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What does the crown tattoo mean


We all know that the crown is a symbolic subject of royal rule. This headdress already at the subconscious level causes associations with the sole and unlimited power. Therefore, today many people strive to make a “crown” tattoo, the meaning of which in most cases remains traditional and symbolizes superiority.

"Crown" on the body

"Royal" tattoo has no gender and can be printed on both female and male body. However, the value changes slightly. The girl who made herself a tattoo "crown", the value puts this: she seeks to rise above her friends around, informing the outside world about her "privileged" status of the princess, which she herself appropriated. This is probably the way in the conscious age expressed the desire of every little girl to become a princess, and then the queen. Tattoo "crown", the value of which we consider, made by a woman, in most cases is a way of self-expression, which is designed to inform about her superiority, originality and chosenness. The girls also make a “crown” tattoo in order to demonstrate to men their higher position and to compete with them in all areas of life.

Tattoo "crown": meaning

All tattoos have some definite meaning, meaning. Many of them came from the prison subculture, in which tattoos serve as a kind of "tags" and can often tell much more about their master than he does. Located on the shoulder or on the chest, the "crown", which crowns the head of a snake, betrays the thief in law, keeping himself apart from ordinary criminals and leading them. Another tattoo "crown" in the criminal world has the following meaning: a prisoner with this symbol has committed a serious crime or demonstrates his insubordination to the correctional system. For other cultures, the crown, made in the form of an illuminated symbol, has a divine meaning and personifies higher powers. Also, the crown as a tattoo was adopted in criminal circles, in particular among street thieves and hooligans. She is depicted with a tiger holding her in her paw. Such a composition makes an aggressive impression and is designed to inform others about the presence of inclination and readiness for violence from its owner. The “crown” in the form of red card suits is inherent in homosexuals, but what they want to express with such a symbol is not precisely known to a wide circle. There is evidence that such a tattoo on people with such an orientation can be performed by force.

Image of the crown

Today, a tattoo with this royal crown is done on various parts of the body: behind the ear, ankle, wrist, neck, shoulder, back, and so on - as a fantasy and sense of proportion allows. Girls prefer small, neat and sophisticated images, guys, of course, more ambitious and coarse. From this, by the way, and prices for a tattoo depend. Someone makes a tattoo in secluded places, not wanting to advertise his love for underwear painting (for himself), and someone, on the contrary, in prominent areas to demonstrate his originality. Often the crown is depicted in combination with other objects. This is done to emphasize their importance. For example, in Korea, the crown is depicted with a turtle, thereby highlighting its characteristic qualities - wisdom and longevity. The crown, depicted on the left side of the chest, is considered a talisman for good luck, and on the back - a symbol of the experienced humiliation. Basically, the crown is stuffed exclusively as a fashionable and symbolic attribute of modern tattoo art.

Symbolic meaning

In medieval symbolism, the crown meant a direct relationship to the ruling family. Most often she was depicted on knightly flags and coat of arms. Tattoo with the image of the crown can be considered as a type of elite tattoo, which is designed to emphasize the position of a person in society.

A more subtle interpretation of this symbol depends on the location of the tattoo on the body and related images. For example, if the picture is applied above the heart, such a tattoo symbolizes good luck.

The Celtic bracelet - a characteristic image containing a heart, a crown and two hands that support them - means the union of love (heart), loyalty (crown) and friendship (hands). This symbol is becoming an increasingly popular motif for tattoos.
Girls often choose an unconventional image of the crown to emphasize their superiority over others or to simply stand out. Such a tattoo usually does not carry any special meaning.

If the crown is accompanied by some other symbol, it usually indicates its importance. In many religions and cultures, the crown is considered a symbol of divinity. Thus, the crown of Mary Magdalene is widely known in Christianity, in Greek, pagan mythology there is the Apollo laurel crown, which is also essentially a crown, and in the Korean tradition the crowned turtle symbolizes longevity and tranquility.

In a general sense, a tattoo in the form of a crown says that a person aspires to power, wants to emphasize his importance, to make himself more significant than he is. Paradoxically, such a tattoo can talk about the romance of its owner, the desire to return to the good old days. It all depends on the style of the image of this symbol and the place of its application.

Crown in criminal tattoo

It should be borne in mind that the image of the crown is often used in criminal tattoos, it is of particular importance in the criminal world.

The crown in a criminal tattoo indicates the high prestige of its wearer in the area. She often points to particularly serious crimes of convicts, to the unwillingness to correct. It can be said that the crown in a criminal tattoo is a symbol of hatred of order.

The crown, placed above the serpent coiling its rings, is an attribute of the kingpin. Crowned tiger with a skull in its paws distinguishes Gopnik and symbolizes the propensity to violence. The crown placed on the prisoner's back is a sign of humiliation.

Is the tattoo on the arm in the form of a crown for girls?

From an early age, every woman wants to feel like a princess, so a tattoo depicting a crown is often found in the hands of young girls. Usually it is small, very neat, even a little in a cartoon style. Such tattoos do not symbolize anything special and serious, just hint to others that their owner is young, pure in heart, a little capricious and naive, maybe waiting for a meeting with the handsome prince.

Also, the tattoo crown on the girl's hand has other meanings. Considering this object as a symbol of the ruling elite, we can characterize such a permanent pattern as a sign of belonging to the “cream of society”, superiority over those around us.

What does the tattoo crown on the arm?

In addition to the above values, you should pay attention to the classical interpretation of the tattoo in the form of a crown:

  1. Power, leadership. The image emphasizes prestige, high status, political success, outstanding achievements.
  2. Belief in a higher power. The crown in some cultures is associated with a crown of thorns that was put on the head of Jesus Christ before execution, as well as an angel’s halo. Therefore, the tattoo described can have a religious significance, testifying to a strong faith in God, especially in combination with the cross.
  3. Persistence The crown is a strong and awe-inspiring symbol. It can be interpreted as a sign of courage, persistence of views, an “iron” character, the ability to control oneself and control the situation.
  4. Good luck, success. Queens and princesses are always envied, considering them lucky, dabas of destiny. Accordingly, a tattoo crown is sometimes interpreted as a sign of luck.
  5. Immortality, eternity. If you develop the theme of the religious meaning of the image, you can include belonging to an infinite divine principle, and therefore the possibility to exist after death.

To emphasize the meaning of the tattoo is easy, if you include it in the composition, add elements. For example, a tattoo crown on a hand together with an inscription, as a rule, a name, will symbolize the superiority of its owner. Also in this way you can emphasize your own life motto, the highest value. Often the name of a loved one is used as an inscription.

What does the double tattoo crown on the arm mean?

Recently, it has become very popular to make tattoos for two, often with a crown. This is due to another interesting value of this figure - devotion.

As a rule, a steamy tattoo is ordered in the salon by newlyweds or people in long-lasting serious relationships who have decided to stay together for the rest of their lives. In this case, it is easy to guess what a tattoo crown on the arm means - loyalty to a partner, honesty, openness in front of him. In addition, permanent drawings look very beautiful, unusual, and always remind each of the pair of the vows or promises made.

Eastern and Latin American culture gives the image considered additional meaning. It is believed that the crown symbolizes peace in marriage, a strong family, longevity, healthy relationships, true love.

Character value

The crown is the symbol of the general meaning, which lies on the surface. It - power. Of course, more often only pursuit of her.
The symbol can decorate the body of a person who has already achieved power, leadership and unquestioning veneration in the field of his interests. Or he thinks that he was born for such a role.

Speaking more simply, the crown shows either a real achievement of a higher goal, or signifies ambitions to achieve it.

Gold Crown hints at the divine origin of the power or talent of the owner of the tattoo.
Stones decorating crowns is an individual parameter. Some select a stone by horoscope, name, date of birth, or other personal considerations. The abundance of stones in the crown indicate the big ambitions of the owner
Crown is located above the heart - A good luck symbol that follows the owner.
Crown, palms of two hands and heart - loyal and pure love, or equally loyal and pure friendship. Popular sketch for paired tattoos.
The crown with three distinguished teeth (pointed or vice versa with something decorated) symbolizes the trinity. May mean the trinity of God. Or "Faith, Hope, Love." The same value can be "do not believe, do not be afraid, do not ask."
Crown with a cross or another religious symbol speaks of serving God. The perception of the "Creator" as the creator and master of all things and unquestioning obedience and service to him.
Turtle with a crown - a symbol of longevity and tranquility (* - Based on the history of Korean symbolism).
Any inscription, decorated with a crown on top - is the life principle, reflected in the tattoo.
Four leaf clover - talisman and amulet for good luck.

The value of tattoo crown for men and girls

For girls such a tattoo is a way to show its superiority. The female crown is different from the masculine elegance of execution. And is an attribute of the queen or princess.

This symbol shows the love of freedom and the individuality of the girl. The meaning of the symbol on the female body cannot be read as “the desire for power”. Even with a notable origin, state and power, the real princess will submit to the prince, who is able to win her heart.

On the other hand, the symbol shows that such a girl is worthy of a “king” or “prince” and does not agree to the least.
Crown tattoo accompanied the inscription of a male name a girl means constancy in love. So the girl shows devotion to her chosen one.
Cartoon or watercolor style tattoo indicates that the young lady likes to just play a princess and is not serious about this image.

The value of tattoo crown in men In the stronger sex with this symbol things are much easier. The crown is a sign of power. In the modern world it is a distinctive sign of high origin or leadership and authority.

Character in history

High headgear, have always been a symbol of power. It is convenient - a representative of the authorities, always visible in the crowd. By the way, the same function of a police cap.
Of course, the representative of the higher authorities, the monarch, needed a headdress that distinguishes him from others. It was supposed to be unique and of course made of precious metals, preferably with the decoration of the maximum number of precious stones.

Since the Middle Ages, the crown has been the distinctive symbol of the monarch. This attribute not only showed the royal person herself, but also hinted at the origin of power - from God.
The crowns depicted on numerous coats of arms, military helmets and shields meant serving the king as the goal of life. By the way, the laurel crown, which crowned Jesus' head with crucifixion, was put on his head as a mockery. He symbolized the crown worthy of the "king of kings."

general information

Long since and at all times the crown was considered a symbol of power, because it was worn by emperors, kings, and, in general, almost all rulers. But such headdresses met in mythology and even religion, and they symbolized belonging to the divine world.

Angels are depicted with a halo, and he also looks like a crown. Moreover, one can draw an analogy between such an accessory and Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns on his head. And in the Middle Ages such an image could be found on the arms of the knights. Anyway, the crown is something special.

Who is suitable?

Who would suit such an option? Since the crown is often an elegant and beautiful image, such a tattoo is very suitable for a girl. But if it is depicted more brutally, then for a man the tattoo will also be relevant.

As for the character, it is advisable to choose the image of the crown to people who are confident in themselves, have strong leadership qualities, aspire to power or who want to make their lives better and improve themselves.

Suitable body parts

Often the crown is applied on the wrist, where it looks very harmonious. This image will be appropriate on the chest or on the back, for example, between the shoulder blades or on one of them. Girls often put this picture on the lower back. But the guys choose the forearm.

What means?

The value of the tattoo crown will depend, firstly, on the characteristics of the image, and secondly, on where the picture is located.

Here are some interpretations:

  • From a religious point of view, the crown can be considered a symbol of divinity, proximity to God, the true faith.
  • If a girl makes a tattoo, and even in a prominent place, then by that she seems to show the others that she stands out from the crowd, differs from everyone else and is unique. And some of the fair sex associate such a symbol with respect, because the crowns were worn by princesses and queens, whom everyone revered.
  • If the crown is depicted with the heart and above it, then this is a symbol of good luck, happiness.
  • If a tattoo looks like a heart with a crown in two hands, then in this case the crown symbolizes loyalty, the heart is personified with love, and the hands with real friendship.
  • The crown can be a symbol of power, might and leadership. That is, if a person makes such a tattoo, then he shows everyone that he is a real leader, and everyone should obey him.
  • If the crown is depicted on the shoulder, then the image carrier shows that the power will always be in his hands.
  • This picture may be a sign of power over yourself, over your emotions and feelings. In this situation, he can symbolize sobriety of mind, composure, composure, the ability to make deliberate decisions and weigh everything.
  • If the crown is next to another tattoo, then it seems to show its importance.
  • In the criminal world, the crown means authority. For example, such tattoos are made by prisoners who have committed a particularly serious crime. And the crown of the serpent is usually the distinguishing mark of the beholder or the thief in the law.
  • Turtle with a crown in Korea and some other countries is considered a symbol of peace, longevity, wisdom.
  • A tiger with a crown holding a skull in its paws is the symbolism of the marginals, who seek violence and do not observe the norms of morality and the rules of public order.
  • If the crown is depicted with cards of red suit, then it can mean that the carrier of such an image is a passive homosexual. Such tattoos are usually made by force as a sign of humiliation, but lately they have become less and less common.
  • The crown with pointed rays represents sunlight and says that a person has only good intentions or is marked by the sun.
  • The triple crown (such as the Pope wears) is associated with the highest authority or desire for it.
  • A headdress with divergent rays and golden glitter means that the owner of such a tattoo is chosen, his enlightenment. Кроме того, изображение может символизировать особые качества носителя, например, какие-то таланты, особый склад ума и так далее.
  • A skull with a crown is power, success, excellence. But such an image originated in Mexico, and there it meant that a person would certainly be lucky, but only in the next life, after the rebirth of his soul.
  • A beautiful crown with a cross usually means faith in God, observance of all religious precepts. But also this image can personify belief in own forces, in the chosen way of life. And in Europe, such a figure was considered a symbol of victory.
  • If the crown resembles a crown, then it will protect against evil spirits and the evil eye.
  • Crown with money - financial well-being.
  • In the photo often crowns with inscriptions. This is proof of the importance and significance of what is written.
  • Since any ruler must be not only powerful, but also fair, the crown can also personify justice, correctness of thoughts.
  • A crown with three pointed teeth can mean that faith, hope and love are of particular importance to a person.
  • A crown with precious stones can symbolize the search for the meaning of life.
  • If the name is shown above the crown, then this person is very important.

