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People like to look out the windows. Especially when it is raining, frost, and strong wind. We like the feeling of security that we feel at this moment. After all, here with a cup of tea in our hands is warm, comfortable and safe. Every normal home should have windows. Because they play a huge role in the interior. Accordingly, beautiful curtains should hang on the windows, and we will discuss how to decorate the curtains with our own hands today.

It seems to be not the most complex invention of mankind - curtains, play a key role in the perception of the design of the room. They can become a bright spot, thereby refreshing pastel colors. Or vice versa, to act as a softening, connecting element between all the details in the room.

The usual curtain will not pay attention to itself. Well, it closes the window and does not allow pedestrians to look into the windows, that's all its purpose. Looking at such a curtain every day, you begin to realize that she obviously lacks something. Since at home we spend a lot of time it will happen very soon.

You will definitely want to make changes in the design of your windows. To do this, you can go to the nearest curtain shop and buy yourself curtains of extraordinary beauty. And you can turn on your talent as an interior designer and try to give a second life to old curtains, decorating them properly.

Lambrequins. You can decorate the window using only curtains, without any accessories. To do this, you have to learn lambrequins. The word for our man is not very clear, but you will not be difficult to understand. Lambrequins are decorative elements made of cloth (most often of the same texture and color as the main curtain) which has not a rectangular shape, like regular curtains, but semi-circular or slanting.

In fact, lambrequins are needed to make a regular curtain look elegant. Such decoration of curtains was especially fashionable in the Middle Ages. Remember how the windows in the castles were decorated during the balls. These were the first design solutions in the design of the overall interior.

As we already reported earlier, lambrequin is made from the main fabric of the curtains. Thus, the curtain will look stylish and restrained. If there are many bright color accents in the room and without curtains, then it is better that the colors of the curtains and the lambrequin match.

If the design in the room is opposite, that is, on the contrary, the curtains should dilute boredom and monotony, choose a pelmet in a different color than the curtains. You can play on contrasts, and even better, so that the lambrequin for a couple of tones is different from the main color of the curtain, thereby highlighting it.

Remember, pelmets are suitable only for rooms where the ceilings are high, so they are able to "steal" the space.

Lambrequins are usually performed in several versions.

Beautifully decorate the curtains will help gang. This is a very dense material, which often serves to lambrequin could keep its shape. Swag is an elegant type of lambrequin, as it has a large number of folds. Jabot looks pretty at ease, its folds hang smoothly on the curtains. This is a great option for a romantic room design.

We use podhvaty

The very name "podhvaty" says that this subject does with curtains. Thanks to him, our curtains will hang in the form that we wish. There are supports that simply bind the curtain together, and there are the same, only with this they are attached to special hooks inserted into the wall.

Tacks can be made from materials such as fabric, rope, lace, ribbon and metal. Choose the material and color grabs in accordance with the design of the room.

How brushes look, everyone knows. True, for curtains it is necessary to take wider models. But seriously, this decoration is not combined with all fabrics. In the best way brushes are suitable for curtains in the Greek and Roman styles. Basically brushes have a standard shape and colors: brown, cherry, beige and gold. Such an accessory should fit into the interior, that is, you cannot use a brush for the khaki style.


In the excellent image your curtains will change if you decorate them with bright details. For example, small butterflies or flowers. You can embroider the curtains with beads or add lace to them. Curtains in the nursery can be stolen with soft toys or cartoon characters. As you can see, there are a lot of options for decorating curtains. Leave in your life from the banality and make it bright accents.

Floral decor

The first one is characterized by floral prints, lightness and blurring of colors. For curtains you can make caps of nylon, organza in color curtains. An interesting decision to decorate the curtains with your own hands - decorating light tulle with fabric flowers - they can be made from ribbons - nylon or organza, decorated with beads and sewn along the bottom of the curtains, making a light drape.

Curtains can be tied up with a belt

It is necessary to select the curtains in the room carefully, they must be in harmony with the design

Embroidery and ruffles

Provence also welcomes light fabrics, floral or cellular stripes. Gentle curtains for the kitchen can be made of white cotton, decorated with cross-stitch or satin stitch - small floral motifs, butterflies or birds will decorate the window. You can arrange the curtains with a bright frill in a cage, checkered grabs or make bows of bright fabric and fasten them from above, closer to the curtain.

On the door you can hang these curtains

Curtains can be hung completely differently.

The design of the kitchen is designed in one color.

