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Emirate of Sharjah in the UAE


If you want to see and learn the United Arab Emirates from the other side and fully immerse yourself in the real Arab culture, such as it should be in the correct understanding, then you should go to the emirate of Sharjah. But first, find out some of the nuances of such a trip to avoid difficulties.

What is sharjah?

Sharjah is the emirate of the UAE, which, in fact, is the complete opposite of Dubai. It is not intended for pleasure tourist trips, but, having arrived here, you will be able to learn the Arab culture and get to know it better.

This is the real cultural capital of the state, in which many sights and interesting places. And here everything is different: the girls walk along the streets with almost completely closed faces, all behave correctly and calmly.

Sharjah is located almost next to Dubai, the border is only a road junction, divided in fact into two parts. By the way, in the event of a traffic accident, police officers of both emirates will arrive at the scene of the accident. Sharjah includes several exclaves such as Khorfakkan, Kalba and Dibba Al-Izn.

The climate of Sharjah is rather mild, and for this, tourists love this Emirate very much. So, in winter, the temperature usually does not fall below 10-15 degrees, even at night. But in summer it can be unbearably hot, sometimes a thermometer shows 40 degrees, and it is in the shade! So if you decide to go here in the warm season, be careful and hike in the morning or evening to avoid sun or heat stroke.

Where to stay?

Sharjah hotels are always welcome, and since the UAE is considered the richest country, rest in which any tourist seems chic, most of them belong to the category of 5 stars. But it is worth noting that, by the number of tourist accommodation places, this emirate lags significantly behind Dubai.

Only about 10 hotels located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, three - on the shores of Khaled Bay, the rest are located in the city, which is not very convenient, because the beaches will have to somehow get there.

Surprisingly, in Sharjah there is no public transport, and it is not needed, since all residents are wealthy and move mostly by private cars or by taxi. And you will have to follow their example: rent a car (but not everyone can afford it) or use the services of taxi drivers. By the way, there are no counters in the cars, so always discuss the cost of the trip in advance so as not to deceive you.

How to behave here?

If you decide to visit Sharjah, then first learn some rules of behavior in this Emirate, since their non-observance may be punishable. Here are the most basic ones:

  • Pay special attention to your appearance, namely clothing. She should be as modest as possible, like all Arab women. Knees and shoulders should be closed, especially for women. In addition, sports or beachwear is considered a manifestation of bad taste.
  • In public places, which include taxis, it is forbidden to kiss and, in general, somehow show their feelings.
  • Drinking alcohol in any public places is strictly prohibited. You can use them only in restaurants or bars, that is, where they are served.
  • In no case do not flirt with the locals, but rather, in general, do not talk with them and do not even look at them, as this can be perceived as an attempt to take liberties. The morality police are working here and for any violation of moral norms they can simply send you out of the country.
  • If the tourist decides to take a photo, he must be extremely careful and circumspect. It would seem, what's wrong with that? But photographing women is strictly prohibited. Men can only be removed after their formal consent. Shooting in public places (including restaurants or shops) is allowed only with the consent of the manager.
  • Smoking in public places is strictly prohibited. It is very serious about the health of the local population.

What's so interesting?

What to see on holiday in Sharjah?

  • On the embankment of Al-Majaz is a unique musical fountain, whose height is as much as one hundred meters. This is an amazing sight!
  • Al-Buheira embankment is practically the main artery of the capital of the emirate and one of the most popular tourist places.
  • Listing the attractions, not to mention the park Al-Majaz. It's amazingly beautiful here!
  • If you want to get acquainted with the local fauna, then be sure to go to the park of the desert of Sharjah.
  • The old city of Sharjah is the most beautiful place of the emirate, in which you can see it the way it was several centuries ago.
  • Sharjah Aquarium is also very popular among tourists, because in this place collected many types of underwater inhabitants.
  • Mega Mall is a giant shopping center, in which there is, perhaps, everything that a tourist needs.
  • Fort Al Hisn - the majestic ancient fortress, the brightest cultural and historical landmark of the emirate.
  • King Faisal’s mosque is huge and gorgeous.
  • The Monument to Progress is an unusual monument and a symbol of the fact that the emirate is always striving for perfection and continues to evolve, keeping pace with the times.

    What is there to do?

    What can you do in Sharjah? An interesting vacation is guaranteed, if only because it is incredibly beautiful here, because this is an Arabic flavor, mixed with chic, wealth and the latest trends in architecture and design.

  • Hiking Just walk the streets, it's very beautiful. But remember the rules of behavior: do not look at passersby too frankly.
  • Shopping To buy souvenirs, it is better to go to busy shopping places such as the Iranian market, the Golden Market, Sharjah Central Market, Al-Fahd Street, Jamal Abdul-Nasser and so on.
  • Be sure to visit one of the local mosques, they are very beautiful!
  • Try local specialties in one of the restaurants or cafes.
  • Go on a tour, it will definitely be fascinating.
  • Visit one of the Sharjah parks.
  • Go to the museum to learn about the culture and history of the emirate even better.

    Now, rest in Sharjah will give you a lot of pleasant emotions!

    Geographical information and population

    Sharjah is the third largest emirate in the UAE. The area is 2,590 square kilometers, which is comparable to the area of ​​the state of Luxembourg or Moscow (including New Moscow).

    The population is estimated at 1.3-1.4 million people (for 2017). Of these, 175,432 citizens of the United Arab Emirates, the rest of the population - visiting workers from India, Pakistan and other countries. Most of all here are Indians. On the population of the country, read our interesting article "Who lives in the United Arab Emirates."

    The official language of Sharjah (like all of the United Arab Emirates) is Arabic. Almost all residents speak English. The visiting workers communicate with each other in Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam and other languages. The official religion is Islam.

    In the south, Sharjah is bordered in the emirate of Dubai, in the north with the emirate of Ajman. In Sharjah, there is only one large city, also called Sharjah, besides it there are several villages and oases in the territory. Almost the entire population of the emirate lives in the capital.

    In addition to the main territory, Sharjah has three exclaves in the east on the shores of the Gulf of Oman (Indian Ocean) - these are Kalba, Dibbf al-Hishn and Kor Fakkan. In the Persian Gulf, Sharjah owns the island of Sir Abu Noir. Another island of Abu Musa is a disputed territory between Sharjah and Iran, now it is controlled by Iranians. The largest oasis is these daid, where fruits and vegetables are grown.

    Emir Sharjah - Sultan bin Muhammer Al Qasimi has ruled the emirate since 1972. He is already 78 years old, and is not going to resign. The ruling family of the Al-Qasimi clan who in the 18th century became the leaders of the Arab pirates and controlled almost the entire Persian Gulf. Another representative of the Al-Qasimi dynasty rules the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

    Sharjah's Laws

    Sharjah is the emirate with the most stringent laws. Sharjah’s legislation is closest to Sharia law. We will discuss this important topic for tourists in detail.

    A lot of discussion on the Internet forums is devoted to the question: “What can and should not be done to tourists in Sharjah?” In order to properly understand local customs, let's expand the system of concepts.

    Action can be:

    a. Fully authorized by law.

    b. Prohibited and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    at. Officially prohibited by law, but no one will definitely punish it.

    d. Officially prohibited by law, but the police do not pay special attention.

    Alcohol in the emirate of Sharjah. Officially prohibited, even in the bars of hotels do not sell alcoholic beverages. You can buy alcohol only at the Duty Free Airport of Sharjah, you can go for a drink in neighboring Ajman, where there are large stores.

    Alcohol is sold illegally, in the photo next (click on the photo to enlarge) the seller of alcohol, arrested in the city of Haur-Fakkan in the emirate of Sharjah in July 2016. Usually, bootleggers in Sharjah are sentenced to capital punishment or a huge prison term, but then they soften the sentence. Tourists meet with illegal traders extremely rarely, since bootleggers prefer to work in industrial zones, selling alcohol to Indian workers.

    You can drink alcohol only at home or in a hotel room, but only if you have a valid “alcoholic license”, which the tourist does not and cannot have. Even you can have alcohol with you only with this license. Details about the licenses, see our article “Alcohol in the United Arab Emirates”.

    The license in each emirate looks different, below for a photo example of a license in Dubai, click on the photo to enlarge.

    If you brought alcohol with you or bought at the airport in Duty Free, as soon as you step on the land of the emirate of Sharjah, then automatically become the offender. To drink it is also against the law. But it is official.

    In practice, the police do not search tourists and raids in hotels are not satisfied. Tourists buy alcohol in Duty Free, brought to the hotel and drink. Nobody punishes for it.

    Some hotels are even loyal to drunk tourists, allowing free to walk around the hotel. Some hotels politely ask such a guest to leave and experience all the joys of alcohol intoxication exclusively in their room.

    Drunk outside the hotel is not recommended. The first policeman will take to the station and issue a fine of 600 UAE dirhams for drinking without a license. The current rate of dirham, see our article "What kind of money in the United Arab Emirates."

    Drinking alcohol in a public place in Sharjah is strictly prohibited, for it is already punished with imprisonment.

    Extramarital relationships. In all of the UAE, sexual activities outside of marriage are illegal and punishable by imprisonment. Of course, the police are not satisfied with the raids for catching violators of this law.

    In Sharjah, the law is even stricter. The official position of the authorities is: “A man and a woman who do not have marital relations should not be alone in public places, either at a dubious time or in dubious circumstances”.

    That is, by law, an unmarried couple should not be settled in one hotel room. In practice, now settled without problems. Also, if an unmarried couple walks around the city in the evening, it is against the law, but the police will not quibble.

    Public expression of love between a man and a woman. Prohibited by law. Hugs, kisses, sexual harassment. For such actions, the police may delay and issue a fine. This also applies to lawful spouses.

    Dress code in public places

    For women. Clothing should cover the abdomen, back, shoulders and knees. Clothing must be completely opaque and not encircle the figure. Unacceptable if underwear is visible.

    For men. Clothing should cover the abdomen, back, shoulders and knees. Strictly not allowed to walk with a bare-chested. Unacceptable if underwear is visible.

