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10 ideas for the bachelor party dreams


But how does this event take place in our country? In general, the mission of the organization is assumed by the friends of the future newlyweds. They try to make the holiday bright and memorable, and often, in order to carry out, so to speak, from their bachelor life of the groom, they invite strippers. Yes, this form of fun at the bachelor party has remained unchanged for many years.

The idea for a bachelor party with a striptease was so often used that it became boring. And today, friends have a hard time, as they think, the task of organizing a successful bachelor party. But this is only at first glance. There are many places and ideas in order to organize an unforgettable and most importantly - a cultural holiday, for which the groom will not have to blush before the bride. In this article we will consider the best ideas for a bachelor party, photos of some ideas will be presented below.

So which place is suitable for the celebration? This may be a sauna, amusement park, paintball. The main thing is to know what the culprit of this celebration is interested in. Consider how to mark a bachelor party, ideas for venues will also be discussed. Let us dwell on each of them. We make the top 10 interesting options.

10th place. Fishing

A great choice for fan fishermen who are happy to spend a day or two in the men's company for their hobby. To do this, you just need to rent a house or take tents with you (who loves what), invite friends from close circle and, of course, take care of the festive table.

7th place. Sauna

How to celebrate a bachelor party? Ideas for carrying out can be very different. Now we offer to focus on the sauna version. This, as it seemed, fresh tradition came to us from our ancestors. Only before the groom went not to the sauna, but to the bath. He did not go there alone to have plenty of fun with his friends, but in order to wash off all his old riotous life and enter a new one completely purified and free.

3rd place. Extreme on the road

You, the groom and the groom's friends on several cars hit the road. Without glamorous hotels, you go wherever you look. But it is better, of course, to roughly outline the plan of visited places. It can be amusement parks with the most extreme entertainment. You can hold a preliminary competition for all and thus determine who will pay for the road tour.

1st place. Home Sweet Home.

Well, this is for couch potatoes who can not be pulled out anywhere. Take a beer, fish, chips or all that the culprit loves. Do not forget, of course, about strong drinks. And while watching your favorite game of football, boxing, golf, basketball (in general, all that the company prefers) have fun and manly time.

In general, we reviewed the ideas for the bachelor party original. But everything needs to be prepared in advance. After all, there will not be a company in the same sauna, at home or in a club just to drink and eat. So often all meetings are held, which are dedicated to any other occasion. In advance you need to come up with the theme of the party. You can require all participants to be in costumes. Agree in advance who will perform what function. Also work with your friends in advance to come up with contests in which all those invited will be involved. Think of souvenirs that will be a symbol of your strong long-term friendship. Do not forget about the photographer. Do not be stingy and order a professional presenter. You will have fun time, and the memory will remain about this day, and most importantly - there will be something to show the future wife.

Tips on how to organize a bachelor party:

1) Bachelor party - a party for the groom and his closest friends. You do not need to invite unfamiliar colleagues or neighbors; only the most from the most can be invited to such an event.

2) The groom's friends are usually involved in the organization of the bachelor party, so there can be no surprises. If the groom has a certain idea of ​​his holiday, for example, he does not want to see ladies in frank outfits with amazing plastic on his bachelor party, need to warn friends about itso that the holiday will go as the bride wants!

3) Who pays a bachelor party - one of the most frequent questions. Generally, if you follow the tradition, the bachelor party should be funded by friends. Sometimes the groom takes care of all the expenses. The most optimal option, in our opinion, to throw off the whole company! Indeed, despite the fact that the focus will be riveted on the groom, the other guests will also have a nice time.

4) It is necessary to discuss with the bride the concept of a future holiday.. Believe it or not, but if the bride suddenly finds out about the details of your bachelor party, which she chose not to think about at all, it might not get to the wedding! Sharing a plan for this event with your future wife, you will show her your care and arrange it for your men's holiday after parting with a bachelor life.

5) By the way, agree with your friends in advance that it’s better not to take photos and videos. They did not know that there is such a tradition: "Everything that was in the bachelor party remains in the bachelor party."?

