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All about neoprene clothing


Talking about neoprene should start with what this material is. Neoprene is a special material that is made of synthetic rubber.

Neoprene is most often made from waterproof wetsuits and is used to create orthopedic structures. However, in spite of all this, neoprene has become a new global trend and almost every designer in the collection has a similar coat.

However, it is worth noting that such coats, especially light colors, are best washed at temperatures of 30 to 40 degrees. It is worth forgetting about cleaning with chemical agents, since such a material is destroyed by the action of solvents, and yes, in no case should you squeeze it. It is better to let it dry completely by itself.


Speaking about the features of the material, it is worth moving to those key advantages, because of which neoprene has become so loved. It retains heat remarkably, which is important in cold weather. Waterproof. Resistant to sudden changes in temperature, which is why it does not deteriorate.

Very resistant to mechanical damage and chemical when used correctly. And the most important thing in this material is its durability and environmental friendliness. It is worth noting that neoprene is also frost resistant. If you believe the manufacturers, then this fabric can withstand temperatures from -50 to +90 degrees. It is also resistant to any changes in the weather.

Also, a big plus for those who often think about health is that bacteria and fungi cannot multiply in neoprene, which is why this material is as safe as possible. Also, this material does not conduct current and neoprene is absolutely hypoallergenic, which is why any girl can wear such a thing and not be afraid that dreams about fashion can be destroyed because of an allergy to some materials.

How to choose

Coats of neoprene fit any girl, the main among thousands of options and styles to choose the one that will go with you. As mentioned earlier, a coat of this material has an extensive color gamut, so it will be much easier to find the very thing.

Designers are advised to buy bright coats made of this fabric, as choosing a coat of neoprene of bright color of medium length and straight cut you can wear any clothes under it, the best way would be to look at a miniskirt or tight pants.

You can also choose a neoprene short coat. They can be completely different models from oversight to sports models. This image is perfect to complete jeans or pants. Neoprene coats, like any other coat, are best to match. It is worth paying attention to the colors that go to your color type.

Fashion collections of designers

Neoprene became fashionable and on the catwalks only in 2009. It was then, for the first time, the designer of the Balenciaga brand, Nicolas Gascier, saw something more in this material. Thanks to neoprene, he created a futuristic collection. In this collection were graphic lines, strict tailoring of dresses and skirts, in combination with neoprene sweatshirts became a real sensation.

Already in 2012, the neoprene wave covered the podiums. Such material became popular with such brands as Alexander Wang, J Brand and other fashion houses. Already in 2014 with the advent of the new fashion season, many designers decided to use neoprene not for sportswear, but for dresses and for many, it worked out wonderfully. For example, dresses by brand Cushnie et Ochs became a sensation. Already later, a brand like DKNY connected to the fashion with neoprene dresses. Bright neoprene strapless dresses became a sensation and made all fashionistas fall in love with this material.

Designer Philip Lim decided to create concise images. Simple things began to look attractive, due to the new neoprene fabric. Later, neoprene coats came into vogue, because its properties and lightness allowed designers to create, and fashionable women to wear new and interesting coats that are not inferior to other coats with a different fabric.

What to wear

A frequent question that arises during the purchase of any clothing - with what to wear this thing. Such a thing would be perfect for spring or early autumn. Coats made of neoprene can be combined with narrow leggings, men's shoes and even fluffy skirts. This coat will be combined with any thing from your wardrobe and most often it is relevant for daily walks, and sometimes you can wear it on festive or evening exits.

It is worth noting that under a coat of neoprene it is worth picking up monophonic things, best of all the colors that are found in a coat or a few tans, either lighter or darker. Ideal to add to the image of coarse shoes, or shoes with a ribbed sole and sunglasses, you can round, but best of all with reflective glasses.

In relation to other textures, the neoprene material is not capricious. It will look good with knitwear and viscose, and even wool. A good solution would be a set in the style of "sport-chic" or casual.

The only combination that should be thrown out of the head - skin and neoprene. They are similar in appearance and due to this, the image may not turn out the way you would like, and give preference to neoprene.

Designers create completely different images. Classic and slim silhouettes can be found on the catwalks, besides, the models of this cut will create an elegant and delicate look.

Stylish images

If you choose a gray neoprene coat, it is best to choose it with a bright inner side. It is possible to combine such a coat with any bright colors. It is best to focus on the upper part, namely, a sweater, sweatshirt, blouse, and the bottom to match the color of the coat. Shoes are better to take on heels, but not leather.

