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Atkins diet: the essence, stages, the effectiveness of losing weight


The weight loss system developed by American nutritionist Robert Atkins has long been recognized worldwide as one of the most effective methods. Its creation was preceded by a number of studies of the metabolic process. The main goal of such a system is to create conditions for the body in which it “learns” to use its own reserves of fat cells.

Low-calorie system will help to lose weight quickly

The Atkins diet is also called Hollywood, because it is thanks to her that many cinema and show business stars are in great shape. Its main rule is to limit carbohydrate intake. But the amount of protein and fat can be safely left in the usual amount. Such a food system has many adherents and opponents, but first, let's understand its essence.

The Atkins diet has several phases, the sequence of which must be strictly followed.

First phase

Its duration is 14 days. The goal - to influence the course of chemical processes in the body, changing them in the right direction. The basic rules of this phase are four.

  1. The daily diet should include 5 meals. Between them should not take more than 6 hours, but not less than 2.
  2. The amount of allowed carbohydrates - 20 grams per day. The amount of fat and protein is not limited, but you should not overeat.
  3. You need to take care of the saturation of the body with water. Therefore, the rate for the day - 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water, and a complete rejection of any sweet, as well as alcoholic beverages.
  4. You can not eat flour, sweet, vegetables, containing a large amount of starch, seeds and nuts.

An example menu suitable for the first phase may look like this:

  1. In the morning on an empty stomach drink a glass of water.
  2. For breakfast, you can cook an omelette, a piece of fish, drink a cup of tea without sugar.
  3. For the second breakfast cereal with low-fat yogurt (about 100 g) will do.
  4. Half an hour before lunch drink another glass of water.
  5. Lunch may consist of rice and a piece of baked beef.
  6. For dinner, you can cook baked fish or chicken.

Second phase

In the first two weeks, significant changes in metabolism should occur in the body, so you can proceed to the next level of body cleansing. At this time it is necessary to increase the amount of carbohydrates gradually, adding 5 grams until you continue to lose weight.

When you notice that the process of weight reduction has stabilized, and the scales constantly show the same value, or you have gained too much, it is worth noting for yourself the maximum allowable amount of carbohydrates.

The duration of this phase can last as much time as you need to get a comfortable weight. At the second stage, it is already possible to afford a small amount of previously banned products - vegetables, sweet fruits, alcohol, bread.

Obvious advantages

  1. The main plus is the gradual loss of weight, during which you will not suffer from unbearable hunger, because you can eat a lot of familiar foods.
  2. The consumption of carbohydrates affects the blood sugar level of a person, thus periodically causing a feeling of hunger. The restriction of carbohydrates leads to the fact that sugar remains in a certain stable norm, and a person does not have to constantly look for snacks, as well as suffer from attacks of headache and irritability resulting from starvation.
  3. The results of the diet will surely please those who are going to lose more than 10 kg and are afraid of sagging skin. Protein, which is allowed to use, contributes to the preservation of muscle tissue.
  4. The gradual diet allows you to listen to the body, to find the right nutritional standards and foods that will really benefit.

There are disadvantages

Many doctors have already challenged Dr. Atkins nutrition system for weight loss, focusing on its danger to the body. Among the main disadvantages are:

  1. Carbohydrates are able to retain water, and in the conditions of their absence or low consumption, the body quickly loses the necessary reserves. Therefore, people suffering from diseases of the kidneys and liver, should abandon such a diet.
  2. Due to inadequate intake of carbohydrate foods, a person may begin to suffer from headaches, become irritable, absent-minded, get tired quickly, because the brain needs glucose for normal activity.
  3. Unbalanced diet can cause constipation, so it is important to fill the lack of nutrients with vitamin complexes.

Like any diet, the diet of Dr. Atkins requires prior consultation with a doctor. And if a low carbohydrate diet is not contraindicated in your body, then within a few months you will learn to understand what quantities your body needs. Thus, you will not only lose weight, but also be able to prevent many diseases.

Features Atkins weight loss

Robert Atkins himself - "the guy from the people." His family lived in Ohio (USA), where the boy’s father owned a restaurant. At twenty-one, Robert graduated from the medical university, and four years later he received a medical degree. A prospective cardiologist was invited to work by leading medical institutions of the state. Atkins worked in clinics, working closely with Columbia and Rochester universities, using new and innovative methods of treating heart disease.

Perhaps the career of Dr. Atkins would have quietly developed further, if not for one "but." From his youth he suffered from overweight. With age, excess weight has caused deterioration in health. Robert decided to lose weight, but in such a way as to support the work of the heart.

The history of the appearance of the diet

In the late sixties, Robert Atkins came across an article published in the journal of the American Medical Academy. Its authors, Gordon Azar and Walter Bloom, proposed a new concept of nutrition with the restriction of carbohydrates in it. Atkins used the presented method, somewhat "modernized" it and developed his own power scheme. On this diet, he lost twenty-eight kilograms in a few years.

Deciding to share his own experiences, the doctor wrote the book “The Attic Diet Revolution of Dr. Atkins.” She was released in small circulation in 1972, and at that time almost no one noticed her. To popularize his own nutritional system, Robert quit his job as a cardiologist and founded the Center for Alternative Medicine. The institution opened in the late eighties in Manhattan.

Business actively developed and flourished. At the beginning of the nineties, the number of Center employees exceeded eighty people. Already by this time Atkins stated that he had cured more than fifty thousand people from obesity and problems with the cardiovascular system.

At about the same time, he decided to repeat the experience with the publication of a book on diet. In 1992, her slightly improved "version" was released, called "Dr. Atkins' New Revolutionary Diet."

The doctor did not propose anything fundamentally new in the second edition, but he very accurately guessed in time that it was published. Atkins was the first American nutritionist to use the power of the Internet, which by then was at the peak of its development. Popularization of the book on the Internet has done its job: about losing weight without starvation, with the use of nourishing and favorite products learned millions of people. And they accepted the concept recommended by the cardiologist.

How popular in the late nineties was the Atkins diet in America can be judged by these facts.

  • 100 million dollars. It was this income that Robert Atkins received in 1998 from the sale of the book and the activities of the Atkins Nutritionals Center, which promoted the concept to the masses.
  • 15 million copies. This number of books has been sold in America and Europe since 1992. For six years, the publication has retained its position as a bestseller in the ranking of the most popular books of The New York Times.
  • 3 million people. So many people in the UK have tried a weight loss scheme in 2003. And in the United States at the beginning of the two thousandth every eleventh American "sat" on this diet.
  • Hollywood diet. This name was given to the power system for the love of her from the side of Hollywood stars. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston did not conceal that they were losing weight with the help of Dr. Atkins diet.
  • Special products. In response to consumer interest, manufacturers began producing products with a reduced carbohydrate content. So on the American market appeared low-carbohydrate beer, bread and even pasta.
  • Changing the diet of Americans. Social studies have shown a general decrease in the consumption of potatoes and wheat in the United States with an increase in meat consumption.

Robert Atkins himself kept his diet throughout his life. According to the doctors, this is exactly what played a “cruel joke” with him. In 2002, he had cardiac arrest, which his personal physician, Patrick Fratallon, stated with surprise, because his patient was fine with the cardiovascular system.

In April 2003, at the seventy-third year of his life, Robert Atkins passed away. His death was recognized as an accident: an elderly doctor was walking along a slippery sidewalk, fell and hit the back of his head on the asphalt. Why the fall really happened remains a mystery.

Why is losing weight with the Atkins diet called revolutionary? The fact is that the author promoted ideas that were not used until this time in dietetics.

  • Metabolic advantage. The concept is based on the reduction of carbohydrate intake, which forces the body to work in a new way. According to the author of the diet, with this approach to nutrition, the body spends much more energy on burning fat. Thus, thanks to only the digestion of food burns a lot more calories than the diet enriched with carbohydrates.
  • Burns own fat. Carbohydrates are the energy fuel of our body. They are converted into glucose, which energizes the muscles, provides food to the brain. But if carbohydrates stop coming from the outside, the body has no choice but to use its own reserves to provide the body with energy. And such reserve becomes adipose tissue. This process is called ketosis.
  • Decreased appetite. By consuming carbohydrates, our body produces insulin. This hormone is necessary for the absorption of glucose. If a person eats something sweet, there is an instantaneous release of insulin into the blood. With a sharp decrease in the volume of insulin, an attack of hunger occurs, therefore, after eating sugary or starchy, powdery meals, you quickly feel like eating. There are no carbohydrates in food - there is no feeling of hunger, the appetite decreases naturally.

