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Zinc wedding: traditions, signs and rites for a happy family life


Some anniversaries of married life are distinguished not only by the original name, but also by the non-traditional date chosen for the celebration. One of these unexpected dates is the date of the solemn celebration of a zinc wedding, which is celebrated six and a half years after the date of the official marriage.

Many couples skip this date, forgetting or simply unaware that between cast iron (6 years of marriage) and copper (7 years) there is another intermediate family celebration - a zinc wedding. Like all other anniversaries, this got its name for a reason. Calling a zinc wedding 6.5 years of family life, popular wisdom hints spouses that the relationship, as well as on the dishes made of this metal, it is necessary from time to time to bring gloss. It is possible that the date was chosen non-circular precisely in order to emphasize once again that this should be done not only on major holidays.

The heroes of the occasion should definitely thank each other for the time spent together, the care and support given at a difficult moment, and once again confess their love to refresh their feelings. Then the relationship will again become bright and, like a galvanized pot cleaned to a shine, will shine with new facets.

When planning a celebration, be attentive to the list of invitees. Among the guests should be only truly close and well-related to you people who will be able to appreciate your merits and wholeheartedly wish further happiness. Welcome to the original scripts of the holiday, contests with the involvement of invited guests and of course, the presentation of gifts.

Gifts for a zinc wedding decided to give unpretentious, as if reminding that happiness is not at all in financial well-being. As a rule, spouses celebrating a zinc wedding receive as a gift things useful in the household: galvanized buckets or unpretentious kitchen utensils. Also, relatives can participate in the improvement of the family car - for example, pay for galvanizing the car body. Undoubtedly, this gift will appeal to the young, because it will release a significant part of the budget.

A universal gift for such a celebration can be considered figurines made of galvanized metal - conveniently sitting on the shelves with souvenirs, they will long remind the young of the zinc wedding.

Signs and traditions of a zinc wedding

Traditionally, on the anniversary day, the spouses thank each other for the care and attention shown, they confess their love to each other. This tradition renews feelings and strengthens family ties.

On the zinc anniversary, it is customary to invite only the closest people who took part in family life, helped with advice and deed. It is with them that the joy of the next family celebration should be shared.

On this anniversary, it is customary to compile the original scripts of the celebration in order to spend time fervently and with a twinkle. Such an event will remain in the memory, and the spouses will be given the opportunity to feel in the center of attention, as on the first day of marriage.

Zinc Wedding Gifts

A non-round date, celebrated in a narrow circle of close people, does not involve expensive gifts, because happiness lies not only in money, but also in the attention and care shown. On this day, guests can present spouses with galvanized dishes and other kitchen utensils from this material. If spouses are addicted to collecting figurines, they can be presented with figurines or objects for interior decoration.

Our ancestors were considered a good omen if a galvanized bucket filled with water was presented to the spouses on their wedding anniversary. This promised well-being in the house.

Rites for family happiness

The most important ceremony is the time spent together. This is perhaps one of the simplest rituals that helps renew feelings and feel happy newlyweds again. Spouses need to spend a few hours alone so that no one bothers them. It can be a trip to a cinema or a restaurant, a simple walk in the fresh air or a trip.

In the old days, the couple’s zinc wedding was led to a hot, heated bath and hot water was poured over from the galvanized pelvis, so that the senses would not die out. Then they cooled the heat with cool water, saying that a cold head was required for housekeeping.

Any anniversary of life together is your little victory that you have won together. After all, every year family life acquires new colors. Keep a respectful and warm relationship to each other, forgive your halves minor slips and be healthy. We wish you many years of happiness together, and do not forget to press the buttons and

Vintage customs on a zinc wedding

Zinc is not just a symbol of such a wedding. Since all galvanized objects need to be cleaned so that they serve for many years and do not lose luster, relationships also need constant polishing, getting rid of unnecessary remnants of insults, disagreements and small quarrels.

Zinc is superior in strength to its predecessor cast iron.

The married couple, who has preserved the gloss and brilliance of their joint family life by this time, are no longer afraid of any minor troubles.

Zinc wedding is designed to remind spouses how hot and passionate their love was a few years ago.

And even though the fervor has faded a little, it's not scary, since love just changed its format and turned into a more domestic, intimate, touching.

In order to breathe freshness into relationships, a married couple can do this day to get rid of old and unnecessary things, i.e. just throw them away.

Such a custom will become a kind of entertainment for spouses and will provide an opportunity to clean your house from the trash that has accumulated over the past years.

