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Where can I meet the guy of your dreams?


  • How to meet a man of your dreams
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  • How to search for the man of your dreams

A woman is much more difficult to meet a man than a man with a woman. Perceived "military" actions by women are still ambiguous. Stereotypes dictate: the first step is the prerogative of men. A woman must wait until they approach her and take the initiative. We will not wait. We will act, but not "in the forehead", but by cunning.

Collect the dossier

Dossier we need to compile a psychological portrait of the elect. No, information about his personal life is not needed - in the future, this knowledge can only harm relationships and deprive a restful sleep. Therefore, the right to privacy is not violated. Dossier needs a different kind: interests, goals, preferences. How can this man attract and endear himself? What kind of "bait" to use so that it caught on the "hook". After all, we need not just an acquaintance, but an acquaintance with all the pleasant consequences that follow from it.

Cooking a “trap”

We learn that a dream man, for example, works in a computer company (that is, he understands computers), walks with a Labrador in a park (which means he has a dog and he loves them), plays billiards on Fridays or buys food at a pet store every Saturday for fish. This is quite enough to go to "fishing for live bait". Of course, the ideal to have a Labrador or fish. But it is troublesome and not every woman, even for the sake of the man of her dreams, is capable of such a sacrifice. In extreme cases, billiards is also suitable. Only it is necessary to be prepared: to hold a cue in hands to learn and get to them on a sphere. Now you need to choose a meeting place. Your meeting should be "random."

Sports clubs

If you have long wanted to do your figure, then enrolling in the gym, you can kill two birds with one stone: put the body in order and lose too much, as well as meet someone. And dating in such places have several advantages.

Firstly, if a man attends a sports club, it means that he is probably physically developed and well-built, or at least tends to do so. Secondly, many sportsmen of the stronger sex are disciplined and obligatory, which is also a plus. Thirdly, for sure a man is provided if he finds the means to pay for his studies.

Are there any downsides? Yes! Sports clubs may be attended by gay or narcissistic transsexuals, and there is a risk of stumbling upon one of them.

How to meet? You can go to the guy you like and ask him to tell you how to do this or that simulator.

Various courses

Where else can you meet a serious-minded guy? For courses, for example, foreign languages ​​or advanced training. Their visit will definitely be useful, and not only in terms of the ability to arrange a personal life, but also for self-development.

The courses are attended by purposeful, improving their skills and knowledge and, as a rule, intellectually developed and interesting people. So in such a place you will not stumble upon any "okhlamon" or a bum, here they have no place.

What are the disadvantages? Often these courses are attended mainly by the weaker sex.

How to meet? Ask for a synopsis or ask a question about the material under study. Just do not pretend to be stupid, it is unlikely an intelligent man will appreciate it.

According to statistics, office romances are not rare, and sometimes they end in a strong relationship or even marriage. And at work you can really meet a decent man, because here many of us spend most of our lives. In addition, you will have the opportunity to choose someone, to better consider the candidate and even learn a lot about him, as well as unobtrusively start communicating with your favorite young man, for example, during the work process or at a corporate party.

There are a few drawbacks. First, because of gossip and rumors, you can add up the wrong opinion about a person and stop communicating with him. Secondly, if you start a relationship with a man you like, the novel will surely be the subject of constant discussions of colleagues. Thirdly, after a probable rupture, both ex-lovers will have a hard time constantly colliding with each other, especially if the separation was painful.

How to meet? Usually, all the colleagues are familiar, but if the guy works in another office, then you can either wait for the corporate party, or start communication under a working pretext, or send a message by mail with an offer to meet.

Rest, trip

You can meet your destiny far from home, for example, when traveling to another country or on vacation abroad. On vacation, you will be relaxed and open to communication, which will increase the chances of promising acquaintance. Increase the likelihood to meet the dream of a good mood and well-groomed appearance.

What are the disadvantages of such a place for dating? First, many men travel with their families or lovers. Second, vacation and travel are rare, which reduces the likelihood of starting an acquaintance. The third minus: holiday romance often ends after vacation and rarely turn into something serious.

Meeting website

In our age of high technology and the rapid rhythm of life dating sites are very popular, and there are several reasons. First, here many are purposefully looking for love or a partner. Secondly, it is extremely easy to start communication: you only need to write a message or respond to it if the interlocutor has taken the first step.

This method has a lot of minuses. First: many men provide embellished, distorted or completely untrue information about themselves. The second drawback: not everyone has serious intentions: some are looking for ways of entertainment or sex without commitment. The third drawback: your expectations and impressions may not coincide with reality.

How to meet a man? Register on the site, create a profile and start chatting.

Social networks

You can start dating in one of the social networks. Many modern men are registered in them, and the pages of some describe in detail the lives of the owners (including the personal one). In addition, virtual communication is much easier to start than the real one.

Are there any downsides? Of course! First, again, not all provide accurate information. Secondly, it is not at all necessary that virtual communication will end in a real and all the more serious relationship.

How to meet? Using the search for the parameters you need (age, city, marital status), find applicants, browse through the pages and write to the men you like. And often guys write first.

