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Make-up under red lipstick: reveal all the secrets


Red lipstick is the subject of the first beauty need, but not everyone knows how to handle it properly. Let's try to figure it out

Text: Makeup.ru Editorial Board November 20, 2017


Red is traditionally associated with desire, love, passion, youth and health. The first red lipstick began to produce even in ancient Egypt in the X century BC. er Since then, the popularity of this tool only grew. Red lipstick - the foundation of the foundations of any cosmetic.

With the help of red lipstick, girls at the moment turn the day look into an evening one, she always cheers up and is a reliable weapon of seduction. It is not surprising that even on the catwalks, where trends change with the speed of light, red lipstick remains in the rank of untouchables.

Makeup Features With Red Lipstick

The power of the influence of red lipstick, no one doubts. Moreover, there are all new evidence of its power. One reputable American magazine stated that carmine lipstick helps to get a long-awaited promotion. As for more serious evidence, one can cite the results of a recent study of aspects of the face and the perception of age, according to which scarlet lips help to shed a few years in the eyes of others, that is, they have a visually rejuvenating effect.

This is quite enough to finally introduce red lipstick in your beauty-everyday life. To make it your best friend, remember a few basic rules.

  • Blush should be with red lipstick "one blood", that is, in the same range. Some make-up artists recommend using lipstick on lips and on cheekbones as blush.
  • If we are talking about day make-up, it is better to leave the eyes “clean” - smokey ice combined with red lipstick will be more appropriate in the evening.

Red lipstick in everyday life

Scarlet on the lips is sometimes suitable for an office image, especially in combination with a white shirt. However, in this case it is better to give preference to matte or cream textures - they do not look as defiant as glossy ones. In addition, they are more resistant.

  • Red lips do not need to be clearly defined and completely painted over. Try a trendy makeup with the effect of kissed lips: to do this, apply lipstick with finger pads with a beating motion, and then blend out the contours. So the image will be more direct and appropriate for daytime.
  • A great option for those who are afraid of bright shades on the lips - translucent moisturizing texture. Such lipsticks make the natural color of the lips more intense, but still restrained.
  • Today in fashion image in the style of "makeup without makeup." It implies that the face is untouched by makeup: a little concealer, a drop of powder, stressed eyebrows. Red lips on such a “clean” face look exactly as they should: stylish and easy.

The option of day makeup with red lipstick, see our video.

Red lipstick for evening exits

In the evening, you can afford a combination of red lipstick and brighter eye makeup.

  • For example, the classic “red lips plus black arrows” never goes out of fashion. With a smoky eye makeup, not only classic black, but also any other color of eye shadow or a pencil that suits your type of appearance - from brown to golden, perfectly combines.
  • To lipstick lasted the whole evening, before applying, use a special primer and lip liner liner. Such a multi-layer ensures color fastness even with a soft texture.

what should be the makeup with red lipstick depending on the hair color

In order to more accurately find your perfect shade of red lipstick, first of all it is important to determine which color type you belong to — colder or warmer.

  • Girls with porcelain skin traditionally have colder tones, which means that red should be based on crimson or cherry pigment. Do not be afraid and more saturated wine colors.
  • The skin with an olive undertone comes in more brick-red tones and a tinge of burgundy.
  • Red lipsticks with an orange or bronze shade are ideal for tanned faces. For more information on how to choose red lipstick for your skin tone, read here.

Choosing the color of lipstick, consider the color of your hair: deciding to radically change the image with the help of dyeing, you will have to adapt to the new color of the strands and makeup.

Red Lipstick Makeup for Blonde

Brown-haired girls are almost all shades of red. But there are some nuances: for example, if the strands are cast in gold, pay attention to red lipsticks with a brown base - dark orange, golden-red and coral. If the curls obviously cold shade, then the best option for you would be cherry and plum-red or burgundy colors.

Makeup with red lipstick for blondes

For girls with blond hair, we advise you to think over your makeup in advance and choose only one accent: lips or eyes. This will help balance the image and avoid vulgarity.

  • If you choose an active make-up or the color of your eyes is bright by nature, give preference to translucent red glitters or beat lipstick with fingertips.
  • Coral, orange-red and copper shades are perfect for fair-haired girls with a warm undertone. Blondes with a cold undertone of their face are shown cool colors - pinkish, pink and plum, light red with blue undertones.

