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Ayrol Cream: instructions for removing acne without leaving scars


Scars and scars on the skin are an unpleasant defect, especially on the face. This causes psychological discomfort. Ointments from scars and scars penetrate deep into the skin, soften it and give elasticity.

Most ointments from such defects have a resorptional effect. Means create on the basis of inert silicone. This component is not able to react with other drugs, and also has no negative effects on the body. When buying, you should be familiar with the composition, since not all products are manufactured on the basis of safe components. To buy the best ointment for scars and scars, it is necessary to consult a doctor, read the instructions for the drug, be interested in the reviews of those who have already used such tools. We offer an overview of the means most sought after by buyers.


This is a silicone cream manufactured by a German pharmaceutical company. The tool can be applied from scars, postoperative scars and hematomas. It is used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The drug allows you to get rid of stretch marks formed after childbirth.

Ointment from scars and scars should be applied in a dense layer on the damaged areas of 2-3 per day. The course ranges from several weeks to six months. Longer resorption postoperative sutures. The product is produced in 25 and 50 g. It is more economical to choose a large package. The average cost of the drug is 1500 rubles.

"Zeraderm Ultra"

It is an effective silicone-based scars and scars ointment. It contains active oxygen, vitamins A and E. The drug serves as protection from the sun's rays (SPF 15). The ointment is used for sucking sutures after surgery, including defects that appeared after cesarean section. The drug penetrates deep into the epidermis, accelerates its recovery.

External factors adversely affect skin damage: high humidity, sunlight. Medicines with silicone create a film that protects against various influences. Ointment should be used twice a day. The duration of treatment is 2-3 months. In the tube there is 15 g, but the cream is very economical, since its texture is quite dense, which ensures low consumption. The price of the product is 2000 rubles.

Lavender oil MeiYanQiong

Products perfectly nourishes and softens the skin. The manufacturer claims that the oil eliminates various defects, but this is not entirely true. Lavender oil can be used as a supplement to the main drug. This product will speed up the treatment.

The tool must be added to the cream (2-3 drops) and handle painful places. Try on 1-2 times a day. The price is about 500 rubles. Another oil is effective for acne and strong pigmentation.

ScarGuard MD

Drug liquid treats old damage on the skin and protects against the appearance of new ones. It should be used for prophylaxis after surgery or injury. The drug is well absorbed and leaves no residue on clothing. The tool allows you to eliminate defects on the face and body.

The drug is enriched with vitamin E, silicone and hydrocortisone, which has a pronounced healing effect. Drug liquid can be used twice a day for 2-3 months. The drug is absorbed in 1 minute. The cost of medication is 6000 rubles for 15 ml.

The tool is available in the form of a gel from scars, hematomas and scars. Apply it should be on a clean surface with a thick layer. Rub the gel should not, as it is absorbed in 10-20 minutes independently. It is necessary to use means 2-3 times a day within a month. Repeated course should take place after 2 weeks.

The drug is also produced in the form of a set for electrophoresis. The kit includes dry powder and liquid. From these components create a solution. It must be applied on a napkin and applied to the affected areas. The course of treatment is 10-15 days. To perform it, you need a special device, the price of which is about 2500 rubles. The cost of the drug is 500-900 rubles.


The drug in the form of a watery gel used to smooth and soften the skin. It is used for the treatment of small injuries, but with deep and old scars may be ineffective. The gel includes several active ingredients: onions, allantoin, heparin. The tool will quickly eliminate hematomas. Contraindication is only intolerance to the components.

The drug is applied to damaged areas 1-2 times a day. He performs medical dressings. The course of treatment lasts 1-3 months. Price means 400-800 rubles. The drug can be purchased at pharmacies.

The drug in the form of a cream helps to eliminate age spots, acne, scars. Do not use it to treat stagnant scars. The tool includes natural ingredients: herbal extracts, vitamin E and antioxidants. It is used to treat bags and stains under the eyes. The drug is applied to the problem area 2-3 times a day. Results will be visible after 5-6 weeks. Price - 150 rubles.

