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Wardrobe and necessary things in the sea cruise


Well, spring has come, I do not really want to sit at home in an armchair with a book, and it seems that everyone is already planning a vacation. I increasingly began to stumble on photos of luggage and vacation sets and decided to make here a selection of capsules for the holidays, fit in one suitcase (sometimes even in hand luggage).

There are examples of capsules for different types of holidays - both at sea and in the city, for different weather conditions.

And, by the way, there are a lot of good formulas, when the creators of the capsules offer a certain number of “tops”, “bottoms”, accessories, and so on, I think it will be easier for many with such math.

All pictures are clickable and lead to primary sources.

Monochrome capsule. Pay attention to the elegant top, pumps and clutch - things that can turn the whole set into a smart casual from casual.

Autumn wardrobe for two weeks. The neutral base and a few accents of deaf flowers, ideal for the summer color type, are quite well combined with each other, and the capsule does not work dull.

And here is the formula for how to assemble a dressing capsule for a vacation in the southern resort.

Mini-cheat sheet how to pack in a suitcase.

The wardrobe capsule for 3 weeks, containing in hand luggage. In fact, there is a rather controversial combination of colors (black and white contrasts with bright blue for the winter color type and here also a pearl-gray scarf with dusty shades for summer). But the set of things can be taken as a basis by adjusting the color range.

Another attempt to derive the formula capsular wardrobe. A good approach: first assemble the base capsule, and then add color accents to it.

How to assemble a wardrobe for two weeks in hand luggage (plus, in this list, you can immediately estimate how many places will be occupied by other necessary things that usually do not include in the wardrobe sets - underwear, pajamas, cosmetic bag, shower slippers, etc.):

What to bring to Europe in the spring - a very minimal capsule:

And again - 16 things, 40 outfits in one suitcase. A good mini-wardrobe for autumn-spring, however, for traveling personally, I am confused by shoes, especially rubber boots - there are not so many places where they really will be needed, and putting heavy hunters, like in the photo, in a suitcase is right away +2 , 5 kg, which, given the limit of many airlines for hand luggage of 10 kg, is already critical.

Vacation capsule for the summer color type (16 things that fit in a suitcase. Pay attention to the list - focusing on it, you can collect a capsule from what you have in your wardrobe):

And again a capsule for a vacation in Paris, this time in summer - but in fact just a good summer capsule, with which you can go to Samara and Sochi. But personally, I would replace two pairs of shorts with two skirts - long and semi-long, this will give more room for creativity.

Another autumn capsule for the week, which should fit in hand luggage. Pay attention to the colors: the capsule is small, but because of the multi-colored tops, it gives a sense of diversity.

Here is a small, but very bright capsule. Be careful with prints and textures, everything should be in perfect harmony in color.

Wardrobe for a trip to Europe. A good neutral base, but here it is better to replace some of the things with brighter ones - otherwise this capsule will get bored very quickly.

Pastel-colored summer capsule - a story rather for a working trip:

Very simple mini-capsule in the style of casual - this can be taken on a trip for a week. And again, an excellent formula: 4 basic images + an additional layer (sweatshirt and a bright cardigan) to diversify the capsule.

The capsule is called “7 winter days”, but the number of tops seems redundant here - but for two weeks it is a good option.

Again, questions about color, but there is a good set of things to look quite diverse in style - from very casual looks with a plaid shirt and sneakers, to formal ones with a little black dress and a complicated cardigan (by the way, it can also be worn with shoes and sneakers ),

And again the formula: accessories - 5 items, 4 tops, 3 bottoms, 2 pairs of shoes, bag. A great option for a cool summer or a warm spring in the city.

Capsule in Tile casual for vacation by the lake or the cool sea (for example, for spring Crete on a last minute package or something like that).

And again, a whole list for the suitcase, where everything is already counted. It is a viable capsule for a holiday in the city, only I would take the second pants just white, beige or rose-colored - otherwise you can easily miss the mix of prints, and the dress can be lengthened).

Here is another tiny capsule for two weeks with explanations (and it really fits easily into hand luggage).

This capsule is offered for three weeks and also in hand luggage (there is already doubtful - one pair of shoes), but also an option for those who love variety: