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7 tricks that will visually increase the ass and reduce the waist


Needless to say, but in men somewhere at the genetic level, it is precisely laid down that an attractive woman should have appetizing and rounded shapes, and this primarily concerns the hips.

Many scientists substantiate this by the fact that for a long time a woman for a man is a potential basis for the continuation of the race, which should exactly give birth to healthy and strong offspring.

It is believed that women with a wide pelvis are able to cope with this function as well as possible. One way or another, but the fact remains a fact, and representatives of feminine smooth and streamlined forms are not deprived of male attention.

Due to the modern lifestyle, the problem of an irregular body has spread among women and girls, and along with obesity there is a problem of lack of weight, especially in certain areas of the body.

The figures of modern girls are quite typical - long, thin arms and legs, rather powerful shoulders and a small pelvis. The lack of sports, as well as constant diets that women use to starve themselves in order not to have extra folds in different areas, began to lead to such changes in the female body.

That is why, quite a long time ago, among girls and women, the question arose of how to increase hips and buttocks, because appetizing roundness still remains the standard of beauty and femininity.

Diet away! Proper nutrition - come!

First of all, you need to pay attention to your diet. Grueling diets and constant calorie counts here will be superfluous. Of course, no one talks about overeating and eating everything that is bad.

After all, the point is: we practically cannot change the shape of the pelvic bone, which is given by nature, cannot be corrected with the help of exercises, but you can fight against muscle tissue and fat layers, they can even be controlled so that they add up to your “benefit”.

In order for the thighs and buttocks to acquire beautiful and voluminous forms, it is necessary to work on their muscle tissue, and, as is known, it is almost entirely composed of protein. Remember the pictures of beautiful bodies with prominent muscles, so before you get such a figure, you need to learn how to eat right.

Your daily diet should include foods that are easily digested, such as boiled chicken breast, seafood. Well in this case helps home-made cottage cheese and sour cream, cheese, you can sometimes indulge yourself with creamy ice cream, nuts and condensed milk without sugar.

By the way, women are gaining muscle mass well, if you sometimes eat childish formula, because they are designed to form muscles in a baby.

But you can use them no more than 2-3 times a week, too fast effects have these paps. Many women do not run the risk of resorting to such an “anti-diet”, as they are very afraid to get better, gain extra sides and stomachs, and it is in vain! The formation of your beautiful priests can not do without heavy physical exertion, which simply will not let you get better.

So, eat on health, and remember that if you want to adjust your hips, then you have to be supported 20-30 minutes before a workout, and repeat the diet immediately after it. The choice of sport is also important - grueling fitness or jogging is unlikely to help you with this, of course, you tighten muscles, and the body will look better, but at the same time you will dry it, which makes it look even smaller.

What sport to choose?

As we have already said, narrow hips can easily be increased by physical exercise, it is only necessary to choose the right sports bias. Sports clubs, which are training with a high duration of time, but with low intensity, you do not fit, you are not going to lose weight.

The best option is a gym, where you can easily focus on your particular problem area. By the way, you can do at home, the main thing is the desire, not the opportunity. All the training you will not take more than 30 minutes, and then, this is if you want to pump up also other parts of the body.

If you decide to go to the gym, then know that your best friends in this business are the barbell and heavy dumbbells. Most often, various squats are performed with them, and their working weight should reach such a figure, so that you can do only 5-8 squats, you no longer need!

The first time you will have to squat with the neck, as the bar will seem very heavy, and you need to do the exercises carefully so as not to damage the weakened ligaments and muscles of the legs.

In general, it is better to start with preliminary training, which includes the usual squats at home - they will help you come to the desired tone. Then you can complicate them a little - squat with dumbbells or with bottles of water, and even with flower pots - it does not matter, the main thing is the result.

Squatting with a barbell must be performed correctly - the barbell is placed on the shoulders, legs are set to shoulder width. Do not forget to constantly look straight in order not to lose control of the body. The pelvis should be lowered slowly, without sudden movements, move it back a little, as if you are sitting on a chair.

To some girls, especially those who love heels, this may show difficult, heels, in no way, they will not want to reach the floor. This suggests non-elastic Achilles tendons, place a small platform of 2-3 cm under your heels, and after a while try to remove it.

The lower you sit, the more good you bring to your buttocks. Another useful exercise is attacks, both direct and reverse. When performing any exercise, watch your posture - your back should be even, and in no way slouch.

In total, it is necessary to do three approaches of squats and lunges, each exercise is repeated 5-8 times on each leg, because you do not want your buttocks to be different.

At the end of the workout, be sure to stretch, it will help you with each time all the deeper and more confident to do the exercises. It is also not superfluous to pump the press and perform inclinations that can prevent the appearance of fat layer on the sides, which will save your waist in a consistently thin state.

How to visually increase the hips with clothing?

If you are not going to the beach or to the pool, where under a swimsuit it will be difficult to disguise your problem hips, then you can work on your appearance, which will help to visually make the figure more proportionate.

If we talk about trousers, then narrowed and straight options are not for you, the best way out is breeches, which in the right place expand well. Use the upper part of clothes - it should attract a minimum of attention to the shoulders and chest, if you do not want to get a considerable advantage in the upper zone. Always try to highlight the waistline - with the help of belts, tapered blousons and jackets.

How to make the ass visually bigger

1. Horizontal lines will help you visually enlarge your ass. Look for them in shorts, skirts or tight dresses.

2. The skate skirt will be a good way out in this situation, as with its help you will create a volume in the lower part of the body. Try to wear it with heels, it will add a showiness to the general appearance.

3. The high-waisted short shorts will also help you to maximize your ass. This piece of clothing will visually lengthen your legs and place all the accents correctly - tighten the stomach, thereby reducing the waist, and pay attention to the hips and buttocks.

4. Underline waist. Wear a jacket or something else, gathered at the waist and slightly flared at the hips.

Big booty

5. Tight tight jeans. These jeans are very similar to leggings, they are made of elastic fabric, which will help you visually change the shape of the buttocks.

6. Voluminous skirt with frills or tulle. It has the same effect as a skate skirt.

7. Tight dress. Put on a high-quality slimming underwear. Many people neglect this item of clothing, and for good reason. Even celebrities are pleased to wear it.

Increased hips with clothing

The main thing in the pursuit of fashionable images - do not overdo it. Yes, steep hips - it is fashionable and attractive for the male eye. And if there is a problem of narrow hips, then there is a solution.

