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List of top 10 best movies about dogs


Movies about dogs - these are the motion pictures, touching and kind, which all members like seven, children and adults. It is difficult to remain indifferent to the stories about true friends and human rights defenders, no matter what stories they are in mood. Films can be funny, funny, or, on the contrary, very sad and even with a tragic end. But, nevertheless, the best movies about dogs are often on the list of the most favorite movies. What is their secret?

Interesting stories about four-legged friends

People are used to trusting dogs, they consider their four-legged pets to be true friends. And therefore so many fascinating stories, adventures in the life of everyone are connected with dogs. And the most interesting of them tell the best movies about dogs. In such films, the dog stands for the main characters, around it all the events unfold. Funny dogs are very often their behavior, reaction, character remind people, and for them it is so interesting to watch. All movies about dogs teach kindness, caring, tenderness. But, which is very important, they always tell about loyalty, devotion, reliability, which is so often lacking in real life.

Parents are always happy to show their children films about dogs, as well as watching these pictures with the children. This is an excellent tool for educating the best human feelings in boys and girls. And adults themselves become more humane and caring after watching film stories, films awaken in them those wonderful qualities that seemed long forgotten.

Directors are responsible for shooting films about animals, they select only the most interesting and good scenarios for them. But even the usual story is always brightened up by charming four-legged animals. The audience perceives so closely everything that they see on the screen, they get used to the characters, they manage to love them and part with regret at the end of the film.

If the family is looking for a good movie for a joint holiday, it usually comes to the rescue movie list about dogs. Every movie where the main character is a dog deserves attention and gives a lot of warm, kind emotions when watching. Many of the four-legged movie characters have already become legendary, their nicknames are familiar to all and cause enthusiastic responses. The names of dogs from various films are called real dogs, their pets.

The secrets of the popularity of films about dogs, their adventures, their loyalty and fearlessness are many. Probably not worth solving. It is better to choose one or several titles from the list of films and get acquainted with a unique, kind and instructive story about the best friends of a person.

I love dogs very much, they are one of the most devoted and affectionate animals that nature could create. Films with the participation of dogs are always interesting, with sparkling humor, as well as with touching moments that can not help but touch the strings of the soul of even the most biased viewer. In this rating Top 30 movies about dogs I collected the best comedies and melodramas of 20-21 centuries produced by the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Japan and the former Soviet Union, some of which are based on real events. You can also see my ratings of the best cartoons about dogs and the best movies about horses.

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30. 101 Dalmatians / 101 Dalmatians (1996)

Starring: Glenn Close Jeff Daniels Joely Richardson Joan Plowright Hugh Laurie Mark Williams
What: This funny story happened in England at Christmas ... The villain Cruella De Wil decides to steal exactly 101 Dalmatians to replenish the collection of their fur products. However, she still has no idea what awaits her, because the owners and parents of small spotted puppies will not sit back ...

29. My best friend Shylock / Shiloh (1996)

Cast: Scott Wilson, Blake Heron, Bonnie Bartlett, Rod Steiger, J. Madison Wright, Ann Dowd
What: Shylock - adorable puppy of a hunting dog - ran away from the cruel owner and found Marty, a teenager boy. Marty knows that the dog belongs to another, but wants to save her from pain and rudeness. He goes against the wishes of his father and dog owner. The boy sacrifices everything, gives all his strength to make a puppy his own.

28. Little Beverly Hills / Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008)

Cast: Piper Perabo, Manolo Cardona, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jose Maria Jazpik, Mori Sterling, Jesús Ochoa
What: Accustomed to the luxurious life in Beverly Hills, capricious lady manages to get lost in the middle of a bustling Mexico City - without friends, without means of livelihood, and without the slightest idea where to spend the night and than to have dinner. But even if you do not know Spanish, you will still find true friends south of the American border.

27. Biscuit Eater / The Biscuit Eater (1972)

Starring: Earl Holliman, Pat Crowley, Lew Airs, Godfrey Cambridge, Be Richards, Clifton James
What: Young Lonnie MacNeal made friends with a young hunting dog. Deciding to teach the dog hunting skills, Lonnie spends a lot of time in rural Tennessee with a dog and quickly learns that the dog has a bad habit: she just loves biscuits. However, the Text, Lonnie's friend, convinces him that the dog will cope with learning ...

26. My dog ​​Skip / My Dog Skip (2000)

Cast: Frankie Mooney, Diane Lane, Luke Wilson, Kevin Bacon
What: A small town in Mississippi, 1942. Little shy boy Will grows closed - he has no friends. His idol and only friend is a local baseball star and everyone's favorite Dink Jenkins, whom he wants to be like in everything. After Dink left the war, Will was left completely alone, and his parents gave him a Skip puppy for his birthday. The appearance of a dog radically changes Will's life - he has friends, a beloved girl, and respect from parents and those around him. An occasional quarrel with Skip shows him the true price of a true friendship, and Will gradually grows husband ...

25. Little Bobby / Greyfriars Bobby (2005)

Cast: James Cosmo, Suzanne Dans, Ron Donachi, Charles Donnelly, Lawrence Douglas, Tom Freeman
What: Scotland, 1858. The sky-terrier nicknamed Bobby sadly walks over the funeral procession, accompanying his master John Gray on his last journey, to the church cemetery Greyfriar. After the funeral, Bobby refused to move away from the grave. Until his death, the dog did not leave the cemetery, where a shelter was built especially for him. Soon, the whole country learned about the loyalty and perseverance of baby Bobby and people began to come to Greyfriar on purpose to see him ...

24. The Legend of Lobo / The Legend of Lobo (1962)

Cast: Rex Allen
What: About the cunning wolf, who in every respect furnishes a man, taking care of the safety of his friendly pack.

23. Red Dog (2011)

Cast: Rachel Taylor, Josh Lucas, Noah Taylor, Kisha Castle-Hughes, Imon Farren
What: In a distant mining village, where harsh and not very sociable people live, one day, an energetic red dog from the Kelpie breed appears. Only he can stir up the provincial sleepy kingdom. Redhead does not obey anyone, but everyone loves him. With the help of a tireless dog, many settlers are destined to make friends, happiness, hope and joy. And some - to find the love of his life.

22. Zeus and Roxanne / Zeus and Roxanne (1997)

Cast: Steve Guttenberg, Kathleen Quinlen, Arnold Voslu, Dawn McMillan, Miko Hughes, Majandra Delfino
What: Terry Barnett writes music on the ocean, where he lives in a small town with his son and cute funny doggy named Zeus. Zeus - a terrible prankster, and his neighbor Mary Beth doesn’t like him, calling him flea and transferring her dislike to the owners. She lives with two daughters and is studying the behavior of dolphins. Zeus gets on board her ship and falls into the water, where many, many "wild sharks"! The clever and kind dolphin Roxanne rescues him from toothy predators. Zeus and Roxanne, of course, become best friends, and their friendship, or “interspecific communication,” as the sympathetic scientist calls it, brings both families closer together.

21. Air King / Air Bud (1997)

Cast: Michael Jeter, Kevin Zegers, Wendy McKenna, Bill Cobbs, Eric Christmas
What: Norm was a clown, but could not laugh anyone. From complete failure of his submission saved dog Buddy, who did the trick in a pair with a clown. Out of anger, Norm was pounding Buddy, and a clever dog ran away from him. 11-year-old boy Josh becomes new friend Buddy. They meet on the basketball court where Josh goes to train in the hope that he will be accepted into the school team. When Josh saw how Buddy could throw the ball in the basket, his enthusiasm knew no bounds! Practicing together, friends succeed: Josh is taken into the team, and Buddy becomes her talisman and public favorite. Buddy learns about his basketball talent by his former owner, and, dreaming of making money from it, demands that the dog be returned ...

20. Far from home: The Adventures of the Yellow Dog / Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog (1994)

Cast: Mimi Rogers, Bruce Davison, Jesse Bradford, Tom Bower, Joel Palmer
What: Twelve-year-old Angas McCormick finds a stray dog ​​and takes it for himself, giving him the nickname Yellow. A few days later, the boy, along with a new friend and father, goes on a boat on a sea voyage. But the storm begins, and a huge wave overturns the boat. The father manages to stay in the boat, and Angas and the dog throw them ashore. Alone among the wild Canadian taiga, the boy and the dog are trying to survive and find a way to attract rescuers.

19. Beethoven / Beethoven (1992)

Cast: Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt, Dean Jones, Nicole Thom, Christopher Castile
What: The kindest comedy in the best traditions of American cinema. The hero of the film is not a great composer, but a cute Saint-Bernard named after him by his name. Once he was a puppy in the family that sheltered him, the dog quickly made friends with the children and their mother - only the father looked at the restless family askew.

18. White Fang / White Fang (1990)

Cast: Klaus Maria Brandauer, Ethan Hawke, Seymour Cassel, Susan Hogan, James Remar, Bill Mousley
What about: The story of the wolf White Fang, who was left orphaned after a hunter killed his mother and a young man named Jack, who arrived on the Klondike during the Gold Fever on the plot left by his father ... Jack and White Fang meet then part, then regain each other. This exciting story of friendship between a boy and a wolf will be interesting for boys who are interested in adventures.

17. Fluke (1995)

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Matthew Modine, Nancy Travis, Eric Stoltz, Max Pomerantz
About what: The soul of a young man who died in a car accident relocates to a charming newborn puppy. Growing up, he finds his family and remembers his past life. As it turns out, he was not always right when he was a man.

16. Marmaduk / Marmaduke (2010)

Cast: Owen Wilson, Emma Stone, George Lopez, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Steve Coogan
What it is about: The family moves to a new home and new neighbors will have to get used to the fact that the Great Dane named Marmadyuk introduces constant chaos in their life - its owners have become accustomed to this for a long time.

15. Shaggy Dad / The Shaggy Dog (2006)

Cast: Tim Allen, Kristin Davis, Zena Gray, Spencer Breslin, Danny Glover, Robert Downey Jr.
What it is all about: It all starts with the fact that Deputy District Attorney Dave Douglas takes up the business associated with the laboratory in which experiments on animals are conducted. In the process, he is exposed to an experimental top-secret miracle drug that causes gene mutation. As a result, Dave starts to turn into a dog from time to time, it is very disturbing to his career, but at the same time helps him to know better himself and his family. Rethinking his life, Dave dreams of becoming an exemplary husband and father again, but first he must fulfill a noble mission - to prevent the implementation of the insidious plans of those who are behind the invention of the serum, which turned him into a playful dog ...

14. The Return of Benji / Benji: Off the Leash! (2004)

Cast: Nick Whitaker, Nath Bynum, Chris Kendrick, Randall Newsom, Duan Stephens, Christy Summerhays
What: Actions of the new film about the adventures of a dog named Benji unfolds in Gulfport, Mississippi. This time, Benji must rescue his mother from the hands of an evil animal exterminator. In order to achieve his goal, Benji will have to take on helpers not very desirable partner - a shaggy dog ​​named Shaggy and 14-year-old boy Colby ...

13. Iron Will / Iron Will (1994)

Cast: McKenzie Astin, Kevin Spacey, David Ogden Stiers, August Schellenberg, Brian Cox, George Gerdes
What: While Will Stoneman's peers are going to go to college, he embarks on a deadly journey. Instead of warm audiences, the young man is waiting for the cold endless desert, which he must cross in the dog sledding race. When the terrible hundreds of kilometers were left behind, Will finds himself at the finish line with his most sworn enemy ...

12. The Adventures of Milo and Otis / The Adventures of Milo and Otis (1986)

Cast: Shigeru Tsuyuki, Kyoko Koizumi, Dudley Moore
What: Milo is a curious and restless red kitten who always finds trouble for herself. He has not only nine lives, but also his best friend, Otis, ready to go on a dangerous journey for him. Together and alone, Milo and Otis make new friends and face difficulties that are beyond the power of simple farm animals. But these two have something that helps to cope with any danger - friendship!

11. The Ugly Dachshund (1966)

Cast: Dean Jones, Susanne Pleschett, Charles Ruggles, Kelly Thordsen, Parley Baer, ​​Robert Kino
What: Fran Harrison is going through an exciting period, because her champion dachshund, Danke, is waiting for puppies, and the girl hopes that one of them will also become a champion. But during a visit to the veterinarian, her husband Jim is persuaded to have Danke feed a Danish Great Dane puppy that her mother threw. Jim decides to keep the Danish dog at home. As a result, Brutus has a problem: he thinks he is a dachshund, but he is too big to be a tame dog. When Fran once again makes fun of Brutus, Jim comes up with a plan to prove to everyone (and Fran) that a Great Dane can be more than just a nasty dachshund.

10. Lassie Come Home (1943)

Cast: Roddy McDowell, Donald Crisp, Mae Whitty, Edmund Gwenn, Nigel Bruce
What: Joe considered himself lucky, of course, because all Yorkshire breeders are jealous of him - there was no such thoroughbred collie in all of England. Every day, Lassie came to school to meet Joe, and then, one day, she did not come, awful news awaited him at home — the parents sold the dog to get out of debt. But for the faithful dog, there is only one owner - boy Joe. The high fence, the iron chain and the huge distance did not frighten Lassie - she had a long and dangerous journey home ahead.

9. Snow dogs / Snow Dogs (2002)

Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr., James Coburn, Cisco, Nichelle Nichols, M. Emmett Walsh, Graham Green, Brian.
What: Ted Brooks is the most famous dentist from Miami. The work is in full swing, there is nothing to wish for a young guy. But one day he receives a notice that a woman named Lucy included him in her death will and now he is entitled to a share of the inheritance. It turns out that Ted is an adopted son, and Lucy is his real mother. He flies to Alaska, and receives an inheritance - sled dogs ...

8. Hotel for dogs / Hotel for Dogs (2009)

Cast: Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin, Don Cheadle, Johnny Simmons, Kyle Pratt, Troy Gentile, Lisa Kudrow
What: The film is based on the novel of the same name by American writer Lois Duncan, first published in 1971. Andy and Bruce need to hide their dog Friday, and they turn an abandoned hotel into a shelter, where every pooch is welcome.

7. Old Brehun / Old Yeller (1957)

Cast: Dorothy McGuire, Fess Parker, Jeff York, Chuck Connors, Beverly Washburn, Tommy Kirk
What: The picture unfolds at the end of the 19th century in the vastness of Texas, during the development of these lands. The father of the family goes to sell livestock, and the housekeeping and all the men's work leaves the eldest son Travis. Not a day passes after the departure of his father, as a nosy lop-eared dog appears on the family plot, which makes a uniform mess. The younger son, Arliss, who had long dreamed of a dog, persuades his mother to leave him in the house, but Travis is categorically against it. Soon the dog with his courage and desperate acts proves that he deserves respect for himself and wins Travis's love. He repeatedly saves the lives of children, helps to cope with the economy and get food. However, life is such that the family will soon have to part with Brehun ...

6. Turner and Hooch / Turner & Hooch (1989)

Cast: Tom Hanks, Mayor Winningham, Craig T. Nelson, Reginald VelJoneson, Scott Pauline, J.C. Queen.
What: Professional detective Scott Turner hates the mess. In his life, everything is pre-planned and predictable. Hooch is the most restless, most rude, and absolutely untreatable dog. No luck to the unfortunate owner to whom he falls. Turner realized too late who let into his house. But noisy quarrels led nowhere. Возможно, лучший способ одолеть своего врага, это подружиться с ним.

5. Дорога домой: Невероятное путешествие / Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1992)

В ролях : Дон Алдер, Эд Бернард, Кевин Чевалия, Энн Кристиансон, Тед Д’Арм, Вуди Еней, Ким Грайст.
О чём : Хозяева двух собак и очаровательной кошечки Сэсси, вынужденные на время уехать, отдают своих питомцев на ранчо друга. After a while, animals that came hundreds of miles away from their beloved home begin to worry if the hosts had any trouble. After some thought, the happy trinity decides to get home on her own and embarks on an incredibly dangerous journey through the mountains and deserts ...

4. White captivity / Eight Below (2006)

Cast: Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, Moon Bloodgood, Wendy Crewson, Gerard Plunket, August Schellenberg
What: The action of the film takes place in the vast expanses of the Antarctic. The scientific expedition, which includes Jerry Shepard, his best friend Cooper and a geologist, goes in search of a meteorite. However, an unexpected incident and severe weather conditions force them to leave their dog sleds and go back. And now eight dogs must fight for survival in the icy desert for six months and wait for them to be rescued ...

3. Marley and I / Marley & Me (2008)

Starring: Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Eric Dane, Alan Arkin, Kathleen Turner, Nathan Gamble, Hayley Bennett
About what: A young journalist with his wife moves to another city to a new job. They have ambitious plans: buying a home, children ... But first they get a dog. Who would have thought that it would be the main test in their lives.

2. White Bim Black Ear (1976)

Cast: Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Valentina Vladimirova, Mikhail Dadyko, Ivan Ryzhov, Irina Shevchuk
What it is: A touching lyrical film story about the fate of a dog losing its beloved master, about the attitude of people towards the “smaller brothers”, which radiates souls like X-rays, revealing in some meanness and petty meanness, and in others - nobility, the ability to sympathize and love ...

1. Hachiko: The most loyal friend / Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009)

Cast: Richard Gere, Joan Allen, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Sarah Remer, Jason Alexander, Eric Avari and others.
What: The film is based on a well-known true story that occurred in Japan in the 20s. The dog accompanied every day and met his master at the station. Then the owner died unexpectedly, but the dog for 9 years EVERY day at 3 o'clock in the afternoon came to the station to meet the owner and waited for him until the last train. Then the Japanese put a monument to him on the spot where he was constantly waiting for the owner.

K-9: Canine Work (1989)

The cheerful policeman-inventor Michael Dooley got into trouble: a well-known drug dealer is trying to kill him for interfering with the business all the time. A policeman’s friend gives him a dog named Jerry Lee, specially trained on the smell of drugs. With the help of the dog, Michael hopes to catch the criminal and expose him, but it's not that simple.

Jerry Lee has his own character and he only works when he wishes. In addition, the dog takes joyful part in the breakdown of Michael's car, the defeat of the house and his personal life ...

Turner and Hooch (1989)

Professional detective Scott Turner hates the mess. In his life, everything is pre-planned and predictable. Hooch is the most restless, most rude, and absolutely untreatable dog.

No luck to the unfortunate owner to whom he falls. Turner realized too late who let into his house. But noisy quarrels led nowhere. Perhaps the best way to defeat your enemy is to make friends with him.

Hachiko: The most loyal friend (2008)

The film is based on a well-known true story that occurred in Japan in the 20s. The dog accompanied every day and met his master at the station. Then the owner died unexpectedly, but the dog for 9 years EVERY day at 5 pm came to the station to meet the owner and waited for him until the last train. Then the Japanese put a monument to him on the spot where he was constantly waiting for the owner.

Marly and I (2008)

Marley and I are a great film about a Labrador dog that you should never feel comfortable with. A lot of movies have been made about dogs, and all of them are more or less popular. Now in the appendage to the charming dog in the movie "Marley and I" will appear and charming Jennifer Aniston, the favorite of fans of the TV series Friends. The movie trailer unambiguously promises a lot of funny situations and a pleasant pastime.

Beethoven (1992)

A film about a dog, named after the great composer and her life in one large American family. He was a puppy in this family, becoming the favorite of all three children and the mother, but not the father, who tried his best to get rid of him. However, the disinterested and selfless devotion of the four-legged friend still softened his heart. Saint Bernard cares about children, expels unwanted business partners from home, and, being in the hands of villains conducting sadistic experiments on animals, with the help of two-legged and four-legged friends is chosen at will. Evil is punished, and in the house, except Beethoven, a cheerful brood of his friends settles ...

101 Dalmatians (1996)

This funny story happened in England at Christmas ... The villain Cruella De Wil decides to steal exactly 101 Dalmatians to replenish their fur collection. However, she still has no idea what awaits her, because the owners and parents of small spotted puppies will not sit back ...

Lassie (2005)

Before the Second World War in a small mining town of Yorkshire, a poor family was forced to sell their beloved dog Lassie to Lord Redling. But during the move to the northern coast of Scotland to the castle of the Lord, the homesick Lassie escapes from her new owners. Thus begins the incredible adventures of a brave dog on the way home ...

"Cats against dogs"

The history of hostility and confrontation of the clan of cats and dogs is as old as the world. It seems to people as a senseless race, in fact, everything that happens has its own explanation. It is about this depth that the best films about dogs, cats and their friends tell. One of the most striking pictures of this genre is the 2001 film Cats Against Dogs. The plot of the picture tells about these cunning and thievish animals. They are not interested in simple worldly goods, they crave power. But none of them is willing to give way to another. As a result, a top-secret war arises between dogs and cats. While all of humanity sincerely believes in their harmlessness, they unfold a struggle at a high-tech level. The viewers are waiting for the treacherous cat-kidnapping of dogs, secret operations of a small puppy Lou, ingenious plans of attacking agents and funny situations in which heroes fall. This picture is clearly included in the category "The best children's films about dogs." Reviews of the audience describe it as a nostalgic child, dynamic and very funny. After watching almost everyone thinks about the fact that maybe the animals are really carrying a plan of capture. Children from this movie just loved it, so the picture is mandatory recommended for viewing in the family circle. In addition to talented animals, the film starred Jeff Goldblum, Alec Baldwin, Elizabeth Perkins, Tobey Maguire and others.

"Man's best friend"

Stories about dogs do not always cause feelings of emotion and love. The film “Best Friend” is about a dog that was experimented upon and provoked genetic changes. The American thriller causes a huge amount of emotion - fear, pity, empathy. It will help you to understand that any life problems against the background of what is happening in the film is nothing. For the first time The screen picture from the category “The best movies about dogs" was released in 1993. The main character of the film, Max, the dog, is not a simple representative of his four-legged family. He is faster than a cheetah, stronger than a bear, and can even change color, adapting to environment, like a chameleon. All these properties were bred in an animal in the walls of a secret laboratory. Scientists have already put an end to a mutant animal and left him to die in their cage. But the thirst for a TV journalist to find a dizzying information center changed the fate of all the characters. The film is not so scary, how much makes you think about the eternal problem of testing new inventions on animals.When viewing the picture of the viewer, a series of straining and frightening scenes awaits. The main roles in “The Man’s Best Friend” were played by Ellie Chidy, Dance Henriksen, Robert Costanzo, Fredrik Lene. They created the necessary atmosphere of horror, without replaying and unnatural fear. Special respect in the film requires trained animals. Their tricks admire and amaze with their complexity and effectiveness. A competent combination of science fiction and action thriller deserves to enter the top best movies about dogs.

Who does not know Lassie? Lassie know everything! In 2005, absolutely every child and teenager was chained to the TV, when the adventures of his beloved dog were shown on the screen. The film "Lassie" is about a dog that a poor miner has to sell in order to feed his family. In the house of the new owner, Duke Radling, the dog is very depressed. She goes to the trick and deceives the duke's dog owner. So she manages to be back in his home and see the boy Joe, dear to the heart of the son of a miner. The child, despite his affection for Lassie, understands that it is necessary to return her. This continues several times, until the duke moves to Scotland with the dog. From the pangs of longing Lassie at the new place saves the owner's granddaughter, who releases a collie into the wild. From this moment begins the long journey of the faithful dog home. His road is difficult and unpredictable. Here, Lassie finds new friends in the face of a roving artist and his small, but very cute Tootsie dog. At one of the moments robbers attack their new comrades. Toots dies from their hands, and Lassie saves the artist. Over time, their paths also diverge. And in the end, the sick and exhausted dog still finds his Joe. The boy is infinitely happy. And the duke enters the family position and takes miner Sam to work instead of his former dog owner. A happy reunion took place, despite the distance of four hundred miles. Obviously, Lassie is a legend, and for many it is this picture that is the leader of all the top 10 movies about dogs. When watching a movie, the viewer cries along with John during parting with Lassie, is surprised at the dog’s intelligence and resourcefulness, and also worries about its failures. The final frame of the film - a dog running off into the distance against the backdrop of a magnificent landscape - is the most fascinating moment in this childishly cute and adult-witty film.

"The Secret Life of Pets"

What are they, movies about dogs 2016? The list of the best uniquely opens the animated film "The Secret Life of Pets." The story describes the carefree life of Max's pampered dog living in a house in Manhattan. Loving mistress Katie takes care of him. He communicates with the same beloved neighbors, as he, in the list of which - kitty Chloe, dachshund Buddy, Pug Mel and the parrot Pea. On one of the seemingly ordinary days, Kathy returns home not alone, but with a new pet. Duke - a huge and shaggy Newfoundland, who used to live in a shelter. Max notices that the hostess gives too much of her time to her new favorite, and is very jealous. Duke is bored by Max’s biased attitude, and he decides to deceive him into the very depths of the city, with the help of deception, where he is full of aggressive and hot-tempered street cats. A cat's attack causes Max and Duke to lose their collars. The absence of this item leads escaped dogs into the paws of catchers of homeless animals. Most of all in this situation, Duke is frightened, as he thinks that his return to the orphanage may lead him to sleep. The snow-white rabbit named Snowball comes to the aid of the dogs. He heads an independent underground movement to protect abandoned pets. Max and Duke pretend that they, too, were thrown out on the street as unnecessary garbage. Snowball sympathizes with them and leads into a secret den of like-minded people located in the sewers. Members of the movement offer the dogs to join their ranks, but at this moment street cats peep at them, who immediately expose the cheaters. Max and Duke embark on a flight, and as a result, they are washed away in Brooklyn Harbor with sewage. Snow, in turn, offended and angry with dogs. Now his main goal is to take revenge on the malicious liars. Animals on the way home are waiting for love stories, reconciliation with enemies, the emergence of true friendship, unexpected turns of fate and a happy return home.

"Snow Five"

Huskies - the most amazing blue-eyed creatures in the world. Valor, loyalty and of course. An endlessly piercing gaze made the best films about husky dogs so loved. "The Snow Five" - ​​a good family comedy. She is in the category “Best Dog Movies for Children” thanks to her story about cute talking puppies. Their adventures begin with the involuntary hitting of the Fuzzies on a plane, the landing site of which is Alaska. Each of the five babies has its own unique character, habits and manners. The cold and inhospitable land brings together the magnificent top five with the beautiful dog Shaski of the Husky breed and its friendly host Adam. A new friend Adam for a long time concealed a childhood dream. He wanted more than anything else to become a participant in sledding. Unfortunately, for the realization of this goal more dogs were needed than he had. But fate in the face of new friends gives him hope for a wonderful accomplishment. On the eve of Christmas, five small, but very courageous puppies gladly agree to help their dreamy friend. Fun, fervently and with a twinkle they will conquer Alaska. This film is very easy for children's perception. He, like all the best movies about dogs, is full of positive emotions, innocence. Also, the "Snow Five" will become the moral mentor of the child, she will teach to appreciate friendship, to come to the rescue and never to despair. The acting in the film is certainly at the highest level, which makes it even more sincere and friendly.

"Hachiko: The most loyal friend"

In order to experience truly vivid emotions, it is recommended to watch the best films about dogs, cats. The list of the best in this genre has for many years been headed by the heartbreaking film “Hachiko: The Most Loyal Friend”. This is the story of university professor Parker Wilson, who accidentally discovers a lost puppy at the train station with very kind eyes. The new friend of the professor turns out to be useless to anyone, and he has no choice but to take him to his home. From this day for Parker Hachiko - the best friend. A film about a dog, which is a terrific example of loyalty, tells how the dog escorts Wilson to the train station every day and meets him there every day. One day, Parker Wilson dies unexpectedly. This happens right at a lecture at his university due to a heart attack. On this tragic day, Hachiko, as always, waited for his friend at the usual place. Without waiting, he went home. But the next day and every day after the dog returned to this place and waited for the professor. Relatives of Parker Wilson decide to take the dog to him, but this does not prevent Hachiko from returning to his usual place every day without exception. The dog’s perseverance and dedication delights local traders and station workers. They are very sorry for a lonely faithful friend, they try to take care and feed him. This behavior of the dog noticed by journalists. From now on, Hachiko becomes very popular, but despite everything, he still comes to the station every day at the hour when Parker Wilson returned from work. While waiting for his friend and savior, Hachiko dies right at this station. Loyalty to the dog is worthy of respect and a low bow. Not everyone is capable of such a committed act. “Hachiko: The most loyal friend” deserves to be included in the list of “The best films about dogs”.

"The closest friend"

Good comedic best movies about dogs are great for family viewing. “The closest friend” is a story about a woman named Beth. One frosty winter day, she renders near the motorway, where she meets a battered dog. The feeling of compassion for the animal did not allow her to leave him to the mercy of fate. From this moment on, the dog becomes her best friend. A film about a dog shows a warm and sweet relationship between a woman and a dog. They begin to spend a lot of time together, as the husband Beth is constantly busy with his business. One day, Beth and her husband went to a country house for her daughter's wedding celebration. The dog Freeway naturally rides with them. At the end of the journey, the husband loses Beth's dear pet. The woman, shocked by the event, throws the cry of help to all her friends and relatives. As a result, going to several groups of people, each of which is determined to search for the pet Beth. Search works are very comical, painful and emotional. These moments capture the viewer and do not let go of the screen. Smile, laughter, desire to help - the emotions that cause almost all movies about dogs. The list of the best films for these qualities includes the film “The closest friend”. The film shows an unusually talented cast. Starred starred: infinitely talented Oscar-winning actress Diane Kilton and convincing and very cute Kevin Kline. Порцию позитива, доброты и положительных эмоций в картину внесла очаровательная Дайэнн Уист. За душевность фильма следует поблагодарить чудесного режиссера Лоуренса Кэздана.

Какие главные качества должны иметь лучшие фильмы про собак для детей? Интересный сюжет, пес-проказник, любящие и отважные хозяева, порция доброго юмора – основные составляющие отличного фильма, коим и является «Бетховен». История повествует о счастливой семье с тремя детьми, которым так не хватает домашнего питомца. По воле случая их дом пополняет милый и добродушный щенок Бетховен. Дети с первого взгляда влюбляются в пса. И только отец косо поглядывает на нового члена семьи. Вырастая, Бетховен превращается в пушистого плюшевого пса огромного размера. Он не очень поворотлив, отчего частенько становится причиной разбитых или сломанных вещей. At this time, one veterinarian receives a very highly paid order for testing new bullets. To implement this venture, he just needed a huge dog. Finding her in a small town is very difficult, but the Newtons family with their pet Beethoven drop in on his luck at the veterinary clinic. From this point on, the vet is ready to do anything to get hold of the dog he needs. Insidious plans, ingenious lures and other villainous things oppose the owners' pure and sincere love for their dog. Awesome comedy for the whole family is simply recommended for viewing with children, as, indeed, many other movies about dogs. The list of the best films about pets simply can not be true, if it does not include "Beethoven". This film wants to watch again and again. He is the true personification of such important human qualities as kindness, loyalty, friendship, courage, care. In Beethoven, Charles Grodin played his best comedy role. His talented work wonderfully complemented the beautiful Ellis Newton. The film was truly adorned by child actors - Sarah Rose Carr, Christopher Castile and Nicole Tom.

"101 Dalmatians"

"101 Dalmatians" clearly belong to the category "The best films about dogs." This London story tells about the villain Starwell de Ville. On the threshold of Christmas, she decides to make herself an exclusive gift - a fur coat made from the skins of young Dalmatian puppies. In order for her desire to still be fulfilled, Starvelle needs to get exactly ninety-nine puppies. In parallel, the story goes about the fate of Roger. He develops video games and brings up the dog Pongo. When Pongo meets a beautiful Dalmatian Perita, his life and his master radically change. Roger flashes tender feelings for Peritina, hostess Anita. As a result, the two couples in love get married. The Dalmatian family soon became the parents of a large brood of the cutest puppies. They are the ones who are abducted to achieve an insidious goal, the people of Starwell de Ville. Newly minded parents are not ready to put up with the loss, and with the assistance of their friends go in search of their beloved children. The greedy, lazy and insanely noisy Brownwell was perfectly played by Glenn Close. She perfectly demonstrated such qualities of a character as anger, cruelty and selfishness. The actress did everything so that the children understand what negative characters are and how they treat those who cannot love and pity animals. The best movies about dogs usually delight one or two animal heroes, but there are a lot of them here. They are all so cute and glorious that I want to admire them endlessly. Viewers say that “101 Dalmatians” is not just a great and kind movie, it is a true classic of the nineties American cinema.

Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson and the charming dog Marley are the company that did everything to add to the list of the Best Dog Movies. The story is based on the memoirs of journalist John Grogan. In them he talks about how difficult it is to live the most disobedient dog in the world. The story begins with the relocation of the newly married John and Jenny Grogan from Michigan to Florida. Here they start working as reporters in a local newspaper. They are well aware that the marriage is followed by the birth of children. Only newly-made spouses are not at all sure that they are ready for such an important event in their lives. In order to determine for sure, they decide to test their readiness on the dog. Choosing a dog, they do not even suspect that they are subscribing to a completely sweet life. Marley's dog turns out to be insanely harmful and unpredictable. Her ambiguous behavior, she tries to rehabilitate careless owners. At first glance, it seems to the viewer that the main character, the dog Marley, is playing the same animal. In fact, throughout the film, twenty-two completely different dogs were involved. The main fluffy hero got his nickname thanks to the well-known Jamaican musician Bob Marley. The film was appreciated by both the audience and critics. In their opinion, “Marley and I” is a sincere, kind and very truthful film. Similar stories have happened to many dog ​​owners. Therefore, watching the film allows you to see yourself in the picture, think about how the viewer would act in the current situation and laugh heartily at the funny outcome. In addition, the film has its deep and very important meaning in life. It makes you wonder how attentively the audience treats their loved ones. It is this film that is able to sensitize careless children and friends, and also just to remind that there is no one more important in the world than parents. And the lesson from the picture is the following: a dog is not a child, and testing its readiness to become parents on it is the wrong way to family well-being.

50th place - Superperson

original name - Underdog.

release date - August 3, 2007.

Genre - fantasy, fantasy, thriller, comedy, adventure, family.

Producer - Frederic Du Chau.

Actors - Jason Lee, Peter Dinklage, James Belushi, Patrick Warburton, Alex Neuberger.

Duration - 84 min. / 01:24

RatingKinoPoisk – 5.391.

This film opens the top of the best films about dogs, because it is filled with good-natured humor, supernatural abilities and fascinating travels that will certainly interest not only adults, but also their children.

The plot revolves around the life of a puppy named Blesk, who was the victim of experiments, as a result of which the animal acquired the ability of super-mean value. As soon as he was free, this superpers almost died under the wheels of Dan Anger's car, which takes him to his house.

The little puppy becomes the pet of John, the son of Dan. The boy and the dog do not like and trust each other, but everything changes immediately after the boy learns about the glamor's abilities. These two tomboy decided to become secret defenders of the inhabitants of the city. The list of saved people is growing exponentially, the puppy hero's strength is only growing. And ahead of him waiting for the most dangerous and responsible mission, to cope with which he will help friends.

A beautiful presentation of the long-beloved story about superheroes, but only now the main role went to the most loyal and devoted creature - the dog.

49th place - Marmaduk

original name - Marmaduke.

release date - May 27, 2010.

Genre - comedy, family.

Producer - Tom Day.

Actors - Owen Wilson, Emma Stone, George Lopez, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Steve Coogan.

Duration - 87 min. / 01:27.

Cinema Search Rating — 5.68.

The main character - a dog named Marmaduk - lives in a very close-knit family that loves fun and comfort. Marmadyuk is simply unrealistically huge dogma and he has the most devoted and best friend Carlos - the cat with whom they are practically inseparable. Suddenly, the peaceful existence of these pets violates the moving of the Phil family to sunny California, where not only family members have to settle in unusual places, it is not easy for Marmaduk himself and his bosom friend Carlos. In this city, they will have both friends and worst enemies, and the friends will establish the border of their possessions by joint efforts.

This film is able to please the viewer with good nature, sparkling humor and family comfort. Anyone who decides to watch this comedy will have a lot of laughter and charming mood.

48 place - on the eve of Christmas

original name - One Christmas Eve.

release date - November 30, 2014.

Producer - Jay Russell.

Actors - Anne Heche, Brian Ti, Alice Skovbai, Juan Carlos Velis, Paul Andric.

Duration - 86 min. / 01:26.

Cinema Search Rating — 6.03.

A touching story about how a fluffy bundle of incredible happiness can change the fate of people. The story of the vicissitudes of fate and Christmas surprises that break down barriers and give a chance to fulfill the cherished desires.

So a cute lop-eared puppy, wrapped up by the former owner in a beautiful package, was left in the huge hall of the shopping center, where he was discovered by the store employees and decided to attach him to a house with good people. The honor of this responsible assignment fell to a guy named Caesar. And an hour after the coin is thrown, a box with a furry animal will fall into the walls of the luxurious mansion of the Naee family of Blackmore, which is a single mother of 2 children. And from that moment on, the whole life of her family will change for the better.

47th place - the Mystical Five

original name - Spooky Buddies.

release date - September 20, 2011.

Genre - fantasy, family.

Producer - Robert Vince.

Actors - Tucker Albritstsi, Didrich Bader, Ameko Aix Mass Carroll, Max Charles.

Duration - 88 min. / 01:28.

Cinema Search Rating — 6.03.

A colorful fairytale comedy, which the director timed to the Day of All Saints and filled the atmosphere of the film not only with the touching beauty of dogs, but also with the presence of otherworldly forces characteristic of the spirit of Disney. This is one of the few films that you can watch with your family and be sure that it will definitely appeal to all members of a large family.

In the center of the plot of this movie about dogs, included in the top of the best - puppies. They suddenly found themselves in a country mansion, where strange incidents began to occur, in which an evil sorcerer named Warwick was implicated. This evil creature was permeated with the idea of ​​the universal destruction of peace and harmony, but brave and courageous puppies decided to stop it by all means.

46 place - Winners of the show

original name - Best in Show.

release date - September 8, 2000.

Producer - Christopher Guest.

Actors - Christopher Guest, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, John Michael Higgins, Michael McKean.

Duration - 90 min. / 01:30

Cinema Search Rating — 6.13.

