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Support for the mental health of a person is as important as attention to his physical condition. And the expert advice offered in the article will help you cope with depression and anxiety, regaining a feeling of joy and confidence.

Do not be embarrassed

The main thing, do not be shy of your condition. Know that almost every family has a similar problem. Mental illness is like any other illness. It is diagnosed by specific criteria and responds to appropriate treatment.

A psychotherapist can help you change your mindset through cognitive behavioral therapy. By the way, the course of treatment will not necessarily be long-term, sometimes in a short time the patient gets to reorient his thoughts.

Find a doctor that you like.

If the doctor makes you feel uncomfortable while communicating (for example, when answering questions, he uses a lot of medical terminology), try to find another.

But you, in turn, should be ready to visit:

  • Write down all the questions that concern you.
  • Make a list of medications that you regularly take.
  • Find out the history of your illness, and if you can, bring all the available medical reports and examination results.
  • Think about the fact that you and someone close can come with you to tell the doctor more about your problem.

After visiting the doctor, you may need medicine. This is not a shame! By taking the right medications, you help improve your mental state.

Do not isolate yourself

Loneliness during stress or depression is likely to aggravate your experiences. Social interaction helps to bring feelings in order and makes it clear that you are not alone.

Try not to dwell on the negative. Look for positive impressions that will lift your spirits.

Doctors also recommend going out more often. This can be difficult to do, especially if you are depressed, but even a small amount of sun and vitamin D can improve your mood.

Regular walking for 20–25 minutes a day can reduce anxiety and depression by more than 40%.

Get help from a professional

Getting help from a professional you trust at an early stage of the disease, most often, is the main key to success.

Well, if you constantly refer to the same doctor who knows your condition and can follow the results of therapy. This will help not only to defeat the disease, but to maintain health in the future.

Good life balance

Look for the balance of life. Work, family, leisure, hobbies, friendships, physical health, emotional state should have a certain niche in your life. And none of them should dominate other aspects.

Aim for high emotional intelligence

A high coefficient of emotional intelligence is difficult to overestimate. Especially in situations that require mental stress (this applies to managers and those who work with people).

The ability to recognize the motivation, desires, emotions, intentions of other people and their own will help to avoid immersion in depression, since it is the lack of these skills that often leads a person to a state of depression, with all the ensuing consequences.

Use magnesium

Magnesium is known as an anti-stress mineral. Serotonin production is directly dependent on it. Magnesium also regulates the production of melatonin, necessary for healthy sleep.

Experts recommend 500-600 mg of elemental magnesium as an optimal daily dose. Dissolve the magnesium citrate powder in drinking water, squeeze the juice of half a lemon and mix. Drink it hot or cold during the day.

Take care of good sleep

Ensure sleep for 7-8 hours. Do not forget about his hygiene:

  • Try to go to bed every day and get up at the same time.
  • If after 15-20 minutes you cannot fall asleep, leave, if possible, from the bedroom to another room. Do something calm without the media (read, meditate) until you start to feel tired, after which you can go back to bed. It should be only for sleep.

Learn to relax

Practice humor. Experts have proved that even a simple smile on the face improves a person’s immunity. She will not let you fall into a state of depression and anxiety.

Learn what meditation is and incorporate it into your daily life. This form of controlling will and concentration of attention allows a person to feel calm and confident.


Under stress or depression it is almost impossible to make yourself move. The state of weakness and depression is just the signs of this disease. One of the reasons for this is the decrease in the production of the hormone of happiness - serotonin.

Countless studies have shown that exercise just increases its production and release, which is why most patients feel better after they begin to actively move.

Allow loved ones to show tenderness to you

If you have friends or relatives at stressful times, let them hug you. This will cause your brain to produce and release hormones called oxytocin and vasopressin, which help us feel love and affection. And this, in turn, will reduce the feeling of sadness, loneliness and stress.

Get rid of people who cause negative emotions

There is nothing wrong with avoiding situations and people who are anxious and annoying. If someone does not add good emotions to your life, perhaps he should not be around.

Learn to say no to people who make you feel exhausted or overwhelmed. So you say “yes” to your mental health.

Try to forget the sad thoughts.

Studies show that memories of sad events reduce serotonin production in that part of the brain that helps control attention. And this means that, continuing to think about our experiences, we will not be able to focus on anything else. That is why it is so difficult to get oneself out of the cycle of negative thinking.

To help yourself, consider, for example, photos related to good events. It is able to stimulate the production of serotonin.

Do not dwell on the past and do not worry about the future.

Find a job you love

Find a job that you like. We spend most of our lives there.

Finding a job that helps you achieve your goals is so important!

Avoid artificial stimulants.

Eliminate drugs, tobacco and alcohol. They have a profound effect on mental health and sleep.

Avoid too much caffeine, especially if you are prone to anxiety, although 1-2 cups of coffee or tea per day will not hurt.