Silicone gel is used in the treatment of skin blemishes. It is advisable to use it for burns and injuries. Release it 2 companies. It is preferable to purchase from MEDA, because its products are enriched with vitamin C.

The gel should be applied with a thin layer on the skin, but not rubbed. Absorption occurs in 5-10 minutes. Excess is removed with a napkin. Used medication twice a day. Noticeable results are visible after 5-7 weeks, but the entire course is 2 months. Price - from 1200 rubles.


The drug is available in the form of ointment and solution. The drug is made from the blood of healthy calves. Scar and scar ointment can be applied for injuries, including trophic ulcers. It has a regenerating effect. Before using it, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Due to the use of ointment may be severe allergies. The drug must be applied 2-3 times a day. Recovery is 1-4 months. The price of the drug is 300-400 rubles.

This ointment from scars and scars smoothes and restores the epidermis. The tool includes levometsitin - antibacterial component. The same substance is in Levomekole. The ointment has a cosmetic effect, not a therapeutic one. It is used to soften the skin. Apply the drug should be 3-4 times a day. Recovery lasts 2 weeks - 2 months. The price of ointment is equal to 890 rubles. for 15 ml.


According to reviews, the ointment for scars and scars, although universal, cheap, but still effectively copes with its functions. It is used for the treatment of fungi, dermatosis. The tool has a pronounced antiseptic effect. The drug eliminates pathogens that are on the skin. Ointment should not be used as the main therapeutic agent.

The medication must be applied to clean skin 2-3 times a day. Recovery lasts 3 weeks - 2 months. The price of ointment is about 100 rubles.

Vishnevsky ointment

This is one of the most time-tested drugs that has been used in medicine for several decades. This ointment from scars and scars after surgery perfectly copes with its functions. It is used to treat acne, acne, abrasions. The drug has an antiseptic effect. The drug restores microcirculation due to irritant effect.

The ointment is used twice a day. It is applied with a thin layer to the damaged place. Best not to rub. Treatment is 3 weeks, 2-3 months. The price of the drug is not more than 100 rubles.


It is an ointment for scars and scars on the face and other parts of the body. It is effective for tissue repair and skin elasticity. The tool can not be used with open wounds and wet injuries.

Heparin ointment is used 1-2 times a day. Apply a thin layer, without rubbing into the skin. The course is 1-3 months. It is advisable to use in conjunction with powerful drugs. The price is 70-80 rubles.


This ointment for sucking scars and scars is created in Turkey and Switzerland. Used for shallow dry lesions. The drug has an antimicrobial effect. The medication treats burns, postoperative scars.

The drug is used 2 times a day. Before this, the skin should be treated with antiseptic. The duration of treatment is 1.5-2 months. Price - 100-700 rubles (depending on the region and the pharmacy chain).

This is a multifunctional product that is suitable for skin care. It is used for resorption of scars, accelerating the treatment of wounds and age spots. It is the best drug for minor injuries.

Cosmetic product is applied to the damaged area for 2-3 months. It is necessary to use it every day 2-3 times. The price is from 250 rubles. for 35 ml.

The ointment is used to soften colloidal scars. It accelerates tissue repair, nourishes and smoothes the skin. The drug is ineffective with deep scars. It is used in the treatment of contractures. Ointment is applied 2-3 times a day. Procedures last 1-3 months. The price of the drug is 400 rubles.

This absorbable drug is produced in the form of ointment and solution. The main component is hyaluronic acid, which regenerates skin tissue. The tool in the form of a gel affects small hematomas and scars. The solution is used intramuscularly. The gel is used 2-3 times a day for 1.5-2 months. It is applied in a thin layer until absorbed. The price starts from 350 rubles.

What is the most effective ointment for scars and scars? All the above remedies have a regenerating effect. Before treatment, it is better to consult with a specialist who will help you choose the appropriate drug, depending on the characteristics of the skin defect.

