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Legendary female pilots


It so happened historically that professions began to be divided according to gender into male and female. So, women since ancient times were seamstresses, educators, teachers, and men - artisans, hunters, drivers. But over time, the edges began to gradually erase, and among the hardest work, for example, of metallurgists, it was quite possible to meet a young girl who was safely hiding under the working form.

The sky, the altitude and the airplanes are definitely associated with brave and courageous pilots, but there are women among them who were subjugated to iron winged cars.

Those who will not be forgotten among aviators

Here are the top 10 of those whose names will always be known among aviators.

1. Lyubov Golanchikova. The young girl was known as a talented singer, from whom the inhabitants of St. Petersburg were delighted. But the sky has always attracted Luba, and in 1911 she received a diploma of an aviator, graduating from flight school. But, unfortunately, no one was in a hurry to hire Golanchikov.

Then she decided that she would become an aviation athlete. But here, too, an unpleasant surprise awaited her - for this, you had to have your own plane. But after all, the world is not without good people, one of the admirers of her talent, a wealthy man, agreed to make her dream come true by donating an airplane.

In 1912, Lyubov Golanchikova set a world record by climbing 2000 meters on her plane.

2. Marie Marving. Pioneer of French aviation, who took part in two World Wars. Her work was not limited to skilled aerobatics, Marie successfully worked as a doctor and even a journalist, but also became one of the best female climbers who managed to conquer the peaks of the Western Alps.

She made more than 900 flights without a single accident, and in 1910 she became a record holder in duration and flight range. She was not for nothing called the “bride of danger”, because since 1915 Marvingt became the first female pilot of a bomber.

3. Raymond de Laroche. Another French woman pilot who successfully built a career as an actress. But a chance meeting with aviator Charles Voisin turned her life upside down. After receiving a certificate of control of the airplane, the female pilot began to actively practice, but the sky rested hard to stop it. First, Raymond got into a plane crash, but survived, and continued to engage in air sports. But soon, together with her lover, she got into a car accident in which Charles died. But even such blows of fate did not force a woman to abandon her beloved work, in 1919 she rose to the sky by 4,800 meters, setting a world record.

4. Evdokia Bershanskaya. One of the famous Soviet aviators. After graduating from flight school, she worked as an instructor, and in 1942 she became the commander of the 588th Light Night Bomber Regiment, having completed the entire Patriotic War in this status. She has 28 combat missions, and her regiment took part in the liberation of the Kuban, the North Caucasus, the Crimea, and Belarus.

5. Joan Lily Amelia Hughes. The youngest pilot in the history of Great Britain, who at the age of 17 already professionally piloted airplanes. During the Second World War, made more than 600 hours of departures at the controls of combat aircraft. Joan is the only female pilot who controlled all types of airborne equipment during the war. After the end of hostilities continued her career, becoming an instructor.

6. Amelia Earhart. In Western Europe and the USA, almost everyone knows it. At first, she wanted to become a medical man, seeing wounded soldiers in the hospital, but afterwards she decided to devote herself to the sky, having flown in an airplane as a passenger. Amelia began to take lessons from the famous female pilot Anita Snook.

But the girl was a naughty student, which made her mentor very upset, especially when she acquired her first biplane, which Snook considered very unreliable. But in 1922 she climbed to a height of 4,300 meters on her plane, setting a world record. And in 1932, Amelia independently crossed the Atlantic. Soon, the woman even opened her flight school, continuing to establish air-record records.

But after a few years, Amelia realized that the time had come to devote herself to the family, but before that she was going to surprise the world by circling the globe. Having flown 4/5 all the way, Amelia’s plane disappeared from the radar. The search operations did not produce any results, and the girl and her navigator were found dead.

7. Marina Raskova. One of the most famous pilots in the history of aviation. In my childhood and youth, I was not even going to connect my fate with airplanes. But the work was the decisive moment that spurred Marina to classes in the school of pilots. In 1938, she received the title of Hero of the USSR for the flight Moscow - Far East, during which she was forced to jump with a parachute into the taiga, where she was found only 10 days later. During World War II, she received permission from Stalin to form female combat units. Marina Raskova died during the flight in difficult weather conditions in 1943.

8. Thea Sen Hee. Commanded a squadron of the air forces of the DPRK. During the Korean War was the participants of the air fights between the fighters, skillfully and clearly neutralizing the enemy.

