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How to make a beautiful inscription on the cake?


Cake is a delicious dessert, which is also pleasing to the eye. Often, some hostesses on any holiday will want to feel like an experienced pastry chef. As a rule, most people prefer freshly baked homemade cakes. Every person wants his cake to be original, exquisite and the best in the world!

After you have baked a pastry, you probably want to make a gorgeous inscription on the cake at home. It will be especially difficult to create inscriptions for beginners, but if you put maximum effort and patience, then everything will definitely work out.

The solemn and elegant inscription on this dessert conveys the magical atmosphere of the holiday. Let's find out how to make the inscription on the cake correctly, so that later there will be no disappointment.

Cream cake

In order to build an inscription, of course, you will need a gentle cream that can not only give the cake a zest, but also emphasize the theme of the event. The inscriptions on the cakes "Happy Birthday!" will cause unprecedented delight in both adults and children.

Below we will provide the recipe for the simplest but gentle cream. We will need:

  • 250 grams of butter,
  • 400 grams of condensed milk.

In the softened butter it is necessary to pour condensed milk in small portions. The main rule: the mixture should not be watery.

Then take the pastry syringe and pick up the nozzle. Then we fill it with ready cream and we are engaged in "engraving".

In order to make an inscription on a colored cake, you need to add a food coloring to the cream. In his role, for example, can make cocoa.

The way to decorate the cake

But on the cream the light did not come together. You can also decorate the cake with fudge. For its preparation it is necessary to mix sugar and milk in a ratio of two to one and bring the mixture to a boil. Then cook the solution until thick. Fondant with proper preparation should not be spread.

After cooling the mass, you can start drawing.

Prepare the cake. It can be sprinkled with crumb, covered with a layer of cream, icing or sugar mastic. To make the inscription neat, write it first with a toothpick.

Nozzles for a syringe are so diverse that it creates the opportunity to create wonderful ornaments and drawings of various shapes and lengths.

Creative lettering

Here are some funny inscriptions on the cakes:

  • "May you live happily ever after!",
  • “Dear, nice, glorious - how much is fulfilled, this is not the main thing”,
  • “Twenty-five again!”

Also exciting and funny inscriptions can be chosen for the birthday of your beloved child. In addition, your baby will not remain indifferent if you also decorate the cake with characters from his favorite cartoon.

Basic rules for writing

In order to perform the inscription on the cake correctly, it is necessary to take into account a few simple conditions.

It must be remembered that after making a cake, an inscription is first made. And then all the other decorations are added.

Also, make sure that the inscription you selected is clear, fits well on the cake, looks harmonious and is not covered by elements.

If an oversight happened to you or you made a mistake, then do not worry - it is easy to fix it. You can easily remove any part of the decor if desired.

For the inscription is not recommended to choose too long words and sentences.

Attention! The transfer on the cake looks extremely untidy, so you should not resort to it. For this reason, you do not need to take long words like “nineteen years” for writing.

Make the inscription on the pastry so that it is short, but meaningful. Remember that brevity is the sister of talent.

In addition, you can make a preliminary sketch of the label. So you can think of the ideal accommodation.

In order that the inscription is located exactly, it is necessary to draw a little guide lines with the help of toothpicks. Do not worry that the lines will be visible. In any case, you can cover them with letters.

Of course, spelling and punctuation errors on the cake are unacceptable. The inscriptions on the cakes "Happy Birthday" will greatly attract the birthday boy. It is also appropriate to write the name of the hero of the occasion.

It is important that there is a color contrast between the cake and the cream. For example, if the cake is white, then the light inscription will be poorly distinguishable. It is better to opt for a cream of a dark shade.

Construction of the correct inscription

So, how to make an inscription on the cake at home, so that it looks fascinating? As a cream, you can also use mastic or protein mass.

For the construction of the correct and beautiful inscriptions you can apply mastic. To do this, you need to do it yourself and wait for it to harden a little. After that, cut the mastic on thin flagella and make a creative inscription from them.

If you want to make the inscription chocolate chips, you can use a stencil. This option will look impressive, impressive and unforgettable! In addition, an excellent inscription can be made using candied fruit, berries and nuts. Words that are made with confectionary beads look very mysteriously on the cake.

To begin, let us figure out what ways and with what help you can put an inscription.


The inscription can be applied using a special cooking syringe, which can be purchased at a household store.

