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Convenience and practicality are very important aspects in the process of choosing shoes. Despite the fact that the love for high heels and the dress code necessary for work was not about to be canceled, women still do not miss the opportunity to change their shoes into soft and light shoes, in which you can easily overcome many hours of shopping or long walks. Recently, the first place in the rating of “homemade” models has been taken by loafers, who managed to catch the fancy of women of the world.

Borrowed from men

Let's first understand the concepts. What are the legendary loafers? In fact, everything is simple, these are classic shoes that look like moccasins, but have a more firm sole and a massive heel, if one is provided for in the model. It is very easy to recognize them - they always have a protruding tongue, tassels or jumper in the area of ​​elevation.

The history of this shoe has its roots in the distant 1932, when British sailors began to walk in such moccasins. Translated, "loafer" means "slacker," and this name did not appear by chance. The fact is that such a model was not suitable for work, but for rest on the coast it was quite appropriate.

In the 40s and 50s, loafers became an integral part of women's images thanks to the legendary film stars Grace Kelly and Audrey Heppburn. And in 1966, shoes became a real trend, thanks to the famous designer Guccio Gucci, who decorated the loafers with a stylish buckle, which is still the hallmark of the shoes of this fashion house.

What are they like?

Loafers can be made of various types of genuine or artificial leather, suede and have a different design. But according to the type of the sole and the heel they are distinguished:

  • high platform loafers
  • on the "tractor" sole,
  • with a heel of different heights,
  • on low run
  • on the wedge.

Depending on the appearance are: tassel loafers (decorated with tassels) and penny loafers (with a jumper). The latter got their name from the students who managed to put a 1 penny coin into the slot of the lintel as a talisman for good luck during the exam.

The right combination

This wonderful footwear perfectly harmonizes with any clothes, starting from casual jeans, ending with strict business suits. The main condition - it should suit you. To do this, pay attention to small tips:

  • girls of short stature and luxuriant physique are not advised to buy loafers without a heel, although minimal, but should be,
  • owners of narrow ankles should not choose a model with massive buckles,
  • decorated with studs or rivets are suitable for youth style.

What are the combinations for loafers? There are many options. Skirts of any length will suit them, which will dilute the severity and sometimes the massiveness of shoes. A win-win for the classic low-speed model - cropped trousers (to the ankle), jeans, shorts, as well as more feminine looks with long knitted sweaters and knit dresses.

The most popular models - black, brown and cognac hues perfectly harmonize with almost every detail of the wardrobe. And for those who want to stand out, designers offer the most daring options of neon colors and "animal" prints.

Heeled model

Most often the heel in loafers is wide, steady and massive. But lately, non-standard options have begun to appear on fashion catwalks: triangular, “little glass,” and even a hairpin.

Such models are combined with clothes, complete with which you wear ordinary classic shoes. Perfectly look loafers with heels with straight cut pants and a skirt of medium length, presented in the photo.

On the platform

They look pretty rough, but when properly combined with clothes, they will become an elegant detail of the image. It is possible to combine such fashionable moccasins with clothes from light fabrics, so the image will be more balanced.

As an option - a chiffon dress or denim shorts with a light flying T-shirt in the style of boho. In the case of pants, thick-soled loafers will harmonize perfectly with narrow-cut trousers.

Varnish moccasins

Very beautiful and elegant in appearance, they still require a special approach. First of all, forget about the strict combination of shoes and bags, only one part should be lacquered. Such models look great with tweed, cashmere and wool items, leather jackets and light scarves.

Color is important too!

Classic black is a win-win. But it is worth remembering that with such shoes you should not wear trousers of a brown shade. But if you still decide to take a chance, then dilute this ensemble with bright decorations or dense tights / leggings with rich colors.

White loafers are perfect for summer. They are harmoniously combined with marine-themed things - short shorts, capri pants, vests, jumpers with ¾ striped sleeves and short tops.

