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A trip to the sea with a child: 5 useful lists and 10 important tips


Independent trips to resorts usually cost much less than on vouchers. But this rule does not always work. On a number of foreign destinations it is sometimes cheaper to purchase a hot tour, the cost of which may even be lower than the flight. Such trips you can independently pick up on the appropriate resources.

Rules for finding a budget holiday

If you are planning to independently organize for yourself a budget vacation at sea, then you should follow the following rules:

  1. The first thing that will help save money is the refusal to rest during the high season. When planning a vacation, you should focus on the beginning or end of the season. For domestic resorts it is May, the beginning of June and September. First, at this time there is no such tangible heat, and secondly, the sea is warm. And the prices are significantly different. If swimming in the sea for you is not a matter of principle, and you are ready to relax by the pool and go on excursions, then in countries such as Bulgaria and Turkey, you can economically relax from October to April. During this period, even the most luxurious hotels offer significant discounts, so the rest becomes much more affordable. Many complexes of foreign resorts have heated pools that save the situation when the sea is cold.
  2. If you want to spend your holidays in Bulgaria and Turkey, then you should choose not half-board, but on the All Inclusive concept, beloved by all. Initially, it may seem to you that you are overpaying extra money, but in fact the purchase of drinks and food will cost you much more.
  3. In order to organize the most budget vacation at sea abroad, you need to purchase last minute tours or use the service of early booking.
  4. Do not forget that rest alone is much more expensive than in the company.

Sochi and Adler

Sochi and Adler is the obvious solution to a budget vacation at sea in Russia. Plane tickets Moscow - Adler are relatively inexpensive - from about 5800 rubles. In this direction, the Victory low-cost airline is also making flights. In this company, you can buy cheaper tickets - from a thousand rubles, but it should be borne in mind that they are quickly dismantled.

You can rent housing in Sochi from $ 20 (1,200 rubles), in Adler it is much cheaper - from $ 10 (600 rubles). You can eat at the resorts in the budget canteens.

In Sochi, cheap rooms offer three-star hotels "Wind Rose" and "Valentin", the cost of a double room in them will cost 3,000 and 3,200 rubles per day. For a resort such prices can be considered quite affordable. Both institutions have a good location - in the heart of the city.

Two-star complex "Nairi" offers double rooms with a balcony for 2700 rubles. The hotel has a sauna, bar, massage, swimming pool and much more.

Fans of comfortable rooms and good service can recommend four-star establishments Park Inn by Radisson and Pearl, a stay in them per day will cost 4600 and 5200 rubles, respectively.

Accommodation in Adler

For those who are planning a budget vacation at sea in Russia, Adler may be an ideal option. The resort has not only expensive hotels, but also quite budgetary establishments and even guesthouses. The choice of housing is large enough. Among the proven hotels, we can recommend the three-star Almira (3000 rubles) with excellent rooms and good service, the more expensive complex Spring (5000 rubles), with the most positive reviews and excellent infrastructure (swimming pool, sauna, tennis courts, massage).

Accommodation in four-star hotels Adler will cost a bit more expensive. "AS-Hotel" offers double apartments from three thousand rubles. This is quite a budget option, since in more eminent places the numbers cost from seven thousand rubles.

Speaking about the budget vacation at sea with children, it is worth paying attention to the Crimea. In 2017, the cost of a ticket Moscow - Simferopol by plane will cost about 7,000 rubles, and in the fall and spring - even cheaper. From Simferopol you can reach any resort of the peninsula.

Budget meals in Sudak, for example, will cost in the dining room 200-300 rubles (dinner, lunch, breakfast). If you want to order food in restaurants, the amount of food expenses will increase to 500 rubles.

The most budget holiday on the sea in Russia can only be provided in the private sector. In the Crimea, for example, you can choose to relax small villages - Olenevka, Nikolayevka, Storm. In such places in guest houses you can find rooms even for three hundred rubles per day. At larger and famous resorts prices are higher. The minimum cost of living increases to 600 rubles per room. The average cost of living in 2017 in the private sector begins with a thousand rubles for a double apartment. In general, the villages can be safely considered as a budget holiday on the Black Sea with children.

With regard to food, as a budget option, you can consider various snack bars and canteens, national cafes, dining rooms at guest houses with home cooking, fast food places. Remember that the more you move away from the coast, the lower the price of food. In canteens and inexpensive cafes you can eat for two hundred rubles, and in an inexpensive restaurant for at least 400 rubles. More democratic prices for products in small resort villages. Accommodation and meals in Yalta will cost much more than in other places, although budget places can be found here.

Resorts of the Azov Sea

Budget vacation on the Azov Sea can be offered in the villages Peresyp, Kuchugury and Ilyich. These small villages have good sandy beaches and underdeveloped infrastructure. Here you can find accommodation mainly in guest houses and the private sector.

A little more expensive will cost to stay in the village of Golubitskaya and Yeisk, which has quite decent hotels, a quay, a cafe and a park. The village of Golubitskaya also has a well-developed infrastructure. There is a night club, water attractions, mini-hotels and recreation centers. Renting a house in the village of Ilyich in 2017 will cost 1.5-3 thousand rubles, in Taman and Peresyp - up to 2.5 thousand rubles, and in the village of Golubitskaya - up to 6 thousand rubles. Accommodation in the private sector costs an average of 250-600 rubles per person per day.

The resort villages of the Azov Sea are not so developed, but they are incredibly convenient for families with children. Warm shallow sea - the best place for kids.

If you are looking for options for a budget holiday on the sea of ​​European countries, then you should pay attention to Italy. From Moscow you can get cheap tickets to the main cities of the country - Milan, Rome, Venice. The cost of travel in these areas is always cheaper (from 9000 rubles) than in small cities. And directly to the resorts can be reached by local buses.

Budget vacation on the sea in Italy can be organized at one of the most famous resorts - Rimini. Of course, accommodation in local hotels cannot be called cheap - from $ 35 per room per night, but such offers are quite rare. On average, one should focus on $ 50-100 a day. As for food, the minimum cost of breakfast is $ 4, lunch - 7, and dinner - more than 10 dollars.

It is worth noting that Rimini is known for its beaches and warm water with shallow entry, so the resort is perfect for a budget holiday on the sea with children. The resort has a well-developed infrastructure and a good choice of hotels for every taste and budget. Rimini is also in demand among young people.

In Bulgaria, you can organize the most budget vacation on the Black Sea abroad, which is why all local resorts are incredibly popular among tourists. The most democratic place for recreation is Sunny Beach. The fine sand on the beaches and the gentle entrance to the sea have long been loved by supporters of beach and sea recreation. The coast has a width of about forty meters, and in length it stretches for eight kilometers. In modest hotels you can rent a small room for $ 19 per day.

Even more budget holidays on the Black Sea can only be in small Bulgarian seaside towns and villages. In such areas there are many two-and three-star hotels, as well as guest houses in the private sector. Locals often rent tourists the upper floors of their homes for rent. Economical can be rest in Kranevo, Balchik, Nessebar, Sveti Vlas, Pomorie, Ravda and Tsarevo.

Sometimes tours to the resorts of Bulgaria can be purchased at very affordable prices (from 20 thousand rubles). And promotional offers may be even more attractive. And this is despite the fact that the cost of the tour includes accommodation, flights, insurance and transfer.

Bulgaria is interesting to many travelers because it offers budget holidays on the sea in September. At this time, the air temperature drops to +25 degrees, there is no summer heat and heat, and the sea water remains still warm. In September, it is good to rest in Nessebar, Sofia, Sozople, Balchik, Plovdiv and Varna. The cost of living in the resorts is reduced, since there is no large influx of tourists.

Budget holiday at sea abroad can offer Croatia. The cost of a ticket from Moscow to Dubrovnik, Pula or Split in both directions is 13 thousand rubles. In such well-known resort cities, prices in hotels are quite high. You can rent an economy room for $ 30. And, for example, in Dubrovnik overnight at the guesthouse will have to pay at least $ 40, while the institution will be located away from the historic center. The cost of rooms in four-star hotels starts at $ 130.

