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The best ski resorts in Austria, prices for rest


Austrians like to say: "We do not talk about snow, we guarantee it!". Learn about the most popular ski resorts in Austria, climate features, ski season, tracks, ski pass prices, equipment rental and tourist reviews.

Most of Austria is covered by the spurs of the Alps. Winter sports in the country are so popular that there are about 1,000 ski resorts here. There are plenty to choose from! The Austrians prefer to develop not large ski resorts, but small traditional resort villages. Most of them are located in the middle mountains. The best ski resorts in Austria are located in Tyrol.

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Climate and weather

The country lies in the continental climate zone, so in the winter in the ski resorts in Austria is cool. The higher, the colder: for every 100 m the thermometer is lowered by 0.5 ° C. In winter, the average air temperature is –10 ° С. For mountainous areas characterized by heavy snowfall.

Skiing season. The ski season in the winter resorts of Austria lasts From December to the end of March - mid-Aprilwhen the snow begins to actively melt on the slopes. On high-lying glaciers, such as the Dachstein Glacier (2700 m), they ride all year round. Most tourists try to come to the winter resorts on Christmas, to combine holidays in the mountains with trips to the bright Christmas markets.

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Useful selection:

The best ski resorts in Austria

Even a sophisticated expert will not take the lead among Austrian winter recreation centers. All of them are in picturesque places and are famous for comfort. Austria's ski resorts have first-class hotels, a professional slope maintenance system and training centers for beginners. Things are easy - find what you like!

The list of the most popular ski resorts in Austria include the center of winter recreation in the Dachstein mountains. The resort, 90 km from Salzburg, began to develop at the end of the 19th century, and today it has turned into a pleasant place for youth parties and off-piste. There is a lot of snow in the mountains, so the season lasts until mid-April.

Trails. Of the 190 km of descents, 60 km falls on light routes, and 110 km - on the average level of difficulty. There are 12 tracks on the Dachstein Gletcher Glacier. There is a snow park and a large area for lovers of virgin soil. Most of the skiers ride on the Hochwurzen and Planai elephants. In these places there is the most difficult black track in the region, where the World Cup and the night slalom take place. The luge route is 7 km long.

Prices. An adult day ski pass is € 53.5, a student is € 40, and a child is € 27. Renting a ski or snowboarding kit per day costs € 21.5-32.4 for adults and € 10.8-16.2 for a child. Sledge rental - 7 €.

Reviews. Fans of downhill skiing like the fact that the resort has many slopes through the forest and long trails that lead from the top to the foot of the mountains. Near skiing areas there are great opportunities for après-ski: bars, discos, restaurants, branded shopping, massage, saunas and spas.

Schladming circuit (big size)

To the best ski resorts in Austria include a large winter recreation center, located 65 km from Innsbruck. This is a prestigious resort, which is considered to be the famous narrow-gauge railway. There is a lot of après-ski entertainment for young people and there is the Harakiri circuit in the country, the slope of which is 78%.

Trails. The total length - 136 km, and in the surrounding area of ​​the resort - 550 km. The ski area covers slopes from 630 to 2500 m, and it is served by 57 lifts. Routes for beginners stretched for 40 km. The longest trail is 10 km.

Prices. An adult day ski pass costs € 53.5, for children - € 42.5 for children - € 24. Rent a ski kit for an adult per day costs 32 €, for a child - 18 €. A helmet rental costs € 4, and a snowboarding kit costs € 26.

Reviews. Mayrhofen is considered perhaps the best ski resort in Austria for beginners. Beginners get a lot of fun on the soft slopes and can always be trained by experienced instructors. Tourists like the opportunity to engage in active leisure activities - for example, snowmobiling and snowshoeing are popular. A spacious ice rink is open on Waldbadstraße. The resort also has a 7.5 km toboggan run.

The circuit of trails in Mayrhofen (big size)

Sölden, one of the famous ski resorts in Austria, is located in the largest Otztal valley in the Eastern Alps. On its territory there are just three peaks above 3000 m with magnificent viewing platforms. The resort has two snowpark, halfpipe, nightclubs, restaurants and a large sports center Freizeit Arena Sölden.

Trails stretched to 145.5 km. The longest of them - 15 km, and illuminated - 4 km. Routes for beginners stretch for 69.5 km, red and black tracks - for 29.2 km. The slopes are served by 34 lifts.

Prices. An adult day ski pass costs € 54.5, students € 43.5, seniors € 46.5, and children € 30. You can get a ski equipment set or a snowboarding kit for € 33-58 per day.

Reviews. Due to the variety of infrastructure, the resort receives favorable reviews. Vacationers like the opportunity to relax in the thermal springs, swim in the indoor pool and visit the trendy night parties.

Schedule in Solden (big size)

St. Anton

The rating of the ski resorts in Austria is often headed by a recreation center located in West Tyrol, 100 km from Innsbruck. St. Anton is called a sparkling diamond on the country's winter crown. This is a universal recreation center for beginners, experienced skiers, freeride fans, lovers of cross-country skiing and sledding.

Trails. The skiing area starts from 1300 m and has a height difference of more than 1.5 km. Freeride routes stretch for 200 km. The slopes for beginners are 130 km, the slopes of average difficulty are 123 km, and routes for professional skiers are 51 km. The tracks are serviced by 90 lifts.

Prices. A full-day ski pass for an adult costs € 54.5, for young and old - € 49.5, and for a child - € 32.5. Rent for a day of downhill skiing, sticks, boots and a helmet, depending on the model costs 46-68,4 €. The same amount must be paid to use the complete set for snowboarding.

Reviews. Vacationers are satisfied with après-ski resort. There are 80 cafes and restaurants, a couple of dozen shops and night clubs. There are saunas, jacuzzis and indoor pools. Lovers of active rest can go skating and paragliding.

Ski resorts in Georgia

Infrastructure, lifts and trails in the resort of St. Anton

The popular ski resorts in Austria include the center of winter recreation, which is part of the famous Arlberg ski area. Lech is considered the most expensive and snow resort, as well as the cradle of the country's ski sports. On the local slopes celebrities and rich people used to spend their free time.

Trails. The ski area has a height difference of 1 km. About a third of all tracks are green. Difficult routes take 24%, and the off-piste zone covers 200 km of tracks. Snowboarders use a halfpipe and two fan parks.

Prices. A full-day ski pass for an adult costs € 54.5, for young people and senior citizens - € 49.5, and for a child - € 32.5. Rent for 6 days of skiing costs € 110-213, snowboarding € 46-132, slam - € 35, snowshoes - € 64.8.

Reviews. Vacationers celebrate an incredibly high level of service and delicious Austrian food in local restaurants. The resort is recommended for skiers of any skill level and is considered an excellent place for a family holiday.

The circuit of trails in St. Anton and Lech (big size)

Bad gastein

The prestigious year-round resort is located 100 km from Salzburg at an altitude of 1600 m. For its high cost, pathos and the country's oldest mountain casino Bad Gastein is often called the "Monte-Carlo Mountain". One of its symbols was a picturesque waterfall. In addition to skiing, here you can undergo wellness treatments in the spa centers, on hot radon springs and in salt galleries.

Trails. There are few easy descents, so Bad Gadshain is not considered to be a beginner ski resort in Austria. The slopes are dominated by red and blue trails, which are more suitable for advanced skiers. The quality of the infrastructure is so high that the World Cup stages take place at the resort. There is a bordercross track, a halfpipe and a modern snowpark.

Prices. The cost of a ski pass for an adult in low season is € 41.5, and for a high season - € 44.5. Children's ski pass costs € 14-22,5. Kids up to 6 years old are allowed on the lifts for free. Rental of a ski set for adults for a day costs 21-40 €, and for a child - 7-17 €. Snowboard rental costs € 24, slam - € 6, toboggan € 5, ski poles € 2, snowshoes € 8. Every year the collection of equipment for hire is updated with models of the new season.

