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Harm of hookah - is it true that hookah is 100 times more harmful than cigarettes?


A hookah smoker can inhale as much tobacco smoke as contained in more than 100-200 cigarettes during a regular one-hour session, the Ministry of Social Affairs warns. In a statement, reports that hookah smoke, even after passing through a water filter, contains a large amount of carbon monoxide, heavy metal salts and chemical compounds that cause cancer. A water filter retains some of the nicotine, but does not guarantee the safety of smoking and does not prevent the emergence of addiction.

Every tobacco contains addictive poison - nicotine, which is one of the regulators of the amount of tobacco consumption. The cigarette smoker smokes until he satisfies the body with his usual dose of nicotine. To saturate the nicotine hunger when smoking hookah takes 20-80 minutes.

If a cigarette smoker takes about 8–12 puffs for 5–7 minutes and inhales 0.5–0.6 liters of smoke, then 50–200 puffs, each containing 0.15–1.0 liters of smoke, are made during hookah smoking. . Therefore, a hookah smoker in one smoking session can breathe more smoke into himself than when smoking 100 cigarettes.

When a non-smoker is in a smoke-filled room, his health is endangered, the same situation develops in the society of hookah smokers. In this case, the harm from carbon monoxide emitted during the combustion of coal and other chemical compounds is added.

Hookah is dangerous to health

The rapid development of tourism is accompanied by the worldwide spread of the hookah smoking cult, or, in colloquial language, the “water pipe” that originated in North Africa and Asia. According to the observations of representatives of Estonian travel companies, every tenth tourist returning from Egypt brings a hookah along with other souvenirs with them.

Hookah smoking is considered an innocent party pastime, aided by the fallacy that tobacco smoke passing through a pipe’s water filter cannot be as unhealthy as smoke from smoking cigarettes. Apart from the fact that different flavors and aromas are added to hookah tobacco, which eliminate the bitter taste inherent in tobacco, the hookah tobacco packaging often contains a note that this tobacco contains “only” 0.5% nicotine and 0% tar, which in turn strengthens confidence in the safety of smoking "water pipe". Deceptive advertising on the Internet promotes hookah smoking as the safest type of smoking.

Although the water filter of the hookah absorbs a part of nicotine, even a novice smoker experimenting with a “water pipe” can get a dose of nicotine sufficient to form a dependency in the body. The dangers of smoking hookah are not limited to nicotine, because inhalation of tobacco smoke in such a large amount means at the same time ingestion of carbon monoxide, heavy metal salts, carcinogenic and other chemical elements in an amount that is harmful to the body, because water does not fully retain all smoke chemistry. Both hookah manufacturers and traders who, by advertising completely safe smoking, offer a hookah equipped with a mouthpiece with an activated carbon filter or filled with cotton, or offer chemicals added to the water of the hookah and special plastic carbon filters as an additional protective agent. to form smaller bubbles. They do not give any guarantee of security. The inhaled amounts of smoke, of course, vary, depending on the model of the hookah and the way of smoking, but no single type of hookah as a smoking device is safe for health, being a significant risk factor for chronic lung and cardiovascular diseases and cancer tumors.

Hookah with its pleasant aroma and mild flavor is a special bait for teenagers who have never tried to smoke or smoke before. It is this real trap - the formation of dependence without the person himself realizing it. The initial excitement is gradually replaced by a habit, which opens the way to smoking cigarettes, but there is no longer far from drug use. Also frequent are youth hookah parties, where alcohol is used instead of water in a hookah (mostly wine), or is replaced by smoking cannabis.

It is noteworthy that the mythical concept of hookah safety is widespread, along with the mania of hookah smoking, both in Europe and in America, while it is beginning to disappear in many Islamic countries. Thus, more and more Islamic countries are introducing a ban on smoking hookah in indoor spaces in places of leisure. The articles of our tobacco law concerning the prohibition of smoking in cafes, bars, nightclubs and other catering enterprises will come into force in June 2007. In designated places of leisure it is allowed to smoke in the inner rooms only in a specially designated room, which is equipped with adequate ventilation, and the device of such a room is not mandatory for the enterprise.

Harm from smoking hookah

Scientific studies have shown that filtering tobacco smoke through water in a hookah reduces the content: nicotine, up to 90% phenols, up to 50% fine solid particles, benzopyrene (benzo (a) pirene), aromatic hydrocarbons polycyclicene (polycyclique). There is a reduction in the carcinogenic potential of smoke that has crossed the water compared to that which has not undergone such filtration.

Passing through the water, the smoke is cleared of acrolein (acroleine) and acetaldehyde (acetaldehyde), substances harmful to alveolar macrophages (macrophages), the main cells of protection of the lungs and important elements of the human immune system. Akram Shafi (born Akram Chafei), in his studies of the Egyptian hookah, notes that smoking a hookah, like smoking a cigarette, "brings acute changes in the pulmonary function"! While the smoke of a cigarette affects the small endings of the respiratory tract of the bronchioles participating in the pulmonary blood supply, the hookah smoke "has an immediate effect on the large airways"!

The blood level of cotinine (English cotinine) in hookah smokers is increased compared with cigarette smokers. The author of one study, Catherine Macaron, believes that if it is likely that the smoke, passing through the water, loses the concentration of some of its components, then the other elements are likely to remain unchanged. On this basis, researchers believe that the "cleansing" result of the action of water on smoke is canceled. Stop quoting this stupid study! It is, first of all, one single thing (!), But all refer to it! Secondly, what is this "scientific" research in which the word "probably" is constantly found! It is asked that she investigated. And How? On the cafe grounds guessing? Maybe loses, and maybe not loses. It is possible to argue in a tram, and not in science.

Hookah against cigarettes

Smoking hookah, previously considered less harmful than smoking conventional tobacco, is actually just as dangerous and also leads to a number of dangerous diseases. According to the latest medical research, the hour of hookah smoking is equivalent to 100 cigarettes smoked. In Egypt, where the hookah smoking culture is highly developed, authorities are already declaring restrictive measures associated with this exotic fun. Meanwhile, the number of hookah lovers in Europe is growing rapidly.

Hookah smoking, previously considered less harmful than smoking tobacco, is in fact just as dangerous and can cause lung disease, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. This is evidenced by recent studies of physicians.

"Doctors are seriously concerned that hookah smoking is becoming increasingly popular in European countries."

According to research by the World Health Organization, hookah smoke contains as much carbon dioxide, tar and heavy metals as regular cigarettes. The same data and analyzes of the German Center for the Study of Cancer.

The main difference is the quantity and quality of tobacco smoke inhaled by a smoker. Thus, the content of beryllium, chromium, cobalt and nickel in the smoke of a hookah is many times greater than the content of these substances harmful to human health in cigarette smoke. Experts believe the wrong and the view that water serves as a kind of filter that reduces the effects of harmful substances.

Do not forget that the ritual of hookah smoking is rather long - it lasts from half an hour to an hour. One hour of hookah smoking is equivalent to 100 cigarettes smoked - this is significantly more than previously thought, WHO experts say.

Doctors also warn that, in addition to the harmful substances contained in the smoke, hookah smokers are also subject to other risks, such as hepatitis and tuberculosis, and therefore urge those who like this exotic fun to use disposable mouthpieces, ITAR-TASS reports.

Doctors are seriously concerned that hookah smoking is becoming increasingly popular in European countries. For example, this oriental fun is becoming more common among German youth. According to the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper, about three hundred special hookah-style or smoking rooms in restaurants work in Germany, and their number is constantly growing.

In total, according to the German Cancer Research Center, hookah smoking is a predilection for more than 100 million people in the world, primarily in North Africa and South-West Asia, reports AMI-TASS.

The popularity of the exotic way of smoking tobacco is due to several reasons. Many are attracted by the tobacco flavored fruit additives, as well as the extraordinary atmosphere of the place — usually decorated in an oriental style — as well as the ritual of smoking itself.

