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10 tips on how to become funny


A sense of humor is the ability of a person to treat life situations easily and naturally. What does this give? It is this feeling that allows us to more easily relate to failures, which, unfortunately, cannot be avoided.

Humor - this is what helps to defuse the situation in tense situations, as well as distract from problems. If it were not for the jokes, then it would be boring and sad to live.

But why do some people know how to joke and make it easy, while others do not understand even simple jokes? What does a sense of humor depend on?

  • In the course of the research it was found that such a feeling directly depends on the human intellect. Indeed, in order to joke, you must first assess the situation and scroll through it in your head, and then see the funny side and formulate your thought. The main skill of the joker is that the joke was funny for everyone, not for him alone. And for this, of course, we need certain mental abilities.
  • But why some laugh at banter, and others do not. An important role is played by attitude to life. If a person is a pessimist, then laughing at him will be not so easy, especially if the joke touches on some ambiguous situation.

Is it possible to develop a sense of humor?

The ability to joke is not a trait of character and not a gift (although for some it can be said that they are joking almost from birth), so it is quite possible to develop such an ability in yourself if you put effort into it. Lack of a sense of humor is not a sentence. Consider a few tips that will help look at the world through the prism of jokes and smiles.


If you want to joke skillfully, competently and masterly, then develop yourself! Watch smart broadcasts, read smart books and useful books.

Be sure to replenish your vocabulary, because a lot of jokes are built on a pun, and not on banal vulgarity. So if you meet some incomprehensible words, recognize their meaning.

Be optimistic!

If you learn to relate easily to life and laugh at yourself, then you will be given jokes easily. What is needed to become an optimist?

  • Every day, start with a smile to cheer yourself up. Smile in the mirror and passers-by (and let some doubt your normalcy).
  • Any situations consider from different sides. No money for a new sofa? Tell yourself: “So what, but this sofa has become my family, we have experienced so much with it. Let him still live with me. ”
  • Be able to enjoy life! Rain is coming? Wear rubber boots and walk boldly through the puddles! Snowing? Play snowballs. Got into a traffic jam? Call a friend or listen to your favorite music.
  • Enjoy the little things, because it is from the little things and our life consists. Have you been helped out of transport? It's great!
  • Do not be afraid to laugh at yourself! So what if you forgot to make up one eye. Laugh at this with a friend.

Read jokes

The joke is the same joke invented by someone. Buy a collection of jokes, read them. Each joke analyze, disassemble in parts. Try to understand what is funny in one way or another, how ridiculous it is, what situations you can beat with humor. You can also learn winged sayings of famous people.

Write your favorite phrases in your notebook, collect your own collection. In certain situations, some phrases may be quite appropriate, so that you can use them and show off by inserting a quote related to the topic.

Watch comedies

Comedy and comedy shows are where you can get inspiration and ideas. Ask friends about funny comedies you can watch. Watch these films, rate jokes and main characters. You will probably like a character and you will want to adopt his manners. Why?

If everyone likes it, why not try it? But remember that complete imitation is stupid, ridiculous and not at all funny. So use only some of the features and behaviors, adapt them to your personality, to your character, to your lifestyle.

Communicate more

How to develop a sense of humor, if you seem to be able to joke, but feel free to do it in front of people? The answer is simple: more communication. Meet new people, chat with them.

Try to have a conversation at ease and easily. Be yourself. And never be afraid to "freeze" some nonsense. Any absurdity can laugh the interlocutor and arrange it to you. And surely it will be better than tense and strained talk about the weather or something similar.

More practice!

If you communicate with a large number of people, then by all means practice on them. At first, when you still do not have enough experience, use other people's jokes, adapting them to the situation and paraphrasing a little.

Be sure to evaluate the reaction to the joke to see how successful it was. Heard something funny from a friend? Remember, transform a little or add and use.

Speaking too must be correct!

Even the funniest joke will sound ridiculous and not at all funny if it is said not with that intonation or with speech or other mistakes.

  • First, adjust your diction. Speak patters, pronounce complex syllables and combinations of sounds. Your speech should be clear and correct.
  • Secondly, pay attention to intonation. Monotonous monologue will not be interesting to anyone. So do everything with feeling, really, with the arrangement. Remember reading with an expression in school? It's time to remember.
  • Thirdly, speak clearly and confidently in order to instill in others confidence that what you have said is ridiculous.