If small cities, such as Plat and Cavtat, are considered as a holiday destination, one can save a lot. The resort villages offer clear sea, clean air and beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast. What else do you need to relax with the kids?

Cyprus is also quite possible to be considered as a place for a budget vacation at sea in the summer. The cost of the flight from Moscow to Larnaca in the summer period is about 10,600 rubles. Victory aircraft now fly to Cyprus. Sometimes the flight to the country can be incredibly low cost, especially if you are lucky enough to take advantage of the action from one of the airlines. But on living in Cyprus, saving is not so easy. The most budget rooms in Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos cost at least $ 33 per day. On average, the cost of hotel rooms ranges from 40-60 dollars.

Meals in an inexpensive institution will cost up to $ 50 per day per person. For those who want to save money, you can recommend to buy food in supermarkets. As a budget option, you can rent a studio with a kitchen, then you will have the opportunity to greatly reduce the cost of food.

More budget option vacation at sea, in contrast to Cyprus, can be organized in Greece. A flight from Moscow to Athens or Thessaloniki will cost approximately 8,800 rubles. But tickets to Corfu, Crete and Rhodes are much more expensive (12 000 rubles).

Accommodation in the most inexpensive hotel in Thessaloniki will cost about $ 25 per night for double rooms, in Crete - $ 29. But in Rhodes, you can find places and cheaper, for $ 17 you will be offered quite an acceptable number.

Budget meals in an inexpensive cafe on average cost about $ 15 a day (dinner - 6, lunch - 5, and breakfast - $ 4). On average, a holiday in Greece will cost the tourist no less than $ 250-350 per week.

Like it or not, Turkey is again leading the list of countries with sea resorts. It is in her most budget vacation at sea abroad. Many Russians have chosen the Turkish resorts and have long felt at home like them. Here you can not only relax comfortably on the Black or Mediterranean Sea, but also make shopping, as well as see the local beauty and attractions. The main advantage of Turkish hotels is excellent animation, good infrastructure and, of course, All Inclusive.

The cost of vacation in Turkey depends on the time of year, resort and season. For example, rest in Antalya costs about $ 200, in Kemer - $ 250, but in Istanbul - $ 350. A two-week tour for two can be purchased at prices ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 1,500. And if you are lucky and manage to find a last minute ticket, then the most budgetary vacation on the sea in the autumn can be twice as cheap as during the season. The Russians prefer the Turkish resorts for the possibility of a good rest and food, for the numerous attractions and clean sea.

Egypt, along with Turkey leads the list of budgetary countries for recreation at sea. This direction has long been studied by the Russians. Egypt offers tourists good service, a warm climate, good infrastructure and plenty of entertainment. All this can be obtained for $ 250 for a week rest.

Affectionate sun, the Red Sea and all-inclusive - this is what tourists want to get to Egypt for. Do not forget that a lot of interest and cause local attractions - the oldest architectural monuments: the Sphinx, the pyramids, Luxor. These places are a must-see for every traveler.

Another budget option for a seaside holiday is Thailand. This country is no less popular as a beach and sea resort than Egypt and Turkey. The high season in Thailand begins around mid-autumn and ends early in the winter. Therefore, the most budget tours come in May and April.

A ten-day holiday in Thailand will cost 700-800 dollars. Experienced tour operators believe that it is in this country that you can relax most cheaply in 2017. This is due to the fact that in any region of the country you can perfectly relax for 15-25 dollars. per day. If you decide to visit the country on your own, you should expect that you will need about $ 400 a month for housing, provided you rent apartments in the center of Pattaya.

But on such islands as Chang, Phuket, Phi Phi, Samui, you can rent a room for only 150-200 dollars per month. If you do not consider yourself to be a spoiled person, you will find a room for $ 90.

The advantage of holidays in Thailand is that there are incredibly cheap products. And because food costs a mere penny. One hundred dollars a month will be enough for food. In any cafe for two dollars you can have a tasty lunch, and lunch at a restaurant will cost six dollars.

Vietnam is an amazingly beautiful place. Here you can find a lot of places, almost untouched by human hand. In recent years, the growing popularity of Vietnamese resorts. And despite this, rest in the country remains as affordable as before. For ten dollars a day in Vietnam you can live, eat, go on excursions and go for a massage. And if you have a budget of $ 20 a day, you will not be able to deny anything to yourself. For a wonderful holiday for a month, it is enough to have $ 400-500 in your pocket (not counting the cost of the flight).

Goa also belongs to the popular budget directions. Here, with $ 100, you can relax perfectly and not deny yourself anything, especially if you decide to visit North Goa.

Holidays at the resort for Europeans are very cheap, especially away from cities. The cost of holidays in Goa increases in winter, as the high season is coming at this time.

For a budget holiday, you can recommend to buy a ticket in the off-season, then the tour along with the flight can cost you $ 400. If you prefer to stay not in a hotel, but in a cheap guesthouse, you can save up to 30% of your budget. Goa is popular among our compatriots due to the good tropical climate and the opportunity to rest almost all year round.

Do not forget that Abkhazia has to offer a budget vacation at sea. Since it is located next to Russia, there is no need to spend money on an expensive flight. Many tourists go to Abkhazia because of the possibility of a cheap vacation on the Black Sea, especially since Russians do not need any additional documents (passports and visas). And the road to the Abkhaz resorts does not take much time.

If your budget is not too large, then you can stay in the private sector, where the cost of budget housing varies from 300-350 rubles per person per day. More comfortable apartments will cost about 500 rubles. In general, a weekly rest without travel will require you from about 5,600 to 10 thousand rubles per tourist. In the private sector, accommodation is much cheaper than in boarding houses and sanatoriums. If we talk about budget vacation in Abkhazia, then you will need about 22 thousand rubles for two. With 30 thousand rubles, you can afford more and see the beautiful sights of this amazing region.

Budget holiday in the sea in August

Август на дворе, и лето близится к концу, поэтому многие стремятся ухватить кусочек солнца и тепла на солнечном побережье, а потому задаются вопросом о том, куда можно в это время отправиться на курорт.

Самый бюджетный отдых можно организовать в Абхазии. Не менее удачным будет отпуск и в Хорватии. В это время здесь идеальная погода для морского купания. Гостиничные комплексы курортов не такие шикарные, как в других странах, но и стоимость их более приемлема, а потому для бюджетного отдыха Хорватия подходит как нельзя более кстати. В августе температура воздуха составляет +30 градусов, а воды - +26 градусов.

В конце лета многие курорты южной Европы просто изнывают под палящим солнцем, поэтому ехать сюда не все хотят. But Portugal in August is comfortable for rest in every sense. The water temperature on the Atlantic coast is +20 degrees, and the air is + 25-27 degrees.

Incredibly comfortable conditions for recreation on the island of Madeira. In Portugal, there are many well-preserved historical monuments that will be of interest to tourists.

Good for august holidays and the Canary Islands. At this time, the daytime temperature reaches +29 degrees, and the ocean warms up to +23 degrees.

In August, most of the European resorts are not very comfortable for recreation because of the heat, but at the same time the flow of tourists to them is not waning. Turkey, Greece, Spain and Cyprus are still popular. Often vacationers prefer to go to the more northern areas of resorts: Corfu, Paphos, Rimini, etc.

As for the budget resorts on the Black Sea, in August Abkhazia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Sochi, Adler and the villages on the Sea of ​​Azov are still relevant. At this time, prices in domestic resorts are not the most democratic, but you can find acceptable options.