Plays the role and the widespread view that smoking a hookah is less harmful to health than addiction to regular cigarettes. Passing through the liquid in the flask of the device, tobacco smoke is cooled, moistened and flavored. The fluid in the hookah also serves to filter, and most of the harmful tar, impurities and ash contained in the tobacco are deposited in the water. It is believed that this makes hookah a much less harmful way to smoke. However, this myth is increasingly debunked by experts.

The culture of hookah smoking is known to be extremely developed in Egypt - a rare tourist will not bring a hookah from there as a souvenir. However, according to a study conducted by the local ministry of health, it is the hookah that holds a significant share of responsibility for the spread of tuberculosis in the country.

Last year, the Ministry of Health of Egypt announced its intention to submit a bill on the introduction of a tax on the production of hookah tobacco to parliament. The new “hookah tax” will bring more than $ 100 million to the treasury, which will be used for medical insurance.

Hookah and health

The influence of tobacco smoke on the organism of a smoker has been repeatedly considered from many positions. However, there was no research on the effect of smoke passing through a water filter, as in a hookah. And also this phenomenon is little studied from a sociological point of view. Indeed, from this point of view, we have to state that for more than four centuries, the hookah has been painting life every day and subordinating tens of millions of people to its rhythm, in public institutions or at home.

The practice of hookah smoking has become a real mass phenomenon and today it is actively developing in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt and in many other countries of the Middle East as well as in the open spaces of Russia and the CIS countries.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states in its annual reports this hobby. Reactions of the official authorities to this phenomenon often look awkward, sometimes it seems that they are more frightened by what they say about the hookah, rather than the real picture. On the other hand, these countries, like many others, are mostly flooded with cigarettes and powerful advertising by large cigarette companies. In this regard, WHO warns of an increase of up to 700% in mortality due to tobacco adherence in developing countries, which, by 2025, if no specific measures are taken, will reach 7,000,000 (seven million) deaths per year.

In the hookah, the smoke is cooled by passing through the water, cooling is followed by filtration. The smoke from the hookah, devoid of such substances as acrolein and aldehydes, unlike cigarette smoke, does not irritate the mucous membranes of the throat or nose of smokers and non-smokers located near the hookah. This fact partially explains the public interest and widespread use of tobacco smoking as a hookah.

The passage of smoke through the water also reduces the amount of tar, tar and other substances potentially carcinogenic nicotine. Initially, tobacco is distilled in a cup from hot coals, then smoke goes down the mine, which is submerged in water, after this “washing” the smoke rises along the hose and through the mouthpiece enters the smoker’s lungs.

Various scientific studies have shown that filtering tobacco smoke through water in a hookah reduces the content: nicotine, up to 90% phenols, up to 50% fine solid particles, benzopyrene (benzo (a) pirene), aromatic hydrocarbons polycyclicene (polycyclique). There is a reduction in the carcinogenic potential of smoke that has crossed the water compared to that which has not undergone such filtration.

Passing through the water, the smoke is cleared of acrolein (acroleine) and acetaldehyde (acetaldehyde), substances harmful to alveolar macrophages (macrophages), the main cells of protection of the lungs and important elements of the human immune system. Akram Shafi (Akram Chafei) in his studies of the Egyptian hookah notes that smoking hookah, like smoking a cigarette, ". carries acute changes in lung function. " While cigarette smoke affects the small airway endings of the bronchioles (bronchioles) involved in pulmonary blood supply, hookah smoke. " produces an immediate effect on the major airways. "

But the most interesting recent research K. Macaron (C. Macaron). Her merit and unique research lies in the fact that she studied only hookah smokers. Thus, mixed cigarette and hookah smokers and those who smoked cigarettes before were separated.

The blood content of cotonine (cotinine) in hookah smokers is increased compared with cigarette smokers. The author believes that if it is likely that the smoke, passing through the water, loses the concentration of some of its components, then the other elements are likely to remain unchanged. On this basis, researchers believe that the "cleansing" result of the action of water on smoke is canceled.

Meanwhile, we note that random hookah smokers, and they represent the majority of his fans, do not have tobacco or nicotine addiction. They almost never smoke cigarettes, because, above all, they are looking for new flavors, taste, atmosphere, like some coffee lovers. In addition, often, these smokers simply follow the fashion or want to seem "cool." They relish the hookah at the level of the taste bumps, not experiencing the need to inhale the smoke. If there is a dependency among them, then this is most likely a behavioral or social dependence.

With the help of a special Smokelyzer apparatus, the alveolar CO content was measured in various types of smokers. The findings coincided with the results cited above, an increased level of carbon monoxide was found in hookah smokers. This gas is formed in the process of any slow or incomplete burning, as it happens with tobacco in a hookah. The level of carbon monoxide ranges from 10 ppm to 60 ppm, depending on the individual and the degree of ventilation of the room - in an unventilated room, the CO content is increased to 28%. This gas provokes an increase in heart rate.

As for the slight intoxication observed in smokers after smoking hookah, it is not caused by any opiates, also not contained in the tobacco for the hookah, but is caused by the action of the same carbon monoxide.

Finally, a hookah smoker explains that he cannot help smoking a hookah for more than two days. This period is not associated with the half-life of nicotine, which occurs approximately 2 hours after smoking, but with cottonin (cotinine), whose half-life varies between 15 and 20 hours. With all the abundance, today there is no coherent hypothesis about the nature of such dependence.

Ministries of health today should focus their efforts on developing products for hookahs that reduce the content of carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke; these could be alternative sources of heating, such as electric ones, replacing coal burning or special filters.

Если, как в Тунисе, запрещать кальян на террасах кафе и открытых площадках, курильщики уйдут туда, где помещения слабо проветриваются (дома, квартиры) и как следствие уровень CO будет повышен. У такой меры, запретительной природы, результат будет прямо противоположный ожидаемому.

Опасность курения кальяна

Эксперты Всемирной организации здравоохранения (ВОЗ) предупреждают о серьезной опасности курения кальяна. Until recently, a smoking pipe with a water filter and a long flexible chibuk, called shisha in Egypt - derived from the word “hashish”, and in other countries - “nargile” or “hukka” - was “beyond suspicion”. However, according to WHO experts, hookah is more harmful to health than cigarettes.

A rare foreign tourist leaves Egypt without a souvenir hookah, ITAR-TASS reports. In addition to the pleasant fruity aroma of hookah tobacco, many are attracted more by its “glamor” and style, the peculiar etiquette of smoking, which somehow links it with the Japanese tea ceremony. Passing through the liquid in the flask of the device, tobacco smoke is cooled, moistened and flavored. The fluid in the hookah also serves to filter, and most of the harmful tar, impurities and ash contained in the tobacco are deposited in the water. This supposedly makes shishu a much less harmful way of smoking. But experts have a different opinion. “One hour of hookah smoking is equivalent to smoking a few packs of cigarettes,” says a specialist at the WHO regional office. Regularly smoking hookah, his lover gets more nicotine and inhales more carbon monoxide and toxins than a regular smoker. In addition, tightening the shisha requires a strong “thrust”, and the smoke penetrates much deeper into the lungs.

According to a study conducted by the Ministry of Health of Egypt, the hookah is the main share of responsibility for the spread of tuberculosis in the country. It is worth noting that the dry climate of Egypt does not contribute to the development of tuberculosis. However, a large number of patients with this dangerous disease can be explained precisely by the universal hookah.

The Egyptian Ministry of Health intends to submit to Parliament a draft law on the imposition of a tax on the production of hookah tobacco. According to Health Minister Hatem Al-Gabali, the new “hookah tax” will bring to the treasury more than $ 100 million, which will be sent to health insurance.

1. Carbon Monoxide

Opinion 1

In one hour of smoking a hookah, a person inhales 100–200 times more smoke than when smoking one cigarette, and large amounts of carbon monoxide get into the lungs, despite the lower content of harmful substances and nicotine. During a session lasting 45 minutes, the smoker consumes more carbon monoxide than when smoking a pack of cigarettes (when the temperature of the coal in the hookah is 600 ° -650 ° C). The need to apply a certain force leads to the penetration of smoke into the deeper parts of the lungs (in the lower respiratory tract).