    In practice, tourists in shopping centers go in shorts, short skirts and T-shirts. The police has no right to fine for violations of the dress code. A police officer may detain the offender, explain the rules of decency on the spot and ask them to change clothes. If the intruder ignored this warning, the police officer has the right to take to the station.

    Dress code on the beach

    The most frequently asked Russian tourists question: “Is it possible to be on the beach in the usual open swimsuit?” Answer: “It is forbidden by law.”

    However, on the beaches in hotels, tourists sunbathe and swim in bikinis, some even sunbathe topless. The police are not satisfied with hotel raids, the staff is loyal.

    On public beaches, tourists also go in open swimsuits. On some beaches, no one pays any attention to this, on some guards or a policeman will come up and ask to change into a permitted bathing suit. Fines are not written, but pleasant enough.

    For other travel bans, see our review “What tourists shouldn’t do in the UAE”.

    The benefits of a holiday in Sharjah

    The main and only significant advantage is low prices.

    A 7-day tour for two people can be bought for $ 1,000. And it will be a 4 star hotel, on the 1st line with its own beach! For this price, you can fly to Dubai, but the hotel has 2-3 stars, and you have to go to the beach by bus or taxi.

    On the photo next to the hotel is the Radisson Blu Resort, 5 stars, with a private beach. The price of the tour for 7 days for two is 1100 USD. This price / quality ratio in Dubai is not found.

    The second advantage is the presence of its own major airport. Sharjah International Airport (code: SHJ) is located within the city limits 13 kilometers south-east of the city center, which is very convenient for tourists. Tourists travel from the airport to the hotel in just 20-30 minutes.

    The third advantage is true if you like museums. In Sharjah, an insane number of museums, for a vacation, everything is not around

    Al-Mahatt Museum, Archaeological Museum, Museum of Art, Al Esla Museum, Bayt Al Nabud Museum, Majlis Al Midf Museum, Bayt Sheikh Said Bin Hamid Al Qasimi Museum, Museum of Calligraphy, Heritage Museum, Maritime Museum, Museum of Islamic Civilization , Science Museum, Fort Sharjah Al-Hisn, Classic Car Museum, Aquarium, Research Center.

    If you do not like museums, then there will be nothing special to do in Sharjah.

    The benefits end, a long list of drawbacks begins.

    Disadvantages of rest in Sharjah

    The first drawback is the dress code. Agree, it is unpleasant to receive reprimands from the police or to meet the disapproving glances of local people, rest for positive emotions, and not for negative ones.

    The problem of the dress code on the beaches is solved simply - buy a tour to the hotel with its own beach. If you still got to the hotel without your beach, then we advise you not to go to a public beach, but to find the nearest hotel with your own beach and go there, but you will have to pay 10-20 dirhams.

    The second drawback is the absence of alcohol.

    The third major drawback is the poor transport accessibility of Dubai. In the most Sharjah to watch nothing special, except for museums. Tourists first of all want to see the sights of the Emirate of Dubai: Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountains, Burj Khalifa.

    Sharjah is bordered by Dubai, and it seems to tourists that it is cheap and fast. In practice, this is not so easy.

    The easiest way is to take a taxi, the trip from the hotel in Sharjah to the nearest Dubai Metro station will cost from 20 dirhams, that is, each trip to Dubai will cost 40 dirhams only by taxi (round-trip). The high price comes from the fact that there is an additional charge for crossing the border of the Emirates - 10 dirhams, for details, see our article “Taxi in the UAE”.

    Great luck, if the hotel arranges bus trips to Dubai for its guests, this is a significant savings.

    Hotels in Sharjah

    There are about 70 full-fledged hotels and about 100 guest houses in Sharjah. Most hotels of 3 and 4 stars, hotels of 5 stars of all 6. The most luxurious: Royal Tulip, Radisson Blu, Sheraton and Hilton.

    A room at the Sheraton Sharjah Beach Hotel can be booked for as little as $ 150, this figure perfectly shows the cheapness of a holiday in Sharjah. Exact and current prices can be viewed using the form below.

    At the time of publication of this article (2017), only 4 hotels provide All Inclusive accommodation, of course, without alcohol. On the features of AI, read our article “All Inclusive in the United Arab Emirates”.

    Sharjah - the cultural capital of the UAE

    Sharjah is considered the cultural capital of the country, and in 2014 it was even the cultural capital of the entire Islamic world. This passing title is awarded by ISESCO (Islamic Organization for Science and Culture). A memorial column in honor of this important event can now be seen in front of the University of Sharjah.

    What does cultural capital mean? First, the stricter and closer to Sharia laws, which we have already spoken about.

    The architecture in the city is closer to classical Arabic, more old-style houses, fewer modern buildings. In this, Sharjah contrasts strongly with the city of Dubai. There are about 600 mosques in the city, which can be considered a record number for such a small territory.

    Каждый год в Шардже проходят несколько важных культурных событий. Самое известное – это Международная книжная ярмарка, сюда приезжают издатели, писатели, букинисты и библиофилы со всего мира. Ярмарка проводится с 1982 года.