Another ideal way of applying letters is to use a stencil. It is necessary to put the right words on it and gently put it on the cake. It is necessary to raise the stencil with all care so as not to damage the inscription. This option is the easiest and most convenient, but nevertheless observe accuracy and do not allow sudden movements in this matter.

How to write the letters on the cake?

Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks in writing is the writing of letters on the surface of the cake itself. It would seem that anyone can write, but remember that you do not have a pen in your hands, but a syringe or cornet. What to do in this case? Sweet tooth will rescue wit!

To the inscription on the cake came out elegant and neat, it must be pre-printed in a text editor in a computer. You can choose a different size and font of letters.

Then it is necessary to put a piece of baking paper on a piece of paper and fasten it. After that, along the contours of the letters, it is necessary to make an inscription, for example, with butter or chocolate cream.

This workpiece must be put in the freezer and wait until it hardens. Then, using a spatula, carefully remove it and decorate the finished cake.

In addition, there is a variant of the mirror inscription. In this case, the frozen paper with letters should just be turned over and lightly pressed to the dessert. Voila - it turned out an exquisite product and no longer have to worry about how to make an inscription on the cake.

Be sure that with the correct execution of the inscription, it will certainly attract the views of all the guests and not leave anyone indifferent!

In conclusion, I would like to say that the inscription on the cake is the brightest and most creative element, so it is necessary to approach its implementation with extreme responsibility!

Congratulations and wish

Before you begin the hard work, it is necessary to determine the text of the inscription. To do this, follow a few important rules:

  1. A cake is not a greeting card, and there is no need to write a lot. The phrase should be capacious, but concise.
  2. Avoid texts like "Maria Ivanovna from grateful students." They are very similar to those written on the funeral wreaths. So think of something more appropriate.
  3. Do not use long and hard to read words. Instead of the “fiftieth anniversary” it is better to write the “50th anniversary”.
  4. And, of course, do not forget about the rules of spelling, so as not to be considered illiterate. If after the congratulation "Happy Birthday" is an appeal, do not forget to put a comma in front of him.

Now it's time to figure out how to make the selected inscription.

If you do it for the first time, it will not be superfluous to practice on a piece of paper, and then carefully draw one or two thin lines on the surface of the cake so that the words are at the same level.

For work you will need a pastry syringe with a thin nozzle or bag.

What can make the inscription? Here are some simple options:

Cream. You will not need additional ingredients other than food dyes. In the usual butter cream add the desired color, and you can get to work.

Chocolate ink. This is another standard cake decorating option. If you like pure chocolate, you will just need to melt 1-2 tiles in a water bath. But you need to work with him as quickly as possible so that he does not have time to harden. You can also make a simpler version of chocolate fudge. For her, take:

  • cocoa - 2 tbsp.
  • butter - 30-50 g

Melt butter, mix with cocoa powder, make an inscription and send the cake to the fridge to set.

Chocolate letters. This method is completely simple, just requires care and accuracy, and as a result you will get beautifully derived words, also with a font that you like.

The secret is simple. First write the necessary phrase in a text editor on a computer, select the desired font and size, print.

Using a syringe to pour chocolate melted in a water bath, draw directly on the letters. When work is finished, put a letter sheet in the freezer for a few minutes. After that, remove and transfer to the surface of the cake.

Glaze. On a dark basis the light inscription will look beautiful. You can make it out of the glaze. To do this, take:

In the container, mix the ingredients and bring to a boil over low heat, and then continue to cook until the mixture thickens. You can write wishes with a syringe or even a regular plastic bag, in the corner of which you need to make a small hole.

The inscription on the cake - this is a special addition, which gives the gift of an individual character. It’s actually not difficult to implement your ideas and ideas, the main thing is to be patient and prepare the necessary materials.

The basic chocolate recipe for the inscription

Before you start the design, you must first decide what exactly you will paint the cake. Often used for this oil creams, which tint food dyes, fudge, chocolate coating. Sweet is very plastic, more uniform, is applied evenly. Chocolate icing for cake is more shiny. Fudge, as well as chocolate icing, is fairly easy to prepare. We will consider the most simple recipes for the preparation of the drawing mass.


The recipe for fondant differs from the recipe for chocolate icing by the absence of one ingredient - plums. oils. But it is at his expense that such different properties appear.

  • 1 tbsp. spoon of powdered sugar (no slide),
  • 1 tbsp. milk
  • 100 g chocolate
  • vanillin.