It is better to carry out a more beautiful tradition of burning out-of-life things away from residential buildings, better in some special barrel.

Where and how to spend the holiday?

Such a holiday can be held in a variety of ways. Everything will depend on the mood and desire of the married couple.

If children have already appeared in the family, the zinc wedding is the very moment when you can send the children to visit grandparents and arrange a day of romance.

For example, to soak in bed as much as you want, then go to dinner in a good restaurant, visit the cinema and sit on the last row, the so-called places for kisses, and in the evening go to the dance. Those who do not want to part with their kids even for a day, you can spend an equally fun day with the children, for example, visit the water park, children's cafe, amusement park. Everyone will be fun and enjoyable.

Spouses who have decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary in a big way, inviting guests, it is necessary to prepare a script zinc wedding.

This is necessary so that the holiday was dynamic and remembered by those present for a long time. But all this is better to transfer to lunch or evening, and the morning belongs only to two.

With the arrival of guests, a fun feast begins, during which greetings will be heard, gifts from guests will be handed out, fun games and contests will be held.

A married couple who has decided to celebrate a zinc wedding in a restaurant can invite a professional tamada if the budget allows, which will lead the holiday and maintain a degree of fun.

When planning a celebration, be extremely careful when compiling the guest list. Among those invited should be only the closest and sincerely wishing you happiness people.

What to give for 6.5 years?

On this date, give gifts unpretentious, as if reminding that happiness is not in money.

Usually, such a celebration is presented with all kinds of galvanized dishes, kitchen appliances, a set of tools for the owner, galvanized buckets, zinc dumbbells for sports, various figurines made of galvanized metal.

A good gift for a young family will be the participation of relatives in paying for the galvanizing of the car body. Of course, such a gift to love the spouses, so relieve some burden on their budget.

And in order for such a day for the spouses to start with a pleasant one, they need to wake up in the morning and sincerely thank each other for the time spent together and recall the good moments. After six years of marriage, the spouses have already got used to each other, but this is only the initial stage of the transformation of the two halves into one whole, which means that it is very important to learn to appreciate such a long union, it is then that he will become truly happy. A husband and wife can exchange symbolic small gifts that will be meaningful only for the two of them and help remind you of the first dates, the first holidays, and so on.

Remember! Spouses on the anniversary of the zinc wedding is necessary, it is necessary to express words of gratitude to each other and again confess your love, thereby refreshing your feelings. And then your relationship will again become bright and, similarly, galvanized dishes cleaned to shine, will sparkle with new facets.

Ancient traditions and customs for 6.5 years of wedding

Zinc knowingly became the metal symbol of this wedding. As any galvanized things need to be cleaned so that they retain their brilliance and longevity, so the relationship must be constantly polished, getting rid of unnecessary peels of insults, differences, small quarrels.

The anniversary of the wedding is celebrated six months after the big date: it is intended to remind the spouses that to give each other pleasant trifles, to show love should not only on major holidays. Everyday care can keep the relationship warm for a long time.

Unlike its predecessor cast iron, zinc is a much more durable material. Spouses who by this period have retained the brilliance and gloss of their family life are not afraid of minor scrapes. This wedding anniversary is designed to remind the couple how passionately and passionately they loved each other a few years ago. Let the ardor be a little faded, it's not scary, because love just changed its format and became more homely, intimate, touching.

To refresh the relationship, spouses can take care of throwing out old things. Such a tradition at the same time will entertain the husband with the wife and will allow to get rid of the rubbish accumulated over the years of marriage. A more beautiful ritual of burning unnecessary things is best carried out in nature, away from dry plants and forests, on bare ground or in a special barrel.

To start the day nicely, my husband and wife should wake up and sincerely thank each other for all the time they spent together, remember the good moments. After the six-year mark, young people have already got used to each other, but this is only the beginning of the transformation of the two halves into a single whole, so it is extremely important to learn to appreciate such a long union, because only then will he become happy. Spouses can exchange symbolic gifts that will have value only for the two:

  • Postcards, similar to those that they gave each other for the first time relationship.
  • DVD-discs, which recorded favorite movies of the second half.
  • CDs with songs that accompanied young people during the birth and formation of the union.
  • Jewelry with words that mean a lot to a husband or wife.
  • Named jewelry.

It is not necessary to buy expensive gifts to express your feelings. Caring here is the main gift during the zinc anniversary at 6.5 years of wedding. And you can express it in different ways: a woman can prepare her husband an amazing breakfast in bed, and the husband should definitely please her beloved with her favorite flowers or a cute knick-knack of jewelry.