Keep fit

Be in complete physical health.

The interaction of mind and body is powerful. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and a healthy mind leads to a healthy body.

Follow the diet. The principles of healthy eating will help you cope with negative feelings and give strength.

Find hobbies

Hobbies are the best way to reduce stress. You have to spend more time on a hobby or something that would enhance your mood.

Meet your old friends or spend time with your family to get a more positive outlook on life and create a strong barrier that prevents stress from attacking you easily.

Find a support group

Try to help yourself by looking for support groups, communities and learning as much as possible about your illness.

The human brain is tied to social and emotional interaction, and we really need attention and help from those around us.

What is mental health?

Mental health is, above all, the absence of any abnormalities and mental illness. But sometimes even a completely healthy person is in an unstable state and has problems in the emotional and psychological spheres. And therefore a more precise definition of the concept under consideration is a social and psychological well-being that allows you to live a full life: to realize yourself and unleash your potential, work productively, feel satisfaction, make a certain contribution to social life.


If the psyche is stable, then a person can fully live, adequately respond to any situations, contact and interact with others, build personal or family relationships, be creative, adapt to difficult conditions, take initiative, take responsibility, in general, do everything that helps not only to exist, but also to achieve the best quality of life.

If mental health is impaired, then it can manifest itself in almost any area of ​​life, ranging from family relationships to a career.

Possible signs of deterioration in mental health:

  • difficulties with socialization, inability to contact and negotiate with people
  • inadequate response to stress,
  • inability to control your emotions,
  • unreasonable aggression
  • apathy,
  • fears, a sense of inferiority or failure,
  • fear of responsibility
  • unwillingness to learn something new,
  • problems in your personal life or family,
  • strange behavior.

All these symptoms not only position a person as inferior or abnormal, but also prevent him from living, and sometimes even ruin his life. And that is why it is important to constantly and carefully monitor your mental health, and from an early conscious age.

Factors affecting mental health

The following factors can directly influence the psyche:

  • relationships in a family or in a couple
  • work and position held
  • degree of responsibility (to relatives, children, superiors),
  • financial well-being
  • living conditions,
  • character traits and temperament,
  • living conditions
  • nutrition,
  • entourage,
  • emerging stressful situations.

How to strengthen the psyche?

How to keep your mental health? Since it depends on many factors, then you need to act in a complex.

The main steps towards a sustainable and healthy psyche:

  1. Observe the daily regimen. If you do not fully relax and get enough sleep, then your nervous system will work literally for wear, which will certainly lead to malfunctions and malfunctions. To avoid this, lie down and get up at the same time, sleep at least eight hours a day, keep a balance of work and rest, do not overwork. If your body adjusts to a certain mode, it will work smoothly, respectively, the functioning of all its important systems, including the nervous one, will normalize.
  2. Eat well and balanced. The state and functioning of the nervous system directly depend on the food consumed and the nutrients it contains. And vitamins of group B, zinc, selenium, polyunsaturated fatty acids are especially useful for mental health. Use more greens and green vegetables, cereals, seafood and sea fish, fruits. But from the fat, sweet, flour, fried and pickled is better if possible to give up. You should not eat canned food, fast food and convenience foods. And also limit the use of alcohol, it has a negative effect on the nervous system.
  3. Watch your health. Chronic diseases that accumulate over the years are dramatically exhausted, they force you to restrict yourself and experience discomfort, and this is also not at all useful for the psyche.
  4. Play sports. It tones up, improves the work of important systems of the body, helps to become more disciplined, improves mood, and sometimes helps to relieve stress and get rid of unpleasant emotions.
  5. Learn to accept your feelings. Each person has them, and it is this feature that distinguishes people from other living organisms. So do not reproach yourself for fear, get used to the experience, do not be ashamed of your tears. If you constantly keep everything in yourself, then at some point a real explosion can occur, and it will certainly undermine mental health.
  6. Find a way to splash out negative emotions. Try to beat a punching bag, fight with pillows, scream, listen to loud music.
  7. Learn to control your emotions. At first it will not be easy, especially if you are an impulsive and temperamental person. But if you constantly train, you will soon achieve excellent results. Some exercises will help in this. For example, if you feel that you are about to "explode", then try to breathe deeply and concentrate on your breathing. Also effective by counting in the opposite direction. If your fantasy is well developed, close your eyes and imagine that you are in space or on a desert island. Such simple techniques will help you learn to distract and abstract.
  8. You can find a lesson that will give you positive emotions. It can be dancing, knitting, singing, embroidering, traveling, shopping and so on. Most importantly, the hobby does not harm you and others and helps to achieve harmony.
  9. Learn to relax and look for new ways to relax. Some are assisted by a douche or a warm bath, others are lonely, the third is soothed by music, the fourth ones notice the effect of aromatherapy.
  10. Find out your weak points. Knowing them, you can minimize the impact of negative factors, or even reduce it to zero. So, if you are a sentimental person, then you better not watch melodramas and not read news about murders.
  11. Learn to think positively and see good in everything. This is not easy, but optimists are much easier to go through life, they are more resistant to stress and active.
  12. Seek support. It can be provided by relatives, friends or just strangers on a thematic forum. But do not get involved, because, first of all, you should rely on yourself.
  13. Develop your talents and abilities. Psychologists have long proved that creative activity is good for mental health and helps to cope with stress and to throw out negative emotions.