If you want to stand out, then choose for yourself the red color of shoes, but be prepared for public attention. To create a correct and stylish image will help clothes of snow-white color - dresses, skirts, blouses, t-shirts. It is better not to add bright shoes and a bright top with any accessories.

Loafers are comfortable and fashionable. In them, your legs will not get tired, and the image will be very elegant. No wonder such shoes for several seasons remain at the peak of popularity.
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Trendy and trendy loafers

And now we check ourselves :-)!

1. Modern basic loafers, will be relevant even for many seasons, will be an investment in wardrobe and a stylish addition to your looks: 1,10,12,15.

2. If you added loafers at number 7 (which are, in fact, moccasins) to list 1, this is also a possible option. I note only that these soles make the shoes a little more sporty and it doesn’t look as expensive or as status as a regular leather sole on a modern loafers style. And in combination with a similar buckle and strap, you can get an age and, in a bad sense, a solid image. So check with the mirror.

3. 2,4,5,6,11 - resolutely passing by. So no longer wear. The combination of these capes, soles, wedge-heel. Such shoes can ruin the most stylish clothes and negate all efforts to look expensive.

4️. 8,9,13,14,16 - this is the trendy loafers this season. You can safely buy! Given that many do not wear one pair of shoes longer than the 1st season, you should not be afraid of such purchases. It is necessary to make fashion, this is a wonderful game.

5. Loafers number 3 - the most intricate. On the one hand, they need to be attributed to the fashionable this season. But there is one dubious thing in them that I want to teach you to see. Noticed the folds in the cape? Thanks to them, shoes always look old-fashioned, about the same as under Louis 14, if we talk about the most optimistic associations. A real fashionista will easily beat this moment, if she suddenly falls in love with these loafers. But if you are not an advanced user, do not buy these for anything, it will look comfortable, adult and inexpensive.

What are these shoes?

Loafers (loafer - translated from English as “a slacker, a loafer, a vagabond”) deserved their name because of the convenience of wearing and wearing shoes. Ideal with any style. Often they are confused with moccasins. Therefore, it does not hurt to know their characteristic differences from other types of shoes:

  1. There are no laces (an important detail at the current pace of life)
  2. Speaker welt (tongue)
  3. Glued or sewn flat sole
  4. Ankle height
  5. Low heel
  6. Decor: tassels, leather patch, buckle
  7. And yet, yes, the top resembles moccasins

Where did you come from?

More than a century ago, the invention of one shoemaker from Norway, who took as a basis the shoes of local fishermen, leather shoes with a strap was immediately taken with a bang. Eurland shoes (as they were then called) conquered the hearts of Norwegian farmers for their convenience and practicality and quickly spread throughout the country, and then beyond.

A little later, in the mid-30s, the Spolding family from New Hampshire began mass production of a new model of slippers, taking the Eurland shoes as a basis. Novelty relished for its exceptional comfort. A couple of decades later, she went beyond private houses, first to the streets, and then to the business districts. Shoes worn both for work and leisure. Here's a transformation: from summer home slippers to stylish business shoes.

It is believed that the name of the shoes Aurland changed to Loafers for the convenience of the pronunciation of Americans.

What are the advantages in such shoes?

Unlike classic, effortless shoes, loafers are perfect for the rhythms of the modern world. They are practical and versatile, to say the least. Many men have already appreciated their comfort and convenience in the foot. Demanding minimal daily care, the shoes are comfortable for everyday use. Plus, they are conveniently removed and dressed.

Loafers are perfectly combined with any style, for which they are highly valued among successful people. Equally well suited for walks, trips, friendly parties, and for business meetings, office work. It is difficult to find a situation in which you can not wear such shoes.

Take a closer look at the men on the street. Many will be shod in different models of lofers. It is worn by representatives of different generations. The reason is not only comfort, but also the advantage to look quite business-like outside the office. They bribe their elegance and stylish performance.