  • 2 tsp cocoa,
  • 3 tbsp. spoons of milk
  • 50 g plums. oils
  • 1.5 Art. spoons of powdered sugar.

Cooking process

  • grate chocolate,
  • heat the milk together with powdered sugar, stir,
  • add chocolate chips
  • stirring constantly, cook over low heat so that the mass does not stick,
  • boil down to thicken.

Before applying to the surface, cool to a temperature

  • melt the butter,
  • add milk, powdered sugar,
  • stir, add cocoa,
  • stirring constantly, warm it over low heat
  • do not boil.

Apply to the cake as soon as the chocolate icing has cooled slightly (

What to write on the cake

Use the recommendations of professional pastry chefs:

  1. The text should be in contrast to the main background, clearly visible on the surface, easy to read.
  2. Excellent base for decoration - smooth, smooth surface of a contrasting color of glaze or mastic.
  3. Before starting to write text, make straight thin lines on the main surface with a toothpick for even lines.
  4. The phrase should not be long, contain complex words.
  5. If at some stage of writing with the icing you are mistaken, do not correct the mistake immediately. Write congratulations, clean the dessert in the fridge. Defective fragment can be removed as soon as it hardens.
  6. Never use a hot drawing mass, because the base coat can melt and the text will “float”.

Secrets of beautiful lettering

Even a delicious cake does not look festive without a decent design. Sometimes it is enough to write a solemn greeting and the culinary masterpiece becomes perfect. Good wishes, written in beautiful handwriting, transform its appearance. If you doubt your artistic ability to write a greeting beautifully on the first attempt, then practice your hand first on a simple piece of paper, start with the simplest.

To create signatures, use special pastry tools:

  • a pastry bag will do
  • special syringe with accessories,
  • different types of food marker.

Make sure that the cutout on the bag or the syringe tips is thin, so that the letters work out with jeweler's precision. The very inscription of chocolate should be brief, expressive. Try to write correctly.

Errors are permissible, unless their presence is intended on purpose. Fonts choose rather large.

First, numbers and text are applied to the surface, only then they are decorated with figures and flowers. This is done so that in the process of decorating it does not turn out that there is not enough space for writing congratulatory words.

How to make an inscription white or dark chocolate

There are a couple of simple ways to write on the cake at home a festive message. Even an inexperienced pastry chef will master it.

The first method of decoration is the easiest:

  1. First come up with a greeting, print it out on a printer. Try to match the size of the letters to the size of the space allocated for the greeting.
  2. Cover the printed text with tracing paper.
  3. Break a bar of white or dark chocolate, melt in the microwave.
  4. Using a pastry syringe, bag, or felt-tip pen, apply a drawing paste to the stencil.
  5. Place the stencil in the fridge - let the letters cool.
  6. Lay the greeting on the surface of the cake.

Method number 2 is also quite simple. The inscription on the cake do white chocolate, for this, first melt it. Then add 1 tbsp. l cream oils, 2 tbsp. l milk Stir, let cool. Place the drawing paste in a pastry fixture, for example, in a bag or syringe. You can do the work with a felt-tip pen - the congratulatory text is ready.

How to make an inscription chocolate "Happy Birthday"

The nature of the decor of the entire composition must match the reason for the celebration. If the cake is prepared for the birthday, respectively, the signature is needed "Happy Birthday" or "Happy Anniversary." It is necessary to specify the numbers, it is desirable to write the name of the hero of the day - he will be pleased. Try to write words without hyphenation, arrange the text symmetrically.

Remember that you can write even grated chocolate. Cut out a stencil of paper with congratulations, put it on top of the cake, carefully pour the grated chocolate (depending on the color of the base). Surplus excess chips, remove the stencil. When decorating, remember that the letters should be made large to make it easy to read.

Another extraordinary idea is to make chocolate letters using stencils, which are then transferred to the surface of the cake.

Easy way of writing chocolate on mastic

The inscriptions of chocolate on the cake, covered with mastic, it is possible to perform several methods. The easiest way to design the inscription on the cake is the implementation of several manipulations:

  • the words corresponding to the celebration are printed on the printer, or manually written on paper,
  • spread stencil on the surface of the cake,
  • using a simple sewing needle, circle the outlines of the letters,
  • remove the pattern, on the mastic traces of the needle will remain visible,
  • arm yourself with a paint brush, paint the resulting contours with liquid chocolate, you get chocolate letters on the cake.

