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The most unusual libraries in the world


The library is not always a quiet and boring place. Some such institutions are so amazing that they should be told in detail.

Top 10 most unusual libraries in the world:

1. "The Library Resort" - This is a hotel, but not quite normal. Here you can relax not only physically, but also mentally, spiritually. And numerous books will help in this, among which there are, by the way, Russian-speaking ones. They are stored in the library, located next to the pool.

Thus, all guests can not just lie on the sun loungers and enjoy the gentle rays of the sun, but also develop, enrich themselves culturally and spiritually. Conservatives, accustomed to the pleasant rustling of pages and the smell of paper, are suitable for printed editions, but for young people today, electronic works are available, which can be enjoyed with the help of ultramodern computers available in all hotel rooms (free internet is attached, of course). This wonderful place is located in Thailand, on the beach of Chaweng Koh Samui Island.

2. New Alexandrian Library or Alexandrina Library. She is in Egypt and pleases the eye for over 10 years. Almost two thousand years ago, the legendary Library of Alexandria was here, but, unfortunately, it was destroyed. Egyptian authorities decided to revive the wealth of the country, and therefore allocated more than 238 million dollars for a new project. In 2002, the doors of this unique building finally opened to readers.

And Alexandrina Library is located inside the pool. The building itself has a disk shape that personifies the sun god Ra, as well as the sunrise of knowledge. Inside the disc is a whole huge network that can be compared with the universe. The huge fund includes about eight billion books.

There are numerous reading rooms, including for children and the blind, art galleries and even a planetarium. There is also a unique laboratory in the building where damaged books are repaired. The area of ​​the largest hall is as much as 70 thousand square meters! By the way, the walls are lined with granite, and graphic systems are carved on them, moreover in 120 languages ​​of the world.

3. The Bishan Public Library located in Singapore and is an architectural and cultural landmark of the state. It resembles the most ordinary, but everything has a unique feature. Thus, the building has rooms in which you can calmly discuss the recently read books. Excellent noise isolation allows you to not interfere with readers and talk loudly and emotionally.

In addition, such premises are decorated with the help of glasses of all colors of the rainbow, which create a positive and cheerful atmosphere that sets up creative thinking. By the way, it is not only pleasant to be in this library, but it is also convenient to choose and receive books. The whole process is automated, so by choosing a favorite work from a large and regularly growing base, you can literally get it in a few minutes and immerse yourself in reading.

4. There are many unusual places in the Netherlands, and one of them is dug-out library or wigwam and referring to Delft Technical University. This building, by the way, fits perfectly into the landscape. Its walls are sloping and low, and also covered with grass, so that after classes, students are happy to rest on them after classes.

This library was built in 1997, and its internal design is somewhat reminiscent of not a place to read, but a bunker designed to shelter from the attacks of the enemy. In this unique building fit not only the reading rooms and the book depository, but also the binding department, the university publishing house, and even a bookstore.

5. Italy has an amazing Sandro Penna Library. What is it that tourists will remember? First of all, its appearance and shape. It looks like a flying saucer, and with transparent walls painted in a nice pink color.

But that's not all. Readers will appreciate the interesting futuristic interior, unusual and intelligent lighting, consisting of artificial and natural light, and sound insulation of all reading rooms. In addition, this institution works around the clock, so you can come for a new book at any time.

6. There is a very interesting library in France. She bears name Louis Nuser and is the world's first inhabited sculpture. And this composition, by the way, is very creative, since it is a head with a cube on it. This strange building was built in 2002 by the project of Francis Chapus and Yves Bayard. This building almost immediately became a landmark in Nice.

But access to the library is not open to everyone. Tourists or ordinary readers will not be able to get here, this institution works exclusively for the elite. Only administrative departments are functioning, and everyone else can enjoy books in a more primitive building located next door.

7. In Colombia is library "Pargue Espana". It all started with the fact that the small Colombian city of Medellin gained notoriety and was known as the “cocaine capital”. And in order to refute such information, the Colombian government decided to build here several cultural institutions, among which was a library.