Makeup version for blondes, see the video of beauty blogger Oli Red Autumn.

Red lipstick makeup for redheads

Ginger girls also should correctly determine their color type.

  • A warm “sunny” mop perfectly matches deep orange and bright red flowers with a copper undertone.
  • Cold red dictates the choice of scarlet lipstick with a blue undertone - this color visually makes the teeth whiter and emphasizes the pinkish skin tone. In addition, girls with copper hair can safely use darker shades of red: wine, cherry, and terracotta.
  • It is important to remember that red hair and red lipstick immediately guarantee a vivid image that doesn’t need to be overloaded with smokey ice makeup or excessive contouring.

Makeup with red lipstick for brunettes

  • Brunettes with porcelain skin should choose berry shades of red: the color of lingonberry and cherry.
  • If the skin is golden or olive, then warmer variants of red lipstick will do: coral or carrot shades.
  • Chocolate brunettes should pay attention to the wine shades and to the “powdered” red, for example, brick.
  • Blue-black hair is a priori cold collar. From the same group choose your perfect red - warm shades are not for you.

what should be the makeup with red lipstick depending on the eye color

Red lipstick on a clean, almost no make-up face is a fashionable image that makeup artists on the catwalks have been preaching for many seasons in a row. This combination is appropriate in life. However, this does not mean that it is unfashionable to paint eyes and lips at the same time. On the contrary, the right combination of shades of lipstick and eye shadow best emphasize the color of your eyes.

Makeup with red lipstick for brown and green eyes

Dark burgundy lipstick, especially beloved by women in the autumn-winter period, is ideally combined with metallic sand-caramel shadows. This color will emphasize the depth of the brown eyes and at the same time will not seem too "heavy". We recommend to shade such shadows using the Smoky Ace technique on the upper and lower eyelids. This color combination is also relevant for green eyes.

How to determine the shade of red lipstick that suits you

Do not rush to say that you do not go red lipstick. It is necessary to choose the ideal color for your appearance from the abundance of shades. And for this, first of all, correctly identify your type.

Apply gold and silver jewelry to the face and décolleté. Which ones are more in tune with your skin color?

Silver is suitable for women of the cold type. Their skin tint varies from olive to dark. Choose cool shades of red that have a bluish undertone: cherry, magenta, crimson, or fuchsia.

If you want to face gold jewelrythen look for your tone among warm red shades: terracotta, coral, rowan, carrot.

Choosing a shade of red lipstick depending on the hair color

Makeup artists are sure that red lipstick should be in the makeup of every woman. But you need to choose the right shade. Of course, the most reliable is the sampling method. There are some more recommendations that will help you spend less time searching for “your” red lipstick. Be sure to consider the hair color!

For blondes lighter shades can be used, as well as colder shades: cherry, magenta, fuchsia, and pink-red. Carrot shades are acceptable only for dark-haired blondes.

For the blond recommended berry tones: red with plum or raspberry red, cranberry. And not in the bright, but in the muted version. Red-haired beauties should not use cold shades with a bluish undertone. Try warm shades: terracotta or peach, as well as orange-red.

For brunettes experts advise to choose wine and burgundy shades, in the evening version it may be the color of red burgund. Try rich classic red! It looks very beautiful cranberry and coral, especially for brunettes with brown eyes.

What is unforgivable for the image of a fatal beauty?

Make a perfect make-up under red lipstick is not easy. Bright lips will definitely make you more visible. It depends only on you what will be the views of others, directed in your direction: condemning or admiring.

What can completely spoil the opinion of you? How to avoid embarrassment in makeup?

  • Inaccuracy. Hasty application, uneven lines are incompatible with the image of a fatal beauty.
  • Imprints of lipstick on the teeth. The red color is very bright, which is why the bright lipstick on the teeth is a real incident that everyone will see. How to avoid this phenomenon? There is no universal secret, but women have come up with several ways. For example, some girls put a drop of vaseline on their teeth. Slippery means does not allow bright pigment to stick to the enamel. After staining, it is also possible to press the paper tissue with the lips in such a way as to remove the excess agent from the inside.
  • Blurry borders and drips near the lips. Lipstick can ugly spread on the small folds around the lips. To prevent this, use a pencil. And yet - apply a tonal tool or foundation under the makeup, not only on the face, but also on the lip contour to fill all the small folds. Then lipstick will not penetrate them.

