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Fashionable manicure autumn-winter 2017-2018


Each fashion season dictates its own trends and trends that determine the current nail design, as well as the best manicure ideas, new items and fashionable manicure options of a particular season, such as, for example, a trendy spring manicure and summer manicure.

The autumn manicure of 2018-2019, which has its own design features and is presented with interesting novelties and beautiful thematic drawings, which look especially attractive in the autumn, was no exception.

Fashionable autumn manicure is represented by original drawings of leaves, twigs, animals, for example, such popular owls, geometric prints, stripes and circles.

Stylish manicure autumn 2018-2019, the best done in muted colors - deep shades of blue, green, yellow, brown, burgundy.

The most popular color of autumn is gold, which is harmonious in combination with red, purple, black, deep blue and emerald.

Autumn manicure can be done in gold, like on all fingers, or separately select some marigolds or make a concise accent, creating a delightful manicure autumn 2018-2019.

Also, do not forget about fashionable monotonous autumn manicure, which can be matte or glossy, with various rubs and stickers, as well as complemented with stylish rhinestones.

You can easily pick up the manicure options for autumn 2018-2019: trendy autumn manicure and the best ideas for autumn manicure by reading the photo of manicure autumn 2018-2019 in this review.

Ideas of autumn manicure: monophonic manicure autumn 2018-2019

The most current manicure autumn 2018-2019 will be a concise version of the manicure in one color, which is harmonious in each image and combined in different styles of clothing and dress code.

Presented ideas of autumn manicure in rich colors of burgundy, dark brown, blue, emerald and others.

Complete any of the proposed monochromatic manicure options autumn 2018-2019 with rhinestones and decor for manicure - and you will get an evening version of autumn manicure.

Solid autumn manicure looks most impressive in a matte version, as well as with a variety of rubbing that mimic different types of coatings - metal and various fabrics.

Such a manicure for the autumn as if it gives warmth and comfort, creating an original and memorable manicure autumn 2018-2019.

Original manicure autumn 2018-2019 with drawings and prints

Autumn nail design is very beautiful and allows you to find interesting ideas for autumn manicure in different variations and techniques of execution - this is the original drawings, stickers, stamping, decoration, use of grating, and many others.

Popular ideas for autumn manicure with a pattern are the use of an image of an owl, cats and dogs that look very cute on nails.

More familiar to us drawings of leaves and twigs in yellow, orange and gold colors, which is most important for the autumn period.

No less popular are the geometric patterns of manicure in the fall of 2018-2019, stylish minimalist stripes, dots, circles and curls.

For a bright image, we suggest you choose a bright autumn manicure with complex and intricate geometric patterns using bright varnish of yellow and orange shades.

Original ideas of autumn manicure: Ombre manicure, french and moon manicure for autumn

Classic and trendy types of manicure - moon manicure, jacket and ombre are not inferior in popularity in the autumn season to other nail art options and techniques of execution.

Masters and stylists presented original versions of the autumn manicure of 2018-2019, with autumn styling for lovers of the classics.

We offer options for a delicious combination of black or blue lacquer with gold in matte design for the idea of ​​an autumn moon manicure.

Also no less beautiful version of the autumn ombra manicure - black with red, beige with gray, as well as variations of ombre in purple to create a memorable manicure for the fall 2018-2019 season.

New autumn manicure 2017

Nail design in the cold season does not have to be boring and dull. Just the opposite. Currently, the autumn manicure in 2017 pleases with its aesthetics and beauty. It allows girls to look different every time. And all thanks to the widest selection of decorative items for the manicure: beads, metallic threads. Beads, stones, sequins form the desired pattern.

Gel Polish: is the undisputed leader in sales in the nail industry. This coating during the month retains its original appearance. Thanks to this unique invention, various manicure variants are performed.

Nude: a transparent base. It can be replaced by a means to strengthen the nail plate. Noble nude - this is tenderness, airiness. Refined shades of lavender, violet, peach, baked milk, pale pink buds - harmoniously fit into any modern look. For those who prefer concise and calm, beige is suitable. It is appropriate with any style of clothing.

