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Sydney - the city in which you like


Sydney is an incredible city that is full of natural charm. It is located on the southeast coast of Australia, right by the Tasman Sea, like a gem in the wilderness. Sydney has everything to be considered the richest city in the world: amazing natural beauty, the most wonderful harbor on the planet, dynamic landscapes and rich culture, innovative fashion beachhead, exceptional gastronomic reputation and harmonious lifestyle.

Sydney Harbor

The harbor of Sydney is considered the best in the world, because it looks quite fascinating and stretches nearly 150 miles along the coastline. Her beauty is natural and dazzling. It houses the magnificent Sydney Opera House, the cliffs, the round pier and the powerful Harbor Bridge, which connects the North Shore and the central business district of the city. You will also find many parks, islands, a wonderful Royal Botanic Gardens, pristine bays for water sports enthusiasts and many other attractions.

Gorgeous Sydney Harbor is also home to the famous Bondi Beach - the center of enchanting lifestyle and thriving local beach culture.

Cosmopolitan city

Sydney is the oldest of the cities of Australia - is the cosmopolitan capital, which has 4.6 million inhabitants. It has a diverse character, which is expressed in a variety of architectural styles. As is known, this area was discovered by James Cook, a military English sailor and cartographer. He first established contact with the original abodes. Later, more than 50 different ethnic groups that had found their home in Sydney emigrated here.

Nowadays the brightest here is the largest Chinatown in the world. There are also many other neighborhoods here, the presence of which demonstrates the ability of different groups of people to live together normally in one city.

The most exciting New Year fireworks

Many believe that the New Year fireworks in Sydney - the best sight of these. This incredible show lasts from nine in the evening until midnight. Every year, 4,500 kilograms of fireworks are used to create the most beautiful New Year's sky in the world.

Rapidly developing art and culture

Sydney is a dynamic cultural center where a mixture of European and original heritage boils up. You can see it in the beautiful museum collections, galleries, festivals and theaters of the city. This is a great place for artists and musicians from around the world, as well as for artisans and designers.

Sydney green

Perhaps one of the best features of this city is its green landscapes. Despite the innovative plans of architects, the government cares about minimizing the impact of the city on the environment. The most ambitious project is "Sydney 2030", under which global greening of the city is planned. Also here, low-carbon electricity is popular. In addition, programs to provide locals with a completely new network of bicycle roads are spread, stretching 125 miles here.

Sydney city

So, let's talk about the wonderful city of Sydney (Australia), in which quite a lot of different and fascinating. There is fun, the atmosphere and the population itself contributes to this. Sydney was founded in 1788, on the shores of a beautiful bay called Port Jackson.

Approximately two hundred years have passed, and the large city of Sydney has grown up from a small village, in which the monuments of the town are kept. Currently, the city is unique, as after a lot of old buildings, there were contrasting skyscrapers, souvenir shops, Asian quarters. There are even huge green parks and boulevards.

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History Museum

Among the masses of cultural sites in Sydney, the following are distinguished: the renowned Museum of the town, the Art War Memorial Gallery, the Maritime State Museum (it contains a lot of fascinating activities related to floating facilities and the sea, starting from surfboards and battleships).

It also does not prevent you from visiting the opal factory, after which it is extremely curious how everyone will tell you about these delicious stones. At the same time, you can see all the stages of transformation of an ordinary rock into the most valuable ones. If you like opals, then you are allowed, after the same, to buy some kind of jewelry made of pearls, dark opals and colored diamonds.

Thus, a lot of curious things await you in the wonderful town of Sydney, there is not only a great rest, but also to buy good gifts, plus get unforgettable memories that you will have for life.

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Preparing for the trip, we look through the guides, read the forums and study the ratings of the main attractions. But who can tell about any city better than a person who constantly lives in it? Perhaps no one. Each aborigine has its own city secrets and favorite places, where he goes himself and where he leads his fellow travelers. Of course, the choice of each person will be personal and subjective, but by that he is more valuable. And today we are pleased to present to you the top 10 sights of Sydney, which were chosen specifically for Tripadvice by its resident, a great travel lover, photographer of the Australian Rolling Stones and just a wonderful person, Johnny Ay, whom we were lucky to meet recently.