Phase Atkins Diet

The power scheme involves the observance of the four phases. Moving from one to another, you will observe how the proportions of the body change. Phases are based on starting and maintaining the process of ketosis - the breakdown of adipose tissue and its conversion into energy.

The first phase allows you to start the process of ketosis. It is the most rigid in relation to the choice of products. The menu of the day should include only those products that are located on the first and second steps of the Atkins food pyramid.

Here are some of the rules for the induction phase.

  • Duration - 14 days. It is during this period that the body adapts to new conditions. There is a reorganization of a metabolism. There is no glucose-insulin reaction in the blood, due to which the metabolic processes involve accumulated fat cells for energy. The glucose level drops to 3.58 mmol, which is characteristic of the pathological state of hypoglycemia. In this state, the body triggers growth hormones and adrenaline, which break down fat cells into fatty acids. They are processed by the liver, and the processing residues are ketones excreted by the kidneys in the urine.
  • The amount of carbohydrates is not more than 20 grams per day. This amount is contained, for example, in hundred grams of celery, arugula and green beans.
  • Fractional diet. Form it from five meals during the day. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, include snacks: lunch and snack. Not allowed to take breaks between meals for more than six hours.

Your weekly menu might look like this.

In the second week, the diet is duplicated first. Food recipes take into account the following cooking techniques.

  • Eggs It is allowed to boil, fry and bake as an omelet without milk.
  • Meat, fish in the form of chops and steaks. Quickly fried in a small amount of vegetable oil over high heat. Pork is recommended to additionally stew under the lid.
  • Bird. Boil for a couple or fry without skin in a hot frying pan.
  • Vegetables. Leaves are consumed fresh, green stewed in a little water, or boiled in boiling water.

Products can be lightly spiked. The menu for 14 days of the Atkins diet allows the use of tea and coffee, but the number of cups of coffee per day must be reduced to two.

According to reviews, with this diet for fourteen days the weight goes to two to five kilograms.

Weight loss

The second phase lasts for the entire period of losing weight, until the desired result is achieved. Its duration is individual. The minimum is fourteen days, the maximum is not defined. To leave the phase of weight loss should be when your weight by one kilogram will exceed the required.

Basic principles of the second phase.

  • Individual selection of carbohydrates. Atkins recommends gradually increasing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet. Thus, it can include all products of the second stage of the food pyramid and some products of the third stage. The amount of carbohydrates should be from twenty per day. With a good intensity of weight loss and high physical exertion, it can be increased to one hundred and fifty grams per day. To calculate the individual rate of carbohydrates, you need to be weighed daily during the week. If you increase their consumption, you continue to lose weight, then the rate is reached or can be increased even. If the weight loss stops, you eat too much carbohydrates. Based on this principle, losing weight makes up an individual menu with portion sizes.
  • Control of ketone bodies. Ketosis, launched in the first stage, goes into a phase of attack on fatty masses. Fat splitting is especially active right now. To monitor the safe level of ketone bodies in the urine is necessary daily with the help of test strips. If the level exceeds 110 mmol per liter, increase carbohydrate intake.
  • No abrupt menu changes. It is not allowed to finish the first phase and sharply increase the volume of vegetables and fruits in the diet up to 150 grams of carbohydrates per day. The transition to a new level should be neat, gradual, with the addition of one product each, weight control.

The diet remains fractional, includes five meals with three main and two snacks.

Transition period

During this phase, the person losing weight must fix the result and develop his own menu of individual ration. The task is to understand at what amount of carbohydrates per day the weight will remain stable.

To do this, you should gradually introduce into the diet foods from the upper stages of the pyramid, adding ten grams of carbohydrates per day. If body weight does not increase, you can add another ten grams of carbohydrates. If you observe weight gain, temporarily limit their use to a safe rate.

Features of the "transition period" by Atkins.

  • Duration - up to three months. According to Robert Atkins, this is exactly the time it takes to understand the individual need for carbohydrates in the diet. It is impossible to estimate this volume more quickly, as weight gain occurs gradually. And you can identify the dynamics by periodically weighing every three days.
  • Selection of products. Identify those foods that you enjoy eating, and their use does not provoke excess weight. As a rule, at this stage in the diet may include all products from the Atkins food pyramid. But using the table of carbohydrates in food, you can add to your menu and other products.

It is important to adhere to the drinking regimen and to monitor the level of ketone bodies in the urine once a week.

Weight saving

According to reviews thinner, stick to a diet on this phase is the easiest. For several months, food habits and preferences are formed. And overweight, “dumped” with such difficulty, serves as an incentive to eat without the risk of weight gain.

The phase of preserving weight is no longer a diet, but a way of life, a conscious choice of an individual diet, which may include a variety of products. But losing weight should always remember the maximum amount of carbohydrates in its menu, which was identified during the third phase.

Features of the stage to save weight.

  • Duration is unlimited. It can be tens of years.
  • Weight control. It should be weighed once a week.
  • Accounting for changes in activity. С возрастом вес прибавляется легче, так как снижается физическая активность человека. Возможно, в течение ближайших лет рацион потребуется пересмотреть и убрать из него некоторый объем углеводов.

Основу питания продолжают составлять белковые продукты из нижней ступени пирамиды Аткинса. Рекомендуется употреблять привычный объем воды и контролировать уровень кетоновых тел в моче. На данном этапе их быть не должно, так как организм постепенно выходит из стадии кетоза.

Opinion nutritionists on the Atkins diet

Dr. Atkins was a cardiologist, and in the development of his diet relied on the basic principles of support for the heart and blood vessels. The basics of his diet formed the concept of therapeutic diets for hypertensive patients, people suffering from heart disease.

However, nutritionists do not welcome the fashion for this low carb diet. And warned of the dangers that await losing weight. According to reviews of doctors, the body can respond with unexpected and unpleasant consequences.

Metabolism slowdown

“I don’t welcome any diets that severely restrict the intake of protein, carbohydrates or fats,” comments dietitian Kristina Lobanovskaya. “They are harmful because the human body cannot fully function without any of these elements.”

The main drawback of the Atkins diet, according to Christina Lobanovskaya, is the formation of irreversible changes in the chains of interactions between proteins and carbohydrates, which leads to a slower metabolism. “Unfortunately, after the end of the diet, it is often impossible to maintain weight at the achieved level,” the doctor notes.

Impairment of well-being

“The Atkins diet cannot suit everyone,” said dietitian Rimma Moisenko. “With its observance, the body practically does not receive carbohydrates, because of which it experiences stress.”

The adrenal glands begin to produce a stress hormone - adrenaline, which breaks down fats. But at the same time a person may feel weakness, problems with the work of the gastrointestinal tract, pain in the joints. “If you experience these symptoms, stop the diet,” advises Rimma Moisenko.

Lack of appetite

Professor of the University of Copenhagen Arne Astrup believes that the effectiveness of the diet is not in the peculiarities of its effect on metabolism, but in the monotony of the diet. For a long time, a person is forced to eat the same thing, which is really capable of reducing appetite and causing apathy for food.

At the same time, dangerous processes occur in the intestines of losing weight. Excessive intake of protein destroys the intestinal microflora, which does not receive glucose from the current diet. There is a high probability of the development of putrefactive microflora - the causes of dysbacteriosis and the associated digestive disorders.

Risk of developing dangerous diseases

The increased content of ketone bodies in the urine, which the diet achieves, is a dangerous signal. He talks about the violation of metabolic processes in the body. Ketones are aggressive compounds that can damage the cells of our body. Ketones are particularly active in relation to the cells of the liver and brain, but due to the fact that they are excreted from the body with urine, the kidneys are more damaged.

"The Atkins diet can have other effects," said dietician Lyudmila Denisenko.

  • Low activity. It is determined by the absence of glucose - the only food for the brain and muscles. A person simply does not have the strength to do any work, the brain is “turned off” and it is impossible to engage in mental work.
  • Increased risk of cancer. It is provoked by the removal from the diet of vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole grains.
  • The development of gout. The disease provokes uric acid, which occurs in the body as a result of the breakdown of large amounts of proteins.
  • The formation of kidney stones. Another unpleasant consequence of the abundance of protein foods in the diet.
  • The formation of osteoporosis. A saturated protein diet over time causes the leaching of calcium from the bones, which leads to the destruction of bone tissue, bone fragility.
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The use of fatty foods in large quantities increases the level of cholesterol and contributes to the formation of atherosclerosis, blockage of blood vessels.

