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Have food! Top 10 coolest food festival in the world


Prefab gastronomic ten-hour rock concert. Gelinaz! moves from place to place, each time choosing one recipe of a famous chef as a keynote. Participants-chefs are free to interpret the recipe to your taste. The initiator is restaurant critic Andrea Petrini.

gelinaz.com tickets (online auction) from € 500. Dates on the site.


Gastronomic circus, built by the chef-owner of Noma's Copenhagen restaurant Rene Redzepi. The two-day symposium, for the sake of which the real tent is being built, is held once a year. Speakers include restaurateurs, university professors, artists.

madfood.co, tickets from € 500, last weekend of the summer.


The three-day gastronomic festival, which includes Rabelaisian feasts on the beaches of the Sorrentine coast, pizza-making workshops, and chefs on the streets of the city. Initiator - Chef Torre del saracinoGennaro Esposito.

festavico.com, tickets from € 150, the first weekend of summer.


Gastronomic festival on the top of the world. Once Reto Mathis, a restaurant selling caviar and truffles more than anyone in the world, decided to convene great chefs in his native city. Agreed with the hotels, and they let them into their kitchens. You can also stay in a cheap hotel in Kiev, which you can find out right here, as well as see photos.

stmoritz-gourmetfestival.ch, prices from CHF150 for dinner, last week of January.


The annual celebration of Mediterranean cuisine, held in the Greek resort Sani resort. A dozen gastronomic chefs from around the world and local stars (like Chrysanthos Karamolego-sa) are preparing for clients of hotel restaurants. The last two years, Sani Gourmet was dedicated to the new Greek cuisine.

St. Moritz Gourmet Festival

The winter food festival lasts five days, from January 12 to January 17, and takes place in the resort of St. Moritz in Switzerland. Famous chefs from all over the world come there and prepare delicious dishes with caviar and truffles for guests. For a solid dinner, you will pay about $ 150.

What to eat: all kinds of chocolate, black caviar, fish and truffles.

Sani gourmet

The festival of Greek cuisine at the resort Sani Resort (this year for the eighth time will be held from 11 to 15 May). This is an annual gastronomy celebration, during which the best chefs from around the world (and they all have Michelin stars) prepare unique dishes for visitors to the resort. And they also talk about the specialties of Greek cuisine and teach everyone who wants it the basics.

What to eat: Greek cuisine.

World gourmet summit

The annual festival in Singapore (held in April-May), which this April will be held for the 21st time. And it came up with his chef and restaurant critic Peter Knipp. Here you can try traditional Malaysian cuisine in a variety of its variations.

What to eat: Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine.

Honey Holiday in Provence

The city of Roquebrune-sous-Argens is considered the unofficial capital of Provence honey. The holiday is held on the first weekend of October, and on the Piazza Germain-Olle it is not overcrowded: they sell chestnut, lime, lemon, coniferous ... In short, all imaginable and inconceivable types of honey.

Young, but already proven festival in Sochi. By the way, it will be held very soon: from January 31 to February 4 in the mountain resort “Rosa Khutor”. There will come the best chefs from all over the world (from Peru, Spain, Thailand and other countries). You can attend cool gastronomic workshops and lectures (cost from 2500 rubles) and try dinner, cooked in four hands (from 10 000 rubles).

What is: the cuisines of the peoples of the world.

Cheese Festival in Lucerne

Only one day a year, October 19, dozens of cheese-makers come from all over Switzerland to the central square of Lucerne, selling more than 200 types of cheese. And there they tell how alpine cheese differs from mountain cheese. And even show how to do it.

What to eat: cheeses Gruyere, Emmental and Gala.

Herring Festival

From 6 to 12 October in Helsinki is the festival of herring - the most popular fish in Finland. They say that during these six days local fishermen earn more than in the rest of the year - lovers of gastronomic joys from all over the world come to try national treats.

What to eat: all kinds of fish.

Three times a year (in May, September and November) the Savor Festival takes place in Singapore. Tourists will be able to taste delicious dishes, take part in master classes and attend wine tastings. By the way, the festival is popular with local residents.

What to eat: chicken in sweet and sour sauce, all kinds of rice, craft beer.