So, if you're in Sydney, Johnny recommends:

10. Go to the opera

The building of the Sydney Opera is perhaps one of the most postcard views of our planet. In itself, the building is already included in the TOP of the most famous places in the world, a masterpiece of modern architecture and a symbol of Australia. But do not be satisfied with only the external, be sure to look inside. First, you can go to one of the performances taking place here. Just do not be afraid if you are not a fan of classical music and opera arias. Australia is still not Austria, but the Sydney Opera is by no means Viennese; therefore, in addition to classical opera and ballet, many other events are organized here for almost every taste. From film shows to modern dance shows, from concerts of current performers and to performances of the new drama. Well, and secondly, you can just come here for a tour, listen to the history of the building, inspect the interior (and they, believe me, are not inferior to the exterior design) and even go backstage.

9. Go shopping

Sydney’s Paddington is best suited for this. During the bombing of World War II, the area was almost completely destroyed, and was restored in the 1960s as the center of social life in the city. In general, much resembles London here, for example, Paddington has its own Hyde Park (Gyde Park) and its own Oxford Street. The latter is the main street of the district, where a record number of trendy stores of the most current brands, designer art galleries and prestigious restaurants are concentrated. In general, trends, trends and again trends. So, at some point it starts to seem that you are really in London, and only the sun, the sea wind and the thermometer mark tell you that it’s still Sydney

Fact: On Sundays, a market opens in Paddington: they trade mainly in various hand-made goods, flowers and books.

8. Go to the museum

Namely, in the MCA - Museum of Contemporary Art, Australia's largest contemporary art museum. Such museums in general are worth a visit, regardless of the city and country, so even if you are not the greatest connoisseur of art, you should come here. Modern art does not require any special knowledge, you just need to look at it, experience emotions and try not to strain too much. What is nice, the entrance to this museum is free. The basis of the Sydney MCA is a permanent exhibition of several private collections donated to the museum, but the most interesting of course is the temporary exhibitions that are constantly held here. Calendar of events can be viewed on the website mca.com.au.

7. Feel the rhythm of the city

Best of all for this is suitable New Town (New Town), a must-see place for all lovers to plunge into real, not tourist city life. The rhythm and mood here are set first of all by students of a nearby university, representatives of subcultures and simply unusual freaks. At the same time, every second will necessarily be either a photographer, or a musician, or an artist, or at least a novice designer. The atmosphere in the area is appropriate and the issues than to occupy here, never arise. First, you can spend hours drinking coffee on one of the open verandas, enjoying the sun and looking at the motley crowd. Secondly, to wander around small shops and shops, dropping money on mountains of useless, but charming nonsense, such as cute hand-made knick-knacks or vintage treasures from numerous second-hand. And here are the best bookshops in Sydney selling both new and old books. Thirdly, New Town is the territory of independent music and theater, and performances take place both indoors and on the street. And, finally, this area is famous for its nightlife, so a trip to local pubs is also a must-have item of the program.

If you are lucky enough to get to Sydney in the fall, do not miss one of the traditional festivals held in the New City. For example, the September Newtown Fest or the November Festability. Free performances by musicians, street art exhibitions, theater performances, master classes, parties and a sea of ​​food and drinks from around the world. In general, the alternative culture of Australia in all its diversity.

6. Walk to the sky

Sky Walk or sky walk is best done on Sydney’s tallest building, the Sydney Tower. The height of the building is 268 meters above sea level, the tower is equipped with several viewing platforms. The first is located at an altitude of 250 meters (ticket - 25 Australian dollars), but if you are a thrill-seeker and always want something more, choose the special program Sky Walk. For $ 65, you can feel like a real Spiderman: a whole hour of ascent along the internal and external stairs and platforms ends at the very top - on the roof of the building, where a special open viewing platform was built. Moreover, its boundaries go beyond the boundaries of the roof itself, and the floor is made of glass, that is, you really walk across the sky, directly above the Sydney skyscrapers. Each group is accompanied by a special guide. All details on: sydneytower.myfun.com.au

The builders of the tower say that if you disassemble the cables fixing the tower (there are 52 of them) and tie their threads together, the resulting construction will reach from Sydney to New Zealand itself.

5. Embrace Chinese culture

Australia has become home to many different nationalities, a special place among which is occupied by the Chinese, at different times and for various reasons moved to the Green Continent. Therefore, it is not surprising that Sydney's Chinatown (China Town) entered our list of the best Chinatowns of the planet (refer to the Chinatown article). It would be a terrible mistake to visit Sydney without spending at least half a day in this quarter, since this is one of the most important components of the life of the city and the citizens themselves love to walk here. Eat lunch at one of the small restaurants, take a walk around the souvenir shops (by the way, all traditional souvenirs such as mugs and T-shirts buy only here, it will be twice cheaper), visit one of the Asian supermarkets, and spend the evening in the bar. You can try your hand, or you can just take a look at other people's performances, because, as you know, karaoke is one of the main Chinese hobbies. Sydney Chinatown, unlike others, is considered one of the safest in the world, so take a quiet walk here at any time of the day.