Zinc wedding: how to celebrate the anniversary?

The holiday can take place in different ways, it all depends on the mood, as well as the desires of the spouses. If the couple has already acquired young children, it's time to send the kids on a visit to the grandmother and arrange a romantic day for yourself: go to dinner in a restaurant with good food, then visit the cinema, and in the evening arrange dancing at home or in a disco club. For those who do not want to part with the child (children), an aquapark, an amusement park will be an option for an interesting vacation with children. The couple will be pleased to admire the fruits of their love.

Zinc anniversary is not a round wedding date. However, if the spouses want to invite guests, a short list of close relatives and friends is ideal. A close social circle will create a cozy atmosphere, those present can be pleasant memories of how the relationship of a loving couple began. It will be good to see a family album, friends can also bring funny joint pictures, and parents are child-friendly.

Although the zinc celebration usually does not involve inviting many guests, the decision still remains for the anniversary participants. For those who want to refresh their relations on a large-scale holiday, the option of organizing a banquet is suitable, where you can get friends, relatives, good friends and work colleagues.

Celebration script

Spouses who decide to celebrate their wedding anniversary by inviting guests should prepare a zinc wedding script. It is necessary for the holiday to be dynamic, long remembered by those present. The beginning of the day belongs only to two: the anniversaries should pay attention to each other, and guests should be invited for lunch or even dinner. After the arrival of the invitees, a fun feast begins, which is accompanied by greetings, gifts from guests, fun games and contests.

Spouses who decide to celebrate 6.5 years since the birth of their family in a restaurant can hire a professional toast-maker (if finances permit), who will accompany the holiday and maintain a degree of fun.

What to give to a zinc wedding

Gifts for anniversaries celebrating 6.5 years of wedding should be useful:

  • all kinds of dishes
  • kitchen appliances,
  • tool kit for husband
  • zinc dumbbells for training,
  • buckets.

Also suitable things that are not directly related to the name of the date cards, drawings, photo albums, flowers, figurines. The main thing that the gift reminded anniversaries of their feelings.

Congratulations on the zinc wedding

If you are invited to the celebration of the zinc anniversary, you should choose a beautiful greeting that will leave a pleasant impression on the couple. It can be long, high-flown poems or small sketches with a twist that will laugh the audience. Many examples of congratulations for the wedding anniversary can be found at the links below:

See the original video greeting, created as a gift to the newlyweds on the day of the 6.5-year wedding anniversary:

The zinc anniversary of the birth of a family is an event that will help the young couple re-awaken the fire of passion. It will remind you how important it is to restore order, getting rid of unnecessary emotions, so that relations are beautiful and durable. If you stop caring about each other, then even a strong marriage will crumble. Spouses should pay attention to each other and realize how lucky they are, because it is so important to have a loyal person next to you for so many years. To celebrate not one round date together, they will have to work on their marriage for a long time, and do it with pleasure.

2. Galvanizing cars

If your husband has a car, you can give him a certificate for galvanizing the body in the nearest service station. This is a simple but very effective service, which consists in applying a zinc coating on the car body.

This method has been used for many years to protect metal from corrosion and other destructive factors. Such a gift will not cost too much, but the real car enthusiast will enjoy such a concern for his car.

5. Romantic dinner

Gifts for the anniversary of 6.5 years do not necessarily have to be associated with the metal. A romantic dinner in a good restaurant or even at home will be a good surprise for a husband or wife.

If you can boast of some dish that is really good to cook - dare! If not, then the food can be ordered with delivery.

6. Travel

The anniversary of 6.5 years is the most sudden and unexpected in a married life, therefore a joint journey will be an excellent gift. Just collect a few things and go "wherever they look."

However, if your anniversary falls on the cold season, it is better to have your eyes looking towards the southern resorts.

8. Jewelery

As they say, girls' best friends are diamonds. Well, if not diamonds, then something else is brilliant.

Jewelery made of silver, gold and precious stones is a guaranteed way to cause your wife a storm of emotions and leave a pleasant impression of the holiday.

Every woman is pleased to receive flowers - both with a reason, and without a reason. If you know her favorite flowers - quickly hurry to the flower shop for a large, solid bouquet.

10. Gadgets

A new smartphone, a smart watch, a bluetooth headset, or a new headset are all great gifts for both genders. And unlike other gifts, they will also be useful in everyday affairs.

Не забывайте устраивать внезапные, приятные праздники — это самый лучший способ держать отношения в тонусе. Не позволяйте унылой рутине разрушить ваши чувства к друг другу!