It was built by the project of Giancarlo Mazanti in 2007. The design of the building is very unusual, so from a distance it looks like a group of rocks. But inside these gray polyhedra you can find many reading rooms and even modern computer classes. By the way, to implement this project, the authorities had to demolish an entire slum area located on the mountainside.

8. Public library located in Kansas (USA), it is simply impossible not to notice. And looking at it, you can immediately understand that this is exactly the place to read, because it looks like a huge bookshelf. In general, a stack of books is a high wall in front of the building, which was designed to close a parking area that spoils the appearance of the library.

The width of one book from an improvised shelf is about two meters, and its height is about 8 meters. Among the works you can find such as "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", "The Lord of the Rings", "100 Years of Solitude", "Romeo and Juliet" and others.

9. In the US, there is another unique library. She bears the name of patron Theodore Suze Geisel and refers to the University of California San Diego. The building itself, which was built in the 70s of the last century, symbolizes the tree of knowledge and really looks like the trunk and crown of a tree. There are three floors in total, but the latter is not used yet and is reserved for an emergency exit. The entrance to the building is designed as a color composition. In addition, there is an inscription "Read, write, think, dream", which as it encourages all readers to learn new books.

10. Liyuan Library, China. It is noteworthy, first of all, because it is not located in the center of the city, as is usually the case, but in the Huairou village. This is a real book temple, which looks like an ancient fortress. Architect Tsinghua Li Xiaodun designed the building. It consists of such an amazing structure of glass, as well as 45 thousand wooden rods.

Tables and even chairs in this library you will not find. But readers will be able to sit on mats located on the shelves-terraces, which are built bookshelves. By the way, there is no electricity here, so the library is illuminated exclusively by the sun rays penetrating an absolutely transparent glass roof. And that is why the institution closes quite early: at 16:30.

The most secret library in the world - the Vatican library

The list of the most unusual libraries in the world should start with it, because it keeps more secrets than any other. Here is stored the knowledge that accumulated over thousands of years. It’s scary to talk about the number of volumes, prints and early printed books.

It is in this library that the world's largest collection of engravings is collected - more than 100,000. Some of the old manuscripts can only be viewed by Pope. By the way, he is the only one who can "take books to the house."

It also houses several works by Leonardo da Vinci. The only negative - access to them is closed, since the knowledge stored in these works can undermine the authority of the Catholic Church. According to legend, the very first Bible is also kept here.

There are so many secret rooms in the library that the clergy themselves do not know their exact location, and only a select few have access to some of them. All books stored here are equipped with modern electronic chips, so you can track the movement of each of them.

Handmade Book Library

One of the most unusual libraries in the world is in Cuba. It belongs to the publishing house "Vyhiya". And it is unusual in that the books stored here are handmade. The circulation of each of them - 200 copies. In total, the library contains about 600 copies, but each of them is unique. For example, one of the books is made in the shape of a house, and for its reading it is necessary to lift its roof.

Libraries in Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

If the library in the Vatican is the most secret, then the title of the most mysterious libraries can be safely assigned to the four knowledge repositories in Cambodia. Located in a unique temple complex, they do not reveal their secrets to anyone, and their unique architecture raises even more questions than answers.

Alexandria Library, Alexandria, Egypt

This is a modern analogue of the Library of Alexandria, whose traces were lost in antiquity. Its architectural complex was erected in the same place, and its appearance really amazes. A 7-storey building in the form of a solar disk (several floors are located underground) floats out of the pool. The building is constructed so that it is located directly opposite the rising sun because of the Mediterranean Sea. It symbolizes the rising of the Sun of Knowledge. Indeed, one of the most unusual libraries.

Library "Bookshelf", Kansas, USA

Among the most unusual libraries in the world can be counted this one, located in Kansas. Its facade is 8-meter roots of 22 books. Moreover, these books are not chosen at random - they reflect the most diverse reading circles. Residents of Kansas themselves chose which books they want to see on the facade.

The Sink Library, Astana, Kazakhstan

This national library has not yet opened its doors to readers, but its appearance has already attracted attention. It is made in the form of a seashell. What were the architects guided by? Absolutely practical purposes - with this form, the sun's rays as long as possible get inside the building, illuminating the rooms.