* It was to Chinatown that the rapidly expanding Spanish quarter was attributed. We also recommend going there, at least, in order to eat paella and look at Spanish dances organized in the evenings right on the street.

4. Hug the character

The recognized symbol of Australia is of course the kangaroo, and it is they who immediately come to mind when we remember this country. But for some reason we forget about the fact that the koala is also a kind of Australian symbol. The Australians themselves remember this, having built a huge park for these animals - Koala Park (LonePineKoalaSanctuary). This is the oldest and largest koal reserve in Australia, located near Sydney (30 minutes by train from Central Station). It is impossible not to fall in love with koalas - dormice, gluttons and lazy people, they literally conquer you at first sight. And while feeding the animals you can hold them on their hands and even feed them yourself. In addition to koalas, other Australian animals live in the reserve: wild dingo dogs, peacocks, cockatoo parrots, stunningly charming wombats and of course kangaroos (wherever without them). With or without children, Koala Park is a great way to spend the day.

3. Go to the mountains

The Blue Mountains Nature Reserve is Australia’s premier national park and is listed as a World Heritage Site. It is located just an hour and a half from Sydney, and not going there means losing a lot. The best way to get to the reserve is by train - such a trip, thanks to the views opening from the window, will in itself be great entertainment. From the Central Station to the reserve are sent special double-decker trains. The Blue Mountains do not have a specific stop, so you can go where you like best: excursion buses leave from the main stations to the mountains. In general, there are a lot of programs to visit the park: from one-day tours to weekly hikes, from fishing in mountain lakes to horseback riding, from a bus ride to a hiking ascent. But whatever you choose, the stunning views of Blue Mountain will still be your most thrilling experience.

2. Go to the ocean

Sydney is a city of the sea, and it is impossible to imagine it without numerous beaches stretching along almost the entire coastal strip, and Bondi Beach, located in the suburbs of Sydney, is the title of the best city beach (and possibly the best Australian). The name of the beach, translated from the language of the Aboriginal people, means “water breaking mountains”, and this place can rightly be considered the pioneer of beach entertainment in Australia, since Bondi was discovered in 1882. Understanding Sydney and feeling the spirit of the city is impossible without having been here: sunbathing, swimming in the ocean, beach volleyball, frisbee, or just walking along the coast - every citizen has his favorite activity. The main attraction of Australians is the main attraction - surfing, which Bondi is also actively involved in, but if you have never tried yourself, then on the beach you can order surfing lessons (and also rent equipment, if you have already learned a few movements, but you have no board). You can get to the beach from the city by bus (45 minutes) or by train from the central station (15 minutes) - the station is about two kilometers from the beach, which you can walk or walk to, or take the bus (another 15 minutes).

Do you remember the series “The Rescuers of Malibu”? Do you know who the beach lifeguards are? So, the world's first society of beach lifeguards was organized here, on Bondi, back in 1906 (Bondi Surf Bathers Life Saving Club).

1. Get on the bridge

Namely, at Sydney Harbor Bridge - the bridge, which along with the Opera building is considered to be the most famous view not only of Australia, but also of the world. It was this bridge that Johnny, without hesitation, called first, making his list of city attractions. Of course, the most interesting thing is that you can actually climb the bridge, and not its postcard view from the outside. There are several options for climbing the bridge. So, those who save time are offered the Express option, which takes only 2 hours. A full-fledged ascent takes 3.5 hours and also comes in different types: Discovery - ascent along the inner arch of the bridge and Bridge Climbe - ascent along the very top of the outer arch. This is really the most exciting adventure of all that Sydney offers to the tourist - a great way to throw adrenaline, test yourself, get rid of the fear of heights and in the end just enjoy the incredible views that open to the traveler as he ascends. The immense ocean, sandy stripes of the beaches and the city itself against the background of the towering mountains on the horizon. Each group is accompanied by professional guides, and participants are given special clothing and equipment. And besides, you can also choose the time of your ascent: day, dawn, sunset or even night. However, whatever you choose, going up to the Harbor Bridge will still be one of the main impressions of your life. Стоимость подъема колеблется от 198 до 258 австралийских долларов в зависимости от выбранного типа и времени.

