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What is simoron and why is it needed?


Each of us as a child firmly believed that he was a wizard, and a variety of miracles just waiting for our attention to happen in life. It was necessary to simply wish or write a message to the Magic Country - and then a small, but wonderful miracle happened. Growing up with each new day, we lose our magical skills, and life, as it seems to us, is becoming more and more gray, boring and predictable series of monotonous days, bringing more grief, than joy. In the late 80s of the last century, a special world perception system was created - Simoron, thanks to which any adult, tortured by everyday problems, becomes a wizard who can, using special Simoron techniques, attract good luck and joy, luck and love, wealth and health.

What is Simoron?

Each of those confronted with this system will answer this question in its own way. For some, this is a very special system of interaction with the outside world and reality, thanks to which a person can try himself in some new role, for example, an all-powerful wizard. Some consider the Simoron techniques and rituals to be powerful psycho-training, capable of causing deep personal changes and transforming the individual’s attitude toward himself, his needs and abilities. Esotericists consider Simoron to be a modern practice, which incorporates the achievements of many spiritual schools and practices. All these answers describe only one side of this system, without revealing its fullness and overly complicating or simplifying. Embodying the reality of the positive thoughts and desires of people who found the child in themselves and allowed him, with surprise and joy, playing, influencing and interacting with life and the events taking place in it - this is how you can most simply and easily describe Simoron.

And why is all this necessary?

What can be obtained using Simoron techniques? In our practical time, the question is quite logical. First of all, a positive attitude and an optimistic attitude to life, and then everything that is enough for your imagination and desires! Simoron helps in almost all spheres of human life: get a good job and climb the career ladder, find your soul mate and successfully get married or married, solve the housing problem and improve relationships with finances. In this technique, the most important thing is that each of its followers, having mastered the principles, is free in creativity and can create techniques and simoron rituals of love, attraction of finances or fulfillment of desires, the most suitable for him! Creativity is not limited - it is welcome!

Modern schools Simorona

Initially, this system was created in the 80s of the 20th century by Kiev psychologists and coaches Peter and Petra Burlan, who today conduct Simoron trainings and classes, and it is their Kiev school that is considered one of the strongest. V. Dolokhov (“Papa”) and V. Gurangov (“Beard”) who studied at Burlanov supplemented and developed this system and created the Moscow studio “Dancing Wizards”. Thanks to the books and seminars of this particular school, Simoron technicians got the maximum number of adherents both in Russia and abroad. Over time, based on the key provisions of Burlanovsky Simorona, Moscow journalist and psychologist Zoya Chernakova, better known as Lissi Moussa, created the Oxymoron gaming psycho-training system. Another major school in Russia is the St. Petersburg school "Open Simoron space."

How it works?

According to the Simoron system, each person can transform the world around him and has practically limitless possibilities that do not manifest themselves in everyday life only because of the limitations of the individual worldview (PCM) of an individual. In each of the Simoron schools, various practices are used to change, go beyond the scope of the PCM. Thus, the system Burlanov focuses on the game simoronsky rituals, and the "Open Simoron space" practices active self-knowledge through immersion in the subconscious. Dad and Beard from “Dancing Wizards” base their techniques on yogic and sufi practices.

Despite all the differences between the methods proposed by each particular school, the essence of Simoron remains the same everywhere - this is a positive game of a person with reality, based on freeing the mind from various restrictions imposed and learned by the individual in the process of life. The Simonor technicians are based on humor and absurd, devoid of the usual logic of actions, so that the person goes beyond the stereotypes of perception and the usual reality.

What is the state of "floating"

As already mentioned, all Simoron rituals for the fulfillment of desire, attraction of money or love, as well as various techniques or actions in this system are performed in a special state - “soaring”. How to achieve it? To do this, we need to remember a day when you had a great rest, woke up in a great mood and were sure that something wonderful, beautiful and joyful would happen today. I wanted to sing, smile and just “move mountains”. Remember? Remember this state and use it to perform simoron rituals for the desire or attraction of money.

As a result of development, not only simoron rituals for the fulfillment of desire, love and financial well-being were created in this system, but also many different techniques. Today, the simonorists use thanksgiving, renaming, “Taki”, “Pshel out, idiot!”, “Amateur” translation and simoronsky dances. Briefly tell about these techniques.

The most simple and easily executable method is “Taki”. It lies in the fact that a person focuses exclusively on positive events, emotions and feelings. Similarly, the correction of their own movement in life, in accordance with life principles, desires and goals. Thus, you confirm that you are carefully looking at the signs that the Universe sends you, and are ready for positive changes.

“Got out, dummy!”

Each of us is confronted with certain negative manifestations in everyday life. Often, such collisions simply knock us out of a normal rhythm and plunge into the abyss of pessimism. In order to control such situations, or even not to react to them at all, a Pszhel, fool! (PVB) technique was created in Simoron. At the first signs of the appearance in life of negative phenomena that distract them from their plans, the simonorists use a similar way to eliminate them. So, on the radio it was reported that production in China has fallen or prices are rising - PVB! Such a rough treatment, which came from the "lordly" times, will seem archaic to someone, but everyone can choose for themselves any other phrase, for example: "Go away, nasty!" Or something else. So, having heard the message about the spill in China, it is necessary to apply a PVB, but if you are summoned to school about the behavior of your beloved child, then you need to use the following method.

