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Bed linen - the key to a good sleep


Comfortable and healthy sleep gives a charge of vitality for the whole day, which means it provides us with good mood and well-being. Necessary conditions for this are created by the person himself, equipping the bedroom with such necessary things as a comfortable bed, a mattress of correct stiffness, soft pillows, and, of course, beautiful bedding. In our time, a set of bed linen is not a deficit, on the contrary, all stores offer a wide range of colors and materials. But when choosing it, one should pay attention not only to price, but also to quality. Of all the extensive offer bedding from Ivanovo has the right balance of price, durability and pleasant colors. It is made of such natural materials as silk, coarse calico, flax, percale, satin, as well as bright and fashionable 3d bed linen, and most importantly, the manufacturer strictly adheres to the standards of GOST. It cannot be said that some kind of fabric is better, and it needs to be given preference, the choice is made purely individually, taking into account personal taste and even the season.

Criteria for choosing bed linen:

  • Beautiful design,
  • Right size,
  • Cost
  • Quality fabric will not shine through,
  • The linen should be made of a single, seamless fabric in the middle,
  • Underwear should be sewn special linen seam,
  • Must be the smell of textiles, not paint,
  • The label shows the coordinates of the manufacturer,
  • Quality linen is always sold in beautiful packaging.

But it is not necessary to spend a lot of time looking for beautiful bed linen, as you can buy it sitting at the computer, and order bed linen in the online shop "Bed 37". Here we offer specialist advice, a huge range of products with a beautiful design for every taste and value. It is possible to order bed linen, both wholesale and retail, with mandatory and timely delivery to the specified location. The advantage of choosing in the online store is that the bedding can be viewed in expanded form, read reviews of those who have already purchased it, even see how it will look on the bed. This is also one of ispovedi.com important elements of choice.

The purchased bedding in Bed 37 will be a worthy decoration of the bed and the interior of the bedroom, will add to it comfort and coziness. Just such an atmosphere is needed to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day. Bed linen from Ivanovo will be a worthy gift to a close or dear person for any holiday.

Sleep ok

However, the reality is not so simple. Selecting such products is not an easy task at all. After all, you need not only to buy inexpensive bedding, but also to purchase really high-quality and aesthetically pleasing things that will be able to please with their properties for a long time.

Therefore, in the first place, when choosing it is important to pay attention to such nuances as:

  • type of fabric - the best option would be natural materials, cotton (coarse, poplin, satin), because they are able to "breathe", let the air through with moisture and at the same time absorb sweat, ensuring a comfortable stay in bed,
  • When choosing artificial materials - silk, microfiber or polysatin - it is important to purchase them from verified vendors and with mandatory quality control,
  • strength - because the bed should be washed regularly, so that the fabric should be sufficiently wear-resistant,
  • the quality of dyes - after the same wash the fabric should not shed, and suspicious dyes easily cause allergies.

Accounting for these items will provide mainly safety, since the fabric will be in contact with the skin for a long time - and therefore it should not cause irritation, allergies or other unpleasant reactions.

Choosing a quality vacation

However, this list of options does not end there. Bed linen at http://postelka37.ru/komplekty-postelnogo-belya will have to be selected according to a number of criteria:

  • product design
  • their sizes - which is especially important for non-standard beds and blankets with pillows,
  • brand,
  • underwear color - if white is considered a classic, sophisticated version, then, for example, black symbolizes the taste of style and wealth, in general, the colors are best chosen according to your desires, condition and mood.

However, today the assortment is so varied and so often replenished with all new variants of laundry design that finding the right color and desires will not be a difficult task. And if you choose the bedding correctly, you will create for yourself a wonderful atmosphere of warmth and comfort on a bed and you will be able to sleep without problems. In addition, do not forget that bedding sets - the perfect gift for loved ones.

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The choice of bed linen from jacquard fabrics today is very complicated, since there are many manufacturers on the market offering a wide range of products. The most important criterion for selection should be the type of threads that are used in the manufacture.

06.02.2017 Quality bedding - what is it?

Bed linen is one of the most important items of bedding. The comfort of rest and sleep depends on its quality and properties. In the bedroom - this is also a detail of the interior, giving a special comfort to the room.

How to successfully choose bedding for a good rest?

Among the abundance of bed linen is difficult to quickly make the right choice. It often happens that the purchased bed becomes uncomfortable as a result and is sent to the closet, to the far shelves. As a rule, choosing a product, you should pay attention to the label, which indicates the density of the fabric and its composition. Naturally, the most comfortable bedding can only be made from natural fabrics. It:

These fabrics are pleasant to the touch, absorb moisture, make it possible to breathe business, which contributes to comfortable and healthy sleep.

