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10 things that must be done in Batumi


What to do in the evening in Batumiexcept walking along the promenade and sightseeing. The first thing that everyone comes to mind is to sit in a national cafe or restaurant. But this fun has long become commonplace and boring, I want something new.

Where did you go and how to have fun at your free time from the beach and the sun. That is what will be discussed in the release.

• Dolphinarium

So, the first place that is worth a visit to all tourists is the well-known Batumi Dolphinarium. By the time the whole show takes about an hour, but the emotions are exactly enough for the whole evening, so we advise everyone to go. And where is the dolphinarium, what is there and how much, read in a separate article by clicking on the link.

Immediately after the positive presentation of dolphins go to city ​​aquarium. It is very close and is very cheap. Even if it is too late and most likely it is closed, walk around smoothly and watch the colorful fish in the pool. Photos and schedule of the aquarium can be found here.

• Dancing fountains with laser show

Several entertaining hours can be spent on the French singing fountains with a laser show. Most travelers who have visited different countries and have seen a lot in their lives, remain in awe of the local view.

Therefore, it is simply necessary to spend here one of the evenings and see all this beauty with your own eyes. When the fountains work, where the best places and much more will be in the next article.

• Ropeway

The Batumi cable car is another pleasant and fascinating place for a positive pastime. The flight above the ground lasts a bit, but the observation deck above lures for a long time.

Moreover, every evening in the summer, a free concert with Georgian songs and dances takes place here. Everything about the cable car, prices and entertainment program is here.

• Venetian Piazza

Being in Batumi do not miss the opportunity for some time to go back to Venice, sit in the abundance of mosaic and stained glass art, listen to live classical music and the battle of huge hours. Here you can drink a cup of aromatic coffee and eat a delicious cheesecake.

All this is located on Piazza in the heart of the old city.

• Ride a bike

The most fun kind of entertainment in Batumi, judging by the faces of tourists, cycling. We are sure that you, too, have not skated for a long time, but here you have the opportunity to remember and return to childhood for a moment. To do this, you just need to go to the Boulevard, with a wide variety to choose a bike and rent it.

Of course, it is best to ride in the evening, when the sunset begins, the heat of the day subsides, the sea breeze is felt and everything starts to sparkle.

Interesting, but a little expensive evening can be spent in one of the Batumi casinos. At the moment, there are seven of them, with a few more plans to open over time.

Probably, in the future, Batumi will be similar to Las Vegas and all celebrities will come here. In the meantime, simple tourists and gamblers have a rest in local institutions. Therefore, everyone is welcome adrenaline welcome.

• Botanical Garden

And finally, be sure to visit the most popular tourist destination - the Botanical Garden. Everyone probably already knows about this Batumi sight, but those who are not yet in the know will be interested in this article.

Read about all other entertainment in Batumi on the site, and in order not to miss new and interesting articles subscribe to our updates.

Where else to go relaxing in Batumi:

Sunbathe and swim.

Trite? Yes. But after all, by and large we are going to Batumi just for the sake of the sea. For if we do not need the sea, then why go to Batumi at all.

If you are not afraid of pebble beaches and slippery jellyfish - in Batumi you will love it! The beach here is long, there is a lot of space, not crowded, and the sea, compared to some of our resorts, seemed to me a bit cleaner.

Eat delicious khinkali, crunchy khachapuri and drink it all with the tart Saperavi

Well, we are in Georgia, which means we should enjoy its rather modest, but very tasty cuisine. I ate khinkali Georgian almost every day, and khachapuri was a Georgian brand in general! By the way, the most delicious Adzhar-style khachapuri in Batumi is served at the Zeroden Cafe, which is located at Melikishvili 4, to the left of the entrance to the Park on 6 May. Be sure to try, you will not regret.

Stroll through the "European" streets of Batumi and drink coffee in Piazza Square

Yes, being a fan of old Europe, Saakashvili built a small Italian-style European Europka, and the main attraction of this part of Batumi is, of course, the Piazza Square, which is made in Venetian style and is a small copy of St. Mark's Square. The place is very beautiful, but the restaurants here are not the cheapest, I would even say the most expensive (and rumored not the most delicious). But you always have to pay for beauty! Therefore, you can just drink coffee in a beautiful place.

