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How to book a seat on the plane: detailed instructions


Most major airlines have official websites with convenient functionality and a full range of options: from viewing the nearest flights to remotely purchasing tickets. And if you make a purchase online on the airline's web site, before payment you will probably be asked to study the boarding scheme and choose convenient options. Do this, and then pay for the flight.

But this option has several nuances. For example, far not all places are available for booking when making an online purchase: emergency exits located near and in the first row are distributed during check-in or boarding and are given to certain categories of passengers: those with impressive growth or build, pregnant women and people with disabilities.

Another point: for booking in advance certain airlines charge an additional fee, the amount of which can reach 30-40 US dollars. For some, this amount is significant, in which case the decision is made to rely on luck or sacrifice your comfort.

Note! If you decide to buy a ticket through an online intermediary service, you may lose the possibility of advance booking.

Reservations at check in

How to book a seat in the plane in advance, if the ticket is already purchased? You can choose and pre-occupy it at the time of check-in at the airport. This procedure lasts for several hours, and if you arrive at its beginning, you can be among the first to contact the employee (s) with a request to allocate a certain place for you. If it is not occupied or not intended for persons of certain categories, then you can count on it.

This method is effective if you fly alone or together. If you plan to plant a whole family or company, the situation will become more complicated, because finding several places nearby that correspond to your wishes is problematic. But you can increase the chances by arriving at the airport before check-in and going to the front desk first, and all together and immediately presenting tickets and the necessary documents.

Tip! Be as polite and friendlier as possible with the employee, but do not try to offer him a bribe: for this he can be punished by the management. In addition, a bribe to an official is considered a crime.

Online booking booking

Online check-in is a modern option offered by large modern airlines that allows you to register in advance and arrive at the airport directly for boarding in order to go through customs and passport controls.

The procedure can be carried out through specialized terminals located in airport lounges. Look for them, select the desired function and follow the instructions. Another option is to register online at an airline-owned website. Come on it, look for the appropriate option and choose a place. But do not forget to print boarding passes with the indication of the selected seats!

Important! Usually, online check-in opens the day before departure, and the sooner you start it, the more likely it is to get the desired place.

Mobile applications

There are airline-developed mobile applications that allow you to view flight information, remotely, in a couple of clicks, buy tickets and book favorite places. Download this application on your mobile (but it is the air carrier that provides the services that you need) and use the necessary option. Downloading is usually available on airline websites.

When landing

What to do if you could not take a good place? Then try to go through the registration and all the stages of control faster, to be among the first to be on board the plane and ask the flight attendant to find a suitable option for you. You can refer to the fact that it will help you feel calmer or avoid health problems (but you should not make scenes and imitate serious diseases: you can be landed).


Finally, useful tips:

  1. Remember that each airline has its own seat markings, so if last time you flew in place with a certain number, and now use the services of another carrier, then the combinations may differ. Carefully read the scheme.
  2. Try starting an online purchase or remote registration in the middle of the day: most people are busy at work at this time, and you can use it.
  3. Sometimes passengers hand over tickets because of various force majeure, so if you could not book a seat in advance, then try to do it just before the flight. Perhaps you are lucky.
  4. Try to buy tickets in advance at the start of their sales: so the chances of choosing a successful place will increase significantly.
  5. If you are accustomed to flying on certain seats and only there you feel comfortable, try to ask the people sitting on them. Probably, they will meet you and will not refuse.

Choose and use a convenient way to book a place for the most comfortable flight!

How can I book a seat in advance?

Question "How to book seats in the cabin" A lot of travelers are interested, because this opportunity provides an excellent chance to make your trip more comfortable. This is due to the fact that not all the seats in airplanes meet the requirements that this or that air passenger makes to them. Below are described all the options that allow you to book exactly the seats in the cabin, which in your opinion will provide the maximum level of comfort during the flight.

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  • Choosing a seat during the check-in process
  • Booking a seat on the plane when buying a ticket
  • Booking a seat on the plane during online check-in
  • Booking seats on the plane through the mobile application
  • Failure to book a seat in the cabin

Detailed information about what kind of seats in airplanes are in general, about the advantages and disadvantages of such places for different categories of passengers can be found on page "How to choose seats in the cabin". Having determined on the basis of the available information which option you prefer, you can choose one of three options, each of which with a high degree of probability will allow you to book the seat on the plane that suits you best.

Choosing a seat during the check-in process

The classic way to choose a place buy cheap flights online was the only possible. The bottom line is to arrive at the airport at the beginning of check-in for your flight, in order to go to the counter one of the first and ask the airline employee (usually girls) for the place you want to get. Sometimes the flight recorders themselves are interested in your preferences in this regard, but it is better not to take risks and, without hesitating, immediately tell you about the places where you would like to sit during the flight. In most cases, your wishes will be fulfilled, and you will easily get the place you requested. For example, near the porthole in the front of the aircraft or at the passage in the rear of the cabin.

The easiest way to book a seat in the manner described, provided that you fly alone or together. The three of us and the four of us choose places nearby is more difficult, but possible: again, provided that the profits for registration are earlier, until all the best places have already been disassembled. If you fly together or three, I advise you to approach the check-in desk all together and immediately present all your passports (if coming up in turn, someone else can easily take a seat on the plane next to the first passenger by booking it at another check-in desk or online).

As I already wrote, usually with the availability of seats, an airline employee at the check-in desk meets passengers and gives them the desired seats, however, in order to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome, I advise you to be polite and smile. In other words - try to endear yourself with personal charm. But it is better not to give a bribe, because now airlines often control their employees for this account, and no one wants to lose their job because of the extra 500 rubles (they used to put their passport in order to book the right place).

A few years ago, I used the most early check-in for a flight most often and usually got the desired place. However, due to the development of the system of electronic registration and online purchase of airline tickets, there are ways that give a big guarantee of getting a preferred seat in the cabin.