Reviews. Vacationers celebrate the beauty of the Alpine village. In addition to skiing, tourists visit the thermal complex AlpenTherme. The resort is recommended for everyone who likes to combine skiing with excursions to attractions, visiting restaurants and parties.

Circuit of Bad Gastein Trails (big size)

The list of the most popular ski resorts in Austria will be incomplete without a winter holiday center, which is located on the shore of Lake Zeller See. Goal am See is part of the "European Sports Region", where more than 130 km of well-groomed slopes are equipped.

Trails designed for intermediate skiers and beginner snowboarders. The length of simple routes is 57 km, the descents of average difficulty are 50 km, and difficult - 31 km. Almost all trails start at the top of the Schmittenhohe (2000 m).

Prices. A two-day ski pass for an adult costs 105.5 €, and for a child - 47.5 €. Renting a ski and snowboard kit for 1 day costs € 24–37 for an adult and € 12–15 for a child. Ski boot rental - € 8, slam - € 1-2.

Reviews. The main advantages of the resort are a large number of ski schools, an abundance of nightly entertainment and holiday shows. Vacationers like that the routes of different levels of complexity are isolated from each other. Goal am See is among the best ski resorts in Austria for children. There are many kindergartens and schools for teaching the basics of alpine skiing. A one-day lesson with meals and animator for young skiers from 2 years old costs 70-85 €.

Scheme of trails in Zell am See (big size)

Conclusions and Tips

Visitors to Austrian winter recreation centers celebrate a lot pros:

  • Almost all the ski resorts in Austria are good for both beginner athletes and professionals.
  • Everywhere thought out artificial snowmaking system.
  • Tourists like that in any resort you can be like cross-country skiing, paragliding and hang-gliding, swimming in the pools and go ice-skating and sledding.

Tips those who have already rested in the winter in Austria:

  • Do not be afraid of high prices. At any Austrian resort, in addition to luxury hotels, there are budget apartments.
  • If you want to learn to ride from scratch or regain lost skills, go to a professional ski school.
  • The farther and higher the lift is, the less likely it is that there will be a queue near it.
  • Choose a ride time! Afternoon on the slopes is noticeably less people.

Ski resorts in Russia:

Holiday in the resort of Solden

Sölden is the most popular, but fairly inexpensive ski resort in Austria, where you can go well for active tourists. It differs steeper gradients of height on descents. Therefore, it is designed for advanced skiers and snowboarders, since here is also the largest in Austria snowboard park.

For lovers of a ride with the wind at the disposal of three descents of three kilometers. The longest tracks are about 6 km with a height difference of one and a half kilometers. Suitable for youth companies and families who come in winter for holidays in Sölden with their children.

It is worth noting that the hotels in the resort of Solden in Austria are different. On average, a weekly vacation can cost around seven hundred euros for a solo number. In general, at prices Sölden is considered one of the universal resorts, and is designed for any tourist.

Prices for the best hotels in Sölden

When self-driving to Austria to the best ski resorts, namely to Sölden, the first thing we recommend is to consider excellent offers in terms of price and quality, as well as the location of places to stay.

  • Garni Rustica three stars - 46 888 rubles for two with breakfast. 40 meters to the nearest highway.
  • Four stars at the lowest price tag can cost 86,121 rubles at the Hotel Grauer Bär. (100 meters to the cable car).

Tours to Zedden:

In the case of purchasing a ready-made tour to the hotel four stars, which will include a flight for two, a tour with a weekly stay at the resort and accommodation with breakfast, the cost of rest can vary between 142-166 thousand rubles.

  • For example, the hotel Stefan (4 stars), which is located 50 meters from the cable car, with air tickets will be released at 142,230 thousand rubles for a couple.

Prices for skating (1 day):

  • Adult ski pass - € 54,
  • for young people - 43,5 €
  • children - € 29.50,
  • ski equipment rental from 34 to 60 €.

