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Incomparable wedding manicure ideas 2019-2020 - trends and innovations


The solemn wedding ceremony is a memorable and most important event for every girl who gets married. The bride on the wedding day is the center of attention, and all eyes are on her.

Therefore, it is very important to pay attention not only to the wedding dress, hairstyle, makeup, but also to other important details, such as jewelry, accessories and a beautiful wedding manicure of the bride.

To date, the options for the wedding manicure of the bride are vast, it all depends on the preferences and tastes of the bride herself.

This may be a classic French wedding manicure, moon manicure, wedding manicure with a delicate design and patterns on the nails, as well as a wedding manicure, decorated with rhinestones.

In the trend for fashionable wedding manicure 2018-2019, the naturalness and naturalness, which can be traced in the length of the nails, in their shape, and in shades of the selected nail polish for manicure.

In the season of 2018-2019, you can choose a bride's wedding manicure in bright colors, for example, wedding manicure of natural pastel shades, as well as a gentle manicure of purple, pink, peach shades.

For themed weddings in 2018-2019, the bride's wedding manicure will be relevant in the style of the entire wedding ceremony and here you can safely experiment with manicure options and color schemes.

We offer you the original ideas of the wedding manicure of the bride, photos of which are presented in our selection below. You can get acquainted with the fashionable manicure of the bride in the season of 2018-2019, choosing the most beautiful manicure of the bride.

Classic French Manicure Bride

In the 2018-2019 season, the classic wedding manicure jacket remains popular as never before, which can be beautifully performed on both long nails and medium length nails.

Such a manicure of the bride is very gentle and elegant, suitable for a classic wedding, as well as for trendy themed weddings. Beautiful French manicure of the bride will harmoniously complement and decorate the delicate image of each bride.

French wedding manicure can be performed in different variations, combining with a moon manicure, decorating one of the nails with a beautiful pattern, rhinestones, foil or combining original and bold shades of lacquer for a wedding jacket.

Fashionable wedding manicure with lace for the bride

Incredibly beautiful and feminine version of the wedding manicure of the bride with lace in 2018-2019, which will certainly appeal to lovely girls.

Wedding manicure with lace creates a sophisticated and gentle image of the bride. Like any other manicure, wedding manicure with lace can be done with only one finger or with anything you like.

Also, the bride's beautiful manicure with lace is great to diversify with small strazikami, to combine with other types of manicure - a popular french and moon manicure. Also different techniques of wedding manicure with lace - dots, stamping are welcome, natural lace can also be used, which will create an unsurpassed effect.

Wedding manicure of the bride with drawings in 2018-2019

In the trend wedding bridal manicure with beautiful and cute patterns on the nails, made either on one finger or on several.

As a picture for the bride's manicure in 2018-2019, you can use flowers, butterflies, beautiful curl lines, bows, various stripes, dots, etc. Beautifully create color accents with varnish of different colors.

Feel free to use shades of blue, red, turquoise, purple and other shades in the manicure of the bride, creating beautiful patterns on the nails. Especially beautiful is the bride's manicure with drawings, which harmoniously combines with all the wedding details: the bride's bouquet, decoration and decor.

Traditional wedding manicure french

Of course, the first place in popularity is the French wedding manicure, which in the new season 2019-2020 will not lose its position.

French wedding manicure becomes traditional, besides it looks elegant, fits any nail shape and blends perfectly with any wedding attire, the jacket can be made more interesting if you decorate it with rhinestones and light patterns.

As for the lunar or reverse french as a wedding manicure 2019-2020, here you can experiment: a combination of two shades and the use of bright colors would be quite acceptable.

Romantic wedding manicure in pink

The next most popular is wedding manicure 2019-2020 in pink and powdery shades. Easy manicure of the bride in pink colors looks sophisticated and attractive.

Pink shade in wedding manicure 2019-2020 can be used as a base or used for drawing on nails. Monochromatic pink manicure of the bride or cute and delicate flowers look very nice on a wedding manicure.

Charming Ombre Wedding Manicure

Gradient wedding manicure 2019-2020 presented in the photo examples looks no less original and charming. To create such a manicure, it is not necessary to use a white shade of varnish. It may be other pastel shades: beige, pink, caramel, lilac.

Dazzling wedding manicure with sparkles and rhinestones

Glitter and rhinestones will complement any wedding manicure 2019-2020, making the bride's nails chic and more extravagant. A very similar wedding manicure with beads or inlaid with rhinestones on one nail looks very tender.

Alternatively, rhinestones can cover the entire nail plate of one of the fingers on the hand like a fashionable caviar manicure.

Chic wedding manicure with acrylic modeling

Among the trends 2019-2020 in the wedding manicure remains a voluminous wedding manicure with acrylic molding. Previously, acrylic modeling was used exclusively in the wedding nail design, today it boldly complements the plain versions of a matte manicure.

It is as if fresh flowers or voluminous bows appear on the bride’s nails, mostly white and pale pink.

Sophisticated Wedding Manicure with Pearl Rubbing

Pertinent in the design of the wedding manicure this season will be pearly rub. Thanks to the unique effect of pearly rubbing, wedding manicure acquires a special, subtle and original shine.

The beautiful pearl effect is brighter with delicate pastel shades that everyone loves so much and often uses for wedding design.

Perfect manicure in tone to a wedding bouquet

Fashionable version of the wedding manicure 2019-2020 is selected nail design to match the wedding bouquet of the bride.

Bright manicure under the color of the bouquet is very simple, you just need to determine the main shade of the flower composition, it can be red, pink, yellow, which will be the basis of the wedding manicurer.

A similar version of the wedding manicure is performed in a monotonous design or combined with the design of rhinestones or drawings.

Actual drawings in wedding manicure

Fashionable wedding manicure bride 2019-2020 is not limited to floral patterns. As a picture fit bows, butterflies, snowflakes (if the wedding is in winter).

Openwork drawings on the nails will never be relevant for a wedding manicure. If you want a more discreet version of the wedding manicure, select the horizontal stripes of golden and silver shades.

Wedding manicure 2019-2020 with hearts looks very cute and original. You can also draw on the nails the silhouettes of the wedding dress and groom's suit, which looks very interesting and symbolic.

If you think traditional wedding manicure is boring, you can safely experiment and create your own bright and unique wedding manicure 2019-2020, choosing original patterns on the nails.

Fashionable drawings with the face of a girl, who have become very popular in modern nail art, are perfect for a creative wedding manicure.

As you can see, a beautiful wedding manicure 2019-2020 is not only the traditional white color and service jacket. These are interesting and original wedding manicure ideas for every taste, selected according to the subject of the wedding and the color of the bouquet or just to the mood.

Main wedding trend

Most modern brides vote for a unique wedding style, inventing more and more unusual solutions. A barbecue wedding? Why not! A banquet in the woods or a bowling ceremony? Easily! Uniqueness is the main wedding trend to be followed, thinking through the concept and program of your day.

You can watch a lot of wedding blogs in search of trendy styles and color palettes, you can try to repeat beautiful weddings with Pinterest, but it is you, the bride and groom, who make your wedding unforgettable. It is your love story, your characters, interests, joint travels and future plans that create the individual style of your celebration.

To be real, and not blindly follow the advice of fashion magazines, to hear yourself and not go on about public opinion and stereotypes about the wedding - this is what will allow you to create a unique holiday that will bring you unforgettable emotions and will forever remain in your heart.

1. Allow yourself to dream

Of course, the budget, location and guest list are very important preparation issues, but not the only ones. After all, a wedding is first and foremost a holiday, and if all the time of preparation is to think about what to save on and who to delete from the list of guests, you can miss something very important - the festive mood, which creates an unforgettable atmosphere of this day. .

Dream about the perfect wedding day, about the details, play in the association. What do you imagine, thinking about the wedding? A magnificent dress, a hall full of flowers and a string quartet or a cozy dinner at one long table on the terrace of a private house? Having defined the concept, you will easily understand where the celebration will take place and who needs to be invited to it.

2. Ask yourself the right questions.

When choosing a wedding color palette, do not rush to google the Pantone version or open Pinterest. First, think about whether you have a favorite color or color palette? And the flower? A song, a book, a favorite dish? Even your dislike for sweets can be a highlight if, instead of a sweet table, guests at your wedding will have a gourmet table with different types of cheese, nuts, etc. Our list of questions that will help you decide on the style of the wedding, look for the link.

3. Solve all questions together

This is your common holiday, and you should make a decision about how it will be together. We do not say that the groom is obliged to take part in the discussion of the composition of floristics or choose fabric for tablecloths. But the main decisions regarding the palette, style, concept still need to be taken together. Want to have a Great Gatsby style wedding? Discuss this first with your half.