The educational film included in the list of the best films about dogs tells the story of several owners of these dedicated, intelligent pets who arrive in the bright city of Philadelphia to participate in the dog show Mayflower. In the course of the program, various interviews and acquaintances are held between the participants, who step by step reveal their secrets. The whole film shows the depth of affection and love between the owners and their dogs.

45th place - Scooby-Doo

original name - Scooby-Doo.

release date - June 8, 2002.

Genre - fantasy, comedy, detective, adventure, family.

Producer - Raja Gosnell.

Actors - Freddie Prince Jr., Sarah Michelle Gellar, Matthew Lillard, Linda Cardellini, Isla Fisher.

Duration - 86 min. / 01:26.

Cinema Search Rating — 5.94.

The heroes investigation firm fell apart. But suddenly they go to a mysterious island, each in splendid isolation, but fate brings them together again, because the work they have to solve is filled with mysticism and mysterious events.

The employer - the rich man and the owner of the fashionable resort - summoned the heroes, because tourists often began to complain that they see incomprehensible and scary creatures. It began to threaten the prosperity of his business and he promised a solid reward if experienced mystical hunters could figure out the reason for such a strange paranormal activity. Scooby-Doo again has to fulfill an unrealistic mission and rally the broken team, because only together they can defeat otherworldly enemies and not allow them to break into our world.

44 place - Shaggy Firs

release date - January 29, 2015.

Genre - family, comedy.

Producer - Maxim Sveshnikov.

Actors - Andrei Merzlikin, Jan Tsapnik, Lera Strelyaev, Galina Konshina, Femme Fatale.

Duration - 86 min. / 01:26.

Cinema Search Rating — 5.03.

This film about dogs from our list continues the story shown in one of the parts of the sensational “Yolok”, where the owners separated two dogs in love with each other. The picture takes place against the background of the city of Samara, where an ordinary girl Nastya lives with her dogs. One day, the girl leaves the city, walking with her grandmother to a rainy Peter, and leaves her little dogs in a specialized hotel. But Yoko and Pirate themselves were extremely embarrassed and were very unhappy with such an act of their hostess, and therefore, at the first opportunity, they left the institution and went straight to their home, where they thought they were expecting a lot of food and a wide master bed .

But as soon as they crossed the threshold of their native home, the pets understand that in a short time their house will become the object of robbery of two very experienced and ruthless burghers.

42 place - In search of Santa Lapusa

Originaltitle - The Search for Santa Paws.

release date - November 9, 2010.

Genre - fantasy, adventure, family.

Producer - Robert Vince.

Actors - Reese Alexander, Didrich Bader, Sugar Binjaz, Danny Woodburn, Jean Bose, Ameko X Mass Carroll.

Duration - 93 min. / 01:33.

Rating TOforeign search — 6.84.

On Christmas Eve, even the most unexpected surprises and meetings can occur. Santa Claus is given a toy puppy as a gift. The magic icicle accidentally falls on it, and it comes to life. The good grandfather gave him the name of Lapus and took him on a journey to help him deliver gifts, but suddenly the baby was lost in huge New York and Santa fell into despair. Now it only depends on the dog if children around the world will have Christmas. And for this, he must in order to find his master, which is not so easy to do, being in such a huge metropolis. But here come to the rescue a few friends who fill the film with comedy and unexpected moments.

41 place - Already who would say 3

original name - Look Who’s Talking Now.

release date - November 5, 1993.

Genre - romance, comedy, family.

Producer - Tom Ropelevsky.

Actors - John Travolta, Kersti Ellie, David Gallagher, Tabitha Lupien, Lysette Anthony.

Duration - 96 min. / 01:36.

Cinema Search Rating — 6.67.

Mike and Julia have grown up and now their actions have become even more shrewd, and dirty tricks do not give parents a minute of quiet time. Together with their favorites - the two most cute little dogs - these tomboy slowly, but surely just destroy everything inside the house. Two dogs can talk beautifully, but they are heard only on the other side of the screen.

This film is included in the list of the best films about dogs, not only for the leprosy of dogs and young children. There is drama. After all, the relationship between the parents are in the balance, a little more and they will be ready to part. Will the four desperate friends be able to save the day, or will the two children be left without a father?

40 place - White God

original name - Fehér isten.

release date - May 17, 2014.

Genre - horrors, fantasy, thriller, drama.

Producer - Cornel Mundruzo.

Actors - Zofia Psotta, Shandor Zhoter, Lily Horvath, Szabolcs Turotsi, Lily Monori, Hergey Banks.

Duration - 121 min. / 02:01.

Cinema Search Rating — 6.65.

Dogs are creatures that can not only touch and bring laughter, they are able to empathize, to pass with their masters through the most difficult, and sometimes dramatic moments in their lives. This story tells about the relationship between a teenage girl and her dog, who follows her everywhere and helps in making difficult decisions.

Hagen's dog is very attached to Lily, and when, as a result of an unforeseen and prolonged business trip of the mother, the girl has to live with her father for some time, problems begin, because the man simply disliked the dog at first sight and began to demand his immediate placement in a shelter for homeless animals. The girl persistently resisted this decision, but the dog, seeing the tension between its owners, decides to run away. And in the big city there will be many dangerous, ridiculous and tragic adventures. Meanwhile, the little girl will unsuccessfully search for her beloved friend.

39 place - Hotel for dogs

original name - Hotel for Dogs.

release date - January 15, 2009.

Genre - comedy, family.

Producer - Thor Freudenthal.

Actors - Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin, Don Cheadle, Johnny Simmons, Kyle Pratt, Troy Gentile.

Duration - 100 min. / 01:40.

Cinema Search Rating — 6.52.

Only one orphan can understand and help another. This is a well-known fact, and this is what happens in this slightly touching picture, but to the obscenely gay. The whole plot revolves around two young people who were left alone early and their entire adult life wandering from one foster family to another. There were so many adventures in their lives, but nowhere could they find something to do to their liking until they met a stray dog ​​who was determined to find a new home. And then the goal came to their mind - to build a kind of hotel for dogs, where four-legged furry creatures could live and not be persecuted. Finding an old abandoned building, Bruce and Andy came to the place, but instead of the ruins they found the first guests.

38 place - Max

original name - Max.

release date - June 25, 2015.

Genre - fantasy, drama, adventure, family, military.

Producer - Boaz Yakin.

Actors - Thomas Hayden Church, Josh Wiggins, Luke Kleintenk, Lauren Graham, Robbie Amell.

Duration - 111 min / 01:51.

Cinema Search Rating — 6.74.

The film is dedicated to the best friend and fellow man - a dog named Max. His devotion extended only to one person, with whom he participated in the hottest battles. But one day Kyle gets on a mine and tragically dies. From this point on, the man’s best friend becomes an aggressive and uncontrollable monster, with the result that the military decide to put him to sleep. Но семья умершего солдата приложила все силы на то, чтобы забрать Макса к себе и теперь его новым владельцем стал младший брат Кайла – Джастин. Теперь только в его силах помочь животному, убитому горем от потери своего любимого хозяина.

37 место – Пожарный пёс

Оригинальное название — Firehouse Dog

Дата выхода – 4 апреля 2007.

Жанр — боевик, комедия, семейный.

Режиссёр — Тодд Холлэнд.

Актёры — Джош Хатчерсон, Брюс Гринвуд, Дэш Майок, Стивен Калп, Билл Нанн, Бри Тёрнер.

Длительность — 111 мин. / 01:51.

Рейтинг КиноПоиска — 6.94.

This is a fairy tale with a kind and straightforward plot, in the center of which stands a dog named Rex. He is the star of television, leads a full and unreal glamorous life, which is characteristic of all the stars of Hollywood. One day, he accidentally finds himself on the street, where his search is hampered by the fact that Rex merges with a crowd of the same dogs as himself. And ironically, he comes across the path of a lonely boy, Shane. Their friendship has grown into something more and now the recent television star changes its role and becomes a firefighter dog who sacrifices himself to save lives.

For a boy, meeting with Rex is a gift of fate, because due to his dedication and devotion, as well as misguided acting talent, Shane finds mutual understanding with his father, who is always blamed for his constant absence from work.

36th place - Private Pioneer

release date - October 16, 2013.

Genre - children, adventure, family.

Producer - Alexander Karpilovsky.

Actors - Semen Treskunov, Yegor Klinaev, Anfisa Vistingauzen, Julia Rutberg.

Duration - 80 min. / 01:20

Cinema Search Rating — 7.19.

The dog comes to the rescue of two pioneers - literally pulls them out of the water. This simple, homeless dog, not possessing any talents, does not allow a person to die, which is what his eternal loyalty deserves. After these events, the guys decide to take care of the animal and take it under their care.

In preparation for the main holiday of the country, the children in the bustle of fun will learn that their four-legged friend was captured by a ruthless man who is ready to go even to kill an innocent animal. Now they are torn between the pioneer's debt towards society, which is actively preparing for the holidays, and the call of the heart, which says that the dog’s life is more precious than all the holidays of the world.

And only together they will be able to overcome the dangers to which an adult and quite cunning person puts them. Saving one life, they gain much more - humanity and love of others.

35 place - Spartak and Kalashnikov

release date - November 19, 2002.

Genre - drama, romance, adventure, family.

Producer - Andrey Proshkin.

Actors - Yaroslav Roschin, Ignat Akrachkov, Grigory Khristoforov, Yevgeny Krainov, Vladimir Menshov, Andrey Panin.

Duration - 95 min. / 01:35.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.29.

Shura and a puppy-dog Shepherd Spartak are two friends in misfortune whose fate depends only on them. They are not just orphans, but also street children who are always ready to support each other. On their way of life there are many obstacles, but they always come out of every trouble with honor.

