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We all have desires, because living without them is boring and uninteresting. But why do some of them perform, while others can only hope and wait? There are some rules that will help to achieve what you want.

10 rules for the fulfillment of secret desires:

  1. Desires must be feasible and real, only in this case they can come true. That is, if you want, for example, to become lower, then this is unlikely to be possible. In other words, you shouldn’t want what happens in principle. But the desire to increase income, moving up the career ladder or the acquisition of some thing is quite real, so that it will certainly be fulfilled under certain conditions.
  2. Desire must be specific, clear and properly formulated. In fact, it should become some kind of your message to the Universe or to God. And if you cannot clearly articulate your thoughts, then your message simply will not be read and understood, and because of this, the desire will not be fulfilled. Of course, you can not believe in a higher power, it is your complete right. But specification is necessary in any case, since only clearly set goals become achievable. That is, if you specifically designate what you need, you can find out exactly how this can be achieved. And this will undoubtedly contribute to the implementation of the desired. So if you want a car, then dream about a particular car of a particular brand and a certain color. And do not use the particle “not”, otherwise the desire will be perceived by your brain and the Universe incorrectly.
  3. Tune in to success. If you wish, but at the same time initially think about what you do not succeed in, and constantly doubt, then the desire will definitely not be fulfilled. Correct, that is, a positive attitude can work wonders. So, there are cases when belief in oneself and confidence in a bright future helped almost hopeless patients to come back to life and literally get back to their feet. But to fulfill the desire for an optimistic attitude will definitely help, you'll see! And with positive thoughts to dream and wait for the realization of desires is much more pleasant.
  4. Act! Do not be surprised that desire is not fulfilled if you do nothing for this. Ginna, unfortunately, does not exist, so no one will do anything for you. So if you, for example, dream of becoming more attractive and slimmer, then continuing to eat the rolls, do not expect a miracle. Instead, begin to follow a diet, do not eat in the evening, move more and sign up to the gym. At the same time continue to dream and, of course, strive. But in any case, do not give up, even if it seems that nothing happens. Act, and very soon you will notice that there are a few steps left before the wish is fulfilled. And after some time you will achieve the desired.
  5. Use visualization. If you not only realize, but constantly see your desires, but they will be fulfilled much faster. This technique is a great incentive, and the right motivation is very important. You can visualize what you want in different ways. The simplest method is photos or pictures. For example, if you dream of becoming a millionaire, then hang a picture of a bag of money on the wall. A more complicated way is a poster of desires. To make it, take a large piece of paper, divide it into several parts, each of which will correspond to a specific area of ​​your life (career, income, personal life, study, and so on). And in each element place the pictures, personifying the fulfillment of desires. For example, in the “privacy” segment you can place yourself in a wedding dress. You can make such an image with the help of a special computer program or with the help of scissors and glue, cutting out the silhouette of a girl in a dress and attaching your head to it. Then sign the picture, but as if the wish had already come true. For example, write: "I am married and happy." Having made a poster, place it in a prominent place and look at it as often as possible and imagine that the wish is fulfilled.
  6. Be patient. Many, tired of waiting and dreaming, simply forget about their desires and cease to strive for their realization. And this, of course, does not help achieve the desired. You should not expect that everything will be the way you want, tomorrow or in a few days. Perhaps everything will change in just a few months or even in a year. But the longer the wait, the more joyful will be the fulfillment of desire.
  7. Assess your capabilities soberly. For example, do not wish to become president if you do not have a higher education, and you do not understand anything in politics. In other words, if you are not sure that you can accept what you so strongly want, then it is better to switch to something else. For example, if you dream of a personal car, but do not know how to drive or even imagine yourself driving, then first sign up for a driving school and learn the basics of driving. And already with a driver's license on hand, start to desire a car.
  8. Wish only good. Remember that the negative poisons our life and spoils health, so if you want to make someone worse (for example, they fired your colleague), then nothing good will come of it. Remember that on another misfortune to build happiness will not work. And do not forget about the rule of the boomerang. All the worst that you wish to someone, can return to you, and in the increased size.
  9. Do not make a few desires. In this case, you can simply get confused. As you know, if you chase after two hares, then you will not be able to catch one. Act in stages. First make one wish. Let it be small, but it will soon be fulfilled (of course, on the condition of your efforts). Then you can go to the second wish, and when it is fulfilled, go to the third. Do not want everything at once, it is wrong and illogical.
  10. It is worth thinking about both the desires themselves and the means of achieving the goals set, as well as the conditions under which the desired will be obtained. At the same time, everything should be described in detail and clearly. For example, if you dream about a car, imagine how you earn money on it, how you save it. And if you want to find a job, imagine that you got it, but think about how you got it (for example, you completed some difficult task). Be sure to mentally describe the working conditions: a convenient schedule, high salary (preferably a specific figure), a building located near the house, a comfortable office.