4. Be bolder

If you have never loved white, but you are crazy about a rich emerald green or if you prefer a mini skirt to your train - why should you refuse this at your wedding? And if your fiance does not like champagne, but he appreciates good beer, put a beer mug instead of a glass. And do not worry that someone does not understand. After all, this is your holiday!

5. Write wedding vows

Because it is so romantic, and yet it is the best way to make your ceremony unique! Do not look for templates on the Internet, do not pursue the beauty of presentation - just speak from your heart and do not hide your emotions. For more on how to personalize your ceremony, read our article.

6. Drop stereotypes!

It is believed that all brides want to go to the registry office, wear a white dress and entertain guests with a three-tiered cake. Do not be afraid to break these stereotypes! The groom can see the bride before the wedding in a dress, moreover - he can even help you choose him. The ceremony may take place at the end of the wedding day, and not at the beginning. Bridesmaids do not have to be in the same dress, and you are not obliged to throw a bouquet. Give up any traditions and patterns that you do not like to create your own unique story!

7. Do not copy, but create something of your own.

Use other weddings for inspiration, and not as patterns and ready-made templates for creating your own holiday. Allow your wedding team to create, not copy, make a mindboard of beautiful wedding photos and unleash your imagination - original ideas will not take long to wait.

8. Choose the image that's right for you.

The fashion for certain hairstyles or styles of wedding dresses sometimes makes brides choose for their image quite something that really suits them. If you have never worn red lipstick and feel uncomfortable in a crop top - do not be afraid to abandon these trends in favor of proven classic options.

Wedding French

Ageless classics - wedding French manicure. It can be decorated with lace, rhinestones, glitter, voluminous flowers of acrylic, etc., but its essence remains the same - an elegant and stylish design that will suit any bride. French manicure looks favorably on the nails of any shape and length.

The most popular form of nails is now oval, and the length is medium, but fearless women of fashion can try a fashionable jacket with a sharp (or rounded) “Stiletto” edge or a “Coffin” shape, which is something between a square and almond-shaped. It should not be forgotten that long square or gouged nails look best on thin fingers, while oval or almond shape, medium and short length, is best for plump fingers.

Do not be afraid to experiment with color, because not only delicate pastel shades, such as nude, pastel pink, blue and mint, but also neon varnishes, which literally attract the views of others with their brightness, are in fashion. But, of course, do not forget about the fact that the manicure should be in harmony with the entire wedding attire.

Manicure with rhinestones for the bride

An excellent choice for brides who want to shine in the literal sense of the word, will be rhinestones, sequins, riveting. Some of the photos of the wedding manicure below simply amaze with their luxury and magnificence, others attract the eye with elegant modesty. Shiny pebbles look best on medium and long nails, in fashionable now nude and pastel colors.

The disadvantage of such a manicure, which must be taken into account, is that the pebbles can cling or peel off, therefore it is best to entrust the creation of such a miracle to a true professional and deal with such a manicure extremely carefully.

You can also make a manicure for the bride with rhinestones yourself: you just need rhinestones, riveting, three-dimensional elements and special glue. The manicure below is a wonderful example of a modest but stylish wedding manicure that any girl can do at home.

To create a shining manicure, you can use not only rhinestones, but also glitter in the form of sand, which is applied to non-dried transparent or colored varnish, or varnish-glitter. Currently, varnish with glitter of various sizes is very popular, you can buy it in the departments of cosmetics of any hypermarket. And, of course, you can combine different types of glitter, rhinestones and other volume elements.

Wedding manicure for short nails

Owners of short nails do not worry about the spectacular manicure, because the options for a stylish design for nails of any length are great. Whether you choose a manicure with rhinestones, a French, ombra or moon manicure - any of them will look perfect on short nails.

Nude and pink manicure for wedding

One of the leading trends in the manicure fashion of this year was lac nud. Lucky flesh and pale pink are ideal for wedding manicure, because they look elegant and modest. Decorate your nude manicure with rhinestones or decorate with sparkles to create a festive mood.

Stemping for wedding manicure

The easiest and fastest way to do a neat wedding manicure yourself is stamping. What is it and how to create a manicure using stepping, read in our article, but for now we bring to your attention wonderful ideas for wedding nail design.

Simple wedding manicure

Minimalism. If you find beauty in simplicity, then the following options are for you.

