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How to learn how to dance in a nightclub?


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Dancing at the disco

In order not to fall into the dirt with your face, and beautifully move to the music at a disco or in a club, you do not need to learn complex pas or tricks. Dance skills need to learn from the very first steps. Dance is body language, and you need to learn from a visual example. Therefore, when learning, it is desirable that someone watches him as you move.

Who can teach to dance:

♪ Personal trainer. This method is good because an experienced person will tell in detail about all the intricacies of dance skills. The coach will be able to teach the basics, will tell you how slow dances are dancing, and explain how to behave on the dance floor. If you move incorrectly, this person will point out the mistakes made and help to fix it.

♪ Self-study. You can learn to dance yourself. There are tons of videos on the Internet today that will help you master the art of dance. Of course, if there are errors, nobody will tell you about it. But visual inspection can be organized using a mirror. Dance in front of the mirror, watch your movements, and compare them with what you see on the screen. For dancing at the disco this will be enough.

But it is also worth remembering that a disco or a hike in a club is an exclusively entertaining event. All dance as they feel, and no one will follow the technique of your movements. Just enjoy it, that's the whole secret. To make it look beautiful, you can follow these tips:

♪ Need to immerse yourself in music. Do not pay attention to others, their words, movements, you can even close your eyes. Try to catch the rhythm of the playing composition, and start moving.

♪ Do not dwell on your movements. Let the body move by itself.

Important! Many people are embarrassed to dance in clubs and discos because of the opinions of others, but it is worth remembering that at such moments people only think about themselves. Therefore, do not be shy, just move, surrender to the moment, forget about others!

♪ Enjoy the dance. People who know how to feel the moment and enjoy it always attract others to themselves. Feel every movement, every part of your body and dance!

How and where to study:

1. As mentioned above, you can always learn from the coach. Especially in big cities you can always find some kind of dance school, or sign up for private lessons.

2. In clubs, as a rule, hip-hop, funk, RNB, GO-GO dance. Visit dance schools, see what is right for you. In addition, in such institutions often spend an open door, and if you are not sure, you can always see and evaluate all the prospects.

Important! Such training may soon turn into a real hobby. Dance classes will help to correct the figure, they will cheer up, and gazes on the dance floor will raise self-esteem.

3. If the goal of training is to learn how to dance in a club, 1-2 weeks of training will be enough. Further skill can be tightened at home, or already directly in night establishments.

4. Visiting the gym can also help. Slender and smart girls look more harmonious, and their movements seem a bit more plastic. In addition, this approach will help move more plastic.

Still can help, as was written above, video tutorials. For dancing in the club to any music this will be more than enough. Do not be afraid and wind yourself. Most often it is complexes and stiffness that become the key to the problem. The more relaxed you behave on the dance floor, the more rhythmic and graceful the movements will be. The main thing to believe in yourself.

Just a couple of useful tips:

♫ Try to move gracefully and plastically.

♫ For your dance is important your mood. Go dance preferably only in good spirits.

♫ Just watch the other dancers. Looking at them you will understand what movements can be used, and how to move is definitely not necessary.

Summarizing, you can understand that the key to a successful dance is the minimum of constraint and ability to listen to music. Especially electronic music, which makes up the main part of the playlist in any night institution, itself pushes one or another movement. Just listen to her rhythm and relax. Imagine that only you and the music are on the dance floor.

Dance for yourself, not for someone to like

It is necessary to dance for yourself and not for the sake of someone. If you dance so that the girls pay attention to you, then you waste your time in vain.

Even if the guy is cool dancing and is professionally dancing, all people around do not care at all. So enjoy the process and dance only for your own pleasure.

It is not necessary to go to special circles

Watch the first video, the guy is cool dancing in the club just openly expressing yourself. He does not think about movements. He is relaxed. You can just jump on the spot to the beat of the music. It is not necessary to register in any special circles or sections in order to be able to dance. You can also dance so cool right now.

In order to understand how to learn to dance, a guy does not need to spend a lot of money on a teacher.