    Власти эмирата спонсируют множество культурных проектов: строительство новых музеев (им 16 музеев мало), сотрудничество с другими странами в области культуры, образовательные центры, спутниковые телеканалы и многое другое.

    История эмирата Шарджа

    Политическая жизнь в Арабских Эмиратах течет очень скучно. Правители и должностные лица меняются только со смертью кого-нибудь из них. But not in Sharjah, this is the richest emirate in historical events.

    People appeared on these lands, presumably 120,000 years ago. Archaeologists find stone tools in the townships of Al-Daid, Madame and Faya.

    At 50 kilometers east of the city of Sharjah is the Mleyh region. Here, archaeologists have found the tombs of Umm an-Nar culture, which flourished on the territory of the modern UAE in the period of 3-2 thousand years BC. A large tomb in the garden of date palms was found by an expedition of local archaeologists in 1988 (in the photo next, click on the photo to enlarge).

    The tomb was almost a record in size - 13.85 meters in diameter. In the UAE, there is only one tomb even more, located in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, diameter 14 meters. Inside they found eight burial chambers, the floors are paved with stone blocks.

    It was probably the family tomb of either very wealthy residents of the settlement, or members of the royal family. Inside they found skeletons and artifacts - painted ceramics, stone vessels, jewelry, metal knives and spearheads.

    By the 1st millennium d.ne. Umm an-Nar culture has disappeared, probably due to a sharp deterioration in climate. The entire region remained almost deserted; only nomads lived here, who fed on fish and camel breeding.

    After the establishment of the Arab Caliphate, settlements appeared on the lands of the modern UAE, which served as trade ports. Sharjah has historically been the richest city in the region. In the 17-19 centuries, many pearls were mined in the Persian Gulf; the local Arab population grew rich through trade, piracy and the slave trade.

    Around 1727, the al-Qasimi clan seized power in Sharjah and declared independence. Gradually, Al-Qasimi took control of almost the entire region, they had the largest fleet. Soon they were faced with another contender for superiority in the waters of the Persian Gulf - the fleet of Great Britain.

    Since 1797, there have been frequent clashes between the fleets of Arab pirates and the British. In 1808, the British sent a military expedition to fight the pirate fleet Al-Qasimi, a battle of Ras al-Khaimah was held, in which most of the Arab fleet was destroyed, the technical superiority of the British affected.

    A new threat came to the Gulf Arabs - to fall under the rule of the Ottoman Turks. Like the rest of the Emirates, on January 8, 1820, Emir Sheikh Sultan bin-Sakr al-Qasimi signed a protectorate treaty with Great Britain. He retained his crown, but became completely dependent on the British. From the slave trade and piracy had to be abandoned.

    Since all the Emirates entered into such a treaty, the coast of the modern UAE began to be called the “Treaty Coast”. The basis of the economy of Sharjah at that time was the catch and trade of pearls.

    The English sailors who visited Sharjah in 1830 left records that the sale of pearls brought to the emir about 3 tons of silver per season — astronomical for those times, 300 or 400 boats with divers went into the sea. The subject of pearl fishing and is now often found in the UAE, recall the famous waterfall in the Dubai Mall or the attraction in the water park Yas WaterWorld.

    In 1932, Sharjah became the first among the emirates, where they arranged the airport. The airline Imperial Airways has organized here a transit point for the night of pilots and passengers on their way to India. Fort Al-Mahatta converted into a hotel.

    On December 2, 1971, Sharjah, along with five other emirates, formed the state of the UAE. The seventh emirate of Ras al-Khaimah joined the United Arab Emirates in 1972.

    On January 24, 1972, Sheikh Khalid organized a coup and seized the throne. He ordered the destruction of Fort Sharjah, in order to destroy the legacy of the deposed Sheikh Sakr. However, the forces of the overthrown Sheikh Sakr surrounded the palace and in the confusion Khalid was killed. In connection with this murder, Sakra was arrested by his brother - Sultan bin-Muhammad al-Qasimi. Thus, he was on the throne and rules to this point.

    In 1987, Abdulaziz, the brother of Sultan al-Qasimi, organized a coup, while Sultan al-Qasimi himself was abroad. Abdulaziz found the reason for the removal of the current emir from power in a large external debt of the emirate.

    President Sheikh Zayd strongly condemned the coup. The parties agreed that Sultan al-Qasimi remains in power, and Abdulaziz becomes his deputy.

    What do the people of Sharjah do now - the economy of the emirate

    Sharjah’s economy does not have any strong strengths. We can say that Sharjah even “parasitic” in nearby Dubai. Many people work in Dubai, and live in Sharjah, as renting is cheaper. Many companies move from Dubai to Sharjah, as the rent of offices, warehouses and production facilities is cheaper.

    In Sharjah, 2 special economic zones are organized at once. The first is the SAIF Zone located at Sharjah International Airport. About 2,500 companies of various fields of activity are registered here.

    The second zone is the Hamriyah Free Zone. Companies registered here are allowed 100% foreign ownership, full repatriation of profits and capital, no taxes and fees. This zone is located in the seaport, most of the companies in the Hamriyah Free Zone are engaged in international trade.