Факт: Легендарный путеводитель Lonely Planet включил подъем на Сиднейский мост в список десяти самых экстремальных развлечений мира.

Экскурсии, расписание и цены на этом ресурсе .

1. Моле Антонеллиана (Mole Antonelliana)

Это здание было построено архитектором Александро Антонелли еще во второй половине XIX века. Изначально это должна была быть синагога, но впоследствии из-за дороговизны проекта еврейская община от него отказалась. Здание взяли на баланс местные власти, и в 1888 году оно все же было достроено.

The Mole Antonelliana is the main symbol of Turin, as from its 167-meter tower offers a beautiful panoramic view of the whole city. Today it is the tallest brick building in Europe. If you want to see the whole of Turin and its surroundings, in full view, be sure to visit this place. In addition, the building houses the tower of the National Museum of Cinematography, where you can find out how the cinema was born.

2. Egyptian Museum (Museo delle Antichità Egizie)

This museum houses the largest collection of exhibits in Europe devoted to the history of ancient Egypt (about 30 thousand copies in total), some of which date from the 4th millennium BC. By their value, they are not inferior to the exhibits presented in the Cairo Museum in Egypt.

3. Madama Palace (Palazzo Madama)

This building leaves an ambiguous impression, as it is a medieval castle with a facade of the palace. It was built during the Roman Empire, but since then its appearance has changed significantly. Initially, it was a fortress to protect the city from invaders. In the Middle Ages, it became the residence of princes.

The fortress was expanded and two towers were built. There was a time when the mother of King Emmanuel II lived in it, with which the name Palazzo Madama is associated. Now it is the Museum of Antique Art, which presents the largest collection of porcelain in Italy, and also in it you can see a lot of products made of precious stones, ivory, ceramics, etc.

5. Valentino Castle and Park (Castello e Parco del Valentino)

The Valentino Castle is an incredibly beautiful horseshoe-shaped building, one part of which was built in French style and the other part in baroque style. The castle received its name from the nearby St. Valentine’s Church. It was built in the Middle Ages, but it acquired its present appearance after reconstruction, which was carried out in 1620 by order of Christina of France, the widow of the Duke of Savoy, whose dynasty ruled in Turin for 386 years.

This castle is located in the heart of the city on the banks of the river Po. It is surrounded by an incredibly beautiful park with fountains, waterfalls, statues and flower avenues, on the territory of which the botanical garden is also located. Both the castle and the park are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6. Royal Palace

If you want to see with your own eyes how the kings lived, then be sure to go to the Royal Palace. For many centuries it was the residence of the Savoy dynasty, which reigned in Turin. Luxurious and rich interior rooms, antique furniture and paintings will help you to touch the history of those times, when kings sat in the palace halls and held balls.

What to do in Turin?

In addition to attractions, Turin has a lot of interesting things. In late November and early December, a chocolate festival called “CioccolaTO” is held in the city, during which you can not only taste various sweets, but also see how chocolate is made. It should be noted that it was in Turin that such brands as Kinder Chocolate, Ferrero Rocher and Nutella first appeared.

Lovers of shopping in Turin, there is also a lesson. In this city there are more than 50 shopping streets with boutiques and shops. In addition, the oldest and largest market in Europe is located here. There you can buy goods brought from different countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.

You can also sign up for a gastronomic tour, and try to taste Turin, or fly in a balloon.

Cost of living in Turin?

Housing prices in this city vary depending on the distance from the center of Turin. The average room rate in a hotel located 3 km from the city center is 4-5 thousand rubles. per day. But you can also rent a house or apartment entirely for 3-7 thousand rubles. or rent a separate room for 1-3 thousand rubles. per day.

What souvenirs can you bring to memory?

No matter how wonderful the rest in Turin is, it is still time to return home. What can you bring to memory of this ancient city, in addition to beautiful photos?

In addition to traditional statuettes, magnets, cups and T-shirts depicting the symbols of Turin, of course, you need to pay attention to these souvenirs:

  • Bull figure. The name "Turin" is translated from Italian as "bull", and this symbol is found in the city almost everywhere. It is believed that the bull brings good luck.
  • Chocolate. Be sure to buy “Gianduiotto” candies and walnut “Torrone” nougat. These are the most popular delicacies in Turin, so their taste will remind you of this beautiful city for a very long time.
  • Vermouth. Turin is home to drinks such as Martini and Cinzano. Do not forget to take a bottle of a true Italian drink with you.

Turin is a very beautiful city with an ancient history, which is literally saturated with everything around. Do not miss your opportunity to touch her at least for a while.