Manicure Ideas for Themed Weddings

The wedding industry is now experiencing a real boom of themed weddings. Many married people want to make their wedding truly unique and memorable, both for themselves and for guests. The bride and groom choose the theme of the wedding, which is close to them, from the movie “Star Wars” to the ball at the Russian ball in the palace, in accordance with which the wedding dress, room decorations, invitation cards, bridesmaids dresses, etc. are selected, up to the manicure . We chose several interesting manicure options for themed weddings.

Beach or nautical wedding

Крабики, кораллы, морские звезды, якоря, пальмы на закате – непременные атрибуты свадьбы в морском стиле. Если такая свадьба к тому же проходит на пляже, невеста вполне может предстать перед гостями в образе русалки, с красивым и стильным “чешуйчатым” маникюром.

Один из самых любимых всеми и изящных трендов в этом году – это Шебби шик. The style of Chebbi chic came into manicure fashion from the interior design, which used specially aged interior items with scuffs, cracks and several layers of paint. Vintage style with delicate roses, stripes and other patterns that are associated with the Victorian era in England, is suitable not only for a themed wedding in the spirit of the UK of the 19th century, but also for a modest wedding, where only close friends are invited, and the bride is modest and elegant.

Wedding in the style of “Retro” or “Pin Up”

Tattooed girls, feminine dresses with lush skirts, bouffant and elegant curls, black arrows and scarlet lips - if you like Dita Von Teese style, Amy Winehouse or you are delighted with Rinata Litvinova, why not try to arrange a wedding in retro style or in style “Pin up”? Despite the fact that the styles are different from each other, the classic moon manicure or nail design with peas will suit both options.

Perfect and unique wedding manicure of the bride (8 photos)

Perfect and unique wedding manicure of the bride (8 photos)

It is not for nothing that it is believed that women's hands are a part of the body that has always attracted attention, and sometimes even tempted. Ukhozhennost nails and fingers is considered one of the main rules of women, which monitors its appearance, and also wants to remain attractive and elegant.

And the wedding is no exception. Of course, when preparing for such an important day, the bride’s main attention is focused on the dress, hairstyle, invitation, but the hands should not be left without attention, because how many moments on this holiday day are connected with the fingers.

Despite the fact that for almost every girl a manicure is quite a familiar and ordinary business that does not cause any particular difficulties, then on the wedding day it is necessary to treat this part of the preparation with particular trepidation and attention.

The bride's wedding manicure is a special kind of manicure, which, in many respects, opens up great opportunities for the girl, but also limits her at the same time. Since the wedding is a very solemn and pompous day, some excesses and pretentiousness are allowed, both in separate attributes and in the whole image. That is why the design of a manicure for a wedding can be different crazy fictions and violent imagination.

However, there are some limitations, as well as recommendations that you need to follow or at least listen to them if you want so that you don’t bother you on your wedding day, such a trifle as a manicure.

First of all, do not chase long and ultra-thin nails, especially if you have never worn such. Of course, every girl would love to be the most unusual and creative bride, but think for yourself. On the wedding day, the bride is wearing an unusual dress for herself - a fluffy dress, for which sharp marigolds and constant bouquets in their hands will constantly cling, and on such a day there are a lot of them!

And a lot of doors, contests, hugs and all this non-standard situations in which it is very easy not to protect the nails, so a short wedding manicure can be the perfect solution. Of course, girls who are accustomed to long nails can, of course, take the risk. You can pay attention to the average length, which also usually does not interfere with all wedding ceremonies.

Any manicure will look better and well-groomed, if for 10-14 days to resort to the procedure of hygienic manicure, regardless of the hardware or any other.

It is desirable at the same time to do various hand skin care procedures, this includes various hand massages, whitening and nourishing hand masks, paraffin therapy. Naturally, such measures will help bring the hands in perfect shape, soften the skin, as well as align and restore the color of the hands. And only after that it is worth going to the fingertips.

The next tip is nail extension. If suddenly you decide that your wedding manicure should be done with extended nails, but before that you have never used such services, then it is better to prepare for this in advance.

It is advisable to choose a master, who will advise you a friend or acquaintance, because you can run into an unqualified specialist who can spoil your beauty. Try to grow nails, at least two weeks before the upcoming event, to get used to the new sensations and see if you can withstand the holiday with such a manicure.