To reduce the negative effects of a protein diet, Lyudmila Denisenko recommends the following rules.

  • Reduce the amount of carbohydrates gradually. Do not allow a sharp restriction of carbohydrates, reduce them by 30-40 grams per day.
  • Eat foods with a low glycemic index. These include cereals: oats, barley, brown rice, whole grain bread crisps.
  • Do not allow critical reduction of carbohydrates. Their daily income should be at least two hundred grams. This amount is enough to feed the brain and maintain muscle tone. At the same time the body can continue to lose fat mass.
  • Do not pass the absolute minimum. He is 80 grams of carbohydrates per day. This is a critical amount that you should not reduce by more than two or three days. Otherwise, the diet poses a real health hazard.
  • Return the usual diet. Periodically it is necessary to arrange "fasting days", returning your usual level of carbohydrates.

Also in the diet should include the correct fats, in particular, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated legumes, fish, flax seeds, sunflower.

Reviews on the Atkins diet by dietitians make you think about the correctness of its principles. The negative impact on the health of long-term consumption of high-protein foods without a sufficient level of carbohydrates was noted. It can help in weight loss in the short term, but in the long run it leads to significant disorders and a high risk of regaining overweight.

General rules

The diet of cardiologist Robert Atkins is known, also, as the Hollywood food system. This is a low-carb technique that appeared in the twentieth century. The essence of the diet is to limit carbohydrates and provide the body with energy due to the accumulated fat, not glucose.

Nutritionist Robert Atkins has folded the four-phase technique:

  • the first phase is induction
  • second phase - weight reduction
  • the third phase is preparation for maintaining a constant weight,
  • the fourth phase is weight maintenance.

The first phase is called induction and is setting up the desired metabolism. This phase starts the process. ketosis - The process of fat burning.

According to this very strict phase, which can last from 2 weeks, no more than 20 g of carbohydrates should be consumed per day. This rule within this period should not be violated under any circumstances, otherwise the efforts will be in vain.

How does the first phase work? The first days the body spends stocks glycogenthat are stored in muscle tissue, the excretion stops insulin into the bloodstream by lowering the level of glucose. For 3-4 days the body switches from burning carbohydrates to burning fat: does it need to take energy from somewhere? That is how it starts ketosis.

During the first phase, after a week, you can already notice some weight loss: the body got rid of excess fluid, swelling disappeared. Do not worry that this is the end result. Further, the process of fat loss will be even more intense.

In general, the duration of induction directly depends on your state of health, endurance and the results achieved during these 2 weeks. Remember that for the entire period of the first phase you should lose at least 1 kg of weight, and the results should be tangible and visible. If the results do not suit you, but patience allows, then “Induction” can be extended to 4-6 weeks.

Most often, the induction menu quickly becomes boring, and losing weight switches to phase II.

Being in the second phase, your body continues to reduce weight and volume due to the same burning of the fat layer from which energy is extracted.

This is the main phase, which can last from 3-5 weeks to several years. And it is here that you need to very carefully trace your personal rate of carbohydrates per day, at which you will still lose weight. Remember that the rate of carbohydrates for each person is individual, and the optimum amount can be found only by the method of experiment.

Start your search for carbohydrate intake with an induction minimum of 20 grams per day. Further, very smoothly, by 3-5 g, increase the amount of carbohydrate-containing foods, watching your body and weight loss. A slowdown in the rate of weight loss indicates that you are near the best amount of allowed carbohydrates. Thus, by supporting the amount of carbohydrates found per day, you can lose weight in a comfortable way and with a varied menu for a very long time.

During all phases it is very important not to forget about one of the most powerful ways to increase the rate of the metabolic process - physical activity. Moreover, with a low carbohydrate diet, they are the same basic component as the calculation and restriction of carbohydrates in the diet.

The second phase can continue until you have to lose 3-6 kg to your acceptable or ideal weight.

When this line will be conquered, you should go to the third phase of the Atkins diet.

The third phase is the transition from active weight loss to weight conservation. Here you have already managed, and very successfully, with a large amount of excess fat and approached your ideal weight. Now you are actively involved in sports, eat healthy and healthy food, and your figure is your pride.

The entire third phase is aimed at finding for itself such a food system, the amount of carbohydrates and physical activity that will be needed to maintain the results achieved for the rest of your life. And here it is important to remember that, when returning to a normal diet full of large amounts of carbohydrates, the weight will quickly return, possibly in a larger amount. That is why the third phase is important: it is necessary to decide how and what you will eat in order to enjoy life and your body.

Most often, this stage lasts from 1 to 3 months. Here you increase the amount of carbohydrate intake gradually, by 5-7 g per week, while strictly following the state of the body and the numbers on the scales. In addition, you can include in the menu of each week some new product that you did not allow yourself to do before. It is during this period that experiments with sugar, sweets, and other favorite hazards occur. That is, if, when used once a week, 30 g of chocolate does not change weight, it does not jump, then this relief can be written into your diet. It's over, you should not overdo it.

When you reach the fourth phase of the Robert Atkins diet, this kind of food will no longer be a problem for you, just pleasure. Here you can confidently note that you have reached your own ideal weight, and the low-carb menu has long become a habit. But here you should not relax! You need to constantly and very closely monitor your weight and the amount of carbohydrate-containing food. This phase is constant, one might say, for life, in order not to gain weight again. Here you eat on the basis of the amount of carbohydrates per day, which is determined during the third phase of the diet.

Dr. Atkins New Revolutionary Diet

The book, which laid the foundation of this technique and with which the diet became known to the whole world. In it, the doctor collected the results of his many years of experience and work on obese. We advise you to read this book during a diet, since all the advantages and benefits of the diet are described in most detail in it, and the biochemical processes that occur in the human body during a diet change are explained. Also, the work contains many delicious low-carb recipes.

The book "Dr. Atkins New Revolutionary Diet"

Thus, the technique of Robert Atkins is a carefully thought out and popular way to lose weight, is perfect for adults suffering from the problem of overweight. In addition, studies have shown that a low carbohydrate diet is mandatory when epilepsy. This method of nutrition significantly reduces the number and severity of epileptic seizures.

In addition, for the treatment of childhood obesity, it also suits. The method of applying a low carbohydrate diet for children is this: you need to smoothly reduce the amount of carbohydrates in the child's menu to an acceptable amount at which it will lose weight, avoiding the first phase of induction.

Atkins diet permitted foods

  • any fish (white, red, river, sea),
  • any bird (turkey, goose, duck, chicken, chicken),
  • any seafood (shrimp, seafood cocktail, mussels, oysters, crabs),
  • any meat (lamb, pork, veal, beef),
  • eggs, ostrich, quail eggs in any form,
  • any cheeses (Russian, Gouda, feta, parmesan, mozzarella).

Salad vegetables are somewhat limited in this first phase: they can be eaten no more than 3 times a day, a portion of about 100 g. It is desirable that these are green vegetables: lettuce, watercress, cucumbers, pepper, parsley, beet greens, spinach, Brussels sprouts cabbage, dill, onion, sorrel, asparagus.

In addition, you can gradually add mushrooms and radishes, eggplant. You can decorate and flavor dishes with various seasonings, for example, black and red peppers, basil, rosemary, and garlic. You can season salads with vegetable oils (grape seed oil, olive oil, sunflower oil), herbs, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar.

The list of approved and recommended products in the second phase remains the same as the list of the first phase. In addition, you can start to introduce limited nuts (walnuts, roasted peanuts, almonds, cashews), which are beneficial to humans for their polyunsaturated fats and acids. A little later, in small quantities, you can eat berries and fruits (melon, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry). From vegetables you can add broccoli and tomatoes to your diet.

The most correct thing is not to eat the entire norm of carbohydrate-containing foods in one meal, but to distribute it throughout your day.

In the third phase, it is already possible to begin to introduce limitedly some starchy vegetables: sweet potatoes, carrots, potatoes, and beets. Also, finally, you can eat in minimal quantities favorite and popular fruits: apples, bananas, mango, watermelon, cherry and kiwi. In addition, it is now possible to be saturated with the participation of croup: brown rice, oats, and barley.

But, you should remember that you should carefully control the amount of carbohydrates per day, and your main diet, of course, must be protein products from the first phase.