Red Lipstick Makeup Step by Step

  • Even the tone of the face. To begin, perform a facial cleansing procedure. It is desirable to give the skin a noble dullness. It is better to remove all the oily shine that can spoil the ideal image of a femme fatale.
  • Painful pallor and red lipstick are not the best combination. Therefore, choose a tonal tool in skin tone or a little bit darker. The darker the skin, the brighter the shade of lipstick can be. Do not miss the area under the eyes. Dark circles mask concealer.

  • Matte powder will give your face a delicate velvety. Apply it over the foundation. Do not use powder with a bronzing effect.
  • Shadows should be natural shades: beige, light brown, peach, caramel, bronze.
  • Make eyebrows quite expressive. The tone of the pencil echoes the color of the hair. Light brown for the blonde, gray-black for the brunette.

  • Mascara can not save. For such an image, it is permissible to thicken the eyelashes Do not lose if you choose the classic black color. Eyelashes on the lower eyelid need only slightly tint.
  • Blush needed, but without excesses. Emphasize the cheekbones with a delicate peach or pastel pink shade.

Eye makeup needs more attention.

How to apply red lipstick?

  • Apply a tonal foundation not only on the face, but also on the lip contour, gently blend it towards the center. This will prevent blurring lipstick.
  • Red pencil (exactly in the tone of lipstick or one tone darker) circle the lips.

  • Paint your lips with lipstick in several steps. Do this first with a brush or fingers. So you can evenly apply a thin layer of lipstick that is suitable for day makeup.
  • Need to make lips brighter? Then lightly powder them and apply another one or two coats with a brush. So lipstick will hold on better.
  • To add volume, wear a slightly transparent gloss over the center of the lips.
  • If necessary, correct the external circuit with a cotton swab.
  • If the structure of the lipstick is too soft and there is a risk of spreading, then apply a concealer along the contour.

Do not use red lipstick if ...

Some women categorically reject the idea of ​​using such a bold tone, and in vain! Red lipstick will help to reveal your beauty and make your festive look luxurious! Although if used incorrectly, it can spoil the opinion of your perfection.

There are several circumstances when the red lipstick, unfortunately, will have to be abandoned.

  • There are many acne on the face., redness, reticulum of blood vessels. Bright lips only emphasize these shortcomings.
  • Imperfect shape of the chin or neck. Minor flaws will be able to mask the cosmetics. And yet, it is better to use natural shades of lipstick, so as not to focus on these parts of the face.
  • Imperfect teeth. Uneven teeth, yellowed enamel, caries. Only a dentist can change the situation.
  • Elderly age, a lot of wrinkles on the skin of the face is also a reason to forget about the bright lipstick.

Tip: If you want to make lips more plump and seductive, then use a brilliant red lipstick. Matte red lipstick looks more restrained and elegant. With her lips will seem visually thinner. In addition, matte red lipstick is more resistant.

Features and benefits

Makeup artists Marilyn Monroe put on her makeup every day for 6 hours! They traced every part of her face so that men would not be indifferent to her image. Even Monroe's lips were in the shape of a heart - stellar makeup artists of the time believed that it was this form that fell in love with any man.

In general, it is not for nothing that a star spent so much time on makeup, because one application of red lipstick can take more than an hour, what to say about the rest of make-up. Makeup with red lipstick is not only suitable for platinum blondes, among the stars there are many brunettes and fair-haired who look great with red lips. This is the main difference of such makeup - it is universal.

Office ladies paint their lips red. Even the classic make-up style is businesslike and consists of red lips and black arrows on the eyes. And, of course, this image will be perfect for evening makeup. One has only to remember that the red tint does not like skin defects and yellow teeth. If there are any problems with this or that, then it is better to refuse such makeup. Especially if you are not lucky with your teeth - the attention of others will be maximal to them.

