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Polendvitsa - original and very tasty dish


No matter how good the recipe is for half a dozen at home, a tasty dish will work out only if you choose the right semi-finished product. It is prepared from beef or pork fillets, less often from horse meat.

Meat must be fresh. Check it out is easy. If you click on it, the surface must return its shape completely. In stale meat, bumps may remain. Naturally, a good semi-finished product does not have a bad smell.

Fillets are recommended to take chilled, but not frozen. With meat must remove all films, streaks, tendons and excess fat. The piece should be smooth, smooth and not thick.

Next, we look at how to make a pastry. Usually this process is carried out in two stages.

Wet method of salting polandvitsy. Drying and drying of the product

We take a pound piece of fillet. If it is thick, then it is recommended to cut it lengthwise into two parts. This will speed up the process of weeding and drying meat.

At first we will consider how to salt a half-witch. We make brine. We bring a liter of water to a boil, add a hundred grams of salt and five - sugar. Be sure to boil the brine for five minutes and cool. Fill them with sliced ​​fillet and forget about it in the refrigerator for eight to ten days.

Next, take out and put under the load. It is better to first place a wooden circle, and on top - something heavy. These actions will remove excess moisture and leave the surface flat and smooth. It will take four to five hours in total. Dry meat thoroughly and roll with your favorite spices. The ideal option would be a combination of black and allspice, coriander, cumin, nutmeg in equal proportions. Add a little bay leaf. It is recommended to grind the spices in a mortar and carefully distribute on the fillet surface. Spread a piece of gauze, put the meat, wrap it and tie it with string. Each piece of fillet - in a separate material.

In order for the meat to mature, it must be hung in a cool (5-8 degrees) place for at least two weeks. But it must be necessarily ventilated, otherwise the dish may deteriorate. Next, for seven to ten days, leave in a warm place. For example, you can hang over the gas. Dried polendvitsa ready. You can cut it and serve. An excellent addition to the meat prepared in this way will be vegetables, herbs and sauce.

Let us further consider how to salt a half-dandy in order to get a more dense and dry product.

Dry method of salting the product. Drying and drying

Meat (approximately one kilogram) is recommended to take with fatty streaks, you can tie it up a little. This homemade recipe at home is very similar to the previous one. The exception is that the salting process is carried out in a slightly different way.

To start, prepare a fragrant mixture. To do this, mix seventy grams of salt with chopped seasonings (five bay leaves, in equal proportions - black and allspice, cumin and coriander). Pour the mixture on the table and carefully roll the meat in it.

Wrap the fillet in gauze very tightly, in several layers, and twist it with thread. Next, proceed to the next stage.

The pieces of meat are transferred to the container and left for five days. It is recommended to turn them every day. Then we hang for a week in a cool and always ventilated place, and finally in a warm one. It will take fourteen days to make a great meal. Now you can take a sample.

In order to get a more dry dried half-bread it is recommended to leave the meat in a warm place for a longer time.

How to store the finished dish?

There is an opinion that it is not recommended to cook raw meat at home, because it may deteriorate. But this fact does not apply to salted semi-finished product. Therefore, the main thing - to find the right proportions. In this case, salted meat will not spoil.

Despite the recipe used at home, it is recommended to keep it in the refrigerator. If necessary, you can reach, cut into thin plates and then remove.

The finished dish can be stored as long as necessary. But we must bear in mind that it will become harder and harder with each day. Therefore, the best palatability is saved for sixty days after full readiness.

What is this dish?

Polendvitsa is a national dish of Polish, Western-Ukrainian and Belarusian cuisines, representing salted or dried fillet of carcass. This appetizer can be made from horse meat, pork or beef.

The name comes from the Polish or Belarusian word, which literally translates as "loin". Since ancient times, the fillet was separated from the fourth part of the carcass, moving forward from the femur so that the muscles are not damaged. The most common methods of preparation are salting, curing and smoking, but also half-sugar can be used raw, that is, only dried.

Usually, in the fall, fillet pieces were kept right in the blood almost immediately after slaughter, then they fought back until softened, salted and seasoned, and then they would be dried in tarred and specially prepared boxes until the spring in cool rooms. In March, polendvitsy were removed from containers, placed in ox-guts and smoked.

Cooking polandvitsy

How to make poland at home? We propose to consider interesting options.

To get a delicious dried half-pepper, you need to prepare the following products:

  • 1 kg of pork meat (oblong muscle part, cut from the hip along the back),
  • 3-5 Art. l salt (to taste, depending on your preference),
  • garlic head,
  • three bay leaves,
  • 1 tsp coriander,
  • two tsp. cumin,
  • half tsp a mixture of peppers or some single ground pepper,
  • hl mustard seeds (powdered or prepared liquid will not work).

