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Hohensalzburg - a place worth visiting


Many tourists know about Salzburg only that it is the birthplace of the greatest composer Mozart. Believe me, there are so many sights and unusual architectural buildings in the city that you simply may not have enough time to walk to the house where the famous composer was born. My advice to you: go straight to the house - the Mozart Museum.

Mozart House / Mozart Geburtshaus

Salzburg, Getreidegasse 9 - so the address will be able to find the house where the great composer was born. Paying 7 euros (per adult visitor) and 2.5 euros (per child), you can go to the museum, where the personal belongings of the genius are stored, as well as the harpsichord, on which young Amadeus played his creations. It also contains portraits of his large family and personal letters.

Fortress Hohensalzburg / Castle Hohensalzburg.

Salzburg, Monchsberg 34- here is located a unique fortification, the construction of which began in 1077, and acquired its final form under the rule of Prince Leonhard von Koichach in 1495-1519. Throughout its almost thousand-year history, this huge fortress in its size has never been subdued. This defensive structure, in addition to its direct functions and duties, for some time was the residence of the archbishops' princes. Hohensalzburg fortress was also used as a prison and barracks where soldiers lived. To consider this fortress closer, it is rightly considered the largest fortress in Western Europe.

On the territory of the fortress there is a museum, an entrance ticket, which costs - for an adult 5.70 euros, and for a child - 3.40 euros. The exhibits on display in the museum are very interesting and informative. Here you can see the richest collection of medieval weapons and a variety of instruments of torture of the Inquisition, from the type of which, the blood runs cold in their veins. There are also very instructive items that are probably very relevant so far - the witches chair and a very original, pig-like mask of shame that worn girls and women who wore frankly defiant clothes and thus provoked men to unseemly acts.

Cathedral / Salzburger Dom

Salzburg, Domplatz 1A - at this address is the main religious building of the city. The temple was built at the beginning of the XVII century, and in 1628 it was solemnly consecrated. Before entering the temple, there are statues of the apostles Paul and Peter and the founding fathers of Rupert and Virgil, holding a barrel of salt in their hands and a model of the cathedral.

Undoubted pride of the temple is considered to be the font where the baby Mozart was baptized, as well as an inimitable organ (4000 tubes) surrounded by angels and topped with saints Rupert and Virgil. Wolfgang Mozart, a court organist, wrote and personally performed his immortal works of church and organ music for the locals of Salzburg and Austria as a whole. Be sure to go inside the cathedral, especially since the entrance is free to admire and enjoy the richness of the interior of the church.

St. Peter's Abbey / Stiftkirche St. Peter

Sankt-Peter-Bezirk 1, 5020 Salzburg - at this address is the temple, one of the whole complex of religious buildings. The temple was built in 1143. Over the past century has been repeatedly rebuilt, especially in the Baroque era, when he received his magnificent forms, although the features of the Romanesque and Gothic can still be traced. For this cathedral, Mozart wrote not one wonderful Mass, which is still performed. The interior of the church of St. Peter, belonging to the monastery, is decorated with ornaments in the form of shells. The painting of all 17 altars was done by master Schmidt. The relics of the patron saint of the city of Salzburg and its inhabitants, St. Rupert, have been kept here in the church since 1444. It is also worth admiring the beautiful statue of the Beautiful Madonna, dating from the XV century.

Cemeteries of St. Peter and St. Sebastian

These cemeteries are located in the territory belonging to the abbey. They can be found at: St Sebastian's Cemetery - Linzer Gasse 41 5020 Salzburg, Osterreich and St. Peter Cemetery - Sankt-Peter-Bezirk 5020 Salzburg, Osterreich. First of all, this churchyard is famous for the fact that the world-famous physician and part-time alchemist Paracelsus, as well as the wife and children of the composer Mozart are buried here. You can also wander among the carved catacombs in the mountain, where ancient monks were buried. Burial sites are open to the public.

Salzburg Gallery in the Residenzgalerie.

Residenzplatz 1 - at this address is one of the most famous art galleries in Austria.