Booking a seat on the plane when buying a ticket

In the case when you purchase a plane ticket on the official website of the airline, even before the time of payment, you will be offered a plan of the plane with empty seats marked on it. Of course, the earlier you get a flight ticket before departure, the more convenient places there will be, therefore, in a situation where there are several weeks before the flight, airline websites often do not have designated empty seats at the porthole (the most interesting is that later when choosing a seat at the check-in desk they "appear").

So, right on the airline's website, you can select places at once for all segments of your journey. For example, purchasing air tickets with departure from Moscow on special offers of airlines from the Persian Gulf (Emirates, Etihad or Qatar), with the help of which fly to thailand cheap, You have the opportunity to pre-book seats in four planes at once. For example, Moscow-Dubai, Dubai-Bangkok, Bangkok-Dubai and Dubai-Moscow. Later, already in the process of checking in for the flight, just tell the airline employee (just in case) that you have already chosen your seats when buying tickets.

However, in addition to the advantages of this method, there are some disadvantages. For example, some airlines in the process of buying a ticket do not give a choice of seats located at emergency exits, where there is more legroom, preferring to give these seats to tall and well-watched passengers only at the front desk. Therefore, if you want to book these particular places in the cabin, you still have to ask the reception desk.

In addition, some airlines charge an additional fee for the opportunity to choose a place on the airline's website. For example, British Airways estimates a similar service from $ 16 to $ 32 for choosing a seat in economy class when traveling to medium and long distances, respectively. Choosing the same place in the business class will have to pay almost $ 100 (IMHO, a waste of money, because all the seats in this class have increased comfort and are located only in front of the aircraft).

Increasingly, air tickets online at the best prices can be bought not on the official websites of the airlines, but with the help of a special service (the search form is located above) searching directly for 728 airlines, including low-cost airlines. As a result, in the process of buying air tickets you have to deal with intermediaries - special agencies. As a rule, this does not increase the cost of an air ticket (and sometimes makes it cheaper), just the possibility of self-selection of a seat on an airplane disappears. The best way out in such a situation is to write in the notes about your requirements regarding the choice of seats or to inform the agent about it in the process of applying for a ticket on the agency’s website.

Booking seats on the plane during online check-in

More and more people are not using the classic check-in for the flight I wrote about above, but more convenient in some cases online check-in. To do this, you can use either special counters for online check-in at the airport from where you are flying out (pictured above), or you can make such check-in with a choice of a seat in the cabin directly on the airline's website. Such an opportunity usually appears one day before the departure of your aircraft or for a different period of time depending on the policy of your chosen airline. For example, the company Etihad allows you to do this procedure 24 hours before departure and blocks this possibility two hours before the plane takes off according to the approved schedule.

On the one hand, the advantage of the latter method is obvious: there is no need a few hours before departure to arrive at the airport and stand in line for check-in there. You can arrive one hour before departure and immediately go through the necessary procedures (passport and customs control). Just do not forget your boarding passes with selected places at home or at work that you need to print at the end of the online registration procedure.

However, there are drawbacks: online check-in with some airlines is impossible for passengers with small children, for passengers with baggage and for passengers carrying animals in an airplane. On the other hand, some airlines offer bonuses when registering online. For example, Etihad allows you to increase the maximum weight of baggage by 7 kg (though not for all airports and Minsk is not included in this list). By the way, in any case, I recommend arriving at the airport early, because if online check-in with luggage is allowed by your airline, you will still have to weigh and drop this luggage at a special counter, so it’s best not to be late, because your nerve cells are recovering poorly.

At the end of the article there is one more useful advice: before online check-in with a choice of seats, familiarize yourself with the arrangements of these places directly in the model and modification of the aircraft that is declared for your flight (usually such information is provided in the printout of your electronic ticket). As a rule, similar schemes (on which the rows and places are numbered, emergency and ordinary exits, the location of galleys and toilets) are on the websites of all major airlines.

Booking seats on the plane through the mobile application

Nowadays, when information technologies are rapidly developing, and most people can no longer imagine their lives without the daily use of smartphones, it would be wrong not to mention another way to check in and choose a seat in the cabin. It is about using mobile applications from airlines. Most of the popular airlines have such branded applications: Aeroflot and S7 in Russia, Ukrainian UIA, Emirates and Etihad in the Middle East, etc. You can download such applications for Android and iOS directly on the airline's websites, and their use is not limited to check-in and booking seats in the cabin.

Today, mobile applications from airlines offer almost a full range of basic and related services: search and purchase of air tickets, insurance, online check-in, providing information about the status of all flights in real time, delays of departure and arrival, services at the airport, accrual of bonus miles and how to use them. Therefore, the presence of such an application in your smartphone (especially if you travel more than once a year) can be very useful. Applications do not take up much space on the disk space, which is also convenient, because you probably want to bring as many photos and videos from the trip as possible.

Mobile application Aeroflot - allows you to select seats in the cabin

The only caveat - as in the cases with the purchase of tickets on the official websites of airlines, when using for this branded application price is higher than when buying from intermediaries. Therefore, if you want to save, it is better to use branded mobile applications of airlines not to buy tickets, but to search for dates with minimal fares, and only then check these dates in the metasearch. I constantly use Aviasales and for all the time of use I’ve probably already saved on a free flight to Thailand. By the way, this metasearch also has convenient and free mobile applicationBy installing it on a smartphone, you will always have access to air tickets at minimal prices, which include all taxes and fees (at the top of the page you can choose a device (iPhone, iPad, smartphones or Android tablets or Windows Phone) at the top of the page).

Failure to book a seat in the cabin

If for any reason you did not manage to book a comfortable seat on your plane (you did not have time to check in online, forgot to warn an airline employee at the counter or she didn’t meet you), then all is not lost. After landing is complete, when the flight attendant announces this (“Landing is complete” or “Boarding is over”) you can take a more comfortable seat in the aircraft, if any, in sight. Можно спросить об этом стюардессу, а ещё лучше предупредить последнюю о том, что хотели бы поменять место сразу при заходе на борт и вежливо попросить, чтобы она при возможности подыскала вам такое место.