Penny loafers

A distinctive feature of the model is a strip of leather over the shoes with a small diamond-shaped slit. The prefix "penny" appeared in the early 50s, thanks to American students who, before the exam, inserted into the slot a coin worth one cent (penny) "for good luck." And if the model has become so common - most likely it helped! The product is firmly established in the classic men's shoes, and has not lost its relevance in the present. Penny Loafers - the true embodiment of versatility. Although they are well suited for official looks, it is best to use them to emphasize elegance in casual wear.

Mbaldinini barber loafers

Tassel loafers

Carefree cousin of quintessence penny. A soft tassel and decorative lace around the shoe is America’s call for practical but fashionable shoes. Unlike the classic penny style, the tassel adds extra chic to the shoe. They appeared first. As a rule, they are made of soft leather, and as a result they are more refined than the previous version. This is definitely an extravagant model, but if you dare to wear such shoes, no one can blame you for bad taste.

Men's Loafers fred perry

Buckle Loafers (Italian)

While in the States Loafers shoes for business suits, the Europeans perceived them as comfortable slippers.

The trendsetter Gucci has helped the Europeans discover the potential of this shoe. In 1967, he decorated the loafers with a specific buckle - a gilded detail of the bridle - a snaffle. And now shoes perfectly matched with any costumes.

20 years in a row fashionable bows were worn with pleasure by famous and rich people of that time, including John F. Kennedy. Gucci, who previously specialized in more saddles and suitcases, suddenly got to the point. And fulfilling numerous orders for status loafers for Wall Street, has provided popularity to his brand for many years.

Shot from "Wall Street: Money does not sleep," on the right - the hero Shayi LaBafa in loafers with buckles


Blue Classic Loafers

In the forties, the designer and owner of the shoe company Henry Bendel began to produce the most accurate and elegant models. Having traveled to Belgium and learned the skills of the Belgian craftsmen to sew shoes inside out and then turn them outside, he is still the only manufacturer of Belgian loafers with the simple name “Belgian Shoes”. A distinctive detail of this model, in addition to lightness, is a stylish attribute added by the designers of Bendel - a tiny bow, giving a special elegance. And although he is embarrassed by many, such Loafers with a bow are miraculously combined with both a shirt and chino trousers for going to the pub, and a tuxedo for official meetings.


Simple-looking leather shoes, stitched like moccasins, without any extra details. They were called Venetian for the similarity of silhouette with a narrow boat. They are distinguished by a conservative conceptualism: the absence of decorative additions, the simplest form, the minimum finish.

What to wear or chaos of styles

The best aspect of “loafers” that distinguishes them from other classic shoes is the fact that they have several styles that you can choose. Men's loafers are perfect for a classic suit with a shirt, and jeans, shorts with a t-shirt, shirt. It all depends on what kind of onions you are going to create and where to go in it. They are also ideal for creating a casual look: literally any item from your closet will do.

50 years Loafers were the prerogative of only men. In the 80s, the first female models appeared and immediately won the hearts of the beautiful half of humanity.

Business style

For study, office, business meetings, choose Penny Loafers, Venetian or Gucci Loafers in dark, muted colors. Wear shoes with classic trousers or dark jeans, complementing the bow with a plain shirt, vest, bright tie or bow tie. Such combinations will give the opportunity to express their uniqueness, confidence, creativity and sense of style, while fully observing the dress code. However, a few points should be taken into account: shoes with buckles made of smooth dark leather are most suitable for classic suits, bright-colored suits require shoes of the same shade, trousers should end at the front edge of the loafers.

These photos will help you navigate what to wear stylish men's loafers for work:

Semi official style

It is easy to create, having correctly selected jeans and a jacket to elegant loafers from suede. Tassel Loafers with tassels in combination with a blazer or a tweed jacket (but not with a suit) will easily cope with this task. For example, classic pants, shirt and blue blazer:

Blue Suede Tassel Loafers

A classic shirt and brown chinos are a must-have in a stylish man's arsenal. Loafers will look great here.