General information about the drug

Ayrol is a miraculous cream that sweeps acne like a broom! Acne on the face, back and in the lower places - do not paint the female body. Yes, and a man with acne on his face - loses his charm.

The nature of acne is different, as are the effects of their appearance on the skin. Some - sit on the face like a fly and quickly fly away, leaving no trace. But there are types of acne that bite into the flesh like a parasite, and after leaving with great reluctance - leave a scar for life, disfiguring the skin.

With the advent of Ayrol cream, we have a powerful weapon to protect the skin from these uninvited guests. Skin revitalizing cream - has not only local anti-acne action, but also antitumor, anti-inflammatory, is a good remedy for shallow wrinkles. Its active ingredient is Tretinoin, its composition is similar to Retinol (vitamin A group) and is ready to sweep from our skin not only annoying acne, but also pigmentation spots, including those appearing on the skin from the beach excess sunlight. Ayrol cream fights acne on any part of the skin very well. Reduces the possibility of the emergence of new eels, displays deep, which are not yet visible. It relieves swelling and inflammation resulting from acne.

pharmachologic effect

Ayrol cream is an intermediate product of such a vitamin as Retinol, which, due to its property, disrupts the expression of genes, which in turn cause some changes in the process of protein synthesis. It permeates through the cell membrane into the cell nucleus and only then binds to the DNA molecules. Activating the protective mechanisms of the skin, depending on the skin condition, it strengthens or suppresses the process of protein synthesis.

Puts a barrier against the negative effects of excessive sunlight on the skin integument. It reduces the presence in the epidermal layer of a substance such as melanin. However, this cream should not be confused with a means to protect against sunlight - the cream was not created for this, and therefore does not have a barrier property against sunburn, because its effect has a different direction.

With Ayrol, the number of epithelial cells that are in the process of division increases, which in turn helps their faster reproduction in order to renew the epithelium. Airola application reduces the likelihood of acne vulgaris, prevents the formation of keratin plugs.

When treating open acne, smoothes the skin surface without symptoms of inflammation.

When treating closed acne, it deliberately creates the conditions for their disclosure, significantly speeding up healing and rigidly preventing conditions leading to the appearance of scars.

Indications for use

Ayrol cream can be applied with existing skin problems:

- vulgar papulnye acne,

- vulgar pustular acne,

- acne, which is characterized by draining,

- wrinkles on the skin,

- keratosis follicular type,

- strongly pronounced pigmentation.


Ayrol cream can not be used for:

- individual intolerance to the active ingredient,

- to the area of ​​the skin where there are open wounds or burns,

- any abnormality in the liver or kidneys,

- children and teenagers up to twelve years old,

- adults over the age of 50,

- during pregnancy (even if you are planning a pregnancy in the near future),

- during lactation.

With extreme caution, apply the cream with:

- seborrheic dermatitis type

- on the area where there are rashes in the form of skin disease - eczema,

- sunburn,

- intoxication of a chronic nature (drug or alcohol),

- a disease such as diabetes.

Possible side effects

When treating cream Ayrol may appear such adverse symptoms as:

- stabbing feeling at the place of application of the cream,

- redness of the skin,

- the appearance of edema, in the place where the cream was applied,

- increases sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation,

- hypopigmentation - weakening of skin pigmentation,

- the skin may become too dry at the site of application,

Instructions for using the cream

Ayrol cream use only externally, topically. Apply a moderate amount of cream to the necessary places of the skin with unprotected hands (after completing the procedure, wash the hands with soap and water). The cream is applied for six hours one to two times a day. After the skin where the cream was applied should be rinsed well with water.

With light and dry skin type, the cream should be applied for half an hour with a further increase in time up to 6 hours.

The duration of treatment depends on the individual indicators (skin type, nature of acne, etc.).

Ayrol cream can be used to prevent the appearance of pigmentation and acne - once every seven to ten days, after a hygienic procedure.

special instructions

Be careful of getting the cream in the eyes, or on any mucous membranes.

Do not stay in the sun throughout the treatment.