Ride a bike along the promenade

I would call the Batumi embankment one of the main attractions of the city. Very long, very beautiful and very well appointed. There is always something to do here. In the evening, this is the main place for walks and the city promenade, and in the morning and in the afternoon it is a great place for sports! A long cycling track has been built along the entire embankment. Great can take almost anywhere. There are special machines, as in Europe, with tourist greats, but it is better not to bother with a gun and hire a large one of the distributors, who are here at every step. And we ride. Chic path: on the one hand the sea, on the other city. Nobody interferes, the cars do not drive, spin the pedals and enjoy the walk.

Pofotkay on the background of sculptures on the waterfront

We do not leave from the embankment. There is more to do. For example, pofotkatsya on the background of numerous sculptures that are installed throughout its length. Many sculptures are made just to be photographed with them. Sculptures of different styles - from classic to modern. I didn’t bother too much, but during the bike ride I saw how many of them and how interesting they can be beat. It is much better and more interesting than being photographed against the backdrop of trees, bushes and walls.

Play casino

In general, Saakashvili was originally conceived by Batumi not as a resort city for a beach holiday, but as a Las Vegas local spill. Here were built luxury hotels, each of which has a casino below! Misha hoped that oil riches from Baku, Turkey and other nearby regions would go to Batumi to squander their money. Bogateev didn’t run a lot, but they built a casino. Big and beautiful! So, if this topic is close to you, Batumi is perfect for this) I have no extra money, so I only saw them outside) But one thing I can say for sure - there are a lot of them here and they all work.

Climb the ruins of an old fortress

There is a historic landmark in Batumi - the famous Gonio fortress.

It is located a little away from Batumi, but you can safely reach it by bus. The fortress is small, but it is! I think that history lovers will like it here. Again, you need to somehow diversify the beach holiday. And in order to spend an hour or two somewhere during the day itself, this fortress is a great place!

Visit the botanical garden

And for lovers of nature and greenery compulsory place - Batumi Botanical Garden!

The garden is located north of Batumi near the village of Mtsvane. I, unfortunately, did not reach the garden, although I really wanted to. I only saw its outskirts when I was driving from Svaneti to Batumi. With all the reviews and photos, this is a wonderful green garden, in which it would be great to take a walk. In addition, the garden is located on the mountain and with a gorgeous view. In general, it is necessary to select half a day and go here!

Go to the theater

Now a little cultural holiday. There is a beautiful and modern theater in Batumi, where many well-known troupes come to tour. Especially during the tourist season. And since in the evening, apart from the embankment and the casino in Batumi, there is nothing special to do, then why not go to the theater? Spiritual food is always needed!

View a unique Orthodox church in the form of a Catholic cathedral

Yes, there is in Batumi and such a landmark - the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Batumi.

The Catholic church was built in 1903, then under Soviet rule it was half destroyed and used for various purposes, besides religious. Then they decided to restore it. The Catholics donated money and started the reconstruction, but when the temple was restored, the Georgians decided that, despite their appearance, it would still be Orthodox (!) And transferred it to the Georgian Orthodox Church. A very unusual building - outside a smaller copy of the French Notre Dame, and inside a classic Orthodox church with Catholic walls.

Ten things in Batumi, of course, are few, but this is the format of my post: said 10, which means 10!

Although still in Batumi is full of interesting things that you can and even need to do, for example, you can ride on the Ferris wheel.

Fans of "strong" can drink from the "chacha fountain".

. climb the "tower of the alphabet".

. cool off in a fountain in Europe Square.

. and still need to go to the mountains. But this is already quite far from Batumi.

That's all. Feel free to go to Batumi, for sure there is something to do and something to see!

Why precisely Batumi?

A trip to Georgia has become a tradition for us, we have visited many cities in this country and each of them is good. However, based on experience, we have been choosing Batumi for the third year in a row.