Among the paintings exhibited here, there are paintings owned by Rembrandt and Rubens, as well as works by Italian and French painters of the 17th and 18th centuries. Especially good work of the Dutch school. In addition to the permanent collection, here in the gallery, rich patrons of art are often organized exhibitions from private, private collections.

Archbishops' residence / Alte Residenz

Residenzplatz 1 is the address of the building where once the powerful people of the world lived - the archbishops of Salzburg. The residence has almost 200 all kinds of rooms and grand halls, amazing the imagination with its wealth. Especially good - the hall of knights, conference room, office - box, as well as a chapel located in this room. All this magnificence is decorated with unique frescoes, stucco and Venetian mirrors. The building has a lot of paintings by famous artists of the Middle Ages. Admission tickets for adults - 9 euros, for children - 3 euros.

In addition to cultural and historical attractions, Salzburg is full of various places where you can relax and have fun. If you are resting with your child, it makes sense to visit the zoo, located at: Anifer Landesstrabe 1. The African Savanna, with its many inhabitants, is especially good here. Fans of shopping will be terribly interesting to stroll through the city center, where there are numerous boutiques and jewelry stores, you should definitely visit the huge shopping mall "Europark".

I have always conquered Austria. Its natural beauty, rich history and tradition, and some barely perceptible, but felt in every corner friendliness and comfort. One of the most picturesque cities in the country is Salzburg, nestled at the foot of the majestic Alps. Its architecture conquers with the magnificence of the Baroque style, and a large number of attractions makes the city even more attractive to visit.

Starting familiarity with the city, it is worth remembering that once it was thoroughly rebuilt by order of Archbishop Wolf Dietrich, who breathed life into a small and inconspicuous town, and for a long time the clergy were its rulers, so you shouldn’t be surprised that Salzburg is really many monuments of religious architecture: monasteries, cathedrals and so on. The most ambitious of them is Cathedralbuilt in the 17th century on the site of an earlier temple. It was created according to the idea of ​​the already mentioned Wolf Dietrich and was to become the most magnificent structure. And despite the fact that during the construction of the temple was slightly reduced, nowadays it can fit up to ten thousand people. But the most important of his wealth is the font in which Mozart was baptized.

The history of the emergence and development of Salzburg is better to start with an inspection of its historical center - Hohensalzburg castle. It fully justifies its name (translated as "the high fortress of Salzburg"), since from its observation platforms there is simply an indescribable view of the city and its surroundings. It is hard to imagine, but the castle has stood in its place for almost 900 years, so its walls witnessed all the significant events in the history of the city and the country. In addition, it is one of the largest well-preserved European castles, so you should definitely visit it. Climbing up to it on the funicular, you will see powerful stone walls and towers, designed to defend this fortress. Going inside, you can explore the territory of the castle, where there are towers and a fire tower, outbuildings, a church, a prison, a well, and so on.

Walking through the castle ground, you can look at the Kraut Tower, which has a beautiful 16th century organ and a chapel with beautiful paintings and exquisite bas-reliefs. You can visit the Prince's Chamber, which recreated the medieval interior, and the Golden Hall, striking a wealth of decoration.

The castle is located at Mönchsberg 34. It is open to the public from 9:00 to 19:00 in July and August, from 9:00 to 18:00 in May, June and September and from 9:30 to 17:00 other time. . The cost of the entrance ticket is 10 euros (includes visits to all castle premises and expositions, the use of an audio guide, as well as travel by cable car to both sides). If you come as a family, you can buy a family ticket, which costs 23 euros. By the way, if you have a guest card of Salzburg, then you do not need to buy a ticket.

Getting acquainted with the iconic architecture of Salzburg, you should definitely look at St. Peter's Churchas well as an old cemetery with her, where the patron saint of Salzburg, Saint Rupert, is buried. This cemetery is also famous for the fact that the younger brother of the world-famous composer Haydn rests on it, as well as the fact that here you can visit the catacombs carved into the mountain range, open to visitors at certain hours.

