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What and what women wear skirts?


Skirts of maximum length can decorate a woman of different ages. the main thing - Choose the right top for a specific situation.

For example, for office activities suitable fluffy skirt with a white blouse and high heels.

A long skirt has advantages, such as:

  • Increases growth.
  • Easy to move around.
  • It gives the figure slimness.
  • Masks volumetric buttocks or thighs.
  • Warms in the cold season.

The main types of fabrics from which sew similar skirts: denim, knitwear, leather, tulle, cotton, silk, chiffon, knitwear, costume fabric.

The most fashionable fabrics in 2017 are denim, costume, silk skirts.

It is best to combine such a model with blouses, T-shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans of medium length, sweaters, jackets. So, a set will be suitable for a walk: long fluffy skirt of a green shade + yellow blouse + beige ballet flats.

Trendy shades of maxi skirt for spring-summer period - white, yellow, blue, green, black, burgundy.

The most common model for women over 45 is a pencil skirt, which has many styles, types, colors and combinations.

The most trendy models are:

  • lace skirt below the knees - This model is suitable for celebrations and office work. For office work, you can combine: a lace skirt + tight tights (to match the skirt) + satin blouse of pastel colors + a jacket + boat shoes,

  • leather skirt - suitable for demi season. In a casual look, combine a beige-colored skirt with a plain monochromatic T-shirt.
  • jeans model - This classic skirt is more suitable for everyday bow. Denim skirt can be combined with a sweater, jacket, cardigan, blouse, turtleneck, top.

Classic skirt can be of different lengths, but for mature ladies fit the length of midi and maxi. From the colors you should choose one of the following: red, blue, black, burgundy, yellow, gray, green.

Type of figure

A win-win option, that is, a universal skirt for all women will be straight, just above the knee. The fuller your figure, the more heavy and dense the material of the skirt should be.

Large girls should opt for skirts with an A-shaped silhouette. They seem to diverge to the bottom, with an emphasis on thallium. Such a style will help out girls with big hips. The belt on this skirt should be large and wide. It is better to refuse models in a fold to full women, as well as from ultrashort mini.

Low women can not wear skirts to the floor, because they are able to shorten the silhouette. If you do not want to look like a fungus, then choose a shorter model. And the rest at your disposal all styles. Just keep in mind the small nuances. Pencil skirt should be 3-5 cm above the knee. You will look beautiful on a tulip skirt and denim mini. And do not limit yourself in color.

Pencil skirt with a high waist can be worn by women with different types of shapes. It is good at reducing the belly and makes the silhouette more elegant.

Thin young ladies who do not have impressive forms in the field of priests, it is better to wear voluminous, multi-layered skirts. For example, a bell skirt. She will be able to highlight the waist and create the effect of having good shape.

In recent years, short, multi-layered skirts made of lightweight fabrics are popular. They will suit girls with slim legs and a flat tummy.

Long skirts will hide problems with uneven legs. But short - they are underlined.

Focus on your taste, choosing a skirt. Take your time during the fitting. Be sure to wear skirts of different styles. Objectively look at which version and color you prefer, and buy such a skirt.

What to wear?

Maxi skirts are now an indisputable trend. There are models of classic, straight cut, but there are also multi-layered long skirts, somewhat reminiscent of gypsy outfits. So, the more fluffy skirt you wear, the more concise the top should be in your outfit.

For example, a plain white top without patterns will suit the red long. A maxi-skirt with jackets and long sleeves looks bad. Much more beautiful will turn out an image with sleeves in three quarters.

Short are wildly popular, perhaps this is the most popular style of skirts, both among women and men. The skirt is considered short, which barely covers the female ass, exposing the legs to the maximum. Wearing a skirt of this length is difficult because the line between vulgarity and beauty is rather short.

So that without consequences in the form of convictions, wearing a short skirt should simply be combined with a closed top, such as a turtleneck. Well with a mini-skirt look loose sweaters and T-shirts. Also, with such a skirt it is better not to slip on platform shoes and high heels, stylish “boats” will look much more advantageous.

A pencil skirt, so popular in business-style clothing, should be worn with narrow, elongated jackets. It is a great combination with strict turtlenecks, blouses, tops and shirts. By the way, it is quite acceptable that the top in the image with a skirt - the pencil was romantic, that is, the sleeves-lanterns and jabot would be appropriate. With ballet flats, this style of skirt cannot be worn. Only shoes and ankle boots with a steady heel are suitable for a pencil skirt.

A tulip skirt that will save with narrow hips should be worn in combination with expensive fabrics. Silk, lace, satin - these are the materials from which blouses should be sewn. Ballet flats are well suited to this skirt, so you don’t have to wear yourself out with high heels.

According to statistics, black skirts are the most popular. However, you should not be afraid of bright colors, the skirts of saturated red, blue, and brown are now in trend. Just remember that if you wear a bright skirt, all other things should be at least a couple of tones lighter.

Leather skirts

Another trend is the leather model. This skirt is suitable for many situations, for example:

  • Office Style - in order not to attract the attention of the opposite sex during working hours, you need to combine a leather skirt with muffled and calm models, for example, a black skirt + blouse with a strictly cut + low-heeled shoes. The ideal length for an office skirt is midi. You should not overload the image with additional elements.
  • For a romantic evening Suitable combination: skirt + blouse lace or ruffles + pumps.

In the autumn and spring, the skirt will be in harmony with a free cut sweater, tight tights, ankle boots and a coat of medium length.

It is not necessary to wear a leather skirt with sports things.

In a fashionable environment are in demand leather skirts of such a hue as: red, brown, black, burgundy, blue, green.