The harm from hookah smoking is enormous. Even smoking a shag in a cramped and closed room, perhaps, will not cause as much harm as will cause only one hour of smoking a hookah. During this hour, the smoker inhales two hundred (!) Times more poisonous substances than one filter cigarette emits. Do not know how much it is? Just smoke a block of any filter cigarettes for an hour.
In order not to wry one's soul, it is necessary to clarify one thing. When smoking tobacco through a hookah, some less tar and nicotine remain in the smoke than when smoking regular cigarettes, cigarettes or pipes. But then the body gets forty (!) Times more carbon monoxide. If you don’t know what carbon monoxide is, you can ask the medical staff or police officers who will tell you what the corpses of the dead have been from poisoning with this gas.

Many researchers argue that the harm brought to health per hour of hookah smoking is comparable to one hundred smoked regular cigarettes.

But after all, it is very difficult for our people to prove something and all these exclamations: “Let these researchers take cigarettes and come to us. We will smoke a hookah for one hour, and they - a hundred cigarettes, and see what happens to them. ” just prove inability to believe the facts.

Opinion 4

In the body, the hookah smoker has a rather high concentration of carboxyhemoglobin, arsenic, nicotine, chromium, cotinine, and lead. Both when smoking cigarettes and when smoking hookah, the consequences can be dire: lung cancer, impairment of various pulmonary functions, coronary heart disease, low birth weight of offspring. Couples who smoke hookah, often suffer from infertility.
Harm from smoking hookah can affect the health of children and grandchildren of the smoker. And even on the health of great-grandchildren! This should make smokers think. And in some parts of India, despite the obvious harm from smoking hookah, adults give to try a hookah for children. It is simply irresponsible.

2. Salivation

In addition to direct poisoning, there is more rapid harm from the hookah. That is, when there is very little time between smoking a hookah and the effects of smoking it. Not years, but only a couple of days. And even hours. The fact is that hookah rarely smokes alone. Where more often he is smoked among friends or just a big company. When smoking hookah produced a lot of saliva, and a significant part of it, willy-nilly, falls into the liquid filter of the hookah. And then, along with the smoke, this saliva is transferred to every smoker. It is hardly necessary to talk about what personal hygiene is and what dangers saline exchange carries in it.

Another negative of this smoking is that such diseases as herpes, hepatitis B and others can be transmitted through saliva on the mouthpiece. Therefore it is necessary to use disposable tips on the mouthpiece.

3. Passive smoking

When a non-smoker is in a smoke-filled room, his health is endangered, the same situation develops in the society of hookah smokers. Therefore, people who are near you, but not smoking hookah, also receive all the harmful substances (nitrogen, carbon monoxide) and nicotine in their lungs.
A person who is in the society of hookah smokers for a long time exposes himself to no less danger. The danger increases in addition to the fact that in addition to the smoke from the pipe, it inhales the combustion products of tobacco, including carbon monoxide and nitrogen.

4. Dependency

Opinion 1

The emergence of addiction (even for a beginner to smoke a hookah) is also an option. As mentioned above, along with nicotine, carbon monoxide, salts of heavy metals, and chemical elements enter the body in large quantities. This is due to the fact that water still can not fully retain all chemistry. The inhaled amounts of smoke vary, of course, depending on the hookah model and smoking pattern, but no type of hookah is safe for health. And any dependence will sooner or later require an increase in the dose and it certainly will not bring it to good.

Opinion 2

Hookah with its pleasant aroma and mild flavor is a special bait for teenagers who have never tried to smoke or smoke before. It is this real trap - the formation of dependence without the person himself realizing it. The initial excitement is gradually replaced by a habit, which opens the way to smoking cigarettes, but there is no longer far from drug use. Also frequent are youth hookah parties, where alcohol is used instead of water in a hookah (mostly wine), or is replaced by smoking cannabis.

Opinion 3

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that random hookah smokers, and they represent the majority of his fans, do not have tobacco or nicotine addiction. They almost never smoke cigarettes, because, above all, they are looking for new flavors, taste, atmosphere, like some coffee lovers. In addition, often, these smokers simply follow the fashion or want to seem "cool." They relish the hookah at the level of the taste bumps, not feeling the need to inhale smoke. If there is a dependency among them, it is most likely behavioral or social addiction.

And now let's consider the main advantages of smoking hookah.

1. Filtering smoke through water in the hookah reduces the content: nicotine, up to 90% phenols, up to 50% fine particles, benzopyrene, aromatic hydrocarbons polycyclicen. There is a reduction in the carcinogenic potential of smoke that has crossed the water compared to that which has not undergone such filtration.
2. Passing through the water, the smoke is cleared of acrolein and acetaldehyde, substances harmful to alveolar macrophages, the main cells to protect the lungs and important elements of the human immune system.
3. During smoking, tobacco does not come into contact with open fire, which means it does not burn, but dries out under the influence of temperature, and that is why hookah smoke does not contain harmful carcinogens formed as a product of combustion.
4. There is no paper in hookah tobacco, as in cigarettes, which, burning, brings a lot of harmful substances into the body.

5. And of course the aroma when smoking hookah is much more pleasant than cigarette smoke.

6. You can do breathing exercises by pouring water into the flask. The adjustment of the resistance force in this case is carried out by selecting the level of the filled fluid. You can also pour a medicinal brew into the hookah flask to produce inhalation. Hookah has the full functionality of the simulator Frolov and even more.
What to do if you need to make inhalation with some sort of dried herbs? No need to make a decoction is a laborious process and not economical. You can simply smoke medicinal grass through a hookah.

To summarize, the phrase “smoking is harmful to health” remains valid not only for cigarettes, but also for hookah. But, as you know, if you can not, but really want, then you can. To indulge in a hookah one or two times is unlikely to be more harmful than a festive corporate booze.

But in this case, the doctors beg, at least, to observe the necessary precautions:

  • Use only special tobacco and mixes for hookah. You can make complex “bouquets” by yourself, but only after consulting with experts.
  • Rinse the tubes, hose and flask in time. If several people enjoy the pleasant smoke from your hookah at once, do not be lazy to change the mouthpieces.
  • Do not pour any alcoholic beverages into the flask, except for wine, in order not to increase the already harmful effects of the hookah and not to get drunk to the very piggy state. But to add milk or pomegranate juice to the jar is the nicest thing. Especially aesthetic companions can throw cherries or grapes into a vessel and admire their dimensional swimming. To enhance the smell you can drip rose oil.
  • Do not drink hookah hot drinks, it is better to give preference to various types of tea, infusions and lemonades.

And finally, if you decided to smoke a hookah, stop worrying about what is harmful: you will not get pleasure and reduce harm. In the end, to die - so with the music!

Is hookah harmful to health?

Tobacco filled into a hookah is no different from how cigarettes are stuffed, except that hookah tobacco must be moisturized and often saturated with flavor and aroma.

Another thing is that smoking and inhalation of hookah smoke are very different - hence the difference in the effects. If smoking is the burning of tobacco at high temperatures, then in the hookah tobacco smolders and burns slowly.

In this and in another case, the person receives the effects of nicotine and tobacco smoke, but the severity of these effects varies.

The damage of the hookah, provided on the human body

When smoking hookah in the first place is not the effect of nicotine, and the influence of smoke, more precisely, the substances contained in it. From this point of view, the question “is it harmful to a hookah?” Is less straightforward than a similar problem when smoking.

The fact is that the smoke from the hookah contains many times fewer biologically active substances that adversely affect the body: tar, benzopyrene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, benzene, formaldehyde.

But the volumes are incomparable - in their mathematical calculus. Formally, the volume of smoke when smoking cigarettes and hookah is the same - how much they can draw in the lungs, that is, depends on their vital capacity.