6) The time of the bachelor party is also better to pick in advance - it's easier to make plans, book a time and place. Do not make a bachelor party the night before the wedding, because the party can go past midnight, and alcohol is not the best friend of the groom. The best time for the bachelor party will be the weekend a week before the wedding.

7) Take care of transport - driving should not be people intoxicated!

The bachelor party is a kind of ritual of moving into a more conscious, adult and responsible life. Make this holiday memorable, having thought out the scenario in advance so that the party does not become just a “soulful”.

Now go to the venue. It will depend on the preferences of the groom and his guests, their joint hobbies and interests, financial opportunities and the time of year.

10 bachelor party ideas

1) Restaurant for real men

A great place for a bachelor party will be a restaurant where you can order a juicy beef steak, drink whiskey and smoke a cigar - depending on your preferences and habits.

It is not necessary to choose a place of entertainment with girls dressed up for a delicious dinner in the company of best friends! Your choice may fall, for example, on a decent steak house. By the way, a restaurant can be only a part of your entertainment program - both as an aperitif and as a logical and peaceful end to a party.

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How many important issues before the wedding need to decide the newlyweds! Naturally, during the pre-wedding preparation, stress accumulates in the young and in order to overcome it the hen-party and bachelor party before the weddingwhere the bride and groom properly rest and relax morally or physically. But how to organize a bachelor party and which bachelor party scriptchoose. In this article we will talk about where and how to spend a bachelor party. We will offer some bachelor party ideas (or rather, to hold it), from which you can choose the one you like or come up with your own bachelor party option.

Who should organize a bachelor party?

Let's start the article with who should organize a bachelor party. Usually this question is entrusted to the witness. Naturally his idea is about where to spend a bachelor party should be known to the bridegroom in advance. Since, perhaps, the options for a bachelor party in a strip club or somewhere in the sauna will not please the groom, as they may once again provoke a conflict between future newlyweds. General ideas where in Moscow to spend a bachelor party hundreds, it is only necessary to include fantasy.

As soon as the witness and the bridegroom begin to think about the question of how to conduct a bachelor party, the thought of holding it in the sauna comes for a reason. Previously, it was decided that before the wedding, the groom must go to the bathhouse, only not in the company of good friends, alone. And not in order to “hang out”, but to wash off all that is unnecessary for the future family life.

Bachelor Party Ideas

Conduct stag party in the sauna not such a bad idea, as it may seem at first glance. The main thing is to observe the basic requirement of the bachelor party: only boys should be present at the bachelor party, and no girls! Then there will be no provocations and misunderstandings regarding your second half. To provide evidence you can take a few photos from the bachelor party, which will be clear on how you spent it. If you finally decided to organize a bachelor party in the sauna, our advice: do not get carried away with alcohol. Believe me, you can spend a fun and funny evening without alcohol. To make it all fun, take the time to think ahead about what you will be talking about, what fun or even ridiculous moments from a bachelor life you will discuss. Remember that the bachelor party should be conducted reasonably, with an understanding and awareness of the possible consequences of what is happening. To avoid disagreements with friends, discuss with them and bring to them that you want the bachelor party not to become a drunken frenzy.

The goals of the bachelor party should be something like:

  • allow the groom to relax before the wedding, laugh, have fun,
  • prepare for a family,
  • there must be moral support from the spirit of the bridegroom
  • remove the excitement before the marriage ceremony.

The mood is also important. It is one thing when the bachelor party symbolizes sadness for bachelor parties and “marrying” roughly implies that now the groom will be put on a yoke, and another thing when the mood is this: now the groom is not a single boy, but a real courageous man who creates a family and will be responsible for her. If this text is read by the groom's friends, and even more so the witness, our advice: set the correct mood of the bachelor party, the inner feelings of the groom will largely depend on it! And that, how and where to spend a bachelor party before the wedding - the question is minor.