Brown Chinos Loafers

Add light-colored shoes to your summer wardrobe. The same tassels only from light suede look good with beige trousers and a bright color shirt:

Genuine Leather Suede Loafers

Informal style

Penny is the most suitable model for this motive. To put emphasis on your fashionable shoes, wear tight or torn jeans, pants with a back, cropped pants or shorts. From materials: velveteen and flannel.

Classic loafersTassel loafers

Genuine Leather Men's Loafers & Shorts

To create an informal image, stylists also advised to exclude socks. Although the loafers in this matter are very democratic: with socks and without, with long and short, with thick and thin.

Blue and black sockless loafers

Fringed loafers are also non-formals. Try shod them with your favorite blazer and tucked and pants.

Jacket, pants and fringed loafers

Do not hesitate to choose under such a bow colorful, bright scales.

Red sweater and fringed loafers

With breeches and chinos, fair skin and suede look perfect.

Suede loafers, string loafers and tan loafers.

When you wear loafers in cold weather, you can make a bright accent by wearing socks contrasting to clothes in bright colors or with funny prints. Choose high socks from silky knitwear.

Original socks for loafers

If you really want to wear socks with loafers under shorts, wear short, but not sports. That's exactly not necessary):

Classic "wrong" toe loafers

Long socks with shorts visually reduce growth and look ridiculous.

These two photo collages will help you to finally understand the aspects of creating an individual stylish image with the help of loafers:

There are several sacred rules that you must follow when picking up your bow:

  • Belgian loafers are worn only with thin socks,
  • pants should be stretched at the bottom (the folds of the legs near the shoes distract from the shoes, and make your image slightly square),
  • pants should end in front of the ankles - this will make your silhouette smooth and draw attention to detail,
  • under shorts with loafers you should not wear long socks,
  • for a business image socks are selected in the tone of the ensemble,
  • dark-colored models are completely out of combination with white socks.

Although it was black leather loafers with white socks that were Michael Jackson’s stage image.

And it can be understood. Watch the video about super comfortable shoes):

Finding lofters on the border of styles gives both its advantages and disadvantages. They can not be attributed to a purely business attribute. But having at least two pairs of such shoes - light and dark, no need to wrestle with how to combine a walk or meeting with friends with a trip to a restaurant. Create your own new style and do not be afraid to experiment.

В этой статье мы охватили самые полезные и информативные моменты, касающиеся удобных Loafers. Коротко напомним о главном в этом видео:

Теперь, когда у вас есть все, что вам нужно знать о преданных лоферах, надеемся, что вы уже влюблены в них по уши и готовы сделать свой выбор. Обязательно пополните свою коллекцию этой моделью и решите, выглядят ли они лучше с вашим синим костюмом или тёмными джинсами. И будьте поклонником «бездельников»в кратчайшие сроки!

Откуда взялись лоферы и что это такое?

Back in 1930, the Spolding family, engaged in the manufacture of footwear in New Hampshire, began to produce shoes called "loafers", having previously been inspired by moccasins from Norway. Four years later, in 1934, the famous shoemaker George Bass opened the production of his own line of lofters called Weejuns.

Initially, such shoes were worn exclusively at home, and only men, but after a while, due to their convenience and decent appearance, the loafers confidently stepped onto the streets, both on men's and on women's legs.

And yet, what are loafers?

Loafers are a certain type of shoes that are similar to moccasins, but unlike them, they are made with a hard sole and in most cases are presented with models with a massive heel.

1966 British actor Peter Sellers in Gucci loafers

1959, Cannes. Alain Delon in Gucci Loafers

1999 year. In Gucci Loafers Matt Damon is walking

What are the types of loafers?

So, for the most part all loafers can be divided into the following types:

- Classic or, as they are called, Venetian loafers. They look exactly like moccasins, but with a hard sole and a low massive heel, they do not have any decorative elements.