9. Hope Rousseau. The first in the history of Romania, a female pilot who received a pilot license. In 1937 she acquired her own plane, on which she flew. During World War II, flew on ambulance aircraft, taking out the wounded.

10. Nina Ulianenko. Throughout the war, Nina was on combat fronts, having made more than 900 sorties, for which she received the title of Hero of the USSR in 1945.

These courageous, courageous women by their example proved to the whole world that any profession is within their power, and even in the fight against the enemy they can demonstrate their skills and steel restraint.

Elsie Mackay

So, in 1920, Elsie received a pilot certificate. At the same time her photograph was published in the famous edition of The Times with the caption: "Miss Windham inspects the engine before departure."

Poppy Wyndham is the stage name of amateur pilots. Mackay was fascinated not only the sky, but also the stage - the actress played several roles in silent films. Despite the fact that many surrounded by Elsie believed the young lady’s desire to fly was just another whim, aviation remained the main passion for the girl.

Amelia Earhart

In the summer of 1921, Earhart finally bought her first plane, the Kinner Eyrster. At the same time, her mentor Snook considered this device unreliable and was against Amelia rising on it in the air.

Nevertheless, on her “kinner”, Amelia Earhart managed to set a world record - her plane took off to an unattainable height of 4,300 meters. During this maneuver, Amelia, like her predecessor Elsie Mackay, went missing. The search officially stopped on July 2, 1937.

Beryl Markham

September 9, 1936 Beryl decided to make a transatlantic flight from east to west. Having flown out of England, she reached the shores of South America and became the first woman to make a solo flight over the Atlantic.

Beryl Markham died on September 3, 1986 at the age of 83 years. About her air travel pilot wrote a book "To the West, after the night." Her plot formed the basis of the film "Shadow in the Sun".

Marina Popovich

Now Marina could join the flying club. At first she was interested in parachuting, after which there was a desire to fly. She flew the sport planes, but soon they did not seem to be fast enough for her.

Having mastered the control of jet planes to perfection, Marina Popovich became the only first-class test pilot.

Svetlana Protasova

Svetlana Protasova’s dream was to get a position in the Russian Air Force. After constant refusals, the pilot decided to “establish contacts” with the officers, who at that time worked in the main headquarters. They were able to arrange for her to meet with the commander-in-chief of the Air Force, Peter Deinekin.

Thanks to her patience and strong spirit, the woman managed to become a lieutenant, and later a major, and control the MiG-29. After marriage, the woman was demobilized and received the right to operate the Airbus A320 airliner.

Lydia Litvyak

Lydia Litvyak fought in the Guards Fighter Aviation Regiments (437, 586, 9 and 73). The last flight Litvyak made on the Yak-1, which forever completed its heroic career. On August 1, 1943, during the breakthrough of the German defense, the female pilot made 4 combat sorties — she did not return from the latter.

The plane fell in the forest near the village of Dmitrievka, Miners' District, Ukraine. The remains of Lydia Litvyak were found only in 1979 and buried in a mass grave.

Raymonda de Laroche

It can be said that a woman first rose into the sky by chance. On October 22, 1909 Charles Voisin, the owner of the airplane, gave his girlfriend Raymonde a ride through the airfield at Le Bourget.

Naturally, the woman could not resist the temptation to fly and raised the airplane to the sky. Having flown at a six-meter height of just over three hundred meters, Raimonda safely landed the car.

After this incident, the former successful actress became a pilot, and set several records for women in range and altitude. She died in a plane crash in 1919, but on that tragic flight the pilot was a man, and the brave girl was just a passenger.

Teresa Peletie

Another French woman can rightfully be called the first female aviator in the world. For the first time she rose to the sky in July 1908, as a passenger.

Then she had no right to control the aircraft, and at the helm was her friend Leon Delagrange. But some researchers claim, based on the testimony of witnesses, that Lon gave his girlfriend a "steer" aircraft.

Despite the fact that the flight was only two hundred meters, this does not detract from the merits of a brave woman, and she went down in history as a real hero.

Helen Dutrieu

Belgian Helene was born in 1877 in the family of a cyclist, and from childhood was fascinated by races. She participated in cycling races, where she won awards and set records.

