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Black and white interior and its combinations


Black and white are neutral colors, but in tandem they are perceived quite differently. And if you enjoy such a gamma, and you are ready to experiment, then proceed to the interior design, armed with useful tips.

Features black and white gamma

Separately, white and black are regarded as neutral. Black is often associated with darkness and darkness, and white can be dull. But if you combine these two colors, you get an amazing contrast tandem that can transform any interior!

And each shade will play a certain role. Black will no longer appear gloomy, it will allow you to create an intimate atmosphere and delimit the space. And white will bring freedom and some airiness into the room, it will help to visually expand the boundaries.

Black and white balance

If you decide to bring black and white into the interior of an apartment or house, you should think through everything to the smallest detail. In particular, harmonious tonal balance should be achieved. You should not mix them in equal proportions, in this case the room can be perceived as excessively motley and somewhat overloaded. It is desirable to make one color predominant, so that it sets the main background.

But which color to choose? It depends, firstly, on the purpose and characteristics of a particular room, and secondly, on your personal preferences and wishes. So, the predominance of white will allow you to visually increase the space, as well as add room airiness and lightness, make it lighter. And black, on the contrary, will muffle excessively bright lighting, bring some mystery into the interior and create an intimate atmosphere. But remember that this color will visually reduce the area of ​​the room.

Third wheel?

Black and white gamma may seem boring, and it can be diluted using a third shade. And you get the opportunity to choose absolutely any, because the colors used for decoration in terms of combination with others are absolutely universal.

To add accents and make the room more vibrant, fresh and dynamic, use bright colors such as yellow, orange, mint, coral, bright blue, red, fuchsia and others. To create a monochrome scale, use gray, which will become a kind of softening transition in aggressive contrast. And if you want to make the range more relaxed and delicate, then the ideal solution would be one of pastel or natural colors, for example, peach, light yellow, pistachio, terracotta, beige, light green, sandy, light pink, pale blue.

Tip: do not use a combination of more than three shades, otherwise the black and white gamut will simply be lost in such a variety of colors.

Stylistic design

A harmonious interior is a room decorated in a specific style. And if you stopped at the black and white gamut, then the choice is somewhat limited. Although this combination can be considered universal, it does not fit in all directions: in some (such as classic, provence, eco-style) it looks somewhat aggressive and even violates harmony.

Pay attention to such styles as modern high-tech, in which white can dominate and be complemented by gray, and black will be used for placing accents and marking zones or borders. Black and white gamma will also fit into a laconic, but stylish minimalism. It is worth considering the bright pop art, and in this case, the contrast gamut will play a completely different way, if you add it with creative accessories and bright accents.

Finishing can be original and stylish, which is achieved by playing with textures, combining different and sometimes contrasting materials and other interesting techniques. For example, walls can be covered with decorative plaster, painted with matte paint. Also suitable wallpaper with embossed patterns, silk-screen printing or embossed. Try to combine the two materials, alternating them on the walls or highlighting only one side.

The floor can be decorated using chic white or black parquet or laminate or linoleum: plain or decorated with black and white prints, such as chess cells, animalistic or floristic patterns. An interesting solution will be a modern self-leveling floor. And in some rooms tiled and even stone pavements are appropriate.

The ceiling is best made white, since black will seem too gloomy and will crush and cause depression. But so that it does not look boring, you can create a multi-level design that will make the space more voluminous and multi-faceted.


The most important point when choosing furniture is its color. And he must either complement the basic black and white gamut, or shade and dilute it. In the first case, you should choose objects of white or black, and you can both at once, creating a stylish set. To refresh the interior, you can use bright furniture. If you want to smooth out a little contrast, consider restrained tones: sand, beige, pistachio and others.

The decor is designed to dilute the basic background, it is advantageous to beat it. And for this reason it is worth using either creative and bright, or, on the contrary, restrained and elegant elements. In the first case, choose paintings in the styles of cubism, pop art, surrealism, as well as original figurines. And to create an elegant interior fit photos and classic images in the framework, mirrors, vases, flowers.