At first, we did not want to be allowed into Georgia, since one of the members of the group used to go to Abkhazia. But due to the fact that the trip took a very long time to rest, we still got. If you were in Abkhazia before traveling to Georgia, problems may arise, consider this.

So, why Batumi, and not Tbilisi, Ureki or Kobuleti? I can highlight a few points why we are returning here:

  1. Clean sea. In comparison with Tbilisi, the difference is very noticeable. In Batumi, there are many more clean, optimized places for marine recreation. Of course, in Gonio or Kvariati the beaches are better, but there is little entertainment except the sea.
  2. Relatively reasonable prices. Again, I compare with the capital, where the cost of housing, food in the market and the average bill in a restaurant are much higher.
  3. In the low season there are no crowds of tourists. In Georgia, in principle, there are not many visitors at all, if we compare them with Turkey and other resort countries.
  4. Infrastructure development. In Batumi, traffic is very well-established, there are many food markets and restaurants. There is where to walk and have fun.

In Georgia, they treat children very well. Kids are always treated to something, squeeze and try in every way to indulge. Especially with awe the children are Georgian men. Do not worry if your child is approached and handed over some sweets.

Housing options

In Batumi, just a huge number of rental apartments, hotels and pensions. In the city you can rent a house for any wallet and taste.

Immediately advice: book your accommodation in advance, especially when you are traveling with children. If you do not deal with this issue before the trip, then upon arrival in Batumi you may have to spend several hours searching for a suitable place. And if your vacation falls on the high season, when the largest number of tourists come, finding accommodation will be even more difficult.

The most ideal accommodation option in Batum is to rent an apartment or rooms in a guest house. You can rent a house in the old or new Batumi. At the same time, keep in mind that in the old town there are no apartments directly by the sea.

The option of renting a house or a room from local residents is not only good because it is the most economical. Georgians will surely surround you with attention, everyone will tell you and can even give you a free tour of the city.

In Batumi, you can stay in the hotel. The city has really good hotels with comfortable rooms, but their rent is simply prohibitively expensive. Regardless of whether you are staying at a hotel or renting accommodation from a private trader, choose apartments within walking distance of shops and beaches.

If you are renting accommodation in a private sector or a guest house during your vacation in Georgia, you will have the opportunity to prepare food yourself. We did just that. They bought food on the market, they were in Batumi 2.

The first is the Parehi market (aka the central bazaar). The market is located on Mayakovsky Street, it works on all days except Mondays, from 8:00 to 16:00. You can reach it by minibus (24, 45, 46 and 1, 4 from Mayakovsky Street) or by bus (2, 10.17 from Gogebashvili).

At the central market you can buy everything from vegetables and fruits to meat and fish. The prices of products at the time of our holiday were as follows:

  • tomatoes and cucumbers (kg) - up to 2.5 lari,
  • smoked mackerel - 3 lari apiece,
  • whole chicken - 13 lari,
  • eggplants (kg) - 2 lari,
  • sweet cherry / strawberry (kg) - up to 10 GEL.

In general, prices are about the same as in Russia. In some cases, the cost of vegetables and fruits is even much lower. By the way, on the second floor of the Parehi bazaar you can buy local churchkhela, marshmallow, honey and nuts.

The second market that I would like to highlight is the fish market. It is located on the outskirts of Batumi and is open from 9:00 to 21:00. The market itself is quite small, but various fresh and smoked fish are sold there.

Prices at the fish market:

  • sturgeon - 25 GEL,
  • salmon - 30 GEL,
  • mullet - 10 GEL,
  • Dorado - 22 GEL,
  • trout - 9 lari,
  • flounder - 21 lari,
  • needle fish - 30 GEL.

You can also buy crayfish at the fish market. We took fish in this place several times and I want to say that it is very fresh there. Vendors are friendly, everyone talks about the product and even gives advice on how best to cook fish.

There are no more large fixed markets in Batumi. At the same time there are some small points where you can buy fruits or vegetables. In such places prices may not be the same as in the bazaar.