Despite the seeming simplicity, they manage to do what ordinary people cannot do - they neutralize a dangerous gang of criminals who later glorify them to the whole world and present what these two people so desperately needed - recognition and gratitude of others. Now there are glimmers of hope in their fates that will change lives forever.

34 place - Dog's life (1918)

original name - A Dog’s Life.

release date - March 31, 1918.

Genre - short film, drama, comedy.

Producer - Charles Chaplin.

Actors - Charles Chaplin, Andy Anderson, Bert Eppling, Albert Austin, Henry Bergman, A.D. Blake, Mel Brown.

Duration - 33 minutes.

Cinema Search Rating — 8.07.

This humorous satire, which in its time shook the world with sparkling humor and incredible tenacity. The film shows the life of Mata and one tramp who were able to get out of the lower ranks of society and start a decent life, but filled with ridiculous and ridiculous situations. Silent movie with a masterpiece script.

33 place - Snow dogs

original name - Snow Dogs.

release date - January 18, 2002.

Genre - comedy, adventure, family, sport.

Producer - Brian Levant.

Actors - Cuba Gooding Jr., James Coburn, Cisco, Nichelle Nichols, M. Emmett Walsh, Graham Green.

Duration - 99 min. / 01:39.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.13.

How many who threw his successful life in sunny Miami and went into the very depths of Alaska? But the main character of this picture could. Ted Brooks gave up a successful dentist career and went to Alaska in search of his mother, who left him as a baby. The fact is that the man lived all his life in the networks of a huge web of lies and only now found out that he was actually adopted.

In the icy desert, he learns about the inheritance - 6 beautiful and frisky sled dogs. This is where Ted's fun life begins, which will not stop until he gets used to the current state of affairs.

32 place - Megan Leavey

original name - Megan Leavey.

release date - May 7, 2017.

release date - drama, military, biography.

Producer - Gabriela Kauperteyte.

Actors - Kate Mara, Bradley Whitford, Tom Felton, Common, Idi Falco, Will Patton.

Duration - 116 min. / 01:56.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.18.

Brave young girl serves the good of his country and is among the best soldiers of the US Army. One day she will have to get a new friend named Rex. The aggression of this dog does not allow others to use its exceptional fighting skills, but Megan was able to find a special approach to her and they became inseparable. Years passed and the girl and her dog were able to save thousands of lives, demining hundreds of mines, but everything changes after the accidental fatal injury that Megan Livi receives on the battlefield.

The rehabilitation was protracted and during this time the two friends were separated. After recovery, the girl leaves the walls of the hospital and decides, by all means, to return her comrade and faithful friend Rex.

31st place - Thanks to Winn Dixie

original name - Because of Winn-Dixie.

release date - January 26, 2005.

Genre - drama, comedy, family.

Producer - Wayne Wang.

Actors - Anna-Sophia Robb, Jeff Daniels, Cicely Tyson, Dave Matthews.

Duration - 106 min. / 01:46.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.29.

The dog that saved the life of a lonely girl. This film is about a touching story where tenderness and a loving heart can truly work wonders. Only thanks to Win Dixie, the relationship between the little daughter and the priest is getting better, and they again become a happy family. Only thanks to a randomly encountered dog, all the inhabitants of a small town acquire something new - the hope of saving not only the soul after death, but also the way of life.

This film is sure to appeal to children and adults. Of course it is sad to look at the sufferings of a little girl who was lost in the realities of this world at the very beginning, but it is very instructive to learn how one animal can influence the thoughts and actions of other people.

30 place - Lassi

original name - Lassie.

release date - December 16, 2005.

Genre - drama, comedy, adventure, family.

Producer - Charles Sturridge.

Actors - Peter O’Toole, Samantha Morton, John Lynch, Peter Dinklage, Jerry O’Brien.

Duration - 100 min. / 01:40.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.29.

Life is hard for the son of a miner, Joe Kerraklaf, who is beaten up at school. His only consolation is the collie lassie. When the mine is decommissioned, his father Sam is forced to sell the dog to the duke, who owns the local estate. The duke's servant, Hynes, scares the dog, which flees on a desperate journey home.

29th place - Volt

original name - Bolt.

release date - November 17, 2008.

Genre - cartoon, drama, comedy, adventure, family.

Producer - Byron Howard, Chris Williams.

Actors - John Travolta, Miley Cyrus, Susie Essman, Mark Walton, Malcolm MacDowell.

Duration - 96 min. / 01:36.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.29.

A very kind and slightly naive fairy tale from Disney, which is liked not only by the youngest children, teenagers also enjoy watching it, because the cinema is so colorful, all the characters are so clearly drawn, and most importantly they are so good-natured that they involuntarily cause smiles on their face.

A talented but naive dog named Volt plays a superhero movie that guards the whole society. All anything, but the baby himself believes that all this is really happening. Once in a big city, it gets entangled in a number of comical, but dangerous problems that only new friends can help.

28 place - Dog Island

original name - Isle of Dogs.

Year of issue - February 15, 2018.

Genre - cartoon, fantasy, fantasy, drama, comedy, adventure.

Producer - Wes Anderson.

Actors - Brian Cranston, Koyu Rankin, Edward Norton, Bob Balaban, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum.

Duration - 101 min. / 01:41.

Cinema Search Rating — 8.17.

Wes Anderson returns to the big screen after a four-year break, and film fans predictably expect an explosive film from him. And he shot a really beautiful story - a film about dogs, the actions of which unfold in the future. In the Japanese city of Megasaki, the mayor of the city decides to evict all the dogs, which are simply divorced, from the city and place them on a kind of island (city dump). The fact is that the whole genus of this mayor is an admirer of cats. With this begins the sparkling journey of the brave warden of the mayor, Atari Kobayashi, who decides alone to go to this island of dogs and find his favorite, sent out the very first. He not only risked disobeying the decree, but was also ready to go through thousands of dogs, many of whom had become hardened against people.

25th place - Belle and Sebastian

original name - Belle et Sébastien.

Year of issue - August 24, 2013.

Genre - adventure, family.

Producer - Nicolas Wannier.

Actors - Felix Bossuet, Cheki Kario, Margot Chatelier, Dmitri Storoz, Urbain Caucelier, Andreas Pichman.

Duration - 104 min. / 01:44.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.38.

Against the backdrop of beautiful French landscapes, a beautiful love and care story is born between a boy and a huge dog named Belle. The actions of this film take place during the Second World War, when the whole of France was fearfully awaiting the invasion of German troops into the territory of their country. At this time, a very large dog appears in one colorful village, and all the inhabitants of the village sincerely believe that the dog carries an evil omen. And only the boy Sebastian sees in the dog a true friend and protector.

The boy decides to save Belle from the massacre of the villagers and harbors him in every possible way, and in return he receives a faithful and reliable friend, with whom he will go through the whole war and remain true to his ideals of freedom, equality and fraternity.

24th place - My best friend Shylock

original name - Shiloh.

Year of issue - November 8, 1996.

Genre - drama, family.

Producer - Dale Rosenblum.

Actors - Scott Wilson, Blake Heron, Bonnie Bartlett, Rod Steiger, J. Madison Wright, Ann Daud.

Duration - 93 min. / 01:33.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.57.

Even if a person is not a big fan of dogs, even it will be hard and painful for him to watch this movie about dogs, which entered the top 50 of the best in its genre, because Shylock is a dog that has passed many tests on its way to happiness. His first owner was a very despotic tyrant who invented the most sophisticated torture for Shylock, and as a result, the puppy does not stand up and runs away from him. How painful it is to watch shots where an exhausted dog wanders through the streets of a big city in the blind hope of finding the only person whose care and tenderness can heal the dog's heart from wounds inflicted upon him by the cruelty of its first owner.

Suddenly, he meets Marty - a boy who took Shylock and went against a despotic man and even his father. As a result, he was able to win, and the dog finally found his happy home and a stable future.

23 place - the king of air

original name - Air Bud.

release date - August 1, 1997.

Genre - drama, comedy, family, sport.

Producer - Charles Martin Smith.

Actors - Michael Jeter, Kevin Zegers, Wendy McKenna, Bill Cobbs, Eric Christmas, Jay Brazo.

Duration - 98 min. / 01:38

Cinema Search Rating — 7.53.

Josh is an ordinary boy who dreams of becoming part of the school legend and therefore is trying to get into the school basketball team. But he does not succeed. For this reason, he often wanders through deserted streets and spends time in dreams. At this moment he meets Buddy - the unfortunate dog who escaped from his master. It was owned by a circus performer who could not realize himself in front of the public and each time he cruelly mocked the dog for the fact that people loved her more. Unable to withstand such trials, Buddy runs away and does his best to please Josh.

The guy took him to his home and, after going through the mother's discontent, left the little dog at home. As a result, he was accepted into the school team, but at the most crucial moment he lost. To somehow please his new owner, Buddy spoke to the public, causing a storm of delight. And it all looked on the TV mount circus. He decided by all means if he did not return the dog to himself, then at least to request a substantial payment for it.

22 place - Iron will

original name - Iron Will.

release date - January 14, 1994.

Genre - adventure, drama.

Producer - Charles Heyd.

Actors - McKenzie Astin, Kevin Spacey, David Ogden Styers, August Schellenberg.

Duration - 105 min. 01:45

Cinema Search Rating — 7.56.

Will Stoneman is an ordinary young man whose father suddenly and suddenly dies. Having lost a man who was for him not only a father, but also his best friend and teacher, Will decides to take on the duties of an elder and responsibility for the future of the family. But to raise money for the farm and further education, he decides the hard way - by participating in dog races in distant Alaska. This 522-mile race will be Will’s most serious challenge, but first he needs to rally his team of dogs.

21st place - Scarlet Border Dog

release date - May 4, 1980.