To increase the hips, you need to perform special physical exercises, but sometimes this will not be enough. There is an option how to increase the ass with clothes. In this case, the ability to correctly select things by type of figure will come to the rescue.

When creating a beautiful female image with narrow hips, there is a general rule:

  • The bottom of the garment should be lighter or brighter than the top.
  • Bulky sweaters, spacious jackets, cardigans, fluffy blouses should leave the wardrobe. They visually increase the upper body, from this thigh seem even more.
  • To eliminate the abundance of ruches, frills and eye-catching decor on blouses, sweaters, sweaters, T-shirts.

As a rule, narrow hips "eat up" the waist. It turns out boyish image - broad shoulders smoothly into narrow hips. But with such a figure, the legs are most often slender. It means that they can and even should be shown.

Successful dress styles for narrow hips

Rounding up your forms is not difficult if you carefully and correctly choose a wardrobe. When buying dresses for a T-shape you should pay attention to:

  • asymmetrical cut
  • soft shoulder shape
  • fitted with a fluffy skirt
  • soft drape and smell
  • color accent at the bottom,
  • U and V shaped cuts.

A dress in the Empire style will hide figure flaws, a short sweater dress will perfectly get on in the wardrobe with other things.

In such clothes, the figure looks more feminine.

Unsuccessful styles

Before you buy or sew a dress, you should clearly understand how it fits and what it should emphasize. Dresses should be avoided which:

  • volume and lush decoration in the shoulder area,
  • beveled shoulder line and boat neckline,
  • horizontal lines on the bodice
  • no straps and open top,
  • sleeves-lanterns and any sleeves that give volume,
  • if the product is too tight figure.

Successful styles of skirts

The goal of the skirts is to make the hips larger. Some cuts cope with this problem:

  • The tulip skirt optically reduces the waist and replaces the pencil skirt. Thanks to the assembly along the waistline, it looks very elegant, as it visually increases the ass.
  • Pleated - flirty folds hide small hips, visually give volume. The same can be said about the skirts with pleats.
  • Flared styles add volume to the buttocks.

Jeans and pants

Of the jeans that increase the ass, you should pay attention to the following options:

  • Boyfriends - due to the fact that the waist line is lower, there is a slight bagginess on the hips and the waist seems smaller, and the hips are wider. They look very feminine.
  • Bananas - models of such pants can be shortened and elongated.
  • Halifah - the most win-win option. You can wear breeches, narrowed down, with a lush top. There are still models, narrowed from the hip, with a low fit step. Wide eastern trousers that taper down at the ankles themselves will look great.
  • Bloomers - free cut rounds the buttocks and hides flaws.

Trousers choose about the same style. Well, if they have bright large details: zippers, pockets on the hips or sides, decorative trim, embroidery, lacing.

Do not forget about the color scheme. A gradient will come to the rescue - a soft transition from one color to another. It is better to choose a lighter tone from above and darker downwards. This will emphasize neat hips and increase their size.

Accessories for narrow hips

All sorts of wide belts will come to the rescue. The presence of a catchy detail - a bow, a buckle or an interesting fastener is welcomed. The emphasis should be on the waist, not on the hips.

Long necklaces will look great with a neckline or stand-up collar.

Without a bag, girls usually don't walk. You need to choose a handbag that fits everything - from lipstick to a bicycle. That is, the bag should be big.

It should be worn over the shoulder at the strap ending at the hips. This is another good advice from designers how to visually enlarge the ass.

You can arm with a clutch and hold it in your hands.

Corrective underwear

Do not discount the effectiveness of corrective underwear. This is another step how to visually enlarge the ass. Corrective underwear helps to round flat thighs and make them more attractive. If possible, it is better to buy clothes with overlays on the pope. Desirable appropriate size. Short panties are worn under a dress or skirt, and made shorts fit under pants or jeans.

But if there is no finance to invest in the beauty of its priests, there is another way out. Wear panties that increase the ass. This is not a thong, and panties, ending with rubber bands under the buttocks. A kind of short shorts. Rezinochki raise the buttocks and the pop will seem larger.

Slender girls can afford a bikini with lace inserts on the belt and with a low landing. This will round up the beautiful “fifth point of support”.

When choosing clothes, ladies with narrow hips should always know how to visually increase the bottom to smooth out the imbalance between top and bottom. And also to emphasize the dignity of his figure.

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83 cm. With height 165 cm. Waist 60 cm.

- January 21, 2010, 18:28

I have a height of 170
hips 88
and waist 61

- January 23, 2010 at 10:27 pm

Yulenkakak how you pumped the ass?
I did not understand well. please explain ((

- February 14, 2010, 6:40 pm

Valeria, and where does such information come from that "stretch marks constrict with a bang, especially when stretching to transverse splits". I wonder is true. I can’t find the whole Internet. I can be you a coach or someone told you that. And then she went to break her legs

- March 12, 2010, 00:28

I have 83cm hips, waist 60cm, height 160cm. surprised those girls who are 90cm is not enough! I hope the above tips and exercises will help.
And I am glad that not only such!
Girls we all succeed.

- August 14, 2010 at 20:39

girls, I also complex very much because of the narrow hips. The fact is that I also have wide waist sides, and there is no difference between the waist and the hips. Can you advise how to remove them?

- August 20, 2010, 09:12

Yeah, it looks cool! when the difference is not visible between the waist and hips - somehow not very much. I gave birth, and recovered, only here and the hips recovered and the waist at the same time, again, without a difference! and losing weight all together, zashib .. try out your advice, maybe sho will change! ((

- August 20, 2010, 09:28

http://www.moi-style.ru/2009/01/30/uzkie-bedra/ here is something, we can try

- August 28, 2010, 12:37

I have a question, and keep the load on arms extended above yourself or what?

- September 10, 2010, 19:28

Girls, but tell me how to reduce these very hips, even a little bit! my weight is normal, in principle I don’t want to lose weight, everything suits me except the hips, they are 94 cm, I would have to remove at least a couple of centimeters ((

- October 22, 2010, 16:53

You need to give birth urgently!))) And then the hips will appear))

- October 23, 2010, 10:21 pm

Girls, but tell me how to reduce these very hips, even a little bit! my weight is normal, in principle I don’t want to lose weight, everything suits me except the hips, they are 94 cm, I would have to remove at least a couple of centimeters ((

In the sense of 94 cm ?? Is it each of them? There are special exercises for the hips. Try it, it can help.