No less deserving attention and the convent Nonnberg. And although for the free visit only the monastery church is open there, the place is very interesting. And of course it is impossible to leave Salzburg without visiting church and graveyard of st. sebastianwhich houses the family crypt of the Mozart family.

By the way, this great Austrian composer is dedicated to many sights on the Salzburg land. If possible, be sure to go to Mozart squarelocated in the city center and easily recognizable thanks to the bronze sculpture of the composer installed here. And if you're lucky, you will even hear a wonderful bell ringing on the melody of works by Mozart or Haydn, wafting from the Bell Tower.

And do not rush to leave, because it is located nearby Salzburg Museumwhere you can admire the views of the city in old watercolor or to get acquainted with modern painting. Besides him, you can also visit the unique Nature houseintroducing the evolution of life on Earth. Here, visitors will see animals of the Jurassic and Ice Age, minerals from all continents, observe the living inhabitants of the deep sea, collected in 40 basins, reptiles and other unusual representatives of the animal world, as well as make a real space journey into the space of the Universe. The museum is located on Museumsplatz 5, open from Monday to Thursday from 8.00 to 17.00 (on Friday from 8.00 to 13.30) with an admission fee of 6.50 euros for adults and 4 euros for children.

Walking the streets of Salzburg, you should also pay your attention to Getreidegasse. After all, it is on it housewhere he was born Mozart. In the expositions of the house-museum you can see portraits of the close relatives of the composer, documents, notes, as well as instruments of the young composer - a small violin and a harpsichord. Visitors can also be interested in furniture of that era, as well as costumes for performances.

The museum is open from 9.00 to 17.30 (in July and August - until 20.00), and the entrance ticket costs 7 euros for adults and 2.50 euros for children under 14 years.

The palace and park complexes of Salzburg attract the attention, the most romantic of which is undoubtedly Mirabelbuilt in the 17th century in baroque style. It was in his ceremonial marble hall that young Mozart performed, and now marriage ceremonies are held for newlyweds from different countries. Inexpressible, probably feelings - to marry in such a place.

Also worth a look at Hellbrunn Palace, known for its treacherous park fountains, disguised in statues, bushes and walls, and gushing guests with water. The place is really interesting.

Well, if we are talking specifically about interesting places, I would point out some very unusual sculptural compositions that also deserve, in my opinion, attention. First, it is a monument in the form of a large ball with a little man at the top, characterized as Monument to the founder of candy. Secondly, a rather creepy monument "Cloak of Conscience", located at the Cathedral and personifying the ghost of Commander, who follows the morality of the inhabitants of the city. And just do not be surprised monument to the cyclist. Although not by accident. After all, bikes are very popular here.

On the sights of Salzburg, you can talk for a long time. But it is better to still look at them, come to this city and experience the atmosphere of romance and waltz music.

Visiting Salzburg, you must do the following things:

  1. Take a walk down the old Getreidegasse shopping street to find out where Mozart was born. Here, in the Old part of the city, there is a museum in the form of an apartment in which personal belongings and works of the composer are displayed.
  2. Do not forget to drink a cup of aromatic coffee in the indoor and outdoor local restaurants located on the Residence Square.
  3. Take a walk along the Mirabellgarten - charming gardens, representing one of the best park ensembles in Europe.
  4. Visit the medieval fortress Hohensalzburg, which today is the only one in Europe completely surviving as a result of the attacks of the enemies. The state-of-the-art princely chambers are preserved here, a regiment museum and a puppet museum have been created. Also from the fortress offers an amazing panorama of the entire city.
  5. Listen to classical music at the International Salzburg Festival, which is often free to attend.
  6. Inspect the salt mines of Dürnberg, located in the vicinity of Salzburg. They hid a small underground lake, where you can ride on a wooden ferry. And a small train will take you to the surface.
  7. Admire the funny figures in the Garden of the Dwarves. These cute dwarfs personify the different crafts that citizens have been doing since ancient times.
  8. You can enjoy the unparalleled sound of the organ at the University of Mozarteum, a large Art Nouveau building. Here are kept the letters of Mozart, and not far away is a small house in which the genius created the Magic Flute.
  9. Try Salzburg to taste in the Gastronomic world of Sternbroy, where all the wonders of Austrian cuisine are presented.
  10. Surprise yourself by visiting the Mechanical Theater in the park of the Helbrunn residence. 256 moving figures mounted on a stone den, depict medieval household scenes to the sounds of a water organ.

The city of Salzburg will not leave indifferent even the most inveterate tourist. His charms will long leave the visitor fabulous memories and pleasant emotions.

How to get to the city

Those who would like to see the sights of Salzburg in one day can get to the city either by public transport or by car. The city is located near the border with Germany. Since Austria is part of the European Union, this border is of a formal nature, and it can be crossed easily. Every hour buses from the largest cities of the country, as well as from neighboring countries come to the bus station of the city. Well developed and rail transport. You can quickly get to Vienna and other cities - Rome, Berlin, Prague by high-speed train. A 20-minute drive from the historic center is located Salzburg Airport, which is one of the largest in Austria.

Largest Salzburg ranks 4th among all Austrian cities. However, every year the flow of visitors is becoming more and more. Walking through the streets of the city, you can see a large number of churches. Often in the guidebooks Salzburg is referred to as “German Rome”. In order to see all the best sights of Salzburg, tourists' reviews are not enough to read. You need to independently or with the help of a guide to make a route of places worth visiting. You also need to find a good hotel, where you can explore the main historical sites. If the purpose of the tourist is to visit architectural monuments, then you should look at the hotels in the city center.

Mozart Museum

Those who would like to visit as many sights of Salzburg as possible in one day in the winter, it is better to stop their attention on the museums. For example, the famous Mozart Museum. It is located on the street Domgasse. In this house the great composer lived from 1784 to 1787. Mozart's residence can be called really luxurious - there are as many as four rooms, as well as two cabinets and a kitchen.

It is known that the great composer during his life was inclined to demonstrate luxury - shoes with buckles were a real necessity. In the house where the museum is located, Mozart spent his happiest years. He was surrounded by friends, received many invitations to give concerts in the richest houses of the local nobility. Many great works were created in this house, for example, the famous opera Le Figaro.

Mirabell Castle

To bring home decent photos of the sights of Salzburg, you should definitely visit the Mirabell Castle. Он расположен на другом берегу реки Зальцах, примерно в 1 км к северу от замка Хоэнзальцбург.

Поначалу он был собственностью неофициальной супруги архиепископа Сальмее Альт, которая родила ему 15 детей. Однако спустя непродолжительное время Альт был низложен, на его место пришел князь Зиттикус, который отобрал у епископа особняк. Именно во времена правления Зиттикуса замок и получил свое название «Мирабель» («прекрасный»).

Of particular interest in the decoration of the castle is a marble staircase, on which are figures of angels. Also worth a visit is the Marble Hall, where Mozart himself gave concerts. Now there are often concerts and wedding ceremonies. It is interesting that the marriage of Eva Braun, Hitler's common-law wife, took place in this hall in 1944.

It is impossible to visit all the attractions of Salzburg in Austria in one day. For example, to bypass the territory of the Mirabel Palace, it will take at least about 2-3 hours. After all, it is surrounded by a lush garden, decorated with numerous sculptures of characters from ancient myths. A separate part is reserved for the “Garden of Dwarfs” - here you can see funny figures. The building of the conservatory now houses a baroque museum. Currently, these gardens are very popular among guests of Salzburg.

Franciscan Church

It is difficult to see the sights of Salzburg in one day. The route of the walk for those tourists who would like to see as many new places as possible should necessarily include churches. The oldest of these is the Franciscan Church - one of the oldest in the whole city. She has been at this place since the eighth century. Up until 1635, the building served as the parish church of the Virgin Mary. Then the temple was demolished, and in 1866 it was restored again. The church interior was redone in the baroque style in the 18th century. Now the Franciscan Church attracts tourists with its unique blend of several architectural styles. Inside the building you can still see the marble lion of the XII century.