Swimsuit and swimming trunks

Today you can find swimsuits and swimwear for the youngest children. I really want parents to have their kids look like adults on the beach! If we talk about girls, then the most comfortable would be a one-piece swimsuit. However, in addition to the beautiful one-piece swimsuit, you must purchase one more separate or just a few more swimsuits. There are windy days at sea, then the child gets very cold when leaving the water. In this case, it is necessary to cover it with a towel and remove the bottoms, replacing with dry ones. And now you can safely play on the sand in dry panties. A beautiful swimsuit can be worn in the heat, at a photo shoot, or if the baby wants to jump on a trampoline or on another attraction, which is not very convenient to go in some shorts. The same goes for boys. Only here it is simpler: on cool days after swimming, it is enough to change melting to dry panties.


Headgear should be several, since they are likely to have to change. Panama or a hat can break the wind, she can fly off, fall into the sea and wet. And it is impossible to constantly be in a bandana or kerchief - it does not cover a child’s face and does not protect delicate skin from burning. So it is most convenient to have on hand a hat and a few bandanas. In Panama, it is convenient to travel around the city and play on the beach, and swim better in a bandana. Nakrylo baby wave - removed the wet bandanna and put on a dry.

How to choose a panama for a child? In addition to the external attractiveness, children's panama should be:

  • easy for the baby not to be hot (breathable Panamas with mesh inserts are ideal, and thick denim hats should be left at home),
  • deep, so as not to fly away from the slightest gust of sea wind (for young children, models with ties can be found, since they often take off their headdress just like that of their own accord),
  • with wide brims so that the face of the baby is in the shade, Panama should also cover the earlobes,
  • comfortable, that is, without additional locks, inserts of "biting" fabrics, etc. The child will be forced to wear Panama all the time when he is outdoors under the southern sun.

Required for walking on hot sand. They should be soft, comfortable, quick-drying. For young children, it is better to choose rubber sandals, and for older children, you can also buy flip flops. If you plan to rest on the stone beaches, then you should purchase special beach silicone shoes, in which it is convenient to walk on the stones, swim and even swim without feeling discomfort from the rocky surface.

Light tunic with sleeves

With a long stay in the sun, tender baby skin can burn. It is good if mom is ready to have a light tunic with a sleeve. It can also be a thin T-shirt or shirt when it comes to a boy. The kid played in the sun for an hour, bathed, dried up - and you can, covering your shoulders and back with this clothes, send him to continue playing in the sand.

First Aid Kit on the road

If a train or car was chosen as a transport, the road will be long and take one or two days or more. Disease baby can catch parents by surprise. To avoid this, it is necessary to carefully consider the composition of the road kit first.

So, the first aid kit should include the following items:

  • thermometer,
  • antipyretic - any that is used at home, except for candles (they just melt on the road),
  • antiviral agent
  • broad-spectrum antibiotic
  • nasal drops,
  • spray or lozenges for throat treatment,
  • preparation for the intestines
  • powder for preparing a solution for feeding children with poisoning (for example, "Regidron"),
  • antidiarrheal drugs (for example, Smekta, Lopedium, activated carbon, Enterofuril),
  • antihistamines,
  • first aid equipment (hydrogen peroxide, zelenka, iodine, bandage, plaster, cotton wool),
  • insect repellent and after insect bites, jellyfish burns.

Sunscreen Cosmetics

For a carefree vacation at sea, stock up on sunscreen cosmetics. It protects the skin of the child from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays, burning and restores it after tanning.

  • Face cream with a level of protection SPF50.
  • Body cream with a level of protection SPF30-35.
  • Cream after sunburn.

In general, sunscreen cosmetics are applied to clean, dried face and body skin 15 minutes before leaving the house, unless otherwise indicated on the tool itself. The protection should be renewed every 2 hours or after leaving the water, having dried the skin with a towel beforehand. The cream with the protection of SPF50 and above is updated every 4 hours, as its action lasts 2 times longer than SPF25.

After tanning cream should be applied at bedtime after taking a shower.

Food to the train

As mentioned above, a trip by train or by car can take several days. Therefore, you should consider in advance what kind of food to take on the train. Meals on the road are not a problem for adults. But when it comes to a small child, it is worth taking this issue more seriously.

The main problem of trains and cars without air conditioning - the summer heat. If possible, you can use a cooler bag for storing home-cooked dishes. But if this is not possible, then you can prepare meals in advance only on the first day of the trip. Depending on the departure time, you can take porridge (breakfast), soup (lunch) and something for dinner (on your own) in the thermos. In the following days, you will have to prepare food on the road.

So what can you take on the road? Here is a sample list of products.

  • Baby cereals in boxes. They are brewed with hot water at a temperature of 40-60 ºС. Problems with boiling water on the train, as a rule, does not happen. Thus, the issue with breakfast is solved.
  • Baby mashed potatoes in glass jars - meat and vegetable. The temperature of their storage does not exceed 25ºС, therefore it is better to place them in a cool place and be sure to listen so that when opening the jar there is cotton.
  • Noodles or instant potatoes. You can give them to a child as a last resort, and it is necessary to brew without using spices, seasonings, without adding oil and attached sauces. You must also choose a product with a good composition that does not contain questionable additives.
  • Cornflakes.
  • Muesli.
  • Drying, loaves, cookies.
  • A mixture of dried fruits and nuts.
  • Fruits (apples, bananas, durum pears).
  • Vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes).
  • Chicken in its own juice. When choosing this product should carefully examine the composition and choose the one that does not contain preservatives and other additives.
  • Porridge with meat in canned food, also need to pay attention to the composition.
  • Children's drinking water.

Choose something from the above list, you can, based on the taste preferences of the child.

What to take to the beach?

Hiking to the beach is an integral part of the marine recreation. Going there with a small child, and maybe with two or three, you should lose in advance the possible situations that may occur on the beach. Based on this, the mother must gather all the necessary things in order not to fall into a hopeless situation. So, the first thing mom needs is a big beach bag. and what should be in it? Consider what concerns child care?

  • Beach wear (see list above), extra wear and hats.
  • Thin terry towel (one or more, depending on the number of children).
  • Bedding (spreads on the sand or on a lounger, chaise).
  • Sunscreen cosmetics.
  • Wet wipes, paper handkerchiefs, toilet paper.
  • Water (wash hands, wash, wash the child).
  • Drinking water, drying, fruit, etc. - all this choose, focusing on the children's taste. Children will ask for something to eat on the beach, and to buy what they offer “with hands” is a very dubious choice. Therefore, it is better to take a snack with you.
  • Empty package for children's surprises.
  • Replaceable diaper (if the baby uses them).
  • Waterproof bag on a cord for wet swimsuits and swimming trunks.
  • Toys for sand, water, inflatable circles, boats, mattresses, etc.
  • First-aid equipment (mini first-aid kit): hydrogen peroxide (or other disinfectant), brilliant green, bandage, adhesive plaster.

It is possible that all this does not fit even in the largest beach bag. Alternative - a beach backpack for dad, complementing her mother's bag. And hands are free, and necessary things are always with you.

10 useful tips

Let me give you 10 more tips on traveling by train and relaxing on the sea with small children.

  1. 3 days before the trip, start drinking drugs that help regulate the balance of intestinal microflora. Also, they should be drunk throughout the road and 3 days after arriving at the place. The fact is that the train increases the risk of poisoning due to heat, because of the different composition of drinking water, and children simply cannot wash their hands every minute. So the child dropped a toy on the dirty floor, raised it, and now holds the cookie with the same hands. This measure will not save from serious infectious poisonings, but it will help reduce the likelihood of intestinal disorders by increasing the number of “good” bacteria in the body.
  2. If it so happens that in the train for which the parents purchased a ticket, there is no dry closet, you should take a pot with you. It is better to do this, even if the child already knows how to use the toilet. For children 3-5 years old it is quite difficult to be patient when the toilet is closed during parking.
  3. If in a normal life a child lives according to a certain daily routine, it is worth continuing to observe it on the train and on vacation, otherwise the baby may become capricious and tearful, be offended without a reason and protest. This is especially true of daytime sleep. Many parents are familiar with the difficulties that arise with the behavior of a child who has not had enough sleep or has missed the daytime sleep. However, in the train, especially when it comes to a reserved seat, it is not so easy to put the baby to bed during the day: he is hampered by conversations, noise, and people passing by distract him. To organize a “quiet hour” for a child, separate yourself from all the sheets, securing it on the top shelf. Thus, you get a small room in which it is much easier to persuade the baby to sleep. You can offer him to fantasize that this is a small mouse mink or a house of fairy gnomes (depending on what fairy tales the child loves).
  4. In small children who themselves go to the pot (or to the toilet) and no longer sleep at night in diapers, “wet” surprises can happen at night. Sheets can be washed and dried, despite the fact that it is not very comfortable on the train, but still possible. With a mattress, the situation is not so good. Wet it up the first night, have the rest sleep in a wet bed. To prevent this situation, take from the house a special oilcloth or a pack of disposable absorbent diapers. If the parents forgot to do this, you can protect the mattress by tearing the package in half (for example, from bed linen) and putting it under a sheet.
  5. No matter how much mom would like to rest, it is better to prepare food for the child on her own. This is especially true of young children (up to 5-6 years). Therefore, you should clarify in advance whether there is a possibility of self-cooking in the place where the family is going to stay.
  6. Unfortunately, often on the beach you hear that children are lost. A common case: the child sits and plays in the sand not far from the mother, but if she turns her head for a second, as the baby has already caught a trace. It is not difficult to imagine her despair when a mother begins to run her eyes over the faces and bodies of other people in search of a familiar Panama daughter or son and does not find them. And the child simply decided to withdraw for water or for shells, pebbles for the built fortress. Houses on the playground such actions in the order of things. And on the beach among many people, a kid can easily lose mom.

Therefore, coming to the beach, pay attention to the memorable landmarks, located near the place where the family decided to stay. It can be a bright trampoline, a high slide, a minibar, a stall or something similar. Show the landmark to the child and explain that if he is lost, let him go to the designated place. Also tell your baby that if he gets lost he can approach people with horns telling about excursions. Without any problems, they will loudly announce that the child is lost, and the problem will be solved.

  • Coming to the beach, people not only bathe, sunbathe and have fun. Any gastronomic fantasy can be fulfilled here. It is surprising that often you do not even need to get up - they will bring everything, offer and sell. Here and hot corn, and cold pickled shrimps, crayfish, pies, berries, watermelons, samosa, kvass, lemonade ... However, do not rush to buy food on the beach, especially for children. The best option is to prepare a snack that does not spoil in the heat in advance at home and take it with you. It can be water, tea, drying, cookies, fruit.
  • Observe the safe ignition mode. In the morning the sun is not active until 11 o'clock, in the evening you can plan a trip to the beach after 16 hours. Compliance with this schedule will not only save the skin from burning. This measure is consistent with the sleep and wakefulness of an ordinary child.
  • Get an antiseptic liquid for treating your hands at the pharmacy. It is useful for cleansing children's hands before snacking, and for disinfecting feet. Being in contact with sand for a long time, the skin of the feet can be attacked by fungi, which can adversely affect its condition and the condition of the nails.
  • If there is a shower on the beach, use it before leaving. It is necessary to wash off the sand from the body, which falls into the most unexpected places. Wash the kids. Grains of sand, hitting the genitals, can cause irritation, and friction when walking will only strengthen the negative result. When you get home, take another shower and rinse your bathing suits.
  • A trip to the sea energizes and positive for the approaching autumn and winter. Bathe, sunbathe, bask in the gentle waves, gain strength and health. May the sea holiday fill you for a long time for you and your children, and the memories of it will only be positive!

    P. S. How to raise a child happy?

    How you raise your child will determine how much he can be a happy person when he grows up. Many children receive psychological trauma in childhood, which parents inadvertently inflict on him, cannot reveal all their talents, because the upbringing was such that the child grew up closed, unable to believe in himself, to express his emotions.

    Psychologists around the world are not out of work, trying to correct the mistakes of parents, in order to return to an adult child the ability to enjoy life, to be happy.

    From the bottom of our hearts we recommend reading the free book “Happy Child”, here is a link to the book: Happy Child

    Useful and enjoyable reading. The book has already been read by hundreds of people and only positive reviews.

    List for women and girls

    • Swimsuit 1-2 pieces,
    • Pareo, tunic - one by one,
    • Skirts (short and long), shorts - 1 pc.,
    • Jeans or trousers - 1 pc.,
    • T-shirts, T-shirts - 3-4 pcs.,
    • Blouse (elegant) - 1 pc.,
    • Dress (cocktail) - 1pc.,
    • Briefs - 1 pc. for the day
    • Bra - 2 pcs.,
    • Night pajamas - 1 pc.,
    • Sandals - 1-2 pcs. (including smart ones),
    • Sandals without heels or ballet flats 1-2 pairs,
    • Beach slippers or slates 1 pair,
    • Warm blouse, cardigan or windbreaker (for the evening) 1 pc.,
    • Light shirt with sleeves (if you suddenly burn), and better sunscreen - 2 pcs. (to be enough)
    • Pants / breeches sports type (or tracksuit) - 1 pc.,
    • Headgear (1-2 pieces),

    A sports outfit can be useful on some excursions and for the morning wars for a place in the sun, when you need to throw a towel on a lounger by the sea at 7:30 in the morning :).

    List for men

    • Light trousers (to walk in the hotel, on excursions, around the city) - 2 pcs.,
    • Classic trousers (to go to a restaurant or an evening program at the hotel) - 1 pc.,
    • Shorts - 2 pcs.,
    • Melting - 2 pcs.,
    • T-shirts and T-shirts for 0.75 pcs. for the day.,
    • Light shirt -2 pcs.,
    • Socks 3-4 pairs
    • Briefs - 1 pc. for the day.,
    • Sandals - 1 piece,
    • Slates - 1pc.,
    • Summer shoes 1 pcs.,
    • Headdress 1 pcs.,

    Men's clothing is also better to take from natural, light-colored fabrics. A dark shirt can be useful for going to a party or a disco.

    The eternal problem: how to shove all unnecessary things in one suitcase? 🙂

    Baby list

    • T-shirts 1,5 pcs. for a day (dirty 2 during the day is not a problem for a child),
    • Panties,
    • Shorts, skirts,
    • Носочки,
    • Кепка или панамка (2 шт.),
    • 2 купальных костюма (один сохнет, в другом купаемся),
    • Х/б одежда с длинным рукавом (на случай если ребенок обгорит),
    • Одежда на вечер,
    • Тёплая одежда (если едете не в жаркий сезон),
    • Сандали,
    • Кроссовки для экскурсий,
    • Карандаши, блокнот, раскраски и т.д. (чем занять ребенка в дороге),
    • Нарукавники для бассейна (если не умеет плавать),
    • Что ещё из вещей пригодится ребенку на море

    Что бы эргономично упаковать вещи в чемодан, вам потребуются вакуумные мешки и пылесос. Обращаем внимание, что пылесос потребуется и во время сборов обратно. Otherwise, you just can not shove all the clothes in a suitcase 🙂

    "Women things"

    In order not to lose the face on the all-inclusive restaurant spotlights, we don’t forget to take with you:

    • Beach bag - 1 pc.,
    • Clutch - 1 pc,
    • Beads,
    • Earrings
    • Belts
    • Scarf is light,
    • Sunglasses (myself and him),
    • Studs, rubber bands, stealth, etc.
    • Sewing kit,
    • Hair curler (if needed),
    • Foam sponge

    Although the use of cosmetics on vacation is recommended to be minimized, but where are we without it. What cosmetics should you take on vacation? In our opinion it is:

    • Morning moisturizer in the morning,
    • Light shine shine in the morning too,
    • Sunscreen body cream
    • After sun cream or body lotion,
    • Foam sponge
    • Night cream
    • Milk and tonic
    • Beautiful lipstick in the evening,
    • Matting powder, better crumbly,
    • A small palette of shadows,
    • The mascara is simple and waterproof.
    • Means for removing waterproof cosmetics,
    • Eyeliner and lip liner,
    • Nail polish (2-3 types are possible),
    • Nail polish remover,
    • Favorite perfume
    • Manicure set
    • Paper handkerchiefs,
    • Cotton swabs and wheels,
    • Wet wipes,

    For woman

    • Shampoo and hair conditioner (in hotels shampoos are usually of poor quality),
    • Comb - 3 pcs. (massage, simple for him),
    • Shower gel,
    • Body cream,
    • Deodorant,
    • Soap,
    • Antibacterial liquid for hands (useful for the whole family on walks)
    • Bast,
    • Toothpaste and brush for 2 pieces (for yourself and for him),
    • Machine for shaving,
    • Pedicure set,
    • Hand and foot cream,
    • Do not forget the critical days
    • Beach towel 2 pcs. (if not provided by hotel)
    • Pregnancy Protection (if needed),

    For a man

    • Shaving gel or foam,
    • A machine for shaving, you can pack, i.e. 5 pieces.,
    • After shave balm,
    • Shower gel,
    • Soap,
    • Bast,
    • Perfume
    • Deodorant,
    • Condoms (if needed),
    • Toothpicks or dental floss,

    We have already written about what should be put in the tourist's first-aid kit, so we confine ourselves to the types of drugs:

    • thermometer,
    • painkillers
    • from poisoning
    • antipyretic
    • against burns (solar first),
    • anti-allergens,
    • from thrush,
    • iodine patch,
    • socks from the throat,

    Technique and stuff

    In the hectic charges of clothes, cosmetics and hygiene do not forget about the most important thing - a camera or a smartphone with a camera. After all, it is thanks to these technical creations, then there will be something to remember and show to friends at work.

    The same applies to Russian-language books, which, oh, how it will be missed on the beach. So we suggest to fill up your list with these devices and ideas (sometimes a little crazy 🙂)

    • Books on vacation,
    • Coffee (not everywhere it is like at home),
    • Umbrella or plastic rain cover (if there is a chance of rain),
    • Plastic hangers (for clothes),
    • Plastic box for eating (in the plane you can take a snack and carry fresh fruit to the beach),
    • Spare car keys (if you leave at the airport),
    • A penknife (never superfluous),
    • Children's toys on the beach (you can always buy on the spot)
    • Camera or camera (both are possible),
    • Monopod (stick) for selfie (if needed),
    • Tripod for camera,
    • Charger to the camera (camera),
    • Power banks,
    • Cell phones,
    • Charging device,
    • Socket adapter (if needed)
    • Memory card (one more, suddenly not enough)
    • USB flash drive, preferably 16 or 32 GB (more),
    • Laptop, netbook or tablet,
    • Mp-3 player,
    • Headphones,
    • Iron (usually there is a hotel, but you never know)
    • Little kettle (if the hotel is not all inclusive)
    • Hair dryer (if not provided in the hotel room),
    • Tourist sim card,
    • Fumigator (for mosquitoes and other insects),
    • Multicooker (if you plan to cook independently or have special indications for nutrition),
    • Clothesline,
    • Beach tent (for protection against wind and sand)

    If you creatively approach the collection and packing of things, then in one suitcase you can fit much more than you can imagine. Watch the video! And remember, this is a backpack. And you have a whole suitcase!

    If you do not understand how he did it, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the useful recommendations on how to properly put things in a suitcase so that they do not take up much space.

    If you have something to add to our list - write in the comments!

    What to take to the sea - a general list of things

    The main thing is not to fuss. Sit down, take a piece of paper and a pen. Imagine how you are already at sea. What are you doing there, what are you doing? Scroll through the program for a day, for a week for the entire period of rest. Get together and start making a list of things with a light head.

    Write down all the things that you think will be useful and necessary for you on a trip to the sea. Add everything. When the stock of knowledge has dried up and nothing comes to mind, divide the list into sections (for example, clothes, equipment, medicines or first-aid kit, documents, money, personal care and hygiene products, protective equipment, shoes, etc.).

    For the fastest, we have prepared a checklist (list of things to the sea). You can download it below. You will only have to put a checkmark in front of each item if these items are collected.

    Divided - it can be numbered for convenience, if the list of things turned out to be large and inconsistent. For example, clothing - 1, then in front of each item relating to clothing, put - 1, and so on.

    The list of things to take with you to the sea will not turn out to be small. Therefore, choose those without which you can not do every day, which you will need as a last resort. A lot of things - this is also not the case.

    For all the time of our travels, for ourselves we decided and made a general list of things - what things you need to take with you to the sea:

    What medicines should I take to the sea with me?

    This is an important point, and you should not forget about it. Away from home anything can happen. Even letting go in the place where you are going to rest, hospitals, but still take and collect a small first-aid kit (for a fire case). Suddenly you get hurt or your tooth aches, diarrhea will overtake.

    And we also want to remind you that if you have chronic diseases, you should consult with your doctor before the trip.

    The list of drugs to take with you on vacation:

    • Temperature (cold medicine), antipyretics: Panadol, Paracetamol, Rinza and Rinzasip, Coldrex, Theraflu. Any of these drugs or what you are taking in case of ARVI and ARI.
    • Digital Thermometer.
    • Cough medicine (Lasolvan, Ambrogexal, Mukaltin, Stoptussin, ACC).
    • For indigestion, Tablets for diarrhea: Activated carbon, Smecta, Phtalazol, Imodium, Mezim, Levomycetin. It is not known how your stomach will react and take local food.
    • From the nose, nose drops: Quicks, Aqua Maris, Xylin, "For the nose" - from the common cold. From allergies - Vibrocil, Rinofluimucil.
    • Antibiotics: Sumamed, Amoxiclav, Zefpirim and others.
    • Pain remedies (painkillers): Analgin, Aspirin, Nurofen, No-shpa, MiG 400, Ketanov.
    • First Aid Kit first aid: bandage, cotton pads, cotton swabs, green or iodine, adhesive tape, hydrogen peroxide.
    • From sunburn, than to smear the skin from sunburn: Solcoseryl, Panthenol (applies to children), Cream "Rescuer", Fastin.
    • From herpes (different climate, temperature drops): Acyclovir, Tetracycline ointment, Oxolinic ointment, Viru-Mertz, Viferon.
    • Other medicines related to your medical condition.

    What to take to the sea - a list of documents

    Without which it is impossible to move around the world, you can not issue a hotel room, confirm your identity and one of the most important points of the list of things for a holiday at sea, and not only:

    • Passport and international passport. And additionally make a copy of the first page of a civilian and international passport, and a page with a visa. You can download all copies to your phone (take a picture)
    • Tickets. If you are traveling by plane, by train or by bus, do not forget to make photocopies.
    • If you booked a hotel, you will need a printout of your reservation (voucher).
    • Travel medical insurance.
    • If you are traveling alone or with a child, you need permission from the other spouse and his consent.
    • Driving license (international standard, if you are going to rest abroad). This is in case of renting a car, scooter.

    How much money to take to the sea?

    What the sea lacks is money. How many do not take them, everything is small! I want this little thing, I want to go there, I want and ...

    • Cash. "Live" money in travel and on vacation is always needed. Let it be not a large amount (and if you find yourself abroad, then all will certainly be dollars). For pocket expenses.
    • Bank cards. It is better to have cards from several banks with you, if this is possible (with ATMs of a particular bank, anything can happen, and you have another card in your hands). MasterCard and Visa will do. Check the expiration date and note pincode.

    What can we advise you - take as much as you really do not mind. That, having returned from rest, not to bite elbows. And if approximately - we return to the list of things (scroll above). Again the sheet and write down everything on a point: housing, travel (gasoline, if by car), food, entertainment. If the accommodation is not booked in advance and decided to be paid on the spot - put the money in a separate envelope. In the next envelope, place a piece on the way back.