Here are some more ideas for a bachelor party:

  1. If the company recruits a small, and the modest groom, then an excellent option would be to hold a bachelor party at home. Chips, fish, nuts, or cooked meat in the oven will be an excellent snack. It is possible to prepare nothing at all in advance, and when everyone gathers to quickly arrange a bachelor cooking contest. If there is no time for preparing snacks, then, fortunately, modern supermarkets give us the opportunity to purchase a ready-made snack and take it home. You can compete with each other in a game of chess, cards or even computer games, and in parallel with this you can conduct your own male conversations. You can watch movies, photos and discuss funny and funny events from the life of the groom and his friends.
  2. Another scenario of a bachelor party is a bachelor party at a club. Often this option is perceived by brides much worse than a bachelor party in a sauna. Since, if their fiancé went to celebrate a bachelor party in the sauna with friends, they will most likely remain in the same lineup until the end of the evening. But in a nightclub a huge number of temptations, to which, under the influence of alcohol, you can not resist. Yes, and talk heart to heart with friends, too, will not succeed because of the loud music. Most likely, it will be a banal unremarkable trip to the club.
  3. If the yard is suitable for going to the cottage, the time of year, then the bachelor party at the cottage will probably be the ideal idea for a bachelor party. Here you and the bath (sauna), and sincere conversations, and the opportunity to dance, and cook barbecue. In general, the scope for action! If there is a reservoir nearby, then you can go fishing or just swim in the river (lake, etc.).

If you can not go to the country, but the time of year has to go on the nature, then you can spend a bachelor party in nature. There are more options for a bachelor party in the form of a bowling, paintball, billiards, bike races, karting and so on. If friends have some kind of common passion, for example, tourism, kayaking or something else, then they can go hiking or, for example, fuse.

On our wedding portal there is information not only for the bridegrooms, but also for brides, for example, here you can read what are the scripts for a hen party, bridesmaids can find out what to give to a bachelorette party to the bride, and also make sure how correctly it is written: hen or devishnik

Option number 7- Drink in karaoke

Visit the karaoke club.

This will allow you to spend time fun and funny. It does not matter if there is a voice and an ear, and you and your friends either do not. If only you selected the songs you like. Guaranteed, the evening will be fun, defiantly and you will laugh heartily that one hundred percent defuse the tense nervous system. A good idea - to record this spectacle on video, so that later it was possible to demonstrate to the bride the artistic abilities of her chosen one.

What to choose for yourself is up to you.

Whichever option you choose, in any case during a feast at a bachelor party, the groom will have the honor of accepting "condolences" from friends, receiving a lot of useful advice from "experienced" and, not an exception, that he will be told a couple of horror stories about the life of ". But if harmony reigns in the relationship between the bride and the groom, then you should not be afraid that her chosen one will be frightened and will change his mind. After all, he knows for sure that his chosen one is the best in the world.

The bachelor party provides an excellent opportunity to work out the various details of the wedding, in particular, the preparation for the purchase of the bride. And also - this is a great occasion to meet with friends who, for valid reasons, are unable to attend the wedding celebration.

Wedding is perhaps the most important event in the life of every person; it is the entry into a new life, a family one. This day will become the point of coordinated change in your life.

And to enjoy the last page of the bachelor head of life, the friends of the groom or the groom themselves organize a bachelor party.

The ideas for a bachelor party can be very diverse, starting with a sports festival and ending with a karaoke club. It all depends on preferences, wishes and most importantly, the budget. If the holiday is organized with a soul, it will be remembered for a long time to all its participants. But you should always remember, you need to celebrate wisely.

How to spend a bachelor party and why it is needed

The bachelor party is a tradition to spend one of the last evenings of a “free” bachelor life in the circle of its unmarried friends. Everyone knows about this tradition, but the organization of a bachelor party sometimes puzzles young people.

Indeed, practically no one can put forward good ideas on this topic, everyone agrees only on the idea that it should be something extraordinary and necessarily loose.

Of course, many people watched movies where heroes make a bachelor party and then, as a result of this event, experience various very funny adventures.

But such adventures are good only on the TV screen, and in life, perhaps, not everyone would like to sit in the closet with a naked girl, waiting for the future mother-in-law to leave the room. Nevertheless, I don’t want to give up the idea of ​​having a bachelor party. So how to spend a bachelor party?