Black and white gamma in the interior of different rooms

Black and white gamma is universal and therefore can organically fit into the interior of almost any room except the children's room, in which such a bright contrast would be inappropriate.

So, some interesting ideas of using black and white in the interiors of different rooms:

  • In the living room, try to achieve a balance of black and white and make the decoration more interesting with the help of accessories. Prints are appropriate in this room: they can be used to designate or single out a separate zone.
  • In the kitchen, you can place a chic black set against the white walls, complementing the interior with bright accessories. Let the floor and the ceiling be discreet and discreet.
  • In the bedroom, the basis is worth taking a relaxing white, placing on its background a stunning black furniture. And do not forget about the gentle accessories, they will help to create the right atmosphere.
  • In the bathroom you can experiment. In such a room, black walls, the floor and even the ceiling are acceptable. And snow-white plumbing and furniture will allow to set off such a gloomy background. But you can do otherwise, adding a light finish with black interior elements.

Let the black and white gamma add charm and originality to the interior!

What nuances need to take into account, equipping a black and white interior?

  • It is important that both black and white are perceived by you positively.
    After all, you will spend a lot of time in their company.
  • Decide what color you will give priority to or, perhaps, prefer two peer colors.
    But in any case, add accents of a different tone.
  • This range is often chosen by people with a restrained temperament, adherents of chic and elegance.
    Also these colors make room for teenagers.
  • The considered colors are well complemented by chrome elements and glossy surfaces.

The role of white in the room and its influence

White, like black, is included in a special group of colors. This is the purest color, carrying a charge of freshness.

  • The room in which the white color reigns looks airy, spacious and elegant.

Its key advantage is the harmonious combination of almost the entire palette. It will become a good background, contrast or addition to another color, and at the same time it will not attract attention if the goal is to create a spectacular combination, even if it is a black and white interior.

  • Among all combinations with white, the most classic and expressive solution is the interior in black and white colors.

Also, it is particularly well in harmony with the red, blue, blue, azure, yellow, gray and pastel colors.

  • With it, you can soften the contrast and make two completely different colors closer.

To do this, make a white line between two contrasting colors.

  • White may be dominant in the room.

The main thing is to choose the right tone among its shades, and there are quite a few of them - from cold arctic to cream. In order for this coloring to be pleasant for the eyes and perception, especially when it is the main one, it is desirable to choose warmer tones.

  • Designers have one of the rules of color combinations - the design of a room in one color, but using its different shades.

It does not apply to white color, since in aggregate different shades of white will look yellowed and expressionless.

  • With the help of white you can visually enlarge the room, for example, if it is more in the interior in black and white.

White suits almost all people. He personifies purity, good and awakens positive emotions. It also evokes a feeling of freedom and peace of mind.

The role of black in the room and its influence

A room in which there is black is filled with a touch of chic, respectability and elegance. Saturation and depth make it a useful tool in the hands of a designer.

  • He, like white, successfully combined with many colors, especially with white, red, gray, silver, green, brown and yellow.
  • If black is used as a background, the remaining elements on its background will become expressive.

In this case, it will not dominate and visually take space.

  • Black will open well in a bright and spacious room.

But even in this case, some designers prefer not to make it dominant.

  • Due to its saturation, it can be tiring and even disheartening.

Therefore, a popular and win-win solution is the interior in black and white with the dominance of white.

If the designer professionally decorates the situation with the participation of black, he will only act positively, improving his mood, and capture its depth. In such a home will feel the impeccable taste and elegance of the owners.

Features of black and white interior

If you do not know what clothes to wear, combine black and white things, and get a win-win. The interior has the same principle!

  • Equipping the black and white interior of the house, you need to consider that the colors divide the situation into parts.

Therefore, it is better to have large elements in such colors, otherwise the room will resemble a mosaic. The exception is black and white tile, but in this case, you should take larger fragments. Too many strict lines will also lead to an excessive crushing effect.

