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How easy do-it-yourself wedding handbags are made for the bride


For women, it is no secret that details and trifles give completeness to any image. A clutch for a wedding cannot be called a necessary attribute for a bride, but with it a girl would be much more comfortable. Not all the culprits of the future celebration can afford their own stylist, many do not even have the opportunity to consult with him. However, to pick up the image of the desired accessory or make it with your own hands under the force of almost everyone.

Photos of the wedding bag for the bride

Rules for choosing a wedding clutch

You can plan a big party with a lot of guests or a small family party, but the wedding bag should definitely match the color of your shoes. Exists a few basic rules:

  1. Do not try to make the accessory inconspicuous, the bag, on the contrary, should attract the attention of others. It can be textured, embossed, embossed or decorated with beautiful flowers and ribbons. The main thing is that it looks harmonious.
  2. Convenience is another important factor in choosing a clutch bag. She will be with you throughout the holiday, so it should be comfortable and multi-functional. Well, if the thing can be hung on the shoulder, to take in hand or put under the elbow. Even better, when it provides a lot of compartments and pockets for a variety of items.
  3. Think of a set of things that you need throughout the wedding celebration. This is necessary not to overload the clutch with unnecessary items.

In the future, the handbag will definitely come in handy for you going to the theater or to parties, to the restaurant

Wedding Clutch Models for Brides

Wedding bags for the bride are presented in a huge variety of types, shades and textures. Very often for their manufacture using natural, artificial leather or satin. You can buy this accessory together with a wedding dress, or separately, choosing the one that you like best. In addition, needlewomen girls in this sense were much more fortunate. Making a clutch to celebrate a wedding is pretty simple, and it will exclusive, unique bag, which will be a real decoration of the whole image.

Heart shaped wedding bag

Exists several main types of wedding clutch handbags:

  1. Rectangular. An excellent choice for the strict image of the bride. It will look great on the first wedding day for a sheath dress, and on the second - for a stylish trouser suit. The handbag can be on a chain, on a strap or completely without them. Try to choose a rectangular handbag for a wedding with minimal design elements. Butterflies and ruffles are not suitable for such a strict and laconic design. By the way, it is this model that can be used in the future to complement the evening look.
  2. Purse. Ideal for a wedding ceremony in retro style. The main distinguishing feature of such bags is the presence of a metal fastener at the very top. The model itself can be made of any material, such brocade and velvet products are especially interesting. Rhinestones, flowers, textiles, pearls, etc. are used as decorations.
  3. Boxes. Interesting in appearance and very comfortable inside the bag-boxes like any bride. This model should be advised to get the girls who chose to create a wedding image of the dress in the Empire style or "mermaid".
  4. Ball. Ideal for any bride bag-ball more like a large pearl. It is hung on the girl’s shoulder with the help of a long chain and will decorate a strict, laconic dress.
  5. Pouch. Great solution for any bride. The model is more like a small bag-pouch, tied with a ribbon or a chain. You can wear it on your wrist as well as on your wrist. It will look great with a wedding dress, decorated with a fluffy skirt. Very often, brides prefer to create a kind of mix - the handbag is combined with a double bouquet, making the main composition spherical.

Traditional color clutch bag white. There are many variations of shades: ivory, beige, cream, pink, etc. For a traditional white dress, stylists are advised to choose a milky handbag, but take into account the tone of other accessories - shoes, bouquets, gloves, etc.

Clutches are decorated in different ways.

The classic choice is models of pearls decorated with crystals and beads.

The products decorated with textile flower compositions, lace, silk, etc. look very good.

Master class on making a wedding handbag-pouch do it yourself

The wedding handbag for the bride, made by hand, is not only an opportunity to complement the image according to your own taste, but also an opportunity to express yourself, to make an accessory to your taste.

To work you will need the following materials:

  1. Cut fabric size 50x15 cm. Perfect satin, velvet, silk, guipure. It is advisable to choose a material that matches the texture of the dress. If the outfit is sewn from a thin, lightweight fabric, the clutch should match.
  2. Small button or neat clasp for choice.
  3. Decorations. You can choose pearls, beads, brooch, etc.
  4. Hands such a product is unlikely to sew, so you will need a sewing machine.
  5. Threads in the color of the material.
  6. Pins for fastening fabric.
  7. Compass and meter tailor's tape.