Ещё один возможный вариант – сразу занять удобное свободное место: вполне возможно, что на него никто и не сядет. В конце концов, занять свое «законное» место вы всегда успеете. Таким образом, существует сразу несколько способов, позволяющих забронировать места в салоне самолета в соответствии с вашими предпочтениями. Используйте их разумно и все ваши дальнейшие перелеты будут приятными и комфортными. I wish you a pleasant air travel and soft landings!

What is convenient online booking service

Booking a seat on an aircraft is different from a similar procedure for ground transportation. After all, initially you only get a travel document, and the seat number is told to you at registration. For this reason, you need to arrive at the airport in advance: this will increase the chance to take comfortable places.

But what if you don’t want to spend a few extra hours in duty free shops? Make a reservation via the Internet: you can choose in advance at the window or at the aisle. If you want to buy a certain place, the air carrier is likely to ask for an additional fee.

Pre-booking seats on the plane via the Internet has the following advantages:

  • For the implementation of the procedure will need only a computer connected to the World Wide Web.
  • The ability to choose a place in the bow, center or tail section will allow you to find the best option. After all, there are no universal recommendations: some passengers prefer the comfort of a business class, located closer to the cockpit, while others rely on safety (according to statistics, travelers who survive in the tail end in accidents).
  • Pre-booking can be made at any time, and you choose a date and compare prices. Payment occurs from electronic wallets or a bank card.

There are drawbacks with the online booking option. Sometimes 2 passengers almost simultaneously choose a seat: the ticket is received by the one who completes the process faster. In order not to compete with another applicant for the place you like, proceed with the procedure as soon as the web-check is opened (this is how online registration is called) or pay an additional fee at the ticket purchase stage.

What you need to book a seat on the plane

To make a booking for a flight, you will need the following:

  • access to a computer or gadget that has access to the Internet,
  • passport (for identification),
  • purchased e-ticket.

The latter is also called an electronic ticket: the main carriers switched to this format. Information about it is contained in the bases of the airline, you will receive it by e-mail. If you have not bought a travel document yet, determine the type of flight, departure and arrival points, travel dates. Enter the data in the search form on the website of the carrier or intermediary and click "Find tickets".

Then select your favorite offers and click on “Buy”. Fill out the form that appears and proceed to payment. There is no reason to fear for the safety of remittances if you make a purchase on official websites or through verified intermediaries.

Information will be stored in the bases of the airline, and the passenger will receive a copy of the itinerary receipt with the ticket number to e-mail. Some companies do not even allow printing, if they need to be presented when checking in for a plane, use printers at the airport.

Online check-in: instruction

Reservations in the aircraft can be made in 24-36 hours (depending on the carrier), when the airlines begin registration. The process is as follows:

  • open the itinerary receipt, delivered by e-mail when buying a ticket,
  • find the reservation number
  • enter it in the appropriate box on the airline's website, enter your surname,
  • check the information to avoid mistakes
  • if you have a frequent flyer card, enter its data,
  • in the opened scheme of the aircraft, specify the desired places.

Finally, print out your boarding pass, which you present at the airport. Using this method, you will save time: you will not need to stand in the public line at the reception.

How to print a boarding pass on the plane

Some companies accept boarding passes received on the phone, or do not require their presentation: it is enough to say your last name. But most carriers insist you do a printout. You can use the printer at home, at the terminal for self check-in, or on a device near the counter.

What does a plane ticket look like

If you printed the ticket and forgot it at home, do not worry: the action can be repeated. Note also that the already selected place is allowed to change after the paper document is in your hands. Usually economy class passengers can choose another option 1 time without making additional payment.

Advance booking: are there any guarantees

Passengers are often interested in whether it is possible to secure for themselves certain options that they will choose not a day before departure, but a couple of weeks. But the final placement in the cabin is determined at the registration stage. If you did not go through it online and did not indicate your wishes in other ways, it makes sense to be among the first to arrive at the airport: the chances of a comfortable flight will increase. But it happens that the aircraft begins to fill with the tail, so the method does not give a 100% guarantee.

Even if you went to the site, opened the scheme and indicated the desired location, the procedure is regarded as "indicating the preferences of the passenger." From the point of view of the company, you order a certain type of service (special service request), but it has the right to refuse you unilaterally. Sometimes, air carriers provide bonus miles to passengers whom they have placed on other seats without consent. But this is not their responsibility: compensation is given for the sake of preserving the image.

If you are flying in the business compartment of the aircraft, all options will be comfortable.

How to increase the chance that you sit on these chairs? Make an additional payment! The option "Buy a place" becomes available when you make a purchase online, at the box office, in mobile applications. And to save yourself from unpleasant surprises, find out the rates in advance. For example, in British Airways, the pleasure will cost $ 16, provided that the flight lasts less than 3 hours, and you are traveling in economy class. With a longer stay in the air, the choice will cost $ 32, business class travelers will pay the most, as they will part with the amount of $ 100.

How to book places through mobile apps

Mobile websites for iOS and Android are offered to clients on websites of airlines or intermediaries. They allow you to search for offers, buy tickets, make up difficult routes. At your disposal a map of prices and their calendar by date: the transfer of the flight for a couple of days often allows you to save.

You can learn more about the advantages of the mobile application from Aeroflot and how to book seats on the plane with it, from the video:

To choose your favorite accommodation on board, follow the same pattern as when working with a stationary device.

Code Sharing Information

It happens that you study the departure board and see that at the same time and in one direction are indicated flights of different companies? This does not mean that 2-3 liners will simultaneously rise into the air. In fact, different carriers conclude agreements for the flight, so you can see several items on the display. This situation is called code-sharing - thanks to it, companies expand coverage without increasing the number of aircraft.

The option is suitable for travelers who want to be loyal to a certain company and get miles. You will also book tickets for flights with suitable connections.