The circuit of trails in Sölden

Holiday in the resort of Saalbach

Another ski resort for an active and fun-filled holiday is in the Glemmtal valley. Together with the peaks of Hinterglemm and Leogang, the resort of Saalbach forms the “Ski Circus”. All descents from the mountains converge in the valley, and skiing is possible in a circle, thanks to the combined routes and a system of lifts.

Riding time in this region lasts from late December to mid-March. For some time now, the local tracks have become the venue for world alpine skiing competitions. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can ride a black horse, relax in the pool or play tennis.

Prices for trips to Saalbach and Hinterglemm:

Hotels in Saalbach 4 stars almost match the pricing policy of similar options in Sölden. The average price of the tour starts from 150 to 160 thousand rubles.

  • For example, a trip to Almrausch in Saalbach with breakfasts will cost 152,600 thousand rubles for a week of rest for two adults.

Hotels for independent travel:

With more simple options of accommodation and a separate booking, the hotel on a minimum scale can cost about 46 thousand rubles with a distance of more than 200 meters from the nearest mountain trails and three-star accommodation (Hettlerhof).

Prices for skating (1 day):

  • Adult ski pass - € 44,
  • teenagers - € 34,
  • children - € 23,
  • rental equipment starts from 35 €, a complete set for a snowboarder will cost from 45 €.

Scheme trails in the resort of Saalbach

Where in Austria go skiing with children?

For those who go to the mountains with the whole family and wonders “where is the best time to relax with the children”, so that they can master the ski, among all the resorts listed Mayrhofen - the most suitable option. The area has many ski schools for the child, where he can get the first lessons of skiing skills. It will be interesting to both teenagers and younger tourists.

Also suitable for this purpose Goal am Seewhich is famous for having specialized centers and Kaprunwhere the whole family goes well.

Summing up, it should be noted that Austria is a win-win option for skiing and snowboarding. You can always find a place to leave to taste and wallet. It is a universal country for children, for adults, for skiers, and for snowboarders.

  • As for the prices at ski resorts in Austria, a full review of the cost of the Ski Pass, transportation costs and other financial aspects of recreation can be found in a separate material.

Lake Wörthersee

The Wörthersee is the largest lake in Carinthia. It is located near Klagenfurt, so if you do not want to spend time on long journeys, this is a great option.

The surroundings of the Wörthersee became a popular and prestigious recreation area in the 19th century, when a railway line was laid here. In summer, the lake warms up to 25–27 ° C, for lovers of water fun it will be quite comfortable. Now there are resorts for every taste: for a romantic vacation, active or family vacation. The most famous of them are Velden, Pörtschach, Maria Wörth.

Velden is ideal for those who like to relax in full. During the day you can go boating, scuba diving or water skiing. In the evening, the most interesting begins: a laser show, a disco, a casino - this holiday will definitely be remembered for a long time.

If you are looking for peace, welcome to Pörtschach, a cozy and picturesque town on the north shore of the Wörthersee. This is not an example quieter than in the event-filled Veldene, but with entertainment there is complete order. Rowing, golf, fishing, tennis, cycling and walking, concerts of classical and modern music - everything so that you get out of your head urgent problems and finally relax.

Romantics direct road to Maria Woerth. Тихий курорт на южном берегу озера облюбовали новобрачные. Пусть даже вы состоите в браке уже несколько лет, но кто сказал, что медовый месяц бывает один раз в жизни? Прогуляйтесь по узеньким улочкам, отдохните на берегу озера и обязательно загляните в спа-центр.

Если есть время и желание, посетите парк миниатюр «Минимундус» в Клагенфурте. Статуя Свободы, Эйфелева башня, Тадж-Махал и ещё 153 всемирно известных достопримечательности — совсем как настоящие, только в масштабе 1 : 25. In the summer, plan a visit to the park in the morning: the exposition is in the open air, so it is best to look at it to the maximum before the onset of heat.