Usually the bachelor party is celebrated, if not on the very last evening before the wedding, when there may be a lot of other pre-holiday troubles, then at least in one of the last three evenings. Of course, how to spend a bachelor party, everyone decides for himself.

It is not at all necessary for you to drink alcoholic beverages until morning, especially if you are not at all very inclined to do so. You can just get close to your friends and just sit in a relaxed atmosphere, talk.

Listen to music, chat. But if you do not have any special ideas on this subject, you can always discuss it with your friends whom you plan to invite and hear their opinions.

Interesting ideas on how to spend a bachelor party

It all depends on your overall mood and temperament. Ideas of celebration can be very different. If you are not a fan of sitting at home, you can always go to one of the country clubs with a sauna and a bowling alley and spend a bachelor party there. You can simply limit the departure of the nature in a truly male company - with kebabs, fishing, hunting and spending the night by the fire.

There are options to go to a bachelor party and one of the country hotels, huts, which offer their guests horse riding and other communication with nature.

If you are not a fan of such extreme entertainment, you can just go to a nightclub and roughly spend a bachelor party with music and dancing till you drop.

For some reason, it is believed that the bachelor party can not do without inviting female strippers. Some invite them home, where they gather friends to hold such an event, while others prefer to go to one of the strip clubs all night.

Если вы или ваши друзья являетесь сторонниками такого решения, то желательно, все-таки, предварительно уведомить об этом вашу будущую вторую половинку, поскольку иногда, может это и удивительно, но она может оказаться ярой противницей подобных развлечений.

So, if she finds out about it from someone else, the result can be unpredictable. However, women - what can they understand in real bachelor parties? But still..

First of all, you should discuss this idea with friends and choose the right time and place. The only advice is not to arrange a bachelor party just before the wedding, otherwise the next day you will obviously not be in the best shape, and you will most certainly need strength. And, of course, this day should be convenient not only for you, but also for your friends.

How to spend a bachelor party? You can not invent anything, but just go to a good and purely male company in a restaurant or in a men's club. Just try not to get into it with pretty girls. Still, remember that you are almost a married man. Of course, this restriction does not apply to your friends.

Another option is to hold a bachelor party - for these stern men. You can spend a bachelor party out of town, on a good truly male fishing or hunting. Just do not forget to take there everything you need, not only for fishing, but also for fun.

As an option - you can go with friends for the whole day in the country club. There you can relax in the sauna, leave the balls at the bowling alley and, of course, say goodbye to bachelor life. The undoubted advantage of such a holiday is that you will be able to rest without problems after a difficult event in comfortable beds.

Well, if you do not think yourself a bachelor party without a striptease, just go to the strip bar. Only if you know for sure that your bride would not approve of such adventures, at least without her, try to make sure that she never knew about it. The girls are so nervous before the wedding ... And your small and quite innocent campaign can cause a completely unpredictable reaction.

When is it better to organize a bachelor party

There are no clear or standard criteria regarding the choice of time for the bachelor party. As a rule, young people gather when it is most convenient for everyone. However, in order to determine the date, it is more expedient to follow a number of recommendations:

  • It is desirable to hold the event not on the eve of the wedding, but at least a week before the celebration. In this case, there will be plenty of time to morally and physically recuperate,
  • discuss the date with the future wife. Perhaps it was on this day that the bride had planned some important matters, where the presence of future newlyweds was necessary. In this case, it is worth trying to move the bachelor party or somehow tune out in time to catch everything,
  • pre-call all the guests and once again clarify who can come,
  • take into account the weather. If the planned event is planned to be organized in nature, then it is wiser to know the weather forecast for these days, so that heavy rain or strong wind will not spoil everything that was planned.

The date of the bachelor party, chosen based on the opinion of all friends on this occasion, is undoubtedly a pledge of a wonderful time spent.

The financial side of the issue

Before the wedding, most newlyweds under the strict control of every penny, so the question often arises about who pays the bachelor party. Definitely, the universal answer simply does not exist. Someone pays for himself, some parents help, and in some companies of friends all the expenses are borne by the friends themselves.

Of course, who pays should be agreed in advance, so that later there would be no different kind of misunderstandings.