The menu and the list of permitted products of the fourth phase is similar to the third, with the amendment that the diet should be adapted for a very long period.

Permitted Products

Below is a complete table of carbohydrates, fats and proteins that you need to follow when drawing up your menu. It is necessary to keep it with you, especially in the first phases of the diet, in order to navigate in the permitted and prohibited foods and not to eat something that can harm the diet. For convenience, the table is divided into three sections: allowed, restricted and prohibited products.

Atkins diet, partially restricted or prohibited foods

Starting to adhere to a similar low-carb diet, you should remember that this technique is difficult to formulate and carefully developed. Therefore, you should very strictly follow the list of restricted and prohibited products, use them wisely and in small quantities.

However, there are general guidelines for banning certain products or groups of products:

  • sugar (candy, chocolate, confectionery),
  • packaged drinks (juices, fruit drinks, compotes), soda, syrups,
  • Bakery products, muffins, cookies, pasta, dumplings, dumplings, cakes - everything made from white wheat flour,
  • various purchased sauces, soy sauce,
  • fruits should be eaten with great care
  • alcoholic beverages.

Below is a table of foods that need to be limited in this diet.

Vegetables and greens

Cheese and curd

Meat products

Fish and seafood

Non-alcoholic drinks

Juices and compotes

* data are per 100 g of product

Atkins diet, partially restricted or prohibited foods

Starting to adhere to a similar low-carb diet, you should remember that this technique is difficult to formulate and carefully developed. Therefore, you should very strictly follow the list of restricted and prohibited products, use them wisely and in small quantities.

However, there are general guidelines for banning certain products or groups of products:

  • sugar (candy, chocolate, confectionery),
  • packaged drinks (juices, fruit drinks, compotes), soda, syrups,
  • Bakery products, muffins, cookies, pasta, dumplings, dumplings, cakes - everything made from white wheat flour,
  • various purchased sauces, soy sauce,
  • fruits should be eaten with great care
  • alcoholic beverages.

Below is a table of foods that need to be limited in this diet.

Disallowed product table

Vegetables and greens

Fish and seafood

Non-alcoholic drinks

Juices and compotes

* data are per 100 g of product

Atkins diet, partially restricted or prohibited foods

Starting to adhere to a similar low-carb diet, you should remember that this technique is difficult to formulate and carefully developed. Therefore, you should very strictly follow the list of restricted and prohibited products, use them wisely and in small quantities.

However, there are general guidelines for banning certain products or groups of products:

  • sugar (candy, chocolate, confectionery),
  • packaged drinks (juices, fruit drinks, compotes), soda, syrups,
  • хлебобулочные изделия, сдоба, печенье, макароны, вареники, пельмени, торты – все, что приготовлено из белой пшеничной муки,
  • различные покупные соусы, соевый соус,
  • фрукты стоит есть с большой осторожностью,
  • алкогольные напитки.

Ниже представлена таблица продуктов, которые необходимо ограничивать при данной диете.

Таблица запрещенных продуктов

Овощи и зелень

Орехи и сухофрукты

Крупы и каши

Хлебобулочные изделия

Сырье и приправы

Молочные продукты

Сыры и творог

Рыба и морепродукты

Juices and compotes

* data are per 100 g of product

Atkins diet, partially restricted or prohibited foods

Starting to adhere to a similar low-carb diet, you should remember that this technique is difficult to formulate and carefully developed. Therefore, you should very strictly follow the list of restricted and prohibited products, use them wisely and in small quantities.

However, there are general guidelines for banning certain products or groups of products:

  • sugar (candy, chocolate, confectionery),
  • packaged drinks (juices, fruit drinks, compotes), soda, syrups,
  • Bakery products, muffins, cookies, pasta, dumplings, dumplings, cakes - everything made from white wheat flour,
  • various purchased sauces, soy sauce,
  • fruits should be eaten with great care
  • alcoholic beverages.

Below is a table of foods that need to be limited in this diet.

Banned Products Table

Vegetables and greens

Nuts and dried fruits

Cereals and cereals

Bakery products

Raw materials and seasonings

Milk products

Cheese and curd

Fish and seafood

Alcoholic drinks

Non-alcoholic drinks

Juices and compotes

* data are per 100 g of product

Atkins diet menu

Due to the fact that the Atkinson protein diet does not limit the number of permitted products, the weight and volume of servings in the menu for each day is not prescribed. This does not apply to limited products - their weight and volume should be observed as recommended in the menu.

Below is the Atkins diet menu for 14 days.

Day fourteenth

  • omelet from 2 proteins with asparagus.
  • vegetable soup in chicken broth,
  • chicken fillet.
  • 200 g of vegetable salad.
  • steamed turkey fillet.

Such a menu for 14 days is designed for use during the induction phase. In the following phases, the amount of carbohydrate-containing foods in the diet should be increased step by step, introducing 5-10 g of carbohydrates per week. This Atkins diet menu for each day does not require strict adherence by days, they can be rearranged and changed among themselves.

Beef tongue casserole

  • 400 g boiled beef tongue
  • 200 g of champignons,
  • 5-6 tablespoons sour cream,
  • 1 onion,
  • 150 g of hard cheese
  • bunch of greens,
  • spices to taste.

Boiled beef tongue cut into strips. Onions and mushrooms cut and fry. Combine with the tongue, add chopped greens, sour cream and put in a baking dish. Sprinkle with grated cheese and bake at 180 degrees for 25 minutes.

Rich scrambled eggs

  • 4 chicken eggs
  • 1 tomato,
  • 3 brussels sprouts
  • half onions,
  • 100 g of green beans,
  • 1 salad pepper,
  • 3 sausages,
  • bunch of greens,
  • spices to taste
  • 100 g of hard cheese.

Fry all the vegetables with sausages in butter. Break eggs into semi-fried mixture, sprinkle with grated cheese and cook over low heat until ready. Sprinkle with fresh herbs before serving.

With such a diet rarely, but there are breakdowns. Despite the fact that here you can eat plenty of permitted products, sometimes ingrained eating habits do not let go, and people eat carbohydrate food: these are sweets, and fast food, and semi-finished products. These foods provoke a sharp sugar jump in the body, and the main process of the diet is ketosis gets off. In order to start this process necessary for losing weight after breakdown, it is necessary to eat for 4-5 days according to the first phase of the diet - induction. It is very important in such a situation not to break again, watch out for it! And after this time, very gradually begin to increase the amount of carbohydrates per day, 3-5 g.

If you broke at the very beginning of the diet, at the induction phase, which lasts from 2 to 6 weeks, the principle of action will be the same, only you need not to increase the number of carbohydrates, but bring this phase to the end and achieve your ideal weight.

Advantages and disadvantages of a low-carb diet

  • Robert Atkins diet is incredibly effective and, at the same time, easy to perform.
  • The list of permitted products is very extensive, and the menu is built from all your favorite meat dishes.
  • Diet does not limit the use of permitted foods, so the feeling of hunger will never overtake you.
  • Diet is a model of healthy and proper nutrition, which means that you will not only gradually lose weight, but also normalize your health.
  • Some experts believe such a power system is not fully balanced, so it is recommended to take vitamin complexes.
  • With such a diet you need to constantly, sometimes throughout life, control the amount of carbohydrates. Sometimes it scares and people choose simpler methods of losing weight.
  • Be sure to follow the composition and carbohydrate indicators of products! Often, a large amount of carbohydrates may be hidden in unexpected foods.
  • Replace the usual high-carb side dishes (cereals, potatoes) with approved vegetable side dishes that contain less carbohydrate content. But in general, side dishes can be abandoned by adding a vegetable salad to the main dish.
  • Always keep in mind the table of indicators of carbohydrates in products: in a purse, on the desktop, in the kitchen. Remember that you always need to control the amount of carbohydrates!
  • The Atkins diet is a lifestyle, so tune in to long-term adherence to such nutrition.
  • In Russia, the Atkins diet has an analogue that is built on the same principle of reducing carbohydrates - this Kremlin diet. It is less balanced and not so carefully thought out. Therefore, if you are faced with the choice of which system to follow, choose Robert Atkins and his technique, which is supported by various recommendations for weight loss, lots of recipes and many positive reviews.
  • Sport is a must! Good physical exertion and strict adherence to the Atkins rules guarantees you a perfect body.