Ombre: hot new season. To perform an ombre gradient, one color tone flows into another. For a business woman, it is advisable to stay in brighter colors: white turns into sky blue. Young rebel suit "explosive" colors: bright yellow flowing in fiery red.

Contrasting tones are commonly used:

  • orange - coral,
  • berry - pastel,
  • wine pink
  • purple - silver,
  • cobalt neon - dark blue.

French: not only a classic, but also a platform for the realization of various creative fantasies. For example, the golden design of the French manicure looks amazing. Gentle millennium-french made glitter. Fan-french decorated with beads and other decorations.

Lunar (anti-french): emphasizes the area of ​​the hole. You can choose a shade to your taste. Patterns, rhinestones, sparkles perfectly highlight the moon.

The most popular color combinations:

  • black is gold
  • blue - silver,
  • lilac - green,
  • white - turquoise.

Tip! If the nail hole is painted with clear varnish, then its growth will not become noticeable, and your fingers will look neat for a long time.

Geometric: asymmetry, triangle, square, rhombus, circle, oval. To perform this type of manicure, you need to purchase electrical tape. It will limit the face of the figure.

Negative space: the so-called negative space is a new trend in the world of manicure technology. Any part of the nail plate is painted with clear lacquer, everything else is colored.

Winter Manicure Ideas

Winter direction in nail art has been radically transformed. For cold weather, velvet and lace patterns are perfect. It will also look great winter manicure in 2018 with the effect of "broken glass". And delightful Swarovski crystals, having a luxurious shine - will transform any outfit.

Glass nailes. Incredibly popular is the illusion of "broken glass." The effect of incredible iridescent brilliance is created:

  1. With the help of special stickers with a refractive index, like glass or precious stones.
  2. Thanks to the decorative foil, which should be cut into small pieces. Next - cover the nail top. The color of the foil should match the basic tone.

Feng Shui is a style when the nail of the ring finger stands out. For example, paint it in a different color. Stucco molding, rhinestones and three-dimensional pattern on the ring finger will add manicure refinement.

Bubble nails (bubble) - a fancy and a little shocking novelty. The bottom line - when applying a large amount of gel, marigolds look like balls. But this idea is good only for thematic evening or New Year.

Fur nails (fur) - the idea looks a little absurd. Pompons of fur or mini wool details are stuck on the nails. This decor is simply filled with the sound of winter.

Stamping (stamp) - a stencil pattern is transferred to a painted nail by stamping. Its implementation will require special tools.

Contouring (manicure-frame) out of competition. Marigold as it is indicated by a frame. The procedure is difficult to perform, so only an experienced master can handle this job.

Matte finish will be popular in the fall-winter 2017-2018 season. It is performed in one of two ways:

  1. Drawing on a varnish of a opaque top (powder).
  2. Use matte varnish.

On a note! An interesting trend of the winter season - a combination of glossy and matte surfaces.

We reviewed the most fashionable trends for the next season.

Shape and length

Today, the natural or almond shape of the marigold, which is called the "soft square", is considered fashionable. Actual length are short nails. The most important advantage is versatility - they can be customized for a casual, discreet office style or evening luxury. In addition, they are practical and convenient.

Lovers of long marigolds should choose the correct length so that it is not too elongated and matches the shape of the fingers. Extended nails will look natural and natural if you stay at the rounded shape.

Note! The list of anti-trends includes too long pointed nails or stilettos.

The actual color palette of the season autumn-winter

Hits of 2018 - black, blue, white, gray, silver, graphite. At the peak of popularity firmly entrenched:

The stunning bright red lipstick does not give up its high positions at fashion shows. Designers loved this color so much that they began to use it as a nail covering. It sounds in a new way - "Cardinal". Able to brighten up the dull autumn-winter weekdays.

Leave the caramel shades or ivory color for summer. It is better to replace them with light brown and pale pink shades, winter manicure 2017, which is ideal not only for young ladies, but also for self-sufficient women.

If the image needs a trendy accent, help geometric shapes, stripes, frames, zigzag, cell, peas, flowers. The vertical line will visually make nails more elegant, which will attract the views of admiration. The demise of the marigold can be decorated with a zigzag or v-shaped line.