- October 23, 2010, 10:34 PM

In the sense of 94 cm ?? Is it each of them? There are special exercises for the hips. Try it, it can help.
No, 94 is the girth of the hips (two legs together), each 94 is a mutant of some kind. what are you
on account of the exercises, thanks to kep.

- November 17, 2010, 23:52

In the sense of 94 cm ?? Is it each of them? There are special exercises for the hips. Try it, it can help.

No, 94 is the girth of the hips (two legs together), each 94 is a mutant of some kind. what are you

on account of the exercises, thanks to kep.

You're welcome!)) And my knees below hurt my legs ((((I don't like to do the exercises ..

- January 4, 2011, 10:09 PM

Oh girls I used your problems I do not know how to remove them, but you want to increase my figure in general horror of the hip-106cm. The waist-65cm. Breast-95cm. And the shoulders-93cm. Here and understand Understand tried to lose weight Only the waist grows thin .Like this.

- March 27, 2011, 21:45

people, it's just awful all constantly stare at girls with wide hips, and I don’t have such ((all my peers have hips 95-100cm, and I have 82 ((I tried to increase visually, but this isn’t that. WANTED NORMAL, NOT AN UGLY DUCK (
wide hips can be reduced if it is not a bone so wide, but you can correct narrow horseradish (((

- March 27, 2011, 21:56

rejoice that you have narrow, do not bother with nonsense, look at the models, they have narrow beautiful hips.

- March 27, 2011, 22:27

so their shoulders are normal .. you know, 88-62-82 doesn't look very good (

- March 27, 2011, 22:38

Cool options girl, I know women who do not crawl out of the gym to achieve this, but nature has given you. And if you also have a height of 170, you’ll have a perfect figure.

- March 27, 2011, 23:42

- April 7, 2011, 13:16

Exercise? Butterfly ?. Sit on the floor. Knees divorced, feet joined together (try to ensure that they are in contact with the crotch), back straight. Only the inner side of the thigh is stressed. Можно делать покачивающие движения коленями, постепенно увеличивая амплитуду колебаний.Or you can strain your hip as much as possible and try to bring it closer to the floor, and then relax for a while. There is also an option if you have an assistant: he (she) can gently press on your knees. Try to touch the floor with your knees. The better your body is relaxed? the more harmonious and effective the exercise will be performed. Contributes to the expansion of the pelvic bones and stretching the muscles of the inner surface of the thighs.

Girls, exercise super! Anyone who wants to expand the hips recommend.
(The heels should touch the perineum and do not forget about the straight back)

- April 7, 2011, 13:24

Motya, can you also recommend some exercises to narrow your hips?

- May 8, 2011, 19:11

Yulechka, tell me how you have pumped your ass so that it is like a ball, I do exercises, and it decreases (

- September 27, 2011, 10:17

You need to give birth urgently!))) And then the hips will appear))

I gave birth to your text 3, but the hips as were 85 cm and remained, so not everyone can help and for the sake of wide hips you should not give birth to anyone, if only for yourself.

- November 21, 2011, 17:57

Avril, my knees touch the floor, I know the stretch is good, but the hips are still narrow (

- January 9, 2012, 2:09 pm

[quote = "Julia"]
and how did you manage to “sticking out your ass”? I have a flat but not fleshy one at all, I shook it, but it just became harder, but bulging out - nothing (
tell me what you did for this?

How to get better in the buttocks

Tightened, elastic buttocks - one of the indicators of beauty. Despite the fact that the fashion for the shape of the figure has changed repeatedly, the woman's ass has always attracted men's looks. Today, the rounded, moderately pumped muscles of the buttocks are the desire of any woman who is following herself.

There are only three ways to get better in the buttocks: diet, exercise and surgery. When a person gains weight, all volumes of the figure grow. If you gradually increase the number of calories in the diet, eat pasta, consume a lot of fatty dairy products, baking, etc., drink a significant amount of liquid, then very quickly the hips will change in size in a big direction. Together with the waist.

Those who so fundamentally recover does not want to, and fitness is lazy to engage in fitness, we can recommend gluteoplasty. Using silicone, experienced cosmetic surgeons are able to change the shape of the buttocks, their size in a few days. However, this method, firstly, is not accessible to everyone, and, secondly, is harmful to health. And no one can give a guarantee for the lifelong quality of the new figure.

How to get better in the buttocks with exercise

The most beneficial to health is a way to build muscle through exercise. Those who only want to get better in the hips, it is recommended to walk more, do about 100 squats a day, sit less. Those who want to change the shape and size of the hips drastically should be constantly trained.

So, squats will help to pump up muscles. It is better for beginners to do them without load, making sure that at the lower point of the trajectory the buttocks are in contact with the heels, the hips with the calves, and the butt reaches the floor. Those who have some kind of training should squat with weights. This may be a barbell, dumbbells, water bottles, large stones.

The second exercise will help increase the volume of the buttocks, give them elasticity and beautiful shape. This load is complex, but very effective, so it is better to perform it every other day. First you need to choose a weighting agent: a barbell or dumbbells.

Next is a smooth step forward. Its length should be such that the forward leg bent forward is bent by 90 °, while the one remaining behind barely touched the floor with the knee. Then from this position smoothly back.

Such training should be performed in 4-5 sets of 6-8 squats per leg.

The whole complex, designed to get better in the buttocks, must be done smoothly and slowly. If you practice systematically, then in a few months the ass will pick up the volume, it will become pumped and elastic.

Articles on "How to get better in the buttocks"

How to make the buttocks perfect

How to get well thin

How not to get better at rest

How not to recover in the fall

How to get better in the legs and pope at home and adjust the figure?

  • Set of exercises
  • Run
  • Special diet
  • Proper clothes

Beautiful and sexy curves of the body came into vogue with the light hand of Western celebrities. Now the question of how to get better in the legs and pope at home, many women ask, and for this it is necessary only to pay attention to the right physical exertion.

You can get better at home with the help of squats and lunges. First they need to be done without load, but gradually the lady will have to add weighting to get the best result.

Another effective exercise is jumping rope or a plank that makes all muscle groups work. You can perform these exercises at home, but it is important to follow safety precautions here so as not to harm your own joints and muscles.

To get real results, you need to practice every day for about half an hour, while regularly increasing your final physical load.

What you need to get better priest - the question is really relevant, and it is necessary to solve it with active attention to sports exercises. In addition to squats and lunges, the girl can help run. That run involves the muscles of the calves and hips, forcing them to work to its fullest.

