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Beautiful manicure for sharp nails 2018-2019: photos, ideas, news


A fresh selection of great photos of designs of long sharp nails, they are also stilettos 2017/2018. The main distinguishing feature is a very sharp tip of the marigold. In length there are different lengths. From medium (1 cm), 2-3 cm long and to extremely long 5-10 cm.

As a rule, long sharp nails are associated with a predatory and bloodthirsty way. Or just expressive. Very often, bourgeois wouman’s nails with stilettos grow in front of Halloween with appropriate horror pictures.

This does not apply to everyday manicure. But for a wedding or a date it would be appropriate to make this kind of design. Personally, I can well imagine such a manicure at the head of the sales department or at the head. And when the subordinates do not fulfill the sales plan, then the boss will use these claws to pull out the heart of the subordinate and feed the piranhas in the aquarium.

So something fantasy played out :))))

Long nail art halloween.

And sometimes this is just such a pretty nyashny mi-mi mi pink manicure with glitter.

The first man who was very fond of sharp nails stilettos. And applied them very practical.))

Type frenchik. Sharp nails on medium nails.

Black long nails.

The impression that the nail design will produce will largely depend on the pattern and the overall color scheme.

Pretty cute multi-colored design on long nails.

Stiletta with rhinestones + red and white ombre.

Beautiful red manicure on long sharp nails with a hooked bend.

Here, by the way, it's not quite the stylet since the tip is slightly rounded.

Brown varnish for long nails.

Black and orange design on very long legs.

Long nails with a pattern imitating blood. brrr uzhos)

Geometric stained glass design.

Black and nude manicure with a pattern of web.

Figure clown on tips. Based on the recently acclaimed film about a clown-maniac. I do not remember the truth as it is called.

Photo reminder with examples and names of various forms of nails.

Type of black and green jacket with a print graphics heartbeat. Pretty old design and photo so-so, but the idea is not bad, you can take a note.

White french stilettos.

Black matte gel polish on long nails.

Halloween manicure with the appropriate attributes of a ghost, cat, web.

Beautiful red 3D design with large rhinestones.

Black triangular jacket.

Photo sucks but the very idea of ​​blue neon gel polish with a print of little butterflies is amazing.

Manicure on bohatomu.

Water black and white design.

Solid bright red manicure.

Now, if you remove these large rhinestones, it would look great.

Imitation of blood on the nails.

Chic translucent manicure with a print mesh.

Cobweb on sharp nails.

Ghosts zombakov and other vermin.

Very super cool on very long and very sharp nails in one tone covered with gel-lacquer mettalik.

Manicure with a print of evergreen bucks.

Nails just very long natural nails without varnish. Probably I had to grow for a very long time))

Kavai manicure with images of characters from the famous anime "My Neighbor Totoro".

Black and white marble manicure.

Very non-standard and unusual form of the accrued nail.

On a black street, in a black and black house, in a black and black room, in total darkness, a girl with long black hair sat and painted her nails with a black gel polish. )))

White-pink manicure with a marble covering effect.

Typical wedding design.

Natural nude manicure with sharp tips.

Fashionable matte manicure for sharp nails 2018-2019 year

Fashionable sharp manicure is one of the main trends in the manicure of 2018-2019. Many girls decided to abandon the practical manicure and pick up a more courageous nail art on long pointed nails.

The most concise and discreet manicure for sharp nails in matte finish, which gives the nails a special chic and refinement. For delicate and delicate manicure on sharp nails, you can choose varnishes in delicate nude and pastel shades that are very beautiful on pointed nails.

Stylish matte manicure for sharp nails 2018-2019 with dark shades of lacquer - black, burgundy, wine, marsala, blue, green. For more originality, you can combine a matte manicure on sharp nails with a glossy one, or select a pair of marigolds with the help of a rub or foil, which will also give originality and novelty.

Manicure for sharp nails of 2018-2019 year with design: drawings and prints

Long nails always look luxurious and feminine, especially when decorated with unusual and stylish prints, images and paintings.

It is a manicure on sharp nails that makes it possible to translate intricate ideas into reality, fulfilling the best manicure options with a fashionable design on nails.

Laconic and fashionable manicure for sharp nails can be obtained by using a beige or white gel polish in combination with black, completing with geometric patterns and various openwork patterns, examples of which you will find in our selection of photos.

White drawings in the form of stripes, strokes and curls allow you to perform a sophisticated manicure on sharp nails of 2018-2019, which will perfectly complement a very delicate and romantic bow.