Evening makeup with red lipstick will give the girl more drama, which requires an evening look. Such a make up is called Hollywood. Perfect makeup will look with styling "Hollywood Wave".

You can use not only red lipstick for lips, but also gloss. Not bad evening make up will look with dark red lipstick.

Scarlet lips can be combined with both brightly painted eyes, and with a small amount of eye makeup in the style of Kim Kardashian. This make-up is especially suitable for brown-haired and red-haired girls. The correct make up can be applied only by adhering to the following rules.

First you need to prepare a face. As mentioned above, the skin for make-up with red lipstick should be perfect. After that, apply the toner and foundation for make-up.

Therefore, before applying the foundation, it is better to hold the skin under the mask, and apply a moisturizing balm on the lips and cover them with food film so that the balm is well absorbed.

Then do the following step by step:

  1. For eyelids and eye area apply concealer. It is better to mix several types of concealer at once: beige and pink, so the makeup will look more natural. We apply a liquid toner to a tone basis, dry - after.
  2. Apply foundation. Well shade it.
  3. If necessary, visually reduce forehead and nose, highlight cheekbones. You can do this with a dark foundation or bronzer.
  4. Apply blush in the color of scarlet lipstick. You can use the lipstick itself as a rouge, take a small amount of it, properly shade it.
  5. Secure all with powder. Apply highlighter.
  6. Comb eyebrows, remove excess hair. It must be remembered that everything must be perfect. Then apply eye shadows and fix them with wax.
  7. Apply light shadows or base under the shadows to the eyes Under red lipstick brown shades are best suited. Подводим глаза коричневым карандашом, хорошенько растушевываем.
  8. Наклеить накладные ресницы, они сделают взгляд воздушным и притягательным.
  9. По контуру губ нанести карандаш, он должен соответствовать тону помады, желательно его покупать такой же фирмы, как и помада. Растушевать карандаш, припудрить губы. Apply a thin layer of lipstick. This should be done with a special brush, just so the lipstick will fall well. To powder lips, then put lipstick again, then to powder again. Blot the last layer of lipstick with a napkin.
  10. With a fine brush and concealer need to remove bumps. To do this, brush with liquid concealer draws the contour of the lips. Perfect evening makeup ready!

Shades of red lipstick

Shades of red lipstick can be divided into two groups: cold (cherry, fuchsia, various tones of pink) and warm (carrot, terracotta, coral, chestnut).

  • Terracotta - one of the popular dark shades of red, suitable for evening and day makeup. This is a strict shade, which is difficult to overdo and "go into the vulgarity."
  • Carrot - This is a more complex shade of red, referring to warm. With this lipstick color, the rest of the makeup should be discreet. Otherwise, the image will look immodest.
  • Classic red - universal color used for different occasions, be it a business meeting or a festive event.

Makeup secrets with red lipstick

Based on the classification of warm - cold tones, it follows that warm shades are suitable for women with a warm type of appearance, cold - with a cold one. However, you need to understand that this is a general rule, and the shade of lipstick should be selected individually, taking into account other nuances. For example, dark shades of red make you a little older, especially when combined with dark clothes. Therefore, if you are wearing a black business suit, then it is better to refuse dark lipstick.

There are a few general rules for using red lipstick, regardless of your type of appearance or the circumstances for which this makeup is used:

  • If you decide on makeup with red lipstick, then take care of creating a high-quality tone on your face. The tone should be perfect. All means of decorative cosmetics must be of high quality and accurately fit you in shades. If you apply red lipstick without a corresponding tone on your face, make-up will look inaccurate. Lipstick will set off all reddening on the face, draw attention to its shortcomings.
  • For red lipstick is required a clear lip contour, which is drawn well sharpened pencil. The shade of the pencil should match the shade of the lipstick. It is permissible to use a pencil to tone darker. When applying the contour, we hold the pencil perpendicularly. Draw a contour with a “tick” above the upper lip, then we denote the middle of the lower lip, then the corners of the lips. Finish the contour, connecting all the lines. After the contour of the lips is drawn, it needs to be shaded with a cotton swab. Without contour, your lips will look like a careless red spot that spoils the whole image.
  • You should not use bright colored eye shadows with red lipstick. This is a bust. Shadows will "compete" with lipstick in color. Makeup will look amateurish and cheap.