Young women of fashion decorate marigold with hearts, butterflies, funny emoticons. Non-maritime theme: waves, anchors, shells, starfish. In the course also animalistic print: leopard spots, stripes of a tiger or zebra. In the winter season of 2017, fashion drawings are snowflakes, deer, blizzard, snow-covered Christmas trees, etc. Hieroglyphs, Arabic calligraphy or simple newspaper letters look original.

Two-color manicure - color-blocking is a combination of two fashionable color shades. Even those who are in disharmony with each other. Welcome multicolor, game of contrasts, ombre.

Thus, modern manicure delights those around with unusual design and beauty. Adhering to the recommendations of world stylists, any woman can look irresistible. Be in trend!

Manicure for autumn 2018-2019 for short and long nails: trends and trends

In the new season - a new manicure for autumn! New ideas and new solutions! When choosing a fall manicure that is relevant for you, you should follow fashion trends, but at the same time listen to your own desires.

If you are a bright, active, extraordinary person, wear things in modern styles, and are ready for trendy experiments, your autumn manicure should harmoniously merge into the overall style of your images, decorating your nails with simple and original solutions.

Fashion manicure autumn 2018-2019: the style of the season

When we are looking for a fall manicure, the first thing that comes to mind is autumn motifs in the form of yellowed foliage, ripe fruits, autumn flowers, raindrops, umbrella patterns, etc.

These drawings on the nails are very popular in the autumn period, allowing you to create a beautiful manicure for autumn for romantic and vivid images.

A beautiful manicure for autumn with one or another version of the pattern should be chosen taking into account the shape of your nails, their length, the admissibility of such nail art in your image.

Manicure autumn 2018-2019: traditional techniques

Fashion manicure for the fall, without a doubt, is influenced by fashion trends. That is why the French and moon manicures for autumn will undoubtedly appear this season as well, having decorated the hands of fashionistas not only with classical variants in these techniques, but also with new interpretations of classical neyl-art.

Rich monophonic varnish in tandem with a strip and a hole of gold or silver color, a combination of matte and glossy coating, atypical versions of the hole and stripes, use of sparkles to create a bright autumn effect, a concise design or pattern that complements the autumn manicure and moon moonicure. Your autumn design will look stylish, original, in a new way.

Patterns and current prints 2018-2019

Any favorite pattern can decorate your autumn manicure. There are no restrictions here.

Drops, blots, plant and abstract ornaments, laconic geometry, animal and ethno-ornamentalism, etc. - everything is permissible and possible.

You can pick up a fresh idea and new pattern by viewing our selection.

Manicure for the fall 2018-2019 with a gradient

The ageless ombre technique will decorate a manicure for autumn with a game of contrasts, a combination of uniform shades, and various variations of the application of a gradient.

A popular manicure for the fall in the traditional vertical and horizontal design will be popular; the Ombre angular as well as the fall gradient manicure with patterns, drawings, and glitters will interest the neural art lovers.

A bit of velvet: manicure fall 2018-2019 with flock

Someone thinks such nail art is too provocative, and we advise girls and women to add a little warmth and comfort to autumn in their manicure, choosing a velvety design style in rich and quieter shades.

A manicure with a flock will be appropriate for both short and long nails. When choosing such a manicure autumn, remember that any design should be in harmony with your image, matching your style.

Manicure Fall 2018-2019: a stylish matte finish

Matte coating burst into manicure fashion, offering the fair ideas unique art of nail art to the fair sex.

Manicure autumn will not be an exception, which along with the glossy coating confidently took the leading position in the ranking of the best manicure options.

Matte design can be either monotonous or combined with other techniques for decorating nails, in particular, french, moon, manicure with modeling, manicure with current prints, etc.

Manicure autumn 2018-2019: add brightness

To refresh your manicure and make it unique, pay attention to sparkles, rhinestones, glitter.

With these elements you can embody the most unexpected solutions and create a stunning autumn manicure for a special occasion.

See the examples below and see how gorgeous this design looks.

Innovations and innovations of autumn manicure 2018-2019

If the above listed techniques do not attract you, we advise you to pay attention to the complex nail design, which combines several techniques at once.

Usually such a manicure looks very interesting, unusual and spectacular. So in one manicure, you can combine a pattern, different versions of the coating, ombre and french. There are plenty of ideas, so feel free to choose complex solutions, you will not lose.