    Sharjah International Airport (code: SHJ) takes 12 million passengers annually. This is the base airport of Air Arabia low-cost airline, it is their cheap flights that make a significant contribution to the cheapness of tours to Sharjah. Sharjah Airport is the third largest airport in the Middle East in terms of freight traffic - 600,000 tons of cargo annually.

    The public transport system in the emirate is extremely poorly developed. Bus routes appeared here only in 2008, when the first 11 buses began to carry passengers from the airport to the city.

    At the time of publication of this article (2017), there are only 12 routes in the city. Another 20 routes connect Sharjah with other emirates and cities.

    For tourists, the main mode of transport was, is and will be in the coming years - this is a taxi.

    Tourism development

    Tourism in Sharjah is developing rapidly, but with its own specifics. Strict laws and the status of the cultural capital attract tourists from Islamic countries.

    Investment and Development Authority is engaged in tourism projects. The task of this department, we quote, is “Supervision of the social, cultural, environmental and economic development of Sharjah in accordance with its Islamic identity.” The authorities have initiated several projects that should stimulate tourism.

    The weather and beach season in Sharjah are the same as in other emirates, details in our article “Beach season and weather in the United Arab Emirates”.

    Museum of Islamic Civilization

    This museum is considered the main attraction of Sharjah. It displays a number of scientific and religious manuscripts, as well as a collection of objects of Islamic art and craft, dating from the VII-XIX centuries.

    The exhibits of glass and ceramics, handmade metal products inlaid with silver, gold and brass deserve attention. A very interesting collection of astrolabes. A separate curious collection includes objects of Mongolian and Ottoman artisans.

    The museum contains items from the epochs of the Abbasids and the Umayyads, including a collection of coins of silver dinars and dirhams. The museum will be interesting for women with a rich collection of jewelry from different eras. Men will enjoy the collection of weapons - chain mail, armor, sabers, knives, pistols and guns from the Arab Caliphate to the present day.

    Ticket price: 10 dirhams for adults, 5 dirhams for children.

    Opening hours: from 8-00 to 20-00 on all days except Fridays from 16-00 to 20-00.


    This is an amusement park with musical fountains, children's attractions, a promenade for walking, many cafes and restaurants, including traditional Arabic cuisine.

    Al-Kasbah Park has become one of the business cards of Sharjah, thanks to a 60-meter-high observation wheel, it is called the “Eye of the Emirates”. From it you can see the whole city, the viewing distance is 50 kilometers. Stock up on binoculars.

    The price of a trip on the wheel: 30 dirhams for adults, 15 dirhams for children.

    Souks (Souk Area)

    Here you will plunge into the atmosphere of this oriental bazaar. In these markets, the products are bought by the locals themselves; this is by no means a tourist attraction.

    The most famous ones are the Fish Bazaar (Fish Souk), where you can see all the riches of the waters of the Persian Gulf, and the Fruit and Vegetable Souk, which sells delicious dates and many other things that are interesting to bring home from the UAE.

    Al Noor Mosque

    The only mosque in Sharjah, open to non-Muslims.

    Non-Muslims can visit the mosque during the tour, which is held every Monday at 10 am and includes a story about the history, culture and traditions of Islam and the United Arab Emirates.

    The mosque itself is a modern structure (built in 2005). It is made in the classic Ottoman style, with thin, high, pointed minarets, wide central and many smaller domes, characteristic of the architecture of the Ottoman mosque.

    What else to see

    In addition to these attractions, there are many museums in Sharjah, several beautiful parks, including Al Nour Park, where the “Butterfly House” is located, about 500 species of these insects are bred here. You can go on an excursion to the coast of the Indian Ocean in the village of Kalba, where you can see the real fishing village, mangroves and look at the birds.

    Shopping is convenient in local malls. The largest of them is Mega Mall with an area of ​​75,000 sq. M. Despite the big name, it’s not that big, the Dubai Mall is 6 times bigger. Other shopping centers: Ansar Mall, Central Market (Blue Souk), Safeer Mall, Al Taawun Mall, Sahara Center and Sharjah City Center.

    Have a good rest in Sharjah, and read our interesting articles about the UAE (links below).

    Leave your comment. Your opinion is important to us!

    Features holiday in Sharjah

    When planning a vacation in Sharjah, it is worth considering that this is a unique emirate. Therefore, you need to know some features of the rest in Sharjah.

    First, in Sharjah, as in no other emirate, Sharia law is observed. This means that outside the hotels you should try to behave as if you are a local resident. Tolerance towards tourists in Sharjah is probably the lowest in the United Arab Emirates.

    Secondly, in Sharjah, almost all hotels offer a free transfer to some shopping center. So, it is not necessary for you to take the “all inclusive” food system or even half board, since you can take a shuttle to the mall and eat at one of the restaurants or buy groceries at the supermarket.

    Thirdly, in Sharjah a lot of interesting places, including many museums. Therefore, we advise you first to get acquainted with the sights of Sharjah, and only then plan excursions to other emirates.