Club, party

Often dating occur in clubs or at parties. And to begin communication in such conditions is really simpler: everyone is relaxed, cheerful, open and determined to rest. You can also try to look at the representatives of the strong half of humanity, choose someone and try to attract attention. And often men are the first to start dating.

There are several minuses. Firstly, at parties, many are sorted out with alcohol and behave indecently. Secondly, acquaintances that occurred in clubs often end quickly and do not turn into something more. Thirdly, at parties, many are looking for only a girl for one night.

How to meet? Ask to make it a mutual friend, to draw attention to yourself (with a look, dance, ambiguous smiles) or to start communication first.

City holiday

Surely in your city are holidays, which are crowds of local residents. And such an event is a great occasion to start a conversation, including with the goal of establishing a relationship. Everyone gathered here to have a great time and have fun, so the mood is good and the state is relaxed.

Cons: large crowds of people, loud noise, high probability of being lost in the crowd, not having time to exchange phone numbers.

How to meet? Come up and talk about the holiday, ask about something (for example, where you can buy ice cream).

Bars, cafes, restaurants

In such places, very often they make acquaintances, because people come here to have a tasty meal, have a good time and relax. And alcohol additionally relaxes and gives courage that many people lack in everyday life.

Cons: the guy may be busy (married or having a girl) and keep silent about it, there is a possibility of indecent behavior.

How to meet? Accidentally hit the man you liked during the dance and it is nice to apologize, look at him intently and “shoot his eyes” or boldly walk up and talk.

Other places

There are other, sometimes very original places for dating and meetings:

  1. Traffic jam. Avtoledi may well meet with another motorist who turned out to be in a jam.
  2. The shops. Everyone goes to them, and sometimes in their free time and in high spirits. But a man can be tired after work or hurrying somewhere, which will reduce the chances of communication.
  3. Mass city quest. Now such events are in fashion, so you can probably get acquainted with the "advanced" and active young man.
  4. The outside. The place is by no means original, but quite a few casual acquaintances take place here.
  5. Public transport. The accumulation of people increases the chances of starting a conversation.

Let the ideas discussed in the article help you finally meet, the other half, or at least make an interesting acquaintance.

In the fun company of your friends

If a young beautiful woman has a huge company of friends, then surely some of them will definitely find an idle super man who dreams of meeting his soul mate. So why not combine into one two lonely hearts, which, as if, turned out to be by chance in one common company.

In places of public leisure

With a decent single man, it is easy and simple to engage in casual conversation, which will lead to a serious acquaintance, in a park, a museum, in an exhibition hall, or in a presentation.

Another erroneous statement that it is impossible to meet a decent man during a walk on the street. Even as possible! It is worth noting that this kind of familiarity with the man you like is suitable only for sociable ladies without complexes.


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On dating sites

To get acquainted with a decent single man and really on the Internet. Today there are millions of websites on the Internet, where there are women, as well as men, who dream of finding their own destiny and dream.

It can be concluded that in the modern world there are millions of millions of places to get acquainted with the man of your dreams. From this it follows that a lonely young lady only needs to decide which of the above options suits her most accurately.

Be prudent

To protect herself from gigolos, ladies' men, marriage speculators, a young woman should remember such precautions:

  • the first date should always occur in a crowded place in a neutral territory,
  • Before deciding to invite a man to her home, a woman should know at least where the man works and his home address,
  • do not believe everything said.

Set up for a meeting

Dear ladies, remember, your fateful meeting with the man of your dreams can happen at any time and in any place, so you should always be at your best, pay attention to all the men around you, constantly monitor your facial expressions, gait, posture.

Fitness club

Dress code: Sports crochet top, leggings, bright sneakers, light nude makeup - a little highlighter, expressive eyebrows and a drop of moisturizing lip balm are necessary to not look as ridiculous as Miranda Hobbs, hair loose and carelessly arranged or gathered in a neat tail.

Suitable time: Afternoon at the weekend or after 20:00 on weekdays.

Despite the fact that the mission to meet the "one" in the gym seems to you too easy, do not flatter yourself. Firstly, you can definitely not catch him during a trial workout (so you will have to buy an abonent). Secondly, a dream man is unlikely to look into a usual fitness club near your house (unless of course you live near Moscow-City). But training at the World Class or the Nebo fitness club promises to be a success.

Dress code: makeup - it is better to focus on the eyes, fluttering, pre-packed in unobtrusive curls, hair (do not forget to open the window and turn on the music), a shirt with a mysteriously unbuttoned top button or top, which draws attention to the neck and shoulders.

Suitable time: on weekdays from 8 to 9 in the morning, in the evening from 17.30 to 19.00 (on Friday - until 20.30).

Getting in traffic is a great way to unwind. While others are nervous and scolding the whole world, you can find the love of your life. The neighbors on the highway will be surprised when you, instead of complaining about the lateness and injustice of this world, will smile or enjoy listening to your favorite music, and there is not far to a pleasant dialogue. Although there may be an alternative option - remember “La La Land”.