The magnificent church was built between 1694 and 1707. From the very day of its foundation, the temple has become the benchmark of the Baroque architectural style. Four separate chapels were built for the University of Benedictine and symbolized four faculties. The interior of the church is painted in an abstract style, through which the internal space is visually increased. It is said that Mozart himself was amazed at the beauty of the Collegienkirche. The great musician was not stingy and specially wrote several works for the masses, up to our times taking place in the traditional Catholic rhythm.

Mount Kapuzinerberg

Located in the heart of Salzburg. It is a refined park. At the top of the mountain there is an observation deck, from where you can admire the landscapes of the city. Unfortunately, there are no escalators in the park. The rise can be difficult - the height is 700 m. However, ascending the steps, you can first see the bust of Mozart, and then biblical scenes from the life of Christ carved on the stone. Trampled paths will not get lost in the woods. About a dozen wild goats live here, but they do not catch the eye of people walking through the park.


Those who would like to visit the sights of Salzburg in one day should definitely visit one of the most beautiful Austrian castles called Hohenverfen. It rises majestically above the Salzach River, in a place that used to be strategically important for the defense of the land. The castle was built in the XI century to protect the possessions of the Archbishop of Gerbahd of Salzburg.

The castle is located 40 km from the city. You can reach it in 20 minutes. For a long time, Hohenverfen served as a defensive structure, but during one of the uprisings was completely destroyed. Then the uprising was crushed. The same peasants who destroyed Hohenverfen, as punishment, had to restore it. At the beginning of the XVI century additional buildings were built - turrets, bastions, as well as external walls. Inside the castle is the chapel of St. Sigismund. It was reconstructed in the Gothic style. Hohenverfen was rebuilt several times after reconstruction, until he gained his modern look.

Castle today

When the Napoleonic wars began, the history of the principality of Salzburg came to an end. At the beginning of the XIX century, Salzburg became part of Austria. Artillery guns, accumulated over a long time, were transferred to the possession of France. Hohenverfen himself wanted to destroy, but King Franz II ordered that he be saved. Currently the castle is open to the public. On its territory there are museums - local history, folklore, a museum of falconry. Those planning to visit the main sights of Salzburg in one day can use the funicular. So you can reach the castle faster and save power. But you can get to the top of the mountain on foot. The most convenient way to get to the castle is by S-Bahn.


Tourists who want to visit as many sights of Salzburg as possible in one day should definitely visit the Hohensalzburg Fortress. It is located on the top of the mountain Mönchsberg. This is the largest fortification that has been preserved in Europe since the Middle Ages. The fortress is a symbol of Salzburg, and every year thousands of tourists come here. The modern look of the castle Hohensalzburg gave Archbishop L. von Koichach. First, the fortress was used as a defensive structure. Throughout its history, none of the attackers managed to subdue the structure.

The fortress is open to visitors all year round. Since 1982, one can climb here not only on foot, but also on comfortable cable cars, which depart from Festungsgasse Street. Visitors should visit the Princely Chambers, the Castle Museum, the puppet museum. The fortress, whose history goes back over nine centuries, is also the venue for Salzburg concerts. On Sundays at 11:45 a solemn procession with playing musical instruments is arranged on its territory. The sound of fanfare is heard throughout the Old Town.

What else to see in the city

For a sightseeing of Salzburg in one day, the route of the walk can be approximately as follows: The old part of the city - the Central Square - Mozart's Birthplace - the Hohensalzburg Fortress - a museum of modern art. Also, visitors can visit the Salzburg Zoo. It has created special zones for animals, where their habitat conditions are as close to natural as possible. For example, a special space has been made for rhinos and antelopes, which is called the African Savannah.

The route to the sights of Salzburg in one day should also necessarily include a visit to the monument to Mozart. The attention of the guests of the city will certainly attract an unusual detail of the monument: instead of the usual pen in the hands of the composer is something like a pen or pencil. Not far from the monument to Mozart there is a coffee shop of the same name.