Library Parque Espana, Medellin, Colombia

The building of this unusual library is made in the form of giant boulders. Architectural fantasy Giancarlo Mazanti makes an indelible impression at first sight. The building was purposely located on top of a hill, in lush vegetation, as if the boulders are in a natural environment.

Despite the “stone age” of architecture, which can be confused with the megaliths of the ancient cult, there is a very modern library with its auditorium.

Library of Congress, Washington, DC, USA

It is difficult to call it an unusual library, but one of the largest in the world - yes! It is said that if a visitor gets lost in the walls of this building, then he will never find a way out. Millions of books, photographs, manuscripts, maps and records are stored here.

National Library of Belarus, Minsk

Many have heard about this building, as the library was built not so long ago - less than 10 years ago. At the same time, she already managed to earn the title of “The Ugliest Library in the World”.

It is constructed in the form of a little-known geometric figure of a rhombokubooctahedron. The building is covered with color diodes, thanks to which at night on the building almost every second patterns and colors change.

Libraries - Telephone Booths, Berlin, Germany

In Berlin, they decided to remake the old telephone booths in small city libraries. The booths themselves are bought on the Internet, and pupils of secondary schools independently develop and redesign their interiors. On the roofs are solar panels, and outside put wooden benches.

Anyone can take a book from the library and bring their own. Residents of nearby houses keep order in such mini-libraries and ensure that no Nazi and pornographic literature appears on the shelves.

There are still many interesting libraries with an unusual history in the world. And if new storehouses of buildings appear, it means that interest in books is not waning. And it's great!

1. Library of Congress, Washington, DC

Library of Congress - The US National Library and the oldest federal cultural institution in the country. The library consists of 3 different buildings and is the largest library in the world. The library is open to the public, but only members of Congress and other important government officials have access to books. The library also performs an important function as the “library of last resort” in the United States, confirming the availability of certain books to other libraries throughout the country.

The library collection is simply amazing - there are 32 million books, 61 million manuscripts, a preliminary version of the Declaration of Independence, the perfect parchment version of the Gutenberg Bible (1 out of 4 all over the world), more than 1 million newspapers over the past 3 centuries, more than 5 million cards, 6 million pieces of music and more than 14 million photographs and publications.

2. Baudelain Library, Oxford, United Kingdom

Baudelain Library - This is a library at Oxford University. Founded in 1602, it is considered the oldest library in Europe. The library has more than 11 million items of historical significance, among them 4 copies of the Magna Carta, the Gutenberg Bible, the First Tome of Shakespeare (from 1623).

The library consists of many buildings, the most interesting of which is probably the Radcliffe Library. This is the very first round shape library in England. She also appeared frequently in a variety of films: Young Sherlock Holmes, Saints, Red Violin and Golden Compass.

3. Reading Room of the British Museum, London (England)

Reading Room of the British Museum located in the center of the Great Court of the British Museum. It has a domed roof with a ceiling made of a different type of papier-mâché. For most of its history, only registered researchers were admitted here, and during this period quite a few prominent figures were involved, such as Karl Marx, Oscar Wilde, Mahatma Gandhi, Rudyard Kipling, George Orwell, Mark Twain, Vladimir Lenin and H.G. Wells

In 2000, the library collection was moved to a new British library, and the Reading Room now houses an information center and a collection of books related to history, art, travel, and other items related to the British Museum.

4. Boston Public Library (New England)

After opening in 1848 Boston Public Library became the first library in the United States, which was supported by the public. Since then, it has grown to the present scale and has 22 million units, which allows it to occupy the 2nd largest place in the United States.

The McKim Library Building was built in 1895 and contains many beautiful frescoes, including the most famous work of Edward Abby, which depicts the legend of the holy grail. The main room of the McKim building, Bates Hall, is famous for its spherical ceiling. The McKim research collection consists of 1.7 million rare books, including many medieval manuscripts, incunabula, Shakespeare's early works, such as The First Tome, colonial Boston records, the main collection of Daniel Defoe, and the library of many famous historical figures like John Adams, William Lloyd Harrison and Matthew Bovditch.