Sew a bag, start with the simplest. Take a compass, mark a circle on the fabric 12 cm in diameter. For the work will need 2 parts. Next, cut out a ribbon with a width of 15 cm and a length of 55 cm. Fold the round blanks with their faces facing each other, sweep them with an overlock or with a hand stitch around the edge. Leave 1.5-2 cm untreated so that you can turn the part to the front.

Wrap a strip of fabric 2 cm inside, secure with a secret seam. Leave a small segment unfinished in order to thread the strings into it. Attach the side walls to a round piece. Thread lace, chain or ribbon into the workpiece, tie a bow.

Then you can fantasize yourself. Decorate your handbag with flowers, beading, bows, beads or brooch.

Those who can embroider can be advised to make a beautiful thematic embroidery in the form of swans, hearts or doves. It will be interesting to look ornate or floral pattern.

Making a small wedding handbag do it yourself

This is another version of a small satin bridal handbag. Especially good this model will look with a dress from the same material. For work, take:

  • 4 cuts fabric size 25x15 cm
  • thick fabric to form the bag frame,
  • any decor
  • sewing machine
  • threads to match the material
  • tailors and ordinary needles.

Draw on a sheet of paper shape your future handbag. You can make it rectangular, square, heart-shaped or semi-felted. Draw a pattern on the fabric, make 4 identical blanks. In this case, 2 will be facial, the remaining 2 - lining. Lining blanks sew together with the front side to each other. To the seamy side of the face patterns attach a thick fabric and sew all together on a typewriter.

Beautiful handbag for the bride do it yourself

The edges of the fabric join and sew in a buttonhole or any other fastener. To do this, the chain go tape. The wedding clutch is decorated with your own hands. To do this, take any decorations that are suitable for the style along with.

With a little imagination and spending a few hours, you can make the most amazing, unique product. Decorate your handbag so that it does not go into the background, and became a good addition to your outfit.

Choosing the material for the pattern and color

All accessories should fit the image of the bride. A pedicle or cosmetic bag can be sewn from the same material as the dress. But there are exceptions.

For example, an accessory made of leather will suit a short dress, but in combination with appropriate shoes. Do not miss the moment that It is better to decorate wedding handbags for the bride with the same rhinestones or flowers as the dress. By the modest along, it is desirable to make a bright accessory. Choose colors pastel, golden or silvery. The style should be one and be combined with earrings, necklace, veil or tiara.

To create this jewelry you can spend just a couple of hours.but your image will be unique and attractive, and any mother-in-law will appreciate the craftsmanship. In addition, in the same style you can make other accessories for your celebration.

We need to take a piece of matter that fits the dress, cut a circle out of it and gather it into a beautiful braid. If you know how to knit, then a knitted wedding handbag, crocheted or knitted and decorated with satin ribbon, is perfect.

Looks pretty beadwork. The embroidered bag will be originally combined with the same embroidery on the dress. An accessory in the shape of a heart will give you romance. In the winter season, the clutch bag is perfect. Looks great under the bouquet accessory. In this case, even natural flowers can decorate it.

Interesting! If you like the attributes of beads, see what else you can make from it jewelry. For example, a bouquet.

What you need to work

You will need: material (combined with your outfit), sewing machine, scissors, beads, satin ribbon. If you choose a product with embroidery, then take the thread floss. For a knitted bag - yarn of a suitable shade. For registration fit all sorts of brooches, beautiful hairpins. If you want to make a product with flowers, they can be made from pieces of cloth or ribbons. The main types of bags for the wedding:

  • Clutch Made from silk, satin and leather. Carried under the arm.
  • Reticule - large wallet with a clasp. It can be of any shape and material.
  • Pouch (bag) rectangular shape. It can be knitted or woven, laced with a cord.
  • The envelope. Made of yarn, fabric, lack - always in the hands.

Interesting video: how to sew their own hands

First, we cut out a simple bag pattern from paper. The same blanks are cut from the fabric with an allowance of 1.5 cm. You can use any cotton material for the lining. Tuck the top edge and head out, then tune the lock. We catch the lining in the same way, only from the inside, that is, we bend the upper edge and sew one side first, then the other to the zipper. Unzip the zipper by three quarters, fold the bag face down and fasten both halves along the edge.