Places for different categories of tourists

You can also visit the House of Nature - one of the largest aquariums in all of Europe. In it you can admire the underwater world, for which more than 40 pools were built. Colorful reef fishes live separately from reef sharks. Photos and descriptions of the attractions of Salzburg can be found on the Internet, but each tourist is better to build an individual route and visit the most interesting places for themselves. Beer lovers will enjoy Stiegl - a private brewery. Here you can watch the creation of one of the most popular drinks in Austria, and then try the best sorts of freshly brewed beer. Little tourists usually do not like visiting museums, but they will definitely like the Toy House. In this museum you can not only hear the history of the most popular toys, but also play with new ones.

City atmosphere

Photos of the attractions of Salzburg will not be able to convey the unique atmosphere that prevails in the city. Being on the central square of the city Residenzplatz, you can go back to the eighteenth century. The 35 bells of the Bishop's Residence give the square a special charm. Even if you try to explore the famous places in Salzburg in one day, the photos of the sights will leave the best memories of this journey. It is unlikely that there is such a lover of travel, who would not want to return here for a longer period. For many tourists, Austria has become one of the favorite places of cultural recreation.

If there is not enough time to explore all the sights of Salzburg in one day, you can rent a bike. In total, about three dozen cycling routes have been laid in the city.

Bicycle can be rented at 10 stations. Sometimes Salzburg is called the “bicycle” capital of Austria. The rental price per day is about 40 euros.


Fortress Hohensalzburg - like greetings from the dark Middle Ages. Although its walls are not so gloomy and stern. But the story ...

The history of the Hohensalzburg citadel begins in the distant XI century and is full of bizarre turns and interesting legends. Once this fortress was the residence of the archbishop - a man of surprising insight was! During one of the popular uprisings, the impregnable walls of Hohensalzburg saved his life. Although the resourcefulness of the "vicar of God" must be given their due. There is a legend that the archbishop ordered that a single bull be brought out to graze behind the gates of the besieged fortress, repainting it each time to a new color. The peasants decided that there was still plenty of food in the fortress and retreated.

View of the Hohensalzburg Fortress from Festung Square, where the ski lift is located

However, in the walls of the fortress Hohensalzberg and without legends plenty interesting. Today the Austrian Museum of the Middle Ages is located here, which means that knights dressed in heavy armor are waiting for you, a hall with instruments of inquisitorial torture and many more things that are not very merry. For example, the personal apartments of the most resourceful archbishop.

Climbing to the top of the Hohensalzburg Fortress, look around and admire the amazing panorama of Salzburg on one side, and the Alps on the other. Awesome sight!

Opening hours and ticket prices

In the summer season (from May to September), the Hohensalzburg fortress is open daily from 9-00 to 18-00. In winter time (from October to April) - from 9-30 to 17-00. No days off. Specify details on the official site: hohensalzburg.com.

Entrance fees to Hohensalzburg:

  • adult ticket (includes the climb on the funicular, visiting the fortress, visiting the museum, audio guide) - 9.80 €,
  • Children's ticket (from 6 to 15 years old) - € 5.60,
  • in the presence of the Salzburg Card - free admission.

Trips in Salzburg and surroundings

The best tours that can be found in Salzburg are non-standard routes from locals.

In and around Salzburg, you can visit the gardens and the Mirabell Palace, the Hellbrunn Palace and its fountains, the High Tauern Reserve. Other sights of Austria: Vienna Schönbrunn, Ambras Castle in Innsbruck.

Ancient history

Hohensalzburg is the heart of the old city. Its history goes back more than 900 years, during which the appearance of the castle has remained virtually unchanged. Translated from German, the name means "high fortress of Salzburg". And from the lookout towers there really is a beautiful view of the whole city.

Its construction was started at the end of the 11th century. when the city flourished, successfully trading salt. But competitors were not asleep, so the construction of fortifications was more a necessity than a whim of local authorities.