In addition to the passion for cycling, the young girl selflessly fell in love with the sky. In December 1908 she made an unauthorized flight, but she crashed her Santo Dumone airplane. After that, she firmly decided to become a pilot, and in 1913, Helen set several records, for which she was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor. Participated in the First World War, and successfully fought in the sky over Paris with German pilots.

Note that Helen Dutrieux was the first of the women to fly to the sky, but de Laroche was given the lead, because she didn’t crash her airplane, and the flight was recorded as the first successful one.

Domnikia Kuznetsova-Novoleynik

The citizen of the Russian Empire with the beautiful name Domnikia became the first woman in Russia to lift an airplane to the sky. This happened during the demonstration flights at the International Week of Aeronautics, which was held in St. Petersburg in 1911.

The woman knew only the theory of aeronautics and had distant ideas about the control of aircraft. But the fearless Domnikia on the airplane of her husband rose into the sky. The girl lost control and the car crashed to the ground.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, but Domnikia did not become a pilot, remaining in history as an “uncertified aviatrix”.

Lydia Zvereva

Lily became the first Russian woman aviator to receive a diploma. Since childhood, the girl dreamed of flying to the sky, and after her lessons she ran off to the hills outside the city to watch the flights of balloons.

In 1911, after graduating from the institute, the girl enters the Gatchina Aviation School, and on August 10 of the same year she successfully passes flight examinations.

After she became a pilot, she and Lydia actively participated in demonstration flights with her husband, and after moving to Riga, she opened her own aviators school. The pioneer of Russian female aviation in 1916 at the age of 25 died. The cause of death was typhus.

Harriet quimby

But in the US, the brave and talented Harriet Quimby received the first pilot's license. In 1912 she flew over the English Channel, became the first representative of the fair sex who succeeded.

In addition to flying, Harriet was a successful screenwriter, and in 1911, seven films were made in Hollywood based on her works. In one of the films played a minor role. But still her real passion was the sky.

The brave pilots died tragically in July 1912. During the flight over the Boston airfield, the plane overturned for unknown reasons, and she and the passenger fell out and crashed to the ground.

Bessie Coleman

In our list of remarkable women rightfully takes its place of honor and the first dark-skinned female pilot, born in 1892 in the US Texas.
Working at the hairdresser, young Bessie met with the pilots, and became interested in aviation. But because of racial prejudice, she was denied admission to flight school.

But the purposeful girl did not lose heart, and having enlisted the sponsorship of entrepreneurs, she learned to be a pilot in Paris. Fearlessly performed tricks in the air, which is famous throughout the world. The pilot tragically died in 1926, when during the flight the air flow threw her onto the wing of the plane.

Elinor smith

Brave Elinor became the youngest of the pilots of the world, having received a pilot license in 16 years. At the age of 6 she flew on an airplane over the potato fields of Long Island for the first time, and at the age of 10 she began taking the first aeronautics lessons.

In September 1927, she successfully passed the exams, and began to fly on her own. Her trick went down in history when a young American woman flew by her plane under the four bridges of New York.

It was the only woman who piloted the Space Shuttle in flight mode. His last flight made at the age of 83 years, and in March 2010 the legendary pilots did not become.

Sabiha Gokchen

One of Ataturk’s eight adopted daughters, Sabiha chose a dangerous but fascinating profession. At 23, she became the first female pilot of Turkey, and later became a military fighter pilot.

In 1935, I visited the air show with my adoptive father, and if she asked her father if she wanted to do aviation herself, she answered in the affirmative. The girl began to fly in 1936, and immediately took part in military operations against the rebel Kurds.

During her career, a woman of the East, who challenged prejudices, piloted 22 types of aircraft, and in total, 8,000 flight hours accounted for a bold Turkish woman, not 32 hours of sorties.

Amelia Mary Earhart

American Amelia became the first woman aviator in history who managed to fly across the Atlantic. But before this event, the keen girl worked as a nurse, and at an aviation exhibition in Los Angeles in 1920 she made her first flight.

In 1922, a brave woman climbed the plane to a height of 4,300 meters, which was at that time a record for female pilots. In 1928, the famous Trans-Atlantic flight took place on a three-engined Fokker F-VI aircraft, called Friendship.

In 1937, an American woman tried to make a round-the-world flight on the Lockheed Model 10 Electra, but went missing somewhere in the central part of the Pacific Ocean.

