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Sun skirts: stylish models, fashionable images


The sun skirt in its simplest form is a cut of round fabric with a hole in the center for the waist. And that is exactly what the model was called that way. But the thing can be sewn from several parts, it is also allowed.

Who is suitable?

The skirt-sun is an indispensable thing in the wardrobe, as it can be safely called universal. It is suitable and slim girls, and having a sporty physique, and even ladies with appetizing forms. This model is able to hide all the disadvantages: as an extra volume, and its disadvantage.

There is also no age limit on a thing: it looks equally good on young girls, more adult, mature and self-confident women of balzac age, and even ladies even older. The sun skirt transforms each age in its own way: it adds coquetry and romance, emphasizes femininity and shows that a woman can always be attractive, regardless of the date of birth.

If we talk about relevance, then from this point of view, the sun skirt can also be considered universal, because it can be put on a meeting with friends, on a date or a party, on study or work, on an official event and even on a social event. A variety of models will allow you to find what you need.

How to choose?

It would seem that the model is extremely simple and has specific distinctive features. But modern designers are constantly bringing something new to the fashion world. Therefore, the sale can be found a variety of skirts, sun. And to decide on a choice, when buying, be guided by several criteria:

  • Cut. The skirt can be sewn from a single piece of fabric and be seamless, have one or two seams, consist of wedges. Expansion may begin from the waist itself, or slightly lower from the hips. There are models on an elastic band or on a belt (thin or wide). Different asymmetry variants are popular: beveled hem, elongation in the back. Also, the skirt may consist of two or more layers, which will give it a dizzying pomp.
  • Length. A short skirt can afford only the happy owners of a slender figure. But this option is not suitable for very tall girls: their legs will seem disproportionately long. A skirt to mid-thigh or just above the knees will emphasize grace and make you sexier. The length of the midi to the knees or mid-calf - a universal option, suitable and slender, and magnificent girls. Another variation is the sun skirt in the floor, ideally sitting on the high representatives of the fair sex (those whom nature cheated on with growth can solve the problem with the help of high heels).
  • Materials can be all sorts of: flowing silk and chiffon, practical and breathable cotton, youth denim, neoprene and diving well preserved in shape, giving luxe tulle and organza (usually several layers), knitwear, sexy lace, wool and even leather or suede.
  • Colors and prints. Shades can be any: calm and classic, rich and deep, juicy and bright. Especially popular are burgundy, fuchsia, coral, mint, indigo, emerald, red, yellow, black, gray, white. And you can choose a skirt with a sun pattern: in a cage, strip or polka dot, strewn with flowers or birds.
  • Decor and additional details such as straps, ruffles, appliqués, rhinestones and beads, embroidery, lace edging, wedges and inserts of different materials.

When choosing, consider, above all, the features of the figure. So, thin girls should pay attention to the lush multi-layered models that give extra volume where you need it. A lush female model is more suited to pussy women. They are flowing or soft folds of fabrics with extension from the hips. And, of course, consider the purpose of things, choosing the color and print: a bright option is suitable for a party, and for work and study you need to pick something more restrained and calm.

How can I wear a sun skirt?

How is it fashionable to wear a feminine skirt? Many options:

  1. A trendy sun skirt blends perfectly with Crop tops and sexy open bustier models. And if you have a slim body, then why not partially demonstrate it? But since only a strip will be seen, it will not look vulgar. In addition, stylists recommend a short top to combine skirts with a high waist.
  2. Add a romantic image of a feminine blouse, tucked into her skirt.
  3. Prefer original ideas? Then try experimenting and wear a feminine sun skirt with a denim shirt. But models from other materials will also be relevant.
  4. You can pick up a youth jersey or t-shirt.
  5. Wear a jumper, sweatshirt or long sleeve.
  6. A simple-fitting turtleneck, which in the winter will be perfectly matched with a thick wool skirt, will also work.
  7. If it's cool outside, throw in a shortened vest, youth blazer, jacket, or even a stylish bomber jacket. A cardigan is also perfect.
  8. As for outerwear, then you can combine different things with a sun skirt: leather jackets, capes, and coats. But it is better to choose either models shortened and opening the skirt, or completely closing it.

We give some general recommendations. First, if the bottom is lush and voluminous, which makes it a sun skirt, then the top should be more calm and restrained. Secondly, it is possible to play on the contrast of the upper and lower parts of the set, and it can extend both to the texture of materials and to colors. Thirdly, in the cold season, take a responsible approach to the choice of pantyhose: they can be either thin and consistent with your skin tone, or dense. But the openwork or mesh is better to postpone for other cases.

