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The most fashionable dresses of this season - an overview of trends 2018-2019 photos


Fashionable and beautiful summer dresses and sundresses are the best outfit for a hot summer, which allows you to feel light and comfortable even in the heat and at the same time look elegant and beautiful.

Girls prefer light summer dresses and sundresses, which in summertime can be freely worn every day, complementing them with beautiful accessories - a fashionable handbag and sandals, and a stylish look is ready.

Fashionable summer dresses for 2018-2019 are so diverse that you can choose a beautiful dress for the summer for both leisure and walking, as well as in the office and for an evening out.

The peculiarity of most summer dresses is the lightness and weightlessness of the fabric, from which the dress is sewn, as well as naturalness and quality, because these characteristics make you feel comfortable in summer dress even on hot summer days.

The styles of summer dresses of the 2018-2019 season are represented by simple and concise versions of dresses, but also in the trend of retro dresses for the summer of 2018-2019, which have a more complex silhouette.

For the summer, designers offer fashionable dresses 2018-2019 of short styles, popular dress shirts, as well as luxurious summer dresses in the floor, complemented by cuts, frills and draperies.

The most suitable option for summer are dresses of light and pastel colors - lilac, pink, sky blue, beige, as well as bright and juicy shades of clothes - yellow, red, coral, gold and silver colors that harmoniously blend with light cardigans, jackets and capes .

We have selected for you a fashionable selection of beautiful summer dresses for the year 2018-2019, as well as the most original summer images with dresses that will certainly help you choose the best summer dress for yourself.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the main trends and fashion trends for summer dresses of 2018-2019, the photos, styles and models of which are presented in our selection.

Feminine and elegant short summer dresses 2018-2019 year

Renowned designers and fashion houses offer to pay our attention to the beautiful summer dresses of 2018-2019, the fitted silhouette with a luxurious and luxurious skirt. These summer dresses are very feminine and elegant, allowing you to create romantic images for special and special occasions.

Summer dresses with a fluffy skirt beautifully emphasize the waistline and décolleté, and the lush bottom of the dress emphasizes legs that look attractive. Especially the style of short summer dresses suitable for young girls, with the help of this dress you can create a flirty and cute bow for a romantic evening.

The color scheme of summer dresses with a fluffy skirt is often monochrome, but designers also offer in the season 2018-2019 various and original models with a print, for example, a floral one. Such a summer dress with flowers will give you femininity and playfulness, and the image - tenderness and sophistication.

Luxury long summer dresses 2018-2019 years

Long summer dress will be an excellent option for evening wear. Summer dresses look especially beautiful in the floor of deep and saturated colors: emerald green, purple, red, as well as long summer dresses with unusual prints.

To complement the fashionable summer dress in the floor of 2018-2019, the best way is with stylish accessories and decorations that should be in harmony with the image as a whole.

If you prefer a monophonic dress to the floor, then feel free to focus on bright and spectacular jewelry and accessories. A beautiful long summer dress with a print is best to complement the concise and restrained jewelry without excesses, which will help avoid weighting the image.

Original summer dresses 2018-2019 year with prints

The most popular and topical for the summer are beautiful dresses with original and spectacular prints - bright and catchy, attracting attention, or, on the contrary, concise and sophisticated.

Of course, in the summer you can not do without a light dress with flowers that are so popular among most girls. But even summer floral dresses, which are familiar to us, can be unusual and so different, allowing you to create the most stylish bows of the year 2018-2019.

Trendy summer dresses are also polka-dotted, striped, with geometric patterns and inscriptions that look very original and stylish. You can choose a dress for summer with a print that will be evenly distributed throughout the dress, or delicately in small parts of the dress.

Also, beautiful summer dresses can be with a color gradient that can change from one color to another or just to white. Summer dresses with a gradient are very original, giving the image of lightness, freshness and a certain carelessness.

Fashionable women's dresses 2018-2019 - the best styles and models

This season will please the fair sex the opportunity to choose several fashionable styles of the dress 2018-2019 for any occasion.

Among the popular models are an elegant-looking sheath dress, light and airy chiffon dresses of bright colors with an original hem, exquisite evening dresses of the silhouette of a fish or a year.

In the trend remain and all your favorite fashionable dresses with frills, giving the image of tenderness and romance. No less relevant will be the model with an elongated fluffy skirt, perfectly emphasizing the waist.

Such styles of fashionable dresses 2018-2019 are great for special occasions, so graduates are in great demand.

Dresses made of translucent fabrics, complemented by embroidery, ruffles and lace will be very fashionable this season. Light organza, chiffon, tulle, emphasize the sophistication and refinement of nature.

In order not to look vulgar in a translucent dress, wear closed underwear or top in the color of a fashionable dress. Interestingly, such fashionable dresses 2018-2019 are mostly black in color and this is just a big plus, it is the black translucent dress that will look chic on any figure.

Evening and casual dresses in linen style are fashionable today to combine with the grunge style. Straight and fitted fashionable dresses on thin spaghetti straps, decorated with lace and add very interesting details such as the Basque or the deep neckline.

By the way, fashionable dresses in retro style such as a dress shirt or a dressing gown will also be mottled from the windows of fashion boutiques. An elegant and discreet dress fits perfectly into the business image of a modern woman.

Fashionable dresses 2018-2019 - decor and decoration of dresses

In the new season fashionable women's dresses are different original decoration. Even the simplest style of the dress will look new, if you add a highlight to it. Ruffles, fringe, lace, perforation, drapery, feathers and sequins make your dress special and trendy.

Payetki in everyday life may seem silly, but the designers assure the opposite. Fashionable dresses with sequins can be worn and to work, and not just as an evening party option. In addition, individual details of a dress, belt, sleeves or skirt can be decorated with sequins.

The same can be said about fashionable dresses 2018-2019 with trim feathers. Although this outfit is more suitable as an evening dress. Looks like a fashionable dress with feathers very attractive and extravagant.

Megamodny and stylish dresses with fringe will help to become unique and inimitable. The longer the fringe, the cooler and more interesting look fashionable dress 2018-2019.

As a decor, the fringe can decorate the collar of the dress, be present on the sleeves or completely cover the entire dress. In appearance, these dresses resemble an outfit with feathers.

For a long time we have not seen dresses with drapery. In the new season, designers breathed new life into a similar cut.

Drapery is good because it perfectly corrects the figure flaws due to the assembly. Fashionable dresses 2018-2019 with drapery are fitted styles and plain colors.

Fashionable prints and colors of women's dresses 2018-2019

In the fashion for dresses 2018-2019 bright saturated colors prevail. Pink, yellow, orange, green, purple and ask for a female body. Choose the color of a fashionable dress according to your mood and do not forget that not everyone can fit this or that shade.

Floral print continues to conquer women's hearts. Such feminine, delicate and beautiful fashionable dresses of flower colors of various styles can not but like.

For bold and extraordinary designers offer fashionable dresses with a predatory print. Leopard or tiger colors will become a trend for 2018-2019.

We also forget about the stripes and the cage, the mast hevah of the coming season. Fashionable women's dresses in a cage are perfect for school and work. These dresses look boring due to colors.

Summer dresses 2018 - 2019: photos of new products and fashion trends

In place of jeans and sporty style, dresses came to fashion tenderness and lightness. They turn any girl into a lady who can catch admiring glances of others.

Dresses are usually associated with elegance, femininity and ease. Just below you will see summer dresses 2018 - 2019. Photos of new products and fashion trends will help you understand what is in trend and what dress is right for you.

For those who still can not give up sports style, we recommend women's sports suits..

The most beautiful summer dresses for stylish ladies

The main trend of the year is to look feminine and attractive. Beautiful summer dresses - the best assistant. They allow the fair sex to experiment with images, finding new and unexpected ideas and bows.

From prints to the first position out floral. By the way, this trend is also relevant for fashionable bags. Not paid attention and cotton dresses with bare shoulders, making the figure thinner and feminine. In fashion firmly entered sundress. Worn with sneakers, sneakers, heeled sandals. Win-win option at a cocktail party and during evening walks.

Age table

At different ages, there are certain frames, norms and styles. So, a woman of 40-50 years old will not wear a dress that will fit a girl of 20-25 years old. Next, you will find out what beautiful summer dresses are right for your age.

Twenty girls It is easier to find a fashionable and beautiful summer dress. The shape and norms of society allow you to choose. Young girls stylists are advised to wear mini length dresses, in the summer it does not look vulgar and emphasizes the figure.