Remember that good mental health is the key to a full and happy life!

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Laws of Influence Susan Weinshenk

Aging presents people with problems such as loss of loved ones, reduced energy levels, age-related changes in the body, and chronic diseases. Children grow up and leave their parents' home, taking smiles, love and joy with them. These feelings are replaced by uncertainty about the future, sadness, anxiety and low self-esteem.

But do not despair, as age-related changes have positive sides. For example, you have the opportunity to devote more time to yourself, travel, find new friends, new hobbies and quietly enjoy life. Перед вами несколько способов, которые помогут вам поддерживать свое психическое здоровье на протяжении долгих лет.

Эта духовная практика тренирует мозг, помогает сосредоточиться и улучшить внимание. Also, meditation reduces anxiety and increases the ability to enjoy small sweet moments in life. It helps to create a tolerance for the discomforts that inevitably come with aging. Meditating on a regular basis, you will stop feeling stress and learn to cope with reactive emotions.

stay in touch

Unfortunately, with age, for many people, the desire to lock themselves in four walls and isolate themselves from society by a blank wall becomes relevant. This habit will provide an encounter with depression and anxiety, therefore we urge you to abandon it. Stop watching TV in proud solitude and look for meetings with friends in a noisy place. If you lost them, sign up for an interest club, find something for your liking and new like-minded people. Also do not refuse to communicate with people in social networks.

Scientific studies suggest that gratitude increases a sense of overall well-being. It helps to cope with stress, reduce the level of aggression and get rid of depression. California clinical psychologist Stephen Sultanoff offers his clients to end the day, thanks to the fate of any three unforgettable things.

Examine your body

The minds of modern people around the clock are busy with news and problems that form a high level of anxiety and mental stress. To prevent somatic diseases, try to listen to your body with the help of this simple reception. Close your eyes and for 5-15 minutes focus your attention on sensations in the area of ​​the body. Find out in which zone there is muscle tension or discomfort.

Physical activity increases the flow of oxygen to the brain. It helps improve mood, improve concentration and reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases. For best results, alternate walks with aerobic exercises and strength training.

Use every opportunity to get out of the comfort zone. You will never know what positive emotions await you around the corner. To maintain neural connections in the brain, active training is necessary. At leisure, solve puzzles and logic problems, play musical instruments and learn foreign languages.

Studies show that good microflora in the intestines has a beneficial effect on the production of neurotransmitters in the brain. Therefore, your daily probiotic yoghurt is not only beneficial for your digestion, but also effective for improving memory, mood and general well-being.

New social activities

To feel useful to society, find activities that could be beneficial. Actively participate in volunteer life, get a part time job, get involved in small business or become a mentor for young people working in the field where you have worked for a long time.

According to statistics, almost half of the adult population over 60 years old suffer from certain sleep disorders. In the long run, this state of affairs leads to anxiety disorder and depression, and is also one of the factors contributing to the onset of Alzheimer's disease. Every night your brain must go through a full reboot. This will give you the opportunity to feel cheerful and fresh in the morning.

The process of physical aging of the body is fraught with discontent, despondency and disappointment. Learn to accept all visual changes by looking at yourself in the mirror. Use positive affirmations and visualization practices. Negative self-esteem completely destroys the love of self, so give up mind-depressing thoughts.

If you notice that sadness, frustration and anxiety do not disappear anywhere for a long time, consider the possibility of professional counseling. In their sessions, psychotherapists recognize the counterproductive patterns of thinking of the patient and suggest measures that will help bring back the love of life. There is always a way out of any predicament, and there is nothing shameful about getting advice from an experienced practicing doctor.

Maintaining a positive support system

A good support system helps to eliminate insecurity in the future, preventing unwanted stress and depression. Surround yourself with people who truly love you and are ready to take care of you. But toxic social connections should be abandoned. Stop pleasing people who suck out your energy.

Next time feel free to laugh out loud when someone you know tells a funny story from your life. More often, see comedy series or humorous shows. Laughter is a great remedy against stress.

Spend time in nature

Take daily walks in the security park area, engage in fishing, picking mushrooms and gardening. When you look at the green of the trees and enjoy the singing of the birds, you experience an indescribable feeling of awe and gratitude.

In our Library, you can read a review of the book Daniel Amen “Change your brain - life changes,” which tells how the brain works, what happens when something is broken in it, and how to make it work normally.