Thanksgiving technique

It is used when an obstacle appears in the path of life, which is simply impossible to ignore. For its execution, the pronunciation of an internal monologue or the writing of a thank-you letter to a person, object or phenomenon, personifying an obstacle for you, is suitable. In the text, you must thank the person or the situation that has arisen in front of you for warning about possible negative consequences, and list the worst scenarios for the development of events that prevented this signal.

So, with thanks to a mistaken schoolboy, thanksgiving can sound something like this: “Thank you, dear Irina Petrovna, for warning me about the violation of my inner harmony. You are one of my projections and show me my own fears. I had only to think that my blockhead had completely “unscrewed” and got out of hand, you immediately, with your directness and quickness, told me about it. It’s just scary to imagine what my connivance could lead to without your timely intervention! First, run upstairs, then absenteeism lessons, and there to the bad company, as they say, hand in hand! And what could be next? You could start drinking, playing cards or worse! Thank you, dear Irina Petrovna, for such a timely reminder and warning! ”

After such a thanksgiving, you must certainly make a gift to the object of thanksgiving. Do not grab your wallet! It is quite enough to imagine, but only very carefully, in the smallest details, the subject of donation, which the bestowal may like. So, for a middle-aged teacher of your son who is no longer young, you can visualize a beautiful mink coat or warm imported winter boots. Do not forget to pack your gift beautifully and pronounce the words of gratitude.


This technique is often used by practitioners Simoron, as it is quite simple and uses the principle of "what I see, I sing." The basis of this practice is renaming itself, getting a new name from the world at one time or another. As with any other Simoron technician, a prerequisite is the state of "floating". However, renamed, do not forget about caution. Recall the distinguished Christopher Bonifatevich Vrungel and his wonderful statement: “You do not give a name in vain, I will tell you in advance what you call a yacht, so it will float!” To change a situation that for one reason or another does not suit you, Simoron recommends changing and renamed. Agree, "the forest fairy, hovering over the flowers", who came to a date, will behave in a completely different way than "the iron lady breaking all the obstacles in her path." You can rename both in prose and in verse. No matter how beautiful and harmonious your rhymes will turn out, the most important thing is that you like them personally and lift your spirits.

"Yakatny" translation

This effective Simoron technique allows you to change for the better the situation developing in an undesirable direction for you. You will need a paper that describes the current situation, but only all the parties involved are replaced with the pronoun “I”. Such a translation allows you to find an acceptable way to resolve the situation in yourself and your attitude to events.

Simoronsky dances

To perform this technique, special choreographic abilities and skills are not needed, the main thing is to articulate clearly what you want to end up with, completely relax and “let go” of your body. Similarly, there is a transition to an altered state of consciousness, when reality becomes plastic and any positive magic is possible.

Absurd rituals of the Simoron system

As already mentioned, the basis of this system are various techniques and rituals. By the latter is meant a certain sequence of actions, the implementation of which will lead to a pre-planned result. So, by plugging a plug from a desk lamp into an electrical outlet, we are sure that if there is electricity and the appliance is in order, we will receive light in the place of the room we need. Absurd Simoron rituals for money, fulfillment of desires or attraction of love consist of a sequence of such actions, which, according to the daily logic of life, can in no way lead to the desired result.

For example, agree that the phone charger included in the network cannot charge your purse with wealth and attract money. However, in Simoron, if you were able to enter the state of "floating" and are one hundred percent sure that we exist in a reality in which it is through a charger for a mobile that money is drawn into the wallet, moreover, you confirmed your confidence with a rhyme-intention facing the universe, it is these Simoron rituals to attract money that will work and increase your well-being. Thus, in order for Simoron to “earn”, it is necessary to turn off his “adult” and with all my heart believe that magic forces can only hear you in such a rather unusual way.

Here are some other simple and easily performed simoronian rituals for money that you can use:

  1. "Easy Money". To perform this ritual will require balloons, the more - the better. At home they need to inflate and bind to them paper notes. Let balls of money hover around your house around you. At the same time, it is important to be in a state of “floating” and joyfully catching “easy money” floating around you.
  2. Rinse banana peel. An old-time Simoron ritual for attracting money, for which a water tank is needed - a bath or a basin, and also a banana peel. Some simoronists use 2 pelts of this fruit, one for each hand. We collect water into the prepared container, enter the state of “floating” and rinse the banana peel, saying: “I rinse and wash the peel of a banana, letting money into my life”.
  3. Monetary floor cleaning. This ritual will require a bucket of water and coins of various denominations. Some simoronists recommend not only putting coins in a bucket of water, but also letting them stand for a couple of hours or overnight for the liquid to become cash. Then wash the floors with such water. After the floors are washed, we take out the coins and, after washing and drying them, we postpone until the next ritual.

Oh, how I want to fall in love!

For those who are looking for their happiness and soul mate, you can advise a variety of Simoron rituals of love. To do this, you can use the bath in the bathroom with fragrant foam (passionate red or delicate pink color), changing its name. For example, stick the inscription "Love" on the bottle. Take a bath and bathe in "Love" need every day, not forgetting to "soar" and rename itself.

Someone will seem silly and absurd like simoronskie rituals. Reviews of those who are not scared and used them in life are almost unequivocal: “It works! But why - it is not clear! "

Where did it come from?