Lake Klopeinersee

Approximately 30 kilometers from Klagenfurt is the warmest Carinthian lake: the water in the Klopainersee heats up to 28 ° C. There is no better place to stay with children. Along the coast there are special bays for safe swimming, so that kids can frolic enough in shallow water.

Adults here, too, will not be bored. Fishing (there are 15 kinds of fish in the lake), scuba diving, golf, horse riding, cycling and free sports programs. For example, you can master sapboarding - something like surfing: you get up on a special board and use the paddle to navigate through the water.

From the local scenery is breathtaking. The lake is surrounded by mountains and hills covered with forests, so a feeling of complete unity with nature is provided. And for lovers of photography, there is a lot of freedom here: take a camera and go wherever you look - there are beautiful views everywhere.

Lake Ossiachersee

Forty minutes by car from Klagenfurt - and you are on the shore of the Ossiachersee, one of the largest lakes in Carinthia. Its water is clean and rather warm - up to 26 ° C in summer.

Resorts Ossiachersee will especially appeal to lovers of outdoor activities. There are plenty of him here: horseback riding, tennis, cycling, fishing. About her separately: there are about 22 species of fish in the lake, so with some luck you can catch a trout or an impressive carp.

If you are planning a trip for the second half of summer, there is a chance to get to the annual Carinthian Summer Music Festival. This year it will be held from July 14 to August 26. Far away from the lake will not have to: one of the sites - the monastery church in Ossiach.

Salzburg region

Salzburg - the birthplace of Mozart, everyone knows, it seems. But that in the Salzburg region there are excellent resorts for a beach or almost a beach holiday, for many will be a discovery.

A direct flight from Moscow to Salzburg will take about three hours. It is best to plan your trip in such a way as to leave at least a couple of days for a walk around the city. Walk through the historic center, take a look at the house where Mozart was born, and be sure to visit Hohensalzburg. This is one of the oldest surviving European fortresses, you can climb to it on the funicular or on foot, if walking is a joy to you.

It makes sense to postpone acquaintance with Salzburg at the end of the trip in order to gain strength at the resort first. Having a good rest, you will be able to explore the sights of the city with renewed vigor.

Resort Zell am See

Just remember, how many resorts do you know, where you can swim in the lake and go skiing in one season? Zell am See is one of those. An hour and a half by car from Salzburg - and you are there.

Lake Zeller lies at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level and is surrounded by mountains. In the summer it warms up to 23 ° С - quite acceptable for swimming. If you just get tired of swimming back and forth, there is plenty of fun at your service Golf, bicycle tours, kayak and canoe rafting, water bike riding, fishing - choose what you like best.

And do not forget to climb the mountains. One-day tours are held in the High Tauern National Park - you will reach the glacier zone and find out how ice occurs in general and how animals and birds live in the harsh mountain conditions. You can even play snowballs, in the summer it is a real exotic.

Summer is the time of the festivals. From mid-May to mid-October, the Magical Lake Zell light music show takes place on the lake at night. Flashes of light, illuminating the lake, the atmosphere of the eternal celebration - in general, the magic in its purest form.

Children in Zell am See will enjoy a farm trip. They moderately care for the animals, see how the cheese is made and the bread is baked. The crown of the program - the race on the garden wheelbarrows.

Terms of Gastein

It was the thermal springs that turned Bad Gastein and the neighboring Bad Hofgastein into a famous and fashionable resort. Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria, Otto von Bismarck and Sigmund Freud came here.

The resort has 18 springs, the water of which is rich in radon. At the outlet it has a temperature of about 46 ° C. If you want to relax with health benefits, local terms - the most it.

When you gain strength, you can go hiking or cycling, play golf or tennis and even shoot a bow. The resort has discos, bars and restaurants, so you will not be bored here for sure.

Summer is coming soon - it's time to choose where to rest. Take a look at the website of the Austrian tourism office - there you will find many ideas for a good holiday.