Consider examples and sketches, decide which value is closer to you, and fill the drawing with personal emotions so that it is really important to you.

The embodiment of power and superiority

Let us in the modern world we have less and less to deal with the attributes of the royal authority, and they seem to us more like museum exhibits or jewelry stored in the treasury of a few persons of royal blood. However, the symbolism of the crown, oddly enough, is still relevant in the art of tattooing.

The history of this headdress begins in ancient times, when the ancient tribes had the custom to weave wreaths of branches, flowers, feathers, horns and other available decorative elements and use them as a symbol of transient power, temporary superiority, possession of secret exceptional knowledge and connection with the highest by forces. Such ornaments could be worn by leaders, shamans, people having a special purpose or acting as priests.

Over time, the design of crowns improved and the image of the temporary rule became the true embodiment of undeniable greatness. The crown, made of precious and rare metals, full of precious stones, towered above its owner and elevated him, speaking now the material manifestation of domination, spiritual enlightenment, the presence of divine powers and powers.

Also in the Middle Ages, there was a tendency to distinguish the value of the crown, based on its shape and used for the manufacture of materials:

  • gold dress with a closed rim is considered a symbol of immortality, the infinity of being and unlimited power,
  • the tower crown symbolizes the divine abode, a holy place surrounded by magical walls,
  • an adornment consisting of pointed "rays" directed upward is associated with the sun, all-pervading light and warmth, thus indicating spiritual ascension, wisdom and royalty,
  • a crown with a lot of precious stones is believed to emphasize and strengthen the significance, exclusivity and ambition of its owner, giving him a magical connection with the patronizing elements.

Soon, the symbol of the crown appeared in heraldry, becoming widespread as a sign indicating the status of a feudal lord or knight, often used in noble or land emblems. And in the XV century in Germany, a tradition arose to wear helmets on tournaments and knightly competitions, decorated with a pattern of this unchanging attribute of power, which confirmed the participant’s membership in the nobility.

Styles and Plots

The designation of a crown tattoo can be quite varied depending on the message that the future owner of the picture would like to put into it. This can be either a simple schematic representation, or large-scale, detailed, and colorful work. To decide on how the skin should look like, it is worth a little to understand the styles of tattoo art.

Realistic scenes always talk about a serious and thorough approach, they reflect the spiritual impulses of the owner, and, of course, the professionalism of the master working on the image. Since realism provides for the most accurate reproduction of a real object, we can safely conclude that the crown tattoo created in this style will assume the basic meaning of the symbol - the thirst for power, ambition, the desire to control and manage, dominate, win and enjoy fame.

Masters working in this direction create bright, saturated, flashy and extraordinary drawings that are distinguished by clear, wide, even rough contours. Often, comic, cartoon works with a certain tinge of irony are created in the newscore. Such a tattoo will demonstrate the need of its owner to be in the center of attention, his extraordinary intelligence, creativity and the ability to be himself under any circumstances.

This style, which originated in America in the 20s, is characterized by religious and even sacred themes. Works are created mainly in dark contrasting colors using clear, but graceful lines and shadows.
It is believed that the tattoo of the crown on the arm, made in this direction, will become a talisman from misfortunes, will help to gain faith in one's own strength, find the right way of life and stick to it.