How to improve your sense of humor? You can do some exercises. Here are some examples:

  1. Compare the incomparable. Take two items, for example, a wallet and a bottle of vodka. Begin to describe each item separately. For example, wallet: nice on the neck, when full, the content quickly ends, and I want to open. Now a bottle of vodka: I also want to open it to many, the content also ends quickly, a full bottle is better than empty. Many similarities, is not it? And some of them are very funny.
  2. Funny contrasts. Play on contrasts. For example, if a person is not distinguished by accuracy, you can tell him something like: “Darling, you are a pedant!”.

Let a sense of humor accompany you through life!

How to improve your sense of humor

Not everyone is completely lacking in wit - some people only need to improve it. For such "comedians" you can also pick up a few effective rules that apply in any humorous situation.

  • First of all, you should not repeat the same joke in the company. A person will not laugh for the fifth time at the phrase “a little bun hanged himself”, especially if one considers the age of this sentence. So, in order to find fans for himself, a person must think for a minute about how fresh and interesting the joke will be for those around him.
  • In order for the wit to be of high quality and to cause a sincere smile, you need to tell such jokes that you don’t have to explain the incomprehensible words. Understand, the grandmother should not tell jokes about superheroes, the Internet, goths or emo - so you can stumble only on a puzzled look. After all, humor should be understandable, and not make you think about things that a person does not understand.
  • And note, the one who jokes never warns that now will give a masterpiece. He simply utters the necessary words, and everyone around is falling from laughter. This result can be achieved thanks to the effect of surprise, but while you are going to grind, “now I’ll tell you this, sway”, people around will get tired of waiting and the moment of “successful exit” will be lost. And yet: brevity is not only a sister to talent, but also a faithful companion for comedians, KVN players and comedians, since the prolonged story only causes a yawn and a desire to leave.

Both complete profane and lovers in the world of puns should feed their brain with new ideas and skills, develop fantasy. To do this, watch your favorite shows with anecdotes, KVN and everything that makes people smile. While watching, pay attention to the gestures, posture, actor's mimicry, try to come up with your own wits based on what you heard.

What else does a comedian need

For a good sense of humor it is not enough to read books and change places with words. After all, as it was said before, everything is not as simple as it seems. A talented comedian is a person who knows his worth, confidently holds out in public, clearly distinguishes between insult and wit.

  • You can think of yourself as a great comedian, but in reality you don’t want to learn to develop your own confidence, learn to go on stage without a piece of paper, not to mock people's weaknesses, but with the help of your talent to cheer and help cope with a difficult situation.
  • Remember all the humorous programs, programs, funny situations from life and try to characterize the person who was joking. What is its main feature? Do not know? And everything is quite simple: the one who is good at joking at others can always play a trick on himself.

This is the whole science of humor - on inner confidence, on a pivot that will not allow you to faint when they look at you during a humorous debut. It is this quality that must be learned in order to become, if not for the whole world, then for those around you a talented humorist.

This can help special training, which allows you to get to know yourself, find strengths, determine exactly what you expect from life and what goals you set for yourself. So you will kill two birds with one stone: learn humor and choose the way of life.

But that's not all. As mentioned above - every joke is the time and place. If you got into the company of blondes and a thousand jokes about silly girls started spinning in your head, you shouldn’t voice them. It may not be easy to learn to restrain yourself, but sometimes it is so necessary. Okay blonde - they are just offended, but if you tell a joke about stupid jock athletes, it is easy to find a “friend” for life and lose a couple of teeth.

Developing a sense of humor is a long but necessary process that will help you learn how to make people happy, prolong the quality of life, make an ordinary day unforgettable, and unforgettable events more vivid and joyful.

This will help these tips, exercises, various books (including collections of jokes), close relatives and friends that help develop a love of good mood, and most importantly - develop a desire, through which you can find the desired quality and do not suffer the question about how to develop a sense of humor.
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1. Watch more comedies.

The first thing that comes to mind. The easiest and most prompting method.

Humor can be learned, like any school subject. It's like learning English by watching movies in the original with subtitles. Listen to podcasts, read humorous books, see comedies and stand-ups. If you do not know where to start, choose the humor to your taste or the most popular. What is in fashion now? Jimmy Carr and Eddie Izzard? God bless him, fit. The main thing is to watch and listen carefully, watch how they make jokes, how long they bring them to the panchas. Just watch what makes you laugh and the audience. But it's better to trust yourself, at the concerts of Svyatoslav Eshchenko, people also laugh to heart-rending grunts.