Bows, Bows

If you are not attracted to traditional curtains, you can choose a more modern version - blinds, Roman curtains. If you choose a monochrome option, you can decorate them with colored bows, skipping the fabric tape from two sides - behind and in front of the roll. In the raised position, the blinds hold beautiful bows tied at the bottom. Bows 8-10 centimeters wide will look beautiful.

Artificial flowers are perfect for curtains.

Multi-colored curtains perfectly complement the interior of the kitchen

Bright windows of the nursery

In the nursery triumphant riot of colors. Additional decor curtains here may be superfluous. However, when ordering curtains, you can additionally order unusual lambrequins. If you want to make curtains "for growth", preferring simple forms, consider the following options:

  • Cotton curtains-curtains. You can buy them ready-made, but it is more interesting to do it yourself - then you will choose the color and texture that you want.
  • Snap-in toys. Cute little animals, sewn or tied with their own hands, gently hug the curtains, not letting her close the window. A button is sewn to one foot, a loop is made on the other.

Additional fabric can be decorated with curtains, hanging it as in the photo

Such curtains will decorate the interior of the room.

The design of the living room is made in one color.

It is even easier to make holders from an old computer disk:

  • a circle is cut from the disk by a soldering iron,
  • the circle is wrapped with a satin or nylon ribbon,
  • the resulting hoop can be decorated with artificial flowers, ribbons, a small soft toy,
  • Sushi stick with spray paint or wrap with satin ribbon. She will help keep the curtains.

You can tie curtains with improvised means.

Instead of ordinary curtains you can hang thread

Butterflies, flowers

To decorate the curtains in the nursery, you can use decorative brooches - butterflies, flowers with pins attached to the curtains. Decorative elements can be attached to the cord directly to the rings on which the curtains are attached.

The curtains holding on to the curtain with the help of fabric loops (fashion trend!), Decorated with ... huge decorative buttons, will look original.

You can decorate the curtains with a beautiful cloth by hanging it from above

In the nursery is better to hang colorful curtains

We decorate the windows of the bedroom and living room

Depending on the style of the room, you can choose a variety of curtains:

Classic, Baroque, Rococo

Heavy expensive fabrics - silk, velvet, embroidered with gold, silver threads

Natural fabrics close to natural color

Cotton fabric, cream or dairy background, floral decor or cell

Plain fabric or geometric pattern, strip

· Lack of decorative details,

· Fastening on loops, eyelets or classic - on rings

Decorative window decoration will depend on the style of the room. In the bedroom and living room, strict curtains of heavy fabrics are also admissible, and double curtains, in which the elements of the decor are swaggy, jabota (de jabot is a variant of one-sided folds along the edge of a soft lambrequin).

Curtains can be decorated with artificial flowers

Paper wallpapers are perfect for the kitchen

The bows on the curtains look very beautiful

Hinge mount

The desire for simplicity allows for the complete absence of decorative elements on the curtains, but sometimes you want to add some variety to the interior, “dilute” strict lines. In this case, you can fasten the curtains on the loops, made of the same fabric as the curtains, or companion fabric. Hinges at the same distance are attached to the canvas curtains and put on a round cornice.

Fasten the loop on the curtain can be a variety of ways:

  • on velcro,
  • on buttons (including decorative),
  • Sewing loops directly to the curtain.

It is not necessary to hang curtains of the same color, they can be combined

For curtains you can make such garters

Zone number 1: look at the top of the curtains

This part of the curtains is very easy to decorate. New original shuttlecock or mounting method. Additional decorations in the form of ribbons, large buttons and buckles, small cuts of contrasting fabric or stylistic details. Look in your arsenal for interesting items left over from other works: any of them can be an unexpected and fresh decoration!

And sometimes it is enough just to invent a new way to drape around the curtain rod.

Idea One - Side Grabs

Curtains or curtains just hanging vertically are already boring, consider the designers and suggest using side hooks, devices that will help dissolve and fix the curtains to the side portions of the window or wall.

Such fastenings can look like anything, from a simple metal vintage hook to an elegant ringlet or an openwork forged detail. You can pick up and fix the curtain both in the upper part and in the middle and even below. It is up to you exactly where to place the pickup, and in which place of the wall or window to place the curtain holder. Before drilling the wall, try several options just by applying a cloth so that you can visually evaluate the effect of the new decor.

The curtain attached to the wall decorates not only the window, but also the solid part of the room. This decor option is suitable for a variety of interior styles - from strict classics to rustic country, you just need to choose the right fabric.