Hand-made chocolate letters will look just as good.

How to make chocolate letters for decorating pastry

For those who like cooking, we offer an answer to the question of how to make chocolate letters. A simple way - for decorating, you can create individual letters or whole words that do not fall apart.

  1. Prepare a stencil with printed solemn words.
  2. Place the paper blank with the words on a silicone mat (before starting work, cool the mat so that the chocolate does not spread), cover the template with tracing paper on top. Secure everything with scotch tape.
  3. With the help of a confectionery syringe, felt-tip pen or bag, write a word with chocolate mass, trying not to be interrupted, so that the word turns out to be inseparable.
  4. Once written, immediately remove the mat in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.
  5. Carefully detach the words from the paper. To create volume, on the reverse side, paint the edges with a viscous mass. You will be very beautiful.

Сбоку торта, поверх кондитерского изделия, в вертикальном положении – везде буквы будут создавать общую неподдельную съедобную картинку.

Для кулинаров есть как пластиковые формочки для производства шоколадных букв в домашних условиях, так и варианты форм для таких целей из силикона. В формочку заливают глазурь или помадку, дают застыть. Then ready-made letters are taken out of the form, they sign a confectionery masterpiece.

We met with different inscription techniques. Find the one you like. Implement your wildest ideas. Do not forget that food paint and other innovations can be used during cooking. Experiment with shape and color! Read only delicious recipes from us!

Devices for processing the inscription on the cake

Beautiful inscription is obtained by using the "right" devices:

  1. Pastry bag. Optimally - with interchangeable nozzles. For neat thin lettering, use the narrowest nozzle with a cut-off diameter of no more than 2-3 millimeters.
  2. Cream injector. It’s harder to work with. But various corrugated nozzles are attached to it, and the inscription can be made ribbed.
  3. Ordinary plastic bag in which you can make a small hole in the corner. After placing the drawing mass in it, tie it tightly at the top.
  4. Silicone forms. This recent invention is intended to create letters not on the cake, but separately. The mass that hardens is poured into the form - fudge, mastic, icing, melted chocolate. After 5–10 hours, depending on the recipe, the letters are removed and spread on the sticky surface of the cake. Before spreading the mass in a silicone mold, it should be lightly oiled without smell.
  5. Tracing paper. On it with a pencil, draw a beautiful inscription, and on top apply a lot of drawing, which completely freezes. After curing, carefully remove the tracing paper and place the letters on the cake. Instead of tracing paper, you can use a food film, evenly laid on a hard surface, or transparent parchment.

Original inscription ideas

On a children's holiday, wedding, anniversary, I want to serve not just a delicious homemade cake, but also a beautifully decorated, original, able to surprise. Make an unusual inscription, congratulate the hero of the occasion. Use unusual ideas:

  1. From dark chocolate without additives (melted), icing you can form unusual volumetric letters for congratulations on the cake. On the sheet of parchment, draw the desired letters, lay out a lot to draw, put a toothpick in the bottom of the letter, until the mass is frozen. To give more volume, apply the mass in several layers, after the previous completely hardened. Then put the letters on the surface of the cake vertically - stick them with toothpicks on the cake.
  2. From mastic inscription can be cut. Roll out the paste of mastic, draw the borders of the letters with a thin knife, cut them out with a knife and place them on the sticky surface of the cake.

Draw slowly, displaying each letter. Finishing to do the inscription, cut the stream with a knife and lay the tip of the mass on the previous letter. The inscription of chocolate or fudge, cream should harden in the cold, icing is better to dry at room temperature.

Key recommendations

The process has its own nuances that must be taken into account if you want to achieve a positive result in the end. Recommendations will certainly help you:

  1. For drawing the text you can buy a special food marker, which is designed specifically for such purposes. In addition, there are tubes containing gel dye. The tip of their narrowed, which allows you to portray the desired characters on the dessert.
  2. Before applying to the product, you can carefully depict the lines so that a number of characters remain smooth and not collapsed. For this fit a needle or a regular toothpick. These lines are completely invisible after the application of the text, so do not worry about it.
  3. It is necessary to use as few characters and words as possible, because the area of ​​the product is very limited. One or two short greeting phrases is enough.
  4. There are cases when any error or carelessness in the text is allowed. No need to try to correct the mistake immediately, but rather finish the work and put the dessert in the fridge. Everything will harden there, after which you can safely remove the excess or fix something.
  5. On sale there are stencils with which you can transfer suitable text for dessert. This technology avoids the curvature and unevenness of letters.
  6. You can also use mastic, which you first need to freeze a little. Next, you need to cut the necessary fragments and apply to the surface.
  7. You can write something at the dessert with improvised means. For example, nuts or berries.
  8. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the letters should stand out against the general background.