How I love to dance

I like to dance at discos funny, awkwardly, as if a bear stepped on my foot. And since I like it, people around like it too. And if not, these are their problems and only them. It's all about your interpretation and perception. Have the right perception and you will always know how a guy can dance in a disco.

Video bomb "The guy lights the street"

Once we walked with a friend across the bay and saw a flash mob. Around danced couples from the local dance studio. Dima went to the middle and showed his master class, gave everyone free lessons. I shot it on a mobile phone. I liked his dancing more than dancing couples around. People applauded Dima. You can also dance in the club. Watch a video on how this guy is cool dancing in the street, here. Enjoy watching.

Dancing - a good pastime in the clubespecially when you are tired of meeting girls and just want to relax. Tired of dancing - do not dance. If you feel that during the dance becomes uncomfortable and the condition worsens, do not force yourself.

How not to be embarrassed during the dance and score on someone else's opinion

  1. The most important thing is not to look around and dance for your pleasure, especially if you just went to the club and still feel uncomfortable. Do not look for views on yourself, do not look around, be in the dance. If you start looking for someone else's views, you will find.
  2. Just enjoy the music, yourself. No one cares if you can dance or not.
  3. There are a lot of guys dancing funny. But they do it so confidently and without problems, that their dancing is their highlight. Likewise, your dances, whatever they may be - this is your highlight.
  4. Even if you are a big beginner and you do not quite cool dance, then nothing terrible will happen. Nobody will push you and ask you to leave because of your awkward movements. Maximum you will cause a smile on people's faces. But you then cares about this?

You can watch again as we dance in the video clips above and see this. We have no problem with how to dance in the club, on the street and anywhere. And you should have no problems either.

On our website, by reference, you can read more about how to get rid of shyness and score on someone else's opinion.

How to act?

Often guys go to clubs to meet a girl. I want to attract her attention. This can be done with the help of dance. Learning a guy to dance beautifully in a club is not so difficult. You can watch friends when they dance. And the best thing is to watch home video lessons on club dances, then try to repeat the movements in front of the mirror.

We decided to learn to surprise friends, then the plan is:

  • pick up club music. This style can be techno or r’n’b. You need to learn how to get real pleasure from these styles.
  • Selected music should sound at home every day. Include it in the morning, at breakfast,
  • so gradually will be your favorite songs, the rhythm of which will provoke to dance. Try improvising. Many guys like to dance at home to music,
  • Pay attention to how the guys dance in the clubs. If someone's movements attracted attention, at home, repeat after him to the music,
  • having mastered the basic dance moves at home, it will not be terrible to try yourself in a disco.

It is important to stop pinching, shy. Try not to think how you look from the side. The main rule works at a disco - be yourself!

Be yourself

To a guy learn how to dance in a club, you need to be able to listen to music, recharge it with energy. Not everyone can fully concentrate on the dance. Therefore, you should first practice at home.

The atmosphere of the disco disposes to dance:

  • very loud, rhythmic music,
  • club lighting, penetrating laser beams,
  • beautiful dancing girls.

Stop thinking that everyone can dance professionally. Someone easier to plunge into the club life, feel comfortable, someone feels more squeezed. The main thing is to start. Forget about all the difficulties, problems, leave them behind the disco door. Just be yourself and dance.

Girls like confident guys

If you have already come to the disco, do not sit at the table. Try to behave relaxedly, but in decent frames. Girls pay attention to guys who look natural and can make confident decisions.

Do not be afraid to go to the dance floor. You have already seen enough lessons on how to dance in a guy disco. It remains only to try. Girls love determined guys - act!

Professional lessons

Try to sign up for dance professionals. There are a lot of advantages:

  • meeting new people (and maybe a new hobby),
  • it's always fun, positive,
  • physical fitness,
  • will teach you how to move nicely and correctly
  • the complexes will disappear (constraint and tightness).

You can resemble such classes for a month, learn basic movements. Further already just develop the acquired skills. Many guys are so carried away training that they begin to constantly attend classes and even participate in public speaking.