At first it was a small residential area and a small church. In 17-18 art. the outer part of the structure was expanded and strengthened, and after 200 years there appeared several towers and a bastion. Over time, the fortress continued to improve, and at the beginning of the 16th century. thanks to Archbishop Leonard von Koichach, an uninterrupted water supply was established. In the event of a siege, this made it possible for those on the territory of Hohensalzburg not to die of thirst.

In addition, in 1500, the first funicular in the world was successfully launched here, with the help of which products and other goods were delivered to the fortress from the foot of Mount Festun.

Once the castle had to endure a siege. It happened in 1525, when peasant revolts reached their peak. But they never managed to capture it.

The majesty and impressive scale, which can be seen even in the photo, made Hohensalzburg one of the largest castles in the world.

What to look for?

Arriving in Salzburg, you will immediately notice the fortress. It is visible from anywhere in the city. How to get there? Very easy. In the city, two buses run to it, numbered 5 and 25. And if you went for a walk through the old town, then the fastest will be to use the old funicular, which in itself is a reminder of history.

After seeing the road leading to the sights and the external powerful walls, you might think that this is all that the symbol of the city may surprise.

But it is necessary to get inside, as the opinion immediately changed. On a huge area of ​​30 thousand square meters. m settled as many as 20 buildings, each of which is of particular interest. You can explore several towers, a bakery building, a church, a bakery and even a prison.

The residential part of the castle meets all the canons of luxury of the royal palace. Gothic elements of the interior, furniture made of precious wood, walls covered with leather with gold decor, and old paintings fascinate with their beauty.

Be sure to visit the historical museum in the territory of Hohensalzburg. There are collections of weapons, coins, clothing and household items from the Middle Ages.

And looking into the bishop’s apartment, you will have a unique opportunity to see a very interesting structure - the toilet. Perhaps a hole in the floor and a wooden high chair, which was made for convenience, will seem ridiculous to you, but at that time this room could claim to be the most modern in the whole world.

For those who are afraid to get confused among such greatness, there are excursions, as well as very convenient tickets, including travel on a cable car in both directions, free visit to all the buildings of the castle and audio guide for 10 euros.

There are cafes and souvenir shops on the territory of the fortress for tourists, where you can relax and buy cute gizmos for memory.

Courses for artists are held here annually, as well as all kinds of concerts.

Hohensalzubrg is an amazing place where you can feel the real spirit of the Middle Ages, admiring and marveling at its beauty and scale.

Walk route

Train Station

Mirabell Palace

Mozart House



The house where Mozart was born

Park Furtwängler

Cafe Fürst

The residence of the archbishops




The train is also preferable because the Salzburg train station is located near the historic center. Time will be short, you will have to stay at the most important sights, so that they are as close as possible along the route.

Mirabell Palace

Rainerstraße, which is a 5-minute walk from the train station, will lead you straight to the architectural and park ensemble with the beautiful name Mirabell (Schloss Mirabell), which means - beauty. The snow-white palace and the magical beauty of the park area fully correspond to their name. On the alleys of the park - sculptures, familiar from mythology, and in the "Garden of the Gnomes" - unusual statues of dwarfs. It's nice to walk in the park for half an hour. The amazing landscape of Mirabel is the best example of landscape art.

Wedding in the Mirabel Palace

Marriages in the Mirabell Palace today hold marriage ceremonies. And couples from all over the world come here, no matter how long they have to wait for this treasured day, in order to register their marriage here.

Mozart House

After going through the whole park and admiring its beauty to the fullest extent, you find yourself in Makartplatz Square, where the Mozart family lived for 7 years until it moved to Vienna. Now in this house is a museum (Mozart Wohnhaus). I advise you to buy the Salzburg Card to go everywhere for free.

Climbing Mount Kapuzinerberg

View from Mount Kapuzinerberg

Directly through the block from the museum, on the street Linzergasse (Linzergasse), through the arch of house number 14 there is an exit to the next landmark of the city - to the mountain Kapuzinerberg (Kapuzinerberg). This is one of the three hills of the city with a functioning monastery at the top.