Naturally, in a day or two, you will have to go on correcting new marigolds so that everything looks perfect on your wedding day, and you can already make exactly the same pattern that is supposed to be on the day of the celebration.

By the way, there is a group of diseases in which such a procedure can be contraindicated, for example, some stomach diseases, pregnancy, by the way, even on the threshold of menstruation, the procedure of strengthening and building nails is not recommended.

A wedding is an amazingly solemn and unique holiday that allows you to play plenty of fantasy. However, there are some rules here, although, of course, this whole matter of taste. Traditional wedding manicure, which is most often used at such celebrations, is a French, that is, French manicure.

And this is quite natural, since all its variations, starting from the classic with a white tip, ending with the additions of patterns and stones, fit perfectly into the overall image of the bride, who, most often, is dressed in white.

French manicure is done on short nails as well as on very long ones, and the variety of shapes and patterns cannot fail to impress with its quantity. The tip can be made not only strictly white, but also in pastel and cream colors.

Remember the main rule, the design of your nails should be in addition to your image as a whole, and not a separate work of art, which will always be evident.

To do this, you can show your manicure master a piece of fabric from your wedding dress or show his picture to see the lace and the patterns with which it is decorated. It is possible that in the wedding dress lies the main idea for the design of your nails.

Any manicure for a wedding can perfectly decorate the patterns on the nails, which can repeat the patterns of your dress, or overlap with the bride's bouquet. For example, you can depict the petals of those flowers that will be included in the bouquet, add their shades, outlining their contours.

These flowers can be "revive" by adding modeling of acrylic. In this matter, the main thing is not to overdo it, often in this way decorate one finger, for example, the ring finger.

Lovers of brilliant and iridescent option can come with rhinestones and crystals. In this matter it is necessary to take into account the fact that the color of the stones must match the color of the stones on the dress and hairstyle so that there is no sorting in shades.

Rhinestones and crystals are fixed on the nails in the form of fancy patterns, or they simply decorate some design element with one pebble, such patterns will sparkle in the light like real precious stones.

In order not to bother your head with various extensions and fortifications, you can do a wedding manicure on your nails, especially if they are naturally beautiful in shape and have a solid structure.

By the way, the patterns made in the form of fine lace look very interesting on your nails.

Some girls boldly add bright notes to their wedding manicure, complementing the drawings with red, blue or any other abstract lines. If you decide to resort to bright colors, then consider the color of your skin, for example, too light skin is not combined with blue and blue shades.

We hope that our tips will be useful and informative, and your nails on your wedding day will be an excellent conclusion to your festive look.

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Perfect and unique wedding manicure of the bride (8 photos)
The bride's wedding manicure is a special kind of manicure, which, in many respects, opens up great opportunities for the girl, but also limits her at the same time.

Beautiful wedding manicure for the bride 2018-2019: photos, news, ideas for manicure for the bride

We offer you a selection of original manicure ideas for the bride, the most fashionable bride manicure, the photos of which are presented below ...

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Fashionable wedding manicure 2018-2019: photos, new items
Beautiful wedding manicure of the bride for 2018-2019: photos, news, trends in the wedding manicure of the bride. Fashionable manicure photos of the bride, wedding manicure french, wedding manicure with lace.

A selection of beautiful wedding manicure for the bride.

Wedding manicure manicure wedding photo wedding manicure wedding manicure bride wedding manicure 2014 photo wedding manicure nail photo photo manicure wedding photo wedding manicure photo shellac wedding manicure short nails photo wedding manicure photo French manicure wedding manicure Znamensk Astrakhan region city photo manicure for the bride photo wedding manicure 2014 photo wedding manicure gel photo wedding manicure gel varnish photo wedding french manicure photo wedding manicure bride photo manicure bride 2014 manicure on wedding to bride photo.

Wedding Manicure 2017: the best photos of a manicure for a wedding.

Wedding manicure for the bride should be perfect. We have collected only the best photos of a manicure for a wedding, which reflect the fashion trends of 2017. French with rhinestones for long nails. ¦ 6 · sparkles, rhinestones and.

Wedding manicure for the bride 2017-2018 - the main trends, description and photo. Accurate nails, birthday nails, delicate spring nails, french.

Fashion trends wedding manicure 2019

Fashionable trends of wedding manicure move in the direction set by 2018. Nail art is committed to elegance. The photo shows several variants of manicure design for short nails, made in pastel shades. To preserve the beauty of a wedding manicure for a long time, masters use shellac.