Accessories and shoes

Shoes with heels emphasize femininity, and models on a flat course will suit young and active girls. In the summer with a skirt-sun fashionable to wear sandals with heels or wedges, gladiators or Roman women, laconic sandals on a flat sole. Wear warm ballet shoes, loafers, oxfords, mules, pumps and even slip-ons or sneakers in a warm spring. Ankle boots or boots are appropriate in cold weather (tight skirts go well with tight-fitting boots).

A beautiful skirt-sun itself is a bright thing, but it can be supplemented with its accessories: a youth hat, a thin strap, an original handbag, stylish ornaments.

Knowing with what to combine a long or short skirt-sun, you can create bright and stylish images.

Carefree skirts sun 2019-2020: trends, the best new products, trend models

Sun skirts today are presented in three types of length:

Short skirts sun

Midi sun skirts,

Long skirts the sun.

Each of them is charming and in demand in its own way. So, for example, short skirts the sun simply adore young ladies with beautiful legs and a sophisticated figure.

Medium-sized skirts in the sun of French length will be appreciated by women of fashion of any age and type of figure, because this length is universal for creating bows in an elegant and romantic direction.

Luxurious long skirts the sun will be a godsend for feminine, mysterious ladies who like the style of boho, as well as elegant and elegant images with shirts and blouses, lace tops.

Having defined the length, you can easily choose for yourself the most beautiful skirts of the sun 2019-2020 in one style or another.

Skirts sun 2019-2020: colors, models, original solutions cut

In the spring-summer season, designers, of course, adhere to the actual shades of the season, but there are so many of them that you can choose for yourself cute sun skirts in any color that appeals to you.

The rich color range echoes the variety of original prints and ornaments that adorn the stylish skirts of the sun 2019-2020.

Considering the novelties of the skirt, the sun, you can find models with bright and delicate floral prints, three-dimensional patterns, stripes of different thickness and color, a cage, intricate abstract patterns that will give your looks a special highlight.

In addition to the classic style, the skirts of the sun can be complemented with ruffles, pockets, bows and belts, a slight asymmetry, decorated with embroidery and appliqués.

I am also pleased with the variety of fabrics, which makes it possible for women with certain tastes in clothes to choose a model for themselves.

Among the favorites of the skirt are the sun made of chiffon, satin, denim, tulle, stretch cotton, leather, wool and other fine seasonal fabric options.

Fashionable skirts sun 2019-2020: ideas on what to wear a skirt sun flared

The abundance of models from different types of fabric allows women to wear sun skirts in hot summer, early spring, cool autumn and frosty winter.

That is why stylists recommend experimenting with images, combining the skirts of the sun with a huge amount of things from your wardrobe.

Depending on the style of outfit you plan to get, combine midi skirts with lace tops, light chiffon blouses, and shirts.

A more youthful image - fashionable skirts in the sun 2019-2020 with T-shirts on straps, printed T-shirts, vests, etc.

In the fall and winter, look at the images with windbreakers, leather jackets and coats, and in warmer months of cold months combine the sun skirts with knitted sweaters, cardigans, turtlenecks, and sweatshirts.

A very elegant look is a combination - a skirt, a sun, a gentle top and a stylish, cropped three-quarter sleeve jacket. Such images you can think up a lot, most importantly, it would be a desire.

The upper part of the set, for example, a shirt, blouse or turtleneck, can be worn to the issue or tucked inside, which will also affect your stylish look on the background of other women.

Do not forget about the accessories, for which there is always a place in the feminine or spectacular bow of a lovely lady.

Choose shoes comfortable and beautiful. Do not forget about the heel, which is just perfect in tandem with a skirt style sun.

And, of course, the bag. Where do without it. Small, medium, large bags - there are so many that it is sometimes difficult to choose an option for your kit.

In order not to risk, always have several small handbags of different shapes and shades in the bins. They are the most relevant today.

The best way to understand what to wear with airy and feminine skirts of the sun 2019-2020, will help our examples of the best bows from fashion bloggers and designers. See and create your own unique look of the winner!

How to choose and who suits

Sun skirt fits almost all women and girls. Light and graceful folds perfectly drape the figure, emphasizing the waist (it becomes visually slimmer) and hides the volume hips, or vice versa, adds volume, if you are missing it, in the hips, making the proportions of the figure more harmonious. Some tips for choosing:

  • Slender girls with figure type "Rectangle“A model with a length slightly above the knee, multi-layered or made of thick fabric, is best suited. This will help emphasize the waist.
  • If you have a figure like "Triangle or Pear"(Hips wider than shoulders), you will suit the model of the skirt-sun, which is slightly narrowed at the top and begins to expand in the hips. This will make your proportions easier and hide the extra volume.
  • For type "Inverted triangle"(Shoulders wider than hips) is the best model with many folds that go straight from the waist. This will align the proportions of the figure and make your silhouette more feminine and harmonious.
  • The skirt-sun suit both tall and petite girls, and this applies to both the mini options, and long to the floor. The main thing to consider when choosing the quality of the material and the version of a particular model.