  • Symbols should be applied first, to the other elements on the dessert.
  • It is necessary to mark in advance the place of the beginning of the phrase in order to approximately understand whether letters will enter or not. Unfortunately, then this misstep to fix is ​​quite problematic.
  • A beautiful inscription on the cake with your own hands can be done as follows:

    1. Choose the font you like on the Internet and write a greeting phrase on your computer.
    2. Print it on the printer and put it in a transparent file.
    3. It is important to understand that the letters must be of the same scale as those that you wanted to transfer to the surface of the product.
    4. Next, you need to apply the prepared mass directly to the file strictly along the contours of the characters in the record.

    It remains only to remove the file with painted characters in the freezer until it is completely frozen.

    Use chocolate

    Chocolate is a fairly standard material for decorating and making all sorts of inscriptions. You can take a natural, pre-melt it in a water bath, or prepare the mixture yourself.

    This will require:

    • softened butter - 2 tablespoons,
    • cocoa powder - 2 tablespoons.

    Cocoa must first be prepared by sifting the powder through a sieve to remove excess particles. Then mix both ingredients.

    The mixture is ready, but how to write the necessary greeting with the help of it so that the result is not worse than the store? The easiest option is to use a pastry bag, but can you do without a syringe? To do this, take an ordinary plastic bag, where the mixture is poured. Then you need to cut off the tip of the package to make a hole. Immediately trying to write something on the product is not worth it, it is best to practice on some surface.

    We use cream

    There are a great many recipes for cream, and each housewife decides for herself which ingredients to take. A simple recipe is suitable for beginners:

    • butter - 200 gr.,
    • condensed milk - one can.

    Having purchased the necessary products, you can start cooking:

    1. Oil should be pulled out of the refrigerator so that it softens slightly at room temperature.
    2. In a cup of butter you want to gradually pour condensed milk. Here it is necessary to monitor the consistency, so that it is not too liquid.
    3. Having finished with the cream, you can proceed to the inscription. If you have a pastry syringe, then select the desired nozzle, pre-filling the tank mass.

    By the way, the color of the cream can be changed by adding a food coloring or cocoa powder. Experimenting in this way, you can achieve quite interesting shades of our "engraving".

    What else might come up?

    The use of chocolate and cream is considered to be a rather traditional method that is used everywhere. But these are not the only ingredients suitable for the decorating process.

    At home, for example, you can make fudge. This will require:

    • sugar - 2 cups,
    • Milk - 1 cup.
    Values ​​are approximate, the main thing is to keep the desired proportion - two parts of sugar to one part of milk.

    Ingredients need to be mixed in a cup and put on the stove. When the mixture boils, boil it until it thickens.

    Carry it to the surface should be the same methods, ie, using a pastry syringe or a conventional package of cellophane.

    The festive table is mostly not limited to the main dishes of meat or poultry, which are familiar companions of the celebration. Often, a festive feast ends with tea drinking with a cake. Therefore, it is extremely important that it is not only tasty, but also presentable.

    You can use almost any food material that is in each housewife's home to represent symbols on a pastry piece. You just need to follow certain techniques that allow you to do exactly what you want.

    See also:

    Cake is a dish of festive cuisine, which means it should amaze not only with its taste, but also with its appearance. The most useful jewelry providing limitless creative possibilities is fruits and berries.

    The blood runs cold in my veins, and one thought knocks in my head: “This is an abomination! . But what a tasty abomination! ”- Let this reaction be from treats on Halloween. And make themed treats at home is very simple.

    Can I cook delicious and hearty dishes without using mayonnaise? Of course! At the same time, they will also be very useful, and they will look festive.

    How to make inscriptions on chocolate cake: recommendations of confectioners

    If you still do not know how to make the inscriptions on the cake with chocolate, it will be useful for you to familiarize yourself with the following recommendations from experienced pastry chefs:

    1. The best way to apply chocolate writing on a cake is to use special food markers. A tube filled with chocolate mixture has a special opening through which a small amount of substance is squeezed out, with the result that the inscription on the surface of the confectionery product lies evenly and gently.