In addition, if it is decided that the money friends and the groom will contribute equally, then you need to plan everything together, taking into account the financial possibilities of each.

Main traditions and gift choice

There are various traditions before the wedding, someone observes them and assigns them a key role, and many, on the contrary, ignore them. Most of them relate to the day of marriage, however, there are many traditions and bachelor parties

the main ones are:

  • Do not bring your wives, relatives or other close women. It is considered that this day there is a farewell to the bachelor life, which means that apart from men, there is no place for anyone here,

  • remember the old days. Especially if the most devoted and long-time comrades gather, then there are more than enough memories. You should heartily laugh at school or student years, and also once again plunge into various absurd situations that occurred during the bachelor's time with everyone.

Many guests are faced with a difficult question, what is a gift for a bachelor party worth.

I want it to be something fun and at the same time worthwhile.

Here it is necessary to take into account first of all the preferences of the future groom, but if nothing comes to mind at all, then you can give him a small present in the classic version:

  • a mug, a T-shirt, etc. with a funny image, for example, his caricature or picture, the meaning of which is clear only to the groom,
  • funny underwear, but here the main thing is to think once again whether the hero of the occasion will appreciate such humor, but also how the bride will react to this,
  • photo album, which includes all sorts of photos from childhood and the youth of the groom,
  • a bottle of exquisite liquor and stuff.

Many friends make unusual gifts, try to make something with their own hands or buy something that is associated with some memories. In any case, if the gift is presented from the heart, it will be appreciated by the highest score.

Organization of a bachelor party in the sauna

One of the most popular options is the bachelor party in the sauna.. Of course, there are a lot of advantages to stay at this place:

the opportunity to not only meet and have fun, but also to relax,

  • more relaxed atmosphere
  • you can bring all the food and drinks yourself,
  • There is no fear that conversations will be heard by third parties or you may accidentally meet someone.

The main thing, if the fun happens in a sauna, then remember some recommendations:

  • alcohol should be in moderation, since the high temperature in the steam room, combined with alcohol, can seriously affect health and well-being,

Many companies, on the contrary, are convinced that what a bachelor party can do without invited dancers or other casual acquaintances. However, as practice shows, the consequences of this can be very negative for the groom. Often, when the future wife found out about this, a scandal flared up in a couple, sometimes to the point of complete rupture of relations.

♦ to take a photo, it will be not only a snapshot of the memory of bachelor days, but also a kind of proof to the jealous bride that there was no one except the boys.

Going to a sauna in a company, you don’t have to worry so much about giving a friend to a bachelor party, since it is here that almost any gift will be appropriate and well received.

Organization of a bachelor party and various options for it

Perhaps, who organizes this event is no less important. It is believed that this mission should be redirected to the future witness at the wedding, but in life it often happens when there is simply no such person or he will not be able to arrange everything properly.

In this case, the organization may be engaged in any of those invited to the bachelor party, the groom himself, or all together. In recent years, it is widely used when a third-party organization takes all the trouble; here it is necessary to conclude an agreement with it in advance.

Ideas where to arrange a bachelor party a great many, it all depends on the financial possibilities, the number, as well as the wishes of the groom and friends. Most often, such fun is held in the baths, bars or restaurants.

However, there are unusual options for a bachelor party, this will allow not only to celebrate in full, but also to remember for a long time. This includes:

- a trip to another city. You can go, for example, to a nearby town to see local sights. It will be not only informative, but in a circle of noisy friends is very interesting. In case the opportunities allow, to give up in another country for the weekend, it will truly become a delightful pastime,

- A trip to the amusement park. It is unusual to note a bachelor party riding rides or eating cotton candy in a recreation park,

- extreme entertainment. A sea of ​​fun and at the same time extreme will provide on a bachelor party, for example, a parachute jump. Only here it is important that everyone endorses such entertainment, and also to approach extremely carefully safety precautions. Do not engage in extreme entertainment in untested places or overestimating their capabilities.

If you approach the organization of a bachelor party responsibly, try to think everything over and choose a good day and time for this, then for many years such an event will remain in everyone’s memory.