    Holiday rules in Sharjah

    As we said above, in Sharjah you must behave like a local. Only on site you can feel more or less relaxed. Basic rules of rest in Sharjah include giving up alcohol and an adequate dress code.

    Remember that for drinking alcohol in Sharjah you can even go to jail. A hotel room is the only place where you can safely drink alcohol, but after drinking it is better not to appear in society, especially if you have drunk too much. In addition, we advise you to remove the bottles in a bag or to another place, away from the eyes of the cleaning staff and other hotel staff.

    As for the dress code, you can even walk in a bathing suit at the hotel, but going out in a suit outside the hotel is fraught with serious consequences. Even if your hotel is across the street from the beach, you will need to get dressed before you go to the room from the beach. Outside the hotel, men can walk in shorts and a t-shirt, especially during the day, but if you want to go in such clothes in a shopping center or restaurant, then you most likely will not be allowed. Shorts below the knee and a collared T-shirt are already regarded as suitable clothing for visiting many places in Sharjah. We recommend women to dress appropriately outside the hotel. About short skirts and shorts is better to forget.

    Beach holiday in Sharjah

    Sharjah is considered one of the cheapest places for a beach holiday in the UAE, as a hotel room with a private beach during the low season can be booked for as low as $ 50. Even 5-star hotels on the front line are priced from $ 70 per day during the low season.

    Beach holidays in Sharjah will surely appeal to those tourists who want to relax in a relatively quiet and peaceful hotel, in which there are no crowds of heavily drunk people. Nevertheless, it is worth understanding that in such hotels it can be quite boring, because there are practically no animators in them, and in the evening there are no shows and discos.

    You can also enjoy a beach holiday in Sharjah, even if you live in a city hotel. Still, many city hotels offer a shuttle service to their guests (mostly to some paid beach). In addition, there are several public beaches in Sharjah where you can relax in the company of local residents.

    Budget Holiday in Sharjah

    If you want to spend as little money as possible on a vacation in Sharjah, then you will succeed. In general, budget holidays in Sharjah is not a myth, but a reality, despite all the allegations that holidays in the UAE are very expensive. With proper planning a holiday in Sharjah, you can relax by spending quite a bit of money.

    What you need to organize a budget holiday in Sharjah? First you need to find a cheap hotel with a good location. If you are going to save, it is important that there are shops and inexpensive cafes near the hotel. Almost all city hotels in Sharjah are suitable for this condition.

    You also need to see how much it costs to stay in a hotel with breakfast and with half board and other type of food. For example, if the difference between half board and only breakfast is 400 rubles per day, then you should probably choose the half board option, since for 400 rubles (which is about 20 dirhams at the current rate) you are unlikely to dine alone, let alone already about two adults or even two adults and a child.

    Another important point for a budget holiday in Sharjah is the use of free transfers. Yes, a taxi ride to the beach from the hotel will be inexpensive, but if your hotel offers a free transfer, then why not use it and not keep the extra 15 dirhams in your pocket? The same goes for shopping malls.

    If you want to visit several excursions while on holiday in Sharjah, in order to save money, it would be worthwhile to devote time to finding a company that offers low prices for excursions. In this case, you can save a lot of money, and if you have two, three or more, then the money saved will be quite large.

    Well, the last tip for those who are interested in a budget holiday in Sharjah, is that you should not buy souvenirs and other goods in the first days of rest, especially in a store in a hotel or near it. Set aside all your purchases for the last days, because during the holidays you will be able to better navigate the prices and find several inexpensive shops. In addition, during the rest you can think well and are unlikely to end up buying an unnecessary thing.

    Holiday in Sharjah with children

    Sharjah is a good place to stay with children. Although hotels in Sharjah can hardly be considered ideal for family holidays, here you will still find several hotels suitable for families with children. We talked about some of these hotels in a separate article.

    As a rule, tourists with children choose in Sharjah hotels on the front line with their own beach. All beach hotels in Sharjah have a relatively small area and a small set of amenities and entertainment for children. So it is quite possible that your children will be bored at the hotel, especially if you used to relax in good family hotels in Turkey and Egypt.

    However, in Sharjah and neighboring Dubai there are many interesting places that can be visited with children. In Sharjah, for example, there is a water park, aquarium, a ferris wheel, fountains and many interesting museums. Dubai also has several water parks, as well as a large selection of diverse activities for children, including KidZania at the Dubai Mall, where children can try themselves as doctors, firefighters, police officers or other workers.

    Also from Sharjah, you can go on an excursion to the famous theme park "Ferrari World", in which there are many attractions for children and adults.

    Rest in Sharjah: hotels

    All hotels in Sharjah can be divided into 3 groups: hotels with a private beach, hotels on the first line and city hotels.

    Hotels with a private beach are mainly chosen by tourists who plan to spend most of their time on the beach. But you must remember that these hotels do not have a large territory and such a large set of amenities and services as similar hotels in Turkey or Egypt. These are mostly fairly simple hotels with a small area, a pool and a well-equipped beach.