Seafood paradise

The small coastal town of O-Grove is known to all gourmets of the world, because at the beginning of October it hosts one of the largest seafood festivals in Europe. The holiday, where the best suppliers of seafood and eminent Spanish chefs prepare incredible seafood dishes, is held in the open air and gathers more than 200 thousand people annually. In the compulsory tasting program - Galician octopus, cuttlefish with a sauce of its own ink and caldeirade (sea fish with a stewed side dish). As part of the festival, open workshops are held, a competition for the most original mussel dish, a fishing excursion is organized and, of course, a rich cult program is organized for adults and children.

Title: Fiesta del marisco

When: October 6 - 16

Where: O Grove, Spain

Chocolate Oktoberfest

What do you think about the word "chocolate"? Heavy dark tile, a scattering of candies of different shapes and sizes, chocolate cake melting in your mouth, chocolate fondue? All this is only a small part of what the largest chocolate festival in Europe will offer you — chocolate Oktoberfest, as its founder Eugenio Guarducci conceived! In Perugia, a small town located 173 kilometers north of Rome, you will find all imaginable and inconceivable variations on the theme of chocolate - not only chocolate itself with incredible fillings and hundreds of types of chocolate desserts, but also pictures of chocolate, toys, and pizza , pasta, cheeses and many other national dishes of Italy, prepared with the addition of chocolate!

Title: Eurochocolate

When: October 14 - 23

Where: Perugia, Italy

Hot Finnish ... Herring

Herring, the queen of snacks and the guest of any feast, is sincerely loved not only in Russia, but in Finland. Therefore, since the distant 1743, every autumn, the main market square of Helsinki is flooded with tons of freshly caught herring, which resourceful Finns do not cook as soon as they can. Marinate in hundreds of different ways, salted, boiled, smoked, fried, served sweet and even raw! In addition to the herring in its pure form, you can try delicious fish cakes and traditional soups - kalakeitto (dairy ear) and klimisoppu (soup with dumplings). And also listen to music, dance and buy a sweater with an original pattern.

Title: Helsinki Baltic Herring Fair

When: 28 of October

Where: Helsinki, Finland

50 shades of cider

A record holder in the number of apple orchards among the English, Herefordshire, each year organizes a two-day festival dedicated to a new crop. On these days, they are served with apple pies and caramelized apples, sauces and garnishes from apples and, of course, many varieties of delicious local cider. The program includes tasting cider, English tea drinking with pies, traditional lunches, a tour of apple orchards and the secrets of the traditional way of making apple drink.

Title: Big apple

When: October 8 - 9

Where: Much Markle, England

Exquisite delicacy

The gastronomic festival is an excellent occasion to try uncompromisingly fresh and tasty seafood at a moderate price. And for the sake of real French scallops, it’s definitely worth planning a trip to Normandy. There, in the fishing town of Port-en-Bessin-Huppain, for two days, the seafood festival will be held, the main characters of which will be scallops, mussels, oysters and authentic singing fishermen - Le Goût du Large is famous for the richness of its ethnographic traditions. You will see a procession, folk songs and dances, learn to knit sea knots and learn a couple of nautical songs.

Title: Le Goût du Large

When: November 12 - 13

Where: Port-en-Bessin-Huppain, France

Skyscanner tips:

1) Different regions of Europe have their own cultural and culinary traditions, which are embodied in local celebrations and festivals dedicated to a particular product or dish. The most unusual and colorful events, as a rule, are far from the cities favorite by tourists, and you cannot fly there directly by plane. The most convenient and interesting way to go to the point of gastronomic destination on a rented car.

2) Book a car better in advance, even before traveling. The more in advance you do this, the lower the cost will be. And if you want to be spontaneous and decide everything on the spot, keep in mind that the price of filing at the airport and in the city can compare favorably in favor of the city. The main thing is not in a hurry to take the car directly at the airport - the price at the counter is likely to be overstated. Instead, use the free Wi-Fi at the airport and find the car through the website or the Skyscanner application: the same distributor can offer you the same car for a lower cost.

3) If your plans are a big and popular holiday, you need to take care of housing in advance. Closer to the key date convenient placement options will be less. The maximum selection will show a search engine that aggregates all the offers in a particular city.

4) Gastronomic events are usually held in the fall, when the peak of the tourist season is already behind. Take advantage of the occasion and arrange yourself a full vacation - the cost of living and traveling to traditional resort destinations in the fall will be lower than in summer, besides you will be able to enjoy the mild, still warm weather and relative lack of humanity.

5) Most gastronomic festivals are open to the public, but some of them may offer a number of paid activities - check in advance how the event you are going to be organized.

Top 10 best festivals in the world

Imagine that half of the inhabitants of Moscow gather in one place and celebrate and have fun for several days in a row. This is the most visited festival in the world. Which one Find out in this article.

№10. Mud Festival - South Korea
The sea mud festival in Poron (South Korea, on Techon beach) was first held in 1998.

You can wallow from head to toe in the mud, with impunity you can dip your face into the mud of your next-door stranger next-door neighbor or neighbor, have fun with your friends, and take mud baths at the same time and take a photo as a souvenir.

Mud games will benefit your body and soul. The dirt here is not simple, but very healthy, and its composition is rich in various minerals. This mud is used not only in medicine for treatment, but also in cosmetology for the manufacture of various anti-aging masks and creams. Therefore, this mud festival is held here not only as an incredible sight, but also as an advertisement for the mud baths themselves.

Today, this event gathers about three million people annually.

№9. Venice Carnival - Italy

Venice Carnival (Carnevale di Venezia) is the oldest carnival of the planet and one of the most famous in the world. This costumed masquerade is held annually in Venice.

The traditional Venice Carnival lasts more than two weeks - the date of its discovery depends on the beginning of the Catholic Lent, and it ends on Wednesday of the first week of Lent.

The first documentary mention of the carnival dates back to 1094. In Christian times, the church used this old festival to prepare Christians for Lent so that people could have a lot of fun. To equalize all social differences between the inhabitants of Venice, in the days of the carnival, people put on costumes and masks.

For 12 days, Venice, with its streets and squares, canals, gondoliers and bridges, turns into a gigantic stage with decorations for one of the most magnificent and dazzling carnivals in the world. Unbridled fun, nonstop music, sleepless nights, a parade of decorated boats and gondolas on the Grand Canal, and even masks, thousands of masks - all this is a magical medieval festival of the Venetian Carnival. The carnival ends with a parade of costumes, amazing fireworks in front of Piazza San Marco, the burning of a straw effigy - a pagan ritual symbolizing the renewal of nature, and mass dancing in Piazza San Marco. And the ringing of the bells of the church of San Francesco della Viña announces the beginning of Lent.

Every year, the Venice Carnival is visited by more than 500 thousand people.

№8. Lantern Festival - China

On the 15th day of the 1st month of the lunar calendar, China celebrates the Lantern Festival (Yuanxiao), which marks the end of the Spring Festival or the traditional New Year.
This is one of the most ancient holidays in China. According to some reports, the holiday began to celebrate more for 180 years BC. er

On this day, it is customary for the Chinese to gather in the family circle for dinner, watch the fireworks together and launch burning lanterns into the sky. The main color of the holiday is red, a symbol of well-being and success.

Every year, thousands of different lanterns are made for the holiday, many of which are true works of art. Paper lanterns that have come from ancient times, the walls of which are covered with all sorts of drawings on a mythological theme, or simply sketches in the national style. These lanterns rotate under the action of moving air inside it, which is created by a candle burning inside.

Mandatory attribute of the Chinese holiday is the cacophony of sounds made by various rattles, gongs and drums, among which the deafening sounds made by the huge taiping-gu drums, which are also called “drums of great tranquility”, stand out.

Also on the streets of the city dances are organized, in which dragons gathered from lanterns, performances on stilts and other traditional Chinese dances take part.

№7. Festival of the Sun - Peru

Peru is famous for several mysterious objects: Machu Picchu, the Nazca desert, the Gate of the Sun, the traces of the ancient Inca civilization.

In June, the central event of the year is held here - the ancient festival of Inti Raymi or the Festival of the Sun. The holiday, dating back to the times of the Incas, was revived in the 20th century and is currently the second most popular festival in South America. Inti Raymi Holiday - an ancient Inca ritual of worshiping the sun, the main god of the Incas. This is a sign of the coming of the crown of the year of the Incas and the early harvest, which, if the gods so desire, will be abundant. To enjoy the colorful spectacle of the popular folklore festival on this significant day, June 24, thousands of tourists from all over the world come to the city of Cusco.