The fact that people tend to believe in miracles and, the stronger this belief, the more often they happen, an unusual married couple from Kiev Burlana Peter and Peter noticed.

In 1988, under their command, a unique school of wizards was opened, which was called “Simoron”. Trainings are held there to this day, since it has acquired many fans and followers who have experienced the powerful power of the symphony on themselves.

Over time, students of the school began to spread an unusual teaching far beyond its borders, began to open their own branches and centers, in which they develop and even modify the equipment of Simoron, work on their own rituals.

There is a considerable number of books written by school students in which all concepts are described in detail, the secrets of rituals and a happy life are revealed.

This is not at all like affirmations, there is no need to work on creating correct thought forms, it is enough to relax, enter a state of complete inspiration and even laziness, and then create your own desires, and the most important helper will be a good sense of humor!

The essence of the technique and some rituals

The equipment of Simoron is amazing and simple at the same time: with its help you can learn to live in a bright and positive world filled with wonders and opportunities that you create yourself, because you are a real magician!

Probably, from the outside you might think that the simmonsters are people with a slight clouding of consciousness, because it all sounds like something strange and childish. And these are the key concepts here!

Remember how in your childhood you believed in miracles, did not hesitate to jump and enjoy every day, sing songs in an improvised microphone and perceive everything that comes in bright colors?

Now we are rooted, grown-up and serious uncles and aunts who do not allow to give free rein to emotions, every day you are concerned about many problems, and you can come up with the best for yourself!

With the help of Simoron, you can get anything you want: a comfortable place in a minibus, a new clothes, a high-paying position or financial replenishment, and all this with your easy hand! All the rituals of simoronschikov - funny and funny, they set up a positive and make a person think in a completely different way.

They say that the reason for the fulfillment of desires, which were made in such a comic form, is not only faith, but also a special feeling - of soaring and weightlessness, which is very important to keep as long as possible. They say here - a white stripe has come in life, the main thing is that it never ends!

For example, you are constantly concerned about money issues, what to hide, in our world, nowhere without these pieces of paper. Especially for this, there is a ridiculous, but very effective money ritual, which has already helped thousands of real players. Вы когда-нибудь видели красные трусы у кого-нибудь на люстре?

Если да, то, поздравляем, вы встретили еще одного симоронщика. Новые красные трусы, предварительно простиранные и избавленные от чужой энергетики, нужно проносить день на себе, постоянно думая о прибавлении собственного капитала.

После их нужно снова ополоснуть и привесить на люстру, дождавшись полнолуния. Висеть на люстре они могут, хоть день, хоть месяц, решать только вам!

As you can see, in spite of the absurdity of action, this is a real ritual of Simorons, which, provided the right approach to it, really helps to cope with financial difficulties.

There are other rituals - on love, on a happy family and even on pregnancy, on the apartment or on bringing happiness, you only have to choose the one that is most important at the moment. And remember - all of us, the real wizards who are able to improve their lives with a single movement of the hand, just need to believe!

Natalia Andrushko

Psychologist, Ecophacilitator, Supervisor Mediator. Specialist from the website b17.ru

It really helps.
What are the consequences? From the consequences, I received an ideal husband, my own housing and favorite work. If you are talking about negative consequences - they are not.

So what's the point? What do you need? Where to read about it. In nete, every fig is written by her. Give links pl.

So what's the point? What do you need? Where to read about it. In nete, every fig is written by her. Give links pl.

It really helps.
What are the consequences? From the consequences, I received an ideal husband, my own housing and favorite work. If you are talking about negative consequences - they are not.

MimiReal helps.
What are the consequences? From the consequences, I received an ideal husband, my own housing and favorite work. If you are talking about negative consequences - they are not. Tell us in more detail how.

How did you achieve this?
It is difficult to single out one way. You see, the main thing is to live in the "life-game" state. And get pleasure from it. And all the crazy acts that Simoronians and Oxymorons do are the continuation of this game.
This is a group of oxymorone. There you can search or ask for links. And then my books are on the shelf (I don’t like to read from the screen)))
I can’t give references to Simoron either, but I can name the authors of the books - Dolokhov and Guranov.
Good luck)

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.. consequences can come out in the next incarnation)) Do you know about this?
In this person, he spends energy on desire, in the next he is born disabled, because zero energy or minus. God knows better than you what you really need and will give everything you need.

.. consequences can come out in the next incarnation)) Do you know about this?
In this person, he spends energy on desire, in the next he is born disabled, because zero energy or minus. God knows better than you what you really need and will give everything you need.

Guest ... the consequences can come out in the next incarnation)) Are you aware of this?
In this person, energy is spent on desire, in the next he is born disabled, because zero energy or minus. God knows better than you what you really need and will give everything you need. And how do you know

I read somewhere, one woman simoronila, see strongly, all sorts of material wealth fell down, and then the child died. She does not give anything just like that, free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

What can there be "consequences"? You read funny books, allow yourself to fantasize, joke and laugh, discover creative abilities and improve your life.
This is not silicone, but Simoron :).

I read somewhere, one woman simoronila, see strongly, all sorts of material wealth fell down, and then the child died. She does not give anything just like that, free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

AAAA. found on this site that's what))) about the election. you prepare your bulletin at home, write your wishes on it) go to the polls on March 4, go to the booth, put check marks on your ballot in front of your desires, and in his ballot box))) I didn’t want to go to the polls, but now changed my mind))) as you such simoron.