Older women we advise you to wear dresses that do not fit the figure, but also not hanging with a “robe”. In the trend of 2018 - 2019 dresses with flared skirt. Suitable for women of thirty to forty years.

Summer dresses for women 50 years - light, elegant and airy “razdetayki” below the knee.

Models of lightweight fabrics

Over time, dresses become more practical and more convenient. So, summer dresses made of light fabrics replaced heavy and dense clothes. Photos will help you determine the choice of dress for work, walks and parties.

Prices for various models of summer dresses category “inexpensive” vary from 400 to 1500 rubles. For such money, it is really possible to acquire really high-quality, beautiful, and perhaps even an evening wardrobe item. If you want to buy cheap summer dresses, use discounts, sales past collections, auctions and more.

Do not forget that quality - an important point when choosing a dress. Do not buy a cheap, beautiful dress made of synthetic fabrics that cause inconvenience. Focus on value for money and never fail.

On every day

In the summer, especially want freedom from jeans, shirts and pants. Wearing dresses in the hot season is a pleasure. This is how to turn on the air conditioner at +40 and sit down with ice cream. During everyday wear, short and long light dresses look great. on the straps. With open shoulders or sleeves is a matter of taste.

Dresses for every day are perfectly combined with stylish and inexpensive women's backpacks.

Summer dresses made of cotton are constantly in fashion. Models emphasize femininity. The material itself is very pleasant to the body, does not cause irritation and allergies.

The fabric has several drawbacks:

  • The main and main - burnout The fabric suffers from direct sunlight and loses its original bright colors.
  • Problem when washing: the fabric easily sits down or, on the contrary, stretches.

Do not dwell too much on the flaws and feel free to wear dresses made of cotton. The main thing, careful care of clothes from a similar fabric.


Pregnancy is a wonderful time to wait for the baby. If the first three months a woman wears ordinary clothes, then the next two she thinks about purchasing specialized.

Summer dresses for pregnant choose the most comfortable, not compressing the belly, chest and hands. During the hot pores, natural and lightweight fabrics are comfortable: flax and cotton. They do not cause allergic reactions and allow the skin to breathe freely.

In the priority of the dress high-waisted. Thanks to them, a woman in a position does not feel stiffness and shows a beautiful tummy. Stylists advise pregnant women to wear in summer Tight T-shirt Dresses knee-deep and lower.

Evening dresses

In the summer there is more free time for visiting social events. Stylists offer a choice of the best summer evening dresses.

Dresses look good above the knee. Summer allows you to wear light floor-length dresses mid-thigh to help emphasize slender legs and shape. Classic dress from chiffon still in trend, dare to reach and carry.

Do not leave the attention of stylists and dresses in linen style. These models look very feminine and elegant.

Shirt dresses did not go unnoticed, and fashion houses presented a lot of evening variations. If you do not have the funds to buy an expensive evening dress, dilute your everyday dress with luxurious accessory heels and evening make up.

For obese women

Not only skinny can wear dresses. Today, ladies with curvaceous presents a huge number of dresses that are suitable for them.

Models emphasize the merits and hide flaws. The main thing is to correctly choose the style, fabric and color.
It is important to consider features of the figure: women with lush hips and the fair sex with a tummy will not fit the same style of dress. Using the dress is easy visually adjust figurewhat you will not achieve with jeans, trousers.

On a hot summer day are good trapezoid dresses and sundresses from light fabrics. An excellent choice is dress-razdeyka, creating a feminine image and hide figure flaws.

Stylists recommended a dress with a high waist, hiding the tummy and the advantageously emphasizing the figure. The dress is called a win-win "bat". It beautifully wraps the bust and makes the figure proportional, and you - sexy and feminine.

Short summer dresses

Short dress as practical as possible. There are many different styles of dresses that fit a certain type of figure, skin color and mood.

Short summer dresses highlight sexuality, femininity and beauty of the girl. A dress that bares shoulders helps to show your neck and collarbone, which makes you more refined and fragile.

The length of the short dress varies from just above the knee to the mini. With it, you will emphasize the beauty and slimness of the legs. It is important to understand that too short a dress looks too vulgar. If you are the owner of magnificent forms, you are not recommended to wear short dresses. They will highlight the flaws of the figure and hide the merits.

Nobody has canceled the classics - straight dress in fashion, boldly reach and carry.

For girls

Girls are perfect dresses with bright colors and prints. Models look cute and beautiful. And most importantly - convenient.