The massive side pickup has become the main decorative accent on a smooth wall painted in a neutral color. By the way, the color of the metal does not necessarily have to be combined with a hint of the curtain - maybe it would be better to play on the contrast

In this case, the holder looks even more massive, but at the same time stylish, contrasting with the delicate curtain fabric

The second idea - brushes and twisted cords

In order to give an elegant form to heavy curtains and decorate the window with unusual, immediately noticeable details, designers advise using twisted cords and brushes. These basons are usually quite large and become the main part of the window design. Remember that large brushes should not be much - one or two is enough to create a bright decorative accent in the right place.

You can choose cords and brushes not only in the color of the curtains - usually the basons are made of threads of several shades, so the cord with a colorful brush will serve as a link for all the different-colored textiles in the ensemble you have created. By the way, you can pick up the cord with a pair of unusual brushes not only on the sides of the curtains, but also in the middle of the lambrequin, attaching it to the bottom.

Another important point - pick up with cords with brushes should be only heavy curtains and curtains, for thin fabrics it is better to use decorative pins. And, by the way, it is incredibly easy to decorate the curtains in this way — no effort is needed, it is enough to buy a nice cord or brush and experiment by placing it on your curtain.

The French company Houles is known as a manufacturer of magnificent basons, in particular, cords and brushes to pick up curtains. Such a rich decoration will transform your curtains into a masterpiece of design art.

In this case, the twisted cord with two large tassels is used unconventionally in the form of grabs, and as an elegant decoration of the lambrequin.

One such massive brush is enough to decorate a heavy curtain. Try to break the canons and use a large brush in the frame of a small window - the effect may be unexpectedly successful.

The third idea is a fringe

An option for those who love the magnificent decoration of windows. However, the fringe can be any: monophonic and variegated, consisting of pompons and tassels of the same or different lengths, twisted and straight - it is easy to choose an option for your curtain.

The color of the fringe may overlap with a hint of a curtain, it can harmoniously be combined - a combination of beige and golden, for example, is already considered a classic, but you can play in contrast by choosing a bright fringe for a neutral curtain.

Of course, you have to spend time and effort on fitting the fringe to the bottom of the curtains or pelmet, but the result is worth it - even the old curtains will get an original look and will play with new colors.

The classic version of the fringe, running across the side of the heavy curtains. Small tassels matched to the tone of the fabric.

The graceful fringe has become the final detail of the decor of these curtains, passing along the edge of the lambrequin and giving a special charm to the strict classical curtains.

Fourth Idea - Braid

Another fairly simple and inexpensive way to decorate curtains is a braid that can run along the side or bottom edge of the curtain, decorate the middle, emphasizing the combination of two types of fabric, as well as transform the junction between the curtain and the eaves.

Curtain braid is considered an indispensable piece for draping the top of the curtain. With it, you can form folds and adjust the distance between them.

If the band is chosen to trim the lower edge of the Roman curtains or a short curtain in the kitchen or bedroom, you should definitely look at how the shrine will look at the lumen, and also carefully choose the shape that will emphasize the borders of the curtains and make it more expressive.

The existing huge choice of braid will make even an experienced designer get confused. Choose a few options to your liking - then stop at one or use everything at once, why not! However, when going for a curtain tape, you should take a piece of cloth with you to the store to put it in place and appreciate the combination of colors and textures.

The fifth idea - beads, beads, coins, pompons

In addition to the usual fringe and tassels of the threads, the edge of the curtains can be decorated with all sorts of beads, decorative coins, as well as beads. Yes, it will not be so easy to sew all this on the edge of the curtain and it will take a lot of time, but such decoration will look especially cheerful and bright.

The lightweight, transparent organza beads will make the curtain even more airy and suitable for light fabrics, but thread pompons can weigh down the curtains and are more suitable for drapery, dense textiles.

Beads have become a natural continuation of braid. Such transparent droplets are capable of making the air curtain lighter and airy even thick enough.

Decorative coins and just shiny circles around the edge of the curtains will give it a somewhat oriental look, adding a touch of exotic

The idea of ​​the sixth - change lambrequin

Lambrequin is a French word meaning a type of drapery, decorative finish of the upper part of the window opening. Most often pelmet - a separate part of the curtain, which is easy to replace, without replacing all the curtains in its entirety. Correctly, a beautifully selected drapery of the upper part of the window opening can drastically change the look of the curtain, become the main highlight of the ensemble.