We conclude, departing from the edge of 1 cm, stitch on a typewriter. We turn on the front side and decorate with flowers. We cut out three strips of 8 * 65 cm and three strips of 12 * 87 cm from the same fabric. We fold them along and stitch them along the edge with a thread, stretching them up to 22 cm along the entire length. With the help of hot glue we form roses, twisting the fabric in a spiral. Glue or sew them to the bag. Large flowers on the bottom, small - on top. We make a pen either from the same fabric or from beads. You can sew a finished strap at your discretion.

Another curious workshop

Consider a master class on how to make a wedding handbag with your own hands. We make 4 semicircular blanks from the fabric: two satin and two openwork. We got a wedding bag pattern. Sew side seams. Top tuck and hem. In the middle we make two seams for the handle. Stepping back from the edge of 3 cm, we lay two lines and insert a satin ribbon for tightening. From the same tape do pens. We decorate with butterflies and flowers - you can make them yourself.

Cut out small circles and fold them in four, we collect the edge on a string and tighten. It turned out a petal. There should be 5 or 6 of such petals. Connect them together, and glue a bead or rhinestones to the middle. We fix them in the place where the tie will be. And now your unique wedding handbag is ready with your own hands! We show the photo of one of the design options not for exact copying, but for example, you can experiment and add your own elements.

Step by step sewing process

We take a piece of satin 65 cm, clasp, cord 125 cm, thread, scissors, needle. The main detail will be decorated with puffs. So that the fabric is not shaggy around the edges, we sing it with a candle, you can sweep it over.

Cut a 6 * 20 strip from a sheet of paper. Across the entire strip we make serifs with scissors at a distance of 1 cm. We obtain a pattern with which we will make a pattern on matter.

From above, it is necessary to retreat 4 cm for sewing the zipper. The markup is done from the middle of the matter, so that the pattern is uniform. You get a bitmap in the form of a Christmas tree: one branch to the left, the other - to the right.

We select the threads in the color of the product. The material is captured by a stitch of 1 mm, pulling the matter between them, securing the knot from the wrong side. The pattern is obtained in the form of Christmas trees. One row is collected, the second is skipped, etc. Edge a little clutter to fasten the elements together. Sew parts, departing from the edge of 1 cm to the semicircular side parts. We sew the lining. Inside between the base and the lining insert a plastic strip to give shape. Fix the clasp, carefully holding the thread in each hole and securing the inside out.

For pens, cut into thin strips in the amount of 6 pieces. We stitch them from the seamy side and turn it out. Braid with pigtails. Attach to the product can be on the ring. Another option for attaching handles is to use chains, beads.

An interesting design option

You will need white yarn, knitting needles or a hook, a scheme, a clasp. In this embodiment, your imagination is limitless. This thing will look good as a tracery, and dense viscous. Form - any.

Suitable for jewelry: for a pouch handbag - wild flowers or beads, if the wedding is in a nautical style, seashells will serve as an ornament, lace will look original, a grandmother’s brooch, butterflies in the summer, feathers and artificial fur are suitable for the cold season.

How to tie a crochet accessory - scheme

Required: hook number 2, 150 grams of fine yarn, white beads, hot glue, lining material. On a thick cardboard draw a circle measuring 16 cm. We take the threads in two additions and knit the bottom of the bag according to the scheme along this circle.

Five double crochets of one eyelet, 3 air loops, pass through the fifth of the previous row, 5 air loops, pass through the fifth of the previous row, then 3 air loops and again 5 double crochet of one loop. Similarly, knit the whole series.

In the next row, after having tied up the crochets, between them we make one air loop, then we fix two air bars into the middle bar of the air loops in the previous row. In the third row we knit already in double crochets, between the columns we make two air loops, and we connect the fifth column with the next air column of another pattern.

The fourth row of knit, as the first, etc. With this pattern, tie a strip 55 cm wide, 30 cm high. We sew. The top of the handbag is decorated with quilted columns with “pico”. Hem lining. We knit a 60 cm string and thread it through the finished product, departing 4 cm from the top edge.

Next, decorate at your discretion, you can glue beads or flowers. This option involves crocheting. Wedding bags can also be knit and knit, for this we take: Adelia RUFF white yarn, Zlatka clasp 205 * 75 mm and needles No. 2.

We collect 320 loops on the needles, simply throwing every free loop of the working thread. In the first row we knit the first loop, pulling into it the next free loop of the working thread, similarly knit all 20 loops. As a result, you should have a row with double ruffles.