  • It is unnecessary to place small elements of black against the white wall and vice versa.
    This decision does not look harmonious and eye irritation.
  • Designers recommend sticking to the following proportion: 60:30:10, where 60 and 30 are black or white, and 10 are inclusions of another color, such as red, green, blue, orange.
    Such impregnations can be decorative pillows, furniture, curtains, lampshades, tablecloths, small carpets.

Ideas for home improvement

Consider the ideas of interior design with a black and white accent.

If the room is large (more than 14 sq. M.) And bright, you can let the black color "roam". It can be expressed in wallpaper, large furniture and even flooring. To make the range even more personified elegance, complement the decor with crystal products, leather and gloss. Black and white interior of the living room successfully complement the red, brown, purple.

So that the atmosphere contributes to relaxation and healthy sleep, in a duet of black and white among the shades of the latter choose a delicate cream color. It is desirable that he dominated. This solution is suitable for bedrooms of any size and level of illumination.

If black or white patterns are foreseen, they should not be intricate or optical illusions, as they will interfere with rest.

Black and white bedroom interior will complement well pastel gamma, green, coral or yellow.

A good solution for a black and white kitchen in the interior is a lot of glossy surfaces that give a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. This is what is needed for the room in which the hosts and guests cook and eat. Do not forget to highlight the accents using the third bright color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue.

Fall into white spaces

White walls is a trend that has come along with fashion for minimalism and Scandinavian style. White is a universal color; it expands any room, adding light and air to it. Inspired by this color, you can easily find yourself in a lifeless interior that requires constant cleaning. Do not abuse: either a white background or white accents. Colored parts, furniture, accessories, natural textures will dilute the void and fill it with life.

Considering that beige background is good

Self-doubtful people subconsciously seek to compromise when choosing colors. Hence the popularity of "beige": light (but not white), warm and low-key. The color, which seems to be universal, makes the interior a dull, devoid of character, a rendering office and hotel. It is difficult to design a stylish interior in beige tones, you will need to choose bright - red, yellow, blue - accents for a particular shade and depth of beige. Tip: the more modest the palette, the richer and more diverse the textures should be.

Confused "white" with white

Snow-white interiors look cold even with bright details. And if there is not enough sun, then it is also gray - not at all like in the picture in the magazine. In interior design, “white” refers to a dozen shades: “cream”, “baked milk”, “ivory”, “arctic snow”, etc. They differ in admixtures of other colors. For example, in a traditional Scandinavian interior, walls are painted not in white-boiled, but in Stockholm white (Stockholmsvit), where a bit of gray and yellow pigment is mixed in. The result is a warmer shade.

Considering that the ceiling and white are synonymous

If you paint the ceiling in one color with the walls, you can visually expand the room, because the boundaries of space dissolve. In the case of dark tones, this technique will create the feeling of a cozy box. This technique requires caution only with bright colors: an enclosed space strongly affects the psyche. You can even paint the ceiling in a contrasting or bright color with neutral walls, especially if you got a room with disproportionately high ceilings.

Create an interior in different shades of the same color.

Making a bet on monochrome, you deprive the space of volume, depth and pleasant complexity. The exception is the magic gray color, but it is also an amateur. Try to keep diversity. Arrange contrast accents. Play the halftones of your favorite color: combine a strongly whitened pastel shade with a rich dark or expressive bright.

Act on the principle of "all equally"

The opposite mistake is to choose good color combinations and fill the space equally with them. In the end - diversity instead of harmony. Keep the percentage 60/30/10 for the main color, optional and others.

Use one contrast thing

If you have acquired a beautiful bright-red sofa for the soft blue walls, add a few more small orange accessories to the rest of the room, otherwise the sofa will fall out of context, it will look alien and inappropriate. This is called “color support.” It is better to break the color spot itself with small details of other colors, primary or secondary: this will better fit into the situation.

Use pure colors in contrasts.

The use of contrasting combinations is a win-win. Red will always look impressive with green, yellow with purple and blue with orange. But the contrast itself is such an expressive device that it can easily tire. Let one of the colors be richer than the second, whitened or darkened. This will soften the effect and help avoid obsession.