Obscurantism and nonsense.
"Subsequently," does not mean "by consequence."
For example, a neighbor ate apples, and then a dog was stolen from him. Will you conclude that eating apples is dangerous and crap?

Guest God told everything and even in the next. incarnation on the tour reduced), so she knows that you need to sit back and wait for everything to become good by itself.

AAAA. found on this site that's what))) about the election. you prepare your bulletin at home, write your wishes on it) go to the polls on March 4, go to the booth, put check marks on your ballot in front of your desires, and in his ballot box))) I didn’t want to go to the polls, but now changed my mind))) as you such simoron.

Obscurantism and nonsense. "Subsequently," does not mean "by consequence." For example, a neighbor ate apples, and then a dog was stolen from him. Will you conclude that eating apples is dangerous and crap?

I am not a fan of Simoron and could not penetrate to him, no matter how hard I tried. But I had a period in my life when I quit my old job, I couldn’t find a new one, the credit card limit was approaching - in short, I was in complete * or financial crisis, as you please. In spite of all my efforts (I did not sit in my place, I drove around every day for interviews), inevitably bankruptcy was approaching slowly but surely. And so I, before hanging myself on the chandelier myself, decided to throw red panties on her first (that's all I heard about Simoron). In short, now I regret only that I did not do it right away, as I learned about this wonderful method. An accidental acquaintance gave me a SUCH job, a salary on which I had not dreamed of, even in my wildest dreams. This is really a MIRACLE! Because I do not possess any special talents to earn so much.

To me. All life was a professional loser - with the help of a simoron turned into a normal person. Were there any problems? "But how! Simoron is not a magic wand." which works instantly, it took years and years to change your life. But if you want to whine, whimper and complain about fate - keep up the good work!
Simoron is not magic, therefore such concepts as charge and consequences. in it are missing. Simoron is unlikely to send you a chest with gold from the ceiling, - most likely, he will give you a job with a high salary.
What can you do with simorona? - Everything, except dirty tricks! For example: you found out. that my husband had a mistress. Your first thoughts? - Aha! But bear in mind: attempts to bring a razlichnitsa to the grave with the help of Simor are doomed to failure. . And by the method of simoron, you can, say, bewitch her handsome millionaire. Let her marry her and take her away from your husband.

I think that the mechanism of work of a simoron is that our world is PROBABLE. Magic changes the world - simoron changes our attitude to the world. And this allows changing the probability of an event. Sometimes it is a tiny fraction - but this is sometimes enough. how one tiny pebble can sometimes create an avalanche! And you, critics, first figure it out! You can't cook a cake using a roast recipe!

Eva is different
Guest ... the consequences can come out in the next incarnation)) Are you aware of this? In this person, energy is spent on desire, in the next he is born disabled, because zero energy or minus. God knows better than you what you really need and will give everything you need. And how do you know
Guest God told everything and even in the next. incarnation on the tour reduced), so she knows that you need to sit back and wait for everything to become good by itself.

So what's the point? What do you need? Where to read about it. In nete, every fig is written by her. Give links pl.

VIP person
Guest God told everything and even in the next. incarnation on the tour reduced), so she knows that you need to sit back and wait for everything to become good by itself.
The guest studies the ancient Knowledge and therefore knows what the consequences may be. Sitting with folded arms is necessary if you are currently destined to sit back and act when the time has come to act. To understand this, you need to have a developed intuition, to feel that you are given God wants a moment (Fate). Meditation and prayer help develop a feeling.

AAAA. found on this site that's what))) about the election. you prepare your bulletin at home, write your wishes on it) go to the polls on March 4, go to the booth, put check marks on your ballot in front of your desires, and in his ballot box))) I didn’t want to go to the polls, but now changed my mind))) as you such simoron.

I read somewhere, one woman simoronila, see strongly, all sorts of material wealth fell down, and then the child died. She does not give anything just like that, free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

but the wish card helped me .. it seems to be also Simoronskoe .. I can’t say that it fell straight from the sky, but somehow there were ways to solve problems that the years could not be moved from the dead center ..

Dear aunt scarecrow, I install: every time someone tries to scare me, I get more money and beauty!) Yes, and the same to you)
And on the subject I can say: according to your faith, you will be rewarded!
So, somehow I do not want to believe in all these horror films. And you believe what you want.

http://sneek.ru/pryamo-sejjchas-napishi-pismo-vselennojj-bog u-mirozdaniyu.htm
That is not lazy, found!
Girls, read. Just on the topic of consequences, consequences and stupid fears in this regard

I tried a funny ritual with red panties:) I did, of course. skeptical. Just think: well, if I act, I will try. It will not be worse. And I was very surprised by a large amount of money unexpectedly donated. My mind is still repeating — a coincidence. But why has there never been such a coincidence? In general, I will try again. and it will work the second time. So it works :)))

I also have a lot of things working, although at first I was skeptical.
here is the link to the free application for your phone (android)
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ovirium.si moron
techniques for attracting love, money. fulfillment of desires and weight loss