In most cases, check-in for code-share flights is necessary at the airport counter, and the procedure is carried out for all the "shoulders" of the flight. For example, Aeroflot reports that web-checking for such trips is impossible (in practice, sometimes it can be done). This means that you will not be able to reserve certain landing options in advance. But customers are advised to try the following trick:

But, even if the carrier allows you to register online, the feedback from the passengers indicates that the sites are malfunctioning. To save yourself from unpleasant experiences, you need to find out how much you can book seats in the selected plane, and not delay the registration until the last moment.

But even if you pass it through the Internet, it is not always possible to make a choice. Users on the forums claim that a scheme appears on certain sections of the route, where places are marked automatically. Features of the procedure depend on the carriers, so check the conditions in each case.

In the company "Aeroflot"

The carrier starts web-checking 24 hours before departure and finishes 30-45 minutes. To get comfortable, go through the procedure early, while many places are free. But it is not available for flights heading to the United States and India: you will have to go to the airport.

Keep in mind that even when web-checking, you have to go through security checks. Calculate the time for pre-flight formalities, because in 20 minutes. before departure you must complete all stages.

The ability to choose seats depends on the fare of the ticket: in some cases, the function is not available. But how carefully does the carrier treat the wishes of passengers who have indicated certain accommodation options? The answer is given by user reviews:

April 10, 2018, Lott

He traveled with a friend from Bangkok to Moscow, booked a place in the "economy". When landing, it turned out that the seats in the first row, which we were going to take, were given to other passengers. A company representative said that since the service is not paid, the carrier has the right to change the agreement. The first row is often provided to passengers with children, so I was not surprised. But when I flew to the “business,” I sat on the reserved 1A, although I did not pay for the service.

January 12, 2018, Dmitriy

I made sure that the booking for accommodation works depending on the item from which to fly. When I depart from Moscow, the agreement is respected in 99% of cases. He flew to Munich, London, Bangkok - it went smoothly. But on the way back surprises are possible: in Germany, the “as lucky” principle works, and in London I never got on the seat I ordered. Even if I came to check in on the plane among the first!

When departing from Moscow, there was another nuisance: once, a record disappeared from the system that I ordered a place in the bow. A company spokesman said: “It happens,” and sat me down near the toilet.

Compliance with the agreements depends primarily on the fare of a plane ticket and whether you ordered a paid service. If you chose the option “Buy a place” when buying, then problems arise less often.

To learn more about how to go through the procedure of web-checking in Aeroflot, watch the video:

Ural Airlines: what you need to know

When traveling by plane "Ural Airlines" register in advance to choose a place. The function becomes available 24 hours before departure, and the web-check ends 3 hours before this deadline. You can specify your preferences, focusing on the free options. To guarantee to reserve a certain seat immediately after buying a ticket, use a paid service.

The site states that you will not have to make money for choosing a place in the following categories:

  • loyalty program members who received gold or silver cards
  • those who bought a ticket in the "Premium Economy".

How consistent are the promises to reality? The answer to the question is given by the clients of the carrier:

May 24, 2018, Natalia

I used to be happy with the company, so I joined the loyalty program. But the service has deteriorated: despite the information on the site, the bonus program in practice does not give the right to reserve a specific seat. When I last flew with Ural Airlines, I decided to look in advance at the layout of the aircraft: up to the 15th row, everything was free. But I could not make a choice! Why then promise?

Alas, the inability to book a place was not the biggest drawback. It turned out that the tickets for my flight were not sold in the right quantity, so it was canceled. As if she was riding in a minibus! They warned about the cancellation, but I did not find other tickets at reasonable prices, and the rest had to be canceled. Ural Airlines returned the money, but the vacation was spoiled.

S7: how to book seats on the plane

If you want to sit down on a certain place guaranteed, «S7» will offer to use the corresponding service. The cost depends on the type chosen:

  • For booking a standard place will have to pay 300 rubles.
  • Category Extra space will cost 1,000 rubles. The legroom will be 25 cm wide, and you will be sitting at the emergency exit or in the 1st row.

Children 2–12 years old and their parents are provided free of charge, although the choice is limited. They are not allowed to sit near emergency exits: in case of force majeure, flight attendants may need help to quickly open the hatches. For this reason, minors or people with disabilities are not placed in nearby places.

The price for the service is determined by the tariffs:

  • If you bought an Economy Flexible ticket, you will not have to pay extra for booking. You can decide on the wishes at the stage of the web check.
  • Prices for Economy Basic are shown above.
  • When you purchase tickets at “Business Basic” and “Business Flexible” tariffs, you will make a reservation at the stage of registration. If you do not use this opportunity, it will be available during online registration.

The service is free for the following categories:

As for the quality of service, it can be judged by the reviews:

April 3, 2018, Julia

By plane “S7” flew from Novosibirsk to Bangkok, with us were children (2 kids 2 and 3 years old). To make it easier for us, I paid for comfortable places, spending 12,000 rubles. They were not in a hurry to register, because they knew that they had made a choice and transferred money. In the end, after arriving at the airport, I learned that the places were given to other people. The company did not even return the money, because for this you need to present boarding passes, which I did not save.

Airline "Russia": what you get

The carrier "Russia" also offers the opportunity to choose the appropriate accommodation on board. If you want to use a free service, then you will have at your disposal chairs left unoccupied after a preliminary reservation. They become available 24 hours before departure: check the appropriate seats on the scheme when checking in via the Internet.

For an additional charge, you will choose places from the categories Space + (with an increased distance between rows), A-Zone (in the bow) or Front Rows (in the first rows). You can view the conditions here.

April 24, 2018, Olga

I paid for the Space + category: I wanted a nice vacation to start in the air. But it turned out that the armrests of my chair do not fall. And on the right side was a remote control, which occupied an already small space. As a result, I had to sit sideways, and buckled up and did not work at all. When I tried to lay my head on the headrest, he fell off. I demanded that the stewardess transplanted us to other seats, so the money paid for Space + turned out to be wasted.

Tips and nuances: what to consider

The recent case with public activist Ann Coulter was an example of how to behave if you were poorly served on airlines. After the flight with Delta Airlines, Ann launched a campaign on Twitter, where she complained about a violation of agreements.