The more a person runs, the stronger and more his muscles become. On average, this exercise should be allocated about half an hour of free time. Five minutes of movement at high speed will not bring results, and the volumes will not increase.

The most effective is considered to run up the stairs and movement with variable speed. After the first week of training the muscles will hurt a lot, but after a month the results will be noticeable. Running not only helps to significantly increase the size of the hips, but also prevents the formation of cellulite.

As a result, the priest looks trim and beautiful, and the whole figure seems more harmonious.

In order for the butt to increase in size, it is not enough to play sports, because energy and calories are needed to build muscle. That is why athletes pay such attention to their diet. Any food is not suitable here, because proteins are necessary for muscle growth.

In the diet should always be boiled chicken without skin, eggs, cereals, especially oatmeal. You can also consume a variety of protein shakes, which are sold in specialized stores and fitness clubs.

High protein content in the diet leads to the fact that the muscles begin to grow, increasing the size of the hips and priests. But from the carbohydrates and high fat content in food is better to refuse. The fact is that such food will make the ass big, but not from the grown muscles, but from fat.

Also, do not eat after six, developing an individual nutrition plan that fully meets the needs of the athlete.

Having finally pumped up her ass, the girl should learn how to emphasize it correctly with the help of clothes. To do this, choose tight sets of clothes that will demonstrate the results of sports feats.

You can also give preference to wide waist belts that will make it visually more subtle, highlighting the contrast with wide hips. Ladies with appetizing forms are very sets of clothes, tapering to the bottom.

For example, pencil skirts and trousers-pipes can become faithful assistants to the ladies. You can pay attention to the jeans with high waist, because they are visually slim and emphasize all the features of the figure.

If the contrast between hips and waist seems not too noticeable, you can resort to the use of waist belts and corsets. In this case, the hourglass effect will be ideal, highlighting the beauty of the female body bends and the ladies' achievements in the fitness room.

[email protected]: I want to gain mass on the pope. can this be done?

. Pupil (0) 3 years ago

How to increase the buttocks?
We go to the pope. We sit on the floor, legs stretched forward. We begin to go forward, moving on the buttocks, lift alternately left and right. Exercise is required to perform every day for 10-15 minutes. Keep your back. We lie on the floor on the stomach, legs stretched straight.

Raise the torso and legs together. We must hold out as long as possible. If the exercise seems very hard, rest your body on your elbows and lift the left and right legs alternately. We hold legs on weight, as much as possible straining muscles of buttocks. Waving feet. We lay down on the side, lean our head on our arm, swing it upwards.

It is necessary to do 40 sweeps for each leg, while not lowering the leg to the end, to keep the muscles in tension. We lay on our backs, legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor, hands put behind the head. Keeping your back straight, lower your legs to the floor, to the right, to the left, so that they lie flat on the floor.

These exercises will perfectly bring the muscles of the buttocks to tone, get rid of cellulite, and help build muscle volume.

Mulder Sage (16719) 3 years ago

It is possible to pump up a little, but it is cardinal hardly. Immediately the effect will be if you insert the implants in the buttocks. Start over with a few months of training, see the result. Does not help, put the implants. Tired of wearing implants, you can always pull out and sew the buttocks.

Katerina Semenova Pros (726) 3 years ago

deal with sex more

Galina Malevannaya Pupil (211) 3 years ago

Hare rama Pupil (83) 3 years ago

Alisa Kotova Thinker (5826) 3 years ago

Gym to help you

Roxana Pupil (207) 3 years ago

Yes, sport always helps. Consider the option of not going on a diet to lose weight, but, on the contrary, go in for sports. Then the whole body will be pumped up. The best option is running, really. My body constitution is similar to yours - it helps me sooo. And ass on the spot)

Alyona Ramazanova Master (2405) 3 years ago

Lilibloom Pros (766) 3 years ago

Honestly, if you have such a genetics that there are no priests, then at least you will die like you, like a ball will not, but you can make it more aesthetic, that is, you can increase it, but not much . But even this will need to be taken seriously and better in the gym. For at home, the priest can be “pumped” to those who have it, and you, the girl has a barbell in her hands and forth.

Anya Rahman Profi (746) 3 years ago

Squat with dumbbells.

How can you get better in the pope and legs at home?

How to get better in the legs and pope at home is a painful topic for slim young ladies. Most girls are worried about how to quickly lose weight, reduce the amount of ass, arms, legs, remove excess fat from the abdomen and thighs.

The problem of excess weight will always be relevant. But along with this there is a category of women who, on the contrary, are worried about the lack of weight and want to gain it. This is especially true of priests and legs. To cope with this task will be more difficult than losing weight.

But if you make an effort, it is quite doable.

It is not necessary to turn to various kinds of specialists: nutritionists, trainers, and so on. It is very realistic to achieve a stunning result at home. The most important thing is to set a goal for yourself and persevere towards it. For proper weight gain, it is important to know and observe the main principles:

  1. 1. Proper and timely nutrition: to gain weight does not mean to get fat. No need to eat everything: fatty foods, high-calorie. So it will simply form fatty tissue. First you need to determine what kind of weight gain is assumed, what goal is pursued. After all, it is necessary to proceed from the expected result. The constitution is different: sports, juicy (well-fed). If you want to have a moderately plumped figure, to have feminine and curvaceous forms, then the option of more abundant nutrition with high-calorie foods is quite suitable. However, it is fraught with cellulite and overweight. Therefore, it is very important to eat properly, choose a diet and eat at certain time intervals for proper absorption.
  2. 2. Systematic training, with exercises with multiple repetitions: the end result is a set of muscle mass. Weight is gained not only due to proper nutrition, but also by diligent strength training. Performing this or that exercise, microfiber muscles are broken. In the process of their regeneration (recovery), they grow in new fibers, increasing in volume. And so it happens in the process of each new workout. Doing everything technically correctly, distributing the load, at least 2-3 months will see an increase in new muscles, thereby increasing the volume of both the priests and the legs.
  3. 3. Full sleep and rest: in order to exercise did not go to harm, you need a good sleep. This time is needed to restore muscle tissue. Rest is a guarantee of a healthy and strong body.
  4. 4. Lack of stress: as you know, experiencing nervous breakdowns, stressful situations, the body is prone to weight loss. Spending a large amount of energy due to stress, begins the process of burning muscle mass, which is a very negative phenomenon. It leads to rapid and significant weight loss.
  5. 5. The elimination of bad habits: smoking makes it difficult to recover. The same can be said about the use of drugs. Alcohol also contributes to improper metabolism, which equally can lead to both weight loss and rapid weight gain (fat). Everything is strictly individual.
  6. 6. Monitoring the general state of health: it is possible to recover in the legs and pope while maintaining a good tone of the body as a whole. Everything is closely interdependent in our body. For example, having a chronic disease, it will be very difficult to gain weight. Against the background of such ailments, depletion of the body occurs and, as a result, weight loss.