You can decorate the drapery of the lambrequin with a braid or fringe, choose a fabric that will differ from the main curtain, but at the same time harmoniously blend with it. The folds are usually stitched immediately, which facilitates the washing of the pelmet and makes it easy to hang it in place.

Drapery can be single-layered, but the combination of two or even three different in texture and shade fabrics gives a stunningly beautiful effect. Of course, such a lambrequin turns out more lush and does not fit every style of interior.

Brown and pink fabrics are perfectly combined with each other, and the unusual cut and soft folds of this pelmet give the room a special charm.

The seventh idea is an additional cornice

Обычно шторы висят на одном единственном карнизе, которые часто имеет две рейки — для легкой гардины и тяжелых портьер. Кажется, что еще один карниз просто не нужен, однако, почему бы не разместить над основным креплением еще одно, которое будет выполнять декоративную функцию и позволит украсить штору необычным ламбрекеном.

You should not use another cornice of the same size as the main one; it is better to choose a fastener for doorways, a shorter one. The fabric hanging in beautiful folds from such an upper additional cornice will turn the window opening into a masterpiece of design art.

A short cornice for a doorway allowed to create an unusual lambrequin with lush drape. Folds can be stitched, but a deliberately carelessly thrown strip of fabric will also look original.

Idea Eight - Bows

Again, an option for those who like a rather pretentious and luxurious decoration of curtains, but bows can look extraordinarily cute and become the center of the entire composition of the decoration of the window opening.

The bow can be created from satin ribbons - this is already a classic version of this decoration, as well as from other types of fabric. As with the use of braid, the choice is limited only by the imagination of the owners.

One large bow can be a wonderful decoration for a lambrequin, denoting the center of the drapery. Bows can also serve as a beautiful mount for the curtains, decorate the folds, ruffles, or the edges of the curtains.

The bright red bow became the center of this two-layer composition. In addition, it performs an important function - serves as a fastener for the folds of the curtain

Cute bows of satin ribbon became the main decoration of this simple light curtain in the kitchen

This linen curtain will look great in an interior in the Mediterranean style or country. And simple bows made of satin ribbons matched to the tone serve not just as decoration, but also as garters, on which the curtain keeps

Idea Nine - Fabric Flowers

If a beautiful bow can be easily and simply made from a satin ribbon, then amazingly beautiful, lush flowers will be made from curtain and curtain fabrics, from which you can make a whole bunch.

The technology of making flowers cannot be called simple and easy - you will need the ability to work with patterns and hard work with a needle and thread. However, the result is a uniquely beautiful flowers, which will be the original and bright decoration of the curtains.

Remember that to decorate heavy curtains and flower is better to make from the same thick fabric. But for light curtains and a bouquet should be the same air - from tulle or organza.

Delicate, incredibly beautiful flower of numerous petals, cut from a thin fabric, can be sewn into the center of the pelmet or along the edges of the curtain

A whole bunch of delicate roses has become a beautiful garter for thick drapes. The shade was chosen perfectly, and the flowers themselves completely replaced the twisted cord with a brush.

Tenth idea - a strip of fabric

If the curtain or portiere is plain and look boring, you can not change the curtains as a whole, but “dilute” the monophonic ensemble with a strip of fabric with a bright ornament or a large pattern. For example, if the window is decorated with beige curtains, you can pick up a strip of fabric in a brown cage, sew it and sew it to the upper part or let it go along the bottom edge (you can combine both options).

The choice of drawings and colors is huge, so the wide scope for creativity opens. The main thing to remember is that the fabric of the new strip and the main curtain should be approximately the same in density and texture. Although designers believe that, for example, silk and synthetics are perfectly combined with each other, so you can conduct an experiment and attach a light, airy fabric or lace to a heavy satin curtain - it will turn out very unusual and beautiful.

The strip can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. You can create a real rainbow from colorful stripes - cheerful and bright, but, of course, this option will not fit into every interior.

A dark stripe along the upper and lower edges of this light curtain looks very stylish and elegant.

Roman and Japanese curtains are especially often decorated with strips of fabric, which is quite understandable - stitch the fabric onto a flat canvas, and this is exactly what both options look like — much simpler. And the fabric itself will need less

It is impossible to underestimate the effect of decorating a window opening on the overall interior of a room. This is a very noticeable and large part of the room, and it is beautifully lit. Therefore, any of your experiment with the decoration of curtains and curtains will immediately be appreciated by the guests and will make the interior more interesting.

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