Yes. Simoron is a wonderful thing. It is interesting that many people intuitively, subconsciously simoronyat, although they have never heard anything about Burlans, nor about the Pope and Beard, nor about Lissi Mousse. Even when I was a child, I was a Simonil, but then I decided that it was all nonsense and forgotten. Now I’ve come back to my sweet nonsense and I’ll never give up on them again :) Keep on your health :)

In life, the main people that surround you will be loved, dear dear people, there will be happiness and money, etc.
I have a friend, I have known each other for a long time and she has been very interested in Simoron for a very long time, and she seems to have everything and seems to be happy. But I am not sure that it is so easy to throw out from the life of a loved one, a loved one, go to heaven on earth with someone who didn’t even like it, but offered to fulfill her dream, quite material, and be happy after that. Real story. And I see that she, too, is sometimes pierced by that thought. He speaks very lonely sometimes. Simoron, not Simoron, it doesn’t matter here, it’s just people who think that happiness is always getting what you want.

I read somewhere, one woman simoronila, see strongly, all sorts of material wealth fell down, and then the child died. She does not give anything just like that, free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

as it is hard to believe all this and in general it somehow smacks of sectarianism

Then for what purpose are you here? What would lead antepropaganda)))). And if so, what gives you this))))))))? I do not understand the meaning of your appearance here)))))))

All this is nonsense. Nothing helped me from simorona. Although when I found out about it, I had a great hope that everything would finally change for the better. The miracle did not happen.

I went to Simoron’s courses and read Dolokhov’s books and Gurangova read them. I’ll say right after the courses finished, they lasted 2 weeks, managed to win a music center in the lottery, solved problems with the apartment. Something incredible magic happened. But then it all ended. Simoron works for me not everywhere and not always. Although it is said that this system is for the lazy, but even here not only the strength of intention, but also the pedantry of the performance of the Simoron rituals is needed. And so, what can I say about simorone is the most good game, nor does it bear any evil slanders and love spells.

***** complete, self-suggestion, that something is supposedly obtained. For the year she did not change jobs, she did not meet the man. Do not get fooled. And Mulka with red cowards is a joke on fools. It did not help at once

Whoever said anything, but Simoron helped me once again. Namely, the method I read a long time ago - I wrote a type of story with the desired ending. My husband and I have been planning a child for 1.5 years. But due to his age (44 years) and a very large excess weight, the tests are simply disgusting. Were treated, calculated the days favorable for conception, but the result was zero. At the same time, the test results indicated that there were almost no chances.
In December, there have been improvements, we were very pleased.
Then, at the end of January, the analyzes were passed, and they were shocked - the result is ZERO. There is no chance. I cried, but hoped that there might be some kind of mistake. At that moment, I remembered the method of simoron, took a notebook and wrote a story about how we want children, how we are treated, and how our tests deteriorated and became zero, and that suddenly, a month later, we learned that we were expecting a child.
I wrote and forgot.
In February, we decided to try anyway, but missed ovulation, which occurred quite on other days than usual, I was just in despair.
And what is the result? February 23, I give my husband an envelope with dough with two strips)))))) we are in shock! I will give birth to my husband for an anniversary)))
A couple of days later I remembered my story and told my husband what a sorceress I am)))))))))))
Speak after this that does not work)))

Simoron system or beginner wizard course

Quite recently, an amazing book came into my hands and, at first glance, it would seem, even an absolutely non-logical book, after all, after reading it, I was very pleased and even intrigued.

The title of this book, with relatively new esoteric knowledge and practices for me, sounds like "The course of the novice wizard. Textbook of luck (Simoron)". Authors: V. Dolokhov, V. Gurangov (Dad and Beard).

As it turned out, these trends are not so new and quite a few people are familiar with the ideas presented in this book, and even with Simoron practices in general, but few people understand why they work so easily, and in general "what, where, when." I will talk about this in more detail here, while trying to clarify the pattern of this "phenomenon" and why these techniques can change your reality in principle.

I think that before turning to the topic itself, it would not be fair not to mention also Peter Terent'evich Burlan, who created the Simoron system. He is also the author of his series of books on this direction, but it just so happened that initially I still came across the result of the work of Dolohov and Gurangov. Therefore, on their book and will be discussed further.

Difference Simorona from other esoteric areas

One of the most important points in Simoron’s system is, unlike many other esoteric trends and knowledge, not just an empty explanation of the universal principles and laws according to which reality "functions", but a clear interpretation of the technology of influencing the material world and the immediate impulse to practical actions. That is, after reading this or that book with all sorts of esoteric directions, we, in most cases, seem to be starting to understand all the truths and principles by which the surrounding reality changes. Sometimes, even while reading such knowledge, we experience breathtaking positive emotional outbursts (euphoria) - the feeling that here it is what I have been looking for for a long time, something that will allow me to be the master of my reality. But after reading the book to the end, such euphoria immediately disappears, leaving behind it a feeling of emptiness and hopelessness, and the slightest result in the vast majority of people never manifests. And the point is not that these methods do not work, but in the following.