It will look good suede or pumps of textured leather, in the style of Christian Louboutin. You can choose the same coat soothing shades, but with a bright pattern. In this case, it is best to focus on clothes that are under the coat. It is better to choose a scarf or clutch to match the color of the pattern or a color close to it.

Shoes are the same as in the previous image - suede or boat shoes. If your coat is monotonous, without patterns and simple cut, then you need to focus on clothes under the coat do not forget about the large neck jewelry, the best are large and neon jewelry, for example: flowers or sea knot. Emphasis can also be made on the clutch of any bright colors and shoes.

It is best to take bright and vivid colors to create a stylish image. In this way you will feel both stylish and comfortable.

Reviews of those girls who have made such a purchase can be reduced to the fact that all owners of a neoprene coat are satisfied with their purchase. This is built on the fact that, firstly, neoprene can be of any color that pleases girls, because each can choose their favorite color, while many ordinary coats cannot do this.

What is neoprene

Neoprene is an artificial, foamed rubber, covered on both sides with a smooth, soft-touch fabric. Initially, neoprene was used in various technical areas, as well as for the manufacture of clothing for divers and athletes. Fashion could not bypass the attention of this unusual material, and in the late 10s of the 21st century fashion podiums flooded models in neoprene clothes. To date, neoprene has undergone some modernization to the needs of everyday wear and has become less technical and more comfortable.

The advantages of neoprene clothing are its ability to not pass moisture, stains and dirt do not linger on the fabric, and bacteria do not multiply on it. The fabric is almost not wrinkled and does not wear out. The disadvantages of neoprene can be called the weak ability to "breathe" and create a sauna effect. Although modern neoprene for clothing gradually gets rid of these shortcomings, it is still not easy to walk in a fitting dress made of this material all day.

Operating rules

Neoprene does not require ironing, you can gently wash it on both sides or dispose of it, but since it repels dirt, it is not often necessary to wash it. The material can be ventilated after wear and stored in a cabinet on hangers. Neoprene is best worn only 2-3 hours a day to feel comfortable in it.

Neoprene blouses and cardigans

Beautiful neoprene A-shaped cardigans look very unusual, to emphasize the grace of the female figure to choose a tight pencil skirt or tight-fitting trousers for such a blouse. Shortened models of neoprene sweaters look spectacular, if you choose a pleated skirt or a skirt-sun skirt for such a model, you will get a spectacular, feminine silhouette, with an emphasis on the waist.

Innovative coats

Fabric is ideal for outerwear, because it does not get wet and does not get dirty. Fashion designers recommend choosing a bright coat of neoprene straight cut of medium length, for such a coat, you can choose tight pants or a mini skirt.

The neoprene short coat also looks very beautiful, it can be extended, elegant models or sports coats with a patch zip or zip. The set will successfully complete your favorite jeans or pants. Today even classic coat models are made of neoprene, so a simple black coat of straight cut will become the most relevant element of the suit precisely because of the material.

Dress from the future

Thin and plastic neoprene is excellent for creating dresses, especially for models with a full skirt. Beautiful neoprene cocktail dresses are a real hit. You can choose a model of bright colors or concise black dress.

Do you already have neoprene clothing in your wardrobe? We are waiting for your feedback and comments!

The history of the material neoprene

Neoprene is a unique fiber invented in 1937. Initially, it was used only in industry and enterprises, later it became relevant options for sports things, wetsuits and equipment. In 2009, the material went to the fashion collections of designers, in particular fashion designer Nicolas Gheskyer. At that time, the Hesquiera collection looked like a futuristic clothing series, and since then neoprene has been precisely associated with many in the future.

The photo shows that such material as neoprene is the fabric of the future, it occupies a decent position in the ranking of fashionable things. It highlights the beauty and elegance of female forms, but it can be a little hot in it. Therefore, before buying, try on a coat so that there is no discomfort!

Neoprene features:

  • Perfectly keeps heat.
  • Waterproof fabric resistant to temperature changes.
  • Durable and resistant to mechanical abrasion fabric.
  • Retains its original appearance.
  • Neoprene is resistant to fungi and harmful microorganisms.
  • Environmental friendliness guaranteed!