Knitting all 25 rows, do not close the loop. We knit the second part in the same way.

Next, take the clasp-clasp, open it and attach it to one of the valves part, to the other - the second part. In the holes of the clasp we stretch the loops with a knitting needle with a hook. Hold the first loop on the hook, insert it into the second hole and pull the second loop through the first loop. Knitting in turn all the loops with knitting needles.

The loop stitch will work out inside your cosmetic bag. We fasten the last loop with simple threads with a needle on the wrong side. Sew the second part in the same way. Sew the parts together with a needle with a secret seam. It should be a handbag with ruffles: both inside and outside - this gives it extra volume.

Wedding Manager

The accessory of the bride should not take up much space. It contains only the most necessary. Also, he should give you a certain image of femininity and originality.

Elena Sokolova

Lyudmila Alentieva

The most noticeable accessory is, of course, a handbag for a wedding dress. With your own hands, as you now know, it is not very difficult and much more profitable to sew it than to buy it. Choose the most unusual wedding bags, fantasize, and you will shine in your image!

Handbag of the bride with his own hands

For making a wedding bag, we need:

  • satin white fabric
  • thin white ribbon
  • decorative flower
  • wide ribbon.

Cut a rectangle from white satin with dimensions of 30 centimeters wide, 50 centimeters long.

Fabric blank

Короткие стороны прямоугольника подворачиваем и подшиваем или обрабатываем оверлоком. Длинную сторону подворачиваем на четыре сантиметра два раза.

Обрабатываем края

Проутюживаем подвернутую сторону. We lay two parallel lines on it. The distance between the lines should be about 1.5 cm.

We shuffle

We fold the resulting blank in half. Along the edge of the short side we lay the line. The turned side is not stitched.

We fold and give the line

Choose the shape of the handbag for the bride

And we will make it with a round bottom in the style of "Pompadour" - so the handbag of the bride will get a more presentable look. Cut two circles from white satin. From them we will make a bottom of a wedding handbag. Between them, insert a cardboard or another, preferably a very dense material.

Billets for the bottom

Sew bottom to handbag as shown in the photo.

Sew the bottom

Between the two parallel lines retract the thin ribbon. We will add the top edge of our product. Retracted ribbon can be tied to a bow.

We draw the lace

Almost done! Now you need to decorate the wedding accessory. To do this, we will select beautiful and elegant jewelry for the handbag - a flower made of ribbons and a beautifully tied bow. Everything should look fantastically beautiful, because it is a wedding! A handbag for the bride with his own hands sewn and decorated will definitely stop the views of the guests. So - we begin to decorate!

Bow and flower satin ribbon Different decorations for bags

On a bow of satin ribbons we will sew a flower. The resulting composition will add volume and sophistication to our wedding product.

Satin Ribbon Arrangement

We will place the composition on the bride's wedding handbag and stick it in the right place with our own hands.

We decorate the flower handbag

Now we will make a pen - we will take beads and collect them on a thread. The thread should be strong, it is better to take a thick fishing line. So we have a graceful handle for which the bride will hold her handbag.

Bead handle

Sew a pen and - a wedding handbag for the bride with your own hands called "Pompadour" is ready! Well, now you can safely wait for the wedding ceremony and enjoy the positive emotions of this holiday.

Here is such an elegant handbag for the bride.

A few words about the appointment of handbags for the bride

We must not forget that the bride at the wedding is not only a role, but also a living person, who sometimes needs to correct makeup, wipe her hands or accept congratulations on a mobile phone. Where to place all these things - mobile phone, handkerchief, powder box, etc.? Well, not to load their girlfriends with them ?! That is why the handbag is simply necessary for the modern bride.

Of course, you can buy this accessory, but only the handbag for the bride with your own hands can make the outfit of the “heroes of the occasion” unique, an example of which we showed in this master class. And after the wedding, it is possible to give her mother or mother-in-law ...

Well, bye? Until! 🙂 Give joy and fun - and happiness will always be with you! I wish all brides to be even happier!

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Handbag with drawstring

Among the variety of models of wedding handbags, each bride will be able to choose the one that will fit her image and wishes. Popular for wedding models of this accessory are clutch, small purse, envelope, bag in the form of a heart or a bouquet of flowers. But among the favorites there is a bag-pouch, and it is not difficult to sew such a product with your own hands for needlewomen.