Atkins diet: reviews and results

The principle of low carbohydrate nutrition originated in the mid-twentieth century, but only at the beginning of the XXI century it was investigated. Reviews about the Atkins diet, compiled on the basis of careful research, have shown that the system is effective for weight loss and weight control. Among other things, the association of family doctors in the United States recognized the diet as an effective means for losing weight. Despite this, doctors insist that the advantage of proteins in the diet can adversely affect the functioning of the heart and kidneys. Testimonials on the part of losing weight also vary: most say that the technique perfectly helps to cope with excess weight, but there are also those who reject such a method of losing weight.

  • «... When my friend told me that there is such an Atkins diet for 14 days and you can say goodbye to her for the hateful excess weight during this time, I did not believe it. She told in detail that there are 4 phases of the diet, but the first one is the most effective. The menu is very simple: eat only protein and very rarely vegetables. Fruits, cereals, sweets and other joys exclude. And I tried it! Frankly, I did not suspect that the diet can be so easy. In addition, I lost 5 kg. I wanted to lose weight further. A little searching the origins of this technique, I found a book by Dr. Atkins. With her, I discovered a new style of food, in which you can not starve and lose weight and look great. So, I gradually moved to the second phase of the diet, and now I'm in the third. At 48, they give me no more than 30 years. I think this is the best feature of this diet!»,
  • «... I started to go on the Atkinson diet, half a year in the amount adhered to this method. That's what I noticed. When eating only proteins and 20 grams of carbohydrates per day, the weight went away. But when I started to add carbohydrates, at least 5 grams, I started to gain weight again. It is possible, of course, that my norm is not more than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day, but for me it is too strict. Moreover, the state of health with such a restriction was not entirely satisfactory. That is why I decided to quit the low carb diet.»,
  • «... After I gave birth to a child, at 22 years old with a height of 172 cm, weighed 84 kg. Purely by chance got on the official website of the Atkins diet. I liked the technique. There is a forum where people share tips and support, and recipes for low-carb diets. Of course, such a reasonableness of the diet inspires confidence. Speaking of food: both husband and child enjoyed eating such dishes. Without limits, of course, and allowing yourself a little more. But what can we say about me when after a month with strict adherence to the diet, I lost 6 kg! There was not enough time for physical exertion, but I was limited to walking with a child twice a day. Now, a year later, my weight is kept at an ideal mark of 69 kg. The child has already grown up, and I can spend more time on the sport, the press cubes and the muscles themselves are already in good shape. Well, for my husband, I became even more beautiful - it is worth my efforts. Therefore, I advise such a diet to anyone who is faced with the problem of excess weight!».

Price of diet

Robert Atkins carbon-free method of weight loss is based on the use of conventional protein foods, the search and purchase of which is not difficult at any time of the year in the nearest grocery store. A significant part of this method of losing weight is building meat and fish products, which constitute the main costs.

In addition, the diet prescribes the daily use of vegetables, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs. Later, fruit, nuts, cereals. On average, at the initial stage of a diet a week, your expenses will be about 2500-4000 rubles. Further, on the next phases of the diet, the cost of a weekly meal will be about 2700-4500 rubles.

The basic rules of the Atkins diet - they must be followed to lose weight

  1. Before you use the recommendations of Dr. Atkins, and go on a low-carb diet, you need toconsult a doctor, be examined, donate blood and urine for analysis. If according to the results of the examination there are any contraindications, the diet can only be followed with the permission of the doctor for it, otherwise health complications cannot be avoided.
  2. You can not eat foods from the list of prohibited dishes and products even in the smallest quantities, otherwise all the results of the diet will be simply annulled. Even in the period when the desired weight is reached, do not neglect these rules, otherwise those extra pounds will return again very quickly.
  3. The Atkins diet does not have strict limits on the amount of food that is prepared from the list of permitted products. But still necessarybe sensible about your dietand avoid eating too much.
  4. Eat better in small portions, but more often. There must be slowly chewing food. Portions should be very small - only with the purpose of satisfying hunger, but in no case - not to get enough “to the heap”.
  5. If a product is not on the list of prohibited or authorized products of the Atkins diet, you need to look at the packaging of this product. carbohydrate content, and calculate their number per 100 grams.
  6. It must be remembered that classification of products according to the Atkins diet refers to the product itself, and not to the product as part of a complex dish. For example, boiled broccoli and broccoli in cheese sauce have a different “weight” of carbohydrates. In the diet it is necessary to avoid such compound dishes, with an emphasis on simple dishes.
  7. Throughout the day every day need to drink a lot of fluidso that the kidneys function normally and to prevent urolithiasis. For drinking it is better to take bottled drinking water, filter water, green tea without sugar. You can not drink juice, sparkling water, mineral water, drinks with sweeteners and flavors, Coca-Cola.
  8. Simultaneously with a decrease in carbohydrates in the diet,it is impossible to cut the calorie and fat content of dishesotherwise the diet will not bring any lasting results, and a breakdown is possible.
  9. When shopping for groceries you need a lot look carefully at the compositionAre there any sugars in them, hidden carbohydrates - starch, flour.
  10. You should not get involved in products that have flavors, dyes, monosodium glutamate. For this reason, it is necessary to avoid the use of sausages, sausages, meat and other semi-finished products.
  11. In order for the intestines to work well during the Atkins diet and to have regular stools, you need to consume more foods that are rich in fiber: oat bran, flax seed, avocado, greens, green salad.
  12. And the author of the diet itself - Dr. Atkins, and his followers, recommend during this diet take a multivitamin and vitamin food supplements with trace elements. Due to the fact that the vitamin component of the Atkins diet is very small, a person who has been abstaining from most of the berries, fruits and vegetables for a long time may develop a strong vitamin deficiency, with all the ensuing consequences.
  13. Vitamin C - A very important substance for human health. In this diet, vitamin C may not be enough if you begin to lean on food only on protein foods. In order to replenish the reserves of vitamin C, it is necessary to eat more often (from the list of allowed) that contain it: leaf lettuce, raspberry, citrus, sauerkraut, gooseberry, radish, liver, sorrel, currant, strawberry, tomatoes.
  14. Sports, active movement and walking are a prerequisite for the low-carb Atkins diet. If you do what you can do every day, your bowels will work better and fats will be burned much faster.

Four phases of weight loss on the Atkins diet

Nutritional system on the diet of doctor atkins has four phases:

  1. induction,
  2. continued weight loss,
  3. consolidation, transition to the phase of maintaining constant weight,
  4. maintaining weight in a stable condition.

Induction Phase - Two-week Diet Start


  • Take foodfrom 3 to 5 times a day in very small portions.
  • There are protein foods, you can fatty foods. You can not eat sugar, flour and starch in any form, seeds, nuts.
  • The diet should be made so that you eat a day not more than 20 points (grams) of carbohydrates.
  • Significantly reduce portions by one meal.
  • You can not drink drinks with aspartame and caffeine.
  • It is necessary to drink up to 2 liters of fluid per day (about 8 glasses of drinking water).
  • Take Supplements, Fiber and Foodsrich in fiber for good intestinal work.

Phase Two - Continued Weight Loss

This power phase is looser than the first. On it you can adjust the diet to your tastes, decide on the dishes, give preference to those products that you prefer.

  • It is necessary to strictly follow the appetite, do not overeat, avoid disruption of the diet.
  • Need constantly monitor changes in body weightand weigh in every morning. You must be sure that the fats are burned, and everything goes according to plan.
  • Even if the body weight has already dropped significantly since the beginning of the diet, continue to monitor the amount of carbohydrates consumed per day in order not to arrange a breakdown of the diet.
  • Carbohydrates are best taken in fruits, fresh vegetables, and not in sugar and sweets, bread or biscuits.
  • In this phase it is necessarymake your menu widerby avoiding monotony in food.
  • If you are active, play sports, take long walks, you can increase the rate of carbohydrates per day, in the calculation of their burning during active wakefulness.
  • Every week you can increase your daily carbohydrate rate now. on 5 grams. Weight must be monitored regularly. As soon as your weight has stopped - this is the amount of carbohydrates, remember, it is the critical point, overcoming which, you will gain weight again.
  • Six weeks after the start of the diet, blood tests (for glucose tolerance) and urine (for the presence of ketone bodies) must be taken.
  • If weight loss is very slow, then carbohydrates should be added less often - once every 2-3 weeks for 5 points.
  • The second phase should continue until your ideal weight. 5 to 10 kilograms will remain.