May all your wishes come true. And help in this listed above rules.

How to work with the Ten Wish List

The key to the success of this method is its practical application. You will not master it if you reflect on it - even if many times. Can you learn to ride a bike by reading books about bicycles? In order to master cycling, you must ride it and ride. Moving forward, you must learn to keep balance. In the same way, you master the principles of conscious creation - in the process of action.

When I first started working with the Ten Desires List, I made my first list - and immediately saw how my desires become reality. It was great! Then, about a month later, I stopped writing down the list and rereading it. I decided to "do everything in my head." The effectiveness of the method has sharply decreased.

I went back to using the list — and my desires began again, as before. When I again forgot about the need to write down wishes on paper, the cycle was repeated. When I began to study spiritual ideas and teach them to others, I realized important truths that I want to tell you about.

I realized that in each of us there lives a spark from the Creator. This is our personal creator who looks like a genie from a magic lamp. This gin responds to every thought in my mind, taking it as a command. If I think about something intensely and with desire, he begins to create what I want for me. If I become anxious or frightened, he destroys his creation.

Wherever I direct my attention, gin begins to multiply the object of my attention and make it a significant experience in my life. This creative process takes place in that part of my mind, which is called the subconscious. The subconscious has amazing creative power. I can connect to this power and use it. At the same time, for effective treatment with the subconscious I need to understand how it works.

If my attention is out of focus, the subconscious mind is filled with incomplete thought forms. As a result, my life becomes chaotic - or just boring. This is because my genie is trying to simultaneously perform a million different tasks, many of which contradict each other. His goal is to always follow the direction that indicates my attention. And if my attention does not have a constant direction, I do not get the desired results.

The Ten Wish List helps me control attention. He directs the work of my gin and gives him enough time to achieve visible and complete results. In exactly the same way this method will work for you.

Consciousness sets a goal, but I am often distracted by half thought forms and the incompletely shaped results of my previous desires and aspirations. Many of these desires are unconscious. They are the product of incomplete understanding, fear and anxiety. Jin does what I tell him - but he also listens to my fantasies and treats them as orders.

Creative power responds to my beliefs. I came to the conclusion that my beliefs do not necessarily coincide with my thoughts. Understanding what I believe is easy. Faith invariably guides my actions. What I believe in is inseparable from what I do. Even if I am not able to admit to myself in my true beliefs, my subconscious mind is working to create in my life the circumstances, opportunities, and events through which I can survive these beliefs.

How can I change my faith - so that my desires will come true as a result?

There is a simple way that spiritual teachers of different eras have repeatedly said: I can imagine what I want. I can pretend that the desired already exists. I can repeat this process again and again. The creative gin of my subconscious mind reacts to imagination, focused attention and repetition.

This is the reason for the high performance of the Ten Desires List. He uses all the mechanisms of the mind in the process of conscious creation, using a simple and effective method.

Ten Wish List: How to achieve the best results

Let me share some tips that will help you work more successfully with the Ten Wish List.

I learned a lot in the thirty years that have passed since the first reading of the book "The Effective Method". The advice I offer is based on my personal experience. If you find them useful, use them.

Accurately follow the plan.

Make a list in which, in order of importance, what you want will be listed. Read this list three times a day. Think of items from this list as often as you can. Don't tell anyone about the work you do.

To speed up the creative process, you can rewrite the list every day - even if not a single item in it has changed. Change the order of items from the list if their importance changes for you. In doing so, you re-interpret the desired objects - and, thus, accelerate their apparent incarnation.

Physical actions are needed to translate ideas into reality. Writing down ideas, you help them enter the outer world of manifestations. This act creates for them a foothold in physical reality, starting from which they can grow.

If you have a tape recorder or a device for digital voice recording, you can clearly and clearly read your list out loud - and record it. Then listen to your recording over and over. The easiest way to do this is in the car when you drive to work or return home. If you are in the presence of other people - use the headphones.

Include in the list of real amounts, specific items and clear dates

Some people object to this method. They believe that excessive detail delays the manifestation. But is it a blessing to get Coke if you want Pepsi, or vice versa? To grow strawberries, you do not plant a melon.

The most important thing for you is not to get a specific item from the list, but to develop the ability for conscious creativity.

Is it difficult for you to remember items from your list? If yes, then you may not really need them. Practice your memory to keep all desires in it from the list. Is it difficult for you to decide on ten wishes that need to be included in the list? Do you have to hesitate and hesitate?

There is an easy way to make a Ten Wish List. Ask yourself: "What am I thinking about all day?" This is what should be included in the list.

For starters, you can list all your worries — and then turn them into positive desires. For example, ask yourself: "What bothers me? What should happen so that I do not bother?" If you find it difficult to focus on material objects, try a different approach: "What event do I want to see in my life?"