    2. Before making the inscription chocolate on the cake, on the baking glaze with a toothpick, carefully draw barely noticeable lines so that the words of congratulations are made evenly and beautifully.

    3. Do not write many wordsGreetings should be clear and concise.

    4. If in the process of writing you made a mistake, do not rush to delete the failed item. Finish the decoration, hide the cake in the fridge, and when the chocolate hardens, the spoiled letter can be easily removed from the surface of the cake and write a new one.

    5. The best surface for applying chocolate lettering. is a mastic or frosting in a contrasting color.

    6. Never put hot chocolate on the icing or another surface of the cake, otherwise it may melt and leak.

    Ways to make an inscription on the cake chocolate

    According to confectioners, these are the easiest ways to make an inscription on a cake with chocolate at home, they can do it even to those who make such design for the first time.

    First way

    To decorate the dessert, you must perform the following steps:

    1. Compose words of congratulations and print them on a computer.

    2. Letters must be as large as they will be on the cake.

    3. Put the printed sheet in the file.

    4. Break the chocolate bar of the desired color into small pieces. and melt in a water bath. When the chocolate mixture becomes homogeneous, remove from the water bath and mix well.

    5. Using a pastry syringe or bag, put this chocolate paste on the label through the file.

    6. Put the sheet in the fridgeso that the chocolate elements are completely frozen. Carefully transfer the words of congratulations to the cake.

    Second way

    There is one more fairly easy way how to make an inscription on a chocolate cake for beginners. We will sign the cake with liquid melted chocolate. To do this, in a saucepan or saucepan with a thick bottom, you should melt a bar of chocolate - white or black. If you want to get colored lettering, use a white chocolate and food coloring.

    In a melted chocolate, add a tablespoon of butter and 2 tbsp. l milk Mix all components well, cool a little and put in a plastic bag. Cut the corner: the smaller the hole in the bag, the more accurate the greeting elements will be. Using this method, it is better to make an inscription in the form of beautiful letters with curls, since the lines are thin and neat.

    How to make the inscription chocolate "Happy Birthday!"

    The inscription on chocolate "Happy Birthday!" Can be made not only melted, but also with grated chocolate.

    If the chocolate icing on the cake is light, then the words of congratulations must be dark and vice versa. To perform such an original decoration of the holiday cake, follow the following scheme:

    1. Finely rub the black or white chocolate with no additives.

    2. Make a stencil with greeting words from tracing paper or thick white paper. Inscription elements must be large enough. The cake with the inscription looks not beautiful in the center, but on the sides of the confection.

    3. Attach the stencil to the glaze and gently fill the letters with chocolate chips.

    A simple way to write chocolate on mastic

    The inscription chocolate on mastic can also be done in several ways, but the simplest is the following baking design:

    1. Opening a document in Word, type the words of congratulation you need, using any font you like. If the printer does not exist, a greeting can be written on paper and by hand.

    2. Inscription attach to the surface of the cake - masticand using a needle circle the words around the contour.

    3. When you remove a piece of paper, letters will remain visible on the mastic. Now take a brush and draw all the letters with melted chocolate.

    How to make the inscription on the cake with white or black chocolate

    You can decorate the cake with volumetric letters located on the surface of the confectionery product not in a horizontal, but in a vertical position. You should know that this is not the easiest way to make chocolate letters with your own hands. As a result of such hard work, an original and beautiful decoration of a festive cake is obtained. You can make an inscription on the cake with white chocolate or any other - black and even multi-colored, if you add a certain color of food coloring to the melted mass.

    To make chocolate letters, use this recipe:

    1. Take a bar of white chocolate or any other - depending on the idea of ​​decorating the cake. Break it into small pieces and melt it in a water bath.

    2. Pour the melted chocolate into the form (baking tray)parchment and flatten the surface with a knife.

    3. To level the surface of the chocolate and eliminate the bubbles., take the parchment by one edge and shake it slightly.

    4. Form the chocolate in the fridgeto make it completely frozen. When it no longer sticks to your fingers, cover it with another sheet of parchment on top. Turn over so that the bottom sheet of parchment is on top and the top sheet is on the bottom. Separate the bottom parchment from the chocolate and return the tile to its previous position.

