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Girls, why do you even play sports


If a girl wants to have an athletic and healthy body, she should go to the gym, where she will work with weights - dumbbells, barbells and block simulators. In this article we will tell why the ladies do not need to be afraid of strength training, and why doing barbell exercises will not turn the fragile girl into the Hulk.

2. Weight training makes bones healthier

Work with adequately selected weight makes bone tissue denser. With proper technique and properly selected exercises, your bones become stronger, while the joints are a gentle load.

In 20 or 30 years, the health of bones and joints, probably, women think about almost the last, but believe me - with age your body will thank you sincerely.

3. Strength training will make you independent and confident.

Physical strength inspires not only men, but also women. This is a delicate psychological moment that is hard to understand for people far from sports.

Yes, in nine out of ten cases, you will not have to carry bags from the store yourself or help your child lift a bicycle to the fourth floor. But when this tenth time comes (and sooner or later it happens), you will be confident in yourself.

No one says that independently moving furniture or taking home products bought for a week is an easy task, but weight training will turn it from impracticable to feasible. This is a small personal victory and invaluable experience.

4. Cardiac exercises alone will not make your body athletic.

Constant volume lipolytic (fat burning) workouts will help to lose weight and partially get rid of fat deposits, but with their help you will not be able to get an athletic body. Alone, beautiful figures are not built only by running. And if the physique of Michel Jennecke seems attractive to you, know that elastic roundness and a flat stomach are forged, including with the use of weights and dumbbells.

We should also mention the numerous home workouts published on YouTube. Among the tens of thousands of videos on how to remove fat deposits on the sides, lower abdomen or hips, a large percentage is occupied by videos with workouts at home, almost lying on the couch. At the same time, rarely one of the model instructors deals exclusively with the program shown: the majority of female teachers attend gyms and work with additional weight.

5. With the help of yoga or Pilates will not be able to lose tens of kilograms

Despite the fact that with the help of yoga and Pilates you can achieve weight loss and maintain muscle tone, these disciplines are recommended to be used as a supplement to the complex of workouts in the gym - in such classes you can increase the flexibility and mobility of the joints. One of the examples of training schemes that will give the result: three days of strength training plus one day devoted to yoga, Pilates or group training.

Hormonal background

One of the reasons why girls are afraid to lift weight, is the fear of losing femininity, becoming “pumped”, too big, muscular and prominent. In fact, you should not worry about this: normally, in the female body, such a quantity of testosterone simply cannot be synthesized in order to maintain a huge muscle mass.

Female bodybuilders who so often "frighten" newcomers at gyms use additional pharmacological support, that is, they use anabolic steroids.

To tell the truth, growing big muscles is hard even for men with taking additional testosterone and a number of other hormones. A squatting with a barbell or a dumbbell bench press will not turn you into the Hulk, but they will help to round the buttocks nicely and lift the chest.

It is obvious that the diet of an athlete is very different from fashionable diets, on which celebrities supposedly sit. If you fall into the hands of a competent trainer who will help you balance your diet, you will understand: for muscle growth you need to eat a lot and not at all what you want.

If you come to a good physical shape - a feasible task that thousands and thousands of fitness women manage to cope with, then building up lean muscles is a completely different story, possible only with a serious effort of will. Broad shoulders will not appear in you "by chance", and your hands will not become like bodybuilding "suddenly."

Training program

The training program, like genetics and nutrition, determines how fast your muscles grow. Even professional bodybuilders, whose training plan consists of more experienced athletes, are building up huge muscle volumes with great difficulty.

Female fitness is very different from the male. In women's workouts, there are many exercises that involve several muscle groups at once, and not just biceps or triceps, for example. This leads to an increase in total muscle mass and a decrease in the volume of fat, rather than an isolated hypertrophy of a particular muscle group.

It is also interesting that girls, as soon as they start to play sports, cease to be afraid of muscular hypertrophy. On the contrary, they ask trainers to give more isolated exercises so that the buttocks, legs or thighs look more elaborate.

If we have convinced you that there is nothing unnatural for a female body in exercises with burdening, start training, having previously consulted with a sports doctor about the acceptability of performing certain exercises.