Ignore light

The same apartment in Valencia and Murmansk will need completely different color solutions. Northern lovers of Provence suffer the most from this injustice. Soft pastel colors, so gentle and refreshing in bright sunlight, without it become faded, cold and boring. The rule here is one: the gloomier the region, the warmer and more saturated the colors in the interior.

Treat red as warm and blue as cold.

Common mistakes are associated with incorrect assessment of the warmth of color. Red, yellow and orange shades certainly refer to the warm part of the spectrum, and blue, purple and green are considered cold. Everything is more complicated. Each color has warm and cold versions. Red with a touch of purple — blackberry, berry, magenta — colder, and close to orange tones — scarlet, cinnabar — much warmer. То же и с традиционно холодным синим: бирюзовый и цвет морской волны теплее небесных и стальных оттенков. Зеленый — это вообще многогранный цвет, легко переходящий как в теплые, так и в холодные оттенки.

Смешивать теплые и холодные оттенки одного цвета

More precisely, this can be done, but difficult: you need to take into account the proportions, combinations of each shade with other colors. In most cases, disharmony is obtained. If there is any doubt that the thing gets into the desired color temperature, it is better not to risk it and choose a contrasting or neutral color. This solution will definitely be better than, for example, grass-green against the background of cold mint shades.

Overuse pure colors

The cleaner the color, the more intrusive it is. Voiced bright tones are good in the nursery, in the kitchen and in the bathroom - and then in a reasonable dosage. In other cases, it is better to prefer complex mixed colors with the addition of black or gray (darkened, pripylennye) and white (whitened, pastel). This interior looks nobler and more mature. Pure bright color, as a rule, requires a neutral background and a strict minimalist environment.

Make bright large areas

It is easy to overdo and roll into the carnival: bright colors will soon begin to tire and will be heavily burdened in the future. It is more appropriate to choose softer muffled shades for large objects and whole walls, and add rich ones with accessories that can be easily replaced if desired. In non-residential areas (bathroom, hallway, hallway), you can apply color therapy safely. In these rooms you do not spend much time.

Fear dark colors

It is dark, not for small rooms, narrows the space - these are the main misconceptions associated with dark colors. Yes, they seem closer than bright. But dark shades also envelop, give depth, nobility and comfort. A small room will not look cramped if you avoid contrasting decisions and do not overload the interior with details. Close space makes color confusion and fascination with decor.

Black and white classic

If black is the personification of the classics, then the black-and-white combination is even more so. If you can not choose the color of clothes for any celebration, then just wear something in black and white, and you will not regret it. For interiors, this rule is also suitable. But what is important to consider? Using these two polar colors, you need to remember that they sort of split the space into parts. And if the black and white details are small, the room will turn into a mosaic. Therefore, it is better if these parts are larger. From the same considerations you should not get carried away with the severity of the lines - this will again lead to a crushing effect. But too smooth lines do not fit - it will make the interior blurry. It is better to stay somewhere in the middle: a bit strict and a little smooth lines. And for fans of chess cells and black and white stripes, it is worth remembering that it tires eyes and contributes to isolation. To avoid this, do it on a white background, it will divert attention and relax tension.

For black and white stripes, you must take a white background. Otherwise, the eyes and the brain in such an interior quickly tired

Drawing (especially a chess plan) in a black and white interior looks better on a white background, so it does not irritate the nervous system.

Another subtlety: it is not desirable to have small white elements on a pure black wall and vice versa. It will be distracting and annoying.

In general, in this combination a lot of subtleties, knowing that, you can build a comfortable and not tiring interior. To summarize: the interior in black and white design does not like the abundance of parts and elements, only strict or only smooth lines. And what comes out of it? That's right - minimalism style! Everything is laconic and comfortable here. Who does not like minimalism, it does not matter, take a different style, but do not overload the space, otherwise the black and white combination will lose its qualities. Namely, those that allow the brain to relax from the information flow of life.

The charm of black and yellow drawing will make any interior interesting.