Necessary materials

  • The fabric is 1 mx 50 cm. Both satin and silk, organza or guipure are suitable for work. Choose a fabric depending on the dress. If it is sewn using a thin transparent material, then the same material will be needed for the bag. But in this case, the fabric must be taken twice as large. So that the product is not translucent, sew it in two layers.
  • Small size clasp or button.
  • Decorative elements: beads, pearls, rhinestones, stones, sequins.
  • Sewing machine.
  • White thread.
  • Needle.
  • Tape measure.
  • Compass.
  • Safety pin.

Stages of creation

  • Using a compass on the fabric, outline a circle with a diameter of 12 cm. Cut two such identical round blanks. It is also necessary to cut out a strip of 15 cm x 55 cm. Fold the two round blanks to each other with the right side of the fabric inside. Sew two blanks together with an overlay stitch. If you have a sewing machine, then use it, and process the edges of the blanks with an overlock.

  • The seam should not be laid along the entire edge, but leave a small hole through which the circle should be turned out and the remaining hole should be closed with a masking stitch.

  • Cut a strip of fabric measuring 15 cm x 55 cm on the wide side to bend 2 cm inwards and secure with a secret stitch. Leave a small piece unsewn into which the strings are then inserted.

  • The side walls, having a height of 15 cm, should be joined together with a secret stitch or with a stitching machine.

  • The resulting cylinder, which represents the blank sidewalls of the future handbag, from the wrong side of the fabric sew to the bottom. Doing this, make small folds to give a beautiful shape to the product.

  • The final stage: a white lace, a thin satin ribbon or self-made strings with a safety pin to thread through the drawstring at the top of the product. Sew a handle of the required length. As the handle, use a chain, pearl strings or fabric lace to match the material. Decorate the bride's handbag at will: embroider with beads, beads, other stones or make embroidery.

Wedding handbag from satin, beads and flowers

Whatever shape the handbag would prefer the bride, its essential details are delicate decorative elements. For the wedding, girls choose accessories decorated with beads, artificial stones, and flowers. Atlas is a traditional and widely used fabric for wedding dresses. In order to make everything look harmonious, a handbag for such a dress is recommended to be also made from satin, and then to decorate the product with matching style details.

Video tutorial on creating a bag for the bride

With the help of step-by-step workshops and detailed instructions with photos, each bride can create her own wedding bag if desired. The main advantage of this accessory is its complete exclusivity. No one else will have such a wardrobe detail like yours. Create your own product that perfectly complements the wedding dress and will be combined with all its elements. To learn more about the technique of sewing the handbag of the bride with your own hands, watch the video below. In it, an experienced needlewoman will share her own secrets.

Photos of wedding bags for brides

If you attach a little imagination and spend a couple of hours of time, then even the finished bag can be made original and unique. Decorate your accessories with bright details, complement them with hand embroidery, a scattering of stones or artificial flowers. This handmade component of the wedding dress will be a bright accent of the whole image and will bring in it notes of originality and sophistication. Get inspired to create your own handbags using the photo selection below.

Choose a style and material

Of course, with the choice of material. According to the texture and shade of white, it should be combined with the dress. Etor can be silk, lace on the lining, satin.

In addition, you need:

  • disk
  • 2 satin ribbons of different widths
  • decor elements - beads, rhinestones
  • a piece of nylon or tulle

Sewing handbags (MK)

We start making handbags for the bride.

  • From the atlas we cut a double bottom to the size of the disk. Sew the edges. It turns out the round bottom of the bag.
  • Cut a strip of the same fabric with a width of 20-25 cm (choose the height of the product yourself, but do not forget that the volume bag will look coarse). The length of the strip corresponds to the circumference of the disk with small allowances for the folds. The edges of the strip must be connected and stitched. It turns out the "pipe". Sew this cylinder to the round satin bottom with invisible stitches from the outside. Ready wall bag. Careful, of course, will look seams, stitched on a sewing machine. But you can do it smoothly and manually.

  • Now, departing from the top edge of 3 cm, it is necessary to make vertical cuts in the material. So they do not sprinkle, you can sheathe or handle gently with duct tape. To cut out a tulle or caprone strip of the same length as the satin one, but 2-3 cm more in height. Sew neat stitches bottom edge to the bottom of the bag. Connect the top edge with the edge of the atlas. In the upper material cut through the same holes as in the atlas. Now pass a wide ribbon through the slots of satin and tulle and tighten it so that your hand passes freely into the pouch. Tie a ribbon with a beautiful curvy bow.