You can start by answering the question: "What events do I not want to see in my life?" Realize that you cannot create anything negative. Thus, you will need to create a replacement image for the unwanted event. This positive image will replace the unconscious fear and anxiety, which constantly create unpleasant experiences.

The things present in your life cannot remain in it without your consent. You give this consent thanks to the ideas that you adhere to in your mind. You direct your energy to embody desires or fears.

At first glance it may seem that desires and fears lead independent lives. But they are completely dependent on the idea that you have created thanks to the decision made. You can change this decision and the idea generated by it. External circumstances will eventually also change to conform with the new idea in your mind.

No circumstances of your life can exist on their own for a long time. If you stop agreeing with the situation, it will change.

When will you know that this method is effective?

When getting an idea related to an item from your list, use it as a positive guide to action. Sometimes the desired thing comes through several intermediate steps. Be prepared to consistently go to the goal through several doors that will open in front of you. For example, if you want to have a car, you may first get a new set of tires or a garage where you will keep it.

Many things you aspire for will find you. You will be inclined to say: “I didn’t have any influence on this event, it just happened by itself.”

Your inner mental gin will choose the easiest and most effective way to achieve the desired results. He does not care about the recognition of merit. In the end, the recognition of merit will not worry you. Gene works without ceasing, executing the program you have set for him. If you say "it does not work out that way", he will do everything possible to make these words come true - while continuing to work on other things you asked for.

When will you know that this method is effective? For most people, this does not happen after the materialization of the first or second thing from the list, but after the incessant flow of desires realized. The embodiment of the first thing seems a coincidence, the second - luck, the third - an accident, and the fourth - a miracle. In the end, after many successful creations, when others start wondering what is happening in your life, you realize: there is a simple and rational law that you can apply.

At this point, you are ready enough to teach the list of Ten Desires for other people.

Ten Wish List: Things to Remember

Be full of joy and enthusiasm at the thought of the benefits that come into your life. If this attitude seems unnatural to you, pretend until it becomes natural for you.

Gratitude is the perfect lubrication of the creative mechanism. Enthusiasm and joy are manifestations of sincere gratitude. They also indicate positive expectations on your part.

What delays success and makes the creative process chaotic? Feelings such as jealousy, envy, anxiety, hatred, regret, insecurity and indecision. Discard them. The more you realize your creative ability, the less you will be worried about these small feelings. You simply will not have time to think about such trifles. Strictly speaking, negative thoughts do not exist. Каждая мысль обладает позитивной способностью к самовоспроизведению. Все, о чем вы думаете, возрастает в вашем разуме и становится частью вашей внешней жизни. Вот почему контролировать мысли так важно. Ключ к этому контролю - замещение мыслей, творящих нежелательные переживания, на мысли, творящие желательные переживания.

Не сопротивляйтесь старым мыслям. Заменяйте их, обращая внимание на что-то другое. The Ten Desires List helps you in this work. Use physical methods to make your desired thoughts stronger.

Before you make a firm decision, your subconscious mind resembles a boat without a rudder and keel in the middle of the ocean. The wind (the power of thought) randomly throws this boat in different directions. In order for the boat to move in a certain direction, it needs a steering wheel and a keel. The Ten Wishes List is the steering wheel and keel of the “boat” of your subconscious.

Reason obeys a clear law. First comes the idea, then the conviction, then the inner attitude, then the behavior.

The strongest foundation, the anchor of your thinking, is behavior. Change the behavior, and after that - change the inner attitude, which will open to you thanks to the changed behavior. Change the conviction that gives rise to this inner attitude. Finally, take into your mind great and comprehensive ideas that far exceed the limited ideas that have made you poor and unhappy in the past.

By: Brad Jensen

Want to finally fulfill your cherished desire?
Any strong desire, even one that seems impossible (for example, due to the absence of reciprocity) is a motivation, a store of energy. My many years of experience suggests that if this energy is correctly channeled, then most eco-friendly desires are fulfilled fairly quickly.
The program is held only once a year - on strong energy days from January 5 to 11.

My story of the fulfillment of desires

Quite a while ago, she began to think about whether our desires are material. Quite recently I was browsing through the sites of psychology, I came across the headline “Fulfillment of desires by the power of thought” Immediately I remembered the dress seen in one of the boutiques of the capital. Eyes burned, drool flowed, as they say. Beautiful - words can not convey. And also not to transfer its cost. I live alone, I don’t have billionaire daddies, and with my salary I don’t have to dream of a brand expensive item.

So I ponder: "How cool it would be if the authorities forked a little." But to hope for it ... The company is small, barely salary for employees, not like bonuses. Out of interest, I decided to try out the method presented. And you know what? IT WORKS! I come to work the next morning, I immediately sense something amiss. Colleagues are smiling, someone even dances. I ask, they say, what is happening. And here it is, the news of the day: a profitable contract has been concluded, bonuses to all. And not such bad prizes. Immediately after work, I ran for new clothes. And I advise you guys to try this technique and finally get what you want.