If you are in these parts, do not forget to visit one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world - the Somerset lighthouse.

5. Central Library of Seattle, WA

Incredible Seattle Central Library opened in 2004. Its modern design is made of glass and steel and was designed by architect Ram Coolhaas and Joshua Prince-Rasmus. The purpose of this design was to create a tempting open and free space and destroy the prevailing stereotype that the libraries should be gray and inconspicuous in order to attract the younger generation and a new target audience. The library is designed for 1.45 million books and receives more than 2 million visitors annually.

6. New York Public Library, New York (USA)

Known New York Public Library - it is awe embodied in its layout, scope and size. It is the third largest library in North America, with more than 50 million items in its collection. It, in turn, consists of 87 libraries that serve 3.5 million people.

The main reading room of the library cannot but please the eye. The first Gutenberg Bible that appeared in America belongs to the special collections of the library. Также она является одной из самых узнаваемых библиотек в мире, благодаря своим появлениям во многих голливудских фильмах, в картинах «Послезавтра» и «Охотники за приведениями», где ей отведена главная роль.

7. Библиотека аббатства святого Галла, Санкт-Галлен (Швейцария)

Библиотека аббатства святого Галла - The oldest library in Switzerland, has about 160,000 works. This is one of the oldest libraries in the monastery in the world, which contains manuscripts dating back to the 8th century. Since 1983, it has also been on the World Heritage List. You can access many of the rare manuscripts of the library through an online portal. The library is always open to visitors, but as for books published earlier than 1900, they can be read only on the site.

8. Jay Walker Private Library

Jay Walker is an American inventor and businessman who used his money to develop an expensive private library. Walker calls his brainchild "Walker's Library of the Human History". The library is located in his home in Connecticut and contains more than 50,000 books, including many early works and books, thanks to which it can be considered one of the major museums in the world.

The surreal architecture of the building is inspired by the work of Mariuca Cornelis Escher. Wired magazine called the library "the most amazing library in the world." The only reason she is so low on our list is that it is closed to the public.

9. George Peabody Library, Baltimore, MD

George Peabody Library - This is a research library at Johns Hopkins University. The library was part of the Peabody Institute, from 1878 until 1967, when it came under the control of city authorities, and in 1982 it was transferred to Johns Hopkins University and now it houses special collections of university books.

The library is known for having the largest collection of Don Quixote publications, as well as many other works that date back to the 19th century. Very often, the library’s premises are described as “a monastery of books” - the interior consists of an 18-meter-high atrium, a floor of black and white marble, as well as many balconies and golden columns. The library is open to both readers and visitors.

10. Alexandria Library, Alexandria (Egypt)

Alexandria Library was the largest library of the era of antiquity and one of the wonders of the world. It is hoped that the new library, after reconstruction, will one day correspond to its famous predecessor. Construction of the library cost $ 220 million, and was completed in 2002. The library functions as a cultural center, which includes a planetarium, a laboratory for the restoration of manuscripts, art galleries and exhibition halls, museums, a conference center, as well as libraries for children, youth, adults and the blind.

Today, the library boasts a collection of about 500,000 books, but in general, there is enough space to accommodate 8 million books.

These libraries are a storehouse of history, culture, world heritage, which we are obliged to preserve, nurture and pass on to our descendants. Which of them would you like to visit?

Kansas City Public Library, USA

In 2004, the Kansas City Public Library was moved to the empty old building of the First National Bank. Two years after moving to the new residence of the library, a parking lot was built nearby, disrupting the architectural appearance of the building. To close the view of the parking lot, it was decided to build a wall in the form of a giant bookshelf.

The height of each "book" - 8 meters, width - 2 meters. On the "shelf" are together the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, The Lord of the Rings by John R. R. Tolkien, The Invisible Man by HG Wells, 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare and other outstanding works of the classics of world literature, selected according to the results of a survey among readers of the Kansas City library. The internal design of the library is made in banking style as a tribute to the historical past of the building.