    5. Take the cookie cutters in the form of alphabet elements. Pressing them gently to the chocolate bar, squeeze out the necessary elements of the inscription on the cake. The figures should harden well, for this they need to be refrigerated for several hours.

    Now you know how to make an inscription on the cake with white chocolate or any other depending on the chosen idea of ​​the decor of the holiday cake.

    Basic rules for making beautiful lettering (theoretical part)

    So that the inscription does not upset the culprit or the culprit of the celebration, you need to take into account several nuances:

    • Of course, you want to say a lot, but the cake is not a greeting card. No need to write a lot of words in small hand, try to explain the most important thing, the rest can be said. An exception can be only a very large cake, the surface of which can be covered with dithyrambs and at the same time fill in the voids on the glaze.
    • Write the name of the person to whom you want to serve the cake - it is always nice.
    • A cake is an attribute of a holiday, and it should excite only positive emotions. The inscriptions on the cake, like, “to Ivan Ivanovich from grateful subordinates”, “Beloved grandmother from grandchildren”, “Dear Tanya from Vasya” are associated with texts on mourning ribbons. Avoid clarification about the author of the inscription, and the ambiguous subtext disappears by itself.
    • The text should be harmonious. Before you write something with chocolate, seal the project on paper and reread it several times, then you will notice in time that “Teacher’s Teacher’s Day” and “Director of the Board” are tautologies.
    • Replace words that are too long with shorter or larger numbers. For example, “fifty years anniversary” is better to replace “50 - Happy anniversary!”. If the word does not fit on the cake, it will have to be transferred to another line; worse, only spelling errors.
    • The cake will be eaten, even if you make several mistakes in a simple lettering, but you will remember your literacy for a long time. Do not skip letters, check the dictionary and do not forget about punctuation marks. An important rule for “cake-writing” is that the addresses are marked with commas: “On March 8, Helen,” “Get well, beloved,” “Happy birthday, Grandma!”. Respect should be expressed in capital letter in the pronoun: "Happiness to you!".

    How to make an inscription on the cake chocolate (practical tips)

    After drawing up the text, you can get down to business - think about the placement of decorations and the inscription on the cake, develop a style of letters, select the ingredients for the mastic.

    • The inscription should be easy to read on the background of the glaze. If the cake is light, the chocolate inscription is better to make black, make the inscription on a dark cake with white chocolate. Текст будет хорошо читаться даже на фотографиях, которые любят делать именинники и гости.
    • Старайтесь симметрично расположить надпись. Вы можете проявить фантазию, но желательно равномерно заполнить буквами и украшениями весь торт.
    • Do not write on an uneven surface - if the texture is convex, the letters are deformed and will look unattractive.
    • Do not write hot chocolate over the glaze - it will melt and spoil everything.
    • Toothpick draw lines to the inscription was smooth. Correct the irregularities will be difficult, and the discrepancies of even a few millimeters will spoil the plan. Thin stripes of toothpicks invisible, do not be lazy to mark the surface of the cake, even if you are going to write just a couple of words. Mark the center, count the number of letters, spaces and punctuation marks, start writing with a middle letter, then move to the right at an equal interval and only after that move to the left from the center.
    • If you want to write more than one word, but a phrase, do not be lazy to mark each letter. It is better than suddenly to understand that there is not enough space.
    • The most important element of the inscription - the numbers. If they are supposed, start with them. Then write the words and only then fill the empty places with flowers, leaves and berries. If you decorate a cake for a women's holiday, start with "8", if you congratulate the hero of the day - from the age (5, 25, 50, 70, etc.).
    • If one of the letters turned out badly, do not rush to delete it. Put the cake in the fridge, when the inscription hardens, you can gently remove the letter and replace it with another.

    The practical part: how to make chocolate on the cake

    You can make chocolate on the cake in several ways. Pastry bag in the hands of an experienced master looks like a very simple device, but the ease with which the virtuosos work is deceptive. When you paint your tenth cake, you, too, will succeed gracefully and naturally. Inexperienced pastry chefs will have to get ready to overcome unforeseen, but quite surmountable difficulties. First, you need to choose a tool for inscription:

    Special food marker

    The simplest device that even a child can handle. A tube with a special hole filled with melted chocolate. The letters are written, squeezing out the right amount of the mixture, the lines are neat, of equal thickness.