Moon manicure is good for its versatility. Even the day after the wedding moon manicure perfectly fit into the image.

Brides will love the light accents in the decor. Masters of nail art believe that the decor is not a mandatory component of a wedding manicure. It is enough to “decorate” 1-2 marigolds so as not to overload the image.

In 2019, fashionable wedding manicure is considered to be rather a classic design, rather than defiant and flashy. Another popular option - french. It is complemented with fashionable accessories and details. In addition to rhinestones, it is necessary to agree to the proposal of the master to decorate the nails with a micro-bead. This accessory came to the Russian market of nail art relatively recently, but it has already managed to take the place of the leader and become popular with the masters and their clients.

In a wedding manicure, microbeads are used to create different shapes on the nails. For example, it is easy to lay out a ring or a heart from it. For a wedding such a manicure will be very symbolic.

Among other "decorations" in wedding nail art can be used:

Recall that decorating all 10 nails is not so worth it. It is enough to pay attention to 1-2 nails on each hand. If you decorate each nail, manicure will look too nalyapisto and cheap.

Manicure Technique

Perfect wedding manicure is easy to do at home. But for this you need to practice beforehand. Doing design for short nails will require some skill. If the bride does not have enough experience in the field of nail art, it is better if she turns to a professional. The wizard will save her time. If the design does not work out the first time, the manicurist will quickly fix everything. At home, this will have to spend a lot of time.

Technique of manicure at home includes the following steps:

  1. Tidy hands, nails.

It is recommended to make one tray to choose from. In warm water (not hot), drip a few drops of your favorite essential oil, chamomile brew or honey. Hold your hands for 10-15 minutes. Wipe off with a towel. Lubricate hands with a nourishing cream.

Of the benefits - the bath softens the cuticle and barbs. So they are easier to remove.

At the wedding, it is recommended to choose a square shape or an oval with dotted edges. They are considered classic.

If for any reason, none of the above forms are suitable, you should choose something of your own, based not only on your own preferences, but also on the condition of your nails. Provided the wrong form was chosen earlier, it is difficult to fix it in one manicure session. It will take at least 2 times to make a manicure with breaks of several weeks, so that the nails have had time to grow.

  1. Remove agnails and cuticle.

If the vessels are located close, remove the cuticle very carefully. Otherwise there will be cuts. They will not decorate a wedding manicure. Marigolds with damaged skin look very unattractive. This you can see in the photo.

To soften the cuticle will need a special tool. It can be bought in the store all for manicure. The tool is applied to the cuticle and wait 5 minutes. After that it can be removed.

After removing the burrs and cuticles, you need to process the nail file. Ideally, wipe off the top layer of the plate. Do not damage it.

Gel varnish is applied on short nails as well as on long ones. Try not to gain a lot of varnish, otherwise stains will remain. It is not necessary to apply the coating in more than 3 layers. Each layer is dried in the lamp. Movement should be short and unhurried. Here is the key to the perfect wedding manicure.

The very last stage is the processing of the nail plate with nourishing oil. It will moisturize the skin of the hands.

The choice of varnish - the taste of the bride. The only thing you need to know - the coating should be combined with a dress and a bouquet. Most often, brides choose pale pink and lilac varnish. These are the most popular colors of the 2019 wedding season.

Bold brides prefer manicure in red and blue shades. Rhinestones and other decor make such nail art a real work of art. Fashion critics recommend to prefer all the same pastels. She balances the wedding image.

French manicure

Masters consider french classic wedding manicure. Despite the fact that this design is found in every second bride, girls still prefer him. If the manicure is made in light shades, it will emphasize well-groomed hands. Those who are not afraid of experiments should try to change the calm tones to brighter ones.

With a French manicure, it is easy to create a unique and unique image. Even on the following days after the wedding, he will be in perfect harmony with the weekday wardrobe and not at all the festive atmosphere.

Manicure with lace

Manicure in the style of lace - as well as french, is considered a classic nail art. This is a great choice for celebrations and significant dates. The manicure with drawing of lace will ideally fit into the same lace wedding image.

Masters recommend to stop on the particularly careful drawing of the ring finger. After all, he is the whole day and evening will be in the spotlight. The bridegroom will put a cherished ring on it, and after - the girlfriends will want to see how beautifully it shimmers in daylight or evening light.