№6. Tomato Festival - Spain

La Tomatina is an annual festival held in the last week of August in the Spanish city of Bunol. Tens of thousands of participants come from different countries to participate in the tomato battle.
The festival lasts a week and includes musical performances, a fair, a parade, dancing and fireworks. On the night before the tomato fight, a paella cooking contest is held. The population of Bunyol is 9 thousand people, but during the festivities up to 40 thousand tourists come here. Accommodation for all tourists in Bunyola is not enough, so many participants come by train or bus from Valencia, which is 38 km away. In preparation for the festival, shopkeepers close the windows of their establishments with large plastic shields to protect them from the upcoming madness, in which around 150 tons of tomatoes are used.

The first events of La Tomatina begin at 10 am Many trucks loaded with tomatoes drive into the central square of the city of Plaza del Pueblo. According to the rules, the festival begins only after someone climbs on a wooden pole two floors high, which has been previously greased with soap. Upstairs brave waits for a pork ham. A signal to the beginning of the battle is a shot from water cannons. During the battle, each participant for himself. The rules require that a tomato should be crushed to avoid injury.

Chaos lasts for exactly an hour, after which water cannons make a second salvo, giving the signal to end the battle. After this point, tomatoes can no longer be thrown. After the battle, the walls of the surrounding houses turn red, and the tomato slurry on the pavement reaches the ankles. In the process of cleaning fire trucks wash off the remnants of tomatoes with water, which is supplied from the Roman aqueduct, passing north of the city. Participants are laundered in the river, or they are poured from the hoses by local residents.

The festival is held in honor of the patron saint of the city of St. Louis Bertrand and Our Lady Protector. The tradition begins in 1945. It is alleged that the first battle of tomatoes occurred between friends, in the process of fighting at the festival. С 1980 года помидоры для праздника поставляются городскими властями, а в 2002 году центральное бюро туризма присвоило фестивалю в Буньоле статус международного.

№5. Праздник красок Холи - Индия

Самое красочное торжество в мире - праздник Холли - проходит в Индии. Холли – многовековая национальная традиция. Как и русская Пасха, религиозный праздник Холли не имеет точной даты, может проводиться в феврале или марте, главное условие - полнолуние.

На Холли люди приветствуют весну, отдают дань древним божествам и просто весело проводят время. Это красочное действо символизирует победу добра над злом. Все начинается с костра, священное пламя которого «сжигает» зло, после чего начинается веселье. Люди кидают краски в воздух и друг на друга. The incredible energy of joy and happiness that prevails at the festival is so infectious that today it is celebrated in many countries of the world.

№4. Burning Man Festival - USA

Burning Man is an annual eight-day festival held in the Black Rock Desert, USA. It is held from the last Monday of August to the first Monday of September.

The organizers call this event an experiment in creating a community of radical self-expression that relies entirely on itself. For a week in the desert are established works of modern art, often fantastic forms. Some of them are burned by the creators before the end of the festival. There drive hundreds of cars of the most incredible appearance, many participants go in costumes of characters of art, animals, objects and so on. Artists who come to the desert give performances, various dances are popular. DJs work on several dance floors around the clock. At the same time, each participant is responsible for his life support and cleaning the desert from any traces of his stay.

The first burning of a small wooden man was in 1986, then on one of the beaches of San Francisco, a small group of friends. Subsequently, the circle of participants expanded and moved to its current location in the desert in the state of Nevada. Every year the number of festival visitors is growing, in 2015 about 70 thousand people participated in it.

Number 3. Brazilian Carnival - Brazil

Brazilian Carnival - the annual festival in Brazil. It is held forty days before Easter and marks the beginning of Great Lent. During Lent, Roman Catholics must refrain from all bodily pleasures, for example, from consuming meat. Carnival, which is derived from the holiday of the Portuguese Shrovetide, is considered an act of farewell to meat pleasures.
The country's largest national holiday has been held for about two hundred years. Today the carnival has turned into a battle of samba schools, a bright extravaganza in stunning costumes, a grand theatrical performance.

In total, 14 dance schools traditionally take part in the march. The king and queen of the carnival are chosen. The procession of one school on average lasts about two hours and represents a whole idea on a given topic. The jury selects the best in ten parameters, the winners get a prize of hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is why dancers prepare for each new performance a whole year.