Dress code: an elegant suit (trousers must underline the figure), a narrow midi skirt, a fitted shirt. If you don’t need to dress strictly, you are still advised to stick to a feminine semi-formal style, but sometimes allow yourself to relax to show that even a girl with a perfect wardrobe can be “her boyfriend.”

Suitable time: the beginning of the working day, lunch time, the end of the working day.

Of course, this whole instruction may be relevant if you work in a large company with many men. In another case, this is a reason to think about moving to a new company. In general, men in large corporations are too busy with work, and 90% are also married, but this does not mean that you have to give up. Make acquaintances, discuss work (it is important to show here that you are not only a beautiful woman, but also a professional), join in the dinner with a vending male company. Perhaps very soon you will have lunch with that handsome man in a Ralph Lauren costume or have dinner - in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Fashionable restaurant

Dress code: a suit that emphasizes the figure, a midi dress with a raincoat or a trench coat over or a light dress, a free light shirt tucked into pants with a high waist. Classic pumps, ankle boots or light wedge shoes.

Suitable time: from 9 to 10 in the morning, from 20.00, sometimes at lunchtime, which is often set aside for important meetings and negotiations.

Nobu, “Dr. Zhivago ”, La Marée,“ Pushkin ”, Brasserie Most,“ Coffeemania ”on Bolshaya Nikitskaya. And also Gutai, Saxon & Parol, and indeed all Patricks - there you will surely meet the one you are looking for. Just do not rush to dress up as the best reception in your life. Men who come to these places for breakfast or dinner, as a rule, are in search of a relaxed atmosphere - no need to become too bright a spot in his perfect morning. So, taking a girlfriend with you, and ideally only a laptop and your meek charm, go to quench your appetite and thirst for attention.

Trendy Bar

Dress code: skinny jeans, crop tops, dresses with bare shoulders and even sequins to help you. With preparation for dancing in a trendy bar, you can excel, but, most importantly, do not turn into a doll with curls and do not dive headlong into the highlighter - after all, Paradise club stayed away in 2007. Remember the main rule - stylish, but in moderation.

Suitable time: from 23.00 to 04.00.

There are three main locations that you should visit: “Simachev”, Noor bar and all the same Patriarshie, where there are tiny bars like “Keanu” (creative men usually drink there: like actor Yuri Kolokolnikov) and “Klava” (with the last it is worth being careful: you may be sent off by regular female hunters). A mandatory arsenal of weapons is naturalness, a smile, a willingness to drink, but not “only one”, and then forget what happened between 01:00 and late morning, but a few glasses of wine or something stronger, but moderately so that you have fun and easy.

Dress code: зависит от выставки, но если это не громкое светское открытие, то подойдет повседневная одежда — джинсы, легкий свитер или летящий топ, сверху куртка или плащ.

Подходящее время: в будни днем (заядлые любители искусства редко работают из офиса), в выходной день с 15.00 до 17.00.

Пусть это будет «Третьяковка», Пушкинский музей, «Гараж» или Мультимедиа арт-музей. Не так важно место, как его начинка. Here, for example, lovers of the classics go to the Tretyakov Gallery, wishing to be among the first to see the new exhibition or foreign tourists, and to the Garage - fashionable young people, although among them male connoisseurs and older can often get caught. But you just do not lose sight of them and have time to discuss your favorite (and not very) exhibit.

Dress code: for the coast, choose minimalistic, separate and colorful swimsuits, strapless dresses, figure-emphasized sundresses, overalls that leave room for imagination, and the most courageous can experiment with “naked” dresses in the best traditions of Bella Hadid.

Suitable time: May holidays, from mid-July until the end of August, the second half of October, the New Year holidays and the second half of February.

So, it's time to expand the horizons and go exploring to travel. As a rule, successful and beautiful rest in Dubai (Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach hotels), Bali (villas in Nusa Dua, Uluwatu), in Miami, Mauritius, and also on Thai resorts - Samui and Phuket. Of course, if you stay at a hotel, the chance to meet “that very one” in two accounts increases, especially if it is a closed territory. In Bali and Miami, in addition to walks on the beach in a bikini, you can surf and ask for a couple of lessons from the most agile wave fighter.

Ski resort

Dress code: all necessary equipment will be needed here (especially if you never went to the mountains, and especially did not descend from them): special boots with a stop, glasses, a backpack, three layers of clothing (thermal underwear, things from insulation materials, a jacket and trousers, not skipping the wind) and this is only a minimal set, not to mention insurance, ropes and the rest of the arsenal.

Suitable time: New Year's holidays and the end of February are best for conquering peaks, the beginning of June, the end of August and the end of September are suitable for hiking.

In the notorious Courchevel most often families arrive, but men's companies are also not rare here - it is better to go here during the cold season. The atmosphere in Ski Dubai in the UAE is warmer - it will be comfortable for those who are ready to go to the trendy hotel bar right after the descent from the next slope. The most expensive ski resort is Aspen in Colorado, and right after it you can mark the slopes of Switzerland, but there you can often meet not only big bosses, but also attractive sports fans with a disarming smile and willingness to help you.

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