Sometimes, when we didn’t want to wake up early in the morning and go to the market, we bought food in supermarkets. Of all the Batumi supermarkets, we liked the most:

  • GoodWill. Located on Chavchavadze Street, near the lower station of the cableway.
  • Batumi Mall. Located at 88 Zurab Gorgiladze.

  • Yalcin Market. There are 3 such shops in Batumi. Their addresses are: Yalcin, 57/68 H. Abashidze St, 128 Vakhtang Gorgasali St, 2 Inasaridze St.
  • Willmart Located on Inasaridze Street, 14. The second supermarket is located near the intersection of Gorgiladze and Takaishvili.
  • Nugeshi. Supermarkets are located in Tbilisi Square and on the street. Tavdadebuli, 16.

The range in supermarkets is about the same. There you can buy frozen fish, sweets, bread, alcohol, household chemicals, and more. Among all those listed, the best were Supermarket GoodWill and Batumi Mall. Upon arrival in Batumi, we globally bought up in Goodwill and spent about the same amount of money as we would have spent on the market.

Restaurants and cafes

Of course, the opinion about food can be quite subjective. But in Batumi there are several institutions that are worth attention:

  • Tavaduri. Average prices, delicious food, but indoors can be smoky.

  • Ajarian House. A cozy place where they serve classic Ajarian cuisine. Here we ordered children soups, meat and achmu.
  • Tower An interesting tower-restaurant in which you can taste dishes from different cuisines of the world.

The average bill per person in Georgian cafes is usually no more than 25 GEL. With this money you can eat soup, khachapuri and take some kind of drink.

Beaches in Batumi

All the beaches in Batumi are pebbly, but the stones on them are quite small. Children walk along the shore comfortably and without shoes.

The beach season in Georgia lasts from June to September. We traveled in September, at this time the majority of tourists are already leaving. Even in September, the water temperature is about 25 degrees, so it was also comfortable for children to swim in the sea.

Choosing a nice and clean beach in Batumi itself is a bit complicated. It is not recommended to swim on the beaches near the port., as oil spots often float on the surface of the water. Also you should not swim on the beaches near the dolphinarium and residential buildings, because all sewage and waste water from there falls into the water.

The cleanest beach in Batumi is located next to the tower of the Alphabet and the Ferris wheel (Wonderland Park). There is very clear water and this beach is rarely crowded with tourists. By transparency, the water is not inferior to places outside the city.

If you have the opportunity to get to the beach outside of Batumi, then you definitely should visit:

  • Tsikhisdziri.
  • Grigoleti.
  • Ureki (there are sandy beaches).

To the north of Batumi, near the Botanical Garden or Cape Verde, there are also clean and picturesque beaches. Getting to the beaches in the vicinity is not long. The road on the bus usually takes no more than 20 minutes. And if there is a car, then even less.

Leisure and places that are worth attention

In the free from the beach holiday, you can spend time walking around Batumi, because there really is something to see.

Batumi is a big city, so it’s definitely impossible to get around it completely in a day. However, I would like to highlight a few metas that are recommended for every tourist to visit:

  • Piazza Square. There are many cozy cafes, entertainment and shops.
  • Cable car. Это прекрасный способ осмотреть Батуми с высоты, детям прогулка очень понравилась.

  • Парк Чудес. Довольно минималистичный парк развлечений, если сравнивать с нашими. Из местных достопримечательностей нам понравилась башня Алфавита и колесо обозрения.
  • Порт. Мы были в заброшенном порту, где стоят некоторые покинутые корабли.

  • Приморский парк. Это место, куда в вечернее время выбирается много местных и туристов.For children in the seaside park expanse: trampolines, animators, rides and snacks.

  • Dolphinarium. The presentation is very interesting and exciting, but it is better to book tickets in advance. In the water park ordered for children bathing service with dolphins.

  • Batumi Zoo. A rather small zoo corner is near the dolphinarium. You can go to the free sector (there are zebras, kangaroos, ponies) or paid (there you can look at the birds and primates).

  • Botanical Garden. Our young naturalists were delighted with this place and the views that are opening from it. But on a trip to the Botanical Garden with us only 7 and 10 years old children went. For the very young, such a trip can be very difficult.

