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Little black dress for a real woman (16 photos)


  • 1. The story of the little black dress
  • 2. Types and styles of a little black dress
    • 2.1. The basis of any outfit
    • 2.2. Leather and velvet
    • 2.3. Dress case
    • 2.4. Contrast inserts
    • 2.5. Grunge style
    • 2.6. Open shoulders
    • 2.7. Guipure and lace
  • 3. What is the combination of a little black dress: useful tips

Sometimes it seems that this elegant piece of clothing has always existed - it’s simply that the practical designers, who always know what a true lady really needs, made it universal.

The story of the little black dress

In fact, such a model of female attire was invented by an outstanding French fashion designer and simply elegant woman - Coco Chanel.

At the beginning of the 20th century, black clothes were a symbol of mourning, and people dressed for funerals, or commemorating the departed loved ones. The traditional dress of the widow was a long black dress. But Coco Chanel did not want to put up with it. Seeing the motleyly dressed up audience in the theater, she promised herself that she would "dress up these disguised."

The material from which Coco Chanel made her first black dress, was saping. It was shorter in length than the usual outfit, the sleeves were fitted. Surprisingly, a new type of clothing from a talented fashion designer was accepted with a bang, and Vogue magazine even gave it a name: Ford from Chanel, meaning a terrific innovative idea, brilliant performance and well-deserved popularity.

A page from Vogue magazine, 20s.

The style of this outfit changed a little over time, and it should be noted that all the famous actresses of the 20th century, among them Marlene Dietrich and Audrey Hepburn, tried on this wonderful outfit with pleasure.

The name of the invention of the magnificent Coco Chanel has already become a household name, and many famous designers have already created their own masterpieces, inspired by the idea of ​​Chanel. Otherwise, how can you explain the appearance of the perfume "Little black dress" from Gerlen?

Of course, like any stylish piece of clothing, you should be able to wear a little black dress, as well as harmoniously combine it with all the details of the clothing ensemble.

Constantly look good and be refined - these qualities are inherent in a real woman who knows how to properly handle the items of clothing purchased for her wardrobe.

And in it by all means there should be no less than two or three such exquisite articles of clothing. It can be classic sheath dresses or other styles that can be selected, focusing on the features of the female figure and the fashion trends of the upcoming season, which will be discussed in this article.

Types and styles of little black dress

Presenting the necessary piece of clothing for every woman’s wardrobe, a fashionable little black dress should be purchased in accordance with the requirements of changeable fashion.

Of course, there may be favorite classic models of dresses, presented by cocktail options or styles, made from luxury expensive fabrics that you always want to use in your wardrobe, as long as possible.

This will help special women's tricks, where you can use a variety of accessories, originally selected clutches and stylized shoes.

The basis of any outfit

For those who still do not know which little black dress to buy as the first purchase for a wardrobe, we can recommend classical models - they will not only fail, but they will be able to linger in the constantly updated wardrobe for a long time.

Representing a universal outfit, such a dress, sewn in the form of a case, can be combined not only with a bolero or a blazer, but also with a fur stole, as well as a leather or suede vest.

Everything will depend not only on the base material from which the outfit is sewn, but also on the footwear and stylish accessories chosen.

Dress case

The merits of a female figure will organically emphasize a little black dress made in the form of a case acquired in the corporate catalog. This is a classic dress model that is ideal for almost any figure.

This style helps to hide the flaws and emphasize only the advantages. For example, the features of the cut are ideal for full girls: they visually reduce the tummy and give slimness to the owner of the dress.

Contrast inserts

Although, dresses with translucent inserts at the neckline and shoulders look no less impressive - this gives women with contrasting skin or hair color a special charm.

For example, such a model would look great on blondes, whose hair of platinum shades perfectly emphasize the matte black surface of the dress.

Grunge style

Glamorous look a little black dress can in designs presented with decoration in the form of rhinestones or spikes no less relevant in the upcoming season.

If you prefer dresses in the style of rock or grunge, then spikes, chains or shiny accessories will create the perfect look in combination with a short black dress.

Open shoulders

If you are the owner of a luxurious figure, and do not hesitate to show it, then models for you in the form of an original decorated bustier dress are recommended for you, in which the bare shoulder and neckline area gives the female figure a special charm.