  • Wrap the edge of satin and tulle inside the bag and gently stitch it with a secret stitch. The handbag will look more voluminous if the tulle will “bubble” a little. Stick it to the base with pearl beads or sequins. Sew the same jewelry on the bow. All materials handbags should be white. Allow ribbons and decor close tones.

Finishing touches

Wedding efforts give the anticipation of happiness and joy. If you have time and special skills, decorate the front of the product with beautiful embroidery. For this fit a shiny thread of Lurex. You can embroider swans, connected rings, hearts and other emblems of this solemn day. Embroidery can be done with beads. Turn on the sense of proportion. Do not overdo it with decorations. Perform them in one technique, so as not to work "nalyapisto."

The pouch handle can be a beautiful large chain of golden color. It is golden (wedding ring because, traditionally, gold). You can insert a narrow satin ribbon into the links of the chain. The double handle from a wide satin ribbon will look just as beautiful.

To close the bag, sew a velcro or a large button to the edges. If the wedding is supposed to be played in national traditions, add a national ornament to the decoration of your handbag. After all, many wedding patterns are not only decorative, but also are amulets. This day is so important that I want to protect every stage of it from unkind words and glances. Unwittingly remember superstition. To be sure, you can carry some proven talisman in your purse.

Glasses of newlyweds

The table of the newlyweds is decorated with 2 bottles of champagne and glasses, decorated in the same style. They are decorated with ribbons, polymer clay parts, lace, cloth, rhinestones.

To decorate it with lace, you need to wrap it around the glass and cut off the required length. To glue. From above you can add a ribbon, flowers, rhinestones.

On a note! The stem of glasses can be decorated with the same lace, ribbons or flowers.

Examples of wedding glasses on the photo:

Umbrella for a photo shoot

This accessory is most often used for photozone. Delicate openwork umbrella, paper in Chinese style, in the shape of a heart. As a base, any umbrella cane of the desired shape will do. For an umbrella only a mechanism is needed, so the coating should be removed from it. On the basis of tension, fasten. The handle can also be decorated.

Examples of wedding umbrellas in the photo:

Ring Cushion

The pillow can be made of brocade, silk, satin ribbons, lace, organza. Ornament can be flowers from fabric or ribbons using kanzashi technique, embroidery. Beads, pearls, precious stones, rhinestones, buttons, etc. can be used as a decoration. The shape of the pads can also be any - heart, square, circle, cloud, flower. Its size is small - 10-15 cm.

You can fasten the rings on the pad with ribbons:

Creating pads for rings on video:

In the case of a themed wedding, you can retreat from the rules and use very unusual things as a ring cushion. For example, for a wedding in a nautical style, the role of the cushion can be played by a real shell. In this case, you can decorate it as a completely symbolically simple anchor or a bow from the side, and you can completely decorate it with fabric and accessories.

Wedding Treasury

This accessory serves to store cash gifts, can also be used in wedding contests with money or when selling a wedding cake. The hole for money should be free to pass envelopes of any size, including those made by hand. If it is too big and wide, you can visually reduce it and hide the contents of the treasury with the help of lace sewn around the edges.

The treasury can be made in the shape of a heart, a casket, a chest, a house, a cake, etc. The decor can be made of ribbons, organza, lace, corrugated paper, flowers, rhinestones, semi-beads and half pearls, beads, and shells. The sides can be decorated with photos of young, thematic drawings - pigeons, swans, hearts, rings, cats on the roof.

Ideas for creativity:

Step by step making the wedding treasury on video:

Car Accessories

The wedding car is decorated with balloons, ribbons, flowers, drawings, inscriptions, organza. You can make and volumetric accessories - hearts, swans, rings. Consider step by step how to make a decor in the form of rings.

A flexible water hose with a diameter of about 1 cm bend into a circle. You can fasten the usual finger-type battery with a diameter that fits tightly into the hose. Or use scotch tape. As a basis for the design, you can use 2 wooden rulers or a bar.

Wrap the rings and the base ribbon for decorating flowers. Scotch tape to attach to the base. Such a wedding accessory will be quite heavy. To give stability, you can attach another ring to the base.

Fix the structure on the roof or hood, trunk. Decorate with flowers, bows of ribbons. You can add swans or cats.