The skin breathes, the dress does not hinder movement, and the child quietly plays, runs and jumps. To cheer up your daughter, buy a dress of her dreams. Today there is a huge assortment of dresses, and you will choose what you and your child likes.

Casual option - a simple, light dress that does not hinder movement. Holiday outfit is usually complemented by various types of ruffles and ruffles. Common options for little girls - trapeze dress and tank top dress. Pay less attention to dresses with a huge number of rhinestones and sequins, with an emphasis on calm, pastel shades.

What dress to take to the sea?

Fashionistas are looking forward to the summer to soak up the sunshine and swim in the sea. On vacation, I want even more freedom and space for the body. Do not be afraid to take dresses from transparent fabrics: on the beach look appropriate and not vulgar at all.

While relaxing at the seaside comfortable: sundress, safari dress and one or two bright cocktail dresses.
For everyday wear, take a dress shirt. It will not allow you to burn in the sun. If you plan to go to church, local shrine, then it is appropriate to wear not transparent dress length maxi. Photos of beach dresses are presented below.

What are the styles in fashion in 2018 - 2019?

In summer, dresses from flowing fabrics to the floor are in fashion. The most common - chiffon dresses with bare shoulders, deep neckline. Models allow you to feel light and airy.
Do not yield dress length mini. Focusing on taste, you have the right to choose openwork, with a print, one-color, with an embroidery. Не забывайте, что короткие платья выгодно подчеркивают фигуру худеньких девушек.

На улицах видны девушки в сарафанах на тонких лямках. Под них надевают майки, футболки, кофты и блузки. Add accessories, heeled sandals, and attention is guaranteed.

Light dresses with ruffles and frills a couple of years not go from the podium. Street women of fashion have decided that this style is a great solution for hot evenings. The girl who has put on a similar dress looks at the same time simply and womanly.

To date, there is no strict framework in the choice of dresses. The range is huge. Buy and wear styles of summer dresses that are right for you.

Do not forget to choose fashionable summer shoes for your dress.

The video more clearly shows how this or that model looks in motion. After viewing it, it will become even easier to make a choice.

Where to buy and how much?

There are many low-cost and high-quality manufacturers, representing products in online stores and retail outlets. Focusing on the budget, you will pick up the desired dress. Average price varies from 700 to 2000 rubles. Of course, if you choose a dress of a famous fashion designer, the price will increase tenfold.

So, summing up, I want to say that you are not afraid to look for something new, not afraid to experiment and include bright, light and delicate dresses in your wardrobe. Be confident and feel free to wear something unusual!

As the summer season in our latitudes is not long at all, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the photos of fashionable coats.

Casual Summer Dresses

Summer is the time when every woman wants to emphasize her beauty and individuality. To fashion styles of this period of time include dresses:

  1. Without strapless. For this type will be in vogue cuts "Angelica", "Drop", "Ballerina". The color of the dress should be bright: fuchsia, crimson, yellow, white and black. The length of the dress is midi, maxi or mini.
  2. Long dress with slits. Such a style will lengthen the figure, make it more slender, and also slightly open the legs.
  3. Dresses over one shoulder. These dresses resemble the ancient Greek style. The most suitable material for it is from light and airy fabrics such as chiffon or silk. The color can be any, but the pastel, blue and blue models look better. Below are photos of new stylish dresses for every day 2018 through one shoulder:
  4. Dresses in the style of bebidol. In this style, flared skirt, and below there are folds. Waistline can be either inflated or normal. Dress length above the knee. Dresses of this style look best of lace, satin and shiny fabrics.
  5. Dresses balloons. The style of such dresses will hide the fullness of the hips and emphasize the waist. They gently fit hips. The material of such dresses should be smooth and the color juicy.
  6. In the style of underwear. These dresses resemble a shirt. They are tight-fitting, have a deep neckline and lace. The color of these dresses in pastel colors: beige, champagne, soft pink.

Summer dresses 2018, photos of new products for every day:

Dress length

The choice of the length of the summer dress for every day of 2018 depends on personal preferences. For full girls fit midi length. Miniskirts are suitable for very slim girls.