- Penny loafers. These are classic loafers with a decorative strip sewn on top, most often leather, with a small diamond-shaped slit. And they have just such a name, since in the 50s, students began to put coins into these slots in order to stand out.

- Tassel loafers. Initially, this model was invented for sailors, but, like all good notions, went beyond its borders and has conquered all the fashion capitals of the world today.

- Buckle loafers or Gucci loafers. One of the most popular models from 1970 to the present day. These are the loafers decorated with a metal buckle, most often of a golden hue, in the shape of a snaffle. It is thanks to the shoes of the Gucci design house that loafers have become very popular among celebrities, singers and actresses.

Classic or Venetian loafers

Tassel Loafers

Buckled Loafers or Gucci Loafers

- Loafers with heels. Most often it is a penny model, with tassels or with a buckle on an exceptionally massive heel from 3 to 11 centimeters.

- Wedges loafers. This type of loafers is one of the youngest, but actively popular with street dandies. The wedge is most often made in black and white colors, as well as from wood.

Loafers can also be divided into types depending on the material of manufacture:

- Leather. They are the most practical and versatile footwear.

- Suede. Suitable for areas with a dry warm climate, no rain, as suede is very delicate material.

- Varnish. More festive option, require perfect shine and special care.

Heeled Loafers

Wedge Loafers

How to choose loafers?

- Based on your budget and place of residence (including climate), decide what material suits you best: leather, lacquer or suede.

- Shoe loafers on both legs, note that the shoes do not sting, as they do not spread and will not be freer. It is best to try them on sledki or thin socks.

- Do not forget to check the absence of marriage not only on the shoe itself, but also on the decorative elements, whether all their parts are tightly fixed, etc.

- It is also worth noting that black loafers are more versatile than other colors. And brown, regardless of the color of the wardrobe, is perfect for owners of red hair shades.

Khaki jacket, gray sweater, black cropped trousers and wine loafers

Beige coat, black turtleneck, trousers and buckle loafers

White shirt, jeans and red heeled loafers

Pajama floral motif and classic loafers

Blue scarf, gray jacket, vest, blue jeans and wine loafers

Gucci Total Black and Buckle Loafers

White shirt, pink pantsuit and black loafers to match the hair

Black and white set and black heeled loafers

Beige sweater, jeans and brown tassel loafers

White shirt with a scarf around the neck, black short pants and red high-heeled loafers

What can women wear loafers for?

You have decided on the model, have chosen the appropriate option, but still doubt the purchase, because you do not know what to wear loafers with? Then we offer you several options, after which all doubts will disappear,)

- Loafers will fit perfectly in everyday casual look, consisting of jeans and a shirt, with a jacket or jumper.

- They will be perfectly combined with trousers that bare ankles, for example, such a popular model of chinos.

- Do not forget about trouser suits, in a calm classic range or bright and printed versions. In this case, you can choose absolutely any loafers. However, it is advisable for low girls to give preference to loafers on a wedge or heel, and owners of model growth can safely choose shoes on a low run.

- Feel free to create with them images with shirts, blouses, sweaters, cardigans, jackets and coats. But so much the trend bomber is better to postpone, because they are still from different stylistic directions.

- A-line mini dress and penny loafers or tassels will look great.

- Sheath dress with Gucci loafers in heels will create a chic and feminine look.

- Mini length skirts and midi paired with loafers will create an atmosphere of femininity around you and add a touch of retro era.

- In hot weather, choose short shorts and a blouse with open top buttons, a bright shawl around the neck and loafers in a bright color scheme.

- If you want to visually add height, but for some reason avoid shoes with heels, then in a pair with black loafers, pick up tight black tights, which will visually add you a few centimeters to height. Of course, this technique is relevant in the colder season.