But the cigarette smoke volume is limited to its small size and, accordingly, the time of combustion (3-5 minutes on average), while 25-30 grams of tobacco that fits in the middle hookah cup can be pulled for a long time.

On average, the amount of smoke emitted when smoking a cigarette is about 400 ml, the volume of hookah smoke smoked is up to 1.5 liters.

However, the content of harmful substances of smoke and the biological activity of nicotine has not only a method of burning it, but also a variety of tobacco, as well as the pH level of the raw material. The lower the level of acidity, the weaker the effect of tobacco.

At the same time, the tobacco used in hookahs has a high pH level due to the peculiarities of the manufacturing technology (drying, adding flavoring, binding components, etc.). Accordingly, it is impossible to completely eliminate the “nicotine” negative from hookah smoking.

So, several conditions do not allow us to consider hookah smoking as a safe alternative to cigarette smoking:

  • Duration of smoking, which means lengthening the time of inhalation.
  • The safety of the toxic properties of smoke and nicotine, albeit in smaller quantities.

Compensation of the amount of incoming nicotine and / or smoke components by increasing the duration of inhalation.

Impact on the heart

Hookah has both an instant effect and an effect in the form of long-term effects on the activity of the cardiovascular system. The immediate effect (mainly due to the action of nicotine) is minimal and practically does not give subjective sensations.

With the accumulation of “hookah” experience, the toxicological significance of the total impact of active agents increases, which leads to the development of objectively determined and subjectively perceived symptoms. They are caused by diseases typical for smokers (or premorbid background): angina, ischemia, and vascular tone disorder.

It is recognized that these diseases and processes in people who smoke tobacco only through a hookah, develop over a much longer time than the pathologies of cigarette smokers. This is quite understandable: a smaller volume gives less intoxication, more slowly develops a response from the tissues.

Impact on the lungs

Part of the harmful substances generated during the combustion of tobacco and smoke, settles on the walls of the vessel and the mine hookah. Water also plays the role of a filter, retaining a certain amount of combustion products. However, according to various estimates, the total degree of purification does not exceed 40%.

Considering the prolongation of the hookah smoking process, a large amount of inhaled smoke, we can be sure that toxic substances enter the lungs in a volume sufficient to adversely affect the tissues of the respiratory tract.

Under the influence of smoke, the activity of cilia is suppressed - the ciliated epithelium lining the airways from the inside and playing one of the main roles in the process of breathing (mucociliary clearance) and cleansing.

The irritating effect of smoke leads to the formation of a chronic inflammation center in the lungs - bronchitis. In turn, the presence of inflammation in the tissues of the lungs reduces the level of local and general immunity, creates a favorable environment for the formation of foci of specific and non-specific processes.

Impact on vision

If we talk about whether the hookah itself is harmful to the eyes, then at least two unpleasant states of hookah smoke can provoke.

This is irritation of the mucous membrane of the eye by smoke, which is manifested by redness of the eye and slight itching, and which sometimes ends up with dry eye syndrome.

The second disease is uveitis, inflammation of the choroid, the cause of which is also irritation of eye tissues with smoke.

In fairness it should be noted that for the development of these conditions it is necessary to smoke a hookah often, for a long time and exhaled smoke should fall on the face.

Effect on the central nervous system

One of the possible negative effects of hookah on the nervous system is addiction. A person generally accepts very easily some rites, conditions necessary to achieve a state of relaxation, and smoking a hookah is no exception.

This is a whole ritual, the reproduction of which creates a feeling of stability, calm, familiarity. And this is precisely what many lack. As well as communication in a circle of people with a common hobby - at least, a hookah.

Carbon monoxide, which is formed in large quantities when smoking hookah, is also dangerous for the central nervous system, however, due to the low concentration, the poisoning is not pronounced signs.

Perhaps a slight, brief decrease in mental and physical activity, headache, in persons suffering from cardiovascular diseases, shortness of breath, nonintensive pain in the region of the heart may appear.

Nicotine, of course, also affects, but its effects are less pronounced: it can be assumed that in patients with vascular pathologies or unstable blood pressure, manifestations of nicotine intoxication will be more noticeable.

Impact on pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a pathology, but quite a physiological condition. However, in order to develop it in accordance with biological canons, it is necessary to exclude to the maximum all potential sources of threats. Among them is smoking hookah.

Strongly he acts or not - in this case it does not matter. Рисковать здоровьем матери, плода, повышать риск патологического течения родового периода — совершенно ни к чему, достаточно фоновой нагрузки окружающей среды, которая тоже весьма впечатляюща.

Кальян без никотина

Курение кальяна — явление модное, однако о том, что курение кальяна может стать причиной развития заболеваний, осведомлены многие. In the light of the fight against tobacco smoking began to appear for the hookah, which included no tobacco, and therefore eliminated the action of nicotine.

However, the smoke remains, and whether it is harmful to smoke a hookah or not depends not least on the "quality" of the smoke. In the smoke from the combustion of fruit additives there is a greater amount of tar and aromatic hydrocarbons, acetaldehyde, than in the smoke from tobacco.

Consequently, the negative effect of smoke is not at all less, which means that smoking a non-nicotine hookah cannot be absolutely safe from a toxic point of view.


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Hookah is also bad as cigarettes

Heavy hookah smokers are convinced that fragrant smoke doesn’t harm their health, there are several arguments among the arguments in favor of this opinion: dangerous impurities are filtered during smoking, tobacco does not burn, but smolders, the smoke contains almost no nicotine. But all these facts can be easily refuted, hookah is not less harmful to the body than ordinary cigarette tobacco.

It is important!

Hookah tobacco is almost no different from cigarette. It also contains harmful tar and nicotine, the only difference is that hookah tobacco is moisturized and fragrant.

The processes of smoking cigarettes and inhaling hookah smoke vary. When smoking a cigarette, tobacco burns under the action of high temperatures, and in the hookah the tobacco does not burn, it slowly smolders. But the result in both cases is the same - the body is poisoned with nicotine and harmful impurities, when smoking a cigarette it happens quickly, while smoking a hookah - more slowly.

What happens in the body when smoking hookah?

If while smoking cigarettes the greatest harm to the health of the smoker is exerted by the effects of nicotine, then when smoking a hookah in the first place, the harmful effects of inhaled smoke appear. As we noted earlier, tobacco for hookah is very similar in composition to cigarette. It, of course, contains less tar, benzene, formaldehyde, and other toxic components. But this does not mean that hookah tobacco is safer. Why? To answer this question, you only have to learn that a hookah lover consumes many times more smoke than a cigarette smoker for one smoke.

A person smokes a cigarette for no more than five minutes, and during this time the body receives less harmful substances than the body of that smoker who inhales fragrant hookah smoke for about an hour.

The body is poisoned by carbon monoxide

Despite the fact that the concentration of harmful substances in aromatic tobacco is lower than in cigarette tobacco, a large amount of poisonous carbon monoxide enters the body during smoking a hookah. If the temperature of the hookah coal is about 600 ° C, then by the amount of carbon monoxide consumed, a 45-minute hookah smoking session will be equal to smoking a whole pack of cigarettes. And the fact that hookah smoke must be inhaled with a certain effort guarantees carbon monoxide poisoning not only the upper, but also the lower respiratory tract.

Narcologists agree that smoking a strong shag in a small unventilated room is not as harmful as smoking a fragrant hookah.


The body of a hookah smoker is saturated not only with a large amount of carbon monoxide, it is also easy to detect a high concentration of chromium, arsenic, lead, carboxyhemoglobin, and cotinine.

Harmful salivation

When smoking hookah poisoning of the body occurs gradually, the harm accumulates with each new smoked hookah, the consequences of this way to relax - heart problems, lung disease, disruption of the central nervous system and even infertility. But all these diseases do not develop so rapidly, the smoker will not feel the harmful effects of carbon monoxide and nicotine from day one. But there is a hookah and such harm, which can manifest itself the next day after inhalation of fragrant smoke.

