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It is nice to pick up a new book, open the first page and plunge into an unknown world in which there is a special atmosphere, and live invented heroes. As you read, you get used to them, to understand their feelings, to predict their actions and next steps. And now, reading the last lines, there comes a moment of aching sadness when you realize that you have to part with this wonderful world and its characters, who gave so many magical moments and made you think about such simple things that you forget about in the bustle of ordinary life.

And just long books are able to keep lovers of prose around themselves for a long time in order to prolong the moment of inevitable parting. We have prepared the TOP 10 great novels, which in the long cold evenings you will slowly read, sitting in a comfortable chair, eating delicious cookies and sipping sweet tea.

The Forsyte Saga (John Galsworthy)

The magnificent novel, in which the destinies of several generations of the Forsyte family are masterfully described, for almost a century has attracted more and more new readers. The book not only reveals the history of the tragic fate of the heroes, but also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the lively English language of England since the Victorian era, which has not lost its relevance. It will allow you to walk through the streets of London, look into the windows of his houses and feel the breath of that time. The Forsyte Saga penetrates the very heart and remains there forever!

In Search of Lost Time (Marcel Proust)

The best book about time and memories, sitting inside us and pop-up always suddenly, bringing us unexpected emotions. But it is surprising that this past is capable of evolving, and the attitude towards it can change throughout its life.

The language of narration deserves a special praise, so skillfully the author builds sentences that conceal a deep meaning. This work, consisting of 7 novels, is capable of immersing you in an interesting world filled with thoughts and passions.

Ulysses (James Joyce)

This unique novel is recognized as the pinnacle of modernism literature. The book tells about one day Dublin citizen named Leopold Bloom. However, the author does not just talk about the main character, his pastime and environment, but finds analogies with the life of the mythical character Odyssey and other characters in the classic poem of Homer. Definitely one can say that the “Ulysses” book is not for everyone, but it must be read in order to understand the special unique syllable of writing James Joyce and enroll in the club of his fans.

Khazar Dictionary (Milorad Pavich)

The Khazar Dictionary is considered one of the most unusual literary works in the world. In the novel there is no plot as such, and the reality described in it is presented on the basis of a vocabulary-vocabulary that combines various languages ​​and cultures.

Thanks to this non-standard format, you can start reading a book from any article you like. Milorad Pavic wrote 2 versions of the dictionary: male and female, they differ only in one small paragraph.

A man without properties (Robert Musil)

Before you is the unfinished novel of the Austrian writer Robert Musil, which he wrote for a long 20 years, but did not have time to finish. To this day, readers can only guess at what ending the author would have invented. The protagonist of the novel Ulrich - “a man without properties” is a kind of characterless, unprincipled type who tries to resist the world, but at the same time does not want to really change anything in himself and become an individual. The topic remains topical for the modern generation, so the book becomes more relevant than ever.

Quincanx (Charles Palliser)

This modern English bestseller is not in vain in our top list of long books, along with great classic works. The author was able to perfectly convey the atmosphere of Victorian England, in which he placed the main character - the boy John and his mother. A terrible family secret is associated with his birth, which can affect not only his fate, but also the lives of many people. A long intricate plot with a lot of mysteries and unsolved mysteries will constantly keep you in suspense and will not allow you to leave the book for a second.

Grapes of Wrath (John Steinbeck)

The novel covers the times of the Great Depression. A ravaged family of tenant farmers is forced to leave their dwellings in Oklahoma. Together with millions of the same deprived, they are sent to the coveted California. What awaits them there? And can they find their happiness in a new place?

Despite the hopeless despair, penetrating the book through and through, the author managed to do the impossible - to settle in her a bright sense of hope for the best. The novel "The Grapes of Wrath" was awarded the Pulitzer Prize - the highest award in the field of literature.

Tikhiy Don (Mikhail Sholokhov)

The epic novel "Silent Don" is considered one of the most significant works of Russian literature of the last century, which brought the Nobel Prize to its author. The book describes the period of great trials that befell the Don Cossacks and the entire Russian people - the First World War, the October Revolution and the Civil Fratricidal War. Large-scale creation, which absorbed all the bitterness of that era, and which penetrates into the soul of the reader and turns it inside out.

The Enchanted Soul (Romain Rolland)

The novel tells about the fate of French intellectuals of the early twentieth century, their self-deception and breakthroughs to the truth, their losses and victories. The main character is a fragile girl with a strong character, capricious and fearless, faithful to her principles, not wanting to adapt to the cruelties of the world, and always ready to take risks - you fall in love with her the first time. It can be said that “The Enchanted Soul” is a story about the inner world of one woman who suffered a difficult and tragic fate.

War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy)

“War and Peace” is a novel for all times, which has been reprinted countless times and was repeatedly transferred to the screens by many renowned directors in different countries. Tolstoy, like no other writer, is able to skillfully uncover the essence of the human soul, grasp its smallest movements and precisely transfer them to paper, thus fully revealing the images of the characters. This great work must enter into the life of every person.