Black jacket and sweater, blue jeans and black buckle loafers

Total White and Leopard Tassel Loafers

Voluminous sweater, cropped jeans and loafers from Gucci on the heel

Beige coat and sweater, blue jeans and red loafers

Black turtleneck, gray pants and black penny loafers

Denim shirt, black waist pants and brown classic loafers

Caramel color coat, wine jumper, black jeans and low-heeled loafers

Black coat, white shirt, caramel scarf, blue jeans, and black buckle-loafers

Total Black with Heeled Loafers

White sweater, black pants and varnish loafers

Denim shirt and skirt, striped vest and wine loafers with heels

Brown shirt and tassel-tone loafers, black pants

White t-shirt, brown jacket, gray coat, ripped jeans and silver tassel loafers

Black T-shirt, blue jeans and lacquered wine loafers with heels

Alexa Chung in a short dress with a print and high-heeled loafers

Bulky sweater, jeans and loafers Gucci with embroidery

Katie Holmes in a caramel sweater, salmon pants and heeled loafers

White shirt, black jacket, blue jeans, red bag and heeled loafers

Pink dusty sweater, khaki pants and black heeled loafers

Overcoat, LV bag, blue jeans and heeled tassel loafers

Red jacket, white shirt, cropped jeans and golden penny loafers with heels

Beige trouser suit, white blouse and light wedge loafers.

Biker jacket, mini skirt and black lacquer wedges

Beige hat and cardigan, white shirt, ripped jeans and beige lacquered wedge loafers

Knitted dress with a pattern, black tight tights and brown loafers with heels

Black coat, pants and clutch, blue striped shirt and black lacquered wedge loafers

Denim shirt, black jumper, pants and lacquer loafers

Shirt, jumper, jacket, jeans and lacquered penny loafers

Gray jacket, black blouse, shopper bag, pants and leather penny loafers

T-shirt, midi skirt and black wedge loafers

Beige mini dress, black clutch and lacquered wedge loafers

White shirt, black jeans and nude bag with penny loafers

What can men wear loafers to wear?

Perhaps men can wear loafers with anything, except for a tracksuit. However, for inspiration, here are some options:

- Classic trouser suit and black loafers or vice versa - bright, and maybe printed models.

- Bright outfit with black lacquered penny loafers or tassel loafers.

- Jeans, shirt, for example, blue, red loafers and belt to match.

- White polo shorts and loafers in bright colors.

- As accessories will be appropriate: shawls in a jacket pocket, hats with narrow margins, watches with a leather strap, a bag-briefcase, a wide belt, a tie, or even suspenders.

As you can see, loafers are very diverse shoes, and creating an image entirely depends only on your imagination!

Pale purple shirt, white pants and brown tassel loafers

Gray blazer, white shirt, brick tie and pants with beige-gray tassel loafers

White shirt, black cropped trousers with suspenders and black loafers

Blue shirt, brown belt, white shorts and beige buckle loafers

White shirt, large red checkered suit and black Gucci loafers

Emerald shirt, beige pants, brown belt and tassel wine loafers

White shirt, yellow tie, black blazer and belt, white pants and black suede loafers with tassels

Military style shirt, gray pants, black belt and varnish penny loafers

Pale blue shirt, blue white print shorts and sky blue tassel loafers

Black jacket and tie, white shirt and green pants, brown briefcase bag and suede penny loafers

White shirt, khaki pants, brown belt and tassel loafers.

Author: Ekaterina Malyarova
Image maker, creator of trainings on image and style, the author of the site Glamurnenko.ru. Since 2007, over 500 customers have gone shopping with me. More than 5,000 people underwent training and seminars on image and style.

A little about the history of the appearance of loafers

It is believed that the loafers were invented in England. The inventor of this beautiful shoe is one very famous and influential businessman, whose name was Spalding.

Initially, these shoes were designed for men, but soon they began to produce it for women. A very interesting fact is that in translation from English the word “lofer” is translated as a slacker.

Most likely they called this shoe like that because there are not any clasps, laces, etc. in it. In such footwear it is convenient both to go on dates, and to go in for sports and many other things that your soul wishes.

Loafers are an indispensable item in any wardrobe.