Phase of transition to stabilization of body weight

In this phase, carbohydrates should be consumed incrementally, increasing by 10 grams weekly. New products in the menu must be added very slowly, constantly controlling the weight.

  • Weekly increase the amount of carbohydrates no more than 10 grams.
  • The menu can be supplemented with products, trying to get carbohydrates from different dishes.
  • If some foods or foods cause constipation, significantly increase appetite, lead to swelling, heaviness in the stomach, increased gas formation, contribute to an increase in body weight, then they must be completely excluded from the diet and replaced by others.
  • If the weight suddenly began to gain again, then you need to return to the amount of carbohydrates that you used before, when the weight was steadily declining.
  • In the diet shouldprefer proteins and fats, Firstly.
  • Must be taken regularlyfiber to stimulate the bowels, vitamins, nutritional supplements with vitamins and microelements.

Stable weight maintenance phase

When the desired weight is reached, a period of maintaining the body mass in a stable state begins. Achieved results need to be fixed correctlyotherwise, the weight of the body with the return of the old diet will increase steadily - much faster than you got rid of it. Если Вы хотите закрепить полученные результаты, то должны сделать диету своим образом жизни, кардинально пересмотреть рацион на будущее. Эта фаза поможет Вам научиться контролировать свой вес и держать его на одном уровне. Такой режим питания будет полезен, как prevention of a number of very serious diseases and complications of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, diabetes mellitus, metabolic disorders. In addition, this food does not allow you to feel hungry, and gives a person a sea of ​​energy.

  • Regularly monitor the amount of carbohydrates consumed, continue to count them.
  • Exercise regularly, exercise as much as possible every day, walk a lot.
  • Continue to take regularly vitamin and mineral complexes.
  • If intestinal function is a concern, oat bran should continue to be taken.
  • Those dishes that increase the weight and are contraindicated for you should be replaced in the menu with less “carbohydrate”, but no less attractive and tasty for you.
  • Required be weighed regularlyto mark the onset of weight gain to stabilize weight and control carbohydrates.

Since the metabolic processes in the human body slow down significantly from age, the one who began to control his weight in the Atkins diet at a fairly young age, over the years will not gain excess weight, and will save himself from the usual "problems" of old age - obesity, shortness of breath, diseases of the joints, blood vessels, heart.

From the history

Robert Atkins is an American cardiologist who, since the middle of the 20th century, has been developing low-carb diets that should not only promote effective weight loss, but also lower cholesterol in the blood. In the 60s, he conducted numerous studies that show a positive trend. Yes, and the doctor himself successfully used the technique to bring the figure in order.

Dr. Robert Atkins

Development is becoming incredibly popular. In 1970, Vogue calls it the "diet of the year." In 1972 saw the light of the book "The Attic Diet Revolution" with detailed principles of the methodology and a description of research results.

Twenty years later, in 1992, Robert publishes the augmented edition of Dr. Atkins New Revolutionary Diet. In the United States in the early 2000s. Only the lazy did not use this technique for weight loss. According to surveys, every 11th adult American experienced it for herself.

Curious fact. In the early 2000s. sales of chocolate paste and rice fell sharply in the United States. In reports on economic forums one of the reasons quite seriously called the craze for the Atkins diet, in which these products appear on the banned list.

The popularity of the diet led scientists to conduct a series of studies on its effects on the body. Most confirmed its effectiveness in reducing weight. It was also found that it really normalizes blood cholesterol levels and pressure. But in almost all reports there was a reservation: a protein diet for such a long time increases the risk of developing diseases associated with the cardiovascular system.

Despite this, many medical communities (in particular, the American Association of Family Physicians) officially supported the Atkins diet as a method of guaranteed, safe weight loss and treatment of hypertension.

The revolutionary Atkins diet is called because it practically does not limit the daily caloric intake. She suggests drastically reducing the consumption of carbohydrate-containing foods, increasing the amount of protein foods and leaving fats on the menu. The famous cardiologist based his method on the scheme of energy burning by the body:

  • carbohydrates - a clean source of energy, easily split,
  • when eating foods rich in carbohydrates, the body burns them, and it does not reach the fat,
  • as soon as carbohydrate intake is limited, the next in line for splitting are muscle fibers, but protein food saves them from it, so the body has no choice but to expend fat reserves, starting the process of ketosis (one of the basic concepts of the Atkins diet).

However, this food system is not quite carbon-free, as many believe. In the diet there will be products with a certain amount of carbohydrates, but under the following two conditions: their minimum content and "purity".

For reference. "Clean" carbohydrates - another one of the concepts of diet. They do not contain any impurities (for example, fiber or sweet syrups). Sugar is the ideal “pure” carbohydrate. Therefore, in the tables compiled by the doctor, this indicator is displayed in a separate column.

It turns out that the caloric intake of the ration does not play an important role, but it is necessary to take up the calculations of the daily consumption of carbohydrates, and the “pure” ones.

The presence of 4 phases is another distinctive feature of this technique:

  1. The induction phase starts ketosis.
  2. The weight reduction phase brings the body weight to the desired result.
  3. The phase of gradual transition to weight stabilization helps the body adapt.
  4. The weight preservation phase allows you to always stay in the right shape.

Each phase lasts until a certain result is achieved. The varied diet proposed by the Robert Atkins diet allows you to stay in phase 4 for the rest of your life, as it implies the observance of the principles of proper nutrition.

Indications and Contraindications

Numerous studies have confirmed that the Atkins diet not only helps to lose weight, but also has a therapeutic effect. But in parallel, it can be a health hazard. Therefore, it is important not to ignore the indications and contraindications for its compliance.

  • obesity or just overweight (even in children),
  • hypertension,
  • high cholesterol
  • eating disorders (in particular, compulsive overeating),
  • metabolic disease,
  • epilepsy.

  • mental disorders,
  • diseases of the kidneys and liver,
  • stomach problems,
  • rehabilitation after surgery or prolonged illness,
  • weakened immunity
  • heavy physical activity, professional sport,
  • increased creatinine
  • elderly age,
  • hormonal disorders.

In diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease, without consulting a doctor and additional medical examination, it is prohibited to switch to this dietary system. During pregnancy and lactation, only a gynecologist can give permission, and phase I in these conditions is unacceptable, it should be started only with phase II.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • guaranteed result
  • gradual weight loss is not dangerous for health and does not leave stretch marks, as the skin manages to adapt to the new parameters of the body,
  • availability of products
  • simplicity of the scheme
  • improvement of health,
  • developing new eating habits, eliminating food dependence,
  • improvement of metabolism
  • easy to carry,
  • preservation of muscle mass
  • normalization of insulin and blood sugar levels, thereby preventing heart disease and diabetes.

  • duration
  • thirst for sweets can not be controlled,
  • unbalanced diet
  • constant carbohydrate counting, using tables,
  • you first need to deal with the basic concepts of diet, which are complex biochemical terms: ketosis, "pure" carbohydrates and others,
  • impressive list of contraindications.

The disadvantages include numerous side effects and health complications, which are dictated by too much protein in the diet and lack of carbohydrates:

  • dehydration,
  • decreased performance, brain activity, stamina, concentration,
  • renal failure, the formation of stones,
  • ketoacidosis
  • irritability, mood swings,
  • dry hair and skin, brittle nails,
  • insomnia,
  • nausea, stomach pain,
  • calcium deficiency, which can result in osteoporosis and caries.

If the side effects are mild and do not cause much trouble, the diet can be continued. But, if the state of health worsens more and more, it needs to be stopped at least for a while, undergo examination and consult a doctor.

Stage 1

The first phase is called induction. It is the basis of the Atkins diet. Anyone who needs to get rid of only 5-6 kg, can be limited only to it. The minimum period is 2 weeks, the maximum is until the desired result is achieved. Its main purpose is to start the process of ketosis, the active breakdown of fats.

You can consume no more than 20 g of “pure” carbohydrates per day, so the list of products that contain them is minimal. For 2 weeks there is an average loss of 3-4 kg. At this stage, intensive sports are recommended to speed up the processes of metabolism and fat loss.

Stage 2

The second phase involves further weight loss (if necessary). It lasts until the desired number will not remain 1-2 kg.

Here there is a gradual increase in the amount of "clean" carbohydrates consumed. It is recommended to increase them, while weight decreases. As soon as the dynamics of the loss of kilograms stop, you need to stop and slightly reduce the carbohydrate limit to start losing weight again. The list of permitted products is expanding a bit.