Why, unlike Simoron, many other esoteric knowledge does not give tangible results :

    Many people immediately forget about everything written and return to the former rhythm of life, postponing the intention to put everything they read into practice. And in most cases this is promoted too much by the principles and techniques set forth in these books, which are hidden behind a large number of monotonous pages, where far from all understandable words and phrases are used, and even veiled in supposedly some great wisdom or profound , far from all the opening, universal senses. And all this could have been explained with ease and clarity in several major chapters. For example: Why and how it works, What and how most people do, What exactly and how (in detail) the reader needs to do so as not to get scared and see the first results in the near future. But the problem is that in today's age of consumption, such a mini-book is practically not published, since it will most likely resemble a training manual, rather than a full-fledged book, and will not be able to recoup even the smallest part of the money spent on it. Therefore, the authors have to spin as much as possible, and as a result, a lot of important information is forgotten, the rest is mixed into a "mess" giving the impression that all this is difficult and "not for me."
    The truth is always so simple that even hurt for it!

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  • The rest of the people, those who still have the intention to use new knowledge, are likely to be a little "jerk" trying to apply any of the read techniques, but in the end they will simply give up because of the unconscious and incomprehensible statements of esoteric principles which were recently read with such zeal (it seems that all the principles according to which the surrounding reality is modified are understandable, although go and start to preach these secret true to the people, but to do something practical that in reality zuet any tangible effect on your reality, what really positively change your life - is not a bit of it: is the set of all ambiguities, vagueness, unconsciousness, mental blocks and unforeseen difficulties). Indeed, in most of these areas there are many different theories and explanations, but not what is really important, what ultimately should affect the layer of your world - the practice itself: what to do, how to do it, what "misunderstandings" can arise "what are the pitfalls and the like. Therefore, very often, on the basis of such esoteric trends, highly specialized training centers are created. Without them, independently, to achieve some results is very, very difficult. With Simoron, everything is much simpler, and if you also want to enhance the result and sensations, you can also attend some of the seminars.
  • There remains only a small percentage of people who are not used to giving up. They seemed to be able to still understand something for themselves, and even realized most of the new information and, perhaps, determined what and how it should be put into practice. But it turns out that in order to follow everything learned in theory and practice it in life, one must also have an incredible will, fortitude, extreme awareness, attentiveness, powerful energy, clarity of mind and an irresistible intention to achieve results. And now the question is: do you often see such people in today's times of all sorts of physiological and mental disorders, stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, sedentary lifestyles, fears, radiation, and much more.
  • And now about the differences:

    a) So, the most important thing Difference of the Simoronsky technician from the majority of the others - this is as little theory as possible, and as many explanations of practical material as possible: what and how to do. And in addition there are also a lot of examples demonstrating how successfully these techniques were used by other people, so that everyone could find a situation similar to the one that developed in his life and thus be able to understand how to act effectively now (refers directly to the book discussed here, but and outside of it, like me, Simoron’s techniques are more focused on the result).
    b) The second important point: the ability to influence not only your personal layer of reality, but also positively influence the life events of the people around you, their health, mood, material and spiritual well-being. For example, in most other esoteric directions, if it is, of course, not some negative magic and not rare exceptions, it is argued that you cannot consciously influence any changes in the reality layers of other people. The maximum that you can do is change the result of the manifestation of another person in your world: for example, reduce the number of meetings with an unpleasant individual for you, change your attitude to any actions that irritate you on his part, thereby reducing the manifestations of these actions regarding you like that The Simonor technicians, for example, provide an opportunity to change the negative habits of people close to you (people from whom you can not turn away), to influence the improvement of their health, well-being, to change in a positive way their attitudes towards themselves and so on.
    c) The next point, which distinguishes the Simoron technique from all the others, is to work not so much with your inner world outlook (with your thoughts and emotions), as well as with your projections, your reflections in the outside world, and warning signals from the environment.
    Simoronist is not engaged in his personality, he is engaged in himself exclusively in his projections, in reflection on the external screen. b) Well, the last is: the most humorous, even paradoxical view of your life and everything that happens to it, without which most aspects of the manifestation Simoronsky trace just lose its power. Of course, positive psychology is present in almost every method of deliberate transformation of personality and reality, but how to achieve this effect, when all sorts of negative aspects of your existence are put under pressure, is not explained anywhere in the world. It’s impossible to just stop thinking about what worries you or scares you; it’s not always possible to turn your attention to something else, but to bring your fears and anxieties to absolute absurdity in your imagination (which we learn from ), and then also sincerely smile at them, gives the result of the almost complete neutralization of these anxieties in the layer of their reality. It remains only to continue to "float" and "absurdity" around.