Possibilities, limitations and consequences of the power of thought for the fulfillment of desire

The possibilities of the power of thought are endless. Philosophers from all over the world bring information to us that, in fact, our subconscious mind can do anything.

We are the creators of our life, and we can achieve everything, if not by a click of our fingers, then one turn of thoughts about the desired object.

The main thing to remember is that dreams are fulfilled by positive people who are disposed to develop their personality, physical and mental abilities.

Fulfillment of desires with the help of thoughts: 10 main rules

To achieve the goal and your thoughts were executed only at will, you should follow some basic rules:

  1. Only your wishes come true. Beautiful life, yachts, cars, expensive gadgets and cottages around the world - are you sure that you need all this to fully satisfy your life, and not to show off in front of friends and relatives? Everyone has their own happiness - someone wants an expensive foreign car, someone wants a happy marriage, and someone wants a puppy from a shelter. Do not pursue what you do not need, dream about the things really necessary and dear to your heart.
  2. Not only money is important. Yes, wealth solves many problems, but is it enough for happiness? Remember the popular women's novels, sold at the grannies at intersections. The main characters of these works are eerily rich men in their prime. They bathe in the glory, women and money, but they do not feel happy. In the course of the plot, we understand that the main thing in a person's life is love. It is she who changes people for the better, makes void bills and jewels.

Money - only the means to achieve the desired. But not an end in itself.

  1. Set the desire "on the shelves." People are not capable of drastic changes in their lives. We carefully prepare for each event. So why not prepare yourself for the fulfillment of desire? After all, as it happens: a person who has not had anything abruptly becomes rich. How does he use this gift of fate? That's right, blows the pipe. And so, he is again poor. A dream can turn its back on you if you misuse it.
  2. Do not overdo it with thoughts. Wishes will not come true if they lie in the darkest corner of your subconscious. But everyday thoughts of the desired will not attract good luck to you. Live at your own pace, doing your own thing. But every day, in a relaxed atmosphere, take a few minutes to think through your goal, adjusting the desired result.
  3. Rely on the universe. Do not rush things - there is no all "here and now." The Universe knows best when and how to present you a gift so that it will make you as happy as possible. It never goes against you, but always helps, directing you on the right path, turning your dreams into reality.
  4. Pure intentions. To wish evil to someone is a great sin. It is not safe not only for your enemy, but also for you. The boomerang effect - evil, like good, comes back, and even multiplies. So why risk it?
  5. Believe in yourself. This is the first thing to start with if you are firmly focused on achieving the goal. For yourself, you must be the most beautiful, most powerful, most successful person. And all that you want, itself will reach into your hands.
  6. All to achieve the goal. Every day, invest your skills and energy in the right direction for the fulfillment of your desires. Develop spiritually, learn to fantasize. Expand the boundaries of consciousness, allow the Universe to interfere with the usual way of life, to completely change the course of events for the better.
  7. Overcome difficulties. Man faces challenges every day. Even household trifles can undermine confidence in themselves and in their future. Do not allow this. You have been given Life - do not waste it on minor difficulties, turning a fly into an elephant. Deal with controversial situations, take a lesson from every blow of fate.
  8. Release the fear. Fear is the strongest emotion of animals and people. However, only the latter can control it. Do not submit to fear, fight it, remember that you are stronger and you can manage.

Technique of wish fulfillment

Follow the following step by step techniques and you will be able to fulfill your desires immediately after thinking about them.

  1. Prepare a place: a quiet, secluded place. Take a comfortable position. If it will be easier for you to concentrate in this way, turn on light, meditative music that does not distract from thinking.
  2. Realize who you are - a powerful personality, individuality. Temporarily present yourself as God - the creator of everything that surrounds you right now. Remember all your merits and good deeds. Restore in your head a picture of a new life you want or things.
  3. Move away from everything, from time, from your personality.
  4. Keep that fleeting state of bliss and contentment that you will definitely feel during meditation.
  5. Feel the true joy and gratitude for all that you have now. Energy will flow out of you, surround and console.
  6. At the peak of euphoria, set yourself a goal. Imagine how what you want is already at your disposal. There is another option - ask your subconscious, the Universe, the God you believe in, from a pure heart.

The main goal of this technology is to show you, our dear readers, what our internal source of power is capable of. Acting for the good of yourself and those around you, you will always get what you want. Belief in yourself and your own success will give rise to your long and fruitful relationship with higher powers. Performing the presented technique every day, you bring your wish fulfillment closer to yourself, get new emotions and good mood. You yourself will not notice how your dreams will start to come true, and everything in life will take shape favorably. The universe is always on your side, always wishes you only good, and always assists you and your endeavors.