Beryl markham

The certificate of the pilot, a native of Great Britain, Beryl, was obtained in 1933. She was the first woman to fly over the northern waters of the Atlantic from England to Canada.

For many years, Beryl worked in Kenya, flying over Africa with rescue missions.

Since childhood, Beryl loved horses and was a great rider. She became the first woman in Kenya to receive a formal license to teach horse riding. She released a book of memoirs "To the West, after the night." This book formed the basis of the plot of the film about the brave British "Shadow in the Sun".

The first, and so far the only, female stuntman of Germany of the 30s was born in 1919, and after moving to study in England, she became interested in aviation.

But parents forbade her daughter to engage in a dangerous type of activity, and only in 1937, Beate managed to enter the flight school. Repeatedly won competitions in sports piloting.

During the war she became a plunker of the Luftwaffe aircraft. In April 1945, finding a plane without a pilot, evacuated a sick son and the wounded from Berlin. After the war, Luftwaffe pilots were banned from flying, and Beate opened the first sex shop in the world.

Nadezhda Popova

Many of us watched Leonid Bykov’s magnificent film “Only Old Men Go To Battle”, but few know that the film’s heroes had real historical prototypes.

It was the same and beautiful Masha. The director even left the hero of the film the real name of Popov. Nadezhda, having graduated from school, entered the Aero Club of the city of Stalino (Donetsk), and during the years of the Great Patriotic War she was the deputy commander of the female squadron of night bombers.

“Night witches,” as the pilots of the 46th air regiment were called, terrified the enemy with their night raids. In 1945, Nadezhda became the Hero of the Soviet Union. She died in the 92nd year of life and was buried in Moscow.

Lilia Litvyak

A small, fragile Lily was born in Moscow in 1921, when women took only the first steps in mastering the sky. At the age of 15, she had already made her first flight, while studying at that time in the Kherson Aviation School.

She worked as an instructor, and in 1942 she achieved that she was enrolled in a combat squadron. Bravely fought in the sky over Stalingrad, knocking down German planes. На ее счету сбитый немецкий асс, барон, который имел до этого 30 воздушных побед.

1 августа 1943 года в небе над Донбассом самолет девушки с белой лилией на фюзеляже не вернулся с четвертого за день боевого вылета. Лилия погибла не дожив до 22-летия 17 дней. Только в 1971 году удалось отыскать место захоронения Литвяк. Отважная летчица удостоена звания Героя Советского Союза, и дважды посмертно повышалась в звании.

Валентина Терешкова

We will continue our fascinating story about female pilots by an amazing and courageous woman who was the first of the fair sex to fly into space. Our site thebiggest.ru is particularly sensitive to the topic of space and the history of its exploration, so we could not ignore this great personality.

Immediately after receiving her secondary education, Valentina was forced to go to work, as her father died in the Finnish war, and it was necessary to help her mother. In 1959 she signed up for the Yaroslavl Aero Club, and made more than 90 parachute jumps.

But the purposeful girl did not stop there, and was selected to the cosmonaut school. On June 16, 1963, the whole world learned the name of the first female astronaut who made a 3-day flight on the Vostok-6 spacecraft. Without a doubt, Tereshkova is one of the most famous pilots in the world.

Svetlana Kapanina

And we will complete our review with a hero of our time, a charming Russian pilot Svetlana Kapanina. Brave girl seven-time world champion, and today instructor of the Sukhoi design bureau.

Even as a child, Svetlana became interested in technology, drove on mopeds and motorcycles, and at school was an active participant in all sports competitions.

In 1988, a medical officer came to aviation, and achieved high achievements in this type of activity. He has multiple awards, including the Order of Courage, which he received from the hands of the President of Russia.

A video of her flights can be seen below:

We presented only 16 well-known female pilots, but believe me, there are many more of them. One can only bow before the courage and courage of these beautiful women who have defied the air element. Their achievements, records and exploits are inscribed in gold letters in the history of world aviation, and their memory is imprinted in bronze, books, movies, as well as in the hearts of millions of people who sincerely love heaven.

We are waiting for your feedback and comments on this article. Thanks for attention.

Our service is both dangerous and difficult.