Producer - Julius Veit.

Actors - Vladimir Dubrovsky, Victor Kosykh, Vasily Kupriyanov, Vladimir Gerasimov, Nartay Begalin, Yana Druz, Alexander Kazakov.

Duration - 67 min. / 01:07

Cinema Search Rating — 7.69.

The story of loyalty between the owner and his dog. It all started with the fact that Alexei Koshkin first joined the border troops and was given a unique, eared and intelligent partner - a puppy. Alexey called him Scarlet and together they went through a lot of difficulties, but there were some funny moments. In one of the particularly difficult tasks, Scarlet saved the life of his partner, and from this began a cordial and unbreakable bond between man and dog. But soon the service life will come to an end and friends will have to leave forever.

20 place - Balto

original name - Balto.

release date - December 22, 1995.

Genre - cartoon, drama, adventure, family, story.

Producer - Simon Wells.

Actors - Kevin Bacon, Bob Hoskins, Bridget Fonda, Jim Cummings, Phil Collins, Jack Angel.

Duration - 71 min. / 01:11.

Cinema Search Rating — 8.33.

The animated movie about dogs, which opens the top 20, was shot based on historical moments that took place in Alaska back in 1925. On the outskirts of the state, children begin to fall ill with diphtheria en masse, and many have already died from complications. For treatment, it is necessary to bring special medicines to the town, which can be delivered only by a dog sled, because everything has been covered with snow, and neither trains nor other means of transport can reach the distant city. But what can ordinary dogs do against the forces of nature? Only the same wild creatures created by the storm itself are able to resist it - wolves. In extreme cases, half-breed. So, the main character of Balto is half a wolf, half a dog, always dreaming to lead a dog sled, but because of his origin, he did not even dare to come close to people, he suddenly became a hero and saved the lives of young children from a terrible death.

19th place - Dog's life

original name - A Dog’s Purpose.

release date - January 19, 2017.

Genre - fantasy, drama, comedy, adventure, family.

Producer - Lasse Hallstrom.

Actors - Josh Gad, Dennis Quaid, Peggy Lipton, KJA, Bryce Geyzar, Juliet Rylance.

Duration - 100 min. / 01:40.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.84.

Incredible fantastic story of the life and rebirth of the soul of one dog. This dog named Bailey lived in a family that literally blew away specks of dust and adored him. His master, Ethan, considered him not only a pet, but also his best friend. Time passed, the boy grew up, got married and had beautiful children, but even at that moment he did not forget about his best friend Bailey. When the time came, the old dog died and was reborn as a military dog, but even at that the series of reincarnations did not end, and in the end everything returned to normal. What purpose did the universe pursue, forcing the animal to pass through this vicious circle? But all the experience gained in the past lives, Bailey will certainly come in handy in the new life with his first owner.

18th place - All dogs go to heaven

Originaltitle - All Dogs Go to Heaven.

release date - November 17, 1989.

Genre - cartoon, musical, fantasy, drama, comedy, family.

Producer - Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Dan Künster.

Actors - Burt Reynolds, DeLuis House, Judith Barcy, Melba Moore, Daryl Gilly, Candy Devine.

Duration - 84 min. / 01:24

Cinema Search Rating — 7.90.

The life of dogs is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. So the heroes of this fantastic animated masterpiece live their complex fate. The main character - Charlie - was killed by his partner Tuporyl and went to heaven, but his dog's soul wants revenge, so he returns to life again to kill his now enemy.

Сразу после того как он вернулся, Чарли освобождает милую девушку Анн-Мари от плена Тупорыла, и вместе с ней он обыгрывает всех на скачках. Но постепенно они влюбляются друг в друга и уже мысли о мести не кажутся такими сладкими.

17 место – Ко мне, Мухтар!

Дата выхода – 13 марта 1965.

Режиссёр — Семен Туманов, В. Тиунова.

Актёры — Юрий Никулин, Владимир Емельянов, Леонид Кмит, Юрий Белов, Алла Ларионова.

Длительность — 82 мин. / 01:22.

Cinema Search Rating — 8.08.

Mukhtar is a purebred dog who leaves his mistress due to circumstances not clarified in the film and falls into the hands of a police lieutenant. The man takes the dog to the office and gets a job, but Mukhtar does not give in to training, as he is spoiled by the caress of the previous owners. But time passes, and the dog begins to take an active part in the life of the police station, helping to solve complex crimes. His zeal is rewarded with a multitude of merit and recognition of his colleagues. However, who knows what is happening in the soul of a silent creature that tries to get closer and closer to the family of its mistress?

16th place - The Road Home: An Incredible Journey

Originaltitle - Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey.

release date - February 3, 1993.

Genre - drama, comedy, adventure, family.

Producer - Duane Dunham.

Actors - Michael J. Fox, Sally Field, Don Amici, Robert Hayes, Kim Greist, Kevin Chevalia.

Duration - 84 min. / 01:24

Cinema Search Rating — 7.92.

In the same family live three pets: noisy and playful dogs Shadow and Shans and their naughty little cat Sessie. It cannot be said that they live in perfect harmony, but they are united by a common love for their owners. Chance is a very active dog who is ready to literally turn the whole house from top to bottom, while the kitty is horrified by his actions. And Shadow is an old warrior, already running back and serving his own.

Despite the great love of the owners for their pets, a day comes when they need to go to distant lands, and they leave animals with their closest friend. Such a turn of events literally cooled the fervor of animals, who were very worried that they would never be taken away, so they decided to go home on their own to find out the reason for such an act.

15th place - it can't be better

Originaltitle - As Good as It Gets.

release date - December 6, 1997.

Genre - drama, romance, comedy.

Producer - James L. Brooks.

Actors - Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear, Cuba Gooding Jr., Skit Ulrich, Shirley Knight.

Duration - 139 min. / 02:19.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.85.

The film is about a man and his dog, which supports him in difficult moments, and it does not matter that they are constantly with him. This man is literally overwhelmed with fears and delusions, and his demeanor literally rejects everyone around him. All except the waitress from the nearest cafeteria, who was used to his antics. But one day, he suddenly decides to fix his life on his own, which brings many unexpected turns into his life.

14th place - Salty Dog

release date - December 23, 1973.

Genre - drama, comedy.

Producer - Nikolai Koshelev.

Actors - Vladimir Menshov, Tatyana Shestakova, Nikolai Lavrov, Vytautas Paukshte, Victor Perevalov, Nadezhda Zhilinskaya.

Duration - 74 min. / 01:14

Cinema Search Rating — 7.99.

A street mongrel gave birth to puppies on one of the many islands on the shores of the warm waters of the sea. The owner of the island eliminated the animal and its brood, but one of the puppies remained intact, and having independently swam the bay, came to the big city.

Being lonely and not knowing neither love nor caress, he followed the first person to say a kind word to him. It was a long-distance sailor from the ship Alexey Tolstoy. Thus begins the relationship between a dog and a kind man, who suddenly became the center of his little universe.

13th place - Fluk

original name - Fluke.

release date - June 2, 1995.

Genre - fantasy, drama, family.

Producer - Carlo Carley.

Actors - Samuel L. Jackson, Matthew Modine, Nancy Travis, Eric Stoltz, Max Pomerantz.

Duration - 96 min. / 01:36.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.99.

How often in the bustle of everyday life do people not even find a minute to tell their loved ones to their loved ones? But this film, which worthily takes its place among the best films about dogs, probably teaches that life is short, and you need to appreciate and enjoy every moment lived. A young man, father and husband named Tom, dies as a result of a car accident, and his soul moves to a newborn puppy, which as a result of ironic events falls into the walls of his home. He understands how much he loves his family and how sorry he is that a lot has not been done. He also sees that his death was not accidental, but a close friend and partner were involved in the case. Is it really?

12th place - Friend

Year of issue - May 10, 1988.

Genre - drama, romance.

Producer - Leonid Kvinikhidze.

Actors - Sergey Shakurov, Vasily Livanov, Elena Solovey, Igor Yasulovich, Victor Uralsky.

Duration - 83 min. / 01:23.

Cinema Search Rating — 8.25.

Nikolai is an ordinary Russian drunkard who pours grief with a bottle and thinks that this alone can brighten up his sad state. He no longer has any friends, his family turned away from him, he lost his job and every day he only does that he is looking for a way to find money for another bottle of intoxicant. Everything in his life is empty and devoid of color, but he has a big dog with a very kind soul, it is he who keeps the man from a desperate step, after which he cannot return anything. This dog often listens to Nikolai and answers questions, helping to solve many difficult situations.

11th place - Beethoven

original name - Beethoven.

Year of issue - April 3, 1992.

Genre - drama, comedy, family.

Producer - Brian Levant.

Actors - Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt, Dean Jones, Nicole Thom, Christopher Castil, Sarah Rose Carr.

Duration - 87 min. / 01:27.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.28.

Beethoven - a huge St. Bernard, who wandered and accidentally got into the house of the Newtons family, whose life goes awry. Almost all family members fall in love with him, except the main thing - the father. The man is annoyed by the constant confusion that the dog makes, furious that he constantly gnaws everything around and completely rubs his way of licking. But in the meantime, the dog makes maximum efforts to become part of this friendly little family. Saves children from hooliganism and does not allow them to die to death, but his last act will make the father of the family literally love Beethoven.

10th place - White Bim Black Ear

Year of issue - September 15, 1977.

Producer - Stanislav Rostotsky.

Actors - Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Valentina Vladimirova, Mikhail Dadyko, Ivan Ryzhov, Irina Shevchuk.

Duration - 183 min. / 03:03.

Cinema Search Rating — 8.37.

Under this film every student cried. The tragic, sad and beautiful love story of a dog to its owner, opening the top 10 best movies about dogs.