It can be models with a basque, turning into a lush and elegantly decorated bow, or designs that imitate a dress with a spectacular element of smell.

Guipure and lace

Do not forget about such material as guipure: black lace gives along a refined vintage style. The lining on the dress is also better to choose black. Stop your choice on models with a matte lining, but the lace can shimmer slightly and shine.

Among the dresses made of translucent materials, models with draperies look very beautiful, which give the female figurine a special solemnity and grace - these outfits will certainly want to be used on ladies' receptions who don’t have to take on the arts in presenting themselves.

How to combine a little black dress: useful tips

Looking for this magnificent outfit, special attention will need to be paid to the question, with what it can be combined in your wardrobe. Therefore, before you buy an outfit, you should think, maybe with it you should order a whole set of accessories that can be used to create the most harmonious stylish look. Here, shoes and a handbag are indispensable!

You will have to think about a cape or outerwear, in an ensemble, to which you will need to pick up stylish shoes and clutch. The bag should choose a miniature or presented in the form of an elegant envelope, which can be easily carried under the arm.

If you are going to wear your little black dress in a warm period - in summer or spring, you can recommend shoes in the form of shoes or sandals with a classic heel - an elegant low hairpin or high figured heels.

Disco shoes will be appropriate. Only this will be, rather, a cocktail ensemble of attire. For more solemn occasions, it is worth choosing classic shoes, where black varnishing will be harmonious as well.

Look very nice model of shoes, whether shoes or ankle boots, heels and stilettos, decorated with rhinestones, studs or studs - these shoes are better to choose a set of attire, which assumes a leather dress and elegantly styled leather coat.

Decorative elements must be present either on the bracelet and clutch, or the dress itself.

How to choose a little black dress for yourself?

Whatever amazing properties are not attributed to black color, it is necessary to remember that he easily emphasizes the dignity of a woman, but at the same time he is able to clearly emphasize the negative moments of your figure.

Therefore, the choice of such universal clothing must be approached very seriously, trying to choose exactly the style of a short or long black dress that will sit perfectly, and nothing else, because otherwise even any jewelry or accessories will not help!

It is best to stop not on the most fashionable model this season, but on the one that best suits your style, because such things are able to emphasize the beauty of the female body. For example, if you have beautiful hands or ankles, try to open this particular part of the body, and having a “swan” neck, emphasize it with the help of a semicircular notch that was present on the classic black dress model.

  • Girls with the figure of “hourglass” or “pear” are best suited for dresses with a flared skirt, a pronounced waist and a belt. By the way, this is a very feminine model that suits almost any girl, successfully reflecting all the femininity and harmony of the image.
  • Those who wish to visually narrow the waist, you need to pay attention to the model with belts, as well as with straps, which due to the visual expansion of the shoulders achieve this effect.
  • If you want to choose a truly universal thing that is suitable for a romantic date and for a business meeting, it is better to stop your choice on models of medium length. Even if you have very long and beautiful legs, it is not always appropriate to open and show this dignity, and, of course, do not forget about the rule of open neckline - if the emphasis is on it, then the legs should be slightly covered, because there should be a place for imagination!
  • Black dress for full ladies is also a very suitable option, the main thing is to make the right choice regarding the style. Owners of curvy shapes are best suited to the best of loose styles, but with a bright accent as a belt at the waist, even if you have it is not very noticeable. Do not choose a bag that hangs in a sad cloth on your body, but also do not succumb to the temptations of too tight and outright options, from which a bulging part can easily "fall out." In general, to wear tight short black dress - you need to have a truly perfect figure, only in this case, it will look extraordinary.
  • For girls with beautiful legs and mouth-watering hips, but with extra pounds in the abdomen and waist, models of dresses with a free top and narrowed pencil skirt from the top are perfect.
  • Disproportionate figures are also easy to fix with a dress: for girls with a long body, but short legs, options with a high waist will do, but a low waist will suit miniature ladies.

What to wear?

Now that the little black dress is chosen, it is important to decide what to wear with it, what accessories to choose: bags, shoes, jewelry.

As for jewelry, the most ideal option is a thin one or several strands of pearls, the same earrings or brooch. If you do not like pearls, it does not matter, natural stones will perfectly fit in here: agate, moonstone, turquoise and many others.