What are

And, of course, to find the perfect model, you need to decide on the length and material, as well as to know which shoe to wear a skirt.

The classic options for any model are short, medium and long. Let's see what is the peculiarity of each.

Criterias of choice

Skirt style sun will hide the full thighs and balance the figure. True, girls with massive buttocks and hips will have to abandon the shortened styles. They are rescued by French-length skirts or models in the floor. Thin girls fit mini format products. They give volume to the hips and visually improve the proportions.

When choosing a skirt-sun should follow the following rules:

  • girls with a “pear” figure should prefer a skirt on a yoke, which will allow to divert attention from excessively full hips,

  • a multi-layered sun-skirt made of lightweight fabric can balance a figure with massive shoulders,

  • girls with a wide waist or big belly will be decorated with a black skirt with a high waist;

  • a skirt made of dense fabric, which will effectively fold, forming clear folds, will be able to improve the silhouette with a rectangular figure,

  • for girls with tall stature fit fluffy skirt below the knees. It should be combined with shoes with heels,

  • in the presence of curvature of legs, a maxi-length skirt will help out. She will hide the figure flaws and make the image feminine.

Full girls are contraindicated skirts made of thick fabrics. Skirts from flowing and easily draped materials will help them to visually improve their figure. Not bad models with a high fit, while it is black skirts well hide completeness and visually balance the proportions.

Today, designers offer various models of skirts-sun. You can find products with a smell, with one-sided or opposite folds and even with pleating. A maxi skirt of lace or guipure can complement the evening wardrobe. The casual image is enhanced by a flared skirt with decorative stitching.

What is combined

Options for combining the skirt-sun great variety. Models of chiffon, organza, velvet are often offered to create evening fashion bows. However, stylists advise not to limit the scope of imagination and use such models to create more daring combinations for each day. For example, a skirt made of taffeta or guipure to the knee can be worn with a thin jumper, a fitted-fit shirt, and a free long sleeve. The top must be tucked into the skirt, and the waistline is emphasized with a spectacular belt.

You can combine a black skirt with any tight top, be it a turtleneck, T-shirt, fitted blouse or a tight-fitting top. Slim girls can choose to monochrome skirt top with a horizontal pattern. The black skirt looks spectacular with a blouse or a top with a floral print. Full skirts in combination with the top of the free cut look best on full ones. To silhouette was not shapeless, you must select the waist line.

A few tips for combining a short skirt:

  • fluffy mini skirt can be combined with the top of the free cut or blouses of lightweight fabric,
  • a short black skirt-sun skirt will complement the image in retro-style, it is enough to put on a blouse “in the pea”, you can stop the choice on a monochrome combination,
  • A fluffy model like a tutu skirt will complement a blouse made of guipure or a lace top.

Stylists recommend wearing a black skirt of a fluffy cut and short length with a single-tone top. Thin girls are allowed to dress in a blouse or shirt with a small print in a restrained color scheme.

A black leather skirt will suit the look of a casual look, and it will equally well complement street and office wardrobe. For a business wardrobe is better to choose a model with a high seating position. A white blouse and court shoes will perfectly complement the office style. Such models with elongated jackets and coats of classic cut look good. A skirt with a white shirt and a leather vest can also be worn in the office.

Coloring blouses and long-sleeved shirts, long-sleeves, which must be tucked into a skirt, jumpers and knit sweaters are appropriate in a casual look. A black leather skirt will enhance a denim blue shirt. A rich blue color is generally well combined with black, so blouses and shirts in blue are the place in the wardrobe next to a black skirt-sun.

A short skirt made of leather and accessories with a metallic decor will decorate the image of a rocker. Brutal-style shoes or lace-up boots will be a natural addition.

Leather skirts should be worn only with quality clothing and expensive accessories. Shoes, bag, belt - all this should also be made of genuine leather.

What can I wear long skirts? The average length is quite complicated and can visually shorten the legs. Wearing such skirts is necessary only with shoes at high speed. If the models above the knees can be combined with sneakers and sneakers, then for a French-length skirt, boat shoes with a heel of 7 cm are permissible. Models that are midi-length are well combined with ankle boots and half boots, but remember that the distance between the skirt edge and the toe of the boot should not be less than two palms.

A knee-length skirt and a maxi-length model go well with stiletto sandals. Moreover, both versions of the skirt (if the product is made of multi-layered chiffon, lace or organza) will be appropriate in the evening wardrobe.

Who is suitable?

Благодаря особенному крою и материалу, юбка-солнце прекрасно держит форму. Она совершенно не облегает фигуру, поэтому с ее помощью можно скрыть полноту в бедрах.

But it should be remembered that this is a three-dimensional model that visually weighs down the lower part of the body, so it is very important to balance it with the help of a properly selected top.

Sun skirts are perfect for slim girls who lack the volume in the hips. With the help of such a skirt, an “inverted triangle” shape (wide chest and narrow hips) can be made similar to many favorite “hourglasses” (luxurious chest and lush hips).


The main feature of the skirt-sun is its unusual cut. Traditionally, it was sewn without side seams. To do this, cut out an even circle from a piece of cloth, cut a hole in the center for the waist and sew a rubber in it.

Today there were modifications of the skirt-sun, sewn from several wedges. But even then, when unfolded, the product will have the shape of a circle.

The skirt-sun can "sit" not only on the rubber but also on the yoke. Particularly interesting is such a skirt on a high fit, for example, with a corset belt (it is, moreover, a good way to form a waistline).

Summer models

Sun skirt can be both winter and summer version of the dress. Summer models are distinguished by lighter fabrics and brighter colors.

Sun skirts from summer collections are usually made in rich, joyous colors. The colors associated with the sun, warmth, and the atmosphere of the holidays are dominated by yellow, orange, scarlet, azure, green and other juicy shades.

Prints and patterns on skirts, too, are somehow connected with summer images - these can be floral ornaments, patterns with a marine theme, fruit and berry drawings, images of tropical birds, etc.

High waist

Skirts with a high waistline have recently been particularly popular, and we can expect that they will remain relevant for several more fashionable seasons.

Skirt with a high waistline looks very advantageous, due to the fact that it is able to visually adjust the figure.

Due to the high fit of the skirt, the waist looks narrower than it really is. The flared skirt in combination with the underlined waist makes the proportions of the figure more harmonious.

With train

One of the most interesting modifications of the skirts is the asymmetrical skirt, elongated at the back. The long hem creates a plume effect, making the skirt look very unusual.

To make the train beautifully flowed, soft, loose fabrics, for example, chiffon, are chosen for sewing such skirts. If the material is very thin, then the skirt is complemented by a cover in tone of opaque fabric.

In front, such a skirt can be quite short, coquettishly exposing the legs above the knees. The length of the train can vary from a very short "tail" to the hem, falling to the floor. The latter option is usually chosen for the most solemn occasions, for example, for a wedding.

With pockets

Pockets are an item of clothing that performs not so much a practical as a decorative function. First of all it concerns patch pockets, which are specially made in such a way as to serve as a bright accent.

Patch pockets add volume to the hips; therefore, sun skirts with such bright detail are usually chosen by slender girls with narrow hips. If this part of the body causes you to have some doubts, take a look at the models with mortise pockets.

Elastic models

Classic skirt is a model with elastic. This option is especially convenient for children, as the rubber allows the child to quickly take off and put on skirts on their own.

However, adult girls will also like this model, as a loose elastic does not create discomfort in the waist area (so you can not be afraid to recover by a few kilograms).

If you are fond of needlework, then it is easy for you to sew a skirt-sun with an elastic band, as the pattern of such a product is very simple.

With folds

Large pleats are the most recognizable feature of sun skirts. Thanks to the folds, the product is volumetric and keeps its shape well. At the same time, skirts, sun, sewn from different types of fabrics, look completely different.

Thin materials allow you to get small in size, soft, flowing folds. Tighter, bulk waves are obtained from denser tissues. If you put the skirt on a yoke, the folds will be tighter, and if you choose an elastic band instead of a high belt, the folds will be smaller and softer.

So, the appearance and quality characteristics of the skirt-sun will depend largely on the type of fabric. In order for the skirt to retain its original shape, the fabric must be sufficiently dense. Consider several materials that seem to us the most suitable for a skirt-sun.

This fabric is well known to those who are connected with the world of ballet, because it is from it that they sew tutus for ballerinas. Fatin is a translucent mesh material based on polyester. It is quite hard, therefore it keeps its shape well and is not deformed.

If you want to sew a skirt-pack in the shape of the sun, then you will need several layers of tulle. The skirt will be very voluminous and airy - it will look incredibly impressive.