The danger of hookah smoking is also in the fact that this trendy attribute is used most often in the company, it is smoked at parties, at celebrations, rarely alone. And hookah is a great way to exchange saliva between friends, but all participants in the circle of smokers can be healthy. There is, of course, a plastic mouthpiece, many believe that its individual use fully protects against the entry of foreign saliva into the body. But it is not. In order to draw in the hookah smoke, you have to try, and during this process, part of your saliva gets not just on the hookah pipe, but inside it. And the next time you inhale smoke, saliva returns to the mouth. And if you have already handed the phone to a friend?

In short, a hookah is a hygienically unsafe device, especially if it is used in a large company. And if you refused to use the mouthpiece, then you risk getting herpes, hepatitis B and other dangerous diseases that are transmitted in this way.

You become a passive smoker

As you know, being close to a person who smokes is dangerous to health, even if you do not smoke yourself. This rule is relevant not only when smoking cigarettes, but also when smoking hookah. If you are in a room where they smoke hookah, your body "absorbs" a lot of harmful substances. And if you yourself smoke it, then the health hazard is twofold: as active, and as a passive smoker at the same time.

It is important!

The passive hookah smoker, even if he himself does not touch the tube, inhales nicotine, nitrogen vapors and carbon monoxide, which hover in the air.

Smoking hookah is very addictive

Does hookah addiction cause? There is no definite answer to this question, but there are several opinions on this:

Opinion 1

Even a novice hookah smoker begins to form a nicotine addiction. Even if he made just a couple of puffs of fragrant smoke just for the sake of interest, he did not smoke anymore, but the company of fans of fragrant smoke did not leave, the addiction would still begin to form. Water serves as a filter from harmful components, but it is not able to keep all toxic substances. That rich hookah tobacco. Some of them still get into the air, thereby making even a passive smoker dependent.


The seductive scent and absence of unpleasant bitterness in the throat, which is accompanied by cigarette smoking, is a special lure to the hookah of adolescents and those who do not tolerate cigarette tobacco. If a person has never smoked, then the likelihood of his addiction to a hookah is much higher than to cigarettes. Hookah smoking is a special ceremony, accompanied by lively communication in good company and a relaxing stop. Cigarettes usually smoke on the run and alone. In which case a non-smoking person would rather decide to try to inhale harmful smoke? Of course, in the first.

Such an unconscious dependence is much more dangerous, because a person does not understand that with each tightening made “just in the company”, he becomes a real smoker, who then cannot pass by the unit with fragrant smoke.

It is important!

It is especially dangerous to smoke hookah when alcoholic beverages are in the flask instead of water. At youth parties, they often make hookah wine or even strong alcoholic beverages diluted with water. In this case, a poisonous cocktail of the most dangerous substances found in tobacco and alcohol enters the human body.

Opinion 3

Some lovers of hookah say that they have no dependency. But if they hookah only for the sake of a new flavor, in search of the perfect taste, for the sake of the company or in order not to appear like the “black sheep”, it has no less harm to the body of an occasional smoker. Tayu addiction experts nicknamed not nicotine, and behavioral.

So, smoking hookah can not be called safe and harmless for the following reasons:

  • The amount of smoke emitted when smoking hookah can be equal to the volume of smoke consumed by the human body when smoking a whole pack of cigarettes.
  • The lower the acidity level of tobacco, the weaker it affects the human body. Hookah tobaccos have a rather high pH level, this is explained by the method of its drying, the presence of flavors and binders.
  • One hookah smoking session can last more than an hour, and the longer the smoking time, the more nicotine and harmful substances I have time to enter the body.
  • Hookah smoke is also very toxic, like cigarette.
  • Smoking hookah, like cigarettes, can cause a strong nicotine addiction.
  • A passive hookah smoker causes irreparable harm to his health, comparable to the harm from active smoking.

So, we know that smoking a hookah is not only harmful, but even dangerous, what changes does it cause in the human body and how does it affect the work of specific organs and systems of the human body?

How does smoking hookah affect the human body?

The answer is clear: hookah smoking adversely affects the health of a smoker. This habit will cost you the normal work of the heart, lungs, central nervous system. Many hookah lovers often ignore the symptoms that are caused by this particular habit. That is why we will tell you how fragrant smoke affects the work of various body systems.

The International Committee on Healthcare notes an increase in interest in hookah smoking and indicates a 7-fold increase in mortality caused by tobacco smoking in developing countries. By 2025, if no concrete measures are taken, it will reach seven million deaths per year.

Hookah smoking and heart work

Hookah smoking affects the work of the heart instantly, in addition, has a gradual detrimental effect. Harm "fast" for a person is almost imperceptible, since it is minimal. But those changes in the work of the heart, which will surely appear in an experienced smoker, can not be overlooked. Together with the increase in the experience of smoking hookah, a person will rapidly increase the chances of the appearance of chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system. The main ones are angina, vascular tone disorder, and coronary heart disease. Researchers note that these diseases develop rather slowly, but are present to some extent in every smoker. The first alarming symptoms that a hookah smoker should alert are shortness of breath, tingling in the region of the heart.

Psychotherapist Lebedev SZ Pavlograd About smoking hookah:

The effect of hookah smoke on eyesight

Hookah smokers can often complain of eye problems, they are watering, itchy, sore. Often, avid hookah workers experience a flicker in their eyes, and visual acuity is often reduced. Hookah smoke can cause instant irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes, in which case the organs of vision will redden, a person will feel itching or dry eye syndrome.

If unpleasant symptoms and pain in the eyes can not force a person to stop smoking a hookah, then a chronic eye disease, called uveitis, may appear. It is characterized by a strong and long-lasting inflammation of the skin of the eyes, which is not so easy to remove.

Hookah and the work of the central nervous system

The first and obvious negative effect of hookahs on the central nervous system of a person is habituation, which so quickly inhales aromatic smoke. People get used to it much easier. That allows them to relax, relax, forget about the problems. And in the list of such relaxing activities, hookah is on a par with alcohol, cigarette smoking and drugs, as a hookah addiction occurs imperceptibly and very quickly. Smoking a hookah, oddly enough, even allows you to make new friends, the same keen hookahs. Smoking a hookah is accompanied by a certain ritual that smokers like so much: soft sofas, quiet music, frank conversations.

What does a smoker feel when his lungs are exposed to fragrant smoke? According to the researchers, in most cases there is a sharp decrease in mental activity, physically a person also becomes sluggish, and with prolonged smoking there is a slight degree of hypoxia. Carbon monoxide, which is emitted in large doses when smoking hookah, also causes a strong blow to the human nervous system. Poisoning occurs slowly and does not immediately make itself felt.

Smoking hookah during pregnancy

Smoking and pregnancy is an incompatible concept, but many expectant mothers allow themselves to smoke hookah, considering that it is quite safe for her and her child. And they are very wrong! Earlier, they brought a lot of arguments in favor of the opinion that hookah is also harmful as cigarettes. Pregnancy is a special condition when a woman should protect herself from any, even the smallest risks. Hookah - among them in the first place in the list of extreme dangerous activities for a pregnant woman.

At the first intake of a pregnant lady, her child will be forced to “swallow” carbon monoxide, and if its amount is capable of poisoning an adult organism, then imagine how it will affect the health of the unborn baby. If the expectant mother does not give up this harmful habit, the risk of developing congenital abnormalities in the fetus, abnormalities of the structure of the organs of his body, as well as deviations in the work of various organs is very high. A mom who smokes a hookah during pregnancy is not just irresponsible, but truly cruel, poisoning a defenseless child with carbon monoxide, nicotine and a dozen more harmful substances.

Milk hookah

Hookah on milk is considered soft, it is preferred by those who are not too keen on a hookah or just try it. Although by and large, it doesn’t matter whether the hookah is loaded on milk or on water - its harm is not so much from the liquid component, but from tobacco (more precisely, its quality and quantity) and from smoke.

Dangerous delusion!

Hookah, in which milk is poured instead of water in a bowl, is no safer. Milk is just as weak a filter as water.