A few days before the trip, she booked a seat 15F, located at the porthole next to the emergency exit. 24 hours before departure, the company canceled the reservation and offered Ann the 15D option, which suited her. But when registering, Coulter turned out to be at 15A, which caused a woman’s outrage. She expressed it after the flight: almost 2 million subscribers have read complaints about non-compliance with the preliminary agreement.

As a result of the proceedings, it turned out that Coulter’s claims were related to the fact that she had not read the terms of the contract. She received back $ 30, which she paid for booking, but the image of the actress was spoiled. Insults addressed to the staff, which almost led to the court proceedings, looked particularly ugly.

Does the carrier have the right to cancel the reservation?

What to do in order not to waste time and effort on ineffectual complaints? Read the terms of service. Companies usually stipulate that they have the right to send another airliner to a flight, delay or cancel a flight, and determine the necessary accommodation of passengers in accordance with the load. In fact, they are only required to take you from point A to point B, providing the rest of the services whenever possible. What can you expect by paying for a reservation?

When you check in for a plane you are given other places

When a carrier cancels an agreement, this is usually due to the fact that the seats are given to family members who want to sit together, or accompany them with their wards (elderly people or those who need medical care). Иногда путешественники, чьи физические возможности ограничены, просят предоставить сиденье у прохода: им не приходится пробираться на кресло возле иллюминатора. Также изменения бывают обусловлены тем, что пассажиров равномерно распределяют по салону, чтобы центр тяжести воздушного судна не сместился. Нужно лишь знать, как реагировать в подобной ситуации:

  • Если вас просят пересесть, будьте вежливы и помните, что перевозчик в своем праве. Instead of arguing with the staff, save boarding passes to later return the money for the reservation.
  • What to do when you travel with a child or an elderly person? In time, inform the company, and the likelihood that your booking will be canceled will decrease.
  • You were put on a broken seat? If the cabin has free seats, take them. When there is no such possibility, take a photo of the breakdowns: try contacting the carrier’s representatives later and ask for compensation. Alas, you should not count on large sums.

Since the airlines reserve the right to change the agreement, do not waste your strength and nerves in vain. If the booking was canceled, politely ask the carrier’s staff to meet you and, if possible, put them on comfortable seats.

When there are no options available that can be booked.

Sometimes it happens that you can not make a reservation with online registration, although the function is provided by the fare. The fact is that not all options are available for web check. And those from which it is allowed to choose, are busy! In this case, periodically check the information: other passengers may refuse to fly, and seats will become free. Also, airlines make a reserve for regular customers, so near the end of registration there are new options.

Function has not become available? Go to the airport in advance to get good places. If they did not suit you, contact the employee who checks the boarding passes. For example, when family members do not manage to sit next to one, he asks other passengers to sit in their seats. Is this your case? Be patient and polite - ask, but do not demand. Keep in mind that airport staff are not able to satisfy the wishes of passengers by magic!

Separate instructions are provided for those traveling family, but can not reserve places located nearby. The problem arises when children are over 1: it is difficult to book 4 comfortable seats in the vicinity. Once in a similar situation, mark the best available options on the chart. Later, an airport employee will ask passengers to change places: they will respond more readily if they do not have to sit near the toilet.

To make the task easier for you, use the “Buy a Place” function: it is available when you make a ticket. True, you have to pay significantly more! As a last resort, mark your wishes on the diagram, taking into account that there should be an adult family member near each child.

Aeroflot Company: information

"Russian Airlines - Aeroflot" is a large and solid organization engaged in air transportation.

It was founded in 1923.

Over the years, the company has gone from a giant in the airline market called “Dobrolet” to modern “Aeroflot Group”, a modern, high-tech corporation.

Thanks to its many positive qualities and the established favorable reputation, Aeroflot not only consistently attracts new customers, but also causes them to use the services of this organization exclusively.

Among Aeroflot flights there are a large number of routes that cross the sky, not only over the Russian Federation, but also over many foreign countries.

Membership in the SkyTeam alliance, which began for Aeroflot in 2006, the company's clients got access to international flights over the territories of four world continents.

The company transports the maximum number of passengers from the Central Districts of Russia. After come the Siberian regions and the Volga region.

In addition, citizens living in the Far East use Aeroflot services on a permanent basis for more than five years.

The air carrier also produces regular organized flights from the main airports of Moscow and St. Petersburg, from which the boards are sent:

  • To the countries of North America.
  • Of Eastern Europe.
  • Middle East.
  • Asia


The airline offers to book tickets using the Internet, on the official website of the company.

It is important to understand the following facts:

    Book and pay for tickets can be no later than 6 hours before departure.

Book and pay for tickets can be no later than 6 hours before departure.

  • As the passenger himself fills in the information in the booking form, he is fully responsible for the entered data.
  • Filling in information is made in Latin letters in accordance with the information from the passport.
  • In order to make a reservation you need to go through the following steps:

    • Should go to the official website of the carrier.
    • Enter the date on which you plan the flight, and select the appropriate time.
    • Then you need to enter the necessary information in the form that opens.
    • Read the cancellation policy in accordance with legal regulations.

    Next, you will need to make payment in a convenient way:

    • Bank card.
    • Yandex money.
    • Salons of communication (Euroset or Svyaznoy).
    • WebMoney.
    • Qiwi wallet.
    • Airline office.

    The time limit from the time of booking to the payment of tickets is 24 hours. Payment can be made at least 6 hours before the departure of the vessel.

    After payment, an e-ticket is sent to the email. It should be printed out and taken to the airport. There he is presented with a passport.

    check in

    Registration is carried out on the basis of an identity document (passport of the Russian Federation or international passport) and a printed electronic ticket.

    The ticket number will allow registration:

    • Independently with the help of special kiosks, which are installed in many buildings of air terminals in the country.
    • On the Aeroflot resource via the Internet.
    • With the help of Internet resources of almost all airports.