Makeup for brunettes

Girls with dark hair should be preferred in make-up to light shades of red lipstick, as the hair color brings enough shade to the image. Brunettes can safely use bright colors on the lips. Dark hair color extinguishes this brightness, thanks to which you will not look vulgar. Brunettes are allowed to clearly outline the eyes with a pencil or a liquid eyeliner, draw arrows. Shadows fit beige, white, light gray.

Makeup for blondes

Blondes can use both light and dark shades, but be careful with the brightness of red lipstick. It is better for light girls to give preference to sober tones so that lipstick does not take away attention and does not look like a bright spot on the face. Carrot, terracotta, cherry, scarlet - any of these shades will be in harmony with blond hair. Eyeliner on the eyes necessarily shaded to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the type of makeup (day or evening). Shades of brown and beige shades will do.

For red hair

In makeup for red hair the most difficult thing is to find a red shade of lipstick. It is associated with pale skin and bright hair. Hair color already serves as a bright accent of the image. Therefore, a general recommendation for redheads is to use warm and muted shades of red lipstick. However, if your hair color is not very bright, but closer to chestnut, you can add brightness to the color of lipstick. Just some girls with red hair color, suitable plum lipstick. Shadows are worth taking almost transparent, and eyes emphasize densely painted eyelashes.

Evening muke up

For evening makeup red lipstick is a classic solution. Clear eyebrows, thick eyelashes, arrows, shaded to a greater or lesser extent, should complement red lipstick. The cheekbones are slightly underlined with rouge, the shade is chosen according to the type of appearance of the girl With red lipstick, shades of natural flesh are used, brown, beige, sandy, golden. For cold type, gray is acceptable. The eyes stand out, not by the brightness of the shadows, but by the play of light and shadow.

Women of a cold color type possess blue eyes. Therefore, the basic rule in makeup with red lipstick - lipstick only in cold shades.

Girls with green and blue eyes for makeup should stay in warm shades. Red lipstick is suitable for everyone, the main thing is to find your individual shade, apply it correctly, and make sure that it is in harmony with the makeup of the entire face.

What kind of makeup with red lipstick would you like to repeat on your face? Leave feedback and comments!

Color that fits all

Trends in the fashion world change quickly and sometimes you don’t have time to keep track of them, but the only thing that is always out of competition is makeup with red lipstick. This is a classic that many women fear, as they consider this shade too provocative. They paint their lips with a neutral tint, while forgetting that women's lips should be such that every man has a desire to kiss them. Women, can it be time to get bolder and add colors? Girls who avoid bright colors in make-up are sure that red lipstick will never have a place in their cosmetics bag. Experts believe that anyone can safely use this shade. The main thing - to pick it up under the shade of the skin. Make-up with red lipstick requires a perfectly even skin tone and a minimum amount of makeup. It is necessary to make up the eyelashes, draw small arrows and complete this business with rouge of natural shades. The manicure in this image should be either French or in tone lipstick.

The right choice for skin tone

So, the owners of dark hair and dark skin choose shades of wine, rich or blood-red, burgundy.

Happy brown-haired women with a warm bronze tan should make room in a cosmetics bag for carrot-red lipstick or any other one that has a carrot shade.

Girls with a cold skin tone, that is pinkish-matte, should choose a crimson hue.

Girls who were kissed by the sun will be decorated with scarlet lipstick with hints of peach or a shade of "red orange".

Blondes with fair skin can choose any color and palette of red, but you need to apply lipstick with only one layer.

After you have decided on the skin tone and lipstick, we begin to paint the lips. Before starting, we lightly powder them so that the makeup lasts longer. To emphasize the contour of the lips will help the pencil in the tone of lipstick.

The subtleties of makeup for brunettes

World make-up artists say that every brunette should have red lipstick in her cosmetic arsenal, and it does not depend on how old she is or what type of skin tone she has, as this appearance creates a wonderful ensemble for bright colors. Makeup with red lipstick for brunettes in the style of Monica Bellucci has been inspiring all owners of this hair color for years. However, if it is wrong to use such a bright accent on the lips, then you can run into 3 problems:

1. Add extra years to your age.

2. Create a vulgar image.

3. Such makeup will be considered inappropriate.

Makeup with red lipstick for brunettes will look good both in daylight and in night lighting. But this shade of hair often sets off colors. Do not forget that red lipstick in the evening will be more like a burgundy. If you do not want such changes, then it is better to check the make-up in advance in the appropriate lighting.