Bim - dog wrong color and purebred marriage, he became the most beloved pet for an elderly writer, whose health has deteriorated and he went to the hospital. Unable to bear the separation, the dog decided to go in search of his master and got lost. In the process, he changed several owners, but ran away from everywhere. Until he was caught and put to sleep. At the last moment, Bima's dream came true, and he managed to see his master's tearful, remorseful eyes, to see and close his eyes forever. So a kind and pure soul leaves this cruel world filled with harshness and vengefulness.

9th place - Fox and dog

original name - The Fox and the Hound.

release date - July 10, 1981.

Genre - cartoon, drama, adventure, family.

Producer - Ted Berman, Richard Rich, Art Stevens.

Actors - Mickey Rooney, Kurt Russell, Pearl Bailey, Jack Albertson, Sandy Duncan.

Duration - 83 min. / 01:23.

Cinema Search Rating — 8.18.

On the farm of the widow Tweed lives youngster Todd, who was left orphaned because his parents were killed by hunters. This baby was also doomed to ruin, if not a kind woman. On the farm, he met the puppy Kopper, and over time they became inseparable friends. But in this tale there is one thing. Kopper was born to become a hound for hunting the relatives of Tod. Will friends be able to pass this test with dignity or grow up and become the worst enemies?

A very dramatic description of how friendship between representatives of different civilizations, nationalities and characters becomes. This tale is not only about the loyalty of the dog, but about the good and evil that lurks in each of us.

8th place - Lady and the tramp

original name - Lady and the Tramp.

release date - June 16, 1955.

Genre - cartoon, drama, romance, comedy, adventure, family.

Producer - Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Lasky.

Actors - Peggy Lee, Larry Roberts, Bill Bauck, Verna Felton, George Givot.

Duration - 76 min. / 01:16.

Cinema Search Rating — 8.18.

A Cocker Spaniel named Lady is a very spoiled person, not just a favorite in the family, but also her center. But all the beautiful someday ends, and so the Lady faded into the background after the birth of a little baby who captured all the attention of the family. All would be nothing, but the last straw in the cup of patience of a little jealous woman was the fact that they muzzled her in order to “security” the baby. Now the heroine takes a desperate step and runs away from the house, which has ceased to be her family. In tormented and offended feelings, the Lady wanders through the streets, which are filled with dangers and stray dogs. She is afraid of them and does not understand that she has become a vagabond.

7 place - History Hachiko

original name - Hachikô monogatari.

release date - August 1, 1987.

Genre - drama, biography.

Producer - Seijiro Koyama.

Actors - Tatsuya Nakadai, Kaoru Yatigus, Tosinori Omi, Toshiro Yanagiba, Mako Isino, Masumi Harukawa.

Duration - 107 min. / 01:47

Cinema Search Rating — 8.13.

A stunning and exciting story of devotion to an owner of an Akita dog. The story of Hachiko is known to the whole world not only because of its sadness, but also because it all happened in fact back in 1923 in Japan.

The film tells about the sufferings of Hachiko, who for almost 10 years waited for his owner and best friend at the same place, he went through deadly pain, longing and inexpressible despair after the death of his Man, and having failed to cope with them, spent the rest of his days in the hope that his master will return. And only having made the last breath, Hachiko could reunite with the one whom he loved more than his life.

6 place - K-9: Dog work

original name - K-9.

release date - April 28, 1989.

Genre - thriller, comedy, crime.

Producer - Rod Daniel.

Actors - James Belushi, Mel Harris, Kevin Ty, Ed O’Neal, Jerry Lee, James Handy.

Duration - 101 min. / 01:41.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.67.

Michael Dooley and Jerry Lee make up a very interesting pair of detectives who work harmoniously and skillfully, always clearly performing their tasks. But not everything is so smooth in this pair, because Jerry Lee is a super dog, a sheepdog, which is so clever and savvy that it helps his partner many times to avoid problems. As a rule, their job is to search for thieves and other petty criminals. But not this time, now the guys have to protect Michael himself from the intentions of an experienced drug dealer to kill him. And here the thunderstorm of the mafia interferes with it - Jerry Lee. This film is filled with deep meaning, which hides the whole essence of the relationship between a dog and a man. And even after so many years, the picture remains a classic detective comedy.

5th place - Red Dog

original name - Red Dog.

release date - August 4, 2011.

Genre - drama, romance, comedy, family, biography.

Producer - Curve Stenders.

Actors - Josh Lucas, Rachel Taylor, Roen Nicole, Luke Ford, Arthur Angel, John Batchelor.

Duration - 92 min. / 01:32.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.75.

A dog can change not only his life, his devotion changes all those around her. And so it happened with the Red Dog, a story about which trucker Thomas heard in the distant 70s. As soon as he crossed the line of the Australian town of Dampier, the man turned his attention to the crowd of people who tried to kill the dog, but could not do it. The situation interested Thomas and he began to ask. In response, he received simply amazing information about how a reddish dog appeared in these parts, how he won the love and recognition of people and gained a host.

4th place - White captive

original name - Eight Below.

release date - February 17, 2006.

Genre - drama, adventure, family.

Producer - Frank Marshall.

Actors - Paul Walker, Bruce Greenwood, Moon Bloodgood, Wendy Crewson, Gerard Plunket.

Duration - 120 min. / 02:00.

Cinema Search Rating — 8.13.

The story is about the life of 8 dogs left, who are forced to survive in the Antarctic environment. These animals were not deliberately abandoned, they were left for several days, but as a result of deteriorating weather conditions they did not return for them. And only after half a year, Jerry - an employee of the station and a scientist biologist - was able to return for four-legged friends who became wild, starving creatures and fought a desperate struggle with cold, hunger and death. Of the 8 vigorous and frisky sled dogs only 6 survived.

The film will make you cry and regret that a person puts equipment and other attributes above the priceless lives of our younger brothers, and yet they love us more than their lives, they trust and are always ready to forgive and accept, without even demanding explanations of cruel deeds.

3rd place - Turner and Hooch

original name - Turner & Hooch.

release date - July 28, 1989.

Genre - thriller, drama, comedy, crime.

Producer - Roger Spottyswood.

Actors - Tom Hanks, Mayor Winningham, Craig T. Nelson, Reginald VelJohnson, Scott Pauline, J.C. Quinn.

Duration - 97 min. / 01:37.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.58.

That opens the top three movies about dogs. Turner and Hooch are two completely different characters, from thinking to lifestyle. If Turner works as a professional detective and speaks out for pragmatism and order in everything, then Hooch is his exact opposite, and this dog is pretty disgraceful and loves to create disorder wherever he goes.

Turner tried to swear, fight and even be offended, but no reason would calm the dog until the owner went to the world. A fascinating story about how two different creatures are trying to find a common language in the chaos they created from thoughts, offenses and mutual disrespect.

2nd place - Marley and me

original name - Marley & Me.

release date - December 25, 2008.

Genre - drama, comedy, family.

Producer - David Frankel.

Actors - Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Eric Dane, Alan Arkin, Kathleen Turner, Nathan Gamble.

Duration - 115 min. / 01:55.

Cinema Search Rating — 7.75.

The second place to the title of the best movie about dogs in the ranking of the most-most deserved comedy melodrama, which tells the difficulties of caring for a dog in comparison with the kid. After the marriage, the two newlyweds decide to go live and work as reporters in beautiful Florida. After a while they decide that the time has come to acquire offspring, but fearing to make such a serious step, they start a dog. Determined to prove their worth to themselves, they go to great lengths to please the dog named Marley, but it was not there. The dog decided to thoroughly test their strength and presents unpleasant surprises every day.

9 Marley and me

The young family moves to a new city, and all the adults get a new job. They have ambitious plans: a car, a house, children. But first they start a dog. Who knew that she would be the greatest test of their lives.

The dog does not need any expensive cars or luxury homes or fashionable clothes. There would be a bone to gnaw - and good.

7 White captive

The movie takes place in Antarctica. The scientific expedition decided to go in search of a meteorite. However, difficult weather conditions make it necessary to leave the dog team and go back. From now on, eight dogs must fight for their lives, until they are helped.

Dogs, unlike people, do not know the expression "save only your ass."

6 Turner and Hooch

Professional detective Scott Turner doesn't like mess. In his life, everything is clearly planned. And Hooch is the most restless, ill-mannered dog, and he is in no way trainable. No luck to whom will get Hooch. Turner understood very late who he had let into the house. However, stormy scandals did not lead to anything good. Or maybe in order to defeat the enemy, you need to make friends with him?

Get off the windowsill, Hooch!

5 K-9: Dog work

Policeman Thomas Dooley is a real cool detective, he is rude to his superiors, does everything he wants and does an excellent job with all his duties. But when a new business came to him, he decided to take a dog as his partner. The dog turned out to be much more capricious than the owner — the policeman, but this only brings them closer.

I can not believe that it is from one animal.

4 White Bim Black Ear

There are films that are making their way to the depths of the soul “White Bim - Black Ear” belongs to such people - a sad story of devotion and love of a dog to its owner. You remember such films forever and there is no strength to force yourself to look again.

You can pay for the truth, but you have to pay more often for it.

The story of a dog that helped the soldiers in Afghanistan. After the tragic accident, the family takes the dog to his home the family responsible for her soldier.

Whenever I got into trouble, Max called fire on himself to protect me. It would be wrong if I did not do the same for dad.

1 To me, Mukhtar!

“To me, Mukhtar!” Is probably the first to come to mind if you ask to name a domestic film about friendship and mutual devotion of a man and a dog. The film is remembered not only by the plot, the adventures of the heroes and the wonderful shepherd, but also by the unusual serious role of the great comedian Yuri Nikulin.

Probably, dogs, as well as people, do not like when they are sold.