Stage 3

Many observe only 2 stages of the diet, and then complain that after returning to the normal diet, all the lost kilograms returned, and rapidly. This is because the technique was not completed properly. If you already decided to lose weight on it, you have to go through all 4 stages. The third phase provides just the transition to stabilization of weight, helping the body to adapt to new parameters of the body.

The use of “clean” carbohydrates is increased daily by 10 g. At the same time, we should regularly weigh ourselves. As soon as the kilograms began to arrive - immediately roll back the carbohydrate limit back and refuse the product, which was introduced into the diet the day before. At this stage, it is possible to lose another 1-3 kg, so you get the desired figure on the scales.

The average phase duration is up to 3 months.

Stage 4

The weight preservation phase can hardly be called a diet, because by this time a person has completely formed the correct eating habits and organized a diet in which weight gain will not be observed. There is a desire to remain forever the owner of a slim figure - live in this mode all the time.

After a breakdown at any stage of the diet, it is recommended to return to the induction phase for 2 weeks.

Full table of products for the Atkins diet

Table 1. Products that are the basis of the diet

Table 2. Foods that are introduced into the diet with caution, in limited quantities

Table 3. Prohibited Products

General tips

Atkins tables indicating "pure" carbohydrates in foods should always be in front of your eyes. Counting is required. Their quantity should be evenly distributed over meals. You can’t eat all 20 grams of “pure” carbohydrates at once, which will cause a sharp jump in blood sugar.

Side dishes of cereals and potatoes are replaced with vegetables in any form. Coffee does not belong to prohibited foods and does not contain “pure” carbohydrates, but it lowers the level of insulin in the blood, which is unacceptable. Therefore, it is necessary either to limit it, or to find an analogue (green tea, chicory).

Be sure to play sports throughout weight loss. Protein food and exercise will allow you to become the owner of the perfect figure. Jump over the phases is strictly prohibited.

"Hidden" carbohydrates

  • Sauces

They contain starch, flour, sugar, therefore they are high-carbohydrate products. For example, in 1 tomato only 2 g of “pure” carbohydrates, and in tomato paste there are already 20 g. In mustard - also 20 g, in soy sauces - up to 25 g.

The Atkins diet is good because it allows the use of fish and meat, as well as various products from them. They can even be fried. But as soon as you do it in batter or breaded, the carbohydrate content of the dish begins to go off scale. It is better to abandon them, at least in the first two phases.

Bread is often added to the mincemeat, and this is a very high-carb product that is forbidden for losing weight.

Liquid syrups and suspensions often contain glucose, like gelatin capsules, and tablets almost always contain starch.

Some experts argue that the Atkins diet due to an unbalanced diet leads to beriberi, so you need to regularly drink multivitamin complexes. However, the method developer himself did not think so, and in his book gave detailed instructions on how to avoid the shortage of useful substances through permitted products:

  • to eliminate vitamin A deficiency, you should include fish oil, liver, butter, green onions, parsley, sorrel and spinach as often as possible, and sweet pepper and cabbage made from vegetables,
  • vitamins B: pork, nuts, parsley and lettuce, butter,
  • C: pepper and citrus fruits, wild garlic, dill, parsley, onion feathers,
  • D: cottage cheese, hard cheeses, butter, yolk, permitted seafood, fish, caviar, fish oil,
  • E: eggs, all kinds of oils, liver,
  • F: nuts, fish and pork fat, vegetable oil, shellfish,
  • K: green spinach and leaf lettuce, all varieties of cabbage, olive oil,
  • P: nuts, pepper, green and black tea, all varieties of cabbage, tomatoes.

Indicator strips

Indicator strips are a tool for determining the presence of ketosis in the body (they indicate the level of ketone bodies in the urine). Sold freely available in any pharmacy, are inexpensive. Brands can be very different: Acetontest, Ketostiks, Ketofan, Uriket, etc. They are one of the means of controlling weight loss on the Atkins diet. They are used in phase 1 and 2, when the splitting of fats is the main process and you need to know for sure if it is running.

If the test strips show from 2 to 10 mmol / l of ketones in the urine, the process of losing weight goes according to plan, you do not need to adjust the diet. If it is elevated, increase the amount of water consumed. If the color of the indicator strip does not change within a few days, you need to eat less carbohydrate foods.

There is no urgent need to use indicator strips; more often than not, weights are sufficient. But for more precise control of ketosis, they can be helpful.

If you understand the essence of the diet, understand how it works, and follow all its principles without fail, you can say goodbye to the problem of excess weight forever.

Sample menus for 1 and 2 weeks for each day will tell you how to properly diet in accordance with the basic principles of the Atkins diet. Most dishes come in portion sizes so that the carbohydrate content is not exceeded. If their volume is not specified, then you can eat without restrictions. But at the same time remember that you lose weight and finish the meal is recommended with a slight feeling of hunger.

Menu for the week

The number of consumed "clean" carbohydrates is indicated by day.

Menu for 14 days

Menu for the month

If you decide to stay in the induction phase for a month, you need to take the menu for 14 days and repeat it again. If after 2 weeks you plan to move to stage II of the diet, include additional products (the daily volume is indicated).

  • pepper - 200 g,
  • boiled broccoli - 50 g,
  • boiled spinach - 150 g,
  • 1 tomato,
  • 8 stalks of asparagus,
  • cauliflower - 200 g,
  • ½ avocado
  • 1 onion.

  • cream more than 20% - 100 ml,
  • processed cheese, fetaki - 100 g each,
  • homemade fiber cheese - 200 g.

Nuts and seeds (no more than 50 g):

  • raspberries, blueberries - 100 g each
  • sweet cherry - 50 g,
  • melon - 150 g

  • lemon - 50 ml,
  • tomato - 100 ml.

Do not forget that the diet comes from the United States, so the recipes that Atkins recommends in his book may be somewhat specific and unusual. Although you can find and adapted options. The following culinary delights are suitable for any stage.


  • 1 kg of beef without fat and streak,
  • 2 tbsp. l salt,
  • 1 tbsp. l coriander,
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 1 tsp sugar,
  • vinegar to taste.

Cut the beef along the fibers into 3 cm wide strips. Chop the seasonings. Sprinkle and rub the meat with them, put it tightly in a container for pickling, pouring vinegar. Close, leave in the refrigerator for a day. Marinated meat soak about half an hour in acetic solution (1: 5 ratio). Hang the pieces in a dry place for 5 days. Cut across the fibers in small pieces. Stored without cold until six months.

Mushroom Salad

  • 500 g champignons,
  • 400 g Gouda cheese
  • 4 tbsp. l low carb mayonnaise,
  • ¼ tsp salt,
  • ¼ tsp black pepper.

Boil the mushrooms, cool, cut them into quarters, put in a salad bowl. Gouda grate, sprinkle with mushrooms. Add spices and mayonnaise, mix. Serve immediately.

Protein soup

  • 500 g champignons,
  • 1 kg of chicken breast,
  • 4 processed cheese,
  • 4 liters of water
  • ¼ tsp salt,
  • ¼ tsp black pepper.

Boil the breast out. In boiling broth lay mushrooms and whole curdies sliced ​​into quarters or slices. Grind the meat, dipped back into the water. After half an hour, cool the resulting mass, season it, and grind it with a blender.

Pate rolls

  • 500 g chicken fillet (can be breast),
  • 200 g fresh white mushrooms,
  • 2 tbsp. l olive natural oil,
  • 100 g of bacon,
  • 2 bulbs,
  • 150 g chicken livers,
  • 4 tbsp. l cream
  • 1 tsp lemon juice, not diluted with water,
  • 1 tbsp. l gelatin powder
  • ¼ tsp salt,
  • ¼ tsp black pepper.

Cut half of chicken fillet, wash, dry, fry in butter. Wrap in bacon. Chop the bulbs. Liver cut into small pieces, mushrooms - plates. Fry these ingredients until golden brown in oil. Make minced meat from the second half of the chicken fillet, combine with mushrooms, liver and vegetables. Add cream, sprinkle with lemon juice.

Baking pan with butter, put mince from below, top - bacon rolls. Wrap in foil, make 3-4 punctures in it. Bake an hour at 180 ° C.

Готовый паштет охладить, залить желатином, разведённым в воде, дождаться загустения.

Белковый десерт с какао

  • 200 г грецких орехов,
  • 10 tablets of any sweetener,
  • 50 ml of instant coffee,
  • 4 egg whites,
  • 50 g of cocoa powder.