Modern girls can easily conquer the sky, having received the education of flight attendants. And if you want more? Height, the sky, beautiful form - these are the first associations that come to mind of girls when they hear the word "pilot." But not all the pitfalls associated with this profession are always taken into account. A professional woman pilot in Russia needs to undergo special training, be fluent in a foreign language, be a responsible and attentive person, because human lives are at stake.

Why precisely aviation?

Women pilots in Russia every year becomes more and more. This profession is becoming increasingly popular - the fair sex is eager to realize their ambitions in the same way as men. It often happens that the little daughter of the pilot, looking at her father, dreams of following in his footsteps. The growing popularity of aviation in our country is obvious.

How can a woman become a pilot?

No one is surprised that a woman is an airplane pilot in Russia. Recently, an acute shortage of personnel in transport and military aviation has begun to be felt in our country. In this regard, the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu said that it is necessary to increase the number of places in educational institutions for future female pilots in Russia. Teachers of flying clubs and flight schools say that women are not very suitable for military aviation because of high loads. But for transport aviation - quite.

Pilot training

First you need to go through a special medical commission - after all, the pilot must have excellent health. Then you need to choose an educational institution. Now in Russia for female pilots there are a huge number of aviation clubs and training centers, which provide professional training for aviation personnel. After passing the theory, which according to the standard is given 220 hours, you can begin to practice. A flight book is started up on the newly-made pilot, in which the flight tolerances, the total flight time, the test of the theory and piloting technique are reflected. It is better to start flying in the fall or in the winter - it will not be so hot in the cabin, and the cold is not felt because of an excess of adrenaline. In a single flight is not allowed immediately - only after 9 hours with an instructor. And only after that beginners are released into free flight without an instructor. On average, the practical course lasts about 50 hours.

Nezhenskaya work

It is believed that aviation is an exclusively male field. A woman here is difficult for several reasons. First, it is certainly heavy exercise, designed more for the male body. Secondly, in order to work successfully in aviation, a woman must think like a man, which not everyone can do. And thirdly, you should not write off work in the men's team. On the one hand, help and support, and on the other hand, condescension and, sometimes, arrogance. A woman pilot in Russia must have an iron restraint and a solid character.

Pilots and war

Marina Mikhaylovna Raskova, who in 1941 took the initiative to create a female aviation regiment, became an outstanding war pilot. Even before the war, along with men in flight schools, hundreds of women received education, so that there were as many as three regiments willing. Led a set of pilots Colonel G. Rozantsev. After some time, 586, 587 and 588th women's aviation regiments were formed. Brave women guarded the area of ​​Stalingrad - the most important strategic object of military action. Women's aviation regiments participated in the liberation of the Crimea, the North Caucasus, Poland. Sometimes the regiment flew on mission without additional equipment and parachutes. Instead, the aircraft were equipped with even more ammunition.

Nobody is forgotten, and nothing is forgotten

The Germans called the Aviation Regiments of our pilots the Night Witches. Brave women terrified the German soldiers, the best representatives of the German Army aviation were expelled against them.

Among female pilots in Russia, the legendary female pilot Polina Osipenko stands out, who has become famous for her unusual history. The girl worked in the canteen of the flight school, where KE Voroshilov once arrived. Giving up courage, Polina asked to be transferred to the educational institution, which, to everyone's surprise, he did. Polina Osipenko set several world aviation records, her life was tragically cut short during a flight in 1939. Many pilots of female regiments died tragically defending their homeland. The names of such great piloteces such as P. Osipenko and E. Bershanskaya called the streets in some cities.

First women in aviation

The first woman in the world to conquer the sky is traditionally considered to be Raymond de Laroche (also known as Eliza Deroche), who in 1909 first climbed to a height of 6 meters and flew about 300 meters. This act and became the starting point for women in aviation. Eliza became the first pilot in the world, set several world records. Before the advent of aviation in the life of this woman, she was an actress. Eliza died in a plane crash. The pilot was a man, and Eliza was sitting in the passenger seat.

The first woman to officially receive the pilot's certificate was Beryl Markham. This is the first girl to make flights across the African continent with rescue missions. In 1936, Markham was the first woman to go from East to West in a single transatlantic flight from England. He is the author of memoirs and various manuals on aviation. Among other merits of Beryl, it can be noted that she was the first woman who had a license to teach horse riding in Kenya, which was a very significant achievement in times of restriction of the female half of humanity. Beryl Markham died at the age of 83 in Nairobi.