Try to find a middle ground between your tastes and the idea of ​​the masses about the ridiculous. Maybe you are so old that you are still laughing from the “Party, Give Steer” jokes, but, alas, even those born in 1980 don't cause a smile.

While watching your memory itself will filter the brightest and most capacious moments. The main thing is not to include the same KVN background - you need to look intently to better remember and emphasize the nuances.

In time, you will understand that comedians talk about simple things from our daily life, do not invent anything. Do exactly the same, though, this is the material from the second paragraph.

2. Try to see the funny in everything.

If you really want to develop your humor, the instructions are simple: take simple things from everyday life and make a joke out of them. Comical can be found even in the saddest situation. Recall only the video "Leonid the Cat plays at the funeral," where a charming cat plays the piano, while the funeral procession drops the coffin. But God bless him, try not to think about it.

It happens that you make a funny joke in your head - and already in your heart it is more fun and easier, and the spear does not interfere so much. Take the example of Deadpool: the whole humor of this character is built on turning a depressing reality into a farce and finding a humorous grain even in a bloody mess.

So try it. Analyze the simple things around you, think about how a simple purchase of cigarettes can turn into a funny and absurd situation.

3. Learn to joke

We assure, in order to find a funny joke, it is not necessary to look at the memos on MDC. There are other resources, publics, articles that are not popular, but are full of humor. Although, sometimes even watching old KVN games, where everything has long since become outdated and covered with mold, can be useful. Indeed, there are good jokes out there that are still relevant. Look at the semi-finals of the 98th, and you will understand everything. Such dead art, like jokes, can also become a storehouse of jokes. Sorry jokes - they were finished off by memes, but such is the influence of time. Do not avoid classics such as Karen Hovhannisyan and “Monty Python” (but better than the latter).

If you do not understand, then we advise seditious thing - borrowing. Why else do we need jokes, if not for popular use? The main thing is not to assign them to yourself and do not pronounce on television. A person will hear them from you and laugh, will find you ridiculous. People don't care about authorship - they remember those who make jokes.

4. Watch and learn from the pranksters of the environment

Pranksters from the environment? Smell of a war theme. But seriously, everyone has friends we find funny. Of course, by constantly being near the “fountains of humor” you can go kukhukha, get into a madhouse and repeat Petrosian's joke about the horoscope, fish and beer all day long. Or hate the very concept of humor. But, definitely, they have a lot to learn. A free way to pump a skill is to surround yourself with people with a good sense of humor. Firstly, life will become more fun, and secondly, you will, perforce, notice their moves, try to become more hilarious. Or finally get lost on their background. Not everyone can be funny.

5. If someone does not laugh, do not give up.

Humor is a subjective thing. Everyone's sense of humor is also different. Someone laughs only with jokes about shit and same-sex love, and for someone they cause nausea. If, while you are joking, your face has not been broken, continue boldly. Until you hit the target. If you broke, it seems that you should not engage in humor. Although our author Stepan Nikolaenko even this did not stop. The guy is learning, striving for perfection.

It did not work this time - draw conclusions. Maybe you need to watch people, see what fun they have. Or maybe you just do not have enough knowledge. Because either a complete fool can become ridiculous, or an intelligent person. Do not despair, even Chandler had bad days.

6. Do not overdo it and be careful not to offend others

In general, you need to know the audience in front of whom you clown around. You need to understand which topics you can joke about, and which you don’t. You do understand that you should not let go of black jokes in front of a widow. Even to say: “Deadly sad. I can’t imagine life without your husband, ”is not worth it. Not a place, not a time. No need to make fun of gays with gays, with people with disabilities over people with disabilities and so on.

7. Be witty, not stupid.

In the end, the wit is always appreciated more than stupidity. A witty person is invulnerable and unique. Equally good at joking at yourself and those around you, letting out caustic jokes, always beating on a target, only an intelligent person can. By the way, only an intelligent person can organically pretend to be a fool. Because it turns out to play a fool only if inside you there is a certain core.

Therefore, do not strive for primitivism, obscene, foolishness. Better read more books and develop. Only in this case, can you become poking and funny, and mate - organic and not cause fainting seizures even among elderly philological maidens of blue blood from academic families who remember how good French was in Prince Yusupov.

8. Be positive

When Yuri Loza just moored his little raft to the shores of the media, his bilious remarks were perceived as a good banter. He was treated as nothing more than an amusing old man, who grumbles, bears nonsense, but looks ridiculous. Soon, as it is possible to say, toxic statements began to fill the edge of the mouth and simply annoy. Because no one likes grumbling, bilious people - they do not seem ridiculous, and even if Yuri Eduardovich starts joking, no one will take in his humor. Because they are waiting for him to be trash, delusions and oozing oozes and hate.