If the constraint still outweighs, then leave home option lessons. Relaxation will come with time. Every case loves consistency. This is the only way to achieve the desired result. More often watch the video about how to learn to dance in the disco guy. You yourself will not notice how you capture music.

Keep it simple

Most young people in discos and clubs do not know how to move properly. They do not know the movements of a particular dance, or cannot follow the rhythm. But more often than not, no one sees. And all because you do not need to think about what you will look and discuss. These are complexes that need to be disposed of urgently.

Girls are a bit easier than dancing at a guy's club. Compared to guys, it's easier for them to express their emotions while dancing. They are more liberated and know how to file themselves correctly. Watch their behavior. Learn not only to hear music, but also to feel its rhythm.

When many people are dancing at the same time, it is much easier to merge with the crowd and start moving with it to the beat. In dance, you can express any emotion, the main thing is to fully relax. How to learn a guy to dance in a disco - simple movements will help start the dance. Repeat for all the moving waves, surrender to the rhythm of the music. Everything will work out!

Can you learn to dance?

Some people think that the ability to dance is a talent or a gift. Yes, in fact, some people do it much better than others. Looking at these people, you might think that they began to dance before they went. And what about those who do not feel the rhythm and are not flexible? Study, study and study again!

Well, and, of course, be patient and find free time. If you strive to achieve your goal, you will certainly succeed. Probably you will not become a star of the dance floor, but you will definitely feel much more confident and liberated in nightclubs.

Dance schools

In every city today there are dance schools and dance circles. Register there and start learning. If you can’t dance at all, sign up for a group for beginners. If you have some skills, you can try your hand in the group for the "advanced".

In this case, you can observe more experienced people and learn from not only the teacher, but also from them. But if you don’t have basic skills, then you will feel uneasy among more experienced comrades. Yes, and keep up with them, you can not.

Choosing a dance school, pay attention to its location. Surely you do not want to go to the other end of the city. In addition, it is not necessary to look for schools that train professionals. First, you do not need it, because your goal is to learn to dance beautifully in a nightclub. Secondly, the cost of training in this case will be higher.

As for the frequency, frequency and time of classes, it is advisable to attend classes at least twice a week, because if the break between workouts is too large, then you will forget everything and cannot even master the basics. The duration of one class is usually 1-1.5 hours. Time choose according to your daily routine.

Individual sessions

If you study in a group, you are shy, then find a dance teacher who can work with you individually. Of course, it will cost much more than attending group classes in a dance school, but individual lessons have a lot of advantages.

  • First, all the attention of the teacher will be paid only to you. He will be able to assess your level of training and your abilities, identify all errors and correct them, as well as find an approach, develop an individual program and give useful recommendations.
  • Secondly, there will be no other people around you, and their presence is very confusing to many.
  • Thirdly, you will not be distracted and will be able to concentrate on the dance.
  • And fourthly, you can increase the duration of the lesson and complete an accelerated course.

Find a teacher today is easy. This can be done using the Internet. Try to go to the forum dedicated to dancing, find people from your city there and ask them for advice. You can also ask your friends. By the way, probably one of your friends or colleagues is dancing quite well. Ask for help to such a person, for sure he will agree to help. Offer him a nominal fee, so as not to feel obliged.

Learning by yourself

In this age of high technology there are plenty of opportunities. And you can learn to dance fashionably even at home. What is needed for this? Just a few components:

  • Educational video. It is important to make the right choice. First, choose a video tutorial with simple movements for beginners, as you may not be able to make it too complicated in the first stages of training. It is advisable to find a whole course of study in which there is a consistent transition from simple dance movements and ligaments to more complex ones. Secondly, look for a video with comments in your own language. Some movements require clarification, and if the teacher speaks a foreign language, you simply will not understand anything.
  • Large mirror. It is necessary in order to assess their success. It may seem to you that the movement is great at you, but in fact you are doing it in a completely different way. Take a look at yourself from the side to see your mistakes. Try to constantly gaze at least in the mirror to identify shortcomings in time and immediately correct them. If you first master the movements, and then see them from the side, then it will be quite difficult to retrain. It is much easier to hone skills, making adjustments at first.
  • Comfortable clothes. Yes, in a nightclub you will dance in stylish and fashionable clothes, because any girl wants to be attractive. But at the stage of learning and mastering the basics, comfortable clothing will be optimal and appropriate. Wear a top or T-shirt and sweatpants or shorts. When you have all the movements, put on a short dress and dance in it. This will allow you to recreate the atmosphere of a nightclub and understand how to move in clubwear.
  • Что касается обуви, то сначала заниматься можно босиком. Затем стоит надеть какую-то обувь, но удобную. Когда вы почувствуете себя профессионалом, надевайте туфли или босоножки на каблуках. So you can prepare for one hundred percent and not just learn how to move, but learn how to be clever and at the same time attractive in any image and in any situation.

Go to a nightclub

If you don’t have free time to study, and you really want to dance in a nightclub, then go there and start learning right there. Some useful tips for the most courageous and goal-oriented:

  1. It is best to come to the club with a friend, and even better with a few friends. This will allow you not to stand out from the crowd and feel more confident thanks to the support of people you know.
  2. If you go to the dance floor is scary, then try to drink a glass of wine for courage. Wine, firstly, improves blood circulation, and secondly, improves mood. But do not overdo it! Otherwise, instead of courage, you will get clumsiness and a silly look.
  3. Relax. If your body and muscles are constrained, then you just can not move or will do it ridiculous and ridiculous. So for a start, inspect the dance floor and those who are present on it, take a little walk. By the way, after examining all those present, you can be sure that not all are masters of dance, and this will reassure you.
  4. Come out and start looking around. Choose a simple movement and look through the eyes of those who, in your opinion, dance well. But do not hold your eyes for a long time and do not look closely, you may be misunderstood. Try to repeat your favorite movements. Start with simple ones and master them, then move on to more complex ones.
  5. Go to the club as often as possible to maintain and develop your skills and learn something new.
  6. Until you feel confident, it is better to choose stylish but comfortable clothes: bright jeans, trendy T-shirts or tops and boots or ankle boots on a flat sole.

Useful tips

Some useful tips for beginner dancers:

  • Music should make you move, you should feel it in your body. So more often turn on dynamic compositions and dance, closing your eyes and maintaining a rhythm.
  • If you are not confident in yourself, do not dance to complex compositions.
  • Having learned some kind of successful movement, do not use only it in the dance, it will look silly. Master new bundles and develop.
  • Do not hesitate and do not be afraid, everyone once started.

Step by Step Action Plan

  • Start by getting to know popular club music. Download some songs and listen to a few days. Will help the player. Accompany listening to dancing. Let it sound when you work or communicate.
  • You will have a few favorite works and determine their own direction. If you want to move while you are playing music, make it fun. You can not force yourself.
  • After move to more active actions. Visit a nightclub and carefully inspect the dance floor. Surely, there will be a dancer on her, whose movements will be liked. It will remain unnoticed to adopt them.
  • After this "outing" pay special attention to homework. At home, carefully work out the movements borrowed from an experienced dancer. Try to improvise, because the character and atmosphere of the dance depends on the DJ and the dancers.
  • Over time, learn to dance well. If this does not seem enough, sign up for a dance school and take your skills to a new level.

You will achieve great success in the club, if you relax and feel how to manage your own body. Sometimes a person to become a dancer is not given. I think such units. Practically every lover of night clubs can conquer the peak of club dances.

Club Dance Tips for Guys

Many guys want to learn how to dance cool in clubs, because they do not want to look ridiculous in the eyes of friends. Even people who occasionally drop in at nightclubs do great dancing if they follow the rules.

Club dances are varied, it is easy to find a suitable style that will allow you to look decent on the dance floor.

You can bring originality and originality into the style by successfully combining elements of various dances.