  1. First, the meat must be salted. To do this, first wash it and dry it well, then rub it all over with salt, place in a suitable container, cover, place under the pressure (optional) and leave for three days in a cool place or about 1.5 days in a warm place.
  2. Now prepare a mixture of garlic, seasonings and a small amount of the remaining salt. All ingredients are well crushed to get a powder.
  3. The salted sirloin is actively rubbed with a prepared mixture of seasonings from all sides, as if rubbing them into the meat fibers.
  4. Now wrap the polandwitch with gauze, then pull it tight with a strong thread or thin string. You should have some kind of cocoon.
  5. Hang the coiled fillet in a dry place and leave for five to seven days. Next, unwind the candy, cut and serve to the table.

Option Two

This recipe will allow you to cook savory pondvitsu. Prepare these components:

  • 1.5 kg of sirloin beef or pork
  • half a glass of salt
  • the fourth or fifth of a cup of sugar,
  • five cloves of garlic,
  • two tsp. paprika,
  • hl marjoram

  1. After washing and drying, rub the meat well with salt (take not all, but about half or a little more) and sugar from all sides, put in some container, cover and leave it for a few days.
  2. Then remove the meat, drained juice drain, and wipe the piece with a napkin or towel.
  3. Next, garlic in any way chop and mix it with salt, as well as paprika and marjoram. With this fragrant and bright mixture, carefully rub the meat, then wrap it tightly with gauze and thread.
  4. Leave a hot and cold room in a well-ventilated, dry, but not very cold room for about a week, then turn it around. Outside, you will see a dry crust, but inside the polendvitsa will be bright and quite juicy, albeit dense.


A few tips for hostess:

  1. The drying period can be extended, and then you will get more salty and dense meat, which some people like more. And to make a snack is not very solid and salty, soak it for three or four days.
  2. For cooking, if desired, you can use other parts of the carcass, including the pulp. But it is the muscle fibers that allow the field to acquire a characteristic structure after preparation. Soft parts can be excessively dry, salty and hard.
  3. Use your favorite condiments such as turmeric, curry, juniper berries, cloves, marjoram, and so on. But do not mix a lot of spices and use them in large quantities, as the taste of meat should be felt, and not drown out with additives.
  4. You can use the brine preparation method. To do this, prepare a saline solution (half a cup into two glasses of water) and immerse the meat in it for a day or two.

If you are interested in such a dish as a half-glare, then be sure to try to cook it, because it’s not at all difficult!

Preparation of dishes step by step with a photo:

For the preparation of homemade minced meat, we need the following ingredients: pork brisket, table salt, fresh garlic, coriander, black pepper, peas and cumin seeds.

Many spices can be used as natural flavors, but I suggest a set of only three: black pepper, coriander and cumin. Undoubtedly, these spices are ideal as a whole (that is, not with a hammer), and we will grind them by ourselves. It is very convenient when there is a mortar on hand. Fold it into 4 grams of cumin and black pepper, as well as 3 grams of coriander.

Pound spices with a pestle so that they remain fairly large pieces, and not become dust. If you do not have a mortar, as an option, you can fold the spices into homemade parchment paper and roll with a rolling pin. What do we chop spices for? So that they reveal their flavor. That is why, if you wish, you can pre-heat the aromatic additives in a dry frying pan - as soon as they heat up, immediately remove from the heat, let them cool down, and then proceed to grinding.

Clean 5 large (winter) cloves of fresh garlic and chop them into small pieces. Straight into the paste is not necessary to rub.

Combine chopped spices with garlic and 60 grams of regular table salt. Only take the salt is not small (which easily wakes up through the holes of the salt shaker), but rather large. Iodized will not work.

Just mix all the ingredients - the flavor is indescribable. By the way, if desired, for an additional flavor, you can add to the mixture a couple of bay leaves, which you just need to break.

A piece of pork loin (I weigh 700 grams) is washed under cold running water (I know, many do not recommend washing the meat, but I still wash it) and dry it thoroughly to remove the maximum amount of moisture. If there are light-colored fibers, carefully cut them, peeling the meat. In the finished polandvitsy they will be very tough and almost not chewing. After that, rub the pork fragrant mixture from all sides.

We shift the meat along with the seasonings on the cut gauze (I put in 2 times). Of course, for cooking, buy a new one at the pharmacy and walk on it with a hot iron, since it is almost impossible to find a sterile one.

You need to wrap up the future homemade penmanded as tightly as possible so that the gauze layer is so sure.

As a rule, a 1x1 meter cut gauge is enough.

How to cook a palendvitsu


Pork - 1.2 kg
Salt - 4 tbsp.
Black pepper - 1 tsp. peas
Coriander - 1 tsp grains
Cumin - 1 tsp
Garlic - 2 tooth.


The total cooking time I wrote 20 minutes, but this is without taking into account the time of the wilting itself.

Homemade jerky is attractive for several reasons - no preservatives other than salt, rather long storage, ease of preparation and excellent taste.