    Features online registration:

      When a passenger has no baggage that needs to be checked in, you can arrive at the airport 20 minutes before departure.

    Online check-in is possible 24 hours prior to departure.and ends 45 minutes before it. When the passenger does not have the baggage that you need to check in, you can arrive at the airport 20 minutes before departure. But it is better to still be in advance to avoid difficulties as much as possible.

  • Perform online registration under the Aeroflot-Shuttle program can be no later than half an hour before departure. In addition, online registration ends in 30 minutes for citizens living in St. Petersburg.
  • Online registration of Aeroflot by e-ticket does not provide the ability to order special food. Therefore, it is better to place an order in advance at the time of purchase of the ticket, or through the office on the website, you can also contact the airline contacts.
  • Perform online registration by Aeroflot flight ticket numberwhile there is no difference which airport sends a flight to Vnukovo, Domodedovo or Sheremetyevo. This opportunity is provided not only to Aeroflot, but also to the routes of the air carriers of Russia and Aurora.
  • Pros of online registration

    This process has many advantages:

      The passenger is given the opportunity to choose seats in the plane at will.

    You can register at any convenient time from the office or at home, which saves a lot of time. After all, do not have to wait in line at the airport and arrive on the flight in advance.

  • The registration process starts one day and ends 45 minutes before departure.
  • The passenger is given the opportunity to choose seats in the plane at will.
  • The passenger can print the boarding pass independently, so after arriving at the airport, it is not necessary to contact the check-in counter.
  • Who can register online?

    The following categories of passengers can check in online for an Aeroflot flight:

    • Traveling by Aeroflot (SU), Russia (FV), Donavia (D9), Orenburg Airlines (R2), Aurora (HZ), departing from any Moscow airport with a registration system.
    • Passengers do not carry animals.
    • A tourist does not require special services (services for a child without parents, people with disabilities, and others).

    Registration Exemptions

    Fail to register online:

      For restless passengers of children's age it is better to prefer seats at the aisle.

    On the charter flights of the company "Russia", when the ticket number starts at 195.

  • Joint flights when Aeroflot is not the main carrier.
  • Flights departing from Aktobe (AKX), Atyrau (GUW), Beirut (BEY), Bukhara (BHK), Burgas (BOJ), Varna (VAR), Damascus (DAM), Dushanbe (DYU), Cairo (CAI), Kostanay (KSN), Lisbon (LIS), Male (MLE), Makhachkala (MCX), Paris - Orly (ORY), Busan (PUS), Rimini (RMI), Saratov (RTW), Split (SPU) , Tegerana (THR), Tivat (TIV), Ulyanovsk (ULY), Urgench (UGC), Khanty - Mansiysk (HMA), Harbin (HRB), Shymkent (CIT).
  • Selection options

    Of course, that the first class seats are as comfortable as possible, but at the same time as expensive as possible. Therefore, not everyone can afford such places. Therefore, we will consider what kind of passenger seats, what categories of passengers may be convenient.

    Places that are located at the porthole seem to many very comfortable, but this is not quite so. These places will not be comfortable to everyone. These places are suitable for those who want to sleep during the flight, no one will interfere with sleep, going to the toilet.

    In addition, this type of place is suitable for those who plan to read during the flight or work on a laptop. Because such places are more suitable for adult passengers or young people.

    It is bad for adults and young people to have a place in the bow, because it is there that passengers with small children are trying to accommodate.

    It is better to have such categories in the tail section, since there it is often free and it will be possible to comfortably sit on 3 chairs at once.

    For restless passengers of children's age it is better to prefer seats at the aisle. These places make it possible to get up and go out at any time, they can comfortably stretch out, go to the toilet. In addition, it is from these places that passengers are almost the first to go to the ramp at the time of disembarkation.

    For a family with babies, the places in the center will not fit at all, or they will have to choose 3 places in a row at registration.

    But it is better to take the first places in the cabin so that there are no seats in front of them, so it will be possible during the flight to carry out all the required manipulations with the baby and not disturb the passengers.

    And will not interfere with reclining to the limit of the chair. There you can comfortably place the cradle with the baby.

    Diagram of the cabin Sukhoi superjet 100-95B

    How to choose a seat on the plane: instructions

    To register for an Aeroflot flight, on the official website, you should go through the following steps:

    • Go to the section "online services", select online check-in and agree to the process conditions.
    • At the time of purchase of an electronic ticket the booking code is assigned (it is located on the ticket itself), it will need to be entered into a special cell in the opened form.
    • In addition, you must specify the name (with Latin letters). According to the specified data the whole procedure will be carried out.
    • You will need to choose a passenger, check its data for correctness (name, surname), tick off after checking.
    • Next, select the place in the cabin, which is required. You must select the section "Choose a place." Further the form will open, where seats in the plane will be schematically presented. You need to choose from free and click "Save".
    • After this, it is necessary to print out the pass for landing on a clean sheet of A4. To do this, you will need to save your email address and click on the Boarding Pass E-mail button. After the pdf file arrives in the mail, open it and print it.


    Where to check in if you check in online?

    When online registration is not required to produce a standard registration. If you have baggage, you must return it at the Drop off (Bag Off Drop) counter or simply contact the staff at the front desk.

    What should I do if I could not print my boarding pass?

    You can print out your boarding pass at the terminal for self check-in, if there is one at the aerodrome. In addition, you can ask the staff at the front desk to print the coupon.

    Check in online and I do not have luggage, what to do at the airport?

    In such a situation, you can immediately pass the inspection before the flight. To do this, you must follow the electronic board where the landing will take place, and go there.

    On the way to the landing gate will be all the required controls. If you need and passport control (on flights outside the Russian Federation), and then go to the departure hall. You only need to find your gate and wait for boarding.

    How long does it take to arrive at the airport?

    Independently check in for an Aeroflot flight 24 hours before and end 45 minutes before departure. For flights that follow to Tel Aviv and several major US cities, it will end in an hour, for selective flights in the Russian Federation in half an hour.

    What to do if you need to change or return a ticket?