Below is a basic program for a novice athlete. Three months of regular workouts on it will change your body much more than a year of half-hour morning runs or self-study at home.

Basic program for a beginner athlete

Power unit:

  • Barbell squats - 6–8 reps.
  • Barbell (bodybuilder) to the belt - 8-10 repetitions.
  • Push shvungi - 8-10 repetitions.

Three exercises form one circle, such circles need to be done from 3 to 5.


  • 30-second sprint on the track, 60-second jogging. Repeat 5–8 times.

Power unit:

  • Deadlift with a rod - 6-8 reps.
  • Pushups (possible from the knees) - 8-10 repetitions.
  • Mahi with a weight - 15–20 repetitions.

Three exercises form one circle, such circles need to be done from 3 to 5.


  • 30-second sprint on the track, 60-second jogging. Repeat 5–8 times.

Power unit:

  • Lunges with dumbbells back - 8-10 times.
  • Pull-ups with the help of a partner or in a gravitron - 5–8 times.
  • Squats with a jump up - 5–8 times.

Three exercises form one circle, such circles need to be done from 3 to 5.


  • 30-second sprint on the track, 60-second jogging. Repeat 5–8 times.

Prevention of osteoporosis

The peak of bone mass comes at 20 years old, so, dear parents, take care of the bones of your children now. Regular exercise, food rich in calcium, as well as frequent stay in the fresh air and solar insolation, contributing to the production of vitamin D, without which calcium is not digestible normally - contribute to a greater set of bone mass by the age of 20.

Do you know, dear women and girls, that from the age of 25 you begin to lose 1% of bone mass per year? This is if you do not do physical culture at all. Do you know where this will lead you to 55-60 years? That's right, for osteoporosis, a disease in which bone fragility develops.

In addition to leaving the bone mass, the very structure of the bone, which caused strength, also changes. Thus, if you did not have enough bone mass by the age of 20, then you are at risk for this disease.

And then there's climax, which develops just in 55-60 years. Not only do women, because of their physiology, are less protected from this disease than our men (it's all about testosterone, which helps build not only muscle mass, but also bone mass, and also protects against loss), but with a decrease in estrogen levels in menopause, bone mass in women begins to leave even faster.

The picture on the left is Ernestine Shepard, the oldest bodybuilder in the world. At the moment she is 74 years old, although 20 years ago she was no different from her peers, that is, she started practicing around 54 years old.

In this situation, I see 2 ways out: do nothing, and by the age of 50, begin treating the initial signs of osteoporosis with expensive and very toxic drugs or go to the gym now and protect my bones from losing weight by adequate moderate physical exertion, as well as review my diet in terms of the adequacy of obtaining calcium and vitamin D from food. But I will talk about nutrition in other articles, if you need it. Post in the comments if you need this information.

And it doesn’t matter when you started playing sports when you are under 30 years old, or when you are over 55. The healing effect does not depend on age, of course, the results in the future will be better for those who started it before. But even in middle age it is possible to prevent the development of this complication, and if it has already developed, then exercise should be first on the list of treatments.

There will always be skeptics who say that not everyone develops osteoporosis. Yes it is. Osteoporosis does not really develop at all, but you can say with 100% certainty that you definitely will not have it. Then I think it is better to be safe, and physical exertion is not only this benefit. About this further ...

Good dream

Another important stimulus for me is the quality of sleep, which gives regular physical activity. With regular exercise in the gym, sleep really improves, it becomes more profound and of higher quality. Why? There are several reasons for this:

  1. during training burns off adrenaline and cortisol
  2. the body receives a sufficient load in the daytime
  3. workouts increase serotonin production

Let's take it in order. During training, all the negative accumulated during the working day burns, if we speak in the language of hormones, then negative emotions cause the production of adrenaline and cortisol (adrenal hormones), which are the destroyers of the body. These hormones do not allow us to fall asleep normally, and sleep eventually becomes intermittent, disturbing and superficial.