Photos of long dresses for every day 2018-2019:

Colors and prints

This season will be fashionable saturated colors and bright prints:

  1. Burgundy - the color of red wine, close to bordeaux. Below are photos of the new stylish dresses of this color in 2018 designed for every day.
  2. In the summer of 2018 will be in the trend salmon color. In this color is a mixture of orange, white and red. This color combines accessories in blue, yellow, pink and black.
  3. Peach color. Dress of this color This is a very gentle and romantic color. It can be worn by young girls and women in age.
  4. Lavender - a very bright shade of blue. This color is recognized as the most fashionable among designers. It harmonizes well with sand, pink and lemon accessories.

In the fashion of the summer of 2018-2019, the following materials:

  1. Chiffon - does not require special care, it is quite durable. Skirts for these dresses can be fluffy or pleated.
  2. Cotton - does not let the rays through, keeps its shape well and does not stretch. For the summer season it is necessary to choose the thinnest.

What to combine?

Summer dresses are worn with sandals on heels, shoes or with sports shoes. Long dresses complement sandals with high heels or platform.

From accessories it is fashionable to choose beads, necklaces and bracelets to match the dress or shoes.

Fashion houses offer girls a wide variety of styles, colors and materials so that they can hide all the flaws with the help of midi skirt, dresses in the style of a balloon and emphasize the advantages due to the deep neckline neckline.

Spring dresses for every day

After a long winter, every girl wants to quickly throw off all heavy clothing and put on something light and airy. In this case, save spring dresses.

Spring dresses for every day 2018 can be of different styles:

Dress shirt - a dress of a free cut, reminding a shirt. When wearing it is very comfortable and also looks quite attractive. This style can be sewn in the form of several options:

  • with open shoulders: it has cutouts in the shoulder area. Below is a photo of such a dress for every day, in accordance with the fashion trends of 2018,
  • with a smell: very convenient to use, as there are no buttons or zippers.
  • with a flounce on a skirt (a dress with a basky) - it is better to use it for women with narrow hips, as the flounce increases the volume additionally.

In the spring collection of 2018 are present dresses, tunics. On the catwalks of the model, this style is presented in two versions:

  • with pockets - sewn from more dense materials:
  • with long sleeves - the sleeves are sewn free cut, they can be straight or gathered in elastic.

In 2018, fashionable to wear oversized dresses. These dresses are of no size in the style of casual, that is, the emphasis is on comfort and convenience. It will completely hide all the flaws of the figure. For everyday wear, it is very comfortable and convenient.

Dress shirts can be both mini and maxi. It is necessary to choose according to personal preferences. The usual for all the length of the dress-tunic to mid-thigh. Trendy maxi and midi for oversized dresses.

Dress shirts at fashion shows are made of flax, cotton, denim, chiffon, viscose. Tunic and oversize dresses can be knitted, knitted or sewn from chiffon.

Attractive asymmetrical summer dresses and one-shoulder dresses

Naturalness, natural beauty and sophistication are the main directions of modern fashion, dictating to us the choice of dresses for the summer in this style.

Asymmetrical and one-shoulder dresses for summer looks and looks will be a great option for a summer outfit in the original design.

Summer dresses on one shoulder and with asymmetry are suitable, both for unusual girls who prefer all extraordinary and daring, as well as for romantic and creative natures.

To a greater degree, the style and image with an asymmetrical dress for the summer will depend on the color, texture, decor and additional accessories with which you complete the intriguing summer bow.

Asymmetry gives a highlight to the image and allows you to look original and unique, at the same time, demonstrating femininity and elegance.

Attractive and sophisticated summer dresses 2019-2020 with bare shoulders

Bare shoulders are a favorite subject of many young ladies, especially in summer, when you can afford it without too much frankness. On the contrary, attractive summer dresses with parted shoulders give a special charm to the whole image.

Dresses for summer with parted shoulders in white and blue stripes and floral prints, as well as ruffles are especially beautiful, making the image delicate and excellent.

Trendy summer dresses 2019-2020 with bare shoulders are presented in a short and long version and depending on your preferences you can choose the best for yourself.

Refined summer dresses with open shoulders, funny prints or in monochrome, with decoration and decoration give girls and women coquetry and lightness, which are so lacking in summer.

Beautiful white summer dresses 2019-2020

Without a doubt, always trendy and up-to-date fashionable white dresses are especially in demand in the summer, looking excellent in laconic looks.

Silk, chiffon, lace and with a grid - such dresses in white gamut will be the “must have” of the spring-summer 2019-2020 season.