We visited each location, but especially the children were delighted with the zoo, the dolphinarium and the seaside park. Our little travelers are very fond of walking, so we walked almost the entire Batumi on foot. There are a lot of interesting monuments in the city, with which children enjoyed taking pictures. A mini-performance for them was the course of the sculptures of Ali and Nino (they are on the seaside boulevard).

Entertainment in Batumi on the sea, what to do?

For those who prefer a beach holiday in Batumi all the conditions are created. City beaches stretch for almost 7 kilometers, plus beaches in neighboring villages. They are all free. If in Batumi itself the beaches are pebbly, then in the neighboring villages: Ureti, Grigoleti and Kobuleti they are covered with black sand with healing properties.

The sea is clean everywhere, but the beaches are cleaned daily only in the central part of the resort. Therefore, if you think about where to bathe in Batumi, you should choose the central beaches near the Seaside Park:

  • Mandarin,
  • Iberia
  • Beach at the pier,
  • My Black Sea.

There is also a children's beach with a smooth descent to the sea and a breakwater, which dampens the waves. All these beaches are well equipped, wide enough, and the sea is clean. Nearby there is a lot of entertainment, from night clubs and restaurants to ordinary attractions. Hire a lounge chair or a beach umbrella costs 2 - 4 GEL. Cabins for changing clothes and showers are paid, cost up to 1 GEL.

1 GEL is equal to 23 Russian rubles at the time of publication.

The best beaches of Batumi and popular places nearby

What is the entertainment in Batumi in summer for holidaymakers? The most popular entertainment associated with the sea. Here you can ride on a yacht and even rent it, make a flight on a hang glider or under a parachute, ride a banana or a scooter. There are diving centers. Instructors will offer training, provide the necessary equipment. The cost of one dive is 150 GEL.

A half-hour boat ride costs an average of 10 GEL. Flying with a parachute or on a hang glider for 15 minutes will cost up to 100 GEL. For extreme sports - flyboard flights at an altitude of up to 10 meters - from 70 GEL.

You will be interested in:

Where to go to Batumi in the evening?

In the resort you can find restaurants and cafes with local, Turkish, Italian, Japanese and European cuisine. There are restaurants with exotic, for example, Mexican cuisine and a cafe for vegans.

Places where in Batumi you can eat and taste local delicacies are located throughout the city. The most popular dishes are Suluguni cheese and cheese dishes, seafood, khinkali, khash - broth with garlic, churchkhela - nuts, grape juice, halva and honey nuts. The average bill for lunch is 20 GEL.

In the shops of Batumi you can buy the famous mineral water Borjomi, Likani and Nabeglavi. And you can go after her to one of the local resorts. Not far from the city is the National Park Borjomi - Kharagauli.

Best restaurants in Batumi by the sea:

  • "Heart of Batumi" and "Old Boulevard" - are considered the best, near the sea.
  • Terrassa Askaneli with terrace and sea view. More expensive than others, but cooked very well.
  • "Acropolis". This restaurant is antique-styled, tasty cooked.
  • "Luca Polare". According to reviews, there is excellent coffee and homemade ice cream.
  • "Vox". Panoramic expensive restaurant on the 23rd floor.

Perhaps you will be interested in the best restaurants in Tbilisi, if you decide to visit the city for a few days.

For those who are interested in where to go for a walk in Batumi in the evening. Embankment with a park of wonders and singing fountains - a favorite place of residents and guests of the city.

In the evening, the main attractions of the city are highlighted. Open casinos and restaurants on the square PiazzaLive music sounds. You can see all this from above by climbing over the city ferris wheel.

The city should be restrained in the expression of emotions. So - kisses in public places can cost 50 lari fine.

What take sightseeing tours?

What to visit in Batumi first of all and see everything with your own eyes:

  • Cable car to Mount Feria. The ascent begins at the Goodwill Supermarket and takes 10 minutes. You can visit the restaurant on the top or the temple, admire the city and the sea from a height and go back down. The cost of the ticket back and forth - 10 GEL. Children from 5 to 12 years old discount - 50%.
  • Embankment and Wonderland Park in the city center.