Also takes into account the color of the eyes of brunettes. If you are the owner of green or brown, the best option is a warm color scheme. For blue, gray or blue eyes it is recommended to choose a pink lipstick or with a slight presence of metallic notes.

Matte or glossy lipstick should be selected based on the image you want to create. If you have a festive mood, then glossy lipstick will look quite appropriate. For official meetings, choose matte.

When you paint your lips with lipstick, remember that it opens up the look and draws attention to other parts of the face. This is especially true of eyebrows. Eyebrows should be perfect. And to create such a form, you can use tweezers or eyebrow pencil.

Win-win make-up: arrows and red lipstick

To emphasize lips with red lipstick, draw arrows, and at the same time not be like a vampire - is it real? Of course. This make-up will turn a gray mouse into a queen, whose image will bump into the memory of people around for a long time. It is thanks to the arrows that the “cat's look” is obtained, and if you add red lipstick to them, then the image of the seductress is provided to you.

How to create makeup with red lipstick, we know, now proceed to the arrows. First you need to put on the eyelids shadows or concealer to even out the skin. The drawing technique of the arrows is different for each girl, but the ideal option is the arrows drawn at a 45 ° angle. For greater expressiveness, they can be made more saturated colors. And the main rule - the arrows must be symmetrical!

Makeup for social events

Evening makeup with red lipstick always looks dramatic. The image of Kim Kardashian will help us create it. Apply the base on the skin under makeup. Then we contour the face, while carefully emphasizing the cheekbone zone. With the help of the corrector we remove all skin defects: scars, acne, redness, swelling. Apply a bronzer to the cheekbones and complete the process of contouring the face with a translucent powder.

The folds of the eyelids are covered with matte shadows. Apply a bronze tint to the under-edge area. The inner corner highlights pearl shadows. Draw arrows. Apply mascara on eyelashes, and for greater expressiveness we use false eyelashes. Lips emphasize red lipstick with a slight addition of gloss. The image is ready!

Natural day makeup for blondes

Previous makeup for blondes will be irrelevant at work, so we create a day eye makeup. With red lipstick, it will turn into an office and thereby emphasize the individuality and sense of style of a woman. Eyeliner draw a thin line on the growth of eyelashes. We paint the eyelashes with mascara, thereby creating the effect of natural eyes. The emphasis is on the lips, so choose a scarlet shade. Office makeup is ready.

Fiery girls and brown hair

The leading place in the creation of makeup have brown-haired and red-haired girls. The whole color palette of red lipstick fits their appearance, and evening and day make-up differ little from each other. Red hair and red lipstick create a juicy look, so these girls do not need to brightly paint their eyes. The best solution would be mascara and thin eyeliner eyes.

How to choose the shade of red lipstick for brunettes

Choosing makeup with red lips, it is important to choose the right shade, otherwise you risk looking ridiculous. It is not always the first tone that appears ideally in the image, sometimes it takes a long time to search, to experiment while searching. It would seem that brunettes will suit the red color of any shade, but dark-haired girls are advised to choose more carefully the tone for expressive lips.

Brown-haired girls are not recommended to choose red with a blend of plum or crimson, although pure colors are great. Bright scarlet - very dangerous. Girls can achieve a stunning effect, but ruin everything - the complete lack of eye makeup. The most suitable shades for brunettes are wine, burgundy in the superiority of red. Also perfectly suited fruit and berry in combination with the main color. The fashionable orange shade of “brick with carrots” looks amazing in the make-up of brunettes. Sounds defiant, but it looks subtle and noble.

Another question facing girls looking for red lipstick is considered to be: matte or mother of pearl with glitter? It is impossible to answer unequivocally, it all depends on the situation, but you need to consider such things:

  • lipstick with shine visually increases the volume of lips, matte opposite - reduces them.
  • matte looks sophisticated, but slightly restrained
  • Persistent lipsticks are not pearlescent, gloss in this case is given by other means.