Library Pargue Espana, Colombia

The Colombian city of Medellin in the past century acquired the ill fame of the cocaine capital and the nest of the South American cartels. To correct the reputation of Pablo Escobar’s small homeland, the authorities of Colombia initiated a number of projects in Medellin aimed at the cultural revival of the city.

One of such projects is the Pargue Espana library, built in 2007 according to the project of Giancarlo Mazanti. Thanks to an unusual design, from afar the new library of Medellin resembles huge rocks. Inside these polyhedron rocks there is a cultural center, numerous reading rooms, modern computer classes. To carry out the construction of the library, a slum quarter was demolished on the slopes of the mountain near Medellín, and now instead of the ugly skew stellar favels three granite of science rise above the city.

Louis Nusser Library, France

The world's first inhabited sculpture is a building ... a library! Built in 2002 in Nice by architects Yves Bayard and Francis Chapus, the head-library instantly became one of the symbols of the famous resort town of France. Access to the "brain" of the ordinary reader or tourist is ordered - only the administrative departments of the Louis Nucer Library work in the statue. The library fund and reading rooms are located in a more traditional building next door.

Sandro Penna Library, Italy

“A UFO has flown to us!” Is the first thought that a tourist in Perugia can visit when he sees in front of him a library named after Sandro Penna. The library building is made in the form of a flying saucer with transparent pink walls.

Futuristic interior, competent mixing of natural and artificial lighting, sound insulation of reading rooms, round-the-clock work of the library - all this attracts readers of all ages. Not without the help of its unique design, the pink shuttle lures visitors, inviting them to fly to the wonderful world of books.

Delft University Library, The Netherlands

Delft University is one of the largest technical universities in Europe, always up-to-date. An advanced university was an advanced library, and in 1997 a new library building was built. The library-dugout ideally merges with the surrounding landscape, students camouflaged on its camouflaged roof under a steep, earthen hill and walls rest after intense exercises.

Inside the library there is a book depository, reading rooms, a university publishing house, a bindery and a bookstore. The interior design of the library resembles a bunker built for shelter from air attacks.

Geisel Library, USA

Another unique university library is the Geisel Library at the University of California at San Diego, named after writer and patron of arts Theodore Suze Geisel, who made a significant contribution to the formation of its funds. The "tree of knowledge" was built in the 70s of the last century. The Geisel Library does not have a third floor, as it was reserved for an emergency exit. At the entrance to the building there is a noteworthy color installation, which says: “Read, write, think, dream,” as if preparing the reader for a journey along an endless tree of knowledge.

Bishan Public Library, Singapore

Innovation has not spared Singapore. Designed by the LOOKArchitects agency, the Bishan Public Library is one of Singapore’s newest architectural landmarks. The main feature of the library is dedicated soundproof rooms for discussing books read.

The “thoughts” are decorated with bright glass of all colors of the rainbow, creating a mood and comfortable atmosphere. The process of issuing books is fully automated, the reader receives his order in a maximum of five minutes.

Liyuan Library, China

Not only city libraries can capture the imagination - in the village of Huairou was built an amazing "book temple", similar to the old wooden fortress. Designed by a professor of architecture at Tsinghua University, Li Xiaodun, the library’s construction consists of glass and 45 thousand wooden rods.

There are no tables or chairs inside the library - they are replaced by multi-level terraces with inserted bookshelves. On the shelves, terraces are mats on which you can sit down and read a book on the spot. The library building is not electrified, therefore the lighting is extremely natural - through a transparent roof covered with wooden rods. Due to the lack of electricity, the library is only open until 16.30 in the evening.

Alexandrina Library, or New Library of Alexandria, Egypt

On the site of the legendary Library of Alexandria, destroyed almost two thousand years ago, the Alexandrina Library was erected. About $ 238 million was allocated for the ambitious project ($ 120 million by the Egyptian government), and by 2002 the heir of the Alexander Macedonian library opened the doors to readers. The building is located inside the pool and is made in the form of a disk, personifying both the sunrise of knowledge and the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra.