Among the current techniques manicure for the fall with a mirror surface, "cat's eye", foiling, voluminous nail art, stickers, textured surfaces.

Pay attention to the features

  1. Thematic focus. Although many people think that there is nothing easier than to paint beautiful leaves or flowers on nails on cold autumn days, this option will not lose its relevance. This kind of design perfectly matches the time of year, which is now outside the window.
  2. This is one hundred percent chance that a single manicure will not meet the same girl.
  3. The presence on the market of a variety of means to create a design allows craftsmen to use their imagination to the fullest. Accordingly, there are new and unusual design options.
  4. The ability to use a variety of materials - acrylic, gel, shellac.

Note that popular in the autumn season are neutral options for nail design, which also do not lose their popularity. This option allows you not only to look beautiful, but also not to be afraid of being out of the trend, since classics of this kind can be used at any time of the season, regardless of the type of clothing and makeup you choose.

The main directions of autumn 2017

That short nails will be in trend in the fall. So beauties who could not afford a long manicure because of their hobbies or profession, will be happy! Finally, almost all girls will be able to afford to be fashionable and modern.

Naturally, many girls make a reference point not for one nuance, which is now available in the world of fashion shows. Масса дизайнеров, которые создают самые разнообразные варианты одежды и обуви, заранее продумывают и возможность оформления ногтей. Отметим основные тенденции, которые сейчас наблюдаются:

  1. Использование цвета нюд. If you focus on the shows held in Milan and Paris, it can be noted that the designers do not like too elaborate design of nails. They offer fairly simple, but this is no less relevant gentle and pastel shades. The most popular colors are gray, turquoise, and pale pink. The fact is that they are suitable for almost all clothes, as well as beige. Primary colors can be used selectively, so they are not always suitable. Nevertheless, focusing on the options of clothing, you can choose the best color for yourself.
  2. Simple drawing. For more than half a century, service jacket is the best option for nail art. It is suitable for both short and long nails. There are a lot of variations of a french - it can be like a light drawing of the free edge of the nail, as well as a rather interesting version with a deep smile. You can combine the jacket with a moon manicure, which many people choose for themselves in the form of the optimal design option for nails. Use a clean jacket or combine it with the moon - the decision of each girl. However, the use of only the lunar manicure will provide an opportunity to refuse the correction of nails for a longer time.
  3. Simple geometry. Circles, diamonds, stripes, an oval - all this can also be found in the latest fashion trends that fashion dictates to us. Considering the fact that practicality for many girls now comes to the 1st place, it is possible to use simple drawings on short nails. At the same time, the drawing can be done yellow, orange, golden, silver. In other words, to create a design all colors that are in harmony with the fall will be used, they will remind about it.
  4. Frame Today, this option lives both by itself (in a contrasting color with a continuous line the nail is outlined along the contour), and as an addition to other types of design (the frame is made around the grid, abstract figures and other elements).
  5. Feng Shui. Even in manicure Feng Shui pay attention. Each finger is the personification of a certain energy. Based on these beliefs, one nail or two can be distinguished by another shade. Most often, a ring finger is chosen, symbolizing the development of new relationships.

Photo Gallery: ideas of autumn nail art

It is worth talking about creating quite interesting and original drawings. Many girls believe that such a task is difficult for them, although this opinion is often erroneous. It is possible to make truly original and unusual drawings on your own, without spending a lot of effort, time, money. Let's look at how it is possible to bring such an idea to life.

  1. The use of technology stamping. It is widely used, and selecting thematic drawings for your nails, you can easily create the most original solutions. There is a huge amount of techniques of applying such an image on the nail, and you can easily take pictures in online workshops and step-by-step lessons. Your work will be very difficult to distinguish from the work of specialists in the cabin.
  2. Vinyl stickers. They allow you to create a variety of options for nail design, ranging from small and simple drawings, to real works of art. In this case, as with stamping, you can combine a variety of design options and colors. You can come up with a huge number of various design options marigolds.
  3. Do not be afraid to experiment. Experiments at this time are quite a good option, try to combine glitter, bright and unusual colors, many well-known techniques of nail art. You can safely compose a beautiful adhesive tape on your nails, brush drawing, use in dots, stamping. Believe me, none of the girls will meet such a design, as you have.