    Hotels of the second group, although located on the first line, do not have their own beach. As a rule, these are compact and inexpensive hotels that are located across the road from the public beach. Эти отели в основном пользуются популярностью среди местных жителей, хотя туристы с ограниченным бюджетом, желающие проживать поближе к пляжу, также часто выбирают такие отели.

    Городские отели Шарджи подходят для тех, кто хочет много времени уделять экскурсиям, шоппингу и прогулкам по городу. При этом проживание в городском отеле не означает, что вам придется забыть о пляжном отдыхе. Почти все городские отели Шарджи предлагают бесплатный трансфер на пляж (это может быть как платный, так и бесплатный пляж). В любом случае, вы можете сами доехать на такси до любого пляжа Шарджи и даже до пляжей соседних эмиратов Дубай и Аджман.

    Отдых в Шардже: экскурсии

    It is difficult to imagine a holiday in Sharjah without excursions. The emirate of Sharjah itself has many interesting places, including mosques, museums, parks, etc. So we advise you to devote at least one day to study Sharjah. You can, for example, go on a sightseeing tour of Sharjah on a double-decker bus. This is an inexpensive but very interesting excursion, during which you will see many interesting places of Sharjah.

    Of course, almost all tourists who come to the UAE for the first time plan to visit Dubai. If you want during your holiday in Sharjah to go on a trip to Dubai, then you should think carefully about what places in Dubai you most want to see. The fact is that in Dubai there are a lot of interesting places, so there are several excursion programs.

    What other excursions can you visit while on holiday in Sharjah? Much depends on what interests you. For example, excursions to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Oman and desert safaris should appeal to history, culture and nature lovers, while trips to the Ferrari World theme park and water parks are more suitable for fun lovers and tourists with children.

    Rest in Sharjah: prices

    At the end of the article about the rest in Sharjah, I would like to say a few words about prices. As we have said, Sharjah is one of the cheapest places to stay in the UAE. If you wish, of course, you can spend a lot of money in Sharjah, but also if you want you can make your vacation very budget.

    Hotels in Sharjah are very cheap. In the summer, you can book a double room in a cheap hotel for only $ 35, and this price will include breakfast. Even a 5-star hotel with a private beach can be booked with a tour operator for the period at a price of $ 60-70 per day. During the high season, prices for hotels are, of course, much higher.

    As for food, the cost of meals at a cafe in Sharjah is relatively low, the price range for most dishes is 15-30 dirham. In this case, you can always walk or take a taxi to the nearest grocery store and buy some products in it.

    In general, in Sharjah, you can spend on vacation for two no more than $ 100 a day, and that includes staying at the hotel. If you strongly want, then the cost of rest in Sharjah can be reduced to $ 80 for two a day.


    Sharjah is considered the cultural center of the Emirates. There are many interesting sights and museums, art galleries. The most famous museums are in Old town. Worth visiting is the National Heritage Museum, the Desert Park, the Classic Car Museum. Fans of historical monuments are encouraged to explore. towers of fort al hisn.

    Old cannons at the fort of Al-Hisn. Sharjah, UAE. Check prices for tours in Sharjah

    Many tourists take pictures of the famous King Faisal Mosque. It was built according to a unique architectural project, combining an airliner and a classical mosque. The mosque accommodates about 3 thousand believers. Next to the mosque stands a monument to the Quran with a height of 7 meters.

    Where to go in Sharjah

    In the evening, tourists go for a walk around the pedestrian zone. Al-kasbah. Here you can ride a boat, admiring the illuminated skyscrapers, and you can see all the splendor from a 60-meter height, ride on the famous Eye of the Emirates. In Al-Kasbah (in Al-Mudzhas Park) there is the third largest dancing fountain in the world, whose jets soar up to 100 meters. Performances begin at 19:30.

    Tourists with children often visit the Al Montaz amusement park, where there are attractions for kids of any age. Works water park. You can also look at the Sharjah Aquarium to see amazing fish and huge stingrays.

    The most famous trading place in Sharjah - Blue market. Here is the largest selection of gold jewelry in the emirate. There is a market in the evenings. Tourists often shop at the hypermarket Mega Mallwhich is located in the center of Sharjah. From many hotels organized a free shuttle to the mall.

    Where to stay in Sharjah?

    Sharjah occupies an honorable second place where tourists go to rest, after the emirate of Dubai. Here, more affordable prices for hotels, which are located both on the first coastline and the second. This pricing policy is also related to the fact that in Sharjah - prohibition. Drinking alcohol by tourists is possible only in your own room and only. Even on site, you will not see any alcohol in the bar. If you still decide to drink a small bottle of beer on the beach, they will at least fine you, and in the worst case they will take you to prison. Therefore, if you like to strain, Sharjah is definitely not for you.

    As for the hotel base, it is not very large. There are hotels that are located in the city itself. Which of course is not very convenient, but there are coastal. I will tell you about the most popular hotels in more detail. Moreover, there are not so many of them.