The first female pilots in Russia

Officially, the first pilotessa in Russia is Domnikia Illarionovna Kuznetsova-Novoleynik, who, having only theoretical knowledge about the device of the aircraft, raised it, but, unfortunately, could not hold it and collapsed to the ground. By the way, Pavel Kuznetsov, the pilot-aviator, who later became a flight instructor, was Domnikia’s husband.

The first woman pilot of civil aviation in Russia by the name of Zvereva, Lydia Vissarionovna, was the first officially recognized pilot in our country. In the flight school she found not only her calling, but also her husband - the aviator Vladimir Slyusarenko. By the way, Lydia Zvereva was the first woman to graduate from a specialized aviation school.

Everyday life pilots

How many female civil aviation pilots are in Russia? Today this question can be accurately answered - obviously more than in the USSR. In the Land of the Soviets, women aviators were not very fond of. In the entire state there were only 4 places to train women in this profession. Currently, the list of female civil aviation pilots in Russia is much more extensive than, say, 30-40 years ago. Often, looking at photos of women pilots in Russia, it seems that these women do not have a life, but a romantic dream. Behind the scenes remain separation from family and friends, lack of sleep and constant stress. And even despite these important factors, the list of women pilots in Russia is constantly updated, all the new beauties tend to conquer the sky.

Beauty that has conquered even the sky

Russian military aviation in peacetime and wartime has always been at a high level. As for civil aviation, it is in no way inferior to the military; the profession of a pilot has always been shrouded in the spirit of romanticism and prestige. And how many female civil aviation pilots in Russia! It can be noted that exceptionally strong and excellent representatives of the weaker sex work here. What is the secret of their beauty? This is definitely a shine in the eyes, which appears only when a person is busy with his favorite thing. When you are near a dream, the world plays with new colors. Below are videos and photos of women pilots in Russia, which are striking not only by purposefulness and strength of mind, but also by beauty.

Maria Fedorova - the youngest female pilot in Russia

At 23, many of the fair sex do not know how to manage not only a plane, not even a car! How many female pilots in Russia at such a young age sat at the helm of an airplane? Looking at this fragile girl, you never think that she can land a multi-tonnage liner with the usual hand movement. Maria Fedorova is the youngest pilot of Aeroflot.

When asked about the reason for choosing a profession, Maria modestly replies that her father always dreamed of becoming a pilot, but she had no such dream. We can say that the dream of his father was embodied in his daughter. In order to get closer to her goal, Mary had to go through a difficult path.

After graduating from the aviation school, Masha flew for several months as an intern, trained in simulators, and studied theory. It is interesting that for the flight, Maria prefers not the Boeing, as her colleagues, but the Russian Superjet. When asked about the reason for choosing a Russian manufacturer, Maria replies that it is much more convenient for her to fly on a domestic plane, especially since the quality is excellent.

Looking at the photos of women pilots of civil aviation in Russia, we often see adult women. Maria refutes the prejudice that age affects the professionalism of the pilot. According to her, even greater demands were placed on her than on the others (again, because of her age). But she managed to go through all the degrees of training and verification, for today she is a full-fledged co-pilot. Despite the tight schedule, Maria, according to her, has time for privacy. However, sometimes, according to her, the schedule is too busy.

Pilot of Aeroflot company Maria Uvarovskaya about her work

The list of female pilots in Russia numbers about 30 people. In 2009, Olga Gracheva received the proud title of aircraft commander. After 3 years, such a concept as “pilotess” appeared. Maria Uvarovskaya received this proud title in 2014.

Initially, young Maria wanted to be an architect. The understanding that she wants to connect her life with aviation came by chance, during free aviation training in DOSAAF. Then the hobby turned into a goal - to become a professional pilot. The path to the dream was thorny - it was necessary to independently build up hours of flight (and this is very expensive), to practice on a small six-seater plane, while working in the specialty of an architect.

After graduation, the girl at Aeroflot was not immediately taken, offered to practice at another airline, which she did. After all the efforts made, Maria Uvarovskaya still fulfilled her dream and was accepted into the ranks of the pilots of Aeroflot. According to her, it was easy for her to change the company, because the pilot’s job involves releasing another technique every 3 years, therefore, changing places is not the most difficult thing in this job.