The main direction of the design of the new season is natural in all its components. Also monitored the use of technology, which was fashionable in past seasons, only with the introduction of some additions.

Directions of autumn nail art:

  • "Partial" manicure. It is a combination of varnished and uncovered areas of the nail in one manicure. This nail art is also called Negative Space Nail Art /
  • Nude - an extraordinary technique of this option is based on the application of decorative elements on the nail plate without pre-coating it with varnish and which is made strictly in monotonous tones of the same color.
  • Art. It is created through the use of various techniques of Chinese painting with pencils and other options. Plant and geometric patterns are considered the most fashionable. Artistic abstractions on the nail plates are a hit.
  • Nail-manicure is created using a special film of gold or silver color. Decoration of all nails is allowed, but the most harmonious is the application of a film on ring fingers. At the peak of popularity is the combination of a matte finish with gold film in nail art.
  • Matte manicure does not give up its leadership position for the past year. In the autumn season, the use of matte varnish for a single-color coating in combination with insignificant drawings with a glossy varnish remains relevant. Such nail art of classic black, red and white colors will look fashionable.
  • Wavy manicure is based on drawing instead of even bands of waves. They can be placed on the nail plate as the master's hand wants. The implementation is quite easy, so you can create it at home.
  • Velvet manicure. Nail design is carried out through the use of flock powder of various shades. It is allowed to overlay, as only on unnamed fingers, and on all nails.

Photo Gallery: decorating nails using a stamping

Color spectrum

It would seem that a modest, uncomplicated manicure, but so confidently became fashionable and entrenched in it that moved all the bright and extraordinary nails. Autumn 2017 is no exception. All fashion designers have chosen this particular Nude for presentation at their shows. Short nails with a skin tone will make hands attractive for men, rather than long and sharp, which are considered aggressive, vulgar and even demonic.

Bright, rich, rich colors still share the palm with Nude. In fashion shades of cypress, royal blue, cobalt, aluminum, yellow, lilac fog, sangria, all shades of red. If you like brightness and unforgettable, then stop your choice on these colors. Do not forget that this season is another new trend - color block: a combination of several bright colors that play on the contrast. By the way, it is worth noting that picking up lacquer to match the color of the bag or wardrobe is an anti-trend.

A date or is your mood just romantic? Your choice is a moon manicure. He came into fashion not so long ago, having moved the French lunar manicure, remains, as before, fashionable. This is a very good autumn option, if instead of an arc there is a corner and one of the colors is from a fashionable palette of shades. Use completely different colors, do not limit yourself to red nails and a white hole. Cover the nail color nude, and the hole - black. No one guarantees that this design will be fashionable in the next season, so enjoy it in time.

Many designers did not abandon the bright colors on the podium, and chose unusual ideas. Also at the shows you could see either black or white or classic red tones. Remembering the matte lacquer, we note that it goes into the background, but is still in fashion, so do not abandon it in favor of gloss.

Burgundy color, rich and deep - another trend of the season. The palette is not limited to one shade, but extends from tomato red to dark bordeaux. Perhaps this manicure, like French, will never go out of fashion, but try to give preference to more saturated shades.

Gray shades

Choose any shade of gray - from concrete to wet asphalt, but again prefer its darker tones. Use a gradient of gray varnishes, adding, for example, glitter or sand lacquer. Play not only with colors, but also with varnish textures.

A certain continuation of gray manicure are nails, covered with varnish of metal color. It can be both a gold varnish, and silver, your will, to which of them to give preference.

Black lacquer completes the season's trendy color palette. Matte or with a shimmer, but this polish just has to appear in your cosmetic bag. This color looks great on the nails, do not be afraid to experiment!

Juicy orange

Gradient also remains a fairly popular version of the transformation of marigold. You can use the vertical, horizontal, diagonal version. Depending on the length of the nails, you can choose 2 to 6 shades of various varnishes. If desired, you can easily make a gradient over one nail - respectively, the color will match on the big, index, ring fingers. Note that autumn will make its own adjustments to this kind of nail art, so the brightest varnish can be used on the little fingers. Its color can be rich orange. Gradually, it is necessary to create a transition that will look very original. With each next nail color will become paler.