Moon manicure

Moon manicure is one of the most popular types of wedding nail art for short nails made by shellac. What is a moon manicure? This service jacket, done the opposite. Edging is not located at the tip of the nail, and at its root.

Moon jacket is drawn using both light and bright shades. Also, beads and rhinestones are often used to decorate the hole. But this is not necessary.

The main thing is the difference between the colors of the main part and the hole. If the bride has chosen a dress not in light shades, the contrast in manicure will look especially advantageous. It is permissible to use black for decorating the hole, and red to cover the rest of it - and vice versa.

Decorative stickers

Of course, the likelihood that you will be offered stickers in the cabin is very small. Usually they are needed to make a manicure at home. Such stickers are a real magic wand for those girls who adore a variety of patterns on their nails, but have not yet learned how to draw them on their own.

Of the other advantages - such stickers will come to the rescue if the manicure needs to be done very quickly, but there is no time for that.

If desired, the production of labels can be ordered individually. So on the nails of the bride may appear her portrait and the portrait of the groom, the symbols of their wedding and much more.

Various drawings

From the drawings the bride can choose a geometric print or something else. The main thing that he fit into her image. If you are doing a manicure yourself, do not forget to cover your nails with a top for fixing after applying the pattern. Geometric or any other print is applied when the main coating is dry. Provided that you use a special lamp for drying nails, this process does not take much time.

For the picture it is better to choose such shades as:

Golden wedding manicure

Golden manicure looks very expensive in a wedding image. He immediately associated with the holiday. Of the benefits - nail art combined with a wedding ring. It is not necessary to have in your image something else golden. One ring will be enough.

Не рекомендуется покрывать все 10 ногтей золотым лаком. Его стоит чередовать с другими более спокойными и нейтральными. Например, с белым. На белый ноготь красиво ляжет рисунок, выполненный золотым лаком.

Маникюр с жемчугом

Истинным леди обязательно придется по вкусу маникюр с жемчугом. Those who can afford it, may prefer a design with real pearls. Artificial beads look no less attractive.

Naturally, the beads should be very small. Otherwise, the manicure will turn out too "heavy." And the wedding image is, first of all, ease and refinement.

Pearls will be needed if the bride decides to make a moon manicure. They lay out the "smile" holes. Take matte white or silver lacquer as a basis. With the latter it is worth being extremely careful. He can in an instant weight the image.

From the beads you can lay out the pattern, traced silver lacquer. Do not forget that not all nails need to be decorated with any decor. It is enough to glue the pearls on a few nails.

Wedding manicure with rhinestones

This type of manicure is considered one of the most complex in execution. This is due to the fact that sometimes it is difficult for craftsmen to find a middle ground between the number of rhinestones used. In no case do not need to allow the master to stick rhinestones on all nails in a row. The smaller of them - the better.

Before you go to the master, select several design options among the new wedding manicure for short or long nails.

What are the accessories for brides

Accessories for the bride are a handbag, gloves, hairpins, a headdress, costume jewelry, and also other details of a wedding dress. Properly selected jewelry will help to emphasize the style of the image, to focus on femininity and charm of the hero of the occasion. When choosing it is important to adhere to the sense of proportion. Overloading with decorations will make the image heavy and ridiculous. For example, if you chose a volumetric necklace around your neck, a hat or large earrings would no longer be relevant. Interesting handmade accessories look no less impressive.

How to choose accessories for your image

Romantic nature stylists recommend to pay attention to the lace veil. Modern brides often prefer charming diadems with rhinestones and precious stones. It is important that the color of the stones combined with a hint of a wedding dress. The elegant hat will be in perfect harmony with the fitting toilet. To the long dress in the floor with a narrow waist and flared bottom fit hat-kanote.

When choosing gloves the bride should take into account the time of year and the style of dress. The material of the accessory should be combined with the fabric from which the dress is made. The length of gloves depends on the shape and length of the sleeve. If the sleeves are lower than the elbow, the gloves should be no higher than the wrist. To dress on the straps should pick up gloves above the elbow. As for handbags, the best option would be a neat clutch, decorated with rhinestones, embroidery or pearls.

Where to find the most stylish accessories

Nowadays, finding accessories that are perfect for a wedding image is easy. In addition to specialized salons, which offer a wide range of both affordable and expensive branded products, you can always find private design studios in which skillful stylists do truly impressive jewelry with their own hands. These studios offer a unique opportunity to manufacture exclusive accessories to order.