    What is Simoron and how it works

    So what is Simoron and why does it work?
    From the explanation of the main Simoron principles, we learn that the Simoronsky trace is present in each of us. This is a manifestation of the One Principle, the Absolute, the Truth, the Infinite Creation, Pure Consciousness, the Creative Energy that created us and everything around us. Simoron - this is an infinite complex of positive universal energies that is within us without any restrictions. Initially, this trace is given to us in all its infinite quantity, but over time we begin to lose it. This happens due to the fact that we unknowingly prevent the penetration of this life-giving light from ourselves into the surrounding reality, closing the space for its penetration by inventing mental packaging for ourselves and everything around us, as well as blocking its manifestation with our negative thoughts and emotions. We create something like an imbalance. I will give an excerpt from the book:
    Simoron or life-giving beginning is in each of us. It resembles something like a juggler who takes parts of his personality and throws it from one hand to another. We transfer the natural, creating I to each other, and as a result a productive exchange is formed, which contributes to the affirmation of life on earth. If the juggler stops moving and starts to pick up from one hand to another, then ultimately there will be an imbalance and one of the hands will be empty or less full. Observing catastrophes, misfortunes, accidents, life problems, we see exactly this picture - too much is taken from one hand. That is, our consciousness (our true Self) every second is filled with an incredible amount of positive life-giving energy and we have to realize it, manifest, continue, radiate on our outer screen, in our layer of the world, pass on: we are filled with goodness and grace, therefore broadcast them in your world and we will be filled with them in a much larger number again, well-being and success have come to us - show it in your life, radiate success and enjoy life, give joy to others, breathe fully feeding. But if we begin to look not inside ourselves, but at our reflections in the external world, the reflection of our soul, mirroring our internal sensations and considering it the main source of events, then we will unconsciously lead ourselves into a deep delusion: you need to take "YOURSELF" as it is possible more otherwise, “ME” is not enough, “I” is better, which means “THEY” are no match for me, as “SOMEONE” can do this with “ME”, because it’s the same “I”, you can’t believe “ANYONE” around "ONE" are deceivers who want to select something "MY". But what could be “MY”, who is “I” and who are “THEY”, if life is just “GENERAL” collective illusion, even though for everyone it is purely individual. It’s just a void, it’s a draw and you can only continue it, develop it, manifest, give the light that comes to you further, thereby expanding it. If you do not do this, then Simoron stops flowing through your slits, thereby oppressing certain areas of your reality in dark unpleasant tones. And if so, then you do not need this light - creative energy. It ceases to come to you because of its uselessness, because you do not radiate or use it, it simply burns out without a trace.

    If it is not clear to someone what I am talking about here, then I will try to explain with a simple language: you have Simoron, in some sense it is your endless soul. She is capable of everything without any restrictions. The reality around you is the most detailed reflection of the state of your soul at the moment in all the little things and "packages." When a soul rejoices, laughs and has fun, when it creates (uses the energy supplied to it), when it creates, thereby manifesting itself in reality / expressing itself when it gives joy and hope to other people, the life-giving light will never cease to it act and reality will in detail reflect its positive state. If, on the contrary, the soul is forced to create what it does not like, if it only brings harm and negative to others, if it is made to experience fear and anxiety, anger and hatred, greed and pride, if it does not show (does not continue) itself to the outside world, does not bring something of its own into it, if it is forced only to take anything without giving in return, then the light stagnates in it and does not illuminate the background of the external world, as a result of which it changes to terrifying, transforming the original paradise into hell.

    When a person, instead of transmitting the life-giving energy to a collective hologram (the world around), will only take it away, then he will suffer to a much greater degree than the rest of the world around. The more I identify myself, the more closely I engage in "self-salvation", the more I destroy myself and the rest.

    In fact, as already written, the world around us is our projection. And it is profitable for us to translate the good and success, do good to our own projections and radiate happiness - this is also our personal “selfish” interest. What we clog up our internal screen with (our thoughts and emotions) will appear on the screen outside - in the layers of the reality surrounding us.
    This principle of world order creates an important and very necessary aspect, which exactly reflects and warns a person about the danger that unknowingly originates in his inner world. If you are experiencing subconscious or conscious fear, then the outside world will reflect warning signals in the form of all sorts of bad news, for example, on television. Or, perhaps, you will pass by strangers and accidentally hear their conversation about some anxieties, fears, dangers and the like. In general, any negativism that originates within you, correspondingly with your emotional color, will immediately begin to be reflected a bit in the outside world. If a person does not respond to such warnings in any way, does not change the course of his thoughts, does not stop suffering or is afraid, does not thank the universe for warnings about the negative changes in his mental world, does not cease to direct his attention to the negative aspects of life and the like, then these warning signs the signals will only intensify: if before that they concerned only the distant layers of reality / people and society, which does not directly interact with a person, now few warnings of the article an enter into personal surroundings, first reflected by these or other problems in the lives of distant acquaintances, after, if the person still does not react, in relations with close friends and relatives, until they completely fill his life, making it unbearable. That is, negative or positive pictures on the external screen, even if they do not directly concern me or my environment, are a warning signal that can happen to me after some time. If something negative is reflected, it means that you urgently need to change something in yourself or work through this signal, if on the contrary, something positive, then keep up the good work, it means you are on the right track.

    One of the most significant observations of the Simoron school is to work from the pictures on the second screen, generated by the people themselves, as with warning signals.

    From book:
    So, I am personally responsible for what happens in my field of vision. And if outside of me the picture does not meet my expectations - something destructive, some kind of misfortune, unhappiness - then who could have done this except me? "There is no need to blame the mirror when the mug is crooked." Since I, and only I, have done it, I can correct it. Therefore, the simulator is primarily trying to stop playing a game called “who is to blame?”, Which almost all of humanity plays.
    Immediately notice, and then also stop these warnings - this is the main principle of the magician, the main task of "Simoronavt".

    From book:
    Due to the fact that the world around us is nothing more than a hologram, an illusion that unfolds depending on the light beam we radiate (Simoron), thereby creating for each our own individual layer of the world. What we radiate, what we create will be around us. At the initial stage of the Simoron system, elementary methods of correction of the external environment as a mirror reflecting myself are mastered - a conscious person. To change any negative manifestation, you need to change your attitude towards it. The coroners do this (hereinafter, I will give how it happens) by correcting the signal coming from outside (negative reflection in the mirror).