Red lipstick make-up rules

Make-up with red lipstick should be impeccable, especially in the area of ​​the lips. Only in this case, this tool will live forever in your cosmetic bag, otherwise you will assume that this color is not for the person. There are rules that need to be remembered during makeup with red lips, observing them you will achieve the perfect makeup, and lipstick will not look ridiculous in the image:

  1. The tone of the lip cosmetic should be combined with the color of the hair, eyes and skin.
  2. If it was decided to allocate the lips in the makeup, then the rest of the face should be in harmony and complement. Therefore, the eyes do not need much to paint, enough to put black ink, sometimes they emphasize the liner or pencil, but this is not particularly necessary.
  3. The basis of the rules - the skin of the face should be perfectly smooth.

How to apply red lipstick: step by step description

Red lipstick will not forgive negligent application, therefore such makeup should be taken very seriously, following the recommendations of experienced stylists. It is necessary to paint the lips in stages:

  1. Soften them so that there are no roughness, other defects from weathering. Do it with a balm.
  2. Draw a lip contour with a pencil - it will create a perfect smooth line, correct it (if necessary), provide greater stability of the lipstick. Lip pencil is chosen for the tone of lipstick, but not darker than her. Some makeup artists advise even to abandon the contour pencil.
  3. After applying the contour it is slightly shaded with a brush.
  4. To powder a little lips, it is desirable to do this through a dry cloth. Powder will add stamina.
  5. Apply red lipstick to lips, brush well with a brush, so it will look bright and juicy.
  6. If desired, apply gloss on top. If you want lipstick to remain dull, you should not do this.

How to combine makeup brunette

The red color itself is very self-sufficient and looks great even with a neutral make-up of the eyes, eyebrows, face. The only thing you should not forget is the perfect even skin tone. In no case are they advised to use red lipstick if there are irritations, reddenings, bruises on the face. It is not necessary to combine it with a stylish salon hairstyle and evening dress. Perfect red lips look in the combinations presented below.

With arrows

Scarlet lipstick in combination with the arrows looks great, but only if the image looks modern, minimalist. To create such an image, it is not necessary to talk about what should be done, it is better to emphasize what is unacceptable in a makeup with red lipstick and arrows:

  • black eyebrows
  • pale porcelain leather,
  • bright blush,
  • false eyelashes.

With blush

Young girls red lipstick can age. A bright pink blush will help to correct the situation. An example of this combination is the makeup of Emma Watson or Lily Collins, who became the main character of the movie “Snow White: The Dwarfs Revenge”. These girls use red lipstick in combination with pink blush, which looks very feminine, but does not add them visually to their age.

With color shades

In combination of red lipstick and shadows, it is recommended to use the Smoky-Ace technique, but not only the heavy version of the classic black, but the lighter one. Shades of brown, beige or gray gamut are perfect for such a case. It is not recommended to use blue, blue, green colors in combination with red lipstick - although they are perfectly combined on their own, but if you make up your makeup like that, it will not look very good.

With dark eyebrows

Perfectly combined red lips and expressive dark eyebrows. Although in this case there are two weighty accents, the girl in this image is able to look fresh. It is worth remembering Kara Diviven: she managed to combine these components and walk in this image daily. An important role in this was played by careless styling and an informal white t-shirt with a print.

With day makeup

Day makeup is the best way to emphasize the beauty of lipstick. In this case, everything is natural, there are no flashy elements, on the whole, the makeup is discreet and discreet, only bright lips add expressiveness and sexuality. Такое сочетание совместно со строгим костюмом – будет очень хорошо выглядеть, не нарушит правила дресс-кода (особенно если заменить цвет на коралловый), но при этом позволит остаться собой – яркой и экстравагантной личностью.

С маникюром

Еще недавно о подобном дуэте едва не забыли, но сейчас он вернулся. Today, cosmetic companies even offer special kits that include lipstick and varnish. Such a proposal is very convenient - you do not need to waste time searching for the right shade of both products. Cosmetic companies, having created such duets, tried so that the lacquer emphasized lipstick