An interesting casual model is a half-sun denim skirt. This material is ideal for creating such a skirt, because it is rather dense, but, at the same time, elastic. Denim skirts can be worn at any time of the year. They are perfectly combined with any top, be it a warm sweater or a light top.

Leather things always attract attention, so not every girl dares to wear a skirt made of leather. True, the romantic skirt-sun does not look so bold as a tight mini, so even those who are afraid of bold experiments can try on this option. To create a softer, delicate image, choose models from skin of light shades.

Crochet knit

Those who know how to handle crochet and yarn can knit a sun skirt with their own hands. Openwork models look very beautiful and unusual. In addition, a self-created skirt will surely be one of a kind. So that the knitted skirt does not look too heavy, choose thin threads and loose patterns.

Sun skirt: topical combinations and ideas

The current skirt-sun retained the classic fit, implying a solid seamless ring, the inner diameter of which is equal to the waist. Modern models have not lost their charm after years.

Elegant and at the same time unpretentious skirts look great both on the donuts and on the thin girls. They perfectly hide imperfections of the figure and emphasize its merits.

Mini skirt: what to wear

Mini skirt will be the main element of the spring and summer image. Models of guipure, satin, silk and other lightweight fabrics will perfectly fit into dresses in casual style.

The choice of color and decor is absolutely individual. If you prefer restrained bows, then pay attention to pastel shades that look great with light transparent blouses or light-colored shirts.

For brighter and bold images, choose a disco skirt or a new bow of rich shades - yellow, orange, red, pink.

Knee-length sun skirt: how to choose the top

Knee length is the choice of most fashionistas. This is the "golden mean" between the youth mini and the maximum closed maxi skirt.

Argued that the skirt-sun is not an option to create a business bow. It is believed that the classic skirt for office and work meetings should be deprived of even a hint of originality and style. With this one can argue. It is enough to wear a skirt-sun black, brown or beige and you will see how your image will become more feminine and elegant.

A knee-length skirt can be combined with blouses and free-cut shirts tucked in, fitted T-shirts, complete with sneakers or sandals, a jacket or jacket of light shades.

For autumn bows, choose models from cashmere, wool, velvet, tweed, jacquard. Wearing such a skirt should be fitted with a fitted jacket or coat.

Midi skirt: stylish ideas and combinations

Skirts below the knee with a high waist - the basic things of any wardrobe. To get a discreet image with a touch of aristocracy, combine such a model with snow-white blouses or a shirt. Gather your hair in a high hairstyle or “horse” tail and you will become the standard of elegance and nobility.

For summer bows, choose a skirt of silk, chintz, crepe de chine, which create a feeling of lightness and airiness. Such outfits are more suitable for summer walks or trips to the beach, rather than for business meetings and concerts.

Choose the top under the skirt-sun

The skirt is in itself the decoration of the image. It is a highlight and the main accent of any outfit, so do not even think to overshadow her too bright riding with an abundance of decor or large ornaments.

The free cut of the skirt-sun should be compensated by a tight top, without any “ladies' embellishment”, such as plisse, jabot or ruche.

With a skirt-sun of any length will look equally stylish:

  • pullovers
  • tops and crop tops
  • T-shirts
  • sweaters
  • tight-fitting plain t-shirts
  • blouses

The style of the skirt is so versatile that almost all the listed models fit it. If you complement the outfit with a blouse with a bright strap, it will visually emphasize the waist and make the figure more refined. Choosing a fitted top for a voluminous skirt, you visually bring your silhouette closer to the classic hourglass shape.

Undoubtedly, there are exceptions to all the rules, so you can wear a voluminous top under the skirt, but only if you follow the boho style or the ethnic direction. Slightly eccentric, denying any stylish instructions, the image of "urban madman" in the trend of bold and eccentric girls. If you are one of them, then boldly wear a skirt-sun with a hoodie with a fluffy wide sleeves, with a trapezoid jacket of knitwear.

What shoes to choose under the skirt-sun

Along with the right choice of top, shoes are important, which plays a significant role in creating a stylish and harmonious look. So with which shoe to combine a feminine skirt? Virtually any. Inborn sense of proportion and style will tell you the most successful and suitable option.

There are several recommendations regarding the choice of shoes. For example, for a skirt below the knees, consider the effect of "two parallels". They occur between the bottom of the skirt and the beginning of ankle boots or ankle boots. It is this free space that visually shortens long legs. To get rid of this, the hem of the skirt should cover the top of the boots. As for low shoes, it can be worn with skirts of almost any length.

The skirt-sun perfectly combines with high heels, democratic shoes or ballet shoes. Even bright colored rubber boots with a skirt will look quite appropriate.