It is more convenient to book one of the many excursions in the city and surroundings. Their cost is from 75 GEL. For example, a 3-hour tour. "The soul of the old city" from Bagrat. Excursion about old Batumi, its inhabitants and guests, places of filming and unusual architecture of the city. Or "Three stories of ancient Batum" with Zaur. Excursion in the suburbs. You will visit the old Botanical Garden, the Byzantine fortress of Peter and tea plantations in the village of Chakvi. The tour lasts 7 hours and may include dinner with Georgian cuisine.

You may be interested to rent a car and go on your own to conquer the popular places of the city and surrounding area.

What to do in Batumi in summer in the rain?

In summer, it rains in Batumi no more than 1-2 times a month, they can hardly spoil the rest. But still, many tourists can not come up with a plan for spending time in bad weather.

The city has 3 theater venues for adults. Drama theater performances in this theater only in Georgian. Summer and Opera - very beautiful theaters in the center on the waterfront. In front of the Opera Theater there is a square with fountains and lighting. Performances and music shows are in Russian.

  • There are also many museums here. True, the inscriptions in them in Georgian and museum guides, as a rule, speak Georgian. The most visited museums: Archaeological and Local Lore,
  • Museum of Art
  • technological - Nobel brothers,
  • Ethnographic Museum "Bordzhgalo."

Tickets to museums cost from 1 to 3 GEL.

You can visit one of the restaurants of Batumi or ride on the cable car. Closed trailers are completely safe and weatherproof. Fans of shopping can go to neighboring Turkey. Fortunately, it is near and the Russians do not need a visa for a period of up to 60 days.

It is worth going to the tasting room at the "House of Ajarian wine." The local wine is made from a rare grape variety - chhaveri. It is not exported to other countries. There is also a shop where you can buy a bottle of such wine.

Where to go to Batumi with children?

If you think about where you can go with your child in Batumi, the local residents will offer you:

  • Dolphinarium and nearby: an aquarium, a zoo, a chicken house (free of charge) and an amusement park. The show costs 15 GEL, and you can swim with dolphins for 150 GEL.
  • Puppet Theatre. Submissions in Georgian. Ticket price - from 8 GEL.
  • Botanical garden and reserve "Mtirala". There's also the cleanest and shallowest beach.
  • An amusement park, located next to Kibuleti Tsitsinatela.
  • Circus. Tickets cost an average of 10 GEL.
  • Aquapark. Institution is old and, judging by the reviews unsafe. It is better to refrain from visiting. Entry is 25 GEL.

Prices for entertainment in Batumi for children from 3 to 10 GEL. Young children will most likely not need tickets. They are very fond of and ride the rides for free.

Where to eat

If you come to Batumi, then during your trip you should forget about diets, but remember the pleasure and enjoyment of food. This is exactly the resort where you can not deny yourself. We do not exclude that the consequences in the form of a couple extra pounds you find, but how much happiness! A figure can be corrected upon arrival home.

st. Mazniashvili 11

The main feature of the new art-cafe "Heart of Batumi" is branded sauces. The owners of the cafe do not disclose the secret of cooking under any circumstances, keeping the intrigue and, at the same time, the interest of visitors to the establishment. The kitchen is adapted for tourists from all over the world: dishes are not as fat as in local cafes, but they are not at all inferior to them in taste.

st. Melikishvili, 53

If during your walk through Batumi you have gone far from the center, then you have a wonderful chance to visit the Georgian cafe “Kutkhe-Kunchuli” on Melikishvili Street. Due to the fact that there are not so many tourists there, as in large establishments in the center, it is difficult to catch a cafe in overpriced and modest portions. There everything is exactly the way Georgians love - a lot, tasty, soundly.

st. Gorgasali 111

As soon as you get to the “BatuMarani” cafe, you immediately feel all the hospitality of Ajara - courteous waiters, an extensive menu with national cuisine, a wide range of Georgian wines. The portions are so large (for a small price) that it is very difficult to eat on your own. Therefore, we advise you to come here as a big company. We are sure that everybody will like this place.

st. Rustaveli, 40

The ideal option to meet with your beloved or a group of friends is the Nefela bar located on the 20th floor of the Hilton hotel, which offers a beautiful view of the city. Here you can enjoy a wide range of Georgian wines, the best cocktails and delicacies prepared by the chef. If you want to spend a special evening for you, book a corner table on the veranda - this is how the best view of the evening Batumi opens up.