Professional dance schools

  1. Lessons in the direction you choose yourself will teach you to dance, introduce you to people, help you lose a few pounds, improve your physical health and have fun.
  2. Constant training will teach you to relax, make movements free and relaxed. If there was stiffness and constraint, such a ballast will pass.
  3. Choose a school carefully. If you like a certain option, be sure to attend a free lesson, inspect the dance hall and chat with teachers.
  4. You can not dance professionally right away. To prepare for dancing at the disco will require no more than ten classes. Just repeat the movements you learned in class at home.
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Training for guys at home

  1. If there is no time for a dance school, practice at home. The effectiveness of home schooling is a little worse. The main thing is the desire to learn to dance.
  2. On the Internet there is a wide selection of training videos, looking through which you will learn the secrets of professional dancers.
  3. During home workouts, constantly look at yourself in the mirror to monitor movements and make them perfect. Homeschooling alone is not enough; constant practice is required on a real site.

Lesson for beginners

How does a guy behave in a club

  1. If you hit the club, try to relax. Do not think that the dance will be unfashionable. Release your emotions and have fun. It will turn out to move beautifully, if the movements are relaxed and confident.
  2. On the dance floor listen to the rhythm. Strive to make it fit. Improvise. If you constantly dance on the pattern, it quickly bored.
  3. Only a man with a flexible body and excellent plasticity dances beautifully. Keep fit by exercising and exercising.

With the help of simple recommendations any guy will quickly learn how to dance. If you manage to put the soul into the dance, the fair sex will surely throw you with admiring glances. A beautiful dance will help you get to know your body and know your inner world.

Tips and video lessons on club dance girls

Club dances are amazing variety. They help girls establish contact with guys, which often leads to the beginning of a romantic relationship. Some women of fashion with the help of dancing try to stand out from the crowd, moving attractively and gracefully.

Let's pretend that you are in a beautiful nightclub. You sit at a table, drink tequila, begins to play your favorite musical composition. Under the influence of incomprehensible forces, you slowly rise and move towards the dance floor. What's next?

  • Listen carefully to the rhythm. If they succeed, the dance will be graceful and graceful. The person who is beaten out from a rhythm, brings disharmony on a platform.
  • Get rid of uncertainty and relax. Unchained movements look beautiful. During the dance, have fun, not filling your head with thoughts.
  • The first movements are always slow. On the first beat, do not swing your arms; such movements are very tiring. By the middle of the dance program you get tired.
  • During the dance is not recommended to shoot the eyes on the sides. In nightclubs, use this weapon carefully.
  • Do not copy the movements of other dancers. Dare to improvise, make movements original and unique.

I can add that only girls with a flexible and flexible body can move beautifully. If everyday life is not very active, you have to sit at the table for hours at work, the body's reaction to going to the club can be unpredictable. It is easy to avoid. Daily morning exercises and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Video tutorial for beginners

Based on personal experience, I will note that girls behave more relaxedly and freely on the dance floor. Sometimes there are shy personages. If you are one of them, enroll in a dance school. By attending classes, under the guidance of a teacher, you will get rid of the complexes and release the body.

The benefits of dancing

Any girl wants leisure to be rich, interesting and rewarding. Many of the fair sex attend a dance school. Very good, because it is - a pledge of strong physical and psychological health.

According to doctors, dancing should be practiced regardless of profession, age and gender. The movements tone up the blood vessels, muscles and joints, which has a positive effect on the state of health. Scientists have shown that people who regularly attend dance classes or dance at home have strong immunity and a stable metabolism.

Dance classes contribute to the disappearance of problems associated with the spine. Posture becomes perfectly smooth. If you are interested in stopping slouching, sign up for a dance. Dancing will make the walk beautiful and graceful.

Dancing is the perfect solution for the insecure and notorious. Rhythmic movements liberate, add confidence and activate the desire to communicate.

Throw shyness in the box, stock up with desire and confidence, and go to the dance floor to conquer hearts.