Is hookah tobacco without nicotine dangerous?

Everyone knows that nicotine is poison, but today hookah tobacco is sold without it. How safe are they? On the one hand, there is no nicotine - there is no toxic effect on the body, moreover, such tobacco will not cause addiction. This is partly true, but still, nicotine-free hookah tobacco cannot be considered harmless. When smoking such tobacco, there is also a large amount of smoke that contains harmful tar and hydrocarbons.

Precautions when smoking hookah

If all of the above arguments turned out to be unconvincing for you or you are not able to give up smoking a hookah, you should remember the important rules that will at least slightly reduce the detrimental effect of a hookah on your body:

  • Buy only special tobacco, and tobacco mixes for hookah. You should not experiment with herbs and fees, mix several types of tobacco, it is dangerous for your health.
  • After each smoke, carefully wash not only the bowl and flask, but also clean the shaft with a thin tube and cotton wool. On the inner walls of the hookah settles a large number of harmful resins.
  • If you smoke hookah in the company, do not be lazy to put an individual mouthpiece on the tube each time.
  • Do not add anything other than water or milk to the flask. Remember that a hookah is considered to be especially dangerous.
  • When smoking hookah, refuse to drink alcohol, replace it with tea or juice.

So, to summarize, smoking hookah adversely affects the health of the smoker, in addition, is addictive. Hookah is no safer than cigarettes. And in terms of the inhaled harmful lady much more harmful. Remember this every time you want to breathe fragrant smoke.

Carbon monoxide, which is formed during coal smoldering, is very harmful. And long-term smoking causes problems in the airways.

Hookah smoking is even more harmful, because due to water vapor, all these pitches and other hazards are better absorbed into the blood.

Despite the fact that even fruits are placed in the hookah, there is still tobacco there. In addition, exhaled smoke - it contains various poisons and carbon monoxide. Scientists state that while smoking a hookah, lung cancer or heart problems may occur more often than from smoking regular cigarettes.

Для вас же ученые сравнения написали, сигареты не вреднее кальяна, 25 грамм табака в кальяне вы выкуриваете за час, а это приравнивается к 3 пачкам сигарет, только 3 пачки никто за час не выкурит, а теперь смотрите, вы за час вдыхаете столько, сколько лошадь убить можно!

My classmate was given a hookah for dnyuhu. And all the guests began to try it, I did not go (dying) for a birthday, but there were a lot of our classmates and another people ... The next day at school they could sit only one lesson and kicked off. They all had a terrible headache and vomited them. just think about the benefits of a hookah

What is a hookah

Hookah is a special smoking device that filters and cools inhaled smoke. Many people consider it an excellent harmless alternative to regular cigarettes, but this is wrong. All over the world, more than 105 million people smoke hookahs, mostly people in the age group from 15 to 28 years. According to statistics, most of them are city dwellers, many with higher education.

In almost every institution in our country, you can order a hookah - bars, clubs or restaurants. For a fee, the person will be provided with this fixture, prepared and lit up. There are special places - hookah. People who come there want to enjoy the smoke, so customers may not worry that other visitors may not share such entertainment or come and make a remark. There are special shops where you can buy a hookah for personal use at home or as a gift. They are brought from other countries as a souvenir.

India is considered the birthplace of hookah. Many scientists believe that it was invented by the Indians - for treatment and meditation, who smoked hashish and marijuana. He immediately won the hearts of many people of the Muslim world. It was used from Indochina to Morocco. There is another opinion that for the first time a similar device was used by the Maya Indians (it was a pumpkin with a glowing coal inside). European countries learned about “smoke entertainment” only in the 19th century. Russian people began to join the hookahs only from the 90s. Arab students brought hookahs with mixtures with them.


Hookah consists of several parts. At the base of his flask (vessel) with a liquid, where about 40% of the substances contained in the smoke settle. Above the water level there is a special hose with a chubuk for convenient smoking. Then there is a shaft, which acts as a filter, various impurities remain on its walls. Then a smoking bowl (chilim) is inserted on top. Hookah is a tube in which when smoking creates a thin air, thanks to this, the smoke passes into the lungs of the smoker.

Smoking blends

Since ancient times, it was customary to smoke pure tobacco in a hookah. Now use:

  • smoking mixtures
  • stones (plain pebbles, soaked in sweet syrup and glycerin),
  • syrups (innovation in the market, a special hookah bowl is required).

Beznikotinovye smoking mixtures can be purchased through an online store, they do not sell them at ordinary tobacco shops. Their composition includes sugar syrup, spices and many herbs that have a slight psychotropic effect, but tobacco is not added to them. Manufacturers do not disclose the secret of making the mixture, but one thing is known: they do not use prohibited substances. Tobacco mixes are of three types:

  1. tobacco without additives
  2. tobacco with aroma oils and fruits
  3. tobacco with honey or glycerin.

What hurts hookah

Hookah is bad for health. During smoking, it is customary to assume that all harmful substances in the smoldering of tobacco and various preservatives contained in mixtures are condensed on the vessel and the flask liquids. Only less than half of all toxins remain in the device, the rest of the person inhales through the hose with the mouthpiece. Even one puff is harmful to humans.

Hookah mixes can contain from 0.05% to 0.5% of the substance, if you estimate this amount in milligrams of nicotine - you will get an average of 2.96. A regular cigarette contains from 0.2 to 1.3 mg, which depends on the brand and price of the product. One session of hookah smoking is about 40 minutes - one hour, so nicotine enters the blood two times more than with the decay of regular cigarette tobacco.

Hookah smoke even without nicotine is very unhealthy. Its composition contains harmful substances, such as:

  • carbon monoxide,
  • nicotine,
  • tobacco-specific nitrosamines,
  • volatile aldehydes,
  • salts of heavy metals (lead, etc.),
  • arsenic (small doses),
  • polycyclic aromatic carbohydrates with carcinogenic effects.

A regular cigarette contains, in addition to a large content of nicotine and tar, the decay products of the paper from which it is made. The damage of the hookah is much lower, because many harmful substances settle on the device itself. It is believed that high quality tobacco is used for such smoking components. Beznikotinovye mixtures adversely affect the body, they contain different aromatic compounds, molasses, sweet syrups, which when destroyed form harmful toxins.

There are a large number of infections that are transmitted when using a common mouthpiece. To eliminate risks, you must follow the rules of personal hygiene. In one company, people who smoke a common hookah can become infected with such diseases as:

  • herpes,
  • Hepatitis B,
  • meningitis,
  • syphilis,
  • ORVI,
  • various fungal diseases,
  • tuberculosis.

The effect of hookah on the human body

If a person first tries to smoke a hookah, then the abuse can adversely affect health. Its improper use can cause toxic poisoning of the body. Signs of intoxication include:

  • vomiting
  • shortness of breath
  • nausea
  • dizziness,
  • strong lethargy
  • impaired coordination of movements
  • high body temperature
  • feeling of compression of the chest.

If there are such symptomatic signs, the person should immediately provide first medical aid. It is necessary to create a flow of fresh air, free the breasts from clothes, rinse your face with cold water. If there is no improvement, qualified medical assistance will be required. A big mistake is to assume that the hookah is harmless.

The cardiovascular system

When inhaling hookah smoke, an instantaneous reaction of heart vessels occurs, accompanied by tachycardia (an increase in heart rate). We need to fear the negative effects that arise much later. The side effects of regular nicotine use include:

  • myocardial ischemia (impaired blood supply to the heart muscle),
  • angina (pain due to constriction of the blood vessels of the heart),
  • myocardial infarction.

In total, less than 50% of the hookah smoke is cleared, some of the harmful substances remain in the liquid, it settles in the vessel (walls, mine), and the other retains the built-in filter. But most toxins still get into the lungs of a smoking person. The bronchial tree of the human lung consists of a special ciliary epithelium. It plays the role of protection, delaying dust and other small particles that enter with inhaled air, then they are removed with coughing and sneezing.

During the constant smoking of a hookah under the influence of hookah smoke, the epithelium of the bronchi ceases to perform its main function. Cilia stick together, harmful substances are easily in the lung tissue. Incoming smoke irritates the walls of the bronchus, causing bronchitis, asthma, or lung cancer. The harm from smoking hookah is obvious, it is better to refrain from its frequent use.

Nervous system

One of the most serious actions for the central nervous system is dependence (addiction) to smoking mixtures. This smoke causes less toxicity, unlike smoldering cigarettes. A dangerous connection for neurons is carbon monoxide, which is formed when using a hookah. Permanent smokers can be noted:

  • severe headache
  • decrease in mental activity
  • weakness,
  • apathy.

Organ of vision

The scientist proved that the evaporation of aromatic oils and other substances that are near the smoker, are dangerous to human visual organs. Steam enveloping the entire space can cause several serious diseases:

  • Inflammation of the vessels of the eye - uveitis. The cause of the occurrence is considered to be constant irritation with hookah smoke.
  • Dry eye syndrome - xerophthalmia. It is expressed in the constant redness of the sclera and itching that appears during smoking.

Harm for girls

The consequences of the hookah in girls can affect the appearance. Smoke tar causes hair loss and dullness, yellowing of tooth enamel, bad breath, brittle nails, dry skin of hands and face, the appearance of new wrinkles. To preserve youth for a long time, it is necessary to abandon the inhalation of aromatic steam. Hookah smoking causes addiction and invaluable harm to health.

For men's health

Most hookah smokers are men. Probably, none of them think about what harm this kind of pastime can bring to their health. Over time, the stronger sex may have problems:

  • decrease in potency due to deformation of the walls of blood vessels (the result of exposure to harmful substances) - blood gradually ceases to flow to the penis,
  • sexual dysfunction (impotence) at a young age occurs under the influence of smoke.

For people around

Non-smoking visitors to such companies are half-smokers. They also inhale a high concentration of carbon monoxide and nitrogen into the lungs, in a different way. It is a mistake to believe that the hookah vapor contains less nicotine and other carcinogenic substances, so it is harmless to others. Scientists have proven that this is a misconception, and "passive" smokers also receive a lot of harmful substances.

Fashion for hookah - where did it come from?

Smoking is an addiction that affects more than a third of the world's population. Since smoking does not create a visible danger to society, in most countries tobacco is not prohibited by law. However, the inhalation of harmful smoke is extremely harmful to the health of the smoker and the people around him in the long term.

Well aware of the harm of tobacco, smokers themselves are trying to find an alternative to their addiction. One of these alternatives and became a hookah - over the past few years, his popularity has greatly increased.

At first glance, this smoking device does look quite attractive. First of all, the hookah mixes have a pleasant aroma, not at all like the bitter smell of cigarettes. Inhaling the aromatic fumes, smokers get real pleasure from the process. In addition, hookah is associated with relaxation - it does not work out to smoke “on the run”, but just by the way, he finds himself in a friendly company who wants to have a rest after a hearty meal.

Hookah can be found in many restaurants and cafes, often small devices are purchased for home use. Both adults and adolescents use such devices - the last smoking device seems to be an opportunity to touch the “adult” world without harm to health.

Thus, the vast majority of smokers really believe that the hookah is safe - or at least far less harmful than cigarettes. But is it really or is it? To understand this issue, first consider the principle of the hookah device.

Hookah principle

What does any hookah consist of? Its main elements are a flask, a metal shaft, a cup for tobacco and a saucer for coals, as well as a flexible hose that moves down from the bottom of the flask — through it, smoke is inhaled.

Before using the device, a small amount of water is poured into the flask, then moist aromatic tobacco is placed in a cup, and coals are lit on a special saucer. Since the saucer and cup are located close to each other, under the influence of high temperature, tobacco begins to smolder - and emits thick, fragrant smoke. This smoke goes down the mine to a flask filled with water, passes through a kind of water filter - and then goes through the hose to the smoker’s lungs.

Proving the safety of a hookah, smokers use as a main argument precisely two fundamental differences of this device from a cigarette. They argue that not burning, but quietly smoldering tobacco releases much less harmful substances - and moreover, half of them settle on the walls of the mine and are filtered out by water. In the human body enters the already purified mixture of essential oils and water vapor.

Is smoking hookah harmful?

Who is right in this dispute - smokers or doctors, who claim that the use of the device is harmful to health? No matter how much smokers would like to believe the opposite, research convincingly proves that the hookah really does harm. And besides - much larger than the usual tobacco.

  • In terms of its composition, the tobacco mixture for a smoking device is no different from ordinary tobacco. Nicotine, harmful gums, formaldehyde and benzene - hookah mixes also contain all these substances.
  • When smoking a hookah mix, a person inhales much more smoke than with a few puffs of cigarettes. After all, if a cigarette takes only a few minutes, then it is possible to light a hookah for an hour or longer - getting a hundred or two hundred times more nicotine and other harmful substances.
  • When using a smoking device, tobacco smoke is saturated with a huge amount of carbon dioxide. In fact, for a long time, smokers voluntarily inhale carbon monoxide - which immediately affects their well-being and damages their health. In order to understand the scale, suffice it to say that in an hour the smoking device produces as much carbon monoxide as it is released when smoking a whole pack of cigarettes.
  • Puffing on a cigarette, most people inhale smoke shallowly. With a hookah, the situation is different - to feel the taste and aroma of smoke, you must make a significant effort to inhale. Because of this, smoke and all harmful substances get not only into the upper, but also into the lower parts of the respiratory tract.

And finally, there is another danger - not obvious at first glance. If the hookah is used not individually, but in a large company, then the participants of exotic smoking exchange saliva. This can lead to infection with colds, infectious diseases and even sexually transmitted diseases - you can hardly say with confidence that all your friends are completely healthy.

Even the use of its own mouthpiece does not eliminate the problem - after all, microparticles of saliva when smoking get on the walls of the hose, mixing with the steam during the next puff.

What are the consequences of frequent hookah smoking?

We found that the hookah is definitely harmful and cannot be considered a “harmless” substitute for cigarettes. But what kind of consequences for the body causes the frequent use of the smoking device?

  • First of all, a high concentration of carbon monoxide in the smoking mixture is harmful to the heart and the vascular system of the body. Many smokers, especially inexperienced, complain of headache, dizziness and nausea after inhaling fragrant smoke - this is how overdose occurs with carbon dioxide. With continued use, the smoking device leads to an increase in blood pressure and contributes to the development of heart disease.
  • The smoke inhaled while smoking a moist tobacco mixture adversely affects the health of the respiratory system. As we remember, the composition of hookah tobacco is no different from the usual - but the dosage of harmful substances is much higher. Resins and carcinogens are deposited on the walls of the larynx and lungs, provoking a constant cough and increasing the risk of developing cancer. Hookah smokers are much more susceptible to seasonal colds, since their immunity is reduced.
  • By affecting the vessels negatively, hookah mixes impair the functioning of the brain. Concentration of attention is broken, ability to intense intellectual work is lost. That is why hookah is especially dangerous for young people - it affects the quality of study.

Separately, it is worth noting that passive inhalation of hookah fumes is just as harmful as active use of a smoking device. By analogy with cigarette smoke, the smoke from the hookah does not enter the smoker's lungs completely - some of it is dispersed in the air. Accordingly, all who are nearby are also forced to inhale the harmful fumes from the smoldering tobacco.

What is more dangerous - hookah or cigarettes?

We studied the principle of the hookah and found that it is clearly harmful to health. It remains to understand - how much. Is this harm comparable to the negative effect of cigarettes - or is the hookah even more dangerous than the usual way of smoking?

Doctors unanimously argue that the short-term and long-term negative effect of the hookah is definitely more harmful than the usual cigarettes. The danger is primarily the duration of smoking - to sip fragrant smoke from a hose taken for 30 - 60 minutes. Thus, a person takes much more deep breaths - and accordingly, receives huge dosages of harmful substances and carbon monoxide.