Restaurant Adjarian Wine House is located in Khelvachauri, just 8 km from Batumi. At the table on the veranda offers a fascinating view, because the restaurant is located in a picturesque place on the banks of the river Chorokhi, at an altitude of 80 meters above sea level. Here you will be offered to taste local wines, and as an entertainment drink wine from the horn.

st. Ninoshvili, 27

A very cozy place that looks like the apartment of your beloved grandmother - bright dense tablecloths, antique furniture, open large windows with wide window-sills and always a friendly attitude to guests. The cafe is located in a building that has been standing for over a hundred years, since 1905. Try one of the signature cocktails that will cost no more than 20 GEL per serving.

Botanical Garden

One of the largest botanical gardens in the world, founded by the Russian botanist and geographer Andrei Nikolayevich Krasnov in 1902. It is noteworthy that on its territory there are still houses with tenants who refuse to leave their home. It is easy to understand them - the view around is fascinating!

Batumi Dolphinarium

The first dolphinarium in the entire Soviet Union was opened in 1975. At that time, tourists came from all over the country, enjoying a bright show with the participation of dolphins. Today the dolphinarium attracts the attention of tourists more for its history than for the views, but it is definitely worth a visit.

Batumi Drama Theater

Drama Theater. Chavchavadze officially opened in 1952, although construction began much earlier. But the Second World War prevented the completion of the project on time. Now the theater is considered one of the main attractions of the city of Batumi.

Mahunceti Mountain Waterfall

Pearl of Adjara is a waterfall falling from a height of 47 meters. True, it is not easy to get to it - the waterfall is located 35 kilometers from Batumi, but it's worth it. Tourists can choose the best program for themselves: see the beauty from the observation deck, where many cafes are open, or plunge into the stone pool, where the crystal-clear water of Mahunceti flows.

Rest in Batumi - 10 "for" and 10 "against." Go or not?

Last year I, like many, traveled to Georgia, enjoyed its hospitality and enjoyed a couple of days at the main Georgian resort - in the city of Batumi. Many Russians chose Batumi as the place of their summer vacation last year as an alternative to closed Turkey and the overcrowded and overvalued resorts of the Krasnodar Territory and the Crimea. But is it good to fly there to rest?

Yes, in Batumi it is good, but, again, it depends on what to compare. If you deal with our resorts, Batumi is an excellent and inexpensive alternative, but of course it is still a bit far from the Mediterranean resorts. So whether to go to Batumi? Is it worth it to relax, say this 2017 summer? I can not give a definite answer, because all have their own criteria. I can only voice my “FOR” and “AGAINST”, and let everyone decide already himself!

I'll start with the good. Georgia is good in itself, and Batumi, as a resort, was built quite recently and was made very high quality. Saakashvili wanted to make him a European candy and did not spare the money, so sometimes it turned out very nicely! Plus, this is our native "USSR". Here they love Russians and wait with open arms and open wallets!

1. Batumi is close. Fly short, a lot of flights, prices are reasonable.
2. Prices. Batumi is quite affordable. Yes, the center here is of course very expensive, but a little further you can find budget accommodation and inexpensive restaurants. At least here at times cheaper than in Sochi) And at the same time no less civilized and beautiful.

3. All native. Here people have a rest for 99% from the countries of the former USSR. In Russian, they say almost everything. In general, as at home!
4. No visa required!
5. Nature. Adjara is beautifully located - on one side of the mountain, on the other sea. Lots of greenery, beautiful places. In general, great!

6. Security! Georgia is now one of the safest countries in terms of crime! Misha at one time brought order here, for which he must pay tribute. Here you can safely walk day and night, no one will attack you, will not rob and will not rape. Of course, nobody canceled petty fraudsters, but in terms of global security, everything is super!