    The largest amount of costs (you should be ready for it) goes to entertainment and all sorts of souvenirs and trinkets. Next come the cost of food (food, dining, café, ice cream, water, fruit, etc.).

    In the past 2016, we spent traveling to the Black Sea for 10 days to rest in Sochi for four (two adults and two children) about 70 thousand rubles. We drove in our car. House noticed for 1500 rubles per day.

    What to take to the sea from the technology?

    Do not dial, let the gadgets rest, and you yourself. Still, came to the sea - sunbathe, relax. Only the most necessary:

    • Camera or camcorder and charger to them.
    • Mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, and again charging.
    • Additional flash drive.
    • Monopod for camera and phone.
    • Portable charger for everything (universal).
    • MP-3 player with headphones.

    Clothes and shoes - a list of things to take to the sea

    In this you have to figure it out yourself, as everyone wears, that he likes more. Someone likes to change clothes every day, wear clothes, wear an evening dress, and someone is accustomed to a free style and prefers a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.

    You know what you came to the sea for - how you spend your days and evenings. Our advice is not categorical and are approximate.

    • Swimwear or bikini (2pcs). Take a couple, understand why. In one they bathed, sunbathed, washed and dried. It was the turn for the second. And so in a circle.
    • Pareo for the beach (2pcs). Not replaceable thing for those who are going to rest on the sea. This is a regular silk scarf (maybe from another fabric), but on the other hand, multifunctional beachwear. Look on the Internet and learn how to wear it.
    • Shorts (1pc). It is enough to take one - they are less branded.
    • Sundress (2pcs). A couple of bright and free. In them you can visit cafes and restaurants.
    • Skirt. Also, as well as sundress suitable for "forays" in a restaurant or evening "entertaining". It is better to take a long one.
    • Jeans or pants (1pc). This is an important thing from the list. And necessary in a cool time. Or maybe you want to visit the mountains.
    • Blouse (1pc). See the item above - so as not to freeze.
    • Underwear (2pcs). This is the minimum - for each individually.
    • Tops and T-shirts (2pcs each). Enough for a 10-14 day holiday at sea.
    • Pajamas (1pc). We advise you to take these clothes with you to the sea. After a hot day, salt water will want to take a shower and dress in loose home clothes. Running body resting at night. Well or nightgown.
    • Flip flops. The integral footwear for a beach and rest on the sea. And in some cases, where the bottom is rocky - mandatory.
    • Sneakers. Suitable for long walks and forays into the mountains, and in cold weather.
    • Panama il hat. An optional, but necessary thing that will protect you from the sun.

    Everything else is at your will and discretion. Evening dress and shoes (sandals) only if they are necessary, and you come to the sea to relax and have fun - “hang out”.

    Men in terms of things more practical than women. Few people like to “flaunt” on the beach - they take at a minimum. Only what is really necessary for them.

    • Swimming trunks (2pcs). As without them and to the beach.
    • Underwear - panties (2pcs).
    • T-shirt and T-shirt (3-4pcs). Still hot, and men sweat more abundantly.
    • Socks (5 pairs). The same thing - we are about heat and sweating. Change more often.
    • Shorts (1-2pcs).
    • Jacket (1pc). Better light and with long sleeves.
    • Jeans or trousers (1pc).
    • Sports suit. Instead of sweaters and jeans, for cool weather.
    • Flip-flops, sneakers (1 pair).
    • Panama, bandana or other headdress (1pc). Save yourself from the direct rays of the sun.

    Creams, personal care and hygiene products

    Everything your skin will fade without. And also those things that bring order and beauty to your head, face and hands.

    • Toothpaste and brush
    • Deodorant
    • Shaving accessories
    • Cream for and after shave for men
    • Soap, shower gel, shampoo
    • Manicure set for women
    • Wet and dry wipes
    • Cotton pads and sticks
    • Hair dryer and comb (you can do one comb)
    • Toilet paper

    Protective equipment

    List of things that will protect your body from sunlight, insects, salt water.

    • Sunglasses
    • Spray or mosquito cream
    • Sunscreen & Tanning Cream
    • Umbrella (better not a cane, automatic, folding)
    • Cap, hat or hat

    Other things

    Women who do not do without cosmetics every day can take a minimal set with them to the sea.

    So, what other things:

    • Cosmetics
    • Earplugs (useful for sleeping)
    • Sleep mask
    • Towel (2pcs) - for the beach and for the shower
    • Pen and notebook
    • Beach mat (sunbathing on something you need)

    Jewelry and jewelry is best left at home. So they will be safe and sound. You can also remind a lot of different things, but they are more suitable for travel (not for two weeks).

    See Video Tip - What to take with you on SEA ?! | Collecting a suitcase on a trip:

    What to take to the sea - a list of things with children

    If you are going to rest on the sea with children, then this is a list of things, let's call it childish, you have to add to the total. Children are different and the sea can meet both babies and quite adult children.

    Before traveling to the sea, do not forget to look on the Internet, where the nearest hospital is located from the place where you stay, rewrite all the emergency numbers.

    Baby clothes

    • For the sea (swim) - swimming trunks or swimsuit (2-3pcs)
    • Underwear (panties) - 2-3pcs
    • Shorts and T-shirts (2pcs enough)
    • Set in the form of a top and skirt or top and bridge (1-2pcs)
    • Pajamas (1pc)
    • Jeans (sports pants)
    • Blouse with long sleeves
    • Panama or cap
    • Flip-flops and sneakers
    • Dresses for the girl (1 pc will be enough)
    • Pampers (for babies)

    Toys and usefulness for visiting the sea

    Well, what kind of child does without toys. Take the ones he loves and plays the most. Very willingly, toddlers and older children play on the beach with a ball - do not forget about it.

    For small ones, it is not bad to capture inflatable toys, circles, a pool, a mattress and more. Sand toys will also be useful: to dig in the sand with molds, a bucket and a spatula, a water pistol. If you can (and in your car without problems), you can take along a beach umbrella.

    Do not forget about food on the road and on the beach. Books, an album for drawing or coloring, felt-tip pens or pencils. Nail scissors.

    And one more Video, What to take with me to the sea with a child:

    What to take to the sea - a list of things on the train

    Rail transport in our country has already established itself as a cheaper form of transportation. Those who are going to the south are more likely to be met by train. The trip takes 2-3 days, so you should take care of the list of necessary things.

    Most worried about the issue of food. If on the first day you can assemble yourself, then on the next (especially in hot weather) it is already risky to eat yesterday. There is a way out - take fast food food (noodles, mashed potatoes), to acquire from the platform and in the local shops or eat in the dining car.

    We also advise you to put on top of your suitcase a change of clothes and slippers. Bed linen can be taken directly in the car, and if you are squeamish, then in the car. Use your mugs and spoons, a knife.

    For entertainment and pastime: books, magazines, newspapers, tablet or smartphone (do not forget the charger). For the child: toys, coloring. For the baby - a pot and tea bags.

    What to take to the sea - a list of things on the car

    Increasingly, Russians are traveling in their car. When traveling by car to the sea costs are reduced by several times, especially in the company. Economical, but cramped. And comfort in the fact that there is a transport - sat down and went wherever you want.

    Before the trip, be sure to check the car for serviceability - just take a trip to the service and say that you have to go for a long time.

    Get acquainted: the breaking current

    The holiday season is most often flashed the news about tourists who were killed near the shore. Many think that the victims were intoxicated. In fact, such a fate may even threaten the professional swimmers.

    Danger lurks suddenly: you are floating along the shore or just stand on the chest to the waist or knee-deep in the water, and suddenly the dismal tide pulls you to the depth and float back does not work. You are farther from the coast. It is here that covers panic.