The combination of black and orange was once used by knights to emphasize honor and valor. But in our time there are no knights left, but there is an association with Halloween and poisonous insects and reptiles. But still, the significance of courage has been preserved in our days, since the celebration of Halloween is a victory over the fear of dark forces. What does this have to do with the interior? And the most direct. Knowing these nuances, you should not use both colors in equal amounts. And black is better to take not too saturated tones, besides you can dilute this union with white, gray or brown tones. But in any case, do not make out this combination of children's room, it will affect them overexciting.

Interior functionality in black and white

Use a contrasting color combination in the design of interiors is very convenient. In this way, you can solve several problems at once.

  • Zoning Separating functional areas in a studio apartment is simplified. For example, in the living room the walls may be white, and in the kitchen black. In addition, the use of opposite colors for furniture in each of the zones will visually link the interior into a single whole, preventing it from disintegrating into parts.
  • Correction form. Not always the room has perfect proportions. Black and white colors in the interior solve opposite tasks: white increases objects and expands space, black, on the contrary, reduces. Using these colors on the corresponding sections of the walls, you can visually correct the shape of the room - expand it, make it narrower, visually “raise” or “lower” the ceiling. The use of black and white stripes or spirals will enhance these effects and even completely change the perception of space.

Tip: The interior in black and white is very susceptible to nuances. Even small details start to play an active role. For example, white handles against the background of black planes of cabinets turn into a bright decorative element. Blinds on the white windows, edging of the ceiling fixtures on the ceiling - all these details, imperceptible in other cases, come to the fore in the case if they use the color pair black - white.

Designer: Xenia Pedorenko. Photographer: Ignatenko Svetlana.

Black and white interior design style

The classic color combination of white and black is appropriate in any interior. It is only important to beat him.

  • For styles of the “classic” direction, you can choose beige tones as additional colors.
  • Hi-tech, techno, minimalism are the most appropriate styles for black and white color combinations. As an additional, you can use silver-metallic tones.
  • Finds the use of black in a pair with white and in ethnic styles. Zebra skin, clear stripes will help create an impression of the African savannah, if you add them with terracotta tones.
  • This combination is irreplaceable in Japanese interiors - red will be appropriate here as a third color.
  • The white-black gamma in the interiors of Provence or “Chebbi-chic” is practically not used, but some elements of these colors are quite acceptable.
  • In the interior, the black and white loft is complemented by a gray or “brick” color.
  • And Scandinavian interiors use the tone of light wood as an extra.

The interior of the room in black and white can be quite sharp, and maybe - soft and calm, it all depends on what ratio of primary and secondary colors you choose, and what accent colors you use. It should be borne in mind that in the case of using colors that do not contain colors as such, any, even the palest shades of color already look quite bright. So, even pastel tones can become accent.

Furniture for the interior in black and white

The interior of the room in black and white colors needs the right choice of furniture color. It can be white, and black, and the natural color of wood, both light and dark. All these options will look quite harmonious.

It should be borne in mind that black furniture on a black background will be almost invisible, and vice versa, on white it will stand out very contrast. In this way, you can get unexpected visual effects that change the perception of space. For example, a black sofa against a black wall will be completely invisible, and the white upholstery of the seat, the rest of which is painted black, as if hanging in the air. Combining similar effects with rhythmic patterns of carpets or wallpapers, you can create interesting optical illusions.

On a black background, white furniture looks very festive, and black on white - graphically and stylishly. It is interesting to look at the combination of white and black furniture in the same room, for example, in the bedroom you can put black bedside tables on a white bed - this combination looks spectacular on any background.

The combination of black and white in the interior with other colors

Adding different colors gives the room mood and “temperature,” since black and white themselves can be called sterile in this regard.

  • Yellow-red tones of the warm part of the spectrum add sunlight and vitality, they contribute to increased appetite, good work of the endocrine glands, optimistic mood. For a relaxing stay, bright yellow and orange tones are not suitable, so they are rarely used in the bedroom or living room, but for the kitchen it is the most suitable option.