1. Zell am See

Steep ski resort, where in summer is even better than in winter. All thanks to the location: Zell am See is located in the depths of the Alps. The city is surrounded by snowy trehtysyachniki and the Kitzsteinhorn glacier, and at the foot of the mountain lake Zeller. Therefore, in summer you can swim and ski here.

Zell am See is not a pathetic resort for oligarchs, but not a boring backwoods either. Here is what to do and where to go. For example, a lake is diving, fishing and water activities. On the slopes of the mountains there are golf courses, tennis and horse riding. There is a thermal complex "Tauern Spa" in which you can relax and rejuvenate.

But the main thing is, of course, the mountains. They amaze with their grandeur and inviolability. You can reach the summits both on the lifts and along the paths. There are hiking trails of varying difficulty: for families with children, and for lovers of outdoor activities. Mountain bikers will be delighted with freeride and the views that open from the top.

You can walk on the city itself, go to local shops and shops. In the evenings, a light-music show is organized on the lake, in June there will be a Line Dance Alp dance festival, and in August IRONMAN triathlon competitions.

Location: 60 km from Salzburg, 170 km from Munich.

Things to do: walks in the mountains, cycling, water activities, golf, tennis, spa, shopping, gastronomy.

Zell am See-Kaprun Summer Card Discount Card will save on leisure in Zell am See. You get it if you book your stay at a local hotel. It gives free access to many entertainment. For example, free use of lifts, public transport, excursions in the mountains and on the lake, a visit to the Krimml waterfall and the Kitzsteinhorn glacier, the entrance to the beaches, the swimming pool, visits to playgrounds.

2. Saalbach-Hinterglemm

Mountain resort, which is perfect for lovers of outdoor activities and extreme entertainment.

First, there are hikes through the picturesque Alps: about 400 km of mountain trails and roads. For the most courageous there is a tour “Seven Peaks”, designed for experienced travelers. For 9 hours you will pass 24 km along the Alps and climb to the peak Geisstein (2,363 m). If you do not want to strain too much, you can reach the peaks on the lifts.

Secondly, Saalbach is a real find for mountain bike bikers. There are tracks for beginners and professionals, there are platforms for freeride and downhill trails. The place is so cool that it is suitable for world mountain bike competitions. They will be held in Saalbach from 6 to 9 September.

Adrenaline lovers will love the zipline at a height of 120 m, the rope park and the Jump & Slide park with high slides and trampolines. There is a unique 1,000 m² swimming pool with slides, a waterfall and hydrotherapy system.

In addition, Saalbach is the highest pedestrian route in Europe, built on suspension bridges at the crown level. It offers fantastic views of the Alpine slopes.

TVB Saalbach-Hinterglemm / Mirja Geh

Location: 90 km from Salzburg, 130 km from Innsbruck, 150 km from Munich.

Things to do: hiking in the mountains, cycling, rope park, zipline, water activities.

Joker Card Discount Card It allows you to climb on the lifts for free, visit museums, take part in organized campaigns in the mountains, use sports fields, attractions in parks and receive discounts from program partners. The card can be obtained when booking a hotel for two nights or more.

3. Bad Gastein

Beautiful Alpine city, which is located in a mountain gorge at the foot of the Alps. It surprises with its beauty as soon as you find yourself here: a huge waterfall rumbles in the center of the city, symbolizing the strength and power of nature.

Gasteinertal Tourismus

Bad Gastein, like other Austrian resorts, offers hiking in the mountains. Valley routes pass through beautiful countryside and glaciers. There are routes for families with children, and for experienced tourists. During the walk, you can go to the alpine hut-restaurant and order a tasty cheese or meat fondue.

Gasteinertal Tourismus

For children of 4–12 years old there is a kids club in which children get acquainted with nature and crafts.

In Bad Gastein there is one of the tallest suspension bridges in Europe. It soars over a precipice at an altitude of 2,300 m, so it’s difficult to decide to take the first step, and it’s scary to look down. Very scary.