    Radisson Blu Resort Sharjah 5 *

    One of the best hotels in Sharjah, located on the beachfront. At first glance, it may seem somewhat grammatical, but inside it’s not at all like that. Radisson Blu Resort Sharjah has a good location, within walking distance there are many shopping centers, good restaurants and cafes. The hotel itself is large, the rooms are, both one-room and two-room. A good option for a relaxed audience and families with children. From the children's infrastructure, the hotel has: two children's pools, a children's menu in the restaurant, and a playground. Read completely

    What excursions should be visited in Sharjah?

    If you are relaxing in Sharjah, then a wide palette of various suggestions for interesting and informative excursions around the territory of the United Arab Emirates is at your service.

    1. Drive to the mountain lakes of Hatta. During this tour, you will follow the route to the Khojar mountains and look at the history of the Emirates. The road along the route passes through the picturesque zones of red sands. You can take pictures at the stops provided for among the colorful dunes. Then you will find a stop in an ethnographic village, where you will get to know the life of the Bedouins in those times when oil was not found in this area. Next, the group crosses the border with the state of Oman. Do not forget to take with you on this excursion a foreign passport for passing the border formalities. And here you are in a mountainous country. Multicolored cliffs, channels of dry rivers and mountain lakes - all this magnificence will undoubtedly impress you. By the way, take along the route and swimwear. The excursion program provides a stop for water procedures in one of the mountain reservoirs. After that you will have a picnic in the mountains. The duration of the tour is about eight hours. The cost of the tour from $ 100.

    From autumn to warm Sharjah.

    Rested in Sharjah in the month of November. So cool out of the cold and slush go back to the heat and exotic. Why Sharjah? I will answer this way, in terms of finance, it is more economical, and Dubai is within reach (10 minutes) by taxi.

    I will describe first the features of this emirate. In Sharjah its strict laws of rest. Alcohol under strict prohibition, although if you go to Dubai, you can enjoy in your room, but in moderation and then not walk around the street. Smoking is also impossible, as littering (substantial fine). In short, rest and only rest. Yes, and hugging and kissing on the street is not accepted, make a comment (oh, how unpleasant). I'll warn you right away about the clothes. In the hotel, you can still smack in the usual shorts, but when you go out into the city, put something modest on you. I advise you to buy a couple of skirts, sundresses and tunic from flax, or cotton, before the trip.

    The city is amazingly beautiful and green. Imagine, each tree has its own irrigation system. It's great to stroll in the evening in Jazir Park and admire the fountain show, I can tell you the incredible beauty. You can visit the aquarium and get amazing emotions. Read completely

    Rest in the Emirates, was a good decision when vacation fell in winter

    Winter, February. I have a vacation, on schedule. Nowhere to go. You need to look for the best option for the rest. Someone from friends advised to fly to the Emirates, saying cheap and angry. I will not say that it is cheap, but not so expensive, as if I flew to Thailand. Especially there now, after last year’s military coup, the draconian order on the beaches. In Sharjah, where we hit 2 hours and 40 minutes after taking off from Moscow, the sun gently shone. Temperature, as in the capital in June. The mood of all elevated. There are nine beautiful days ahead.

    The bus got to the hotel. First impression: good. I must say that I did not feel much comfort from staying at the hotel, but I didn’t feel any inconvenience either. In the end, not for this driving. Slept well, had breakfast and go. Breakfast is tasty and dense, sometimes enough until the evening. Take a cup of coffee somewhere and that's enough. It offers a beach with warm sand, water, which you can already plunge, though not for long. Still, cool, degrees 17-18. In general, the weather is comfortable, as for February. Returned home with a noticeable tan, although not all the time spent on the beach.

    I wanted to see more, to visit interesting places of the unfamiliar world. I must say that I managed it with interest. We almost visited the famous Golden Market on the day of arrival. I, frankly, do not like shopping, this time I was amazed by the abundance and brilliance of yellow gold, the amazing beauty of the products and the variety of choices. Bargained a huge finest job earrings. Read completely

    Sharjah is a quiet corner for a beach holiday in the United Arab Emirates.

    During deep autumn, I really want to be on a warm sandy beach washed by the sea. The most successful version of the autumn - winter solar sea nirvana is the emirate called Sharjah. This emirate is very diverse in its structure, there are modern buildings in the form of skyscrapers, numerous bazaars and shops, incredible beauty fountains and embankment, endless expanses of desert, date plantations, and most importantly, contains cultural values ​​in the form of museums. Once in this city, I had the feeling of being in a completely different world, on another planet! The first thing, of course, was shocked by how closed women look, and how Arab men shy away from us, young Russian tourists. They did not even go to the shops where we were, and if we went to where they were, they immediately went out. Overwhelming subordination!

    In Sharjah, there are a lot of bazaars where you can find tons of jewelry, it’s hard to find at least one jewel without a gemstone, gold is cast in gold, not copper, like in jewelry stores in Russia. Various and rare types of fur on fur coats (there was even a coat made from the fur of an unborn lamb), boutiques with popular brands, leather goods. In general, Sharjah seemed like a paradise for a wealthy shopaholic.

    I really liked the coastline, the sand is soft, you can sunbathe on towels, without sun beds, though you should walk carefully - there are a lot of shells on the sand. Some. Read completely


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