Types of fabric for bed linen

There are many fabrics used for sewing bed linen

  1. Calico
  2. Poplin
  3. Satin
  4. Percale
  5. Batiste
  6. Silk
  7. Bamboo fiber
  8. Policotone

For example, linen fabric is durable, does not deform, is hygroscopic. Bedding or individually sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers made of this fabric will be an excellent choice for all seasons of the year, especially for the summer. Linen bed is ideal for people with allergies. Sometimes manufacturers add synthetic yarn to flax threads, this is done in order to iron the fabric better. This linen is a long time, perfectly washable, pleasant to the touch. The density of the fabric indicates its durability and breathability.

Bed linen from calico consists of one hundred percent cotton. Calico is considered to be the most ideal option for sewing bedding sets. Calico is of different density. The widest assortment of bed of calico you will find in the store. This and children's sets with drawings of various characters from fairy tales. Also with cars - for boys, with dolls - for girls. Calico is hygroscopic, it is well washed, it dries quickly, it is easy to iron. This bed will provide you with health and comfort.

The satin bed is also 100% cotton. Decorative feature of this fabric is its surprisingly beautiful double interlacing of threads. The threads are specially twisted so that the material gets a smooth surface with a slight beautiful shine. The denser the satin, the more noticeable the gloss, the bed seems to be satin. This linen is incomparable to the touch, has a rich color palette. Satin is durable, hygroscopic, provide a serene and restful sleep. Exists:

  1. satin jacquard
  2. mako sateen
  3. coupon satin
  4. Polysatin

The bed of poplin has become very popular, it is a thin, but dense and durable cotton fabric, with a variety of colors. The composition of the fabric is 100 percent cotton, naturally this material is endowed with all the advantages of cotton - hygroscopicity, environmental friendliness, ease of care, durability.

Silk bed is pleasant to the touch for special occasions, as it looks very elegant and good-looking, the price of such clothes is correspondingly high.

If we are talking about the choice of bed linen for children and adults, then you need to focus on the composition of the fabric. The material must be natural - either cotton or bamboo. We recommend buying high-quality underwear at http://luteks.ru/ and enjoying the comfort and warmth of your own bed.

There are sets of inexpensive synthetic linen, artificial silk or polikoton.

Popular are the CPB of coarse calico, satin, poplin, as well as terry and flannel fabric.

Variety of colors and patterns of bed linen

The stores have in stock a wide selection of bed linen in color, texture and pattern, literally for all occasions. For more complete relaxation and getting rid of insomnia, choose such colors as: pink, blue, peach, green, lime. The picture should not be too large, it will help the body relax more quickly and calm down. For romantic meetings, bright colors are suitable: red - coral, black, orange and their combination. Universal color for bed linen is light, delicate bed colors. There is a huge choice of linen with all sorts of patterns, geometric shapes.

A good gift would be bedding made from silk, cambric or satin, especially jacquard satin. Such a gift is memorable, everyone will be happy with it. It will always find its application and will serve for many years.

Choosing a material

The main rule when choosing the material from which the bed linen is made is in one phrase - “the thicker the fabric, the stronger the product”. However, it is important to consider not only the strength of the material, but also its hygienic characteristics, namely, the ability to absorb moisture and allow our skin to "breathe."

The most common materials from which to sew modern bedding are:

The chintz is the cheapest material, but its products are not durable and can not last for a long time, as regular washings spoil it.

Calico sets are much stronger than calico, and at the same time this fabric is very hygienic and allows human skin to "breathe" during sleep and feel comfortable.

Satin - the softest and most pleasant material from those used for sewing bed linen. In addition, sets of satin have beautiful and bright colors, differ in durability, high hygroscopicity and can easily withstand more than a dozen washes, without changing the quality and color.

Poplin is similar to satin - comfortable and soft, but at the same time durable and reliable.

The most expensive, high-quality and beautiful material for bed linen is natural silk (not to be confused with artificial silk). It has the necessary characteristics for a comfortable sleep, has beautiful colors and a glossy surface and is durable to use. At the same time when you touch the skin to silk underwear there is a cool chill.

Sizes and colors

Bed linen not only provides a comfortable and healthy sleep, but also gives the bedroom a special chic. For this purpose, many people also use bedspreads - on the page http://batuktextil.ru/pokryuvala you can see bedspreads for bedrooms, living rooms and children’s rooms, with which you can add a special flair to the interior.

When choosing bedding sets, you should consider the size of the bed. Modern manufacturers offer three options:

Each set consists of several elements: sheets, duvet cover and two pillow cases (the size of the latter can vary).

Therefore, before buying, be sure to read the label on the set and decide on the appropriate size for your bed or your child’s bed (if you need bedding for a nursery).

As for the colors, bright, soft colors - beige, green, orange, pink, etc. are best suited for a comfortable sleep. Beautiful floral prints or abstractions are also ideal for creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere in the bedroom.

At the same time, underwear of contrasting shades (black and white, black and red and others), as well as sets with aggressive patterns (lions, tigers, fire, etc.) for a restful sleep are not the best choice - it is better to lay such underwear in special cases, for example, for a passionate night.

For children, it is better to choose bed linen of neutral shades, or with the image of favorite fairy-tale heroes - this will help the child to relax before going to bed.