9. Do not slip into the baiting.

Making fun of someone is a win-win. In any of us you can find a reason for banter. Но есть пара нюансов. Во-первых, можно напороться на такого острослова, который смешает тебя с дерьмом так, что не отмоешься, – репутация будет испорчена. Во-вторых, ты можешь обидеть человека. В-третьих, над такими шутками будут смеяться, но репутация у тебя будет, мягко говоря, не из лучших.Because it immediately catches the eye, as you poison the comrades. Such people are avoided by people - they don’t want to become an object of jokes, they are drawn to kind and bright people.

Sarcasm and jokes - a good thing, but only when used in moderation. Otherwise, it develops into negative and persecution. It is better to alternate them with self-irony, because nothing paints a person like the ability to laugh at themselves.

10. Practice

Well, where without practice. The fastest way to learn a foreign language is to get into an environment where you will begin to practice willy-nilly. How do you know if you understand French, if you do not explain to the seller, what kind of stuffing do you need for a croissant? So with jokes. How to understand which of them hits the target, if you have not tested them in public? Jokes, write, practice in wit. Notice what a person is laughing at, and what is not, what jokes make you laugh and which ones make it hard. Remember, people of what age and social status they are suitable.

What kind of comedians are you?

Kinds of Comedians

There are three types of comedians:

  1. Random comedian

An occasional comedian or a comedy writer of coincidences is one who is waiting for something funny. When this happens, he takes notes. Or if something happens to him is ridiculous, he puts it at the heart of his material.

How to become a comedian

To be an occasional comedian, you just need to have a notebook for notes or an application for records in your iPhone.

A comedian architect can take something mundane, everyday and turn it into a ridiculous one. A true comedic architect believes that he can take any logical chain of words and make them funny, sometimes even turn one word into a joke ...

For example, once my brother bought a very expensive Bell motorcycle helmet. He was blowing dust off of him and, if his girlfriend accidentally dropped his helmet, he was ready to shoot her.

Then one day, when I played bowling with them, my brother pinned his girlfriend. And she replied, "Once again, and I will give you according to Bell." I caught the topic, and, rolling my eyes, asked: “By Bell? Wow! ”

It introduced the new meaning of the word Bell. Thanks to the filing, everyone understood what I meant by the word Bell. We thoroughly neighing, and in the future this word has long served us a tag of laughter.

To see the process of how this joke was created, leave a request for a free webinar on developing a sense of humor. There we will examine the example of the Double Entendre comedy structure in steps.

There are 13 such basic structures, and if you want to develop your sense of humor and learn how to write jokes, you need to at least familiarize yourself with them.

The comedian is a comedian who includes the above two types. He knows how to notice funny situations in life and present them even more fun. And also knows how to create funny stories from not funny situations. He understands the structure of comedy well and can create material even when he has no inspiration.

How to become a real humorist

Since the humorist uses two options to create something funny, he accordingly, and gives out twice as much material. It is usual for him to work on a monologue all day, and then write anecdotes to order all evening. More than a hundred jokes in the evening.

Some students ask me, what is the use of writing such a huge amount of material if you cannot use it all? The answer is simple: when you write a lot of material, you will become a better writer faster. And if you cannot use a joke for your own performance, you can always sell it! Your clients may be radio stations, television, newspapers, magazines, Internet sites, other comedians, toasts, etc.

To become a comedian, write everything always and everywhere.

Do you understand? It does not matter whether you use your jokes or not. The more you write, the more professional you become. Here it matters. It sharpens and develops your sense of humor. If your goal is to be a great comedian or a great comedy writer, then you need to train a lot and do it regularly.

How to become a humorist: Comedy is not levity

If you tense up and learn this craft, you can easily start working in the field of comedy, and not just make your friends laugh.

But to know how comedy works is not to master the craft. Comedy is not bookkeeping. And the humorist is not an accountant. The accountant is linear, analytical and blatant.

Comedy is not bookkeeping, and comedian is not a blatant accountant

The left hemisphere of our brain controls our linear or analytical thinking. Our right brain controls creativity and emotions. Comedy activates both hemispheres of our brain.

See a quick outline of the various brain resources and how humorists of various kinds use them. This will give you a pretty good idea of ​​your own trends and help you develop further in developing a sense of humor.