Choosing lean meat - cutting or chop, if you like with fatty layers, then the neck part (loin) will do. All these pieces of meat are oblong, what we need.

If the choice fell on a chop or loin, then they will have to be cut in half along the entire length - because these pieces of meat (most often) are quite thick and take much longer to dry. Everything would be okay, but there is a chance that, as long as the middle (in a thick piece) is fixed, the edges will dry out too much.

Best of all, if the selected meat is fresh, from a reliable supplier and not frozen, with the thawed taste a little worse.

Spices of your choice - here you should be guided only by your taste preferences.

We like the simplest ones — black pepper and coriander, cumin and garlic, sometimes in the mood — either paprika, or hot chili pepper, or Provencal herbs. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to "beat" the taste of meat.

Salt we take the simplest, largest, without any additives like iodine and fluorine.

The technology of preparation, as they say, is simple - anyone can handle it. Only now patience will have to be gained - it takes a lot of time to dry, about 2-3 weeks. But for your loved ones you can and try, is not it?

With selected pieces of meat, it is best to cut off the excess fat, tendons and films (if any). Then wash and dry a little, put in some deep container.

Then, not sparing, rub the meat on all sides with salt.

Cover with cling film and refrigerate for 36 hours. Every 12 hours the meat will have to be turned.

During this time, the salt "pushes" quite a lot of liquid from the meat - it will have to be poured out.

And dry the meat with a towel from excess moisture and rub it with selected spices. They are best before just a little grind together.

Then wrap the grated meat with gauze in several layers and.

. bandage very tightly, giving a rounded shape.

Well, then. find a dry, ventilated room - the kitchen will fit almost perfectly (it is difficult to find an attic). And hang upright for 10-14 days at temperatures up to 18 degrees. At higher temperatures, the meat will cook faster, perhaps a week is enough.

Now it's time to take a sample: cut and look - if the meat is evenly colored, dense and elastic - it is ready.

Stored well and long in the refrigerator, wrapped in the same gauze.

Serve it thinly sliced ​​with fresh bread - incredibly tasty!

Ingredients for Polendvitsa:

  • Pork (more about meat in the recipe) - 1 kg
  • Salt (you can put from 2 to 4 tablespoons - to taste) - 3 tbsp. l
  • Garlic (head) - 1 pc
  • Cumin (seeds) - 2 tsp.
  • Bay leaf (broken into small pieces) - 2 pieces
  • Coriander (kernels) - 1 tsp.
  • Mustard (mustard seeds. Ready mustard or powder will not work. Optional) - 1 tsp.
  • A mixture of peppers (pea - black, white, red, green, fragrant - to choose) - 1 tsp.

Recipe "Polendvitsa":

Unfortunately, too late I remembered the need to photograph every step. When I remembered, the meat was already hanging and withered) Therefore, the photos will be only from this moment. But the process itself is so simple that the previous steps are easy to understand without a photo.

So, let's start) Take the meat. It should be a long pig part, which in Belarus is called - half-fairing. Long back muscle or boneless brisket. You can take the tenderloin. But the tenderloin is thinner, the meat can be drier and saltier. It is necessary to regulate the amount of salt and days of exposure. You can try to cook veal and chicken breast. Too delicious. You can take fresh meat. And you can even frozen. The main thing - to defrost it slowly and sparingly. Such meat is even more tender and juicy.

Meat, if washed or thawed, pat dry well. Salt from all sides. How to rub the salt. On a kilo of meat - about 3 tablespoons of coarse salt, without a slide. Leave in a deep, suitable along the length of a piece of meat bowl for a day at room temperature or in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. Occasionally turn and drain the juice, if it appears. By this time, the meat should feel a little harsh on the grouse.

Prepare a mixture of garlic and spices and a small amount of salt. Just a little salt. It is needed only to make the ingredients better mixed. In a mortar, pound together garlic, a little salt, cumin, coriander, bay leaf, mustard seeds, a mixture of peppers. You can add to the mix what you like. Juniper berries. Dried paprika in pieces and ground, etc. You can drop a little brandy, if you have one)

We take our meat and rub from a spice of rubbing thoroughly from all sides. We roll up the whole piece of meat tightly-tight in cheesecloth. We tie it with a strong thread, squeezing it even more tightly. Such a net cocoon should turn out)) And we hang up all this miracle right in the kitchen. Where the air is drier.

After three or four days, the candy can be eaten, but you can wait until it dries out well. In a more dried form, some people like polandvitsa more, and they recommend drying it out much longer) There are patients who stand a week or even two! Here a matter of taste and endurance) Unwind the thread and enjoy)

Store wrapped in the same cheesecloth in the fridge.
Very tasty is the meat on homemade freshly baked bread. I have a photo of shop bread. So from my recipe with photos of delicious homemade crispy buckwheat bread)

Enjoy your meal)