For business and office style, choose more practical shoes - moccasins, pumps, shoes with a small heel or any other pair that is convenient for you.

The sun skirt is an unbeatable combination of simple, concise form and light flowing fabrics. This outfit will make your image flying and incredibly free. Charm and attractive looks in such a “sunny” skirt are provided to you.

Feature of cut

The first skirt the sun appeared in 1947. She came up with an American actress, fashion designer Julie Charlotte. Since then, the thing has undergone many changes: added decor elements, decoration, colors. But the essence remains the same.

The skirt the sun is a fabric in the form of a seamless ring, exactly in the middle of which a circle is cut equal to the waist. It was from here that the flared skirt got its second, more common name - “sun”.

Such a product can easily sew itself any girl who has a desire to create, to be original. The resulting waves gently fall down the figure, adding romance to the image.

Amazing model is suitable for donuts and slender, tall and short girls. Trying on a skirt-sun, any woman will hide the flaws in her own physique and emphasize the dignity.

How to choose the shape

A sun skirt is one of the few things that fits well on any body. Slender or plump girls and women alike love the "sun" style. Soft fabric with unobtrusive folds adorn the silhouette.

The skirt can hide full hips, or, on the contrary, add volume. It is enough to choose the right model that will focus on the waist, making it visually thinner. Let us consider in more detail the nuances of the choice of the skirt.


The “rectangle” shape type allows you to wear a sun skirt the length of a midi. The fluffy skirt of dense fabric will add femininity to the image, emphasize the waist, the slimness of the legs. Having dressed up in such style, you automatically solve the main problem of all women, with what to wear a skirt the sun. Slender lady in a classic skirt will suit any type of top, the main thing is to combine it with the color of the product correctly.

An apple-type figure will adorn the skirt. The style will hide the fullness, if the product is flared not from the waist, but from the line of the hips. A wide range of models provides the opportunity to choose what suits you best to create the desired bow. Consider that the donuts should stop their choice on skirts made of thin, flying material - they will in no way add extra centimeters to the problem areas.

Inverted Triangle

"Inverted triangle" allows you to wear the sun skirt version, flared from the waist - so the female silhouette will look harmonious, creating a balance between the broad shoulders and the lush bottom of the figure.

Universal option

Sun skirt is considered one of the most versatile styles - it is suitable for both tall and short women. Especially successful will be a model with a high waist, a visually drawing silhouette on miniature girls.

Actual material for the skirt-sun

The choice of material from which the sun skirt will be sewn is determined by many factors:

  • where will you wear the product
  • which particular model did you pick up
  • season,
  • weather.

The most commonly used textiles when sewing skirts style "sun"

Chiffon skirts look sophisticated, fresh. A great option for the summer. The peculiarity of the fabric is light transparency, therefore, products made from this material are obtained thick, multi-layered, airy.

Organza, tulle

A sun skirt made from lightweight summer fabrics will help make the silhouette more sophisticated. The most suitable types of textiles for creating a romantic bow are thin organza, weightless tulle - the sun skirt turns out to be very voluminous, resembling a tutu. Today, this model is at the peak of popularity - it is suitable for a walk around the city on a warm summer evening.

Satin, silk

Another type of fabric from which fashionable summer models are sewn is satin and silk. Light, shiny skirts look very expensive, solemnly. On the basis of such a model, you can create a spectacular image in which you are not ashamed to appear both at the party and in the theater. Satin skirt combined with a monochrome top and elegant sandals.

The ideal material for summer is thick cotton. It drapes well, lets air, is very pleasant to the touch. A variety of colors plus good quality textiles allows manufacturers to create stylish models of the skirt sun.

The skirt-style sun made of denim has gained immense popularity among young people. The skirt is easy to sew. Her cut is a circle, like a real sun, with a cut in the middle.

Denim skirt long mini very fond of young girls who want to be always in trend. And the skirt material itself is unique - it has wear resistance, does not fade, does not stretch, and retains its original shape for a long time.

In the fall - winter, preference should be given to a denser material. It will be cold in a product made of tulle, but in a woolen skirt the sun during the cold season is very comfortable, warm and cozy.

Skirt length flared

Maxi occupies a special place on the fashionable Olympus. Fashionistas love her for comfort, the ability to create different images, and, of course, for the diversity of the model range, including their length.


With a mini-length, it is worth being extremely careful - this model is not for all women. The skirt will certainly fit slender young girls, but with those who have minor flaws in their own physique, a short flared skirt the sun can play a cruel joke: an outfit will accentuate weak points or make an image vulgar. Be careful not to overestimate your own opportunities.

Midi length

Midi is a win-win for those who choose retro-style fashionable this season. These products look good on women of different ages and body constitution. She is worn to work, study. When choosing a playful color, the knee-length skirt will fit into any romantic bow. The feminine, tender model below the knee has always liked men, and today she is still at the top of the popularity of fashion masters.

The most common version of the skirt is the sun - flared product length in the floor. Long bright color skirt is an indispensable element of the summer women's wardrobe. It is often sewn from cotton, which is well draped.

Однако сделать свой образ легким и романтичным смогут только модели из шифона, кружева, фатина — их легко сочетать с прочими предметами одежды, обувью, аксессуарами.

Черный цвет

Черная юбка — это настоящая классика для фасона солнце. It is combined with a variety of wardrobe elements, their color solutions. Black color has a number of advantages: it is slim, versatile and incredibly fashionable this season. Add to the black skirt restrained bottom - now ready to work outfit.

Put on ankle boots, a bright scarf, take a stylish handbag - this is a great option for going to the movies, to a party or a cocktail with friends.

White color

A special place among the whole palette of colors should be given a white shade. White elegant skirt the sun is a good basis for a feminine summer bow. The flared skirt, made of white chiffon, looks extravagant. And from the atlas - immediately fascinates, attracting attention. It is easy to combine white styles with red, gilded and black top.


A yellow skirt helps create a bright sunny bow. This product itself is very impressive. It is difficult to combine it with other colors, but, having achieved the desired, the flared skirt will become the basis for the retro style fashionable this year. It is worth paying attention to the lush model of the skirt the sun, the bottom of which is decorated in the form of a wave with regina.

Grey colour

The base color for the official image is any shade of gray. It is versatile, rich in a variety of combinations. Gray skirt style "sun" will be appropriate at work, school, business negotiations. If you complement the bow with original accessories, in this product you can go on a romantic date or a cultural event.

Pink color

The trend of the season - pink skirt the sun. It will give elegance, tenderness to the image. Flared chiffon bottom or pale pink tulle skirt-pack can be tried not only on a schoolgirl girl, but also on a romantic young lady.

Red color

A popular color skirt model among young people is a red flared skirt. Truly brave, epoxy girls decide on such a daring combination of colors: a red bottom plus a golden top. Shoes with heels, choose the appropriate scarlet. This is a festive look, relevant for a party. However, in everyday life, catchy color is desirable to complement more calm shades.

Popular flared skirt styles

In the new season, the flared skirt firmly occupied its niche among the many design ideas. This element of the wardrobe is especially good for creating images: business, casual, romantic. Many different styles of the sun led to the interest in the product of the majority of the fairer sex.


The asymmetrical sun skirt is distinguished by its unusual appearance. The model, short in front and elongated at the back, will give its owner a playful flirtatiousness. The extraordinary cut amazingly emphasizes the beauty, sexuality of slender legs, without giving the bow a vulgarity.


The two-layered flared skirt is an interesting bottom, giving the beauty a charming uniqueness. As layers can be used as the same materials, and different. For example, a dense printed outer layer plus a light inner one give the bow some kind of intriguing puzzle.

On an elastic band

Pretty light negligence will give a young lady a skirt with a sun on an elastic band. Such a style of gizmos can be perfect for both absolutely still children, and already adult girls. Skirt with elastic will fit well into the image of a young ballerina or dancer.

Double sun

According to its texture, it is a rather fluffy skirt, indispensable in summer. "Double Sun" is made of lightweight fabric. An important feature of the style is the ability to delicately hide the flaws of the figure of its owner.

High waisted

Of particular interest this season among the fashionable women was the high-waisted sun skirt. This style focuses prying eyes on the elegance of the silhouette. This option is ideal for pyshnotely beauties, as it neatly hides excess volumes in the tummy area.

Together with a skirt on an elastic band there are models of a skirt the sun with a belt. Her inherent elegance will perfectly highlight your image of a business lady. Such a skirt looks equally good both on young persons and adult women.

The style is made of light chiffon fabric. Ideal for hot summertime. Such skirts subtlely emphasize the fragility, tenderness of the maiden figure. Want to surprise others with your originality - wear an elongated ankle-length version. Also, the stylish model of this season - a short lace flared skirt will become an indispensable element of the wardrobe of young romantic people.

Sun skirt is often used in modern student form. The flared model of medium length is made of dark dense fabric. Often decorated with a light checkered print. However, the skirt is popular not only among teenage girls. This style looks very interesting on adult girls.