Photo Gallery: orange manicure

If there is a desire to make the design more original, on top of such a gradient, you can apply a variety of patterns in the technique of stamping. You can safely use the color transitions in the drawings, for this you need to simultaneously apply 2 or 3 varnishes to the disk, create their transitions using a scraper. In other words, using your imagination, you can make the most varied options for autumn manicure, and no one would guess that you were not in the salon, but designed everything yourself.

Do not forget about accuracy

Therefore, before making a manicure and decorating your nails with an unusual pattern, make sure that they are neatly filed and the length of the nails is the same, the shape of each nail should be well adjusted. Do not forget about the removal of the cuticle or a European manicure.

Video: nail design for the fall season

Remember, even the most unusual design will not look on unclean nails that have not been processed by a manicure master. So you will have the opportunity not only to arrange your pens neatly, but also to get the desired effect. Therefore, feel free to experiment after when you visited the nail art salon or independently made a beautiful design and cut down nails at home.

Length and shape

Long nails are finally losing ground. Medium and short are coming to the fore. So practical and easier.

Form - almond-shaped or soft square. The more natural the better.

The colder it is on the street, the richer the range of clothing and manicure. Especially since deep colors visually lengthen the nail plate.

Most relevant in the season autumn-winter 2017/2018:

  1. "Grenadine" is not only a syrup, but also the same "friable" red color.
  2. "Port" - a rich burgundy with a clear purple subtone.
  3. "Sea Peony" - a dark blue shade, as the form of the naval command.
  4. "Neutral gray" - calm tone, reminiscent of dry asphalt.
  5. "Shaded spruce" - dark green, but not swamp, but with notes of emerald and turquoise.
  6. "Golden Lime" - a shade at the junction of energetic yellow and refreshing light green.

Intense light blue (designers dubbed it “marina”) and dusty orange (“autumn maple”) will help to bring brightness into the manicure, and their combination will add to the image of audacity.

If you like more delicate colors, then choose lilac-pink (“ballet slipper”) or light beige with a subtone of cane sugar (“oil”). They are perfectly combined with almost all the fashionable shades of the season.

The overall trend of nail art is simplicity, elegance, clarity and courage. This is embodied mainly in the following design solutions.

In this style are still popular nails, painted varnishes in skin tone. But even more relevant manicure without coverage. As an option - with one painted nail.

Boldly? Still would! But nails without varnish does not mean neglected. On the contrary, the cuticle and nail plate should be in perfect condition. No burrs and gnawed edges. Only neat lines and a healthy glow.

Geometric prints, like all nails, and one or two, do not go out of fashion in the autumn-winter season. However, it is necessary to choose the figures carefully: circles and squares are visually shortened, and therefore are not suitable for current nails of short length.

It is easiest to create smooth lines and corners on nails with the help of stencils, special scotch tape and stamping.

Also one of the easiest options for geometric design is Chevron manicure. Apply a base color to your nails, then apply stencils to one or a couple and paint them in a contrasting shade.

Moon manicure

This simple and very elegant-looking technique is back in fashion. Perhaps because it goes well with almond-shaped nails.

Moon manicure, or flipped jacket, means a contrasting crescent not at the tip, but at the base of the nail. Moreover, this season it is customary to shift the “smile” almost to the middle of the nail plate, and the line itself need not be clearly rounded.

Designs with negative space are also relevant, when a part of the nail remains unpainted or covered with a colorless varnish. An excellent solution is a moon manicure with negative space.

Metal and fur

Nail art absorbs fashion trends from the catwalks, and there in the autumn-winter shows dominated by velvet, faux fur, knitting and fabrics imitating metal. Therefore, to embody all these textures on the nails - absolutely the right decision.

You can achieve metallic luster in various ways. Five options for creating a metal manicure at home are shown in the next video.

In winter, designs with a flock will be appropriate. This is a special powder that creates a velvety effect on the nails. Flocking connects two fashion trends at once: the bulk and softness of woolen and fur textures.