    I hope that you have at least a little, but were able to realize what is meant by the word "Simoron" and now you can safely move on to explaining its main techniques and principles explaining why in most cases they are so effective.

    The fundamental principles of Simoron

    So, in Simoron there are several very important points, without which any equipment you use will simply lose its power or be extremely ineffective. They are taken as a basis, a springboard for further changes in the surrounding reality.

    - The world is a mirror
    Any external manifestations and events are nothing but incredibly accurate reflections / projections of our inner personality: those or other emotions, thoughts, feelings, expectations, models of perception. This important principle must be understood for itself once and for all. Otherwise, not only Simoron, but any other esoteric techniques and practices will not bring you any result.

    - In any projection (situation) of the external world, even the most negative, there is always a positive moment, an element of creation.
    In every destructive phenomenon that you may encounter, you can find a spark of hope, a positive moment in himself, because this spark was created by our own personality, Simoron. Having started something unconsciously to destroy, in the mental or material world, a person simultaneously leaves a spark of rebirth, restoration. Simoronist always tries to find this spark, tries to support in their projections what they have positive. He does not correct shortcomings, does not eradicate misfortunes, but finds everywhere and in everything an element of health, success, well-being, happiness, joy, and confirms them.

    To simoronovsky technicians always work flawlessly, it is imperative to learn how to enter hover condition. This state is one of the basic concepts, besides, it is indescribably important, in system simoron. Living in a similar state is one of the main aspirations of the simoronist. When a person soars, can there be problems in his life or on his emotional background negative emotions that require his attention? As stated in the book itself, the state of soaring is quite difficult to describe, because for each person this state is subjective and individual. But something can still be said: when you float, you are in harmony with yourself and the whole world, you should not be disturbed, you enjoy the world and treat life as an exciting game. In the book "The course of the novice wizard. Luck textbook"the following metaphor is given, which basically describes the state of soaring:
    Once in childhood I learned to ride a bicycling "Breeze". I could not keep my balance. Having passed a couple of meters, the bicycle, as if enchanted, once again rolled onto its side, and I flew onto the asphalt, getting bruises and abrasions.
    Then one day I managed to “catch” the equilibrium position, and I, desperately wagging the wheel, drove! Gradually, I leveled the bike and felt that the dark blue Mustang was listening to me. It felt like I had merged into one with him and, almost without wasting effort to pedal, I rolled forward. Мир вокруг меня: и серый асфальт тротуара, и длинные тени от заходящего солнца, и кусты сирени, и старая дуплистая груша, и щебет птиц, и ласковый летний ветерок - все это обрело какое-то иное, неуловимое, необъяснимое словами значение. В этом новом мире исполнялись желания, и каждый следующий миг был неповторим и поглощал меня целиком.
    Любой другой человек много раз в жизни также испытывал состояние парения, когда, к примеру, научился ходить, танцевать, рисовать, плавать и так далее и тому подобное. In addition, it is necessary to add that in order to keep oneself on the wave of "floating", one should first of all not set this task for oneself. After all, waiting for a result is planning, targeting a destination, that is, premature departure from the orbit of soaring. When a person ceases to plan for a specific result and at the time of his achievement, he also ceases to limit the creativity and possibilities of nature, which very often can surpass even our wildest calculations. One of the main aspects in the ability to "soar" - is to live here and now, to live in this particular period of time and always remember that you are just playing.

    - Powerful energy
    And one more important point in the Simoron system, which for some reason is not disclosed in this book, is a powerful energy industry that must be provided not only by people practicing any of the esoterics and the like, but any other person who wants to be to some extent the master of his life. After reading the book, you can indirectly understand that the authors and many other people practicing Simoron techniques also practice all sorts of techniques to improve energy, but for some reason this important point is not mentioned directly. Perhaps about this something is written in other books by the author V. Dolokhov and V. Gurangov devoted to the Simoronsky series, which I will definitely read, but in this book it is omitted.
    Of course, if you learn to stay in a state of soaring, then your energy will automatically begin to increase, just because you stop wasting it on all sorts of experiences, stress, anxiety, fear, stress, and the like. Also, while practicing the Simoron system, you will even more begin to spiritually energize your energy potential, making sure of your ability to control your world. But quite often, for several reasons, this is not enough.
    Energy (how to raise it to the beyond level, I will describe in THIS ARTICLE) is generally the most fundamental foundation possible. It is the basis of everything. Possessing a sufficiently strong charge of your spirit, you and without all sorts of esoteric practices can feel how reality begins to obey your will, creative and creative power will overwhelm everything in your body and mind, and positive mood and even unreasonable happiness will not leave you.
    My accentuated advice to you: if you want to categorically change your life, while adding to it a lot of new positive feelings, moments of joy, happiness and success, first of all you need to work on your energy. Unfortunately, intentionally or not, this moment is not always put in the forefront in similar books or on Internet pages. And in vain - many techniques and methods sometimes turn out to be inoperative for some people precisely because of ignoring this item.

    Continue this article at the following link: "Simoron technicians and why they work“Where we will dwell in more detail on practice: four stages of signaling, how to work with signals, why Simoron is so effective, And the technicians themselves.