7. Georgian hospitality! Especially you will feel it if you stay with someone in a house or in a private mini-hotel!
8. Batumi is a beautiful city. He is certainly a little unfinished, but the center looks great. Here it is pleasant to walk both in the afternoon and in the evening.

9. Quay. Very cool embankment in Batumi. One of the best! Here you can just take a walk, and run or ride a bike, full of cafes and all kinds of entertainment. In the evening, the whole party takes place on the waterfront. In general, cool place!

10. This is Georgia! Batumi is a great way to relax on the sea and see the country. Georgia is a small country, and the distances here are quite small. Nothing prevents you from driving for a week to Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Borjomi, or to the mountains in my beloved Svanetia, and then to return and rest on the sea. Georgia is cool, there is something to see, but. in Batumi all the sights look for 1-2 days)

And now add a little tar in the Georgian jug of honey. The saddest thing for me in Batumi is the beach and the sea. And since this is a beach resort, then this minus is quite significant. Plus, everything in Batumi seemed boring to me, though. maybe I'm just tired after a two-week trip to Georgia.

1. Dirty sea. Still, the Black Sea. Plus near the port. It happens and garbage, and petroleum products, and stinking foam. But then, how lucky, the correct wind and current will flow - and everything will be clean)
2. Jellyfish. That is why I do not like the Black Sea since childhood - so it is for jellyfish. They are always there in large quantities. Yes, they are safe and not as biting and dangerous as the jellyfish of the Indian Ocean, but still it is somehow unpleasant for me to swim, raking these slippery waterfowl.
3. The beach. More precisely pebbles. The entire coast of Batumi is a solid pebble beach. Small and very painful pebbles. Walking without shoes is impossible. Getting in and out of the sea is very painful! And there are practically no piers for a comfortable entrance anywhere. And it is annoying.

4. Deep. Quickly and immediately. It is certainly great because it hurts to walk on prickly pebbles, but still it greatly narrows the circle of tourists.
5. Not for kids! Alas. Firstly deeply, secondly pebbles, thirdly. somehow there is not developed children's infrastructure. The casino is full, but there are almost no playgrounds anywhere. So kids have to play in the central square near the fountain.

6. Few hotels. In the center there are good and expensive, but with small and inexpensive - trouble) Misha counted on millionaires who come here to play in a casino, and not on ordinary people who need the sea and the beach. We have to rent a house, and this is not always convenient. Otelchik like begin to build, but still they are very, very small.
7. Infrastructure recreation and entertainment frankly weak. Especially when compared with the "Turkey" to which we are so used))) But I think it is a matter of time. Although Georgians are so lazy. But there are a lot of Turks in Batumi, they will surely do everything here, if there is a demand.

8. Short season. In May, it is still cool here, in June the sea is invigorating, and by the end of September everything is over. July-August - 2 months of high bathing season. In principle, it is normal, but I like to rest in spring and autumn, so for me Batumi "flies by."
9. Boring. There are few excursions, there is nothing to look around, at least within 1 day so that there is a return. Leisure activities are also weak, although the places are beautiful and everything can be done. I have no idea how I would suffer from boredom here, if we say, I came for 2 weeks. Отель-пляж-море-набережная-отель - не мой вариант, мне надо все время куда-то ездить и что-то смотреть!
10. Ощущение назаконченности. "Строили мы строили, но . как-то недостроили". Саакашвишили ушел, финансирование закончилось, стройка заморозилась. Многие объекты недостроены, дома в городе тоже требуют обновлений и ремонта, улицы чуть дальше от центра в ужасном состоянии. В общем, тут надо еще работать и работать. Будут ли это делать нынешние грузины? Не знаю, но если они хотят развивать Батуми как город-курорт, то должны!

In general, for me, Batumi is a great place to finish my trip around Georgia and rest on the coast for 2-3 days before leaving home. Purposefully to rest here for 1-2 weeks I would not go here, and even more so with a child. But who said that if something does not please me, it should not like the rest? Therefore, decide for yourself whether to go or not to go, to rest or not to rest in Batumi.