As always, in cases where the pilot controls the plane, passengers are very surprised when they hear the greeting of the female pilot. But contempt or panic, according to Mary, she never noticed. As for the work in the men's team, she quickly got used to such an environment. Uvarovskaya argues that when you work at a male job, over time you begin to think like a man.

Never once did Mary notice either contempt, or condescension, or rudeness in her address. But there is, of course, the assumption that the male part of the Aeroflot team is discussing the pilots (in the good sense of the word).

Women at all times have made their invaluable contribution to the history of Russian aviation. In wartime and in peacetime, the beautiful floor controlled the aircraft's steering wheel at a high level, without in any way inferior to male aviators. In the twentieth century, society was actively getting rid of gender prejudices that dictated a woman what to do and how to live. Now, thanks to this, women are full members of society, making their full contribution to the development of the world economy. And in our time, the fair sex can be a doctor, play football, drive a car and even fly a plane. And it will not cause ridicule and misunderstanding, because a woman who has chosen such a profession is an example of a strong, strong personality that is worthy of respect and admiration.

Daria Sinichkina

Similarly, she began to build a career in civil aviation and Daria Sinichkina is the only woman in Russia at the moment that controls the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft.

The girl started flying at 23 years old. By that time, Darya already had a higher education (she graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University) and work. However, the pilot recalled, life seemed not interesting enough, and the work did not bring satisfaction. It was then that the girl decided to change everything - entered the Ulyanovsk Flight School of Civil Aviation.

Daria believes that in 10 years there will be no less women pilots in Russia than in Europe or the USA.

“I can believe that some people still have strong stereotypes about a woman driving. But this will not change anything, the society is developing, and in ten years we will also have 20-30 percent of women in the profession, as in Europe. I think it will become commonplace, ”says the pilot.

Larina Ermurzaeva

But the girl Larina from the Chechen Republic with a profession was determined immediately - decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, a pilot.

Larina was only 21 when she graduated from the flight school in 2013 and got a job at Grozny Avia: she began to fly as a co-pilot on the route Grozny-Moscow.

“I wanted to be both a photographer and a physician. But when dad and brothers made such an offer, I agreed. Mom just worried. She said that control of the plane was not for a woman. Then calmed down. Began to support in everything - says the pilot.

Having successfully mastered the profession, the girl caught on another big dream - to become an aircraft commander.

Tatyana Kazachkova

The flight career of the aircraft commander Tatiana Kazachkova was not so smooth. After graduating from school in the mid-1990s, the girl tried several times to enroll in the Civil Aviation Academy, but was refused. Friends from the United States, where the girl went to study, helped to make the dream a reality. Tatyana paid for her studies at the flight school independently — she worked as a nanny for the neighbors of her friends.

After studying on a single-engine Cessna 172 aircraft and a twin-engine Beechcraft BC 9, Tatiana returned to Russia and entered the academy, and then received a Russian pilot certificate. Only after this girl managed to get a job in the domestic airline.

In 2012, Tatyana Kazachkova became the captain of the aircraft. The girl flies on a Boeing 737.

Chananporn Roszhan

Petite brunette Chanporn from Thailand for the first education engineer. However, by the profession the girl almost did not work - in 2005, the beauty got the crown of the winner in the contest "Miss Thailand" and, it would seem, had to plunge into the modeling business.

However, the girl did not want to link her life with endless photo flashes. Instead, she received a second education - she graduated from the pilot. Today, Chananporn is working successfully. at airline Thai AirAsia.

Kate moran

A few years ago, the British woman Kate Moran was called at home the youngest female pilot. Девушка освоила эту профессию и приступила к работе довольно рано – за штурвал блондинка села в 25 лет.

Мечтой стать профессиональным пилотом Кейт загорелась, когда ей было всего 9. К осуществлению детской мечты девушка шла постепенно. Сначала окончила университет авиационных технологий в Лидсе, затем – отучилась в авиационной школе в Испании.

Получив лицензию пилота и отлетав необходимое число тренировочных часов, Кейт устроилась в авиакомпанию Flybe.

«Я мечтала летать и я сделала все, чтобы это стало реальностью», - говорит британка.

Тран Нхунг

And this charming girl with a truly doll-like face is a pilot of Vietnam Airlines.

The profession of the pilot girl received in France, and then returned to their homeland. Now comely brunette flies on the Airbus A320. By the way, the girl's husband is also a pilot.