What to wear a neoprene coat? Thanks to neoprene, you can wear tight leggings, men's shoes, fluffy and tight skirts. This coat is perfectly combined with most of the clothes from the main wardrobe, it is important for daily, festive and evening exits.

The question remains: how to wash such things? It is ideal to wash them in a soapy solution at average temperatures from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. You should not use cleaning with chemical agents, since the form of this material will be destroyed under the influence of solvents, acids and alkalis. You can not squeeze the product in a washing machine, it is best to dry it directly at a temperature of 10 to 25 degrees, and hide the heating devices away. Coats made of neoprene can not be dried under the influence of the sun, and it should not be ironed.

Choosing bright and interesting colors of this thing, you will see surprised looks of passersby. Coats made of neoprene - a thing quite rare, but it can beautify the exterior and highlight your originality!

Unusual shapes in a stylish design.

And the popularity of such things is explained quite simply: they are ideal for the autumn-winter period! Often, neoprene clothing has concise forms, strict and even futuristic cut, with its help it is so easy to look stylish and very fashionable.

In addition, it saves the heat well - even in a thin coat of such material you are unlikely to freeze, so think about it before picking out the undergarment. In order not to look too bright and deliberately bright, you can choose models from monochromatic colors with simple lines, which today claim to be the title of modern classics.

In all the photos where models demonstrate neoprene clothes, it is clear how well it emphasizes feminine forms, it always looks elegant and very interesting. Another advantage of this material is its ability to repel dirt, as well as various microbes and microorganisms, so you can rarely wash such things.

If you decide to buy a coat or jacket made of neoprene, then rest assured that they will retain their original shape for a long time - this is another of its positive qualities. If you are a lover of bright colors, then here you will find luck, because the clothes of such material are often performed in the most unexpected and bright shades of colors.

The only question that remains is how to care for such things? Everything is very simple: it is impossible to wash them in the washing machine, of course, because there is a spin mode that can spoil the appearance of such clothes.

It is ideal to soak them for half an hour in warm water (about 30 °) in a soapy solution. Chemicals are not recommended because they contain substances that can destroy the structure of the fabric.

Drying such coats should be carried out directly on the hangers, away from heating appliances and direct sunlight. In general, it must be said that with washing you will have to bother extremely rarely. Perhaps the only drawback of neoprene is that the skin under it cannot breathe, so these things are not recommended to be worn for longer than 3-4 hours, after all, synthetics are synthetics.

On the other hand, due to its rapid popularity, they are now actively working on this shortcoming, and who knows, in a couple of years, such fabrics as neoprene may completely overshadow the rest.


Neoprene has become one of the fashionable materials for sewing outerwear. Neoprene coats have gained popularity relatively recently. Today, many women are looking for just such options outerwear. And in fashion shows, various versions of neoprene coats have become a tradition.

Where did such popularity come from?

It all comes down to the unique properties of the material. Neoprene is a type of rubber. The peculiarity of the synthetic structure of such a material is that the surface resembles a honeycomb.

Accordingly, the main qualities of a neoprene coat can be identified:

  • material elasticity
  • waterproof properties
  • ease,
  • ability to keep warm
  • durability and strength
  • long sock,
  • environmental friendliness
  • resistance to mechanical stress.

It is worth noting that this material was used for a long time - it was used to make suits for divers and surfers, some models of clothing for fans of the tourist type of recreation.

Another direction of use of the material:

  • for sewing raincoats,
  • sneaker models,
  • boot (rubber),
  • bags.

Now this material has become used for sewing ordinary outerwear. In addition, the material has become widespread in the jewelry industry.

Buying a coat of neoprene - quite a profitable purchase during the off-season. The coat is warm enough and comfortable. Polyester or cotton is glued to the surface of the material, which allows the skin to breathe.

The color of the neoprene coat may be different. Today you can pick up products of various shades and even with a varied print. In the spring, the model of such a coat will be perfectly combined with demi-season boots for a walk.

The incredible variety of models of original coats from modern durable material allows you to follow the fashion trend of the season. Innovative models of neoprene coat keep their shape perfectly.

The coat cut is distinguished by strict clear lines. Already, many fashion houses in the world took this nuance to the note and began to include in their collections of demi-season clothing various options on the subject of a neoprene coat.

Some models of the coat really look like products with a futuristic design and look incredibly stylish and fashionable. All models of coats made of famous brands neoprene perfectly retain heat, despite the fact that the cut is incredibly thin. Basically, when tailoring neoprene, monophonic fabrics and a classical form are used.

All models of neoprene coats are distinguished by the fact that they create an incredibly elegant and feminine look. Due to the peculiarity of the fabric structure, the coat practically does not get dirty, does not collect germs. The appearance of things remains even after several washes. And you can dry your coat on a regular coat hanger.

A practical and feminine neoprene coat is presented today in a rich collection of styles. There are models in traditional colors - yellow, gray, brown, black, white. You can purchase models of bright red or deep blue.

Initially, models of neoprene coats were sewed, as voluminous things. Следом появились модели пальто прямого кроя, которые отлично подчеркивают достоинства фигуры. Сегодня пальто могут иметь чуть приталенный силуэт или трапециевидную форму. Некоторые модели из неопрена шьются с капюшонами, отложными воротниками, с поясом.

Теперь можно легко подобрать пальто из неопрена по размеру или длине изделия. Стройным девушкам подойдут приталенные модели, вещи прямого кроя, короткие выше колен или длинные до пола модели.

Women with a non-ideal figure should be more cautious when choosing a suitable coat model, so you can opt for the straight silhouette of a free-cut coat that will not fit the hips. Long models are better not to choose. But the length to the middle of the calf just become the "golden mean".

Many wonder how to care for neopreon products. Everything is simple here. The material itself perfectly retains its shape.

  1. The product can be washed by hand, but from the machine wash with the spin mode is better to refuse.
  2. Before washing, the thing should be soaked in water at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.
  3. When washing is usually recommended to use soapy water. Powder is better not to use.
  4. After washing, it is not recommended to squeeze the product, as well as to dry near the heater or under direct sunlight. Ironing thing is also not necessary.

Reviews of owners of a coat of unusual material, mostly positive. Consumer interest in unusual products is growing every year. This is due to the fact that every year manufacturers and designers manage to find new opportunities for creating fashionable images.

Designers do not stop experimenting with the coloring of a coat of neoprene. Comfortable sensations can only be overshadowed by the fact that models of neoprene coats are pure synthetic. For those who are accustomed to using only natural materials, this option of outerwear may not be suitable.

6 beneficial properties of neoprene

Despite its "chemical" origin, neoprene has a number of interesting and useful properties.

  1. Neoprene great keeps warm. Therefore, cardigans and sweatshirts from it are quite warm.
  2. This material waterproof and is resistant to temperature extremes, so wetsuits are made of it.
  3. Persistence to mechanical and chemical damage allows you to make neoprene comfortable covers for gadgets.

  • Moreover, neoprene resistant to the formation of fungi and bacteria, as well as environmentally friendly and safe for the skin, so it is also used in medicine.
  • As for his use in fashion, here he bribes his ease, flexibility and plasticity.
  • Neoprene holds its shape well, so from it the textured flared skirts and spectacular volumetric details of the finish.

    Neoprene Care

    Dry cleaning recommended for neoprene. However, if you approach the cleaning with caution, you can wash it at home.

    Choose soft detergents, such as baby powder, use water temperature 30-40 degrees, when washing in a washing machine, choose a gentle mode.

    Since neoprene products are waterproof, double washing is recommended: first from the front side, then from the wrong side. Drying is also recommended in two stages - on the one and the other. It is important to remember that it is better to keep such products away from sunlight.

    Neoprene in fashion

    Initially, this material went into a sports wardrobe - it makes slimming leggings, jackets, swimsuits and wetsuits.

    However, designers loved this interesting material and began to use it in their new fashion collections. For example, neoprene produces chic dresses with wavy skirts that perfectly keep their shape due to the density of the material.

    The density and plasticity of the material impose certain restrictions, so the designers create minimalistic models from it: tops and sweatshirts in a fashionable color block style.

    In addition, jackets, jackets and coats are also made from neoprene. They keep warm and do not get wet.

    Shopping recommendations

    Now you can buy original fashionable clothes from neoprene. We have selected some interesting things that will be able to decorate and diversify your wardrobe.

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    Mademoiselle R Neoprene midi skirt (4,249 rubles / 2 125 rubles)

    Mademoiselle R Neoprene Dress (2,649 rubles / 1 325 rubles)

    Mademoiselle R Neoprene short skirt (2 099 rub / 1 049 rub)

    Story Of Lola Neoprene dress with lace-up sleeves (3,846 rubles / 2 692 rubles)