    У этого явления много названий: отбойное или разрывное течение, рип, отбойная волна, тягун. Оно встречается во всех уголках планеты: от Балтийского моря до побережья Австралии, как в океанах, так и в морях. Каким является пляж – песчаным и галечным, — значения не имеет. Но больший риск там, где меньшая глубина и есть внешние ограничители: косы, отмели, островки, коралловые рифы.

    At tides, water "corridors" are formed near the shore. The bulk of the water begins to move away from the coast, but from the sea it is under pressure from the surf. The ebb finds a break in the oncoming flow, and the whole mass of wastewater rushes into it. The oncoming waves squeeze out the water in front of this channel and carry away everything in their path.

    Most often, this “corridor” is rather narrow - 10 m wide, and the current in it moves at a speed of 4–5 km / h. But rips with a width of 50 m and more may occur, and a length of up to 200–400 m. The speed in them sometimes reaches 15 km / h! True, they are rare, mainly in the mouths of estuaries or narrow straits at low tide.

    The most insidious depth for those who can not swim - on the chest. It also seems that the shore is near and nothing will happen, but it is at this depth that the rigid adhesion to the bottom ends and even with a weak turn-off current you will not be able to stand up on your feet.

    Liner flows are in any weather and at any time of the year.

    - visible channel of boiling water, perpendicular to the shore
    - areas of water that differ in shade from the rest of the sea
    - sea foam, vegetation, algae, which move into the open sea with a certain speed
    - perpendicular to the coast breaks in a continuous strip of tidal waves
    - red flags and signs on the beach “Dangerous Rip Curent!”

    And most importantly: unfortunately, most of the rips do not show themselves. Understand that I got into the breaker current, you can only be in it.

    Survival rules

    Panic is your number one enemy. People are dying not because the breaking current carries them far from the coast, but because, panicking, they begin to row to the shore, losing their reserves of strength. Remember the following.

    • Rip is not a whirlpool, it does not drag you to the depth, it drags along the surface.
    • Rip is narrow. Most often, the width of the “corridor” is 10–20 m and even less, that is, after swimming a little along the coast, you will surely get out of the current. Swim parallel to the beach until the current weakens.
    • Rip always ends. If the current is wide (sometimes, as we wrote above, it can reach 50 m) and it is impossible to get out of it, while sailing along the coast, stop spending energy and let the current carry you further away from the coast. Typically, the breakaway flow is stopped after 3-4 minutes. After this, it is necessary to sail 50–100 m to the side and only then return.
    • Return to the shore with respite. If your leg cramps, pinch yourself in the place where your muscles are contracting.
    • Since the width of the breaking currents near the shore is greater, then, returning, swim not at a right angle to the shore, but taking it to the left or to the right (depending on which side of the rip you turned out to be).

    If you see that someone has fallen into the breaker current, do not overestimate your own capabilities: throw a ball, stick or some other item with high floating capacity into the water that will help the victim to keep on the water, call for help of rescuers or call the service salvation.

    Required required list of things when traveling to sea by car:

    • Navigator. This device will replace yesterday's map (if we talk about new or updated programs). Now there are such navigators in which both navigation maps, and routes, and radars are already built in.
    • Atlas of highways. So you quickly navigate and correctly create a route navigator (detours and short cuts).
    • Bloothus headset (wireless) for cellular. A mobile phone will distract you, and with this gadget it is convenient to hold the steering wheel and talk on the phone.
    • Automotive tools. Not foreseen can happen on the roads, so you should prepare yourself as much as possible. But let's not talk about the bad.
    • Car first aid kit and fire extinguisher. No comments. It should always be in the car.
    • Flashlight (preferably 2pcs).
    • Covers. At night trip can be cool.
    • And the most important documents: driver's license and registration certificate.

    List of things to take with you to the sea by car with children

    If you drive a car with children. And for the child the trip is always a joy, but not only long, but short. Children do not like to sit in one place and wait. Therefore, they need to distract or entertain.

    • Tablet and charger to it. Entertaining for kids.
    • Of course, toys. Kids love to play on the road.
    • Notebook and pen.
    • Food for snack.
    • Food for the road. Prepare a travel cooler bag. In it you will store perishable foods.
    • Water and juices. Separate water for washing hands and face.
    • Fruits and vegetables.
    • Napkins and toilet paper.

    What not to take with you to the sea?

    Things that you can not take with you to the sea, not the most by-pass list:

    • Soap and soap things - shampoos, soap, toothpaste and brushes
    • Toilet paper
    • Washing powder
    • Dishes, which will abound, even if you settled in a separate house or will rent a room.
    • Inflatable toys, mattresses and circles
    • Insect repellent cream
    • Dresses may not be needed at all.
    • The same with shoes or sandals.
    • Jewelry and Ornaments
    • Slippers and towels are not needed if you book a hotel room.
    • Hair dryer and iron

    Well, guys and girls, suitcases are packed, things are packed, the mood is upbeat - it's time to live-and-and-them, on vacation at sea, for a well-deserved rest. Do not forget anything, took everything with you?

    Enjoy your stay!

    If there is something to add, comment - tell us about your experience and preparation for the trip. Share with friends on social networks.

    Sun exposure rules

    All mothers know that it is possible to come to the beach with a child only in the morning and in the evening. In the morning from 8.00 to 11.00 hours in the evening from 17.00 to 20.00 hours. During the break there will be lunch, nap, a walk in a shady park, afternoon tea, etc. Classes will be found, time will fly by quickly.

    When you are on the beach, by the sea, try to keep your baby from overheating. It is possible to run about 20 minutes under the open sun in the sand naked, no more. And then, provided that the skin of the child is treated with a children's sunscreen with an SPF factor of at least 20, he has UV protection goggles on his nose and Panama on his head.

    Important! Doctors do not recommend children under 3 years of age to be in the open sun. It is not safe for the child.

    The rest of the time the child should be in the shade. Here you will be helped by a large folding beach umbrella. They can be rented on the beach, or you can have your own. Such an umbrella provides enough shade for the whole family to fit under it comfortably.

    Also on sale you can find a special mini-tent for children, in it your baby will be protected not only from the sun, but also from the wind. Install it is not difficult.

    If you don’t have it with you and you don’t have a chance to buy it (well, not on sale!), Find four sticks and pull a sheet on them, you’ll have a homemade tent, this is a well-known way to create shade on the beach. Simple but effective, the main thing is that the result be!

    Bathing rules

    Inflatable vest, sleeves, inflatable circles in the form of funny animals - all this will make bathing your baby safe and enjoyable.

    Be sure to pay attention to the water temperature: if it is below 20 degrees, it is better not to swim, for a child it is too cold. Winter swimming is not a child activity!

    25 - 26 degrees - that temperature of the water, at which you will get the pleasure of bathing, and moderately tempered. What is necessary for the child.

    Make sure your baby does not outbid. Goose skin, blue lips talk about hypothermia. It is better not to bring this up. And if it so happens, quickly rub the child with a towel, change your clothes dry and give something warm to drink, tea from a thermos is fine.

    What should be in your beach bag

    In addition to bathing accessories, beach towels, spare dry clothes for the baby, spare panama, you need to have something else with you. First of all, it's drinking and some food (after bathing such an appetite!)

    Drinking should be quite a lot: in hot weather, the child should drink about 1.5 liters of fluid a day, and in some cases more. This may be fresh, not sweet compote, juice (it should be drunk first of all, so that it does not spoil in the sun), and of course, boiled water or mineral water without gas. No multi-colored soda, especially Coca-Cola! It is proved that they contain substances that increase thirst, as well as many chemical additives and preservatives.

    In order to have a snack, you can take with you fruits and vegetables. Cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, apples, pears, apricots, peaches, a small bunch of grapes - all useful. But in small quantities. Lunch ahead!

    One small bun also does not hurt after bathing, because in the water your child spends a lot of energy. Just do not give him the food that beach merchants sell, do not risk his health.