A manicure with velvet powder can be done at home, but it is better to contact the specialists, as you can hardly draw yourself (for sure on your right hand) so voluminous twigs so fashionable this season.

Replacing flocking can be matte coating: their rough surface is also similar to velvet.

Floral patterns

Another trend of fashion shows of the season autumn-winter 2017–2018 is embroidery. In this regard, floral prints on the nails will also come in handy. The main rule: the picture should be low-key and evenly distributed throughout the nail.

You can also decorate your nails with gradients in the trendy colors of the season and with patterns from camimifubs (the same geometry, only the point geometry).

Now you are up to date on fashion trends in nail design. Write in the comments what style or technique you like.

The most beautiful classic manicure autumn-winter 2018-2019 year

The trend autumn-winter manicure 2018-2019 is presented by classic and familiar to us execution techniques such as service jacket, moon manicure, ombre, “negative space”, “color block”, etc.

The peculiarity of the above-mentioned manicure options for autumn and winter is the correctly chosen color scheme and harmonious combination of the selected shades. Colors of varnish, first of all, should be restrained and calm: burgundy, marsala, wine, plum, chocolate.

So that the exquisite autumn-winter manicure in the style of french, moon manicure, ombre and others does not seem boring and dull, complete it with all sorts of manicure decorations - rhinestones, stripes, manicure wire, and camoufs.

You should also not forget about rubbing and glitter for manicure, which will be useful for performing an excellent autumn-winter manicure for the evening, giving your nails a mirror shine or briefly decorating the manicure with sparkles. The best types of fashion manicure autumn-winter 2018-2019 are shown in our selection.

Beautiful manicure with a picture of autumn-winter 2018-2019

Elegant manicure with prints and drawings certainly attracts attention and interest. The fashionable autumn and winter manicure with prints and images of funny animals, such as a manicure with a fox, panda, penguin, allowing to complement the playful and flirty image is no exception.

Also relevant manicure with stripes, dots, geometric patterns, zigzags, curls in the autumn-winter season. But for the winter manicure with the image of deer and snowflakes is most popular, as well as winter manicure “broken glass”.

Gentle autumn and winter manicure you can easily create using the technique of stamping, which allows you to interrupt amazing drawings from the plate to the nail.

Manicure autumn-winter 2018-2019 in the technique of stamping looks fascinating and excellent, especially if you pick up harmonious colors of lacquer, which further emphasize the beauty of the picture.

Pattern selection

Geometric shapes will be at the peak of popularity, so you can safely decorate their nail plate. Designers create cells, zigzags, peas and even flowers on nails. With a vertical line, the nails look more elegant. Буквы V и зигзаги также продают шарм дизайну.

Кокетки есть кокетки, они не могут обойтись без сердечек, бабочек, смайликов, и они смело могут воплощать свои милые идеи. Тема животных также приветствуется и составляет модный тренд, украшайте ногти леопардовым и змеиным принтом, тигровыми полосками. Nails in marine style will also correspond to fashion trends, so you can safely decorate the nail plate with an anchor pattern, starfish, waves, etc.

Two colors that contrast with each other also correspond to the fashion trends of autumn. Besides, it looks quite original.

Recommendations for autumn manicure

The new autumn manicure 2017 is quite diverse, but you should not overload it with an abundance of details. Try to make only an accent without creating a jumble of pictures.

If you want to create a light, gentle air manicure, then use not a matte finish, but a glossy varnish with glitter and shimmer. It will also help highlight the beauty of female fingers. Such a manicure will be ideal for romantic natures and will successfully fit into the fashion trends of this season.

Autumn is a season in which bright colors dominate - gold, copper, bronze colors, so you can safely include them in the creation of design. All these colors can be combined with each other or simply create a contrast with them. Manufacturers of lacquers generously provided all women of fashion with the necessary material, so choosing a monochrome coating is not difficult.

It is not forbidden this season to repeat nature and use smooth gradients and add some bright colors. You can draw maple leaves or multi-colored scattering of foliage, it does not require much effort.

It is not necessary to take a uniform manicure, each nail is decorated differently. But at the same time it is not necessary to allow excessive variegation, you need to try to arrange all the same range and style. Therefore, it is better to plan everything from the very beginning and create a sample that will show what the manicure will look like.