Another danger of hookah - the rapid formation of bad habits. Dependence on ordinary cigarettes develops more slowly, and it is a little easier to control it - because a person feels when he begins to miss nicotine. В случае с кальяном дело обстоит сложнее — большинство курильщиков оправдывают возникающую тягу тем, что им просто хочется попробовать новый табак или насладиться любимым ароматом. Бросить вредную привычку оказывается очень трудно — успевает сформироваться сильная зависимость.

Можно сделать следующий вывод — лучше всего вообще не обзаводиться такой привычкой, как табакокурению. However, if the choice is between cigarettes and hookah, it must be remembered - the smoking device is much more harmful and cannot act as a “light” replacement for regular cigarettes.

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History of origin

Hookah is most often associated with the Middle East, since it was from the Turks and Egyptians that we adopted this hobby. But in fact, his story did not begin in these countries. There are several versions of the origin of the hookah. Some scientists believe that he first appeared in Africa, others are inclined to believe that his homeland is Asia and even America.

Still, most researchers agree that the hookah was first invented in India, and from there it spread throughout the world along trade routes.

The Indian hookah was outwardly very different from the vessel we were used to, because instead of a glass bulb it used coconut shells from Narcil palm trees, and medicinal plants, hashish and spices as a mixture for smoking. The principle of its work was almost the same as in the modern hookah.

Each country to which a hookah from India was once brought contributed to the appearance of this vessel and changed its name. For example, the Egyptians used hollow pumpkin as a bulb.

Also altered hookah and Persians. They began to make a flask of porcelain, and hoses - of snake skin. It was the Arabs who gave this vessel the familiar name for us ġalīān, which means “boiling”.

But the familiar hookah for us acquired it thanks to the Turks, with whom he enjoyed great popularity. They upgraded it a bit. The Turks began to use crystal, silver and Turkish glass as a material for the flasks. They also added a mouthpiece that was made from amber or wood.

In Europe, hookah first appeared in the XVIII century, but it gained popularity only after a hundred years.

Nowadays, modern materials such as stainless steel, silicone, polymeric materials, etc. are used to make this vessel.

If you want to learn how to cook a hookah at home, then you should know its structure and principle of operation, since it depends on this whether you can smoke it yourself.

So, the hookah consists of the following details:

  • Flask for liquid. It can be made of different materials, but most often the flasks are made of glass or metal. The advantage of the latter is their shock resistance, but it does not show the level of liquid in the vessel. Therefore, preference is better to give a glass flask.
  • Flexible hose with mouthpiece. It is also called chubuk. There are hookahs with a few pieces. Each mouthpiece should have a check valve (small ball). You also need to pay attention to the length of the hose: the more, the more convenient it will be to use a hookah.
  • Mine. The best material for this piece is nickel plated brass, but stainless steel is also quite suitable.
  • Saucer. It prevents ash from falling onto the floor, but there are hookahs in which this part is missing.
  • Bowl for tobacco. It is in her smoking mixture is placed. The best option would be a bowl made of ceramic, as it is easy to clean and does not absorb the smells of the contents.

Before you make hookah, you need to make sure that the vessel is clean. If it is dirty, it is necessary to thoroughly wash all its parts to eliminate unnecessary odors.

After that, in the flask you need to pour a liquid, in which quality you can use water, milk, juice, green tea and even alcohol. Only when choosing a liquid should be considered how it will be combined with a smoking mixture.

The best option is water. Juice can distort the taste of the hookah, and milk can weaken it. Hookah connoisseurs never use alcohol, as it radically changes the process of relaxation to intoxication. The fluid level should be such that the stem is about 4 cm into it.

After that you need to attach to the flask all the remaining parts and check the tightness of their connection.

Then comes the crucial moment on which the success of the whole process of smoking a hookah depends. This is about tobacco sowing.

Before you score a bowl of tobacco, it must be thoroughly mixed, so that it is covered with syrup and molasses. After that, the tobacco must be thoroughly fluffed and put into the bowl, without pressing it. It should be remembered that the distance between the top layer of tobacco and the bottom layer of foil should be approximately 2 mm. This will help prevent sticking.

There are the following types of smoking mixtures for hookah:

  • Tombak - clean tobacco without impurities,
  • Moissil is a mixture of tobacco with honey or molasses, to which essential oils and fruit essences are also added,
  • Zhurak - pure tobacco with aromatic oils and pieces of fruit.

After the tobacco is laid, you need to cut a few square pieces of foil, which in size should be 5 cm larger than the diameter of the bowl. 1-3 layers will be quite enough.

Foil must be put on the bowl and wrap it so that it stretches and becomes smooth. After that, you need to make holes in the foil with a needle, but there should not be too many of them so that the foil will not accidentally break under the weight of the coals.

The next stage is the kindling of coal. First you need to take the coal with tongs and set it on fire. Be prepared for the fact that it will sparkle strongly, so it’s best to do it away from other people and highly inflammable objects.

After the coal stops sparkling, it can be put on the foil, while it must be red or orange.

If the corner still has black spots, then you need to blow on them until they disappear. Never ignite coal directly above the bowl, otherwise it can get into the tobacco, changing its taste. Give the coal a little time to heat the bowl evenly and only then proceed to the process of smoking a hookah.

For those people who do not want to spend time on all this, there is an electronic hookah. It is much more convenient for them to use, but at the same time the beauty of the process of smoking a hookah is lost.

Disputes over whether the hookah is harmful to health have been going on for a long time. Some consider this process quite safe fun, as the smoke is cleared of harmful substances during the passage through the liquid.

While others say that hookah is even worse than cigarettes. Of course, a single case of hookah smoking does not affect your health, but addiction to it can seriously harm you.

The disadvantages of hookah include:

  • In one hour of smoking hookah, the lungs get 100-200 times more smoke than when smoking a cigarette.
  • The concentration of carbon monoxide in hookah smoke is 40 times higher than in cigarettes. Getting into the lungs of a person can lead to serious health problems.
  • Inhaled smoke contains heavy metal salts and chemicals such as arsenic, lead and chromium, which can cause cancer, as well as lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases and even infertility.
  • While smoking a hookah, a person takes a stronger breath, which contributes to the fact that the smoke and all harmful substances penetrate deeper into the lungs.
  • There is a high risk of infection with such infections and viruses as herpes, hepatitis B, tuberculosis, etc. through the use of one mouthpiece by several smokers.
  • Hookah can cause addiction, because, despite the water purification, a small amount of nicotine still gets into the lungs.
  • The temperature of the inhaled smoke increases over time, as the liquid in the flask begins to heat up, which can lead to the appearance of burns of the lungs, due to which the lung tissue becomes less elastic and does not do well with the function of cleaning the lungs.
  • Smoked room promotes passive smoking.

The advantages of hookah include:

  • The smoke, passing through the liquid in the flask, is 50% purified of phenols and 90% of nicotine.
  • Since tobacco does not burn, but smolders, much less carcinogens are contained in the inhaled smoke.
  • Tobacco, used in hookah, has a more pleasant aroma than tobacco in cigarettes. In addition, it contains fewer harmful chemicals.
  • Hookah can be used as an inhaler, if you change the water for a decoction of herbs, while eliminating tobacco.

As you can see, the hookah has many more minuses than pluses, which confirms its harm to health. However, if you still decide, following the fashion, to visit the hookah with friends, then you should know about the contraindications.

It is categorically impossible to smoke hookah hypertensive patients, as it increases blood pressure even more.

In order to somehow reduce the health risks associated with the process of smoking hookah, you need to use only the best tobacco and coal. If you smoke in a large company of people, you must use a disposable mouthpiece.

You also need to remember to wash the hookah after each use. Never combine this process of relaxation with the use of alcoholic beverages, as this may end badly.

Do not be fooled that smoking hookah is safe fun. It is very harmful and can lead to serious consequences. Do not risk your health and the health of your descendants for the sake of wanting to follow the fashion.