Now massive jewelery is in fashion, they can very well be combined with such a dress, but make sure that the image does not come out vulgar.

Bags and shoes should depend on your intentions, be sure to have a heel, the bag may not match the color of the shoes, but the classic remains a classic: boat shoes and a miniature clutch from Chanel.

Why is a little black dress so full of women like?

The classic little black dress, introduced into the fashion of Coco Chanel, was significantly different from the one that modern girls wear at cocktail parties. At the time when the French designer worked, black was considered mournful, but la petite robe noire (little black dress) made a real revolution in the world of fashion. It was extremely simple: a semi-fitting silhouette, a skirt covering the knee, a long, narrowed sleeve. And no decorations - everything is extremely concise. Any woman could afford such an outfit, because he was very inexpensive - perhaps this is the secret of the popularity of the little black dress in the whole world.

Girls with luxurious forms are among the most loyal fans of this simple but elegant dress. The black dress, which Coco Chanel created it, is suitable for all types of figures, including full ones. It is able to visually stretch and narrow the silhouette, thereby correcting the flaws from which magnificent beauties suffer.

Dress with a high waist

A dress with a high waist is almost always a one-hundred-percent hit, as this style is ideal for plumper young ladies. We advise you to distract from the Greek theme and look at the more modern models of medium length, with a deep triangular neckline and narrow sleeves.

Sheath Dress

Sheath dress is closest to Coco Chanel's little black dress. Today, girls have no need to hide their legs, as was done at the beginning of the last century. Therefore, if you do not consider this part of the body to be a problem, feel free to choose shortened models.

Evening Dress

Evening dress in black color with rare exceptions is a win-win option. A beautiful neckline will accentuate a magnificent chest, a fitted silhouette will create the necessary proportions. If you are a happy owner of slender legs, show it with a high cut on the skirt.

Tunic kind of dress that enjoys hot love among plump girls. The free, "balaclava" style perfectly hides all the flaws in the figure. However, with such a dress you need to be careful, otherwise there is a risk to turn into a dark, black cloud. Use bright accessories that refresh the image. For example, the waistline can be emphasized with a colored strap.

Stylish models

Black is one of the primary colors used in a business style, so a black dress can be an excellent option for an office.

Fashion designers offer several stylish and elegant solutions:

  • Dress with a smell: V-neck, ¾ sleeve, thin waist at the waist, elongated skirt,
  • Dress with a collar: collar of unusual shape (for example, yoke or rocker), straight or fitted silhouette, skirt to the middle of the knee,
  • Dress Shift: shallow round neckline, no sleeves, straight cut, midi skirt.

For formal occasions, a black dress will also be a great solution.

In addition to the classic model with fitted bodice and skirt to the floor, you can offer some more original ideas:

  • Stocking dress, the fitting figure, sewed from elastic fabric. Here there are two important conditions: the first is the obligatory use of corrective underwear, the second is that all problematic parts of the body should be covered (for example, with full arms, choose a dress with a sleeve).
  • Dress with asymmetrical skirt It looks very beautiful and unusual. A variable-length skirt is a great way to attract attention without showing anything extra. The dress can completely cover the legs from the back, but open them in the front - this will be the balance between restraint and coquetry.
  • Dress Basques, despite popular belief, goes not only slim girls. If the Basque is located in the right place, then it will divert attention from the problem areas and mark the waistline.

The choice of fabric for a dress is a rather difficult task, especially since today fashionistas have access to hundreds of different types of natural and artificial materials. Black dress can be sewn from any fabric, you only need to take into account the time of year and the format of the event.

Of course, there are fabrics that girls with a certain type of shape should avoid. For owners of magnificent forms it will be satin, fine knitwear, lace and oil. Everything else is only a matter of taste.

Evening dresses made of black silk or velvet look luxurious. Very popular are models that combine different types of fabric, for example, leather and tight knitwear, silk and lace.

Black and white dress

The combination of dark and light colors has an amazing ability to visually change the proportions of the subject. This technique is actively used by interior designers - to play with the dimensions of the room - and clothing - to correct figure flaws.

The combination of black and white is an eternal classic, unloved by many since school times. However, it is worth reconsidering this color pair in a new way: as a faithful assistant, capable of hiding some figure flaws. Take a break from the classic version of “white top, black bottom”, because today designers offer many other ways to combine these colors. Contrast side panels, vertical stripes - this is what will help you visually become slimmer and taller.

Features of a modern little black dress

The styles of modern little black dresses are significantly different from the classic little black dresses Coco Chanel. A shorter hem became possible, various types of collars appeared, ruffles, laces and other decorative elements were used. Models of such dresses are present in the collections of many modern fashion designers. They beat black dresses in different interpretations, given the latest fashion trends. In today's world, they can be very diverse.

Маленькое черное платье может быть с рукавами, длинными или укороченными. Длина может варьироваться, прикрывая колени или выше колен. Линия талии может быть выделенной или смещённой. Они могут носиться как с аксессуарами, так и в строгом одиночестве.

Эволюция моды привела к тому, что платья становятся более либеральными в наличии декора и длины. Modern dresses can be classic, loose, fitted, fluffy and form-fitting silhouette. They can be simple without frills or decorated with various waves and ruffles. Decollete may be deep, moderate or absent altogether. Little black dresses with lace are not the first season in fashion. The dress can be made entirely of lace, or it can only contain trim from it.

Casual look

A black dress goes well with jackets of bright colors. In this case, shoes should be high-heeled and matched to the color of the outerwear. To walk, the dress can be supplemented with moccasins and a leather jacket.

This will make a classic dress more relevant, and fill the image with energy. For jackets and jackets suitable colors such as white, scarlet, crimson and lemon.

For a little black dress with sleeves, a fur vest will fit over the outfit. To create a youth image, it is possible to experiment with colored tights and leggings.

Under the dress you can wear a turtleneck. A shorter version can be worn with jeans. In winter, such a dress will look good with a warm cardigan and boots. In the summer - with sandals with a thin strap.

Little black dress for office style

Classic black dresses are recommended to wear with black stockings, shoes with closed fingers and a small handbag. Exclude sandals and large jewelry.

It also looks good jacket, which is suitable for the office, and in addition to the image, a light air scarf. Shoes for this option, choose a small heel.

Evening look

This season has become a fashionable little dress, similar to a tunic. It can be supplemented with rivets and geometric patterns in the art deco style, creating an image of the Amazon. These dresses fit suede shoes, ankle boots and elegant shoes with heels. For a festive evening option, choose elegant shoes under the dress, and complement the image with a small handbag with a rich decor.

Dense opaque tights, black or any other color are very popular. Remember that tights are the main "companions" of the little black dress.

It all depends on your courage and fantasy. Learn to experiment. And then one dress will suit completely different occasions.

Accessories for a little black dress

The simplicity of a little black dress requires accessories. It is important to choose them correctly. Coco Chanel considered the best accessories for such a dress a string of pearls and small earrings-pearls in their ears. But current trends allow us to decorate the dress in a new way. To do this, fit large bracelets, earrings, modest belts, voluminous necklaces, discreet jewelry and thin scarves.

The choice of accessories depends on the occasion for which you dress up. For office, the accessories should be more modest (for example, a pendant on a thin chain or a scarf), for a celebration - brighter (necklace, necklace), for dating - elegant, close to the classics (multi-layer pearl string). The less on a dress of difficult finishing, the easier it is to select and change accessories.

Wearing accessories should be moderated. You should not wear everything at once, it is better to focus on one thing.

Sometimes gloves and hats are suitable for a black dress. An elegant wrist watch can also become a "highlight". This will not only be a decoration, but will also emphasize your originality.

Very attractive against the background of a black dress look decorations from such natural stones as turquoise, agate, moonstone and others. Murano glass and crystal jewelery looks elegant.

The length, shape and size of jewelry should be selected depending on the overall style of the dress and neckline. Jewelry should be large enough to stand out from the background of the dress, and at the same time they should not deprive it of rigor.

Little black dress for full

The little black dress is a unique thing, it fits not only slim girls, but also full. Completeness does not exclude attractiveness.

It is beneficial to decorate a full girl with an apple or a rectangle, a classic sheath dress, without a clear waistline and sleeves. And for the owners of the hourglass figure, the fitted sheath dress is perfect.

A bustier dress for the full will enhance your elegance. Dress length should be up to the knees. The skirt for overweight has the most diverse fit: from a pencil skirt to a trapezoid shape. There are options for inflated bodice with straps and without them.