Any of these significant books will stir up your soul and fill it with new, hitherto untested sensations. And then you will want to master absolutely all the works that we have selected and submitted to your court.


Lemony Snicket - Bad Start
I do not know if it is suitable or not, but books are read in one evening, and very interesting.
in a series of 13 books.

Thank you, now add))

quite small in volume)
Silk, Alessandro Baricco
Biological Material, Ninni Holmquist
Diary of Memory, Nicholas Sparks
35 kilos of hope, Anna Gavalda

Yes, especially the book Gavaldy here in the topic. You can browse in half an hour))

I think Eric Sigal "Love Story" will do.

Added Slava Se "Plumber, his cat, wife and other details"

"She is Grace," if my memory serves me right, it is not at all small), but I think "Rebecca" Du Maurier will do

Thank you, but about "she Grace" just looked, she really is not small. I can not delete.

Not big and easy to read Chocolate on boiling water Laura Esquivel, as for me then my brains were resting on it :)))

Thank you)) Now add))

Add two books: Christine Springer "Entertaining Espressology"
Holly Black "White Cat"
Very light, read in one breath))) Interesting selection)

Thank you))) After reading large and complex books, my brain wants to relax, which is why I created: D. Now add))))

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1. "Waffle Heart", Maria Parr

In the literary Norwegian sky appeared a new star, which critics have named the second Astrid Lindgren. This is her first work, which appeared in several countries at once and earned the “Silver Lead” in the Netherlands.

The events cover just one year of life for the main characters: 9-year-old Trillet and Lena, living in Shtchki-Matilda Bay. During this time they have gone through so many unimaginable adventures, as others do not know in their entire life. However, at some instant their idyll is broken. But the real friendship is not given to anyone to break!

2. "Rita Hayworth, or Shawshank Escape," Stephen King

The Shawshank is not just a prison, but a school of survival. The protagonist was sentenced to life imprisonment for a false accusation of murdering his wife and her lover. He not only passed this school with honor, earning the respect of his cellmates and bosses, but also escaped from this hell in 20 years.
You can watch the same film version of this fascinating story. By the way, the film invariably enters the top 10 best films of all times and peoples.

3. "The Queen of Spades", Alexander Pushkin

This book is a recognized literary classic and 200 years later finds a lively response in the hearts of readers. Mystical story about the unpredictability of fate and the steep turns of fortune. The author told the legend of the famous Saint-Germain, who told the grandmother of the friend of the protagonist the secret of three cards - "three, seven, ace." Knowing this secret, you will always win ...

Tale was filmed repeatedly. Tchaikovsky wrote the opera of the same name.

5. "I loved her / I loved him", Anna Gavalda

The simplicity of the presentation of the material does not detract from the skill of the author and the quality of the work. The 2006 novel was translated into many languages, and even the sensational “Da Vinci Code” “outdid” in popularity. Sad, poignant, beautiful story of love, revealing the unknown facets of this feeling.

Books Gavalda need to read, not to forget about the sincerity in relationships and remain people. Anna never dreamed of becoming a writer, but took part in literary competitions from the age of 17, often winning them.

6. "Siddhartha", Hermann Hesse

Deep philosophical book about finding a way to yourself, to your own "I". It is impossible to achieve enlightenment if you were not tempted and could not cope with it, if you did not fall on take-off, if you never disappointed in life, if you simply drifted with the flow.

The author was inspired to write this work by his sincere respect and love for Indian philosophy and Eastern spirituality. Eastern philosophers themselves noted that not a single writer in Europe could so convey the depth of their philosophy and religion as Hesse did.

7. "Masha", Vladimir Nabokov

The story of the author of the world famous "Lolita" was published in 1926, in the epoch of his Berlin emigration. In 1991, he was filmed. The plot is closely intertwined with the biography of Nabokov and holds only 6 days.

This work is surprising in that the main character Masha exists only in memories. Two immigrants live in a Berlin guest house for Russians. One of them from Russia should come wife. And another, having seen her portrait, learns in Masha the love of her life. He wants, going to the meanness, return the past. However, is it possible? Realizing this, the man leaves the city forever.

8. "Vague Smile", Francoise Sagan

As usual, it delights and attracts the elegant, delicate style of the writer. A successful but bored lawyer is fond of a young student who falls in love with him. Will this relationship be tested "for strength"? The book is intertwined with deep emotional feelings: sadness, excitement, awe, hope, disappointment.

9. "Ocean at the End of the Road," Neil Gaiman

A fabulous mythical plot tells us about the nameless protagonist, in which you can learn the features of the author himself. A boy walks through Sussex's English farms and unexpectedly bumps into the house in which the ancient gods live. Gods play people. From this point on, the hero’s usual life is broken, or rather, it becomes completely different. He will have to face unusual creatures of another world.

10. “Stay to Winter”, Shane Jones

The book, published in a run-down publishing house with a circulation of only five hundred, suddenly caused a stir among critics and won the deserved love of readers. What kind of product is it that each subsequent book after the first edition was sold for $ 250? Yes, and the right to publish it acquired almost all of Europe. And better read for yourself!