The resort has thermal springs and lakes with natural water, so it is well suited for a relaxing stay and relaxation. Local thermal water contains radon, which helps to strengthen and rejuvenate the body.

Location: 98 km to Salzburg, 210 km to Munich, 330 km to Venice.

Things to do: hiking in the mountains, cycling, thermal springs, gastronomy.

Gastein Card Discount Card It gives an opportunity to visit the thermal baths, museums, play sports, use the cable cars and public transport for free or at a discount. It is issued in hotels in Bad Gastein when booking a room.

4. Resorts on the Wörthersee

Wörthersee - azure lake with the purest water, located on the border with Italy and Slovenia. It is the pearl of southern Austria and one of the largest lakes in all the Alps. The place is as beautiful as Baikal or Ritsa, only here European comfort and a high standard of living can be felt.


Previously, the lake was a favorite place for recreation of rich industrialists and aristocrats, so there are incredible villas and villas, whose architecture was called the Wörthersee architecture.

In summer, the lake warms up to 26–27 ° C, so the Wörthersee is a great alternative to relaxing on the sea. True, instead of noise, queues and crowded beaches here reigns tranquility, harmony and one feels the greatness of the mountains.

On the shore of the lake there are small resort towns: Voelden, Pörtstach, Maria Wörth, Klagenfurt.

  • Voelden is sophisticated and aristocratic, with a wealth of water activities, golf, tennis, cycling, casinos and restaurants.
  • Pörtschach - sporty, family and democratic. The resort has developed water sports: rowing, surfing, diving, there are water slides for children. Along the coast you can ride bicycles, exploring the surrounding area. Also here is one of the best spa complexes in the region.
  • Maria Wörth is a secluded and tranquil resort. Suitable to relax, rejuvenate and feel the harmony. There are often small marriages in ancient churches on the shore of the lake. The places are incredibly beautiful, romantic and picturesque.
  • Klagenfurt is the capital of the federal state of Carinthia.

To spend a vacation on the Austrian lake is to really relax. There are no motor boats on the Wörthersee, there are no cars, no traffic jams, noise, crowding and crowds of people. The child can be given to the children's camp, and most bask in the sun or enjoy Mediterranean cuisine. Here you relax and let go of the problems that worry you, and come back home updated and full of strength.

Location: 220 km to Munich, 260 km to Venice.

Things to do: water activities, cycling, gastronomy, golf, tennis, cultural heritage.

Kärnten Card gives you the opportunity to visit for free more than a hundred attractions of Carinthia: castles, museums, cable cars, walks on a boat and on routes with a panoramic view, a zoo. It can be bought at sales points throughout Carinthia, the cost per week is 39 euros for adults and 19 euros for children. Many hotels give guests a free card during their stay.

5. Heiligenblut

Heiligenblut is a small ski resort at the foot of the Großglockner mountain, the highest in Austria. From here begins the panoramic road through the Austrian Alps, which is only open from May to October. Its length is only 48 km, but it will not work to overcome the route in an hour: 36 serpentines and incredible landscapes will prevent.

Highlight the whole day for a road inspection, because it is impossible to be less here: you want to stop at each repetition and look at the flowering alpine meadows, mountains and snow-capped peaks. Wild animals live here, especially many marmots.

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse / Albin Niederstrasser

In addition, from here begins the ascent to Austria’s largest glacier, Pasterets. And for beginners, there is a simple walking tour of the High Tauern National Park. On the way, you can taste local farm delicacies: gailtal lard, meadow cheese, and meat fondue.

Österreich Werbung / Peter Rigaud

And, of course, here you can take a break from the bustle of the metropolis, enjoying delicious food, nature, tranquility and regularity of life. Kein Stress - the main thing that needs to be learned while staying with the Austrians. In translation, this means "do not strain yourself."

Take a look at the website of the Austrian tourism office - there you will find useful information about where and how to spend your vacation. Very little is left until the summer, so book your tickets faster.