting.

    15. Excellent spicy pose for shooting on the beach, on a sofa or a subject setting in the city ...

    16. Stand with your back to the photographer and turn your body slightly, looking straight into the lens. Relax your lower jaw so you don't look too focused.

    17. The intersection of the diagonal lines in the frame always has the best effect on the result: such photos look interesting and lively.

    18. Always successful posture! Equally suitable for different locations. The focus is on the eyes, so before you look into the camera, imagine a certain image in your mind. How will you look today: catwoman or naive girl?

    19. This position is also one of those in which the result will depend on the presentation of the image.

    20. Imagine yourself Aphrodite, which comes ashore from the foam of the sea! Substitute the face and chest of the sun and enjoy the process of shooting.

    You can alter these postures in the process of photographing, the position of your arms, legs, head tilt ... It has a special meaning and gives expressiveness to the photos a look that you will look into the camera.

    Now you have starting points for posing for the camera! Try to avoid common mistakes in the choice of poses to look gorgeous in every picture. - A source

    How to take pictures

    Here are a few basic poses for posing and the basic mistakes most of us make.

    “Hands to the sides” is an aggressive posture. In addition, you hide your hands. Show your nails, and take your elbows back. Turn your head slightly - and you already have an intriguing posture, not an aggressive one.

    Do not squeeze the waist, it gives folds on clothes that spoil your look.

    Watch your hands - avoid strained or unnatural straight arms, as well as elbows exposed to the photographer. Remember that your wrists should be free and flexible.

    A light touch to the face with the tips of your fingers and a parted mouth can make you more attractive if not carried away. Do not press on the face to avoid the “toothache effect”

    Yes, hands should be free, but should not hang with lash, you are not partisan in the shooting. Put one hand on your waist and slightly (slightly!) Turn or tilt your head to emphasize the beauty of your face.

    Do not bulge your eyes, it looks too deliberate and unnatural. Turn your head slightly, slightly open your lips, and you can touch your face - it will be so feminine.

    Do not squint your eyes, you are not a mole. Your natural eye shape is the most beautiful.

    Do not hide your face behind your hands. Look at the difference.

    Beautiful poses for photo shoots

    Properly use accents with your hands. Where your hands, there and the viewer's attention. Instead of hands on the stomach, better emphasize the beauty of the waist. And the shoulders and chest are well shown with a more open gesture.

    Looking frown makes lips too big. Better try different angles of turning the head. And do not forget to look into the camera.

    If you are not the wife of a leader from an African tribe and you do not have rings on your neck, do not lift your chin.

    Hands should always be relaxed. Just compare these two photos and you will understand why.

    When shooting in full growth, there is no point artificially disturbing the natural vertical line. Any posture in which you have to strain to maintain balance, be it a squat, or a slight tilt to the side - will make you a broken doll in the picture.

    How to take pictures? Here is a little secret posture for successful growth photos: the curve of your body should resemble the letter “S”: stand facing the photographer and move your body weight on one leg, and put the other one forward. Remember that your arms should be relaxed, posture comfortable, and your chin slightly raised.