Inside the “sun” there is a whole library universe: a gigantic fund of eight million books, numerous reading rooms (the main hall is located on 11 cascading levels and has an area of ​​70,000 square meters), a conference room, specialized libraries for the blind, adolescents and children, four galleries arts, planetarium, laboratory for the restoration of ancient manuscripts.

Graphic systems from 120 language systems of the world are carved on reading room walls lined with Aswan granite. Librarians and readers guarded this architectural masterpiece during the Egyptian revolution of 2011, lining up in a “living chain” around the library building and repulsing the attacks of marauding crowds.

Library Hotel The Library Resort, Thailand

In Thailand, the library library hotel The Library Resort was built on Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui. The hotel offers holidaymakers not only physical “relax”, but also a cultural one — there is a library near the pool with a fairly substantial fund (there are even books in Russian).

The hotel has large reading rooms with a modern minimalist design, however, guests are allowed to read books and around the pool in the fresh air. You can read not only paper books, but also electronic ones: in each room there are iMac computers with free Internet access. An ideal place to stay for lovers of the printed word!

National Library of France

The National Library of France is one of the largest in the world and the largest library in France, located in Paris on Ryu Richelieu. Her collection has about 30 million copies, including 12 million books, 12 million drawings and engravings, 890 thousand cards and plans, 530 thousand coins.

Trinity College Library

The Trinity College Library is the University Library of Trinity College Dublin, founded by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592. This is the largest library in Ireland, as well as a popular landmark of the city, known primarily for its room with a length of 64 meters and a width of 12 m - "Long Room" (Long Room).

The library is home to more than a million books, the most famous of which is the Book of Kells, written around 800 n. e.

Austrian National Library

The seventh place in the list of the most beautiful libraries in the world is the Austrian National Library, located in the Hofburg Palace, in the city of Vienna. It is the largest library in Austria. Its collections contain about 7.5 million different books, papyri, manuscripts, photographs, posters, etc.

National Library of the Czech Republic

The National Library of the Czech Republic is the central library of the Czech Republic, the main building of which is located in the historic Clementinum building in Prague, where about half of all its books and manuscripts are kept. The other half of the collection is kept in the Hostivar area. In total, this library has about 7 million documents.

Monastery Library in Melk

The monastery in Melk is a Benedictine monastery located in the city of Melk, Austria, on a rocky hill above the Danube River. It was founded at the beginning of the XI century. It occupies an area of ​​17.5 thousand square meters and consists of a museum, a marble hall, a monastery church, a school and a library decorated by Paul Troger in 1731-1732, like the marble hall, with frescoes. The library has about 100 thousand handwritten and printed units, including 1888 manuscripts and books - printed before 1500.

Escorial Monastery Library

The Escorial Monastery is a monumental architectural complex combining a royal palace, a monastery, a museum, a school and a library (on the photo). Located in the city of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, 45 km north-west of Madrid, Spain. The library collection consists of more than 40,000 documents located in a room 54 meters long, 9 meters wide and 10 meters high. It also contains the world's largest collection of Arabic manuscripts.

Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery is an architectural monument located in Prague, Czech Republic. It was founded between 1140–1143 by King Vladislav II. The library in the monastery stores about 130,000 books, the oldest of which date back to the mid-12th century, as well as 1,500 printed editions, 2,500 manuscripts and several thousand graphic sheets.

Monastery Library of St. Gall

The library of the monastery of St. Gall was founded by St. Otmar at the beginning of the VIII century in the monastery of St. Gall. It is the oldest library in Switzerland. It contains about 160 thousand copies of books and 2,100 manuscripts dating from the 8th — 15th centuries.

Admont Abbey Library

Admont Abbey is a Benedictine monastery founded in 1074. Located on the Enns River in Admont, Austria. The library in the monastery was built in 1776 by the project of the Austrian architect Joseph Huber (Joseph Hueber). It is considered the largest monastic library in the world. It is 70 meters long, 14 meters wide and 13 meters high. It contains about 200,000 copies of books and 1,400 manuscripts.