Do not be afraid to experiment and try a bright gel polish on sharp nails, for example, green, turquoise, pink, fuchsia, blue, purple, doing a negative space or color block manicure that looks bright and stylish.

Manicure for sharp nails of 2018-2019 year with rubbing, flock and rhinestones

Fashionable manicure for sharp nails from 2018-2019 looks incredibly beautiful in deep shades of lacquer or, on the contrary, very delicate and barely perceptible colors of purple, blue, pink, beige and milky.

For a spectacular manicure on sharp nails 2018-2019, use a flock, a rub with different effects, as well as foil or glitter.

Perform a manicure on sharp nails and at the same time add a few nails with rhinestones, stripes, and sparkles that will make any sharp manicure more luxurious and delightful.

Evening manicure is especially beautiful, if you perform it on sharp nails in a trendy shade of gel polish, while decorating with rhinestones the entire nail, part of it or using a few stones at all.

It all depends on what kind of manicure on sharp nails you want to get - the best ideas are shown in our gallery.

Fashion trends and new items

This year the manicure on sharp and “cat's” nails is still relevant. Although many ladies have opted for naturalness, sharp nails still flaunt on women's hands, though not as often as before - as many leading beauty salons claim. Women choose as extended versions of artificial nails, and their own. Some go to beauty salons, while others like to experiment at home.

Very stylish look sharp matte nails in mono-performance, because this design has become very popular. Sometimes they are diluted with small pebbles. However, a matte manicure always "loves" small patterns on nails and crystals, such a trend is likely to last more than one year. The velvet painting which is made with the help of acrylic powder also looks very beautiful.

Classic French manicure is still popular. But the sharp nails, he always attracts a lot of attention and views. This design is chosen for weddings or special occasions. Color jacket more relevant for parties. Moreover, the colors can be completely different - for example, unusual acidic, neon and with abundant luster.

Do not be afraid to experiment with textures and shades. For your sharp nails, choose glossy or matte shades. Sand varnish will look no less attractive, because with it you can make a very stylish design - even in nude shades.

Quiet shades are no less popular: pale pink, peach, cream, mint, cream and various mother-of-pearl.

This year it is very fashionable to make sharp nails, cutting out the shape of their natural. You can try to make up their wine, berry or other dark shades, which also did not cease to be popular in 2017. Do not forget to pay attention to the marble design, which in the nail industry has become very popular.

Beautiful design

Most often, to grow long nail plates - this is a very difficult process, so sometimes women have to use the services of masters and make accrued nails. Such options are not quite fashionable, because they were replaced with gel polishes for natural nails, but on the extended nails you can make the coolest design and get the perfect shape.

Sharp nail plates are always open to experiments, so they can perform the most luxurious design, even at home. If you have sharp nails, and at the same time you started home experiments, then you will need the following materials for design:

  • Gel varnishes or acrylic paints, a set of brushes for painting.
  • Large and small rhinestones, bouillons, pebbles and other decorations.
  • Rubs to create a metallic or pearlescent effect. Such rubbing powders are sold at every step, it is very simple to use them even at home.
  • Ready stickers, stencils for French or moon manicure.
  • Sliders.

Of course, for a particular design will have its own list of materials, but this general and approximate list will help create the nails of your dreams right at home.

An excellent solution for sharp artificial nail plates can be the so-called “aquarium” design. It is performed with a variety of patterns and textures.

Since the "bestial" theme and the leopard print on the nails are still popular, why not complete them, do not make something of your own.

Do not be afraid to combine several designs in the same manicure - for example, beautiful patterns and pebbles often add to “aquarium” designs. When a manicure is created in a single color, the design can also be combined. If you, for example, paint chamomile on your nails, then make it the middle of rhinestones. So the picture will look more impressive.

Do not overload all the nails with an abundance of stones and rhinestones. It is best to perform such a design on one finger or two.


What girl does not dream of long and beautiful nails. But often its own nail plate is not strong enough. Here come to the aid of technologies such as strengthening the gel or capacity. Today, almost any beauty can make nails of any shape and length in a couple of hours.

As for the features of manicure for long nails, it is worth noting that there are no special restrictions. You can choose nude varnish options or make a manicure very bright and catchy. On the sharp long nails and the first and second options will look great.

Fashionable shades and combinations

Designers each season dictate fashion to certain combinations and colors. Whether it is a tendency to follow or to remain true to one’s preferences, everyone decides for himself. But there are options that do not lose their relevance at any time.