Watercolor works stand out among others not only with bright colors and careless lines, but above all with the general mood of the drawing. Tenderness, lightness, weightlessness and romance as if penetrated every contour, every centimeter of the figure. It is easy to guess that this direction originates from the technique in the visual arts, and when it came to tattoo culture, it immediately conquered the hearts of connoisseurs of underwear painting. Best watercolor crown tattoo for a girl, its value is reduced to a demonstration of femininity, individuality, dedication, ambition, but at the same time, a slight moodiness, which is so characteristic of a fragile and sweet princess.

Interesting combinations and compositions

The ancient attribute of the royal authority was firmly established in the world of tattoo lovers and, of course, acquired a lot of accompanying symbols and images that enhance its value and add new aspects.

  • The image of the crown adorning the head of a lion - the true king of beasts, personifies developed leadership qualities, a clear superiority and the need to exercise control over others, characterizes natural leaders and organizers.
  • The crown with the cross has a very ambiguous meaning. In Europe, such a tattoo speaks about the desire to win, the strength of will and the inner core, however, in some cases it may indicate that its owner is a believer, for whom love, hope and trust are important.
  • The headdress, dazzling with an abundance of jewelery or depicted in a composition with money, demonstrates wealth and financial well-being, which are in the priority of the tattoo carrier.
  • The crown with wings is a sign of spiritual enlightenment and exaltation, self-development, striving to conquer new and unexplored peaks.

  • The symbol of power in conjunction with the heart is often inflicted by loving couples who wish to capture their feelings, as if to assure each other of sincerity of feelings, devotion and loyalty. Crown tattoos with initials or names that emphasize the importance of a certain person in the life of a picture holder are also popular among couples.
  • A crown in a composition with a four-leaf clover is considered a lucky charm.

  • The royal attribute depicted with roses, cards, daggers, skulls or ribbons is a very popular plot for the direction of the old school, personifying the freedom of thought, manners and actions, perseverance, firmness and unshakable desire to control their own lives.
  • Symbolism and character

    It is believed that the crown as an indisputable sign of superiority and power is applied to their bodies by people who are extremely vain, overly ambitious, arrogant and proud. However, is this true?

    Tattoos, like any of the attributes of appearance, are aimed at conveying a certain thought to others, creating a certain impression or hiding flaws. It is not necessary to be a “king” to get your “crown”. We often hear that a person with a certain tattoo, most likely, has character traits that fully correspond to its meaning, but we should not forget that each of us puts his own very personal meaning into the design on his body.

    The recent tendency to judge people by their tattoos, of course, appeared for a reason, but nevertheless, for the most part, it originated on the basis of speculation and fiction. The crown on the arm or chest can be either a demonstration of strength and grandeur, or a momentary emotional outburst, or perhaps it is self-irony or an attempt to protect oneself from adversity caused by indecision. Each of us is free to decorate his body with those symbols, drawings and plots that bring happiness, make happy on bad days and act as a reason for pride in ourselves. You should not think in stereotypes, because even a “crowned person” can easily be a kind-hearted person.

    Among girls

    The value of the crown on the female body may vary depending on the location and type of the tattoo itself. If a bright, cartoon crown is depicted, then this is probably a sign that the girl loves to play the princess.

    A crown with three clear teeth means that Faith, Hope and Love play an important role in a person’s life..

    A small tattoo on the wrist - symbolizes the desire to stand out and demonstrate their individuality, rather than the desire for domination. A tattoo in the form of a crown with a cross on any part of the body in girls is a sure sign of the religiosity of the young lady.

    "Men's" crown

    Not only women, but also many men prefer to wear the image of the crown on their bodies, the meaning of which will differ somewhat from the female interpretation. As a rule, men prefer to fill this pattern on the hands, in particular, this brush and wrist.

    The value of a crown tattoo among men, regardless of its type and location, will be one thing - demonstration of its power, strength and rather heavy character to others..

    In places of detention

    Tattooing of this type is widely popular among those of the underworld, and even in this segment it has its own meaning, which is understandable only for a separate circle. But in the prison world it is the crown that is the symbol of authority and authority.

    In some cases, such a tattoo means that its carrier has committed a particularly serious crime, the repentance of which he does not consider necessary. The crown on the wrist can be a symbol of aggressive nature, deviant behavior and unwillingness to obey the established laws and rules.

    If you decide to make a tattoo, it is necessary to approach this issue with particular seriousness, since it is this symbol that will accompany you throughout your life and its importance is of no small importance, both personally for you and for others.