How to become a comedian and use the brain 100%

Use of the left hemisphere of the brain

More used for writing.

  1. Current events.
  2. Something that might be funny.
  3. Analyzes humor for tags.
  4. Humorous pun.
  5. More structured.
  6. Use triggers laugh.
  7. Can produce material volumes.
  8. Solves jokes - puzzles.
  9. Uses jigsaw puzzles.
  10. Material can be complex, heady, deep, factual.
  11. Uses magazines, newspapers, the Internet to find material to create something funny.
  12. Rational.
  13. Consistent.
  14. Looks apart.

Using the right hemisphere of the brain

More used for improvisation.

  1. Creative.
  2. Spontaneous.
  3. It works more on feelings, emotions.
  4. Prone to observant humor.
  5. As a rule, it lacks structure.
  6. Contradictory.
  7. Characteristic initiative.
  8. Parodies of songs.
  9. Impressions.
  10. Random.
  11. Intuitive.

A good humorist uses both hemispheres.

The humorist works in both parts of the brain hemispheres to use both imagination and cognitive skills. To understand when his observations are funny. However, he sits down and creates jokes from any information and news.

A good humorist involved both hemispheres.

The advantage of using both hemispheres of the brain is that you have immediate access to more material. Volumes! In addition, a humorist can take any string of words and make them a fun joke, by applying the 13 basic comedy structures. Want also? Leave a request for a free webinar.

This all makes humorists more in demand in the sense that they can now write and sell material, create scripts, sketches, humorous columns, blogs, novels, etc. It is important to learn how to connect the mechanisms of the right hemisphere with the left.

When you master the technical fundamentals, your creativity will play in a new way!

Most comedians start out as casual comedians. When you master the structures of creating the ridiculous, you must remember that the creative side of your brain remains inoperative. While the analytical part will work on the whole coil. But when the technical basics become a part of you, you can connect the creative part of the brain and create masterpieces. Here is how it works.

To become a humorist, you need to train

Some people think that structure or formula limits the ability to write and create outstanding comedy. In fact, it is just the opposite. This is kind of like training you as a musician.

For example, you want to learn how to play the guitar. At first you master chords, types of battles, enumerations. And then, having mastered all this technical part, you can give free rein to your creativity and invent melodies yourself.

Similarly, in the comedy. Once you master the formulas and structures, they will become part of you. Now you can write and play beautiful music of various styles and genres. But without fundamentals ... what do you think, will you play in unison?

Leave a request for a webinar where you will learn how to develop a sense of humor quickly. And learn to play with laughter and become a great comedian!

The content of the article

  • How to be a humorist
  • How to become a cheerful, sociable person
  • What kind of humor do people like

Regardless of whether a person wants to achieve popularity in the stage or literary field, or just to have fun and enjoyable in communicating among his environment, first you just need to learn how to communicate with people. It should be more often in the company, learn to support any conversation and accept people as they are.

The acquisition of the first skills of humorist

However, do not immediately try to joke. First you need to learn to tell jokes with wit and excitement. Rough and tasteless humor can only push people away. In addition, you should always be able to choose the right place and time for jokes. If someone else is in the center of attention, you should not try to switch attention to yourself.

It’s not at all necessary to immediately invent jokes yourself. For a start, you can read the humorous literature, listen to speeches of famous humorists, pick jokes that are suitable for themselves and their surroundings. Then it is necessary to learn and test on familiar those of them that seemed most successful.

A good option for learning humor - reading and retelling jokes. Reading a lot of short funny stories, it is easy to learn the principles of their construction, which can later be used to create your own jokes. In addition, telling jokes, you can learn the art of presenting a humorous piece.

Do not forget that jokes, above all, should be appropriate. In no case should they be offensive to people. Also, do not annoy others and try to be the center of attention at any cost. Jokes should be kind and cheerful, then they will attract people like a magnet.

Writing your own jokes

Over time, come the ability to write their own jokes. It should be remembered that they should not be too complicated to understand. Otherwise, their author will seem strange to others. Writing jokes should be a fun and exciting game. Only in this case it will turn into an easy, fast and very interesting activity. Looking through the performances of famous humorists, you can gradually adopt their ways of creating and presenting jokes, and then, based on them, come up with your own.

The resulting humorous skills can be used in various fields. You can gain popularity among friends and colleagues, impress your favorite girl, and you can become a member of the KVN team or try to start writing humorous stories.