Dark tones

The choice of shade in this case is unlimited. It can be either green, or gray or blue gamma. Especially noble and stylish this manicure looks in matte design. If you add a specific design, you can create a very interesting and original image.

Many are afraid of such saturation in color (especially black shades), but it is in vain. With a neat quality performance such nails look very stylish.

Nude shades

This palette will always be relevant. Natural colors are perfect for any look and style. In addition, with a single-color design, you can not worry that the manicure will look too bright with a long, sharp form.

If you want to add personality, you can dilute such a gentle manicure with a design with rhinestones or floral patterns.

Long red nails are classics of the genre. They are perfectly combined both with a strict business suit, and with an evening dress. Such a daring design gives in its owner a bold and strong nature. The variety of shades allows you to choose the tone that corresponds exactly to your ideas about a beautiful red manicure.

Contrast combinations

Today it is very fashionable to combine different shades and colors. And here the contrasting combinations look very bright and unusual. They must be selected on the basis of the basic colors of the wardrobe or accessories that you wear every day.

And you can combine both two and three colors. If you find it difficult to choose the ideal options, then use the "design circle." With it, even a beginner will find those options that will look perfect on your fingers.

Monochrome palette

Using different tones of the same color range, you can create a unique manicure. And they can be applied not only on different fingers, but also on one nail. It all depends on what effect you want to achieve.

One of the advantages of using a monochrome gamut is the ease of its selection. You simply select the primary color and experiment with its richness and depth.

Long sharp nail design

The decoration of sharp long nails deserves special attention. After all, it was for this that you created (or cultivated) such a form in order to demonstrate their beauty and elegance. There are many options. Masters of nail design each year come up with more and more new versions of the manicure on the long sharp nails.

Mirror manicure

Very effective option. At the same time it is important to choose the base color correctly if you want to embody it using the rub-in. There is an easier way - just buy a varnish with this effect. But the masters give preference to the first variant, since in this case there will be more opportunities for design. By rubbing in different colors, we get a variety of end options.

If mirror nails seem too bright to you, then it is not necessary to use this technique on all fingers. It will be enough to decorate with this design only one or two nails. In this case, the manicure will be original and restrained.

Imitation Gems

What a girl does not like sparkling stones. They can flaunt not only in expensive rings and earrings, but also on the nails. Of course, it is impractical to attach real gems to the fingers. They hold out there for a very short time, but the cost of a manicure will be impressive.

This task is perfectly handled by rhinestones and other stones that imitate real jewels. One can hardly call such a manicure everyday. It is more suitable for a special occasion or even your own wedding.


Their size and color is determined in each case individually. Whether you want to decorate the entire nail with quite large sparkles with rich luster, or just want to create a soft glow by using small elements, in any case, you can choose the option that is acceptable and relevant for you.

With drawings

Their diversity is so great that it makes no sense to list all the available options. It should be noted only that the drawings may be of a thematic nature (New Year, Halloween, space, fruit, etc.) or be rather abstract.

How it will be difficult and interesting depends on the imagination and skill of the master. Before you go for a manicure, you can choose an interesting option and show it to the master. In this case, you don’t have to explain on your fingers exactly which design you mean.

Geometric figures and drawings can create a rather strict image and be a real work of art. Often, they are complemented by sparkles to emphasize on individual details.

French and moon manicure

French manicure has long been considered a classic. On long sharp nails, it looks especially impressive. White tips with a beige base create a romantic gentle image. Its great advantage is versatility.

You can decorate it with various floral and lace motifs. In addition to the classic performance, french today can be performed in almost any color. This provides a field for experimentation and the manifestation of their own imagination.

Super fashionable design of sharp nails 2018-2019: the best manicure for sharp nails - trends and ideas

Since now women have no restrictions in the choice of nail design, sharp nails will not be left without a beautiful manicure.

Make a sharp nail design 2018-2019 can be in the actual pastel shades, as well as choose a bright palette of seasonal colors.

In a fashion, undoubtedly, design of sharp nails of universal red, dark blue, all tones of green.

Beautiful design in burgundy, purple, gray, black, plum tone will conquer the brightness of the options.

By the way, dark varnishes will be the basis for the realization of many techniques, combined with metallic colors and delicate colors.

In the spring and summer you will be able to please yourself by looking at the author's nail art ideas in lilac, pale pink, white, saturated turquoise, coral, etc.

Осенне-зимняя пора принесет вам, кроме выше перечисленных вариаций, приятные оранжевые, коричневые, бордовые, ягодные оттенки, а также голубые, синие, металлические тона.

Masters offer sharp nails to do medium length, and an extravagant manicure for sharp nails of impressionable length and other forms of form should be preferred only for parties and parties.

Also popular now are sharp beveled, peaked nails, pipe, pointe shoes, age, bridget.

In the trend design of sharp nails 2018-2019 with a matte finish, with rhinestones, a beautiful manicure on sharp nails with drawings and patterns, combined with several techniques, fashionable design of sharp nails.

Cardinally opposite, but no less relevant minimalist manicure for sharp nails, invites women to appreciate the design with sprigs, floral and geometric patterns, laconic variations of the manicure with a pattern, or a pattern on one nail.

Classic techniques, rub-in and foil, stamping and openwork patterns (for wedding and evening manicure) are perfect for sharp nails.

It is noteworthy that the design of sharp nails 2018-2019 has become more interesting, refined, less defiant.

Stylish design sharp nails 2018-2019 with matte varnishes

Matt manicure for sharp nails 2018-2019 has become a great trend among design variations, because it perfectly complements everyday and evening bows in different directions.

You can choose a matte design of sharp nails in a monochromatic and more original design.

Note that matte sharp nails will look elegant in a minimalist design and unique in a luxurious design with flowers, rhinestones, glitter, patterns.

Remember, manicure on sharp nails 2018-2019 is better to do on not too plump and long fingers. On thin fingers, this form can also look ridiculous.

In our collection you will see a matte design of sharp nails 2018-2019 in abundance of examples.

Sharp nails 2018-2019 with elements of chic and the effect of precious stones

Sharp nails, like nails of any other shape, can be made in a minimalist design, or you can shower them with precious stones and shining sparkles.

This design of sharp nails in a softer version of the form will appeal to women who seek to create a special image in tandem with an evening or cocktail dress.

Indisputably, a sharp manicure is suitable for creative brides. The most successful variations are a combination of classical techniques or delicate patterns with pebbles.

You can pick up sharp marigolds for the New Year's image, decorating sharp marigolds with a stylish manicure with rhinestones and glitter, shining and lifting your spirits, filling you with self-confidence and boundless positive.

Rhinestones and sequins on the nails of the sharp form should not be excessive, so that the design of sharp nails turned out to be beautiful, not fancy.

Perfect design of sharp nails 2018-2019 in the spirit of minimalism

The new season harmoniously combines two current trends - the design of sharp nails and minimalism.

Such a tandem, it would seem, is a bit contradictory, however, sharp nails in the spirit of minimalism look very elegant.

A minimalist trend is realized through light and unobtrusive patterns and laconic patterns in different themes, nail art geometry, stripes, points, delicate curls, gold and silver ribbons.

The minimalist design of sharp nails 2018-2019 perfectly complements your stylish bow with a simple and at the same time spectacular manicure, creating an easy and interesting look for you.

How to decorate sharp nails 2018-2019

In addition to beautiful classic techniques in the form of a jacket, gradient, moon manicure, sharp nails can be decorated with patterns and 3D images that harmoniously take root in variations with sparkles, stones, foil, rubbing, luxurious, or minimalist design.

As it turned out, the fashionable design of sharp nails 2018-2019 can look very gentle, if you put on sharp marigold bows, polka dots, knitted and openwork patterns, thematic seasonal patterns.

Each season sets its own style, so sharp marigolds will decorate charming patterns in contrasting colors to the basic tone and exclusive author drawings corresponding to a certain season.

In our collection you will see the best design ideas on sharp nails, you can find a chic or laconic manicure, and, undoubtedly, reconsider your attitude to traditional French, gradient, moon design, seeing these techniques in complex nail art masterpieces.

Ready to choose a new sharp nail design 2018-2019? Then we look ...

Manicure on sharp nails in 2018

The main trend of this summer is brightness and originality. Of course, this cannot be overdone, but it is also not permissible to remain in the shadows this season. The girl should shine and feel confident, and beautiful nails help her in this.

It is interesting that many Hollywood stars prefer sharp nails. On the carpet with them you can see Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce and many others.

Sharp nails perfectly complement evening look. Even those girls who prefer calm colors, love the beige color and inconspicuous patterns, can also stop on sharp nails. They emphasize the individuality of any girl.

This year, designers offer a large number of original ideas manicure. In the trend of unusual patterns, stones, gold ribbon, powder and much more. Gentle bed tones remain relevant. They add romance and bright colors. Such contrasts attract the attention of both men and women.

Beautiful manicure in 2018

Designers are coming up with new ideas for girls this year. Consider a few stylish and original options.

Manicure ideas on sharp nails

Long nails are always beautiful. This season a great length is back in fashion. Patterns on the nails look more sophisticated. Many ladies prefer geometric patterns, they look strong and unusual. Stripes or circular lines are popular. Preferences in the patterns can be a huge set.

Now in a trend of dark colors. Even solid black looks incredibly elegant. For evening exits dark colors will look best. Often, girls prefer black french or elegant stones for black manicure. From such nails it is difficult to tear off a look. In addition, with black you can combine anything, from golden rain to metal.

Swiftly burst into fashion vmre style. More recently, every second girl tried this trend in her hair, and it looked very bright and unusual. Now the trend has moved to the nails. Sparkling colors on the fingers of the girl recently preferred very often.

Everyone is used to seeing the gel polish glossy, iridescent with highlights. But now women are actively using everything matte, including varnishes. Mattness on lips and nails looks especially elegant and “tasty”, unlike gloss.

Remain in fashion red as well as green and blue. The nails of these shades, even without design, look gorgeous on long, sharp nails. An interesting solution is the wine colors, purple and gray tones.

Manicure ideas for sharp nails 2018

This summer is not recommended to wear too long nails, and a short inconspicuous manicure is also out of fashion. It is best to choose a medium length with an interesting design, with its own twist.

Always relevant to the drawing on the nails. Most often, girls choose summer floral ideas or fruits. Summer theme looks bright and not defiant.

Beauty matte manicure

You can experiment endlessly with a matte manicure, as with its help you can make the image delicate or, on the contrary, bright and elegant. Here you can choose as a monochromatic coating, and an interesting design. With the design does not need to overdo it, with a matte manicure it is best to minimally decorate the nail.

There are various ideas of matt manicure this season. Delicate colors look very nice: pink or beige. You can leave part of the nails glossy and make the other part matte. In the photo one of the most beautiful and very delicate options matte finish.

Delicate matte finish

You can make a manicure more vivid, while using the same bed shades. One of the interesting ideas: these are patterns on one nail, and on the other partial silver powder. This manicure attracts attention and looks more impressive.

Matte Manicure Ideas

It will be interesting to look bright matte manicure. It can be supplemented with geometry. This style will suit girls who are not afraid of bold ideas and are always in the spotlight.

Bright combinations for sharp nails

Stones and spangles for sharp nails

An elegant version of the manicure is a minimal decoration with elements of sparkles or stones. Nails with a brilliant decor on one finger can be used both in daily time, and on a festive event. Brides very often prefer a brilliant design or beautiful stones together with a pattern.

With rhinestones, it is important not to overdo it, so that the image remains feminine and beautiful.

For an evening out or an important festive event, bright red with one nail, sprinkled with stones will suit.

Manicure for an evening exit

You can create a similar manicure by experimenting with stones. For example, on one nail, spread out stones of different size and color. It will look original and elegant. You can choose any color: purple, gray, turquoise and others.

Manicure ideas with stones

Minimalism in 2018

A few years ago, many girls preferred to make their nails as bright as possible, but now minimalism is in trend. This style implies a discreet nail cover when a manicure does not attract much attention. Thanks to minimalism, nails look well-groomed, tender and feminine.

Other features of this style are: small patterns, modest stripes and curls. They give a magical elegance and reverie to the female image.

The photo shows an example of minimal nail design with low-key shades. On sharp nails it looks quite elegant. And since the long pointed fingers themselves are bright, minimalism in this case will be just the way.

Beautiful minimalist manicure

Bright ideas for this summer

In the summer, every girl wants to be bright and unique. Together with colorful and colorful clothes, the corresponding manicure looks good. This summer it is recommended to use bright colors, especially green, yellow, orange - these are the most relevant shades of this season.

In a trend monophonic cover all fingers except ring finger. It is usually depicted beautiful pictures or prefer interesting patterns. Something from food, especially fruit will look beautiful. One of the ideas is to draw orange slices on two nails on a black background, cover the rest with orange. It will look bright and tasty in summer.

In addition, you can draw cupcake, cake or something from sweets. Fantasy here should not have boundaries. On sharp long nails it is convenient to make beautiful images. One of the ideas of a bright beach manicure is presented in the photo.

Ideas summer manicure

In addition to delicious food or drinks, some masters paint animals. Quite popular seals. You can experiment and draw a bee, as in the following photo:

Beautiful manicure in summer

Such manicure options look bright, but not catchy. Do not be afraid of new ideas, since everything is original in the trend of this year.

Beauty gradient

Just recently women of fashion began to use a gradient on their nails. This is a smooth transition from one color to another. On the nails, it looks as unusual and beautiful as on hair or clothes. It is advisable not to use additional design in this style, as there is a chance to overdo it.

There are a lot of gradient options. It can only be on one nail or all at once. Colors can be used any if they are combined with each other. It can be brown and beige, black and red, blue and blue, etc.

One of the ideas of a beautiful gradient is red-black. The coating is made on all fingers, sometimes using a minor additional design, for example, a stone or a strip.

Sharp nail gradient

In the summer very often make a gradient in bright colors. One of the ideas presented in the photo.

Summer Gradient Ideas

Foil and broken glass

The following manicure techniques are popular this year: foil and broken glass. On sharp nails, they look especially elegant. Foil and broken glass can be made on several nails. These styles are able to give the image of originality and uniqueness. They are suitable for evening out.

Broken glass on sharp nails

Manicure variations with foil very much. Many craftsmen creatively approach the creation of the image and perform the technique of foil overlay in various ways. The most favorite method of girls is uneven chaotic coating, presented in the photo.

The use of foil for manicure in 2018

Manicure with kamifubuki 2018

A new trend in the nail service is a manicure with kamifubuki. This is a confetti-like cover. Thanks to the simple technique of application, this style quickly gained popularity. A manicure with kamifubuki attracts with its radiance and brilliance, therefore no girl remains indifferent.

The decoration option is chosen for every taste. Due to the choice of color confetti can be made in the form of flowers or stargazing. This manicure is suitable for fun and colorful events.

Manicure with kamifubuki 2018

French - trend 2018

French manicure has always been in fashion. Girls love this style of nail design because of its simplicity and versatility. After all, french suit as an important business meeting, as well as a disco. If earlier French manicure was associated with transparent nails with white coatings on the ends, then now there are so many variations of its decoration that the eyes diverge.

Classic french with added patterns remained in the trend white or stones. Many believe that the real french should be only on square nails, but this is a delusion. French manicure on sharp nails is also loved by many girls.

Classic french on sharp nails

French version in 2018

In addition to the standard white color, many girls prefer shiny french It is suitable for celebrations, banquets and evening parties. Together with such nails, bright clothes and makeup look beautiful.

The end of the nails can be any color. The rest of the nail can also be colored. The combination of several colors looks extraordinary. Sometimes the coating on the tip make another shape, for example, triangular. This is also a type of service jacket. You can choose the option to your liking and create yourself a unique image.

At the moment, french remains one of the most popular types of manicure. Most girls still opt for the classics. It has several advantages. With a standard French manicure, you can attend more important business meetings, entertainment venues. A casual look also fits your french finish.

Unusual version of the jacket in 2018

GALLERY: The most fashionable trends of "acute" manicure in 2018

Nail service is constantly evolving, so the masters are implementing more and more unusual and original ideas covering nails. Design options are updated regularly. Fashion trends in 2018 has a wide selection. This summer, the trend of experiments and originality. Girls opt for bright ideas, but bed tones and classic french still do not lose relevance. The main thing is that the manicure is liked by its owner and gives her self-confidence. If you do not agree with the rating of the article, then just put your ratings and argue them in the comments. Your opinion is very important for our readers. Thank!

Manicure design on sharp nails of 2018-2019 year: manicure ideas on sharp nails

Long nails allow you to create original and creative design for sharp nails of 2019-2019, which will delight with its novelty. Manicure for sharp nails can be done in dark colors, which is more appropriate for the evening exit.

Also a beautiful manicure for sharp nails with a geometric print, various stripes, circles and other variations.

Fashionable manicure for sharp nails 2018-2019 in the style of ombre in delicate colors, lunar manicure for sharp nails, marble manicure for sharp nails, and french. You can create a stylish manicure for sharp nails by combining matte varnish and the usual one in the same color, for example, the fashionable color of burgundy.

A spectacular manicure on sharp nails, created in contrast colors, for example, the classic combination of white and black. This manicure looks very stylish and concise in any image.

Gentle manicure on sharp nails 2018-2019 year

Gentle manicure on sharp nails is most popular among women of fashion and women of this type of manicure. Manicure on sharp nails of gentle and inconspicuous shades looks beautiful and elegant, decorating your pens.

Creating a gentle manicure on sharp nails, it is necessary to select a varnish of soft pink, coffee and beige colors. This manicure is harmonious in a romantic and gentle image for each girl.