    Be sure to put in the bag first-aid kit with the most necessary means: hydrogen peroxide, Zelenka, plaster, cotton pads and cotton swabs, a bandage. Suddenly, the baby will be scratched or cut, God forbid! Remedy for sunburn does not hurt either (full list of first-aid kits).

    Something about clothes

    You are going with the child to the sea, in a hot climate, and it depends on how wardrobe you prepare for him, how comfortable he will feel.

    No synthetics, only natural materials! Cotton and silk are everything you can afford. Even viscose is not exactly what you need. In warm climates it is hot.

    Now about the clothes. It should be right - comfortable and easy. Dresses of simple styles, sarafan, t-shirts, T-shirts, shorts for your child should be in your suitcase. Hats, panama, swimwear, swimming trunks, panties, socks - all from natural materials.

    Well, in case of cool weather, you need to take something: jeans, a blouse made of thick cotton will do the job. In case of rain, a thin cape and a children's umbrella will not interfere.

    Well, it seems that we have not forgotten anything ... Enjoy your holiday to you and your baby!

    At sea with a child: 6 important things. A mother can take several suitcases of things while traveling with a child, but at the same time forget the most important things. Lera, Mia's mom (3 years): I will tell you that I always take with me on the road and why - http://travel.razvitie-krohi.ru/polezno-znat/na-more-s-rebenkom-6-vazhnyih- veshhey.html

    The benefits of marine recreation for the body

    "And in heaven only about him and say,

    What are the sunrises there, what a sunset. "

    But from poetics to prose: besides the fact that the sea is beautiful, majestic and mysterious, is it also said that it is good for health? And rest at least once a year on the seashore is able to replace the course of treatment in a sanatorium?

    [stextbox id = "alert" bgcolor = "FCA3FF" bgcolorto = "FFE0F4" image = "null"] Indeed, doctors agree that 10 days at sea give a charge of vitality and immunity for the whole year. Useful for the sea and for young children, and for the weakened elderly. One of my friends before pregnancy just went to rest on the sea, and her body received such a powerful feed that she did not have to take any vitamins for pregnant women for the next nine months! [/ Stextbox]

    See for yourself how useful the sea holiday is:

    For the immune system

    Unique information: scientists discovered that the composition of seawater is similar to that of human blood plasma! This explains the fact that people living by the sea are less likely to get sick and, on average, live longer.

    Air on the sea coast is filled with iodine and phytoncides of algae, as well as bromine, potassium, calcium and magnesium! During the surf, when they break on the shore and form foam that instantly evaporates into the air, it is especially useful to breathe the sea breeze - the atmosphere around is saturated with useful substances.

    Sea water is saturated with mineral salts, so do not rush to take a shower immediately after bathing - wait an hour or two. Just blot your skin with a towel, removing water drops to avoid sunburn. Dermatologists claim that sea salt even helps cure acne!

    For the nervous system

    The sea calms, pacifies, puts in order the shattered nerves. If it seems to you that everything around is conspiring against you and your nerves are about to break, take a vacation. Go to the sea. Sit on the beach, listen to the whisper of the surf. Fingering pebbles or sand through your fingers. The sea helps to exhale and recover. Watch the sea sunsets and sunrises, if you want to get rid of depression and regain the former cheerful mood.

    To improve muscle corset

    If you swim every day for an hour for a month, you can lose about 5kg! (subject to proper nutrition, of course). During the holidays, the sea has the opportunity to swim for more than an hour, and bring your figure to perfection. Swimming is great for all muscle groups, and at the same time remains the least traumatic for the spine sport.

    To strengthen the whole body

    After a vacation on the sea, I always feel refreshed, even saying jokingly “restored”. The complexion is fresh, hair is lush, the body is full of energy! And when I start to feel that the resources are running out again, so to speak, recharging is required, then I start monitoring the Network again to the question of available tours to the seashore. Especially vacation at sea is possible both in winter and in summer. Of course, for each season there are nuances.

    Sea holiday in summer

    It is more familiar and accessible: at the disposal of the tourist all the Russian Black Sea coast, from Sochi to Anapa, the beaches of Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, which have become familiar to Turkey and Egypt, the Dominicans.

    Holidays at sea in Europe

    Advantages of summer holidays

    1. Summer vacation in the sea can be cheaper than in winter, because you can choose an “economy” - the direction of the Russian south or the resorts of the Caucasus, for example, or successfully buy a “burning” ticket.
    2. The body will not have to endure temperature differences “from winter to summer” and adaptation at a new place will be easier. This is especially true for hypotensive, hypertensive patients and travelers with small children.
    3. The choice of places to stay is much wider than in winter.

    Sea holidays in winter

    But not everyone has the opportunity to take a vacation in July-August, some have to go on holiday in dank November or tired February. The supply of vitamins in the body is over, until the summer is still far, and you want heat and sun so much! Do not be sad, because in winter you can relax on the sea, just need to know some of the nuances.

    The choice of places to relax in the winter, of course, less than in summer. The year-round hot Dominican Republic remains, Egypt has become familiar, exotic UAE, temperamental Cuba, chic Maldives and mysterious Thailand. Vouchers to these countries are undoubtedly more expensive than a ticket for a reserved seat to Sochi or Anapa, but sometimes you can pamper yourself! You can find out the rest details in the winter in any decent travel agency; I will give only a brief description of each of the countries listed.

    Holidays in the Maldives

    The Dominican Republic is a paradise all year round, but traditionally the season begins there in December. The weather is almost perfect, the air temperature is from 28 degrees to 35 degrees. An option to celebrate the New Year!

    The United Arab Emirates is not suitable for a wild holiday with a lot of alcohol, as it is a country of the Islamic world, remember this. But you can get to the staggering sales of both brand clothing and fashionable equipment!

    Cuba is an island of freedom, and that says it all. Salsa rhythms, dancing until the morning, the river of young wine, the aroma of cigars - this is a great place to relax in full, to experience life in all its manifestations.

    Maldives do not need advertising. Their perfect coastline is familiar to everyone from the commercials of the Bounty bar. Holidays in the Maldives is expensive, but it is characterized by high-class service.

    Thailand is also becoming familiar to the Russian tourist, although the flight takes about 9 hours. Exotic Asian attracts and fascinates. In Thailand, winter is almost always great sunny weather, moreover, not so long ago, the visa entry to the country for citizens of Russia was canceled, so that rest in Tae becomes even more accessible.

    Pluses of sea rest in the winter

    1. The ability to get a "piece of summer" in the winter.

    Just imagine how nice it is to get on a plane, after a few hours to transfer from the frosty city to the hot coast! As if in a fairy tale - not long ago we froze in a down jacket, and now in a bathing suit, melt in the rays of the sun, holding a tropical cocktail in your hand!

    2. The influx of tourists is less than in summer.

    It is likely to get almost free coast, and not to fight for a place in the sun, as in the summer season. In winter, there is practically no family with lots of children on the beaches (after all, everyone is studying!), And most likely, the coast will be quiet and peaceful. But at the same time, it will be quiet in the resort town itself, because most of the entertainment will be closed for the winter. If you are not a fan of noisy entertainment places and you are completely satisfied with the peace and quiet, then the winter holiday is just for you.

    3. The body will receive an excellent charge of vivacity for the rest of winter.

    You will return to your native latitudes with chocolate fresh tan, with a taste of sea salt on your lips, put a photo of the rest on the desktop of your computer and quietly modify it until summer, without too much nostalgia for the sea and calculations like "well, when is your vacation?"

    Say what you like, sea vacation is beautiful at any time of the year. And thanks to the expansion of tourist destinations and an increase in offers from travel agencies, it becomes more accessible every year.

    Так что бронируйте тур, собирайте чемоданы (не забудьте солнцезащитный крем!) и передавайте привет морю! А о своем отдыхе в Крыму я еще поделюсь, а чтобы не пропустить — подпишитесь на обновления!