Nuts and tablets grind. 150 grams of nuts and sweetener mix with coffee. Beat whites until thick foam, add to bulk. Heat over low heat to a dense consistency. Cool, make balls with a diameter of 2-3 cm, roll in the remaining nuts and cocoa powder.

The Atkins diet has helped many people around the world not only lose weight, but also improve their health. If you are aiming for a long-term result, this technique is exactly what you need.

Other copyright diets:

How did the diet

Perhaps the fact that the father of the famous dietitian cardiologist was a restaurateur affected the weight of R. Atkins. By age 33, he weighed more than 100 kilograms. At 25, a young man became a doctor of medicine and was appointed a cardiologist at the hospitals of two American universities. These schools in Rochester and Colombia specialized not only in the field of cardiovascular diseases, but also practiced alternative medicine.

Inspired by the study of the causes of obesity, examining many medical works and concepts, Atkins, in the struggle with his own excess weight, adopted many postulates based on the works of G. Azar and W. Bloom. Robert put into practice everything that he considered effective, and, having lost 28 kg, systematized the knowledge gained. In many ways, the doctor also relied on practical experience in his own office, which he opened in 1959. In 1972, all the useful information about the new regime of weight loss was published in the first book of R. Atkins, which was called "The dietary revolution of Dr. Atkins." For all his life, a cardiologist published 12 books, which were devoted both to the principles of the new diet and to recipes. Many of the books are republished today.

According to the doctor himself, in his center of alternative medicine he was able to help more than 50 thousand people suffering from heart diseases and complications caused by overweight. In 1998, by opening Atkins Nutritionals, which was promoting a revolutionary nutrition system (published books, brochures, diet bars and cocktails), he was able to earn tens of millions of dollars. But ... The success of the company was not infinite.

Competitors, doctors and even the chefs asked the question: Is it safe diet that works with almost no restrictions? "If you want to lose weight, eat as much as your body requires." Very strange principle, is not it? Doctors sounded the alarm, suggesting that the long-term effect of the system, which does not include carbohydrate food in the menu, will not be as rosy as it seems at first. Atkins firm began to incur losses. The final collapse came after 2002, when a cardiologist, who seemed to have everything in order with the vessels, experienced cardiac arrest. And although Atkins officially declared the infection the reason, his attending physician tended toward a connection between the illness and the erroneous approach to nutrition. Atkins Nutritionals by 2005 after the death of its founder (he died in 2003, slipping unsuccessfully on the ice) was on the verge of bankruptcy. The corporation’s losses were then $ 350 million.

The essence of the diet of Robert Atkins

Today, the Atkins diet can not be called unusual - the number of weight loss methods by limiting carbohydrates, there are many. But at the time of its appearance, it really was very extraordinary. By declaring carbohydrates “persona non grata,” Atkins allowed his patients to absorb meat, eggs, bacon, and other nourishing foods with virtually no restrictions. Hunger for those who want to lose weight has sunk into oblivion.

The essence of the diet was as follows. The cardiologist found out that an increase in the level of sugar and, accordingly, insulin, which normalizes the glucose level in the body, and the excess turns into fat, creating a feeling of hunger and forcing him to eat, depends on carbohydrates. So is it not easier to try to reduce such phenomena to a minimum?

Foods rich in proteins do not cause such a sharp jump in insulin, as carbohydrates (especially fast), so the emphasis is placed on them. Lowering insulin causes ketosis, fats begin to break down, and excess lipids, turning into blood, become the fuel from which energy is obtained. Thus, consuming protein foods, a person loses weight.

What worries the Atkins diet of doctors and nutritionists

Significant amounts of protein foods with saturated fats lead to digestive disorders, the gradual development of osteoporosis and problems with heart activity.

Artificially lowering blood sugar significantly increases the risk of developing diabetes, which makes it necessary to periodically consult a doctor and control the blood picture. In addition, the lack of glucose is bad for the performance of the brain.

Inevitable ketosis - the process of formation of products of incomplete breakdown of fats, taking place in conditions of limited consumption of carbohydrates - is a provoker of dizziness, loss of strength, irritability and insomnia. Since the processing of fats in such conditions is difficult, the author of the diet himself prescribed patients to receive L-carnitine, which helps speed up metabolic processes. In addition, Atkins customers over the age of 40 recommended taking the Q-10 enzyme, which also stimulates effective weight loss. Chromium supplements and a complex of vitamins will also be helpful. But you yourself should not resort to receiving these auxiliary elements, it is obligatory to consult a professional.

Such a diet will not suit athletes and people who are regularly experiencing heavy exercise. Energy reserves for such a lifestyle are too small.

The emergency elimination of ketone bodies leads to the loss of potassium and sodium reserves with them, and to general dehydration, which affects both the bone tissue and the work of the heart. That is why it is extremely important to maintain the recommended mode of water consumption and vitamin intake.

The work of the liver and kidneys with a strict restriction of carbohydrates goes into a regime literally "for wear." Diet is strictly contraindicated for people with hepatic and renal failure, any chronic and heart diseases, psycho-neurological disorders, pregnant and lactating women.

Undoubtedly, the diet has its pluses. With a reasonable approach, it really allows you to quickly and effectively lose weight, while not suffering from hungry spasms. The need for carbohydrate counting is quickly transformed from a complex exercise into an automatic action and does not cause inconvenience throughout life, accompanied by such a diet. In addition, the fat people Atkins diet helps normalize metabolic processes. All of this without loss of health can be achieved by carefully following the recommendations, monitoring the condition of all body systems and regularly visiting the attending physician for control.

Example of the menu in the first phase

The list of allowed dishes on both phases is quite extensive, and you can come up with a lot of ideas with them. We offer you a few simple options, based on which, you can make dozens of others, depending on personal preferences.

  • Salad of two or three boiled chicken eggs, cucumber halves and mayonnaise of normal fat (1 tablespoon), herbal or green tea without sugar.
  • Fried eggs from two or three eggs with 2 tbsp. l grated hard cheese and the same amount of chopped greens.
  • Omelette with one tablespoon of fatty homemade cream and two tablespoons of greens.
  • Meat in any form, including fatty home-made minced meat - for cutlets, mayonnaise-filled salads made from Chinese cabbage, radish, cucumber, celery, and other permitted vegetables.
  • You can cook meat and vegetable broth.
  • You can make a salad of meat and vegetables (allowed, of course).
  • Stewed fish fillet.
  • Fried flounder.
  • Fillet of your favorite fish, breaded in egg and grated cheese.

How to respond to the diet of those who experienced it in practice

Many are frightened by the unexpected feeling of weakness that appears in the early days of following a diet. Here it is worth remembering all the recommendations and preparing snacks in advance, and it is better to build a regime on five meals a day. And in any case, do not neglect the right amount of water. Weakness passes quickly as soon as the body adapts to new conditions.

Some people complain about the monotony of food, especially in the first phase. But here you can fend off the fact that in many other diets, everything can be much more modest.

Those “users” who consistently and correctly followed the diet, can boast that they lost up to 50 kg in just over six months. The system is really very effective, but it must be approached, as they say, fully armed. Zealous followers, not only thinner, but also preserving and improving health, are well acquainted with the physiology, principles of the body's reaction to proteins, fats, carbohydrates and their combinations. They know all or very much about glucose, insulin, cholesterol, and other important nuances on which the Atkins diet is based.

But aspiring to lose weight for holidays or vacations often abuse restrictions, excluding not only carbohydrates, but also fats, besides, severely cutting down the amount of food in principle. The result is gastritis and serious health problems. By the way, if you remove fats from the diet, burning the already existing reserves will stop, and you will not achieve your goals very soon.

Emphasize that taking multivitamins is a must! Otherwise, the first stage may result in the loss not only of kilograms, but also of the hair and strength of the nails. And in order to function well intestines, it is advised to take oat bran - three times a day, one tablespoon (be sure to count them in the total amount of carbohydrates).

Lose weight or lose weight?

So, if you have no contraindications, and you are determined to build up, besides you are not ready to survive bouts of hunger, Dr. Atkins diet is quite suitable for your purposes. A necessary condition is discipline and responsibility. Without them, you will not be able to follow all the necessary recommendations.

If you make such a food system a lifelong one, it can very well provide a beautiful figure and good health. You will learn to control your diet and choose healthy foods, regulate your weight, and monitor your health, which is important in any lifestyle.