Designers also demonstrated sophisticated white dresses in a shortened and long version, with long cuts, complemented by V-necklines and transparent inserts.

Elegant summer dresses with ruffles and unusual sleeves.

The undoubted trend of summer is the dresses of 2019-2020 with frills and original sleeves, which gives solemnity and elegance to fashionable dresses and the image as a whole.

Fine ruffles and flounces can be concise and restrained, which allows you to wear them in everyday life, for a walk and, if necessary, to the office.

Stylish summer dresses with sleeves are particularly relevant in the years 2019-2020, giving originality and pomp to the image. The sleeve can be made as very long and slightly hanging, as well as in a shortened style - both versions of the dress for the summer are very beautiful and original.

Stunning and fashionable dresses for the summer of 2019-2020: sequins and fringe

An important and decisive decor in the summer season of 2019-2020 will be exquisite and original dresses for the summer with sequins and fringe, which will delight many fashionable women with their originality.

Excellent summer dresses 2019-2020 with sequins on display shows of famous designers and fashion houses in the season will allow to shine and sparkle like the most precious stones, admiring and surprising everyone around.

The main trend of the summer is a long fringe, which is found on many models of summer dresses of the season, demonstrating the best outfits for the summer season.

Choose original summer dresses with fringe and even feathers to look great and lovely.

And the most amazing and awesome summer dresses 2019-2020 you can find in the selection of photos, which shows the amazing images for the summer period.

Colors and prints

The color palette of the shirt-dress is the most diverse: white, black, yellow, mustard, khaki, burgundy, purple, orange, yellow. Print dresses can be polka dots, stripes, flowers. For tunic dresses, fashionable colors will be black and pink. Oversize dress is available in green, black and white.

What to wear?

Youth dress shirt can be worn with sneakers and sneakers, slip-ons, as well as with shoes. Dress tunics are usually worn with tights, leggings or jeans. From shoes fit shoes with heels.

The spring collection of 2018 is represented by dresses of a free cut that provides comfort and convenience of socks.

Fashionable dresses for every day of the autumn-winter 2018-2019 season

Winter and autumn is a time when you need to wear something warm. Designers offer a variety of dresses for harsh winter weather.

  1. The fall-winter 2018 collections are presented long and fitted dresses. The shades are dark and saturated. Fabrics can be from velvet or velor. The silhouette of dresses on models resembles an hourglass.
  2. Not out of fashion dress turtleneck. It can be supplemented with a collar-collar.
  3. Knitted dresses. They provide freedom of movement and emphasize the bends of the body.
  4. Knitted dresses. Fashion designers are making efforts to make a beautiful image out of a knitted thing.
  5. Leather dresses. Indispensable for creating a stylish image. The skin may be smooth, matte or embossed with snake skin.

Tips for choosing a dress in the office

Many women are concerned about the question: how to dress for work, matching the dress code and at the same time look beautiful and elegant. Designers offer many options for office dresses in 2018, which emphasize the individuality of each woman.

In the fashion of 2018-2019, these business styles of women's dresses:

  1. Classic: no decorative elements, they are simple and restrained.
  2. Summer: more varied types of cut, bright prints and breathable fabrics are used. Photos of the new office summer dress 2018 also you will see below.
  3. A fashionable trend for the office is a dress-sundress style. Instead, the bagels stitched full bodied sleeveless.
  4. For obese women fit dress length midi length.
  5. Dress shirts will hide the belly and hips.

An example of a fashionable office dress 2018 is presented in the photo:


Accessories and shoes

To complement the image of business style will help watch, gold jewelry. The main thing is not to overdo it. In the summer, you can add additional sunglasses. Handbag can choose both classic and bright.

Shoes must be closed. Heel can be high or medium. Shoes are a good option.

Fashionable dresses for every day for full

Today, for obese women, designers offer a large selection of clothes. Among all the clothes, dresses are the most convenient, in terms of wearing, option. You can wear them on a regular day or for some reason.

For women with uniforms, A-shape is perfect, which will hide the fullness of the hips.

Of the new products, you can select a model with a smell that highlights upwards.

It looks very romantic dress with flared hem and high waistline. It is well suited for daily use. The new version of the dress for full-tapering. Dresses of a direct silhouette will balance proportions and perfectly will be suitable for work in office.

Below are the office dresses 2018 in the photo: