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A gift for the New Year child: original ideas


In the pre-holiday season, many have difficulty choosing New Year gifts, and in fact they want to please their loved ones. This article was created not only as a guide to action, but also as a collection of ideas that will help to come up with gifts for the children for the New Year.

Children's desires are as simple and immediate as the children themselves. Often, wanting a car, a yacht or an expensive doll, the kid describes his dream, the fulfillment of which he considers something of a miracle. So let's be great wish-makers for our little ones. Having such a mood it is easy to choose what to give a child for the New Year.

Preparing for the most magical winter holiday for kids, you can go two ways: come up with ideas for New Year's gifts for children on your own or fulfill your cherished dream.

Gift ideas for children for the New Year: how to find out what the child wants?

Other children, without a moment's silence, talk about their desires, and give parents ideas for children's gifts for the new year. It only remains for parents to choose an acceptable presentation option.

However, children can not talk about their dreams just because it is difficult for a child to understand what he wants more - a set of construction equipment in a sandbox, a dress of a favorite hero or a magic wand that fulfills all desires? Here parents will come to the aid of several tricks.

  • "Letter to Santa Claus" - the most popular and effective way of reconnaissance in force. This option is very convenient - the kid learns to articulate his wishes clearly and express them on paper. And parents, having read the letter, find out the secret desires of the child, all that remains is to realize them.
  • Joint game. Try to "play" on a holiday, make up a script, Christmas gifts. Listen carefully to what the child will give to himself.
  • Read to your baby a Christmas fairy tale, watch a cartoon about winter, or play a board game played in last winter vacation. Remember the past New Year holidays and dream with your child about the upcoming celebration. Then proceed according to the situation - you can directly ask what to give the child for the New Year or wait until he tells about his desires, anticipating a gift for the holiday.

Need a New Year's gift for children of relatives or friends? You can always buy some neutral gift, entertaining or developing themes. Yes, and we will help you a little, throwing a few ideas.

Universal gifts for children for the new year

The choice of a gift should be made, first of all, based on the desires and hobbies of the baby. Even the smallest child is already a man, with his own thoughts, aspirations and plans for the New Year holidays. Try to understand the child, taking his place, and not just decide for a boy or a girl what kind of gift they want to get for the new year.

We picked up a few ideas of what can be given for the new year to any child, both girls and boys. By clicking on the links, you can see the sections with the proposed options and immediately place an order in the online store. This will save your time not only to choose from, but also to search for a gift.

  • Congratulations from the real Santa Claus. Invite Grandpa and the Snow Maiden home or just make a greeting in the form of a letter or video. Letter, for greater effect, you can send by mail in this envelope. The addressee, of course, must be the baby himself.
  • Board games - the fashion for them has returned, and is not going to leave. The advantage of a gift in the form of a nastol, is a very large range of prices, from expensive to quite budget. This gift should be chosen according to age, other games are interesting even for adults.
  • Constructors and puzzles. After books, this is a classic among gifts. You can give as a legendary Lego, and other types of designers. For kids, you should choose wooden models or sets with large details. Puzzles choose not so much from the picture, as on the basis of age - the more elements, the more difficult the level. For children up to 3 years old, the puzzle usually contains up to 30 parts, and for schoolchildren, a few hundred.
  • In winter, great gifts will be accessories for winter games and entertainment. Depending on the budget, you can choose both expensive and more budget version of the New Year's gift for the child. Snow-scooters, skis, skates, ice-boats and tubing cheesecakes.
  • An older child can be made not only entertaining, but also practical gifts. You can give a watch phone, external battery or accessories for your mobile phone (headphones, covers, panels).
  • The projector of the starry sky is a lighting device scattering colored stars on the ceiling and walls of a children's home. There are more expensive options, projecting a real sky map with all the constellations.
  • A t-shirt with a favorite cartoon character or with a superhero emblem can be a great gift for a child on NG. You can find a ready or make to order.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, then as a New Year's gift you can purchase the necessary thing. For example, clothes, shoes or interior items: lamp, night light or accessories for a computer. If necessary, give practical things, yet it is worth making a small New Year's gift just for children's joy. Ideas of inexpensive gifts for children can be found in the article, below.

What to give to the child for the New Year: gifts for boys and girls

The kid voiced his wishes in a letter to Santa Claus, and his head aches in adults. It is good if the children's dream is feasible and the parents can afford the child’s desired gift options for the New Year. Things are easy - to find and buy a childhood dream.

And what if the crumbs dream is beyond the parents' budget or the child wants the impossible? In fact, everything is solved very simply, with the exception of those situations when a teenager asks for a gift, for example, a multifunctional electron microscope or another expensive, but necessary device.

Consider the ideas of gifts for the New Year separately for boys and girls. The specific gift is to choose, focusing on the age of the child, the benefit is now within the same product group you can find instances for different age categories.

Most of the gift options have links to an online store where you can not only review them, but also buy them. Then you do not have to spend time on a grueling shopping spree in search of what was intended.

What to give the boy for the new year

Children rarely want expensive adult gifts. If the son asks to give Santa Claus “Bentley”, this does not mean at all that you need to buy the original car. But a good model with spinning wheels and radio remote control will be just right. When handing a gift to the boy for the New Year, do not forget to say that Grandfather Frost ordered to practice first on a small typewriter, and the big one will be when the baby grows up.

If the letter to Santa Claus did not help you decide on a present, then here we have options for giving your son a New Year's Eve. All links are active and lead to examples of products in the online store, so that the goods can not only be viewed, but also bought.

  • Kits for burning and sawing with a jigsaw. If the boy likes to work with his hands, then all the gifts associated with the manufacture of handicrafts will be perceived with a bang. In addition, these kits for creativity can be given to children who can not tinker. Such sets for creativity help to develop the skills of a homemade product.
  • Kits for magic tricks. Usually it is the boys who want to become illusionists, and a good set containing all the attributes of a magician will help them in this. In the future, with the help of this gift, the child can arrange whole performances for his friends and relatives.
  • Electronic constructor. This super New Year gift for any boy. Independently assemble a working mechanism - this is a miracle for any child.
  • Sets for experiments and experiments will be of interest to middle school students who are already familiar with the basics of physics and chemistry. However, if you are engaged in the early development of a child, then such gifts can be bought for children younger than recommended. Follow the safety rules.
  • Sets for plot and role-playing games. For boys, you can buy a lifeguard outfit, a fireman, and a doctor. Here you will find a huge selection of tool kits in various configurations.
  • Any boys love puzzles. Choose a gift based on the age of the child, pay attention to the complexity.
  • Some boys only dream about one thing - a typewriter on the radio. If there is such an opportunity, then it is worth fulfilling the childhood dream, even if it is the hundredth car in a toy fleet.
  • Electronic toys: interactive pets, robots and even super heroes. Pay attention to electronic pets - it can be a great gift for kids. And a boy who dreams of a four-legged friend can be given a Tamagotchi New Year. Of course, electronics does not replace a living thing. Just explain to the child that this is a rehearsal so that he learns to care for the living being.

Gifts for the New Year for girls

Often a child dreams of something magical. When the daughter asks Grandfather Frost to give her magical abilities, for example, like the heroine of a favorite cartoon, the baby broadcasts her desire to get into your favorite universe and experience unusual emotions.

In this situation, you can give as costumes: wings, decorative magic wands and other attributes of the sorceress, and the magic world itself. A pass to an unusual reality will be books, collections of cartoons, collectible editions and themed games. Giving a present to a girl for the New Year, explain that a book, game or film is an opportunity to become a sorceress with the help of imagination, which is very easy to do.

If you still have difficulty choosing a present, consider some great ideas on what to give your daughter for the New Year. Do not forget to look at the proposed options for links, all of a sudden, something will do, and you can immediately buy it.

  • Kits for making candles or soap. Perhaps the girl will like the gift so much that, for example, soap making becomes her hobby. In addition, homemade candles and handmade soap in itself can be a great gift. Tell your child that, having mastered this skill, she can give her crafts to her friends and relatives. And it will be an original, exclusive gift.
  • Kits for weaving. Suitable for handmade and assiduous girls. Depending on the interests of the child, you can choose a set for beading or weaving of rubber bands.
  • Give ready-made toys unsportingly. And what can you give a girl for the New Year, you ask. Choose as a gift sets for needlework and for making toys. Usually girls are fascinated by such gifts, just that there was nothing, and here it is - a doll!
  • Even the smallest girls love to dress up. Give your daughter on NG set, for making jewelry. Such gifts always have a double benefit - at first the process itself pleases, and then the result of labor. Moreover, the collected jewelry girl can wear herself, or give her friend.
  • Girl sets for role-playing games: equipped kitchen, shop, doctor and stylist set. The division of plot games by gender in this section is very conditional, because a little boy can also dream of a children's kitchen.

Options for Christmas gifts for children cheap

When it comes to austerity budget, there is no time for the fulfillment of desires. But this is not a reason to deprive children of New Year's joys. The following options will help make the child an inexpensive gift for the New Year.

  • Sweets and delicacies. Candy, chocolates, marmalades and cookies. It doesn’t matter that it will be, the main thing is that it is not only tasty and beautifully designed, but loved by your baby. Chocolate Santa Claus, a toy with sweets or a fruit basket - all these cute little things will be a great inexpensive Christmas gift for a child!
  • Handmade. Make your baby a beautiful toy or accessory. The gift should be simple, but functional, comfortable and fashionable enough in a child's environment. For example, if girlfriends in school wear multi-colored bracelets, weave a similar ornament for your daughter from beads or threads. Girls appreciate handicraft, especially if it looks really beautiful.
  • Multimedia. Modern information technologies allow you to come up with excellent gift options for children for the New Year, in the case of a limited budget. Create a selection of your favorite cartoons or make a playlist. You can strain a little more and make for your child a Christmas selection of tunes, cartoons and movies. Refer to the Soviet animation, in the middle of the last century a lot of interesting Christmas cartoons were released.

Develop a small quest for passing at home, in the final of which the child will receive a small New Year's gift. Come up with interesting tasks, both on consideration and on the use of creative abilities. A few hours of fun will be provided. Invite a child to call friends. Spend the same quest for them, giving the role of leading your baby.

Best ideas for inexpensive, but original and edible surprises.

At the end of December we are all preparing to spend almost all our savings on gifts for the New Year. Most of all in the world are waiting for surprises kids, because they believe in miracles and fulfillment of desires, for them it doesn’t matter how much a thing costs, the main thing is attention and love.

Inexpensive gifts for the New Year for children are also important and necessary, because they rejoice at every little thing presented to Santa Claus on a magical New Year's Eve. Among the edible gifts for the New Year, undoubtedly, candy, Santa Claus chocolate figures, tangerines, bananas and other sweets are in the first place. But a child, for example, can be presented with a more unconventional edible surprise:

  • A cup with merry Christmas images or with your favorite characters. You can also put tasty and healthy baby tea or drink in the cup.
  • Children's thermos or thermos mug.
  • A bottle of baby champagne, decorated on a New Year's theme.
  • Homemade cookies in the form of various little animals or other forms.

Such edible or semi-edible gifts are not at all difficult to prepare, the main thing is to know the preferences and tastes, because there are such guys who will not like gifts made of sweets for the New Year at all. There are also such babies that certain foods simply cannot be due to allergies.

Budget paper gift ideas

Gifts for the New Year in kindergarten, as a rule, need small and inexpensive, but memorable. Children often prefer paper-made surprises:

1) Magazines, books, the most suitable for age:

- at a younger age it is best to donate cardboard or large-format books with vivid illustrations,

- fairy tales or tasks to prepare for school will be suitable for preschoolers.

2) Children's photo frames with your favorite characters from fairy tales, cartoons.

3) Stationery with unusual design or performance (notebook, pen, pencil case, folder, etc.).

4) Sets for paper crafts (origami, ready-made applications and other).

New Year's gifts for your favorite pastime

To present a gift for the New Year to the child and please him as much as possible, you just need to know what the kid likes to do the most, what toy spends a lot of time:

  • toy camera,
  • children's musical instrument (piano, guitar, xylophone),
  • Board games,
  • puzzles (soft and small - for the smallest, more complex - for children 5-7 years old),
  • sets for weaving bracelets from gum, beads and other handicrafts,
  • sets of pins for weaving.

Options for interesting surprises

Inexpensive gifts for the New Year can be just as interesting and unusual, memorable for a child, as well as more expensive options:

1) Important little things with images of favorite characters from cartoons - Peppa, Fixikov, Masha and the Bear pigs (keychain, badge, notebook, pen, puzzles and other stationery). For children from 1 to 3 years old cartoon characters in the form of rubber toys with whistles for the bathroom or soft puzzles are suitable.

2) A piggy bank in the shape of a favorite hero from a cartoon is suitable for children of any age. It is better if the piggy bank for a child under three years old is made of durable, unbreakable materials.

3) Pillows with a Christmas theme or with images of favorite cartoon characters.

4) Toys-repeats (hamster, owl, Masha and others).

Necessary cheap surprises

School-age children become more picky and picky, but for them you can easily pick up children's gifts for the New Year, which will undoubtedly be to their taste and will be useful in everyday life, but for you they will not be expensive:

  • if the kid is not indifferent to cooking homemade food, then you can present him a kitchen set for children (an apron with unusual prints, towels and a tack),
  • набор качественной детской косметики,
  • мыло необычной формы с приятными ароматами,
  • детская пена для ванны (многие дети любят купаться в душистой пене),
  • красивая необычная пижама,
  • шарф или красивая косынка,
  • для тех деток, которые жизни не представляют без своих домашних любимцев, можно преподнести необычные аксессуары для кошки, собаки, попугая или морской свинки,
  • детские часы с подсветкой,
  • наушники, радио,
  • шкатулка для мелочей или красивая корзинка.

Подарки, сделанные своими руками

Baby gifts for the New Year will also be very pleasant if you make them yourself:

  • a picture painted by you or a child with a frame
  • unusual embroidery with cartoon characters,
  • a collage or a calendar of favorite photos and images for the child,
  • album for photos, decorated in children's style,
  • modeling clay and enclosed decorating set,
  • homemade Christmas decorations, wreaths, Christmas trees.

Original New Year's gift

Pick up such a thing that would have liked the child and remembered for a long time - quite a difficult task, because to please you can simply get by with a package or a box of delicious chocolates and other sweets. But sweet gifts, as a rule, are eaten very quickly, and only the packaging remains, whereas there are more unusual gifts for the New Year, which will delight and surprise the child for a long time:

1) A small bowl-shaped aquarium that will be easy to care for. The greatest joy for children is the appearance of living things in the house, and if the issue of the appearance of a cat or dog (especially in an apartment) is quite controversial, then an aquarium is a more acceptable and prudent option. He will not only delight the kids every day, but also reassure adults.

2) Set for growing plants. In this kit there is already everything you need for growing (pot, soil, water and seeds). For a child, such a gift is not only a fascinating process of observing how a flower grows, but also the opportunity to learn a lot about plants.

3) A monitor wiper for a cute pug dog. This is not only a soft beautiful toy, but also an object with which you can easily clean a monitor, laptop or TV screen from dust, because its tummy is made of a special material, which in addition reduces static electricity, which reduces surface contamination. Plus lies in the fact that the child will be interesting and fun to clean up with his gentle friend, and he can gradually learn to order and cleanliness.

4) Unusual tray-service. The kit, which includes a plate in the form of a house, a cup in the form of a cloud, the sun, and a fork and spoon with a handle in the form of a Christmas tree. Such a tray will not only please the child, but parents will no longer have to persuade the child to eat at least one spoonful of cereal. Especially appropriate would be such a gift for those children who can not linger on the spot for a minute.

To make unusual gifts for the New Year from fruit for children, you can purchase or cut out unusual eyes and attach them to treats on the festive table.

Toys from 1 to 4 years

It would seem very easy to present toys as gifts for the New Year, but still it is necessary to take into account the age and hobbies of a particular child. After all, a one-year-old baby can even be damaged by toys that are designed for older children, and teenagers will not be happy at all with a soft toy.

At the age of 1 to 4 years old, children rejoice in everything new that appears in the house, but especially to their favorite characters from fairy tales or cartoons. A wonderful gift for New Year's Eve to a child is a soft toy - a symbol of the year or a cartoon hero. It is necessary to take into account the mobility of the child and to present a book, educational toys for assiduous girls and gurneys, strollers for the restless.

Now on the market you can buy a variety of gifts for the New Year. Toys that will surely please any of the youngest lady are dolls, strollers, kitchen sets with crockery, mini-car for joint purchases in the supermarket.

New Year's gift for a boy

Boys from 1 to 4 years old usually like to disassemble and assemble, study and build something, so they will be suitable for them:

  • a designer with great details that will be safe for a one-year-old child and interesting at the age of three and four
  • ordinary cars, dump trucks and dump trucks,
  • cubes with numbers and letters, with the help of which you can not only build something, but also absorb information.

Presents under the Christmas tree for children 5-7 years

It is especially important to choose a New Year gift for a girl at this age. 5 years is such an age when the child already understands everything perfectly and is looking forward to the holiday and gifts under the Christmas tree with great impatience, but still believes in Santa Claus and miracles. Fortunately, there are a huge number of options for a children's gift, for example:

1) A big baby doll that needs to be drunk, fed, laid to sleep on time, and he can even talk to the child, sing songs and walk.

2) Many girls like toys for boys. In this case, as a gift for the New Year, the child can be put under the Christmas tree and typewriter on the radio control, and the railway.

3) Kitchen set (modern toy kitchens have accompanying sounds during cooking and washing dishes in the sink - the murmur of water).

4) A washing machine, an ironing board, an iron, will accustom the baby to cleanliness and order and will bring joy.

5) For girls and boys who are in constant motion, roller skates, a bicycle, a skate or an electric car will be an ideal gift.

Boys in 5-7 years already like to play team games, so you can teach:

  • football, volleyball or basketball,
  • stick,
  • table football or hockey,
  • darts.

The boy will also be happy with a weapon, water pistol, binoculars, a telescope, a kit for an electrician or a builder.

Gifts for the New Year 8-10 years old children

You need to think well gifts for the New Year. 8 years is the age when you want something unusual, original and at the same time fascinating and interesting. In fact, the choice for girls of this age is huge, the main thing is to know the preferences and hobbies of the young lady:

1) Toy sewing machine for those girls who love to create and create something new with their own hands.

2) Useful educational games (puzzles, kits for creativity).

3) Canvas, paper for drawing different formats, paints. Coloring is better not to give, because they kill the imagination of the child.

4) For creative people who love to perform, you can present a set of primitive costumes for a toy scene, a puppet theater.

For boys, also suitable cars or helicopters on the control panel, a complex designer, a set of tools to create furniture.

New Year's trip to an interesting place

Small children prefer material gifts, because they do not yet have much experience of having fun. Older children are fully aware of the value of good memories.

A hike in the winter forest for the whole day can be a great New Year gift for boys and girls of any age. During the hike, you can go downhill, play snowballs or build a fortress. It is important to think about the place of attacks, methods of heating and going to the toilet. A good option would be a family trip to the winter cottage.

Free participation in New Year's holidays and winter festivals

Each new year, various shopping and entertainment centers, educational and cultural institutions hold their events for visitors. If there is no money for a big gift for a child for the New Year, you can organize a visit to New Year events in public places, there is also a chance to get a present for free.

Each of the methods described has its pros and cons. In addition, the list is not limited to the proposed options. You can always arrange a holiday, looking to visit friends or relatives.

In the 21st century, it is easy to come up with ideas for giving gifts to a child for the New Year regardless of any condition of the family budget. If your income does not allow you to celebrate the holiday in a big way, modern technologies and social projects allow you to get out and have fun, forgetting all the difficulties. And remember, a lot depends on the baby’s happiness, his faith in a miracle and in his relatives. After all, children are our future!

What gift to give for the new year baby

Nice smile and wonderful face. The kid recently opened his eyes and pleases us, so that he is so wonderful. So we will please the little angels with an interesting surprise. And rejoice in the delight of children.

In fact, everything is much more complicated - than in adults. If someone is pleased with a smartphone, or an envelope with bills, then it will not work with the baby. To choose a literate gift for a little person, firstly you need to follow and understand what the child is pulling for. Someone will play a rattle, and someone will get a teddy bear to laugh and smile.

Secondly, the gift must develop. And if you want to educate an athlete, then all efforts and attention should be on the development of sports skills. If you want to see your child in the future in a jacket and in a white house - then the balls are not the place. Pyramids and other toys that develop thinking are yours. Artist - finger paint. You can transfer for a long time.

You should pay close attention to certain moments of education. And of course punch interest in this baby. I will tell you a secret that everything at once is not the best option, since it is uncertain. But still, most toys for this age have a basic development. A child at that age comprehends the world through objects, perception. The foundation, so to speak.
So, what will we give in the end? Here are some examples:

1. Game tent. A delightful option that will please both the baby and parents. The child is funny sports with various soft balls and toys, parents quietly and nicely watching side by side. It's time to relax my mother's hands, and do not wear a pet around the house at the chest. In the game tent there are no whims of the kid, but calm and happy children's laughter! A gift not only to the baby, but also to you, dear parents.

2. The machine on which the child can roll with his feet. If the baby is already moving around the house independently, then this surprise will please him. He will like not only to walk, but also to ride. Steering develops many processes, including thinking. There are various options: cars, motorcycles, even airplanes. In general, a tolocar is an assistant of the year for two for sure.

3. Developing a rug. Isn't it a joy how to lie down on a bright gift with a lot of different rattle toys. Beautiful pictures will complement all the charm on five plus.

4. Big and singing book for kids. The book itself is a magical item. Interested in content and wised up. Is not a miracle? Various bright pictures with animals, toys and other interesting things will lure the kid with a bang. And if she also sings ... Wow, a masterpiece.

In any case, the child knows only mom and dad. The choice is very large, and what you need to know your miracle only you. Happy baby - happy mom.

What to give a child from one to four years

This is a very crucial period in the development and formation of mental thinking and physical health. We jump all over the house, trying to share emotions, vaguely picking up sounds. We want to eat ourselves with a spoon and talk on the phone. Yes, we are - kids from one to four.

Cute monkeys copying everything from their parents. We want to be on a par with you, mom and dad! The best gift at this stage of development is a good example! Most likely you will have to educate yourself in something in the process of raising a baby. If you want a child to be kind, fun and smart - start with yourself. This is the only option worthy of education. Well, than to surprise the crumb, that he put a spruce under the beauty, now we will discuss everything. Sonny always with dad when he fixes something? Easily!

The first option is a children's tool kit.

My daughter constantly takes the phone from her mother, simulating a telephone conversation? Easy! Children's smartphone - option two. Funny tunes, helps to learn how to count and define colors. Yes, and you can chat. Well, just a dream.

"And we have all the wallpaper in pencils." - It looks like your baby is an aspiring artist. Option three - an easel and finger paints, special markers. Of course, all the art on the easel is unlikely to fit, and will have to call on the wallpaper, it does not matter! The main crumb satisfied!

And for the little housewives came up with a toy kitchen. Spoons, ladles, pots and pans, vegetables and bananas. Well, everything is just like my mother. Option four - children's kitchen.

And so, we list:

1. Children's toolkit for real men.
2. Children's smartphone for sociable ladies.
3. Easel and paint. What can I say, creativity - a serious thing.
4. Children's kitchen for little helpers. Cooking, chop. Mom help.
5. Bizibord. It, by the way, can be made manually.

6. Soft book that develops motor skills.

7. Set of large puzzles, tapeworms.

8. Water drawing pad.

9. Smart "live" sand and a set for modeling. We do everything for the development of fine motor skills and imagination!

10. Learning to count will help toy box office.

11. Mass for modeling Play Do is very popular now. Suitable for different types of creativity.

12. If you have a very mobile baby, then purchase a game complex. It is better to take an inflatable, so that if necessary it can be quickly removed.

Of course, it all depends on the child. One in three years already reads, and the second master videos.

What to put under the Christmas tree for children from four to seven years

Here your child is seriousness itself. He understands where is left, where is right. Will distinguish an oval from a triangle. And so say that really think about it. The child has more questions than the answers from the parents. In general, a child at this age will grow wiser by leaps and bounds. It is time to cultivate in him politeness and independence, manners and behavior. The most peak to join the society of a worthy person. And now let's try to guess what these guys will like. How to surprise them? As they say ladies forward.

Gifts for girls:

At this age, maternal instinct, the very beginning of development, begins to develop in young women. Option one is an interactive doll. And feed and change, put it to sleep, and walk in a wheelchair. These skills are needed in the future for little ladies. Good gift.

As addition - a carriage. And where without it?

Is growing up a little fashionista? There is a way out - designer bag, jewelry - designer. Not only that, for the taste and color of the child himself will decide everything, so also need to collect. The child will like it. A bunch of combinations. Show imagination and taste. Beautiful, fashionable, informative.

Also, it's time for girls to learn to care for themselves. The gift may be children's cosmetics such as conditioner for easy combing hair and hand cream.

All kinds of ideas for handicrafts, such as plaster magnets, are also interesting now.

What to give to young gentlemen? Now we will understand!

At this age, kids love everything colorful and personal. And also they learn to sleep separately, to serve themselves independently. This will help you beautiful bedding. With your favorite animals and in your favorite shades of color.

Gifts for boys:

1. Constructor. There are many options - Lego, iron (with bolts, screwdrivers, wrenches). We collect cars and houses, and even airplanes. Whatever you order!

2. Pistol shooting machines.

3. A set of soldiers from different materials.
4. Sabers, helmets, collapsible versions of pistols.

5. Two-wheeled scooter. During this period, they are discounted and you can purchase quality models for half the price. Especially pay attention to those with large wheels and a load of up to 100 kg. His parents can ride on it).

6. Bicycle. Of course it is snowing in the yard and skating is not in time, but perhaps the little boy is waiting for this particular gift. He is ready to wait for the summer, learning to ride around the house. And he never confused that winter.

We are going to the kitchen, full speed ahead!

And in general, pay attention to the summer seasonal products - they should be big discounts.

6. At this age, creativity is very interesting for children. Remember your childhood - after all we burned wood!

7. Set a young chemist, sets for experiments! Oh, it's very interesting not only for children!

8. A similar idea for a young archaeologist.

9. Take a closer look at winter sports and entertainment! For example, snow scooters are also a cool and interesting thing. Especially if the child likes speed and sledding and tubing.

In general, you can choose gifts for a different budget.

What to give to the children of the older group of kindergarten 5,6,7 years

How to choose gifts for children from the parent committee? This question often leads moms and dads to a dead end. Parents confer, communicate, but for a long time can not come to one single solution. In this case, you need to start from the age of children, which generally interests them at this stage of development. Then there is the question of finances, because there are families, both rich and not so. It is important that the selected gifts are all affordable and did not infringe on anyone. And so, below are several options for gifts:

1. Large, modern sets of colorings. By the way, they teach children accuracy and patience, because you need to paint without driving over the fields, in order to get a beautiful picture.

2. A set of markers, paints, pencils, plasticine and all that is needed for the development of creativity and fine motor skills. It is desirable that there are a lot of flowers!

3. Board games. A great reason to get kids together at the table and get joyful emotions. Now there are many varieties of these games. There is a logic, attention, associations, teamwork. Look in online stores. Our child just loves such boards, we have been playing them since the age of two!

4. Nominal letters from favorite cartoon characters. A very unexpected gift, and most importantly a pleasant one.

5. A wide variety of designers. You can choose boys separately, girls separately. Take a closer look at the magnetic options.

6. Books. Прививать любовь к чтению нужно как можно раньше. Деткам старшей группы детского сада можно подарить иллюстрированные книги с любимыми героями или сказками. Лучше те, что имеют крупные буквы. Ведь в этом возрасте дети уже начинают читать.

7. А можно пойти чуть дальше и закупить сразу энциклопедии. Из них ребенок узнает много чего нового, интересного и познавательного.

8. Для девочек будет интересна идея бумажных кукол с одеждой на магнитах.

9. The most inexpensive presents are sweet ones. The main thing is to make them beautiful. Ideas can be viewed here.

10. We were given puzzles in the kindergarten. I still consider them a good inexpensive gift option.

This is only a small part of the possible gifts, include fantasy, dear parents, and you can choose the best gifts for your children.

Cheap Gift Ideas for Kids at School

The best gift is knowledge. Find out who is interested in the class. You can find out with the help of questionnaires, as advice to class leaders. And give a book that will be interesting to one or another student. Someone cooking, someone chronicles Narnia. And of course the sweet gift.

Of course, the parent committee is more trying to find children universal gifts that will be useful and suitable for both girls and boys. This list includes:

1. Removable media - flash drives. It would seem that there is something special? This is a useful gift. The child can always have the necessary information with him, as well as store photos with her family and friends so that they are not lost anywhere. And for the New Year you can order flash drives with a very interesting and unusual New Year's design.

2. Notepads, notebooks or diaries, where the main role in the design is the picture of the child. A photo gift will pleasantly surprise everyone.

3. Children of primary school can buy a stationery set, which will be present all the necessary things to study.

4. Another useful option is a set with a huge variety of pens from standard ballpoint to multicolored gel pens.

5. A variety of designers and games.

If the classes are older, then you will not be surprised with sweets, the exit is one festive evening. Boat, restaurant, trip to beautiful places, recreation center in the end. It will be remembered forever.

How to please a child for the New Year from 8 to 10 years

In this situation, it is better to ask the child what he wants himself. Because yesterday I want it, tomorrow is already that. And I would have expressed my preference for board games. And to spend time with your family and turn on your thoughts. And so there are many more options, I will write some of them.

1. Monopoly, crocodile and other desktops - a great option.

2. Twister is a fun and exciting game that unites several people and now you are already building figures, it is very interesting and exciting, and it also strengthens your muscles well. Although in our time and the gadget is already possible for children.

3. A good option with the designer. Lego kids love, kids like Lego.

4. Even at this age, children still just love toys. Boys can give a water gun, a board game. And you can carefully look at what is the interest of the child. If football is great, buy a bold ball. Hockey - stick, puck and skates.

The girls will be happy to have teddy bears, Barbie dolls and any other, and if you even get a house with furniture for doll families, it's just a fairy tale. Many girls at this age already have some interest.

Based on this, you can give embroidery with threads or beads, toy musical instruments, easels for creative ladies.

5. Both boys and girls at this age will be delighted with the cool binoculars, telescope, bicycle, radio-controlled toys (car, helicopter).

It is very important to look to what area your child is interested in, that he is interested in, and then you can easily buy him a gift of which he dreams, and it will be surprising how you could read his thoughts.

Gift ideas for teenagers from 11 to 13 years old

The most difficult stage begins - the adolescent stage. That time when misunderstanding often appears. At this time, the child feels that he is already adult, serious and understands everything. But it is not.
In choosing a New Year's gift, it all depends on preferences. Watch your favorite child and read the list of gifts, perhaps here you will find something suitable.


1. Boys in almost any age love different models of liners, cars, boats, airplanes and helicopters. If this miracle is also on the radio control - a dream. Such a toy will be happy even dad. So what can we say - two birds with one stone.

2. A very exciting gift - a robot with knowledge of many teams.

3. Sets for various experiences. Young researchers and those who have a great interest in science will like this gift very much.

4. Computer games in the style of Need For Speed. Yes, boys definitely like racing cars.

To girls:

Girls grow up faster, but this does not mean that they do not like gifts.

1. Girls-fashionistas can give a beautician, and of course also buy some cosmetics for her. Do not overdo it, do not teach your child at this age to use cosmetics. But make-up lips delicate gloss will be very useful.

2. Great gift idea - silver jewelry. Let the girl learn to wear jewelry and treat them with care.

3. No less than jewelry, will please and new dress with shoes.

4. All for needlework, if your daughter has golden hands.

5. Although girls at this age already want to appear as adults, still few of them will refuse a fashionable doll, and you can even buy a china doll.

Universal Gifts

Now you can talk about gift ideas for both boys and girls. They definitely will not leave indifferent.

1. At this age, of course, almost everyone has smartphones. Nowadays, they are so improved that they become part of our lives. With the help of them we take photos for memory, communicate with loved ones, learn something new, and, of course, not without our favorite games.

2. A wide variety of accessories, such as a bluetooth music speaker, beautiful and fashionable covers, portable charging.

3. Mp3 player for those who love to listen to music.

4. You can buy a tablet. The screen is much larger than on the phone and it is very convenient to watch children's TV shows and cartoons.

5. For creative people a good gift will be a camera. With it, the child will save pleasant moments. And if the passion goes further, then in the future you can become a photographer that will bring good money.

6. If you are not sure exactly what your child wants, then present a certificate to your favorite store with toys, books, to the pool or water park. The child will be delighted.

7. Active kids can buy a bike, skates, roller skates, skateboard and snowboard. All for the development of sports skills and fun pastime.

And do not forget that the main thing in a gift is to give it with love.

Gifts to adult children 14-18 years

In most cases, at this age, your child will say directly what he wants to receive as a gift for the New Year. But if he himself can not answer this question, then turn on the fantasy.

1. At this age, you can give fashionable clothes, or buy branded shoes.

2. Laptop. A very useful thing, because ahead of graduation and admission to the institute, where such a gift will be very necessary for writing term papers and dissertations, but something I have already gone far. Sit on the Internet, watch movies and play, the child will be happy with this technique.

3. You can take from a shelter or pick up a puppy or kitten on the street, and you can buy a parrot or rabbit. It is not so important. If your child loves animals, then this is a good gift for the New Year. And still, caring for pets, children learn responsibility.

4. Option to buy furniture in the nursery. This will be a great addition and decoration. For example, your child has long dreamed of a high, soft and comfortable computer chair - fulfill his dream.

5. Teenagers - this is very difficult. They obosablivatsya. Often they listen to music and learn to play musical instruments. Therefore, we give headphones that do not harm the child.

7. For adult kids are relevant gyroscooters.

8. Girls will enjoy painting by numbers or using diamond painting.

And most importantly, whatever the age, the most important gift for a child is the attention, care and love of parents.

Good holidays and great gifts. All the best!

How to find out what your child dreams of?

To choose the right gift, you should often pay attention to your child. That is how you can understand what he really wants. If you notice how he stares at a toy in the store for a long time and his eyes are lit up, then you should definitely remember what kind of toy it is to return to and buy it. You can also arrange a game of desire, then the child will certainly reveal his secret and tell you about his dream. Next, we consider what kind of gifts for the New Year 2019 for children are now popular.

Below you will find:

Of course, the easiest way is to ask the child to write a letter to Santa Claus asking for a gift. Maybe he does not want to get some everyday gift in the form of a toy, but wants to see a real miracle. This you can find out when you read his letter. But you should be careful, because your child may accidentally find his letter, which will bring him a lot of frustration. Therefore, hide it, as far as possible from prying eyes.

Choosing a gift correctly

To really please the child, you should choose the gift correctly.

First, you should pay attention to the age of the child and first of all proceed from this. The interests of your child are also very important, which must be taken into account.

A set of soldiers for the game

Of course, do not forget about whom you are buying a gift - boy or girl. Although it is worth noting that the last point is not always necessary to take into account, as girls can sometimes get involved in games for boys, and vice versa. In this case, you should focus on the predilection of your child.

Gifts for children up to 3 years

If you are a happy parent of a baby, then the choice of a gift is quite an easy process for you, as children at this age are not so whimsical.

Computer for the smallest, -)

For these crumbs should choose gifts that do not have small parts and sharp corners.

Educational toys without sharp corners

You can buy a soft toy, a musical mat, a typewriter or a doll. A one-year-old child and older can be presented with a developmental game, a children's laptop, a book with very voluminous drawings, and so on.

Game cubes for kids up to 2 years

Each child will be delighted with such a gift as cubes with their favorite cartoon characters, puzzles, Barbies or fashionable toys that are constantly advertised on the children's channel.

Musical carpet for children up to 3-4 years

If your child likes to be creative, then you can please him by buying a set for modeling, drawing, lacing and other interesting gifts.

A great gift ideas for the New Year 2019 for a child about 1 to 2 years old will be a development board. It can be bought in the store, ordered online from craftsmen specializing in their manufacture, as well as made on its own.

Gifts for preschoolers from 3 to 7 years

Children who have reached the age of three can give toys with fine details. If you have long looked after a toy for a child, but were afraid to donate it because of the presence of small parts, then now is the time for that. You will be able to surprise your child with a dollhouse, a garage for typewriters and other equally original gifts.

Garage or even a whole city for cars

You should not give only ordinary toys, which the child already has a whole mountain, as he is waiting for something special for the New Year.

Doll house for girls

If you are a mom of a wonderful princess, you’ve probably caught her admiring glances on yourself more than once when you were dressing up or doing makeup. In this case, your daughter will love the set of children's cosmetics, from which she will definitely be delighted. You can also please her with new clothes, such as elegant dress and shoes, because all girls love to dress up beautifully.

Every girl should have a set of children's cosmetics

A lot of ideas are available for a gift to a boy. All adolescents adore different techniques, such as cars, airplanes, spaceships, and more. Therefore, your son will definitely like the fire engine, bicycle or railway.

Railway - one of the favorite games of children

Surely many boys dream of a dinosaur or a robot that can be controlled. And if your son began to get involved in football, he will be wildly in awe of the new and very real football form and the ball.

Now there are constantly a large number of new toys on the themes of popular cartoons. Not an exception and flying minionwhich is on sale in 2 options: the minion boy and the minion girl. Such toys are usually sold in large shopping centers or ordered via the Internet.

Gifts for boys

Of course, it is very difficult to surprise your son if he is already old enough and goes to school. But still in his childish soul, everyone also lives dreams and hope to see a miracle. Therefore, you should definitely please him with an unusual and long-awaited gift.

A boy of 8-10 years old can be given a radio-controlled helicopter or a typewriter. If your son is fond of creativity, he will like a set for burning, with which he can create real masterpieces. Electronic clocks will also delight him, especially if they are made in a children's stylish case.

A boy of 11-13 years old will be able to surprise and please you with the purchase of a fashionable smartphone or camera. Also, he will surely be delighted with the game console. If he is fond of playing a musical instrument, then you can purchase it for him or donate accessories to him.

Radio-controlled spy with a camera - control from an iPhone or iPad!

You can give him a complex designer, which is suitable for his age. Of course, he will not give up on this miniature microscope, if the boy is keen on biology.

Gifts for school girls

Of course, at the age of 8-10 years old girls still continue to play with dolls. But these are no longer Barbie dolls or babies, but rather elegant porcelain dolls and fashionable heroines of cartoons. If your daughter is interested in collecting dolls, then her addition will be a great surprise for her. You can also purchase wooden furniture or chinaware for her dolls.

Porcelain dolls favorite cartoon characters

Will delight the girl and the children's sewing machine, on which she will be able to create beautiful outfits for her dolls, and maybe for herself. The main thing, in addition to the typewriter, is not to forget to buy all the necessary accessories for sewing. If your joy is interested in creating hairstyles, then she just needs a dummy with long hair to develop her amazing skills.

Children's sewing machine

Girls 11-13 years old often start to get involved in various hobbies, such as fakes, soap making, making boxes or bags, making jewelery and so on. The set for her creativity will surely please your daughter, and she will be able to please you with her new products. Also, girls at this age are very keen on fashion, so you can give her a set of cosmetics, a beautiful handbag or umbrella.

Notebook for girls

For older girls, you can choose a stylish girl's laptop.

Rules for the purchase and storage of gifts for the New Year

  • Gifts should be purchased in advance, and not to postpone it for the last day.
  • When choosing a gift, consider only the interests and desires of the child, and not your own preferences.
  • When you buy gifts, try to come home quietly or in the absence of children, to safely hide them.
  • To the child always believed in miracles, do not say that it was you who bought him a gift. Let him think that Santa Claus brought him.


Ideas for presenting a gift to a child for the New Year

  1. Of course, the best choice would be invitation of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden for presenting gifts. You can also play these heroes yourself.
  2. Put gifts under the Christmas tree so that the child finds them himself. This should be done unnoticed. To explain how the gift was under the tree, it is possible that Santa Claus came while we were sleeping or eating.
  3. Search gifts by scrapbook. The first note should come in the mail and point to the place where the second is located, and so on. As a result, the gifts are under the tree, while the children were looking for them in a completely different part of the apartment.
  4. You can make a gift like a real parcel, which came by mail from Santa Claus.
  5. A treasure map will allow you to have fun searching for gifts that are located in different parts of the apartment.
  6. Gifts can be in each other, for example, in train cars.

We are writing a letter to Santa Claus asking for a gift

As you can see, you can really surprise and please your child for the New Year 2019. For this, you only need to purchase the gift that he dreams of, and show imagination for his original teaching. Also, be sure to pack it up very brightly and unusually so that the child, upon seeing the package, could not hold back the delight. In this case, your child will still believe in a miracle for a whole year and wait for the next New Year to happen again!