Trinity College Library

This literary treasury, located in Dublin, is one of the most beautiful and unusual libraries in the world, which has become a permanent home for the famous illustrated Book of Kells, created in 800 by Irish monks. The facility is located in five buildings, four of which belong to Trinity College and one to St. James Hospital. The main hall of the Old Library, called the "Long Room", stretches for 65 meters. It was built between 1712 and 1732, and today it houses more than 200,000 oldest literary works.

Initially, the “Long Room” was an open gallery with a flat ceiling, where volumes were placed only on the shelves of the first floor. But at the beginning of the 19th century, the library received the right to keep a copy of each book published in Ireland and Great Britain within its walls, and the shelving became insufficient. In 1860, it was decided to expand the book depository and install the upper gallery in it, which required raising the ceiling by several meters and transforming its flat form into a vaulted one.

Stuttgart City Library

One of the best libraries in Germany is located in Stuttgart. The external architecture of the building, which is an ordinary cube, is quite simple and is unlikely to be of interest, but its internal design is an anthem of modernity and innovation. The book-depository, built in 2011, is located on 9 floors, each of which is dedicated to a separate topic, for example, art or children's literature.

Here you will not find traditional reading rooms with creaky furniture, but you will be pleasantly surprised by futuristic sofas with cushions. Well, specially equipped booths for using the Internet and listening to music only complement the innovative surroundings of the room.

The unusual design inside the facility is designed not so much to amaze the imagination as to draw the attention of visitors exclusively to books. Nevertheless, the professional editions deservedly appreciated the architecture of the Stuttgart city storage and included it in the list of the 25 most beautiful libraries in the world.

Library of the University of Aberdeen

In September 2012, Queen Elizabeth II announced the official opening of a new library at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. An unusual structure with a total area of ​​15,500 square meters. meters became the center of educational and research activities of university students. During the first year of operation, more than 700 thousand visitors visited the institution. It houses about 250 thousand volumes and manuscripts, there is a reading room for up to 1200 people, and there is also an exhibition gallery, where expositions and seminars are often held.

Special attention is given to the unusual modern architecture of the building: its facade is a combination of glass and plastic white lines, and the futuristic atrium, spread over 8 tiers of the building, became the center of the interior. Due to its design, this library rightfully deserved the status of one of the most unusual and beautiful in the world.

Bodleyan Library

Бодлианская библиотека, находящаяся в Оксфорде, является одной из старейших в Европе и второй по величине в Британии, где хранится более 11 миллионов книг и документов. Именно сюда поступают копии всех публикаций, изданных в Англии и Ирландии. Красивое книгохранилище занимает пять зданий, а также имеет несколько филиалов в колледжах и университетах страны. Примечательно, что вынести книгу за пределы сооружения не представляется возможным: посетители могут изучать экземпляры только в специальных читальных залах.

The Bodlian library was built in the 14th century, it went through several redevelopments and extensions. The unusual Radcliffe Rotunda, which for the most part contains medical and scientific literature, has become its business card. Previously, the rules of the institution forbade visitors to take photocopies of books, but today the requirements have been relaxed, and now everyone has the opportunity to make copies of copies issued after 1900.

Juanin Library

One of the most beautiful libraries in the world is located at the University of Coimbra in Portugal. The vault was built in the 18th century during the reign of Portuguese king João V and named after him. The building consists of three halls, separated by decorated arches. The best Portuguese artists, who decorated the ceilings and walls of the building with Baroque paintings, worked on the unusual decoration of this literary treasury.

It contains more than 250 thousand volumes devoted to medicine, geography, history, philosophy, canon law and theology. This is a real national monument of unique historical value for the state, which has become one of the most beautiful sights in Portugal.

Royal Library

This national library of Denmark, located in Copenhagen, is also part of the main metropolitan university. The unusual repository received its life in 1648 thanks to the monarch Frederick III, and today it is considered the largest in the Scandinavian countries. This place has a great historical value: after all, within its walls are numerous publications published since the beginning of the 17th century.