Mount Kapuzinerberg, or rather, only the front part

In the Middle Ages there was a fortress protecting the city from the enemy. It is necessary to climb there on foot and descend too, but there is an opportunity to choose: the stairs or the longer serpentine. But what an amazing view opens up on the city center and the Hohensalzburg fortress to those who overcome the ascent.

Sights Getreidegasse

Moving to the other side of the Salzach River

Having considered the city from above, you can go down and confidently walk to the other side of the Salzach river along the nearest bridge. By the way, in the photo you see the pier, from which the ship leaves to Hellbrunn Park. Also free on the Salzburg Card!

A bunch of signage on the getradegas

This road will take you to the main shopping street of the Old Town - Getreidegasse. The whole street is decorated with original signs with antique-style curlicues. There is an abundance of shops, cafes, restaurants where you can have a quick bite and a little rest from the marathon around the city.

The house where Mozart was born (Mozarts Geburtshaus)

The future great Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in house No. 9, Getreidegasse Street, and lived until he had a family. Сегодня это музей (Mozarts Geburtshaus).

Немного отдохнем

Нет, это не Санта-Барбара

Скверик около Kollegienkirche

Вы, наверное, уже устали ходить. Предлагаю передохнуть в парке Фуртвенглер (Furtwänglerpark) с огурцами около церкви Kollegienkirche. Там есть лавочки. Можно купить на площади сосиски с булочкой и перекусить.

Попробуем конфеты Моцарткугель

С именем Моцарта в Зальцбурге связано много: мост Моцарта, музыкальный фестиваль, площадь и памятник, два музея, конфеты и ликер «Моцарт». Знаменитый кюгель «Mozartkugel Salzburger» делают ручным способом по старинной технологии из шоколада с марципановой начинкой. It is best to try it in the oldest Salzburg pastry café Fürst on Brodgasse 13, along with Mozart Melange.

The residence of the archbishops

Nearby are the residence of the archbishops (Salzburger Residenz) and the Cathedral. An art gallery (Residenzgalerie) was opened in the Archbishops' Residence, where paintings are exhibited mainly from the collections of Chernin and Schönborn-Buchheim. These are works of masters of the XVI-XVIII centuries and canvases of Austrian artists of the XIX century.


Salzburg Cathedral

The cathedral (Salzburger Dom) inside is beautiful. Mozart’s parents were married and baptized him. We visited the crypt. Went to the museum. Here in the museum was not very interesting. Different attire, embroidered with gold, golden bowls and crosses. At the exit of the cathedral sits a little man, who very strongly asks for donations. Almost like going through the cashier. The tower could not climb - closed.

Salzburg Gallery

Salzburg Gallery in the Residenzgalerie

If there is still time, you can visit the Salzburg Gallery in the Residence. You will appreciate the rich collection of paintings of the XVI-XIX centuries, collected here, and luxurious furnishings. Within the walls of the gallery there are often mobile and special exhibitions, perhaps you are lucky enough to get one of them.

Modern Art Museum

Museum of Contemporary Art Rupertinum

The masterpieces of the 20th century can be seen in the Museum of Modern Art (Museum der Moderne Salzburg), in two of its departments: in the art gallery Rupertinum (Museum der Moderne Rupertinum), opposite the Palais des Festivals, and in the gallery on the slope of the Mönchsberg mountain above Anton-Neumayer-platz. In addition to the paintings in the exhibits about 20 thousand photographs.

Salzburg Museum

Salzburg Museum (Salzburg Museum)

The Salzburg Museum and its branches feature expositions on the history of the city and its eminent inhabitants. The main building built in 1588 is located on the Residenzplatz square, one of the branches is in the Hohensalzburg fortress.

What else to see?

On your next visit or on other days, make sure you take the time to visit the Salzburg Zoo and the Helbrunn Palace with Fun Fountains, climb the cable car to Untersberg and from there look at the familiar places and buildings.

Mountain Untersberg 2000m!

The next time I will tell you how we poured fun fountains, how we climbed to a height of 2 km on Mount Untersberg, then descended 3 hours, but without success.