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Respiratory gymnastics: how to lose weight without diet and grueling workouts


  • How to breathe and lose weight
  • Breathing exercises for weight loss: oxysize and body flex
  • Breathing exercises for weight loss

Proper breathing is a science. Scientists have proven that many people breathe incorrectly, and because of this they have many health problems. Excess weight, shortness of breath, oxygen starvation of the brain - not a complete list of problems that can occur including due to incorrect breathing.

Breathing and losing weight at the same time is not a myth invented by ordinary people. Today, this theory has been widely confirmed, and the number of exercises for proper breathing literally beats all records.

Abdominal breathing - a pledge of well-being, normalization of metabolic processes and, as a result, weight loss. Most people in the world breathe through their breasts. Proper breathing implies the work of the peritoneum. After all, during chest breathing, the lungs work only in half, and the body receives less oxygen.

Proper breathing allows you to fill your lungs with air at 100%. And the more oxygen the body receives, the more active the metabolism and fat cells burn in it. Therefore, the relationship between the right deep breathing and weight loss is direct and fairly obvious.

The advantage of this way of losing weight is that you do not have to sit on exhausting diets and perform whole complexes of exercises in the fitness room. It is enough to breathe correctly. The experts, however, offer a number of exercises designed specifically for breathing, which will help you to saturate the body with oxygen and at the same time build up.

For example, it is enough to stand up against the wall, straightening and pressing the shoulder blades, shoulders, buttocks and heels to it, and inhale deeply so that the rib cage rises, and then slowly exhale. After that, inhale and exhale, only using abdominal breathing. Inhalation should round the abdomen, and exhale to squeeze the muscles of the peritoneum to the maximum. Then move away from the wall, feet shoulder-width apart, lift your arms up and take a slow deep breath with your chest, lower your arms and exhale. This exercise is performed daily for 1-2 minutes.

Do not forget about proper breathing and during normal walking, as well as performing any physical exercise, such as climbing stairs. Remember that under load breathing should be uniform, but at the same time quite rhythmic. If you find it difficult to immediately tune in to the desired rhythm, try using this: 2 steps - inhale, 2 steps - exhale.

Some experts say that proper breathing teaches a person to listen to his body. Due to this, he begins to better understand his body and automatically begins to lead a healthy lifestyle. As a result, illness and excess weight go away.

Tip 2: What is oxysize

Oxisize is a revolutionary method of weight loss, based on breathing. In a nutshell, oxyseize helps to lose weight with the help of the most ordinary air! Those wishing to join this method of losing weight every day, everything is increasing, because something new always gives hope of achieving the desired result.

Is oxysease so effective?

The author of the Oxisis weight loss system is Jill Ronson, who claims that everyone is able to get rid of excess fat without resorting to exhausting workouts, expensive miracle pills and other things. All they need is oxygen. At first glance, such a statement seems rather strange. It would seem that we all breathe a lot and every day. Why pounds do not fly away? All because we breathe wrong!

To check how much you are using your own breathing capabilities, place one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest. Many will notice that the volume of inhaled air is small. Scientists have shown that many people use only 20% of the reserve of their lungs. It is because we do not breathe that way, we have stresses and extra pounds.

The essence oksisayza

The whole methodology is based on the theory that the more we breathe air, the faster the fat loss process. However, the technique is reduced not only to breathing exercises. It is designed to train different muscle groups. All exercises are static. You can do oxysize in any position: lying, sitting, standing. A day for exercise is enough to allocate no more than fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, according to the research of scientists, occupations by oxysease will allow to burn 140% more calories than training on a stationary bike.

How it works?

Most people, especially women, breathe the air through the chest. During gymnastics, abdominal breathing is actively used, which increases blood flow in the organs, and the contraction of the diaphragm stimulates them additionally. Also, deep breathing causes oxygen to enter the blood faster, which speeds up metabolism and burns fat deposits.

In two or three months of regular exercise, lung capacity may increase by 0.3 liters.

Removal of harmful substances

Respiratory gymnastics helps to remove harmful substances from the body that accumulate in fat cells (preservatives, pesticides). Using deep breathing, you can reduce the harmful effects of toxins and slags by 70%, remove them from the body in the form of gas.

It is proved that toxins have a negative effect on the process of thyroid hormone and adrenal glands. The body, protecting itself from this harmful effect, accumulates fat cells and uses them as a repository for toxins. As a result, your weight increases.

Combating Overeating

Stressful situations encourage many people to consume unnecessary calories in the form of chocolate and sweets. If sufficient oxygen is obtained in the body within 10 minutes, production of cortisol (stress hormone) is reduced by 50%.

Respiratory gymnastics for weight loss dulls the feeling of hunger, helps food to digest, promotes the breakdown of fat cells, soothes the nervous system, strengthens the immune system, gives a surge of vitality and strength.

Types of breathing exercises for weight loss

The most popular among numerous breathing techniques today are body flex, Oxycise complex, and Chinese jianfei gymnastics.

This technique combined exercises from yoga, aimed at strengthening the muscles of the diaphragm and the abdominals, with proper breathing.

The program was developed by the 53-year-old American, Greer Childers, who was able to return to the 44th size of clothes (after 56th) after the birth of three children.

Exercise should be strictly on an empty stomach (preferably in the morning). Another important rule - the rejection of rigid diets or starvation, as the energy costs and so will be enormous. The scheme for performing all the exercises is as follows: you go through four stages of breathing (exhale - inhale - exhale - pause), while taking a breath during a breath hold a certain position for a few seconds and then breathe air (fifth stage).

Five-stage diaphragmatic breathing

1. Full exhale through the mouth. Round the lips, stretch them forward, calmly and slowly exhale through the mouth. It is necessary to literally squeeze out all the air from the lungs and then close your lips tightly.

2. Quick breath in with the nose. Take a sharp breath through the nose, taking in oxygen to the lungs to the full. If you did everything right, then you should have a sound effect. Now hold all the air inside you.

3. A sharp breath out the mouth from the diaphragm. Open your mouth wide, squeeze the muscles of the diaphragm and abdomen. Such an exhalation must be accompanied by a whistling sound of "py-s" or "pa-ah."

4. Breath hold. Tilt your head slightly toward your chest. Gradually tighten the abdomen under the ribs to form a depression. There should be a feeling of touching the spine. Try to stretch the whole process from three to eight cycles with the following score (to yourself): one-one-one, two-two-two, and so on.

5. Inhale through the nose. How to count to eight (ideally) - inhale. Relax all your muscles and allow the air to freely enter the lungs with a sound like a sob: “sh-sh”.

The complex contains 13 exercises. We offer you five postures of breathing exercises that are best suited for beginners.

"Cat". Get up on all fours, lean on your palms and knees. Keep your head straight, your back and arms straight. While holding your breath, pull in your stomach and tilt your head down, while arching your back upwards. Complete the three stages of breathing in the bodyflex system, fix this position on the breath hold (fourth stage), then inhale (fifth stage) and return to the initial position.

"Boat". Sit on the floor, widely spread straight legs, socks pointing to the ceiling. Put your hands behind your back, place your palms on the floor. On the breath hold move your arms forward, trying to bend as low as possible. Exhale, straighten and put your hands behind your back. Do three repetitions.

Side stretching. Starting position standing. Lower the left elbow on the bent left knee. Pull the toe of the right leg and pull this leg to the side, while the foot should not come off the floor. When holding your breath, lift your right hand up and stretch it to the left side (from the side it should feel like all the muscles stretch from the waist to the armpit). Do three or four repetitions on each side.

"Swallow". Get down on the floor, lean on your elbows and knees. Pull one leg back up with heel. In this case, your head should be raised, look forward. On the breath hold squeeze the buttocks, while you count to eight. Do three repetitions for each leg.

"Scissors". Lie on your back and straighten your legs. Place your hands with the palms down under the buttocks. The head is lying on the floor, the loin is also pressed: it should not come off the floor during the exercise. When holding your breath, lift your legs up 10 centimeters from the floor and make 10 quick sweeps. Perform three or four sets.


  • severe cardiovascular disease,
  • increased intracranial pressure, cerebral aneurysms,
  • presence of spinal implants
  • recent spinal surgery,
  • the presence of acute inflammatory and infectious diseases,
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases
  • tumor diseases
  • bleeding of any location,
  • pregnancy.

The complex differs from bodyflex by a softer and more gentle breathing system, without sudden inhalation and exhalation. Therefore, it is suitable for weakened people and pregnant women. Another advantage of this gymnastics is that it can be performed at any convenient time.

Breathing technique

During the exercises on the Oxycise system, the following breathing technique is used: inhale, three additional short inhalations, exhalation and three additional short exhalations.

1. Inhale Breathe in calmly and slowly through the nose. The stomach is swollen, the shoulders and chest are motionless. It is recommended to smile broadly so that the nostrils widen and more oxygen is supplied to the body. When you feel that you have filled your lungs, strain your buttocks and take three more short breaths.

2. Exhale. Extend the lips and exhale the air with force. Try to keep your buttocks in tension and smile. When you feel that all the air is out, make three more short exhalations. Keep your buttocks pulled in and your head straight.

After mastering the breathing technique, you can start gymnastics. The complex Oxycise includes many exercises, we selected the most effective according to the reviews.

Training press. Stand up straight, belly pull in a bit, forward the buttocks. The knees should be slightly bent, the loin should be even, the shoulder blades should be flattened. In this position, do inhale and exhale according to mastered technology.

Squat along the wall. Lean your back against the wall, squeeze your palms in front of your chest and slowly squat. When the hips reach the parallel with the floor, apply a special breathing technique. Make three sets.

Pushups from the wall. At the time of greatest tension, stand on your toes, straighten up and perform one breathing cycle.

"Rocket". Lie on your back and imagine that you are being pulled by your arms and legs in different directions. Inhale and exhale while using the Oxycise system during the stretch.

"Cobra". Roll over on your stomach, put your hands in front of you and bend back. Stretching the abdominal muscles, start breathing exercises.

Chinese gymnastics allows you to quickly establish metabolism. It is recommended for those who adhere to a diet, as it dulls the feeling of hunger. A small complex includes only three exercises.

A Chinese woman, Rose Yu Bin, only with the help of gymnastics, Jianfei, got rid of a few months from 10 extra pounds without dietary restrictions and sports activities.

Each of the three exercises on the Jianfei system has its own focus and can be applied at different times and in different quantities.

“Wave”: to reduce the feeling of hunger. Lie on your back, bend your knees and put your feet flat. One palm should be on the chest, the other - on the stomach. Start breathing exercises, slightly helping hands. Take a deep unhurried breath, while pulling in the stomach and lifting the chest. Hold your breath for a few moments and breathe out. When exhaling, try to draw the chest in, and the stomach, on the contrary, to inflate.

"Frog": to restore the central nervous system. Sit on a chair, put your legs shoulder-width apart (a straight or sharp angle under your knees) and place your elbows on your knees. Make a fist (men - right, women - left) and clasp it with the other hand. Lean your forehead against the fist, close your eyes and relax. Fully fill the abdomen with air, alternate inhale-exhale with mouth and nose, hold your breath for 1–5 seconds.

"Lotus": to relieve fatigue and internal stress, regulate metabolism, improve blood circulation. Sit on a low chair or in the "posture of the Buddha." Place your hands on your feet with your palms up (women put the left hand over the right hand, and men put the right hand over the left hand). The loin is straightened, shoulders lowered, chin tilted slightly down, eyes closed.

  1. The first 5 minutes of breathing is deep, even, inhale and exhale long. The chest and abdomen should rise unnoticed.
  2. For the next 5 minutes, breathe air naturally and naturally. When exhaling, completely relax and concentrate on achieving soundless, even, deep breathing.
  3. For the last 10 minutes, breathe as usual, not paying attention to the depth and rhythm. Clear your mind of extraneous thoughts, relax and calm down.


In the presence of internal bleeding (menstrual or postoperative period), temporarily refrain from performing the exercise "Frog". The remaining exercises have no contraindications.

All three proposed breathing exercises for weight loss not only contribute to weight loss, but also have a general healing effect. This is a great option for people who for some reason can not lead an active lifestyle and go to the gym. With proper breathing techniques and daily exercises, the results will not be long in coming.

The impact of breathing exercises for weight loss on the body

  • suppresses hunger,
  • improves the process of digesting food
  • maintains a high metabolic rate throughout the day,
  • promotes the burning of fat cells
  • strengthens the immune system
  • helps relieve stress and nervous tension
  • relieves insomnia and fatigue

What is the secret of breathing exercises for weight loss?

According to experts in the field of weight loss, certain breathing techniques help burn 140% more body fat compared to jogging (jogging). Surely, you are interested in the question of how weight loss occurs in this particular case. We answer:

  1. A full supply of the body with oxygen contributes to the improvement of the gastrointestinal tract. The fact is that the inner surface of the small intestine (it is mainly the process of food digestion) is covered with many intestinal villi responsible for the absorption of nutrients - amino acids, vitamins, mineral salts, healthy fats, glucose, etc. In the case of lack of oxygen in the body, the quality of the villi performance of its task is significantly reduced. More specifically, with improperly shallow breathing, the digestibility of nutrients decreases by 72%, and the metabolic rate decreases by 30%.
  2. As a result of the interaction of oxygen with fat cells, their oxidation occurs, i.e. destruction. This means that the full use of the volume of the lungs during breathing stimulates the process of losing weight.
  3. It is believed that the faster the process of food digestion, the more intensively ATP molecules are synthesized, taking an active part in the breakdown of fat deposits. To activate ATP, an alkaline medium of pH not less than 7 is necessary. It is this pH level that allows you to maintain deep slow breathing.
  4. Preservatives, pesticides and other harmful substances tend to accumulate in fat deposits. In this way, our body tries to protect its vital organs from the destructive "garbage". Доказано, что правильное дыхание способствует детоксикации организма – очищению его от шлаков и токсинов. Удивительно, но факт: посредством правильного дыхания можно «выдыхать» вплоть до 70% токсинов.
  5. Дыхательная гимнастика расслабляет организм, снижая в крови уровень кортизола (гормон стресса). For some people, the state of stress is accompanied by an excessive increase in appetite and, as a result, weight gain. In such situations, breathing "full chest" helps in many ways to solve the problem.

In modern methods of breathing exercises for weight loss, not chest, but abdominal breathing is of key importance for weight loss. Inhaling the air with the abdomen, we massage the digestive organs, which, in turn, improves the bowels and speeds up the metabolism. All these processes help to achieve the task - to reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat.

How to check the correctness of your breathing?

To understand how relevant breathing exercises to lose weight in your case, do the following: put one hand on your stomach and the other on the center of the chest. Inhale and exhale through the nose four times. Do not hurry. If during the breathing the arm on the chest remained static, and on the stomach it moved up and down, this means that you breathe correctly (not superficially) and provide your body with enough oxygen. In this case, you should choose for yourself another method of losing weight.

Breathing exercises by the Strelnikova method

The author of this technique is the singing teacher A.N. Strelnikova. The gymnastics it developed became widespread in the mid-20th century. Today, according to the Strelnikova method, not only lose weight, but also treat some diseases - diabetes, diseases of the nervous system, asthma, bronchitis, epilepsy, chronic headaches, etc.


  • increased arterial and intracranial pressure,
  • high eye pressure
  • glaucoma,
  • severe myopia
  • acute thrombophlebitis,
  • spinal cord and brain injuries,
  • heat,
  • any bleeding
  • kidney stones and gallbladder,
  • chronic cervical osteochondrosis.

Basic rules

  1. The breath should be sharp, strong and through the nose.
  2. Exhale should be through the mouth without tension and extra effort.
  3. In order not to stray from the rhythm, it is desirable to conduct gymnastics under the bill.
  4. The number of repetitions must be a multiple of four.
  5. Well-being and a disposing mood to workout are indispensable conditions for performing breathing exercises.

Warm up

The main purpose of warm-up exercises is to warm up the body, to create the necessary psychological attitude.

  1. While standing on the floor, align the body straight and start taking sharp, short breaths. Then complete the exercise with a step on the spot. Try to take a breath with each subsequent step at the same time.
  2. Extend your right leg slightly forward and start moving from one foot to the other. Each step is accompanied by inhalation, and after performing the required number of repetitions - by exhalation.
  3. Holding the same rhythm of breathing, perform 4 squats on each leg.

The main complex of exercises

Standing straight, bend your elbows, palms look away from you. Start squeezing your hands into cams and at the same time make sharp, noisy breaths. After a series of 8 breaths, you should pause, and then do another 20 such series.

Stand straight, place your legs slightly narrower than shoulder width, arms at waist level, palms squeezed into cams. While inhaling, strain your shoulders and wrists, then sharply lower your arms down, open your fists and spread your fingers. Do 8 series of 8 repetitions.

Take a vertical position, legs, put a little narrower than shoulder width. Inhale deeply and loudly, and then gently bend over, imagining that you are holding a pump in your hands. The number of repetitions is similar to the previous exercise.

Take a straight stand, arms down along the body, put your legs already shoulder-width apart, relax. Breathe in through the nose, then, slowly, sit down and turn the torso to the left. While squatting, bend your elbows and squeeze your fingers into fists. Now repeat the same, but only to the right. Exhalation should be done between turns. Do 12 runs of 8 squats each.

Stand straight, legs are already shoulder-width apart, arms bent at the elbows, fists in front of the face. Perform a sharp and noisy breath with the movement of the hands towards each other - elbows should close. Do exercise in the most relaxed state. The number of repetitions: 8 episodes 8 times.

Respiratory technique for weight loss "Oxisis"

One of the most popular breathing techniques for weight loss. With its help you can achieve the following results:

  • lose a few extra pounds,
  • get rid of the orange peel,
  • give the body flexibility
  • strengthen the spine and back muscles
  • improve the proportions of the body - in the abdomen, thighs, legs, arms, neck and face,
  • activate blood circulation and digestive processes,
  • cope with depression and bad mood
  • increase libido.

You can count on getting a noticeable effect from the use of the technique only if you regularly perform special exercises. Devoting classes should be at least 20 minutes daily.


  • cardiovascular diseases,
  • epilepsy,
  • intracranial hypertension,
  • cerebral or aortic aneurysm,
  • hernia of the esophagus,
  • kidney disease
  • pulmonary hypertension
  • cysts and fibroids,
  • eye diseases,
  • the postoperative period,
  • pregnancy.

Oxisize breathing technique

Starting position: stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bent at the knees, feet parallel to each other, shoulders back and down, pelvis slightly pushed forward, buttocks stretched.

  1. Inhale Take a deep, sharp breath in through your nose and puff up your belly. A smile should appear on your face, which will facilitate the passage of air through your nostrils and will tone your facial muscles.
  2. Three short breaths. Take another 3 shortened breaths through the nose. With each subsequent doddohom inflate more belly.
  3. Exhale Make a sharp and quick exhalation with half closed lips. At the same time, the abdomen is pulled with maximum muscle tension. Keep your head straight.
  4. Three short exhalations. Now make 3 shortened exhalations through the mouth. On each dobrydhokh drag a stomach even more.

Inhale + 3 short breaths + exhale + 3 short breaths - this is one approach. The respiratory cycle includes 4 such approaches. If you are determined to lose weight, try to perform at least 30 cycles daily.

Chinese breathing exercises "Jianfei"

Gymnastics Jianfei promises the loss of one kilogram already on the 2nd or 3rd day of classes. However, after 2-3 months of regular workouts, the mark on the scales can show a decrease in weight of up to 8-12 kg. An important advantage of this technique is that it has relatively few contraindications: hypertension, cholelithiasis, diseases of the spine, internal bleeding, the postoperative period, advanced age. During menstruation, it is recommended to exclude the exercise "Frog" from the complex. Gymnastics Jianfei has an unusually wide range of effects on the body:

  • optimizes metabolism
  • improves acid-base balance
  • normalizes gas exchange in tissues,
  • strengthens the immune system
  • promotes weight loss
  • rejuvenates the body
  • relieves overwork.

Set of exercises

Take a horizontal position, bend your legs at the knees, feet straight, fix one hand on the abdomen, and the other on the chest. Taking a deep slow breath, pull in the abdomen and round the chest. Hold your breath for a few seconds, and then exhale. As you exhale, retract your chest and round the abdomen. In the process of alternating breaths and exhalations, your body should make a wave-like movement. Doing the exercise, keep the rhythm of breathing. If you feel a little dizzy, then breathing is better to slow down a bit. The recommended number of repetitions - 40-60 full respiratory cycles (inhale-exhale). This exercise is aimed at blunting the feeling of hunger, and therefore it easily replaces food intake.

Since this exercise contributes to the restoration of the central nervous system, after it is completed, you will experience a significant emotional discharge and a feeling of peace. Starting position: sitting on a chair or couch, spread your legs so that your knees are shoulder-width apart. Put your elbows on your knees, squeeze your left hand into a fist and cover it with your right hand. Keep your forehead in a fist, close your eyes, relax. Take a deep breath, filling the entire abdominal cavity with air. Hold your breath for a few seconds and take another small breath. Now slowly exhale. When doing the exercise, alternate in and out with your mouth and nose. The optimal frequency and duration - 3 sets of 15 minutes daily.

Exercise "Lotus" improves metabolism, activates blood circulation, helps to relieve fatigue and internal tension. To do this, take the lotus position: sitting on the buttocks, legs crossed in front of the abdomen, left foot over the right, hands lie free on the legs with a palm on the palm (right palm on top of the left). The back is flat, shoulders slightly lowered, head tilted forward, eyes closed. You have to complete 3 blocks of breathing. The duration of the first 2 - 5 minutes, the third - 10 minutes. In the first block, your breathing should be deep, even and long. The position of the chest and abdomen is static. In the second block, breathe randomly and more relaxed. In the third block, stop controlling your breathing - inhale and exhale as you normally do.

In this article, we reviewed three of the four most popular breathing exercises for weight loss. In one of the next issues, we will introduce our lovely readers to the 4th extremely effective breathing exercises - “Bodyflex”.


The basic rule of this technique is proper breathing - deep and strong, which involves the muscles of the abdomen and chest.

If during exercise you suddenly feel dizzy, nauseous or unwell, then it is better to postpone classes until the state normalizes. Exercises are best done in the morning on an empty stomach, after drinking a glass of water.

Stand straight, it is advisable to fix your back in a position perpendicular to the floor. Take a deep breath in with your nose and exhale with your stomach. Do not forget that when performing exercises of respiratory gymnastics, it is necessary to try to breathe with the stomach, minimally activate the chest.

Exercise repeat 3 times. After this exercise we complicate - take a deep breath with your nose, after it 2 more small ones before inhaling and exhale with your mouth, then 2 more small ones before exhaling also with your mouth. We repeat the exercises 3 times and do not forget about the breathing technique!

This cycle must be repeated for 10-15 minutes, alternating between exercises. At first, 10-15 minutes a day may be quite sufficient, but over time, increase the amount of time — break it up 3 times a day, for example. Within a week, you will feel the first, quite noticeable, changes in your mass.

It is also important to observe proper nutrition, drinking large amounts of water - 1.5-2 liters per day, food intake should be frequent, but in small portions.

Useful tips

After giving birth, young mothers often want to return to the prenatal form and say goodbye to the tummy, which was formed after pregnancy. Often, when you take care of a small child, there is very little time left for yourself, so there can be no question about going to sports halls or fitness clubs. Even in such a situation, having the desire, you can easily lose weight and tighten the hated tummy.

The basic rule of such exercises is that all inhalations and exhalations are carried out only through the nose! The position of the body must always be in a strictly defined form.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position - lotus, in Turkish, on the heels, or you can just sit on a chair. Straighten your back, stretch your neck and fix your position. Relax. We take a deep breath, puffing up the abdominal muscles like a ball. After that, slowly exhale, trying to bring the upper wall of the abdomen as close as possible to the back. The exercise is performed until the feeling of fatigue, preferably 20-30 times.
  2. We also sit down, as in the first exercise, take the same deep breath, and then exhale sharply, reducing the abdominal muscles as much as possible. Repeat the exercises until you feel tired in your abdominal muscles.

Reviews of breathing exercises for weight loss are the most positive. Girls and women involved in this technique have long been convinced of its effectiveness and high results. It is easy to verify this by going to any forum dedicated to such topics. Try it and you, the results will not keep you waiting.

What have we been talking about all this time?

All the above recommendations and methods of performing exercises are related to the famous breathing exercises for weight loss - “Bodyflex”. This technique was invented by the American housewife Greer Childers, who managed to lose weight from 54 sizes of clothes to 42, without resorting to diets and heavy physical exertion.

The full program "Bodyflex" consists of 12 exercises that need to be done on an empty stomach for 15 minutes, after drinking a glass of water or tea. These exercises can be performed at other times of the day, but you should not eat 2 hours before.

More detailed lessons can be learned by reading the book by Greer Childers “A magnificent figure in 15 minutes a day”, which has become a bestseller in many countries of the world. In order to master the method of proper breathing, it is necessary to conduct the first classes with a qualified trainer. If this is not possible, then you can watch video tutorials on the Internet with Greer Childers.

There is another, no less effective and useful, method of breathing exercises. In it, as in “Bodyflex”, there is a special way of breathing. Its author, Jill Johnson, advises the first weeks of training to engage only in proper breathing, until you work it out to automatism.

How to breathe correctly?

First, take the correct posture - stand up straight, knees soft (slightly bent), the loin should be flat, and the shoulder blades should tend to the spine. When inhaling, you should strain the muscles of the buttocks and abs, tighten the pelvis under you, then take 3 before-breaths. When exhaling, relax the buttocks, abdominal muscles, and move the pelvis to its original position, after which - 3 before the exhalation.

Once you master this technique, you can start the basic exercises. All the recommendations and the correct technique for doing the exercises you can learn, based on the video lessons or your instructor. Successes!

The effectiveness of breathing exercises for weight loss

The effectiveness of respiratory gymnastics for weight loss has long been proven by hundreds of real examples: with its help, hundreds of men and women of all ages could lose weight, improve contours and even solve some health problems.

Breathing exercises contribute to the activation of the following processes:

  • - dulls hunger,
  • - helps food to digest,
  • - promotes the breakdown of fat cells,
  • - gives a surge of vitality and strength,
  • - strengthens the immune system,
  • - soothes the nervous system.

Why breathing exercises for weight loss is very effective?

Oxygen provides nutrient absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. Our digestive system has many tiny villi that are needed for the absorption of calcium, iodine, healthy fats and amino acids, as well as other nutrients that increase metabolism. To maximize the efficiency of the villi of oxygen, more is required than to other tissues and organs of the human body. And if there is not enough oxygen due to “shallow” breathing, the ability of the villi to absorb nutrients immediately decreases by 72%, and the metabolic rate - by 30%.

• Sustained weight loss depends on how quickly the food and fats in the body turn into useful energy when adenosine triphosphates (or ATP) molecules appear that are actively involved in the breakdown of fat cells. But these ATPs effectively work only in a slightly alkaline medium (pH not less than 7). Oxygen is a favorable factor for the development of an alkaline environment; therefore, it is deep breathing. allows you to constantly maintain pH, ideal for activating ATP and, therefore, for splitting fat cells.

• Breathing exercises for weight loss is still considered very useful because it helps to remove harmful substances (preservatives, pesticides and other toxins) that accumulate in fat cells. It has been proven that toxins have a negative effect on the process of thyroid hormone and adrenal hormones, and the body, trying to protect its vital organs, accumulates fat cells and uses them as a kind of repository for harmful substances. It turns out that up to 70% of toxins can be easily converted into gases released through deep sighs. This means that proper breathing can greatly reduce the toxic load on the body, one way or another received by each person. To do this, simply breathe deeply and slowly - the number of “exhaled” toxins will increase tenfold.

Oxygengetting into the body oxidizes body fat. Его взаимодействие с жировыми клетками – это первый шаг к избавлению от лишних килограмм. Большинство из нас использует не более 30% объема своих легких. Если увеличить количество кислорода, поступаемого в организм, и улучшить глубину дыхания, жировые клетки начнут разрушаться значительно быстрее.

• Дыхательная гимнастика способствует снижению количества гормонов стресса в крови. And many people, as you know, are used to “seize up” stress. If stress hormones are less, the need for its “jamming” will disappear by itself, which will not fail to affect the figure's volume.

How does breathing exercises for weight loss

All methods of breathing exercises for weight loss are based on one principle:

special breathing causes oxygen to enter the blood faster
and this leads to a significant acceleration of metabolism
and therefore to burning fat

And here abdominal breathing is used more actively than the chest, because when breathing the abdomen diaphragm is strained more. The lungs expand significantly, their vital volume increases to 0.3 liters in two to three months of regular exercise.

In addition, abdominal breathing causes increased blood flow in the organs, and the contraction of the diaphragm stimulates them additionally.

Effect of active breathing

Oxygen plays an important role in the metabolic processes of a healthy person: it participates in the oxidation of various compounds, which ensures the production of energy. Over the years, the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is slowly decreasing due to environmental pollution and climate change. People’s lifestyles change, they move less, breathing becomes shallow and frequent. Due to these factors, the amount of oxygen in the blood of a modern person is reduced. As a result:

  • increased fatigue
  • reducing the rate of metabolic processes,
  • shortness of breath and frequent heartbeat during exercise,
  • reduced immunity.

Do a little test: take a clock that shows seconds, exhale, and measure the time you can hold your breath. Now take a few quick deep breaths. Make sure your head doesn't feel dizzy. Exhale again, hold your breath and measure the time until inhale. After active breathing, the result is 2, and sometimes 3-4 times more. This proves that deep breathing quickly saturates the blood with oxygen. Breathing exercises for weight loss are complex:

  • improve metabolism: food is digested better, fat is not delayed, adipose tissue splits faster,
  • increase energy production
  • strengthen the immune system
  • improve mood and sleep.

Thousands of people around the world have already got rid of excess fat with the help of breathing exercises. The effect of its use will be noticeable after 1-2 weeks. This is the minimum period. If you study for a long time, for a year or a few years, even diseases will disappear.

Types of breathing exercises for weight loss

Popular breathing exercises:

  • bodyflex,
  • gymnastics Strelnikova,
  • oxycite,
  • qigong (jianfei),
  • pranayama

Performing breathing exercises for weight loss takes 2-3 to 15 minutes a day. While the exercises of unfamiliar time will be spent more, up to 40-60 minutes. The main thing is to properly inhale and exhale. The effectiveness of the exercises depends on the technique.

Breathing gymnastics for weight loss was developed by Childers Grieg. After the birth of three children, the size of clothes instead of 44 became 56. At 53, she was able to regain a beautiful figure. Childers was engaged in breathing exercises, which led a young girl, and classes lasted for 40-60 minutes. I had to come up with a set of exercises that does not take much time (and moms do not have it) and will help you lose weight at any age.

Basis - aerobic respiration:

  • calm exhale through the mouth
  • a sharp breath through the nose (as fully as possible, filling both the chest and abdomen),
  • a sharp exhalation through the mouth, using the diaphragm, that is, from the bottom up,
  • holding the breath and pulling in the abdomen.

Breathing Gymnastics for Weight Loss - Video by Childers Grieg:

On the exhale, you must take a static posture and hold it for a few seconds. Fat is actively burned in the zone of muscle tension. Tension is achieved by stretching or force. The stomach is drawn in as much as possible. It rolls straight under the ribs. Such an unusual "massage" after a while will reduce the size of the stomach. The result - saturation occurs faster.

Mastering the phased breathing is easy, and the complex of breathing exercises is tailored to individual characteristics. They must be carried out on an empty stomach, otherwise all oxygen will be spent on food digestion, not on burning fat.

You can take any posture on breath holding, even if it is not in the standard bodyflex set. If the zone where there is excess fatty tissue is strained, then the exercise is suitable. What is described in the complex does not necessarily fit all. Some poses will be unpleasant or uncomfortable, and they must be abandoned.

The complex includes 2 exercises to tighten the muscles of the face and 2 to 5 exercises on the chest belt, waist, hips and legs.

Video with a set of exercises Bodyflex

The “lion” and the “ugly grimace” train the muscles of the face and chest. Performed 3-5 times. The result of classes - sagging cheeks and a second chin disappear.

"Diamond" and "lateral stretching" tighten the muscles of the arms and chest. Diamond perform 3-5 times, stretching for 3 in each direction.

Breathing exercises for slimming the abdomen are especially useful for women after pregnancy and childbirth. Until the body has fully recovered, exercise must be carefully applied. Two or three exercises 1-2 times a day for abdominal muscles is enough. Easy exercises - "dollar" and "cat." Then you can do "abdominals" and "scissors".

Exercise "dollar" - after holding the breath and pulling the abdomen, put one hand on the back of the head (bend), and the other to bend and put on the belt. Bend at the waist so that the posture resembled $, that is, the upper part of the body to move sideways in the direction of the hand, pressed to the head, and the hips opposite. Do 3 times in each direction. "Cat", "scissors" and "abdominals" to do 3 times.

For slender hips and legs - “pretzels”, “stretching the hamstrings”, “pulling the legs back”, “seiko” and “boat”. Exercises to do 3 times in each direction, except for the popliteal stretching - it's just 3 times.

These 13 exercises make up the complex.

Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova

The complex of breathing exercises for Strelnikova was originally developed for medicinal purposes, to restore voice. It happened back in the 30s, but so far exercises are popular. Sharp short sighs are made with compressed chest.

Oxisis breathing exercises are very similar to body flex. However, there are no sharp breaths and exhalations, the exercises are more benign, therefore there are fewer contraindications.

Qigong (Jianfei)

Jiangfei - lose fat in Chinese. These are 3 breathing exercises. The method is rather meditative. It is required not only to breathe correctly, but also to tune spiritually.

Solve the problem of excess weight and with the help of exercises of the yoga system. Breathing and here helps to focus, direct energy in the right direction and get rid of all the excess.

General rules for performing breathing exercises

To exercise breathing exercises for weight loss gave the result you need:

  • do them regularly,
  • Do not give up classes for a long time
  • keep a positive and calm attitude
  • provide access to fresh air during classes, ideally - perform breathing exercises for weight loss in nature.

If you follow all the rules, health will improve, and those extra pounds will disappear! In addition to gymnastics, treat yourself to aromatherapy sessions and enjoy life in all its manifestations!

Many dream of becoming slim and fit. Do not dream - act now! Try, breathe, learn different techniques, read reviews about breathing exercises and get rid of excess fat. A beautiful figure will be the reward of each!