After seven to ten days, the appearance of acne can increase, which indicates the effect of the drug not only on visible acne, but also on those that are still very deep.

In no case do not use in parallel with those preparations and various means for hygiene, which cause peeling of the skin, dryness or irritation.

Ayrol cream is used in the treatment of acne vulgaris 1 and 2 degrees, and in more severe cases, antibiotics need to be included for greater effect.

Ayrol cream is not suitable for use with very deep wrinkles, yellowed skin color, if the skin has become sluggish, with the constant expansion of small vessels of the skin, as well as with elastosis.

Ayrol application

This tool belongs to Retinol, as its composition is similar to vitamin A. It has several medicinal properties: antitumor, anti-inflammatory and anti-acne.

The active substance, namely Tretinoin, penetrates the cell nucleus directly through the membranes and prevents further synthesis of proteins. Reduces in the cells of the epidermis such a substance as melanin, which contributes to the fading of the existing pigmentation. It protects the skin from sunlight, but does not apply as a sunblock cream.

Its action is aimed at reducing acne, and if any, it acts on them through healing.

Eliminates inflammation on the skin, helps to open acne, with further healing without leaving scars. Promotes the prevention of new rashes.

Very widely used for skin problems such as:

  • strong pigmentation
  • acne papular or pustular type,
  • merging acne,
  • Favra-rakusho disease.

Airol instruction

The cream is applied to the necessary areas of the skin with unprotected hands (after applying the hand, wash with soap), in a thin layer - 1, 2 times a day. Each application should be applied for 6 hours (no more), after the cream requires rinsing. In case of a sensitive or light skin type, the cream is applied for half an hour, with each subsequent application the time is increased to the desired 6 hours.

The duration of such procedures from 2 to 8 weeks. After 3 months of treatment, you will notice effectiveness.

Also, this tool can be used for the prevention of 1 time per week, after cleaning the skin.

При избавлении от пигментации, следует не находиться на солнце.


  • повышенная чувствительность к входящим в состав веществам,
  • открытые раны, в том числе и ожоги,
  • eczema,
  • сахарный диабет,
  • функциональные нарушения в работе печени или почек,
  • интоксикация препаратами или спиртным,
  • возраст до12 и после 50 лет,
  • беременность текущая или планируемая,
  • лактация.

Возможные побочные действия:

  • обострение язвы желудка с кровотечением,
  • чувство тошноты и рвота,
  • боль в области эпигастрии,
  • кишечные расстройства,
  • сильное потоотделение,
  • не большое покраснение в месте применения, а так же жжение и отек.

Store in a dark place, at a temperature of up to 25 degrees Celsius.

Ayrol buy 2,200 rubles You can always in our online pharmacy.

Pharmacy where you can buy cream

Ayrol cream is developed and produced in the European Union and in our pharmacies they do not sell it yet, offering in exchange only the existing group analogs, the effectiveness of which is much lower than Ayrol. However, you can order Ayrol cream in the online pharmacy "Medicine from Europe" http://lekarstvo-iz-evropy.ru where you can always find the latest original drugs from European manufacturers.

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I will tell you about how I, thanks to absolutely accessible methods, have lost weight from 77 to 59 kg.


Ayrol cream is an effective remedy for treating acne and other deficiencies of the problematic epidermis. The cream provides a number of therapeutic effects on the skin, helping to eliminate inflammation, cleanse the skin of impurities, comedones and a layer of dead cells. Tretinoin perfectly regenerates the skin and prolongs periods of remission in case of acne.

Instructions for use

Instructions for use Ayrol cream:

  1. It is important to pre-wash and dry the skin.
  2. Apply the tool up to 2 times a day for 6 hours.
  3. After 6 hours, the residues are rinsed with warm running water.
  4. The duration of treatment lasts from 4 to 6 weeks.
  5. In order to prevent the drug is used up to 3 times a week.
  6. People with light epidermis in the initial stages of treatment should wait no more than 30 minutes, gradually increasing the time.

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