    Cream injector

    The use of special tools greatly simplifies the task. The syringe needs to be filled with melted chocolate mixed with butter, shake a little so that there are no air bubbles left, put on the nozzle with a narrow and straight cut. Squeeze out the content with equal effort and at the same pace.

    Plastic bag

    Melt a bar of black or white chocolate in a water bath. Add 2 tablespoons of milk and a spoon of butter, stir until smooth. When the chocolate has cooled slightly, pour it into a plastic bag, fasten the loose ends so that one corner remains. Cut a small tip at a right angle so that the letters are neat and thin. Having engaged, you can write out on the cake beautiful letters with curlicues.

    Grated chocolate and own stencil

    Write congratulations on a sheet of thick paper or parchment, the letters should be large and arranged as the inscription on the cake will look like. You can use a computer or write the text by hand. Cut the stencil with thin scissors. Rub the chocolate bar, attach the stencil to the glaze surface of the cake and fill the letters with chips.

    Brush and melted chocolate on mastic

    Write on tracing paper or thin paper text, it is better to use a computer and printer. Attach the sheet to the surface of the cake and circle the letters with a needle. Outlines of letters will be printed on the mastic, and you will only need to draw them with a brush dipped in melted chocolate.

    Which chocolate to choose

    The chocolate inscription should be a contrast, so white chocolate is suitable for a dark surface, and black for a light one. You can just melt the tiles in a water bath, but this “ink” is suitable for those who have already learned to write fluently - chocolate hardens very quickly. If you are using white chocolate, add a little cream or butter. Replace black chocolate can be fudge of cocoa.

    Chocolate Fudge Recipe

    • Cocoa powder - 2 tbsp. l
    • Butter - 2 tbsp. l
    • Sugar powder - ½ tbsp. l (not necessary)

    Cocoa acquires a beautiful dark color only in boiling water or grease, butter is more suitable for fudge. Sugar can not be used, a little bitter sweet cake does not hurt.

    1. Sift the cocoa. Heat oil at room temperature until soft.
    2. Spread cocoa butter and icing sugar until completely homogeneous.
    3. Transfer the mass to the cornet or plastic bag. Cut the corner and try the thickness of the line on a silver platter or hand.

    Cocoa butter will melt from the warmth of your hand, and chocolate ink will retain the desired consistency.

    Chocolate calligraphy technique

    Prepare the cake - it should be smooth, smooth and cool. Mark the surface as described above and start writing.

    • Take kornetik or kulechek with chocolate in your right hand, and support your brush with your left hand so that it does not flinch from tension.
    • Output the lines in fragments, do not try to write without interruption, since it is difficult to regulate the uniform pressure on the kulechek and to evenly draw the letters.
    • The writing tip should be 1-2 millimeters away from the cake. If you raise it higher, the line will drag, below - smear or imprint on the coating of the cake.

    How to write greetings on the cake on March 8 or birthday

    The content of the inscription and the style of the cake should correspond to the character of the holiday. Conciseness and brightness - these are the main principles of the confectionery message. To prevent the surface from turning into a letter, leave space for other decorations. On the congratulatory cake, it is desirable to write the name of the hero of the occasion. If the cake is prepared for the anniversary, specify the number. Also need a beautiful "8" in congratulations on Women's Day.

    Inscriptions to March 8

    The easiest and win-win option:

    • Beloved Mom (Irochka, Tanya, Lenochka) March 8!
    • I wish you happiness on March 8!

    A woman will appreciate and remember forever more touching words:

    • The most beautiful woman
    • Always in my heart
    • On March 8, the most beautiful, sweet and beloved
    • Favorite! Your smile is priceless
    • Spring begins with your smile
    • Simply you are the best
    • Most, sweet, kind and beloved - you
    • Always in my heart
    • The best mama
    • With love to my half
    • I love you so much

    Birthday Inscriptions

    A cake with an inscription that you made with your own hands will surprise and delight the birthday man. Start the design with a number, and then post the text that you can think of yourself or find on the Internet. Remember about literacy and brevity.

    • Let life be sweet
    • To obey all heights
    • The biggest happiness
    • Sea of ​​love, ocean of happiness

    Even the most delicious cake without a beautiful design will not be festive. Sometimes it is enough to make an inscription - and the recipe becomes perfect, and at the hero of the occasion, the mood soars up to heaven. If you doubt your artistic abilities, start with the simplest of inscriptions - you will succeed.

    Author: Elena Staretskaya specifically for the site Chocolate.