By removing this cause of training, a person becomes peaceful, because by burning adrenaline and cortisol, instead of endangels in the organism, hormones of happiness are produced. Therefore, after a moderate workout, you feel pleasantly tired and peaceful.

Further, the body spends extra energy. You probably felt that you could not fall asleep, because you want to move even more, there is a feeling of some kind of incompleteness of the working day. This is especially felt by housewives or people with sedentary work. Again, after training, the body is freed from this unnecessary, unspent motor activity and falls asleep in deep sleep with a sense of complete duty.

Another reason - training stimulates the production of serotonin - a hormone-mediator of the brain. This is a very interesting hormone and it has a lot of functions, and one of them is participation in the phases of sleep. With his shortage, dreams become less bright and bright, nightmares are also possible.

Interestingly, do you know why you need a healthy sleep? Everything in our body is interconnected, both at the hormonal and at the energy level. To begin with, it is during the deep sleep phases that the main hormones are produced, especially the growth hormone, which is considered a hormone of beauty and longevity. With its shortage, a person experiences a breakdown of strength, deterioration of the appearance, organs grow old, the muscular component of the heart decreases, organs decrease in size, muscles “melt”.

Various specialists in energy biosensory and other similar wisdom argue that women are saturated with lunar energy in the very first hours after falling asleep, somewhere between nine and one in the morning. Therefore, it is important to have a good sleep at this time, and not to sit in front of a television or computer. This energy gives women strength and maintain inner beauty.

Of course, I did not describe all the reasons. They are much more.

The effect on overall tissue tone

When a person does not have excess weight, this is fine, but it is very scary to look at thin women who have slack skin and reduced muscle tone. What do you think attracts more attention to the elastic and rounded buttocks or the back of the plan passing into the ass? And tight relief shoulders and forearms are probably more attractive than flabby triceps. Or do you think that a sunken chest will like your man more than a raised and resilient?

Girls, if you are already married or aged, this is not a reason to throw yourself and turn into a hunched, swaying mass. After strengthening the muscular corset, you make yourself a posture with your head held high, thus you also raise your own self-esteem. Muscles are a very appreciative organ and they train very well. After a year of regular training, your buttocks, arms, abdomen and other organs will be in good shape. In addition, your heart muscle is trained in this way, which is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, because it also becomes in good shape, because it pumps a large amount of blood in a short time.

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Diseases that prevent sport

  1. High risk of osteoporosis
    From the age of 30, women begin to lose bone mass. Every year the problem is only getting worse. In the first 3 years after menopause, 22% of women annually lose up to 14% of bone mass. In men, this process is slower, only 1-2% for 5-10 years. Therefore, the risk of bone fractures in women is much higher. In order to maintain women's health is normal, you need to exercise regularly. The best are dynamic training - walking, jogging, swimming. These exercises will help improve the blood supply to the bone tissue, increase the activity of bone cells and improve calcium absorption.
  2. Cancer Prevention and Treatment
    Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women. Scientists have discovered a number of factors that reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. These include various types of physical activity, such as cycling or running.
  3. Depression and anxiety
    Women are twice as likely to suffer from depression than men. Constant concern for loved ones, work and finances lead women to such a state. Sport treats these diseases, as it contributes to the production of endorphins and quick mood elevation. For the prevention and treatment of suitable high-intensity training. They can be alternated with meditative exercises. In the morning - cardio, in the evening - yoga.
  4. PMS and menopause
    Women who play sports report the absence or reduction of menopause symptoms and PMS. Movement helps balance the hormones that cause mood swings.
  5. Self-esteem
    Even the most beautiful woman sometimes doubts her beauty. In the fair sex more often than men, there are complexes about the figure. If you play sports, the body will begin to acquire the desired shape. You will have confidence in yourself.

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10 reasons to play sports

First reasonIt is also the main one, of course, health. People involved in sports (even non-professional athletes) have much better health than non-athletes. And this is not just that: sports strengthen the heart, normalize blood pressure, have a beneficial effect on the work of all vital systems of the body, as well as improve brain activity and slow down the aging process.