The carnival lasts 4 days and 4 nights, about a million people take part in the role of speakers or as spectators annually.

№2. Day of the Dead - Mexico

Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead) is one of the brightest and most unusual holidays in the world, dedicated to the memory of the dead. The Day of the Dead is held annually on November 1 and 2 in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador. The tradition goes back to the Mayan Indians and the Aztecs, who brought gifts to the goddess Miktlanciuatl and built walls with the image of skulls - compantli. According to legend, these days the souls of deceased relatives visit their home.

On the Day of the Dead, people create altars in honor of the deceased of sugar skulls, flowers, favorite food and drinks of the past, visit graves, make offerings. And as the carnival is arranged, people dress up in awesome costumes and paint their faces, imitating a skeleton mask, and arrange grandiose processions through the streets.

In 2003, the holiday was included in the UNESCO list of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

№1. Oktoberfest - Germany

Oktoberfest is the largest folk festival in the world, which gathers about 6 million visitors annually. Oktoberfest takes place in Munich in mid-September - early October.
Oktoberfest organizes and conducts the administration of Munich. Only Munich brewing companies take part in the festival and brew a special Oktoberfest beer with a strength of 5.8–6.3% for it. The holiday is distinguished by a large number of beer tents and various attractions.

The first Oktoberfest was held on October 12, 1810 in honor of the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig I) and Princess Theresa of Saxon-Hildburghauz.

The tradition of the Oktoberfest: on the opening day, at exactly 12 o'clock, the mayor of the city uncorks a barrel of beer. This symbolic action gives a start to the “beer marathon”. Then a festive procession begins to move along the main streets of the city. At its head - “Munchner Kindi” - a symbol of the city - a young girl with a big bell in her hand riding a painted horse.

The festival lasts an average of 16 days.

The most popular festivals in Russia:
1. “Invasion” - is a festival of multi-format and multi-genre music in the open. It has been held since 1999, and since 2004 it has been organized in the Tver region, in the village of Emmaus. Usually this event takes place in the summer and lasts about 2-4 days. The number of participants is about 150 thousand people.
2. The Grushinsky Festival is one of the oldest events in Russia, which has been held since 1968 near Samara. The festival of the author's song is named after an ordinary student, Valery Grushin, who died during a camping trip, saving children who were drowned in the Uda River. Since then, thousands of lovers of art song, as well as talented authors, both from Russia and from neighboring countries, have gathered at the event every year.
3. “Kinotavr” is an open Russian film festival. But his main goal is not to evaluate and discuss well-known films, released in a wide film distribution, but to give way to young novice directors and show the world the so-called “non-purchased” cinema, that is, the one that did not come out. but nevertheless deserves attention. For the first time "Kinotavr" was held in 1990 in the suburban town of Podolsk. And after a successful start, the venue was moved to Sochi, and since then every year the film festival takes place there.
4. Moscow International Film Festival is the second most important event and age after the Venice Film Festival. It was first held in 1935, but then was forgotten for a while. But in 1959 the event was revived. Today, the festival’s president is Nikita Mikhalkov, and the event itself is held annually.
5. “Wild mint” is an enchanting ethnic festival, which has been organized annually since 2008. Not only adults, but also children can relax here, because the program is diverse and incredibly interesting.

Summary of the previous series:

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1. Bacon Fest - Bacon Fest in Sacramento, USA

When: February 11, 2018

More than 100 chefs from America and Europe prepared various dishes from farmer's pork grown in the state of California during Bacon Festus. Bacon should be present in all dishes prepared during the festival, even in desserts. Bacon salad, ramen with bacon noodles and ice cream from it were especially popular. In addition to all sorts of pork dishes, the program included chef competitions, visitors were offered master classes, excellent craft beer and live music.

2. Food and Wine Festival in Melbourne, Australia

When: March 16 - 25, 2018

Photo: @oheyrose / Instagram

The Melbourne Festival is one of the most famous gastronomic festivals in the world. It lasts two weeks, collects the best chefs in the world and attracts 300 thousand visitors. The festival features Australian award-winning restaurants, farmers and winemakers. During the festival, the whole city is transformed - many chefs do not cook in pavilions, but in cafes, bars and restaurants of the city, tastings with live music are also held there.

During the festival, more than 300 events take place: on the banks of the Yarra River, at a huge table they organize lunch for 1000 people, culinary workshops, workshops and picnics in nature and on the roofs of the city take place every day. At the Hawkers-Markets market, the best street food is prepared, the Southgate Promenade quay stops at a wine fair from private wineries, and gala dinners are held at the Royal Exhibition Building.

Hotels in Melbourne:

3. Festival “Fish in Lisbon” (Peixe em Lisboa), Portugal

When: April 5 - 15, 2018

Photo: @catherinethebrave / @heloisanass / Unsplash.com

This festival is dedicated to the key products of Portuguese cuisine - fish and seafood. Eleven days of the festival in the city will work Gourmet Market with the best fish and delicacies, at thirty restaurants and cafes will be tastings from chefs of Portugal and Europe, and in the rest of Lisbon restaurants open on the occasion of the festival, until midnight will offer special menus.

The main venue of the festival is located in the "Pavilion of Carlos López (Carlos Lopes)" in the park of Edward VII (Parque Eduardo VII). At master classes and cooking classes they will teach to cook dozens of dishes and even desserts from fish, crabs, mussels, octopuses and lobsters. Also the festival “Fish in Lisbon” is known for its fair of Portuguese wines, fun contests, the most famous of which - “Bake the Bake” and “The Best Creamy Cake”.

Hotels in Lisbon:

4. Street Food Festival (Brussels Food Truck Festival) in Brussels, Belgium

When: June 1 - 3, 2018

Photo: lavizzara / Shutterstock.com

Brussels Food Truck Festival - the biggest street food festival in Europe. The organizers receive more than a thousand applications, from which one hundred of the best street food vans are carefully selected. All of them fill in the Brussels Parc Tour E Taxi (Parc Tour & Taxis), and for three days they feed and entertain 150,000 visitors. The choice is huge: Belgian, French, Breton, American, Japanese, Mexican, Chinese and vegetarian street food. Alcoholic drinks are served by several vans with excellent Belgian beers and cocktails. On the last day of the festival choose the most popular dish of the festival and award the best van.

Hotels in Brussels:

5. Pizzafest in Naples, Italy

When: June 16 - 24, 2018

Photo: @jamiegoodwin / Unsplash.com

Pizza is one of the symbols of Italy, and the bustling southern Naples is the birthplace of pizza. It is here since 1997 that PizzaFest is held - the most delicious Italian festival. It brings together the best pizza makers (pizza makers) from all over Italy to show their skills and more than 500,000 participants from around the world.

During the festival, hundreds of thousands of pizzas of different kinds are eaten, but the most popular are the traditional Margherita, Neapolitana and Marinara. In addition to tasting excellent pizza from morning to evening, pizza cooking workshops for amateurs and professionals, dozens of contests and competitions are held at the festival. And on the Caracciolo quay, concerts and theatrical performances are held.

6. Food and Music Festival “Taste of Chicago”, USA

When: July 4 - 8, 2018

Photo: @brookelark / Unsplash.com

“Taste of Chicago” is one of the biggest food festivals in the world. It has been held since 1980 and attracts more than 3 million people. The festival will feature restaurants of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, American and European chefs and pastry chefs.

The festival takes place in the open-air Grant Park (Grant Park) in the heart of the city. The park area is filled with tents and awnings, where hundreds of dishes are prepared and tasted and workshops are held for children and adults. The choice of dishes is huge - classic American cuisine and street food, national cuisines of the world: Italian, Mexican, Irish, French, African, Chinese.

The most popular dishes are Chicago-style pizza, tacos, Chicago hot dogs and barbecues, Ellis cheesecake, ice cream and various desserts. In addition to tastings at the festival there are master classes, courses and lectures for adults, competitions and attractions for children. Also "Taste of Chicago" is famous for its concerts, at which well-known artists perform.

7. Seafood Festival in O Grove, Spain

When: October 4 - 14, 2018

Photo: @lauren_lester / Unsplash.com

The seafood festival (Fiesta del Marisco) has been held in the Spanish city of O-Grove for more than half a century. The variety and excellent quality of seafood attracts two hundred thousand visitors every October. O Grove is a tiny fishing town that is not able to accommodate such a flow of tourists, so in the fall a festival town is being built of tents on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Tastings are held every day: crabs, squids, scallops, shrimps, oysters, lobsters and langoustines are caught at dawn, prepared according to local recipes and served with white wine "Albarino". All this takes place to the sounds of folk music and the sound of dancers' heels. Also during the festival there is a competition for the best dish of mussels and a competition for the biggest caught crab.

Hotels in O Grove, Spain:

8. Chocolate Festival (Salon du chocolat) in Paris, France

When: October 31 - November 4, 2018

Photo: @vladdeep / Unsplash.com

The first chocolate festival was held in 1922 in Paris and has since gained tremendous popularity: now such festivals are held in 29 cities around the world. The Paris Chocolate Festival brings together 9,000 participants and 7 million visitors.

In addition to sweets and chocolate from around the world, thousands of different recipes, during the festival there is an opportunity to try desserts from the best confectioners in Paris. The exhibition space is divided into two zones - one for tasters, the other for professionals, there is also a library of chocolate, a department with street food, a children's room. During the festival, lectures and master classes are held, as well as a fashion show, during which models demonstrate clothes made entirely of chocolate.

The world's most popular food festival

Every traveler knows that it is almost impossible to get to know a new country without tasting national dishes. After all, in them - a feature of the people, its "peppercorn", traditions and habits. The best solution for this acquaintance is gastronomic festivals, the interest in which has substantially increased recently.

Tasty Celebrations

Some of them are just one day, others offer to enjoy culinary delights over the weekend, and some continue for a whole week, gathering tens of thousands who want to eat. We have selected for you the most interesting and famous festivals.

  • St. Moritz Gourmet Festival (St. Moritz, Switzerland). Winter food festival, which takes place in the Swiss resort of St. Moritz. It lasts 5 days, and every year eminent cooks come here from all over the world. The idea of ​​creating such an event is very simple - once the local restaurateur Reto Mathis noticed that during the ski season, sales of caviar and truffles increase several times, so he decided to invite famous chefs to visit.

Today, as before, they are accepted by St. Moritz hotels, and for dinner a famous chef will have to pay about $ 150. But you can indulge yourself with a delicacy and cheaper thanks to various formats of tastings, parties, cocktail parties and gala dinners.

  • Sani Gourmet (Halkidiki, Greece). For lovers of seafood this is a real paradise. The food festival takes place in the middle of May and gathers chefs who have received Michelin's famous stars. The philosophy of the event is to use only natural seasonal products grown near the venue.
  • Taste of Chikago (Chicago, USA). This is where you can really overeat delicious fast food - pizza, hot dogs, barbecue, as well as tacos, guacamole and many types of ice cream. The cuisine of the festival is multinational. There you will find dishes from Italian, Mexican, French and even African chefs.

Every year it is visited by about 3 million tourists, and finding a venue is not difficult at all, it is enough to walk to the central park.

  • Food festival in Velké Karlovice (Velké Karlovice, Poland). It usually takes place in October. A platform for cooking and tasting various dishes of Polish, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Slovak cuisine is the whole village. Every year the festival is visited by about 10 thousand tourists, who have the opportunity to try hearty and very tasty national dishes - cabbage rolls, cheese cakes, kiselitsa - cabbage soup with sauerkraut, dumplings and special alcoholic liqueur plum brandy.
  • Fabulous Food 1 (Malaysia). This world-famous culinary event lasts as much as 3 months (from October to December). The festival surprises with its scale - it is received by 30 cities and is constantly broadcast on all local channels. This is really the biggest celebration of Asian cuisine. No one will leave the place hungry, because within the framework of the celebration you are expected to master classes, tastings and lots of stalls with street food.
  • Savor (Singapore). Completes the list of an outstanding event in Southeast Asia. The festival takes place three times a year - in May, September and November. During this time, you will have a great opportunity to taste exquisite dishes from chefs, take part in master classes, learn some secrets of cooking, and taste more than 100 types of wines and 50 types of real sake. In addition, guests have the opportunity to buy fresh, natural products in the Gourmet market.

The peculiarity of Singapore's Savor is that ordinary ordinary citizens can visit it and try various dishes. Ticket price is democratic - only $ 20.

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