The building itself is presented in the form of two cubes made of glass and black marble, which cuts through the glass quadrangle. The new building is connected with the old library in 1906 with three transitions. Inside the vault is a modern atrium of undulating form, spread over 8 floors. We should also note the entrance to the reading room, which is decorated with a unique fresco of 210 square meters. meters Due to its color and unusual shape, the royal book depository is called the Black Diamond.

Escorial Library

The royal district of the Spanish city of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, located 45 km from Madrid, is the historical residence of the Spanish king. This is where the unusual Escorial Library is located, which is considered one of the largest in the world. The length of the main hall of the repository is 54 meters, and its height is 10 meters. Here on the beautiful carved shelves are stored more than 40 thousand volumes, among which you can find the most valuable manuscripts, such as the Golden Gospel of Henry III.

The Escorial book depository also contains Arabic manuscripts, historical and cartographic documents. The vaulted ceilings and walls of the building are decorated with beautiful frescoes that depict 7 types of liberal art: rhetoric, dialectic, music, grammar, arithmetic, geometry and astronomy.

Marciana Library

National Library of St. The brand is located in a Renaissance building in Venice, Italy. This is one of the first state repositories that has survived to our days, where the greatest collection of classical texts and ancient manuscripts is concentrated.

The building is richly decorated with sculptures, columns and arches, and the interior of the building is decorated with frescoes and paintings, which worked on the great Italian artists. Such decoration makes this literary treasury one of the most beautiful and unusual in the world. The repository has more than a million copies of printed publications, 13 thousand manuscripts and about 24 thousand publications dating back to the 16th century. The real historical treasures are kept here: the testament of Marco Polo, the original notes of Francesco Cavalli, the codes of the family Gonzaga and much more.

Clementium Library

Clementium is a historic complex of buildings in Prague, where one of the most beautiful libraries in the world is located. Built in 1722, the repository is made in the Baroque style, and today its area is more than 20 thousand square meters. meters This unusual building has concentrated about 22 thousand of the rarest books, carrying in them a great historical value.

Clementium furniture is not just a beautiful interior, but the real art itself. The frescoed ceilings, antique furniture, ornate golden fences and the most valuable publications on carved shelves - all this awaits visitors to one of the most interesting libraries in the world.

Vennesla Library and Cultural Center

The most futuristic book depository in the world was founded in 2011 in the city of Stavanger, located on the west coast of Norway. The unique geometry of the roof of the building is based on 27 wooden arcs produced from recycled lumber. In the center of each arc there is a comfortable reading corner.

During the construction of modern facilities used primarily wood, so the structure meets the highest environmental requirements. The library of Vennesla more than once became the winner of architectural competitions both in Norway and abroad.

Portuguese Royal Library

The Portuguese Royal Library, located in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, ranks 4th on the list of the most beautiful book depositories in the world. The unusual structure welcomes its visitors with a spiked facade with high windows and sculptures with bas-reliefs. And inside the building you will find a Gothic interior in combination with the Renaissance style. The reading room of the vault shakes the imagination with its huge beautiful chandelier, a large ceiling in the form of a stained-glass window and a floor laid out with intricate mosaics.

This interesting library contains the most valuable literary materials, including more than 350 thousand volumes and rare books of the 16-18th centuries. In this case, all copies are available in electronic versions. Thousands of copies of publications officially published in Portugal arrive here annually.

Victoria State Library

This is the largest book depository of the Australian state of Victoria located in Melbourne. The library was founded in 1856, and its first collection consisted of about 4,000 volumes. Today, the building covers a whole block and has several reading rooms, and more than 1.5 million books have been found in its storerooms. Here are the famous diaries of Captain Cook, as well as records of the founding fathers of Melbourne - John Pasco Fokner and John Batman.

Inside the building is decorated with beautiful carved stairs and carpets, as well as a miniature art gallery. Outside there is a green park, where you can admire the unique sculptural monuments. The State Library of Victoria can rightfully be considered one of the most unusual book depositories in the world.

The most unusual libraries in the world have long been not only a haven of great knowledge, but also bright beautiful sights, where any knowledgeable traveler wants to go. And visiting such repositories can forever change the view on how real libraries should look.