  • The middle part of the spectrum with green and blue-green tones, as well as the initial part of the cold blue gamut helps to achieve a state of rest and relaxation, due to which it is more often used in living rooms and bedrooms.

  • Dark blue and violet tones are more suitable for living rooms, especially those whose windows face the south side.

  • Well soften contrasting interiors of natural wood details. This may be a flooring, storage system, countertops. With their natural color, they harmonize space and add warmth to it.

  • In addition to the main and accent colors, additional interiors are used in the interiors. Black and white walls in the interior are softened with either beige or silver shades of the ceiling, floor, furniture, accessories, and textile elements. Beige gamut is used to increase the color temperature of the room, which is important when the windows facing north, gray-silver - for lowering, in rooms facing the south.

Tip: Designers do not recommend allocating more than half of all planes in a room to a black color. In addition, large planes of one color should be balanced by small planes of another. For example, a black storage system with open niches will benefit from the placement of white objects in them, such as figurines, candlesticks, vases. On a white bed, a small black decorative pillow will look good.

Black and white living room interior

The use of these two colors as the main ones is especially advantageous in the living room, as well as in the kitchen-living room of an apartment-studio. The stylish combination is complemented by various accessories, creating the chosen style with literally two or three strokes. For example, by placing a mirror in an old gilded frame on the fireplace portal, a parisian gloss can be added to the living room. A large crystal chandelier will give the room a classic touch, and bright multi-colored posters using “acidic” shades will create a pop art style.

The living room interior in black and white can be complemented with textile elements of the same colors, or additional ones. Too bright colors for textiles should not be chosen, they can create unnecessary diversity. Separate areas of the living room, for example, a fireplace or a sofa, can be identified with black and white wallpaper with a pattern.

Black and white bedroom interior

The interior of a black and white bedroom should not be too harsh, as the room is designed for quiet relaxation and night rest. This is solved by adding soothing beige or silvery shades, soft patterns, and textiles with soothing pastel colors.

Bright accents are permissible in small quantities - it may be a picture on the wall at the head, colored book roots on the shelves or a bedside table. The combination of black, white and silver will allow you to arrange the bedroom in a trendy neo-baroque style, very suitable for this kind of space. As an accent in the bedroom, you can use green, blue, burgundy, gold shades. They will revive the interior and bring freshness into it.

Black and white kitchen interior

The kitchen is a place where cleanliness is especially important, so the white color here, as nowhere else, is in its place. Adding black to it allows you to successfully divide the kitchen into zones - for example, cooking and dining, as well as create interesting interior effects that allow even a small room to be more spacious.

For example, on the background of white walls, the bottom row of cabinets may have black facades, and the top one - white. In this case, they will merge with the wall, the ceilings will appear to be higher, and the room itself - more voluminous.

The black and white interior of the kitchen, complemented by the metal surfaces of household appliances, looks great in the style of techno. Traditional black-and-white patterns, such as a chess cage, a strip, "peas", "chicken foot" will help to "break" large planes, "push apart" the boundaries of the room and give expressiveness.

For this, it suffices, for example, to lay the floor in a diagonal direction with a “checkerboard”. Simple white furniture in combination with black worktops and black appliances already looks stylish. Several bright accents - a juicy orange lamp, a green bouquet of spicy herbs on the table - and an image of an elegant kitchen is ready.

Black and white bathroom interior

Perhaps the easiest way to turn a standard white bathroom in a typical apartment into something new and interesting is to add black color to it. Put on the floor mat with black and white ornament - it can be a pattern "under the zebra", or diagonal stripes, or "chess" cell. Wipe the seams between the white tiles with black grout, add black bath towels and a bright color accent.

The black-and-white interior of the bathroom can be made “negative” - paint all the walls black, and against this background place white sanitary ware and mirrors. Do not be afraid that the room will be visually smaller. On the contrary, it will acquire mystery and depth.

Tip: If there is a lot of black in the interior, pay special attention to lighting. Better, If it will be somewhat redundant compared to the recommendations for placing this area, since black absorbs light.