School skirt the sun confidently occupies a leading position in women's fashion, but in a slightly different version. Fashion designers add various elements of decor, play with length. The “school” style of the flared sun is the basis for creating casual, casual looks.

Ideas for stylish combinations for the sun skirt

Sun skirt is gaining popularity from season to season. It is a striking outstanding element of the bow, so you need to carefully, carefully consider the issue with which it mixes.

The versatility, versatility of this bottom gives women of fashion the opportunity to create extravagant images for every day for different occasions.

The answer to the question of what it is worth wearing a skirt is the sun, lies in where you are going to wear it. Imagine some options with different things.

For a walk on a bright sunny day with friends, shopping combination skirt plus top will give the image of lightness, airiness, playful flirtatiousness. In such combinations, it is necessary to take into account certain rules: for a mini-skirt, choose tops of tiny sizes in order not to make the image heavier.

Elegance, aristocracy will bring a flared skirt combination with a fitted topic of usual length to the bow, emphasizing the waist.

Light clothing, skirts and tops - in these combinations, it is important to keep the edge of balance, not to overdo it. A bright bottom or skirt trimmed with lace allows connections with a strict top of muted colors. And on the contrary, the variant from the extravagant motley top perfectly harmonizes with the monotonous bottom of the delicate color.

If closer to the weekend, your friends have plans to gather for a meeting, you should think about creating an image in a casual style. Here the mix from a monochromatic skirt the sun of light colors and T-shirts from knitwear of any density, texture will come to the rescue. It will be especially interesting to look like a bow with a T-shirt decorated with an ethnic print. If a disco or a moving party is planned, the shiny jersey will be the best element in combination with such a skirt.

Plain T-shirts are quite well combined with the model of the sun, T-shirts with a print will also make her a pair. Pay attention to the fact that the picture is in harmony in color. Pick up soft fabric T-shirts - so, being tucked into a skirt, they will not bristle.

Trend bow will be achieved with a combination of a bottom flared length mini with a satin blouse in soothing colors - this will give a piquancy to the image. But it should be borne in mind that satin lace blouses are the perfect complement to the romantic feminine look. However, for wearing in winter, they may not be comfortable enough.

The requirements of a strict office style sun skirt definitely does not hold up. If deviations from the rules are allowed, then a business style in the form of a sun skirt with a knee-length of dense textiles plus a shirt of delicate shades would be a very good option.

If you like white shirts, office clothes are easily played up with them. A yellow model below the knee in combination with a shirt with ruffles or a sleeve-flashlight will look very cute, smartly.

In order to make a good impression on others, getting ready for work, as well as for study, young ladies should take the strictest possible approach to creating a strict image.

For example, a combination of a medium-length black leather skirt and a beige-colored cardigan will create a discreet combination in the style of foreign female students. Such an ensemble on the basis of a woolen skirt in bright colors would be good.

In the cold season, the image of an excellent pupil will present outfits from the top in the form of an asymmetrical sweater plus a long skirt made of thick fabric. If you want to give the image a slight carelessness or pranks, you can wear a straight knitted sweater, the edges of which are not fully tucked into the skirt belt.

Shoes - an important detail in a tandem with a flared sun skirt

I would like to start with the fact that today it is considered fashionable to combine different directions, styles. Therefore, it should be remembered that the mix of the sun skirt with shoes of different styles is quite acceptable. In this question, the defining aspects will be your sense of style, taste, desire to experiment.

I would like to focus on some of the nuances. Do not forget about the rule of "two parallels". What is meant? In case you combine half boots or ankle boots with a skirt of medium length, the space between the top of the shoe and the hem of the skirt visually shortens even long enough legs. Therefore, these combinations should be avoided by replacing, for example, short boots with high ones or shortening the skirt.

We denote the general trends in the question of what shoes should be worn:

  1. The classic option - shoes with a thin heel. The most advantageous in this tandem will look mini skirt.
  2. Skirts below the knee and maxi are set off by a comfortable platform.
  3. In the fall, the sun skirt looks stylish with suede ankle boots.
  4. The lovers of the military direction will like the combination with massive boots, giving the brutal bow some extravagance.
  5. Flared skirt can be successfully combined with shoes with heels, and with slip-ons or sneakers. Sports style for the representatives of the beautiful half is especially convenient in the summer - it does not hinder movement, personifying inner freedom.

Skirt the sun for several seasons in a row does not lose its popularity. Designers do not get tired of experimenting with details, color, decoration. It allows you to create bright feminine images, the main thing: to learn how to combine it correctly.

The article provides practical advice that will allow you to always look stylish, feminine, sexy. Thanks for attention! Be beautiful!