The second reason - This is a good mood, provided sports activities. After physical exercises, a person almost always feels a surge of strength, even if he is physically tired, his morale is at his best, his mental state is excellent, his vitality is maximally activated. It is not for nothing that they say that sport is the best remedy for depression, because it helps to temporarily get rid of problems and troubles and look at them from a different angle, and this, among other things, helps to relax and psyche.

Third reason - sport strengthens the faith of oneself and one's own strengths, enhances self-esteem, develops the will, makes a person stronger as a person. Indeed, in many cases, training is closely linked with overcoming their weaknesses, working at the limit of their capabilities, reassessing their values ​​and many other things that temper a person’s character.

Fourth reason quite banal, but, nevertheless, very important - it is the saturation of the body with oxygen. During various exercises, the human body begins to consume more oxygen, thereby saturating all its cells with it. А это улучшает кровообращение и работу капилляров, а также исключительно благоприятно сказывается на реакции, рефлексах и работе мышц.

Пятая причина одна из наиболее приятных, т.к. она непосредственно связана с внешним видом человека. If you look for information, for example, on the Internet, you can find countless examples when people radically changed their appearance: they pumped up muscles, from eternal "skeletons" and fat people became people with a stunning figure. For many, this is the most powerful motivation. Moreover, a beautiful body is also a sexy body, which is also good, because the success of the opposite sex is 100% guaranteed. But. Of course, we should not forget about personal and spiritual growth.

Sixth reason - this is the normalization of sleep. Systematic exercise provides healthy sleep, thereby stimulating the production of endorphins by the body, which frees a person from nervous tension and stress, and prevents the onset of depressive states and insomnia.

Seventh reason In short, it was already mentioned by us when we talked about weight. Exercise, among other things, is a great way to control appetite. Here again, it should be said about endorphins, because they serve as a kind of safety device, blocking the feeling of hunger at unnecessary moments, and activating it only when the body really needs to be recharged. So it turns out that, in sports, a person ceases to both undernourish and abuse food.

Eighth reason lies in the fact that sport is a way to resist chronic fatigue, increase stress resistance, increase the supply of vital energy and maintain excellent well-being. Visiting the gym, going to workouts, doing jogging, a person makes himself stronger before the influence of external circumstances and the pressure of everyday life. Every day becomes filled with incentives and the desire to achieve goals, boldly walking through life.

The ninth reason implies a rapid recovery of the body after various kinds of injuries, serious diseases, operations, etc. And the interesting thing is that it works in all cases, i.e. it doesn’t matter whether sports were preceded by any health problems or health problems preceded by sports - the positive impact of sports will always be noticeable, because the body becomes many times stronger than it was before.

And as tenth reason can be called a lifestyle in general. Being engaged in sports, a person can drastically change himself, his personality and his life. And this is a huge amount of evidence. Sport can even be called a kind of therapy, because many people, to whom their lives seemed to be a dark tunnel, at the end of which there was no light, after several months of training began to notice a long-awaited light, and eventually they came to harmony and happiness. In addition, the sport helps to get rid of bad habits, change the social circle, find new friends and even find a life partner. Whatever one may say, sport can only be characterized by positive qualities. This is perhaps one of the few things about which nothing bad can be said.

Everyone can have their own reasons for playing sports and the main thing is to find them. And examples, indeed, more than enough. Fragile and tender girls are recorded in the martial arts section in order to be able to stand up for themselves and fight off the offender in a dangerous situation. People who have suffered serious injuries of the musculoskeletal system, begin to engage in gymnastics or even yoga. Yes, they work hard, but from the past injuries there is not a trace left. Unprepossessing guys, who were all stapled at school and who their peers always laughed at, discover gymnasiums where they begin to “build” their bodies, and then become objects of envy and even imitation for other guys and a real temptation for the sexiest girls.

Remember that in order to start playing sports, you do not need to have some kind of supernatural skills or knowledge. Neither gender, nor age, education, nor financial position plays a role here. What is important is the desire and ability to find the strength to take the first step towards the sport. Make it and let the sport become your passion, then in old age you will feel healthier and stronger than others, and most importantly - healthier and stronger than the self that you were before.

Our tomorrow is what we do today!