It is believed that loafers are somewhat similar to moccasins, but despite their external similarity, they are fundamentally different in their design.

Despite the fact that this type of footwear has a flat sole, there is nevertheless a rather massive heel.

The famous fashion designer, whose name was Berlutti, suggested using tassels or fringe as decoration to give loafers some frills.

Much later, in the 70s, loafers began to call penny loafers, since they had a small incision in which students put a coin and believed that it would bring them success.

What clothes are best for loafers?

Despite the fact that the loafers are not particularly feminine, they are perfectly combined with most clothes. Due to the fact that this type of shoes looks massive, as well as strictly, it helps to give the female leg a kind of tenderness and fragility.

What is the combination of loafers?

  • First, a good combination of loafers with short pants,
  • secondly with jeans, and especially with skinny ones,
  • third leggings
  • fourth with breeches
  • fifth with business suits, oddly enough.

In an image where the use of moccasins or sneakers is not appropriate, loafers will come to the rescue.

To make the image with loafers look complete, you need to use a purse to match the color of the loafers, and the original solution will be a checkered shirt and scarf, which will make your look amazing and unique.

Kinds of Loafers

Today, you will see a wide range of different types of loafers that will suit you every day, namely loafers without a heel, with heels, as well as loafers on the platforms.

Choose the perfect option for yourself and enjoy life every day.

In the trend of 2017 there will be loafers made of both leather and lacquer, so the fairer women will be able to choose the kind that they prefer.

From all the above, we can conclude that the loafers are versatile shoes that fit all styles of clothing and bring a highlight to any image. Small accessories will help you to make your image perfect.

Do not be afraid to experiment and you will definitely succeed, we wish you good luck in your endeavors!

How to wear female loafers

The versatility of this shoe pleasantly surprises, because in spite of some “masculinity” and light roughness, it can be combined with a very large number of things. Rather, it is the “masculine features” of this shoe that give women's images an interesting contrast and serve as an excellent stylistic solution.

Particularly successful loafers are combined with shorter jeans, but if you do not have such in the arsenal, then just tuck the edges. This is a very universal solution and you can pick up almost any top - everything depends only on the image as a whole. This may be a turtleneck sweater, sweater, shirt with a cardigan or jacket, blouse or shirt.

A jacket with a shirt + jeans and loafers is a versatile casual look for work (where there is no dresscode) or leisure.

Fashionable now blouses and shirts of the most different cut perfectly fit into the image.

A more classic version for work, for example, can be obtained in the image with trousers and a blouse (shirt). This is also well suited for a fitted sweater or turtleneck. As a more casual options, you can wear a T-shirt + leather or denim jacket. Loafers with pants look great.

Pants can be both tight-fitting, straight, and wide, but they must be shortened.

An option with wide cropped trousers is best suited for tall girls. Low beauties, they can visually make even lower, so they are not recommended this model of trousers.

With a short skirt (mini)

Such shoes with mini skirts are beautifully look mini, the top is a light blouse or shirt, which can be either tucked into a skirt or not tucked in, but left so.

A short denim skirt will look good with the simplest white t-shirt.

Medium length skirt (midi)

Midi skirts look very feminine and in a pair with loafers you can get an original and stylish look. This can be attributed, and pleated, and a pencil skirt, and in general, all models of this length.

In summer, light-colored skirts can be combined with beige or white loafers.

With a long skirt

Here the important point is exactly the length of the skirt: if you want your shoes to be visible, then they must be maximum length up to the bone, preferably a couple of centimeters higher. Top - light blouse, tank top, top or jumper. On the shoulders, you can throw a light coat, jacket, cardigan or jacket.

With a long shirt dress

This dress is usually worn with pants or jeans. It looks very interesting.

+ Jacket (jacket, coat) without sleeves

An elongated vest or sleeveless jacket has long won the hearts of many fashionistas. Why don't we combine these stylish things together and get a double effect ?!

What can you wear under such a vest read here:

Perfectly fit jeans or denim shorts.

Pants or skirt will be able to complement this image.

History of creation

Initially they were worn by British sailors. This type of shoe was exclusively male. They were part of the military uniforms. Sailors often lounged and missed their flights to ships and because of this, their shoes and got the name of loafers (slacker).

At the beginning of the 30s such shoes with leather tassels were made by the shoemaker Spalding. Four years later, George Henry Bass released a model in which cape decorated jumper with a slit.

In the mid-50s, due to European influence, they ceased to be everyday shoes. They have become much more elegant.

In 1960, they were worn with business suits. In the 70s, this shoe was on every Wall Street employee.

What styles are combined

To answer this question, we need to determine what style the loafers belong to. This style is called casual. The main feature of this style is practicality and convenience.

The following items of men's clothing will do:

They also combine with the style of smart casual and slim. Each type of shoe is best combined with specific clothing. About this further.

Read more about casual style in a separate article.

Tassel lofers

Brushes appeared on them after the second world war. This idea actor Paul Lucas spied somewhere in Europe. With her he came to the master from Alden. The first shoes of this type combined two colors. As a rule, it was white and black. In 1952, they were redone and more like simple moccasins with a tassel.

Ideally, tassel loafers are made with horse skin. It is particularly durable and shiny. However, there are many other material options. You can wear this type of jeans as well as a suit.

Цветовые гаммы колеблется от черного до бургунди. Не следует одевать их под спортивные рубашки, шорты и прочую спортивную одежду.

Лоферы с бахромой (kiltie loafers)

Разница по сравнению с обычными – наличие бахромы на союзке. По своей форме она чем-то напоминает килт. Отсюда и происходит название. Часто на лоферах с бахромой одновременно присутствует и кисточка.

Лучше всего комбинировать их с белыми цветами. Хорошо подойдет блейзер. Combines perfectly with the business style of clothing. Suitable for pants, jackets and belts. Need to wear without socks. Badly combined with jeans, shorts.

Buckle loafers

This type was invented by the Italians. For a long time there was a dispute that the presence of laces was not necessary in a business suit. In 1966, a new version of this shoe was proposed. Their feature is a buckle across the toe.

These shoes are combined exclusively with the business style of clothing. Suitable trousers, belts, jackets. In no case should not wear them with shorts, T-shirts, sports shirts, blazers.


In the 19th century, the sleepers were the slippers of aristocrats. Their name comes from the word "slide." Until the mid-20th century, such shoes were worn by nobles. In the early 60s, they gained their massive popularity.

This is the summer version of shoes of all. A feature of this type is that they resemble slippers in shape. Comfortable and stylish at the same time. It goes well with both pants, shirt and pullover, and with home clothes. Not suitable for business suits.

How to choose the right color combination of clothes and lofers

Blacks look great with black clothes. Combined with light or gray trousers. Black loafers are good only for business style clothes.

Brown blends well in a business style with both black and white suits. Dark brown should not be worn in casual style. Light brown fits perfectly with jeans and light sport shirts.

A common problem is an unpleasant smell in shoes. Here is an article on how to get rid of it.

Often, new shoes are too tight. In order to distribute it there are many methods.

Can I Wear Loafers with Socks

Wearing loafers over socks or not is a personal matter. Initially, this shoe was created for everyday wear. Now there is no definite answer. They are worn not only with a weekend suit, but also with a business one.

Penny loafers and tassel loafers must be worn with socks. These types are the most official. In all other cases, this is a personal matter.

Remember one thing - do not wear them with socks, if you wear shorts. The main thing to remember to choose the right color scheme. White Loafers - White Socks. Under the black - black.

Loafers are the most versatile and comfortable shoes. Starting as ordinary shoes for sailors, they have become incredibly popular in our time. If you like casual style or comfortable business shoes, and if you haven’t yet gotten yourself at the right price, they will be the perfect complement to your wardrobe.