Striped skirt

Plaid skirt is a classic wardrobe model for a woman over 45 years old. It is necessary to take into account a number of nuances when choosing a skirt, namely:

  • It is worth paying for styles such as: pencil, trapezium, flared, half sun,
  • ideal length - from the line of the knees to the middle of the calf,
  • It is combined with monophonic blouses, jackets, turtlenecks, sweaters of the following colors: white, black, beige, brown,

  • A skinny model with a wide belt is suitable for skinny ladies, and a cage that is cut along an oblique line is for full-length women. In addition, a pencil skirt, half sun, trapeze,
  • for large women it’s worth choosing a medium sized cell
  • you cannot combine two things in a cage. It is also not recommended to combine such a model with jeans.
  • It should abandon the combination of a cell with jeans and accessories.

Striped skirt - Another trend of 2017. It is necessary to observe the following rule: for thin women fit things in a horizontal strip, and for ladies with large proportions should choose a vertical striped skirt.

A transparent striped skirt is suitable for a romantic look. This model gives the image of lightness and femininity.

Ideal - a strip of white or blue. The marine-style skirt perfectly harmonizes with a white blouse, light sandals and a straw hat.

The color of the strip may be as follows: brown, black, blue, red, yellow.

Denim models

Denim skirt is not only trendy this season, but practical and versatile.

The ideal model is a knee-length denim pencil skirt. This model will hide the flaws of the figure and give the image of femininity. This length is suitable for office as well as for everyday look. Only the top and shoes change. For example, a white T-shirt with bright lettering and white sneakers is suitable for a walk.

The denim skirt perfectly harmonizes with such a top, like a classic shirt, a blouse of a free or semi-fit cut, a turtleneck gray, black, blue, jackets, jackets, top, sweater.

Another trend of the season - a semi-sun denim skirt that is great for women over 45 years old, since it not only hides figure flaws, but also emphasizes the femininity and tenderness of the female.

Pencil skirt

The classic is a pencil skirt. This model is combined with almost all stylistic trends. Black skirt is most popular among women of different ages for office work. Such a thing can be easily combined with a variety of shirts, blouses and jackets.

For an evening look, choose a lace model with a guipure blouse or a top with a skirt and pumps. In this case, you should not get involved with the number of decorations.

Highlight some fashion tips:

  • It should be combined with a cardigan in the English style, as well as with a fitting jacket without sleeves.
  • For a festive outfit, combine a skirt with a frill blouse or with a scent for small chest sizes.
  • Appetizing ladies should wear a skirt with things up to the middle of the thigh to balance the proportions.
  • For cool weather, a woolen skirt is suitable.
  • One of the most stylish looks: blue skirt + strict cardigan + blouse + ballet flats.

The skirt with a high waist fits women with an average physique. At the same time, this model perfectly harmonizes with multi-colored blouses made of chiffon or silk.

Half sun model

Half skirt suitable for women of any age and for any physique for a number of reasons:

  • This model gives slimness and femininity to the image,
  • hides figure flaws,
  • underlines the waist line
  • can be worn at any time of the year.

For women over 45, choose a model below the knee. Included with the skirt will look such a top, like: half-fitted jacket, cardigan with buttons, shirt, vest, openwork top, jacket, short coat with a belt.

It is not necessary to choose only dark colors. The semi-sun skirt can have one of the following trendy colors: green, burgundy, blue, red, white, brown, purple, orange.

Top models with wide hips

With the help of properly selected clothes you can hide figure flaws. For example, using peculiar models of skirts can reduce the size of the hips.

Initially select what models should not be purchased with wide hips:

  1. Flounces and ruffles.
  2. Tulip skirt.
  3. Short jeans skirts.
  4. Model of skin tone or fabric with a slight sheen.
  5. Pleated skirts.
  6. Models of fabrics such as velvet, boucle, velvet.

In fact, the bottom should be from a simple monophonic fabric without additional elements (pockets, draperies). In addition, when choosing the perfect skirt should take into account such models as:

  • Hex skirt
  • Pencil skirt semi-adjacent silhouette.
  • Vertical (narrow) lines are acceptable.
  • Half skirt with midi length.
  • Long skirt of flowing fabrics.
  • Tapered down models.
  • Model with a high waistline.

Summer implies a variety of colors and styles, even at the age of more than 45 years.

So, designers offer to choose a model of one of these shades: white, yellow, burgundy, orange, pink, green, blue.

In the trend will be such drawings as flowers, animals, geometric shapes, peas, stripes.

Trendy styles are:

  • white or beige pencil skirt - this model is perfectly combined with any top, first of all, with tight-fitting or semi-adjacent silhouettes,
  • skirt with a smell - is practical in everyday life, while it looks spectacular and sexy. In addition, a worn skirt is suitable for various events.
  • pomp - this model for the summer period should be light and airy. The skirt of the sun or the half-sun will not only hide the figure flaws, but also give the image of femininity, especially in combination with sandals on the heel.

Models for women with a stomach

Any woman can hide the extra weight with the help of a properly chosen skirt, including a prominent tummy.

But most women tend to wear a skirt too loose and baggy cut, thereby increasing the proportions visually.

Another common mistake is choosing a too narrow model. This model is able to show everyone around even the presence of a small tummy.

Well the third misconception is the pomp of the bottom. We are talking about models that are too lush right after the belt.

Women with a tummy should pay attention to such models as:

  • Pencil skirt with a high waistline.
  • Model A-silhouette - free cut visually reduces the waist and hides the belly.
  • Corrugated skirts - easily mask any flaws in the figure.
  • Tulip high rise.
  • Semi-sun - suitable for choosing the right length of landing.
  • Light model in the floor - it is better to choose a single color.

When choosing a regular skirt, you should consider not only fashion trends, season, style, but also the age of the woman. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a new skirt, we suggest reading this material about the most correct and fashionable styles of skirts in 2017.