    To change a place, you will need to use the “Change Place” service. You will need to pass authorization in the section “Online registration” and click “Change location”. Then you will need to print a boarding pass, which will indicate the new places.

    To return the ticket, you will need to contact the Aeroflot cash desk or the Contact Center, where you will be able to return the ticket, according to the selected fare. It is better to do this in advance, since most of the fares gives this opportunity only before the departure of the flight.

    Some subtleties associated with booking places

    Quite often, passengers, having discovered the layout of seats in the cabin, are surprised to find that most of the most comfortable seats are already booked, although sales have opened only recently. Often flying travelers are aware of this fact - many places are closed to the booking of the airline, keeping them free until the time of check-in.

    Sometimes passengers become adults, accompanying young children, women expecting a child, people in respectable age or with disabilities, simply high citizens who find it very uncomfortable to fly with their legs tucked. In this case, the employees of the air carrier, instructed properly, put these passengers on the backup seats, because this category of customers requires increased comfort during the flight.

    In this case, you can make the following attempts to improve the situation:

    1. Drive to the terminal before registering, taking the first places in the queue, and state the problem to the employee, calmly asking for the opportunity to free one of the convenient places. Usually passengers adequately communicating with the staff are given the opportunity to travel with the greatest possible comfort in the chosen class.
    2. Having settled down in an airliner and having waited for the termination of landing, it is necessary to look with a look the successfully located places which remained free. As a rule, they remain on most routes. Choosing a chair, you should call the stewardess, specifying her opportunity to transplant. In this case, there are no problems with changing places.

    Reserving a certain place in the class of superior comfort, as already mentioned, is meaningless, since the service implies a higher cost of air tickets, and therefore more comfortable seats. The space between them is enough to stretch the legs, fold back. An exception may be the passenger's desire to get a certain seat, which he used repeatedly.

    Booking a suitable seat in the cabin of the aircraft in the process of buying an electronic ticket is sometimes associated with additional financial costs. Create a reserve free will help the online registration procedure, during which the system automatically offers to select and save the desired location.

    Determining the number of seats in the plane

    The information on the electronic ticket is not displayed as they are sold by the number of seats in the cabin. But having received the boarding pass after passing check-in, the passenger will find the seat number on it. You can find out the required information by calling the hotline or call center of the airline that sold the plane ticket. For the request, you will need to tell the employee the reservation code indicated on the ticket form or the number of the ticket itself.

    Choosing a suitable place, you must first carefully look at the cabin plan and the location of the seats, since it differs in different liner models. It is necessary to take into account the distance to the front seat, the presence of a mechanism that allows you to expand the back, as well as where the chair is - at the window, in the middle or at the aisle. Traditionally, more comfortable are the places near the aisles, although there are also lovers of watching the flight through the glass.

    Why do this?

    Previously, before the active development of electronic technologies, passengers always had to be content with the seat on the plane that they offered during check-in at the airport itself. And it was a lottery - a place could be given at least in the tail, even at the beginning of the plane, at the window or at the aisle. Сейчас, к счастью, выбрать место можно самостоятельно, всего лишь воспользовавшись онлайн-регистрацией на рейс.

    Онлайн-регистрация на рейс

    Выбирать можно место только из тех, что еще свободны. Если воспользоваться возможностью выбора сидения заранее, как только откроется регистрация, то место удастся выбрать то, которое больше всего нравится с учетом пожеланий и предпочтений.

    Attention! Even in the case of electronic check-in and reservation of a seat before boarding, it is important to get a regular paper boarding pass. It is necessary for the passenger to be allowed on the plane.

    Boarding Pass Example

    At the airport there are special terminals for printing an e-ticket. In those terminals where such equipment is not installed, you will have to print a ticket at the reception. As a rule, the online check-in procedure begins about a day before the departure of the aircraft - this time is enough to have time to book yourself a cozy and convenient place. Check-in through the Network is completed approximately 45-60 minutes before departure.

    Than electronic tickets and how they differ from paper

    The advantages of this method of registration a lot:

    • the ability to check in for a flight from wherever, where there is Internet access,
    • the registration period is long and is 24 hours - during this time you can manage to choose a place for yourself,
    • there is a chance to have time to book a seat near a window or at the edge of a row, that is, as it is convenient for a person,
    • A number of airports have the option of self-printing boarding passes,
    • You can arrive at the airport not three hours before departure, but only by the end of check-in.

    Boarding pass for a plane (in business class)

    Disadvantages innovation is also not without. So, sometimes two people can simultaneously book the same place at the same time using the Web. In this case, the place will go to the one who quickly complete the entire registration process. Also, if a person wants to fly near the escape hatch, he will have to book a place only at the airport.

    The main stages of the procedure

    To check in for a flight via the Network, you only need a device with Internet access, as well as an electronic ticket purchased for the plane itself. It is called, as you might guess, e-ticket. It has a certain code with which the check-in for the selected flight is made. This ticket can be either in paper or in electronic format. But nevertheless, it is better to print it before boarding in order to be able to demonstrate it at the airport.

    Electronic ticket. Sample

    The whole procedure is quite simple, if you present it in general terms. You need to go to the website of the airline, the flight of which will be made the flight. Further, the same ticket reservation number is entered in a special field. After that, the traveler will see the full map of the cabin of the aircraft, where he can choose any place convenient for him.

    Online check-in for Aeroflot flight

    On a note! Most of the passengers consider the most comfortable seats near the windows or after the business class seats. Someone likes to fly with legs stretched out, and prefers to be located near emergency exits - there is clearly more free space there.

    In general, a future passenger who buys a ticket online usually goes through three stages before getting on a flight. First, he makes a ticket booking. That is, on the company's website, he chooses the most suitable route and date of the flight, and by clicking on the “Buy ticket” button, he enters all of his passport information. The booking ends approximately 6 hours before the departure of the aircraft. By the way, if a person reserves several places (for example, for his family, if he does not fly alone), this is not a problem - he can do everything on his own without the participation of other people. The main thing is to have data on them. This is the full name, passport details and date of birth.

    Booking tickets can be made both on the websites of airlines and on services that accumulate data on the availability of tickets. This could be the portal AviaTutu.ru, Yandex. Airfares, etc.

    Main page of the portal AviaTutu.ru

    On a note! On the websites of airlines there are delimitations of passengers by age. So, people over the age of 24 are classified as adults, those who are 12-24 years old are considered as young people. Passengers 2-12 years old are minors.

    After booking you must pay for the tickets. To do this, use the instructions provided on the airline's website. Usually, payment can be made immediately, using applications like Mobile Bank or WebMoney services. As a rule, payment is required within 24 hours. The most important thing is to double-check all indicated data before paying. Return the budget ticket or exchange, most likely, will not work.

    Attention! If a person flies with an animal, it is important to call the airline and clarify whether there is a possibility of transporting a four-legged friend on this flight. This must be done before paying for the ticket.

    About the transport of a pet you need to know in advance.

    After paying for the ticket, it will be possible immediately before departure to check-in with a choice of seat. You need to choose it on the same airline website, in the registration section. There you need to click the "Register" button and go through the whole procedure step by step. Boarding pass printed at the airport. If the passenger does not have baggage, then he can immediately go after the landing. If there are bags that need to be checked in, then you have to arrange them first by all the rules.

    Choosing a place

    In fact, you can choose a place during check-in in the traditional way, at the airport. You just need to arrive at the airport at the very beginning of check-in and go to the boarding pass registration desk as early as possible. Then there is a chance to agree with the staff that the most convenient place be arranged. More rarely, but still, registrars themselves can ask where the passenger would be more comfortable to sit. But due to the fact that many are now registered online, the number of places to choose from is significantly reduced by this point.

    Reception at the airport

    On a note! If a person flies alone, then it will be easier to choose a place. If a family or company of friends flies, then it becomes more difficult to choose the most convenient places. It is better to hurry with a choice, otherwise all convenient places will be disassembled.

    Under the standard procedure of check-in at the airport, it is advisable to immediately submit all the passports of people flying with the same company to the registrar. In this case, you can get to arrange nearby places. If, however, we take turns, then it may come out so that the places closest to the registered first passenger will be already occupied and the rest will have to be located in another part of the aircraft.

    The advantage of registering via the Network is not only the opportunity to choose a seat in one plane, but also in others if there are transfers in the route. That is, there will already be a certain place on all segments of the flight.

    There are many advantages to booking an airplane seat via the Internet.

    On a note! A number of airlines for the possibility of choosing a seat in the cabin requires a fee to be paid. It can vary from a small amount to a large enough.

    Table. Features online registration with a number of airlines.

    When you did not have time to make a reservation or were unhappy with the result

    It happens that travelers do not have time to make a reservation or they do not like the chosen option: a family sits with the baby, the chair is broken, etc. In this case, warn the flight attendant that you want to find a more comfortable accommodation.

    You can not wait for help, but take the initiative. When the announcement sounds that the landing is complete, select a comfortable seat and hold it. Just do not try to transfer to the chairs located near the emergency exits. You may be asked to return to your place: options with extra legroom are more expensive, so you are not allowed to occupy them yourself. Exceptions are possible when the entire row is free.

    When booking is not allowed

    The function of selecting suitable seats is not available if you buy tickets from low-cost airlines. You can not specify the wishes and when traveling on the lines of large companies, if you prefer the cheapest fare.

    Rates of plane tickets that do not allow to book seats

    What is required for booking seats on the plane over the Internet?

    The first thing you need is the availability of a computer and the Internet. It is enough to enter the relevant phrases in the search, as you will be provided with a variety of resources with a ticketing service. Today, the following services are considered the most well-known and proven:

    • Yandex. Flights
    • Aviasails.ru
    • Aviakassa.ru
    • Skyscanner.ru
    • Avia.tudu.ru

    The essence of these services is that they collect information from most airlines and offer the most convenient option. The buyer only needs to enter the date of departure, the number of people and then choose the tickets for the cost and conditions. The advantage of such services is that you can immediately compare the offers of various airline companies.

    You can book airline tickets on the airline website. For example, just go to the official website of Aeroflot, and you can easily choose a ticket for a suitable date.

    Electronic booking from a specific company allows you to purchase a ticket with no extra charge. Also on the sites often are various promotions that are not listed on the services of air tickets.

    After you have chosen the appropriate option, confirm the purchase of a ticket. Click on the selected offer and follow the further instructions. Then enter the passenger's passport data in the field and pay for the purchase. For payment, a bank card with electronic payment confirmation is usually used.

    After the purchase, the route receipt will be sent to the specified email address. Also, your card will be charged money for buying a ticket on the plane online. Some airlines require you to have a printed ticket on hand, other companies need only a passport, since all your data has already been entered into the system. However, it is better to insure and pre-print the ticket.

    Online registration for the plane on electronic tickets

    Usually, passengers are required to go through the check-in procedure at the airport, even if they have an electronic itinerary receipt. You will avoid this if you go through the online check-in procedure in advance. This will eliminate the need to stand in long lines and you will be able to arrive shortly before departure.

    Electronic check-in starts about a day and ends an hour before the specified departure time. To register, you will need to enter your passport data, e-ticket number or reservation code on the airline's website. Also at the online registration you can book seats in the plane via the Internet by e-ticket.

    You will be offered a choice of the remaining empty seats indicated on the aircraft cabin layout, depending on their preferences, the passenger secures them, and then prints the boarding pass. If luggage is available, it can also be registered online.

    Can I book a ticket without payment? Yes, some services give time after confirming the choice of a ticket, which allows the passenger to decide for sure whether he will fly on a specified date or not. Some companies give up to 10 days to resolve this issue, after which you can confirm or cancel the reservation. However, the choice of seats on the plane for e-tickets is available only after payment during online registration. If a passenger wants to make online reservation of seats in the plane during the purchase of a ticket on the Internet before check-in, then this service is usually provided for a fee.