All the principles presented must be taken into account. Failure to comply with at least one of them can cancel all efforts.

There are a very large number of different formulas for calculating the correct amount of daily calorie intake.

However, without going into details, it is possible to derive an effective and correct method of determining the dose of food to increase the volume of the body.

In order to have a rough idea of ​​the correct diet, you should know that the menu should include about 40% of proteins, 50% of carbohydrates and only 10% of fat.

It is necessary to select food strictly individually, starting from its height, weight, metabolic features in the body. In order to understand whether you are on the right path or not, you need to weigh yourself every 3 days. It is necessary to achieve an increase of 500-700 g per week. Then, visually, you will see changes in your body and see if the current parameters satisfy you or whether you should continue.

Even at home, without acquiring a gym membership and contacting a trainer, you can effectively practice and achieve the desired forms. To get the right body parts right, you need to perform a series of simple exercises.

Such a change in the parameters of the female body will help give it a more appetizing look. This is especially true for women with small breasts, as there is a need to transform the other advantages of the girl's body.

Recovering in the hips, the lady becomes more attractive to the male.

To pump up the ass, it is enough to perform a series of proposed exercises 3 times a week once a day:

  1. 1. You need to lie on your back, bend your knees. Smoothly lifting the pelvis from the floor, align the body so that it is parallel to the legs. Here you need to briefly clamp the buttocks, and then return to the starting position. Inhale on the ascent, and when you return to the original position, exhale. We need to make 3 sets of 20 repetitions.
  2. 2. Exercise like the traditional "swallow". While standing (you can hold the wall, chair, or other objects with your hands), you need to put your legs back in turn. And so intense that the top of the waist and buttocks are well compressed. Each leg must be used for 30-50 times, performing from 2 to 3 approaches. Thus, the very desired roundness of the forms appears, the priest becomes more visible.
  3. 3. Classic attacks. Almost all girls are well known for this exercise. For convenience, hands are placed on the hips, one leg is bent forward, bending at the knee, the body is lowered. The second leg, bending, knees against the floor. These movements should be repeated on each leg 20-30 times in 2-3 sets. This exercise has a beneficial effect on the buildup of the legs.

Since we are recovering not only in the pope, but also in the legs, in order to get a beautiful figure, it is necessary to perform exercises for the legs. This is especially useful for a teenage girl when the legs are too thin. It is necessary to work out the upper part so that the legs look proportional.

Therefore it is worth taking note of this exercise especially. Squats are great for legs. However, they differ from the usual, traditional. Legs must be set wider than shoulders. Squatting is necessary with a straight back, without bending the body forward.

Hands can be put on the belt or crossed on the chest. Feet should not be torn off the floor. Squat up to a position where the hips are parallel to the floor. Run 15 times in 3 sets. When performing exercises, one should not forget about proper breathing.

How to get better a couple of centimeters in the hips

And in general I want to get better. Эти бабочки заставляют работать мышцы, локально сжечь жир традиционными методами и электростимуляторами нельзя. И попа тоже, что у меня такие параметры и нечего себя изводить. Попросите вашего тренера разработать комплекс упражнений, чтобы помочь вам добавить пару сантиметров в бедрах.

Today, the rounded, moderately pumped muscles of the buttocks are the desire of any woman who is following herself. Those who only want to get better in the hips, it is recommended to walk more, do about 100 squats a day, sit less.

If you practice systematically, then in a few months the ass will pick up the volume, it will become pumped and elastic. For several years now, women's magazine JustLady has been a worthy guide in the world of fashion and beauty. We are not just filling the Internet space, we are looking for and finding something that may be interesting to a wide audience of women who want to keep abreast of the latest news and trends.

Causes of thinness

Root causes can be very different, ranging from genetic predisposition and ending with a nervous breakdown. But the root of evil lies in the wrong diet. In the race for sexuality do not need to lean on the buns and sandwiches with mayonnaise, otherwise cellulite forms, and on thin legs it looks just as bad as on full ones.

Before starting treatment at home, it is necessary to consult specialists:

  1. Nutritionist,
  2. Endocrinologist
  3. Neuropathologist,
  4. Psychotherapist,
  5. Geneticist.

After the conclusion of these experts, you can begin to make recipes, taking into account the norm of calories per day, exactly under your type, and adjust diet and lifestyle.

We are getting better with drugs

A very common phenomenon among athletes is when you need to quickly gain weight for your weight category, and moreover, the mass should be muscular, not fat. Proteins come to the rescue. It is quite affordable dietary supplements, which are widely used in the treatment of anorexia and low body weight.

First you need to clean the intestines. It is useful to arrange a fasting fruit day. Now we calculate the dose of the drug, for each type a separate dosage is needed, which is described in detail in the instructions.

You can buy the know-how of modern gyms, a mixture of proteins with carbon - "Gainer", a very good tool if you need to quickly and easily gain weight. Of course, it would be nice to combine such food with classes in the gym, but if there is no possibility, then just squatting at home is enough.

Diet for weight gain

The girl will become more feminine, quickly recovered, but only if she approaches the problem in a comprehensive manner. You need to start to follow a special protein diet. The essence of weight gain is not just the right amount of numbers on the dial of the scale, but in a healthy body and beautiful appearance.

How to eat thin:

First day. In the morning we have breakfast with high-calorie cereals, it can be oatmeal, barley, it is desirable to combine with a piece of fat cheese. Twenty minutes after eating, drink kefir, not less than 2.5% fat.

Girls with different types of figures

After three hours, you need to sit down to eat again, for an afternoon snack you can eat a plate of cottage cheese mixed with sour cream and sugar, if sour cream is not, replace it with cream.
At lunch, boil the meat, suitable pork or chicken, beef is not so full of carbon.

In the form of a side dish we serve a salad with eggs, potatoes and cheese, dressed with sour cream or cream. In general, eat fatty milk as much as possible, in a short time it will improve the work of the intestines and help to quickly get better.

At night, we don’t try too hard, otherwise then it will still be necessary to get rid of bloating and associated troubles.

Snack begins with boiled fish, of course, fatty varieties: mackerel, tuna, carp. You can put it out with cheese or cream, you can drink kefir. Now, after half an hour after a meal, it will be nice to walk a bit through the fresh air, work out at the horizontal bars, so we will get better quickly and without the special costs of fitness clubs.

Dinner no later than 20, because all that we eat after, will go not to improve the appearance, but to cellulite and ugly fat folds. You can eat yogurt, you can make yourself fatty porridge (barley or oatmeal pour hot milk, fill with a spoon of butter, sugar to taste).

Depending on the requirements and wishes can be a bit adjust diet for yourself:

  1. If you need to quickly recover by 3 kg in five days, then you can try to lean on fat sour cream, you do not have to eat it with something, you can simply eat a plate of sugar after an afternoon snack.
  2. If our goal is to add a mass of 4 kg in a few days, then we combine fatty foods and drinks, say, beer and sour cream, the weight is gained quickly, but for a long time it will not linger.
  3. At 5 kg per week it is sometimes very difficult to get fat, you need to try. So, eat at least 6 times a day, fill all dishes with cream, in no case do not eat fruits that contribute to weight loss, it is better to focus on vitamins and carbohydrates. After a meal, eat one high-calorie bar.
  4. The hardest thing is to easily get more than 10 kg, it is very dangerous and best of all, if the treatment is carried out under the supervision of a doctor. How to quickly gain weight in 15 kg? In both cases, the nutritionist will most likely prescribe medication injections, do not be intimidated. Of course, it will be proteins, special dietary supplements, protein shakes.

Special exercises for weight gain

If you need to get better in the chest or legs, then in addition to the six-time diet, you must perform physical exercises.

In each hand, we take one bottle of 0.5 liters (if there are no half-kilogram dumbbells), and begin to breed them in different directions. So ten times, with each approach increase by one.

At first it will be difficult, but for a month of such exercises the volume of the chest (muscles) will increase significantly.

In fact, you can do without diets at all, you just need a little zeal, and not to lean on fatty fried foods and fast food, otherwise we will not get beautiful sexual forms, and risk ugly to get fat.

After each approach, you need to eat a product rich in microelements, for example, everyone knows about the usefulness of nuts, and after exercise, eat a handful, so the brain is activated, and the body replenishes the loss of carbohydrates.

The legs often lack volume, you need to squat, and the priest will tighten, and your hips will become rounder. Not less than 50 times, and with time after each approach we increase the number of squats. Very good exercise "sliders", we sit on the ass and begin to move forward in this position. So five minutes after a break and nuts.

In the pope it is easiest to recover, squats, jumps, crawls, running. The method simply does not count, the callanetics helps very effectively. It makes the hidden muscles work well, which are responsible for the formation or disappearance of the volume. This sport will suit both a young girl and a woman aged.

Pregnancy and thinness

In the first months, it will not even be too noticeable, but in the future, doctors will insist on specialized treatment. Gaining weight and getting pregnant pregnant is much more difficult than, it seems, very much depends on the metabolism, which, after acquiring an interesting position, has changed significantly for better or worse.

In any case, we do not use forbidden products for pregnant women, we lead a correct lifestyle, do gymnastics and perform exercises. This is the only way to get better quickly without harm to health.

Tips seasoned thin

One cannot do without medicine here, especially if it is not about three to five centimeters, but about several dimensions in a row. What to do if you really want to get better quickly:

  1. Eat right,
  2. To do the exercises, the more often - the better, but without fanaticism,
  3. Girls in the body are advised to move more often, but you need to become a little slower, reduce the rate of the exchange process,
  4. visit a nutritionist, and if necessary, a psychologist, because the problem lies within us.

How to increase the ass at home?

It's no secret that men love in women the bulges of certain parts of the body. And, of course, this applies to female priests. That is why many girls who can not boast of roundness of forms are looking for a way to correct this genetic injustice. How to increase the ass to become more attractive in the men's eyes and more self-confident?

Experts say that with a strong desire you can correct almost any defects in your own body. This is achieved through an integrated approach. In this case, you must wear the right clothes, eat well, work on your stride and resort to the help of special physical exercises.

If there is a desire to give the lower part of the body more palatability and volume, but there is no time or opportunity to visit the gym, it does not matter. You can use the recommendations of leading fitness trainers who are able to answer the delicate question of how to increase the buttocks at home.

Moving right

To visually enlarge the hips, you need to learn how to move properly. Partially, the problem of flat buttocks can be solved by walking. First you need to straighten your posture: pull up the lower part of the spine, straighten the chest and shoulders. At the same time, the breast of the woman will immediately increase visually, and the priest will become more convex.

Imitating the models, ironing the podium tirelessly, you should try to put one foot clearly in front of the other when walking. As if an invisible straight line is drawn on the floor.

At first, this kind of movement can bring some inconvenience and even body stiffness, but with some effort and perseverance, the right gait, together with the posture, will become familiar and comfortable quite quickly, in a week or two.

Strength exercises

It is amazing how bodybuilders succeed in increasing the buttocks, working hard in the gyms over their bodies. Inspired by their example, you need to tune in to success and begin to perform some simple exercises.

Any classes require regularity, so gymnastics should be done at least three times a week:

  1. It is necessary to lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, put your feet on the floor, put your hands along the body. On the exhale, raise the pelvis up, squeeze the buttocks and linger in that position for a minute, feeling the tension in the lower body. Make at least three sets of 10 exercises.
  2. In a standing position, put your feet shoulder-width apart, stretch your arms in front of you. Squat, mentally sitting on a chair. In this case, the hips and legs should be approximately a right angle relative to each other. Keep your back straight. Exercise is not easy, but you need to perform it in three sets of 20 times.
  3. From a standing position, quickly lunging forward alternately with both feet, transferring body weight to a bent leg and trying to stretch the other back as much as possible.
  4. From a prone position, lift the legs bent at the knees up, then straighten the legs so that they are directed diagonally at the ceiling. Squeezing the buttocks and straining the press, you need to slowly lower straight legs, keeping them at a distance of 5 centimeters from the floor. Perform the exercise 4-5 times with a break for rest in half a minute.

In addition to physical gymnastics, experts recommend practicing some sports that help build and strengthen the muscle mass of the buttocks and the whole body.

These include:

  • bicycle riding,
  • cross-country skiing
  • swimming
  • gymnastics,
  • Athletics.

Magic power of clothing

How to increase the buttocks, can prompt the designers. Properly chosen clothes can quickly add volume to the fifth point. Hips will look much more appetizing.

To achieve this effect, you can, for example, use tight jeans with pockets located at the top of the priests. Or use jeans with a high waist. Such clothes will emphasize its narrowness, while at the same time emphasizing the volume of priests.

In the fight for the perfect shape of baggy jeans can be forgotten forever.

There is one more trick which modern models of underwear offer. You can wear so-called panties push-up. They have special inserts in the right place, instantly increasing the hips of their happy owner.

Such panties will help out when you need to achieve the desired result immediately. And they are very well suited to impatient persons who are not able to wait for the effects of classes for a week or a month, let alone a year.

Incredibly changing the female figure high heels. They make the body straighten. At the same time the chest and bottom become more visible.

Calories to help

How to increase the ass with calories? If the features of the figure allow you to gain weight in the desired places, you can try to specifically gain weight. A little - just to round out their forms.

Sit a week on hamburgers, and the desired result will be achieved. Or, conversely, throw off extra pounds to more clearly outline the contours of the body. Particular attention should be paid to the waist.

No fat stores should be there.

Some women may think that the solution to all their problems will be an operation to increase the buttocks. Indeed, today the plastic correction of the body allows you to instantly eliminate any of its shortcomings. But you should not be thoughtlessly go under the surgeon's knife just because there is no desire to play sports and eat right.

In pursuit of ideal forms, women need to remember that surgery is always associated with a risk to health, and it is better to leave it for the most extreme case.

Wide hips = big buttocks

Naturally, volumetric buttocks look more seductive than narrow ones. Today, women spend more time in the gym trying to pump up the buttocks and make the ass rounder and do hundreds of squats for this.

Plus, women with big hips are much healthier and stronger.

Lower torso will be strong

The leg muscles are the largest in the whole body, and all thanks to the hips.

The larger the muscle, the faster the metabolism and the better fat loss occurs.

And who does not want to run cool, crouch, train with big weights?

And this is only a small part of the advantages of big hips!

Less risk of heart disease

That's why: getting rid of fat that accumulates around the hips and buttocks is much more difficult than what is deposited in the abdominal cavity, but this is better than having a bulging belly (this is the conclusion at Oxford researchers).

With the presence of excess fat in the abdominal area increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Unique style

It doesn't matter if you are miniature, tall or medium height, wide hips mean difficulties in choosing the simplest clothes, so the number of the seamstress is chosen in your phone book.

As a result, you have no choice but to stand out from the crowd.

Your phone is safe

Your phone will have a soft landing in case it accidentally falls at such a piquant moment.

Yes, the advantage is quite controversial, but after all, many of us use phones while in the toilet, and often our knees do not save the phone from falling (especially if there is a gap between the thighs).

Like for wide hips!

Skinny hips and skinny legs are the envy of many women.

Lack of muscle mass does not always look good and may pose a threat to health.

You may even be the object of ridicule and bullying, which will greatly affect self-esteem.

If you can not gain weight in certain places, you can try to increase muscle mass in the hips and legs.

How to make the hips wider

Our body gains weight when we consume more calories than we burn. To increase the weight should increase the amount of calories consumed by 250-500.

However, it is not up to you to decide where the volumes will increase.

If you stand out the middle part of the body or the upper part, and your legs and hips are thin, then with an increase in weight the proportions will remain.

It's all about calories

Calories are the fuel for the body and energy to perform functions such as blood circulation, respiration, as well as all muscle activity.

Each time with the consumption of more calories than the body burns to get "fuel", the excess is stored in fat cells, which leads to their growth.

Excessive consumption of any food leads to an increase in fat in the hips. Extra 3500 calories are roughly equivalent to 0.5 kg of fat. Usually this process lasts for weeks or months if you continuously consume more calories than your body needs.

In most cases, after the age of 8 years, the body of girls accumulates fat more actively than the body of boys.

In adolescence, fat cells in girls are almost doubled compared with boys.

Most of the fat is stored in the thighs, buttocks.

If you have not yet reached puberty, then you should not do anything to increase the weight, it is very likely to occur naturally due to hormonal changes in the body.

To expand the hips you need to eat

Try to eat healthy foods, but in larger portions than you are used to. Building muscle requires a lot of energy. Have to eat more often than the standard 3 times a day.

Bodybuilders recommend eating 5 times a day and increasing portions.

Do not go to extremes, but try to get out of the comfort zone, so that your muscles get the food they need.

Стремитесь к тому, чтобы потреблять больше калорий, чем тратите.

Ежедневные затраты калорий можно вычислить с помощью онлайн калькулятора, который учитывает Ваши объемы, возраст и уровень активности.

Основываясь на результатах добавьте 250-500 калорий к Вашему рациону. Также можете проконсультироваться с диетологом о нужном Вам количестве калорий.

Do not use junk food as a source of extra calories. This is a mistake of many, as they believe that calories are contained only in such food.

Calories should come from healthy foods such as starchy vegetables (corn, sweet potatoes), fruits, whole grains, dairy products, unsaturated fats, and protein.

For example, add 2 tablespoons of walnuts to porridge for breakfast.

A second breakfast may consist of 2 slices of whole grain bread with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and banana puree.

With each meal you can add extra calories.

For lunch, in addition to dessert, you can eat yogurt without fillers, and for dinner, drink a glass of low-fat milk.

Calcium contained in dairy products, maintains bone strength and body growth in general.

Products for wide hips

Anyone who wants to see progress in the growth of the hips and buttocks should eat as much protein as possible. The most popular misconception that protein shakes or protein intake is only for bodybuilders.

This is far from the truth. Every human body on the planet needs protein-rich food to keep it healthy. In fact, whether you train or not, in any case, an increase in the amount of protein in your diet will be beneficial.

If you train to increase your buttocks and thighs, then protein intake should increase as it is a building material for muscles.

I recommend to use protein with each meal, preferably about 15-30 grams at a time. You can also drink a protein shake after exercise or during a meal.

Below are the best quality protein sources.

Thigh growth protein

  • Legumes (beans, chickpeas),
  • Cottage cheese,
  • Eggs
  • Lean ground beef,
  • Lean meat tenderloin,
  • Protein powder,
  • Salmon,
  • Skinless chicken breasts
  • Soy nuts,
  • Steak,
  • Tilapia
  • Tuna,
  • Turkey,
  • Sandwich with vegetables,
  • Any fish (not fried).
  • Brown rice,
  • Bread,
  • Couscous
  • Porridge is low in sugar,
  • Cereals,
  • Quinoa,
  • Sweet potato,
  • Biscuit,
  • 100% whole grain bread.

Fats don't make you fat! Despite this outdated belief (which, by the way, some people still adhere to) fat does not make you fat, unless the product contains an equine dose of calories.

Excessive excess calories and junk food - this is what leads to obesity.

There are healthy sources of fat that will help you lose weight or improve your body shape. They are:

  • Almond oil,
  • Extra virgin olive oil,
  • Fish fat,
  • Nuts (almonds, cashews, etc.),
  • Peanut butter (preferably one that contains peanuts, avoid sugar-containing oils and hydrogenated oils that are harmful to health).

Vegetables contain a lot of nutrients, antioxidants and other utilities that are necessary for the growth of the buttocks. The following products can be consumed in any quantity without fear of gaining too much:

  • Broccoli,
  • Dark green vegetables,
  • Cabbage,
  • Spinach,
  • Tomatoes.

Later, start replacing, adding or mixing these healthy products to grow your buttocks.

Protein will help gain weight

When gaining weight, it is best to focus on muscle growth, not fat. For muscle growth should increase the number of calories consumed, and do not forget about training.

If you daily consume 0.55 grams of protein per 0.5 kg of your own weight, then your body will recover quickly after exercise, and your muscles grow.

In the daily diet, you can add a protein shake, especially if you have an increased employment during the day.

Increasing the number of calories, make sure that some of them come from foods rich in protein.

For example, during breakfast, replace butter with nut paste (2 tablespoons - 7 grams of protein), eat porridge not with water, but with milk, thereby adding another 8 grams of protein to the diet, add ½ cup of fried white chicken meat to a salad ( 20 grams of protein), 100 grams of minced turkey in a marinara sauce or vegetable soup (22 grams of protein).

As a snack, you can use low-fat cheese, Greek yogurt or hard-boiled eggs.

Train your hips and thighs

Strength training will help each girl in building muscle, legs and hips will become strong and elastic. Thanks to such training, you will grow muscles, and your lower body will increase in volume.

You can 2-3 times a week (preferably not in a row) to train only the legs and hips. For best results, practice 3-4 times a week.

If you are new to strength training, start with one set of 10-14 exercises with its own weight, such as lunges, walking up the hill, and squats. After a week or two, turn on weights in the form of barbells and dumbbells.

Over time, increase the weight.

As you progress, you can start doing squats on one leg, “donkey strikes,” buttock bridge, traction.

After 8-10 reps, you can increase weight to maximize muscle growth.

Although your goal is to grow the muscles of your legs and thighs, do not forget to train your upper torso and do cardio.

Include exercises in the chest, arms, shoulders and back.

As a cardio, you can use jogging, biking, fast walking for 20-30 minutes to maintain the health of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Overcoming difficulties in gaining muscle mass

There are types of shapes that are not genetically geared to increasing volumes. In this case, it is important to understand that an increase in calories in the diet will help activate the process of muscle growth.

To improve performance in the gym, use protein-containing foods after workouts. Half a hen, a turkey sandwich or protein shake will do you good.

Be sure to get enough sleep and drink enough water to have a healthy body and build muscle. In adolescence, the body requires 8-10 hours of sleep per day.

In more mature age, the required number of hours of sleep is reduced to 6-8.

The best exercises for wide hips

  • Do not be lazy during training, because muscle growth occurs only when you are the maximum load muscles. Under load, muscle fibers break, then recover and become stronger and larger,
  • If you do not increase the load, then this process will not occur. Your muscles respond to exercise only when you feel a burning sensation. If you are responsible for training, the result will not take long,
  • Use adequate load. Beginners can train with their own weight. If it becomes easy, then you can use dumbbells or a barbell. The weight should be such that it is enough for 10-15 repetitions,
  • Be sure to be able to distinguish when you are on the verge of injury and when the body is already at the limit of endurance. If you are a beginner, you should consult with a personal trainer before learning how to learn more about your physical abilities.
  • Always follow the correct exercise technique. If the technique is wrong, you will not get the desired result and there is a risk of injury. If you are not sure about the technique of the exercise, then watch the training videos or consult with the trainer,
  • Remember that you have a burning sensation in the hips. If you feel it in another place, then most likely you do the exercise incorrectly and thus harm the muscles or joints,
  • Do not use too much weight. If the dumbbells are too heavy for you, and you cannot complete the exercise, you need to lose weight,
  • Over time, increase the number of repetitions and working weight. Every week your muscles will be bigger and stronger. To thighs increased in volume should be every 2 weeks to increase the load.

More about nutrition for wide hips

After doing the tremendous exercises we have proposed, your hips and buttocks are ready to grow.

In the gluteal and adjacent muscles micro breaks have formed and now the muscles are in recovery mode.

Now your muscles need the right amount of calories and protein. You need the right proportions of protein, fat and carbohydrates to provoke maximum muscle growth.

It does not make sense to sweat in the gym without eating properly.

If you already know how to count calories, then you are on the right track.

Those who do not know how, do not worry, all that is needed is basic information about macro elements.

I suspect that most of those who read this article, eat only to maintain weight.

If I'm right, then you need to review your poor nutrition.

Since training burns calories you will eat a little more, because the appetite will grow in accordance with the needs of your body.

It's time to start consuming 100-150 more calories.

Those who want to gain weight can eat even more. And those who want to give shape to the buttocks and lose weight should eat a little less.

Do not worry. Your body itself will signal hunger, your task is to feed it with the right foods.


How soon will visible progress appear

As soon as you begin to follow all the rules, the results will be noticeable almost immediately.

In the first week you will see a general increase in weight and an increase in the volume of the hips.

Do not be afraid as most women do not see sexy buttocks and perfect hips, but overweight. Just be patient, soon everything will be.

It will take another couple of weeks, and you will see even more volumetric hips and even greater weight gain.

Still not a perfect butt and hips. Do not panic! All the best to come.

At this stage you will train 3 times a week plus cardio and you will see significant improvements.

4 weeks of training and the result will be even more noticeable, and training will be a pleasure.

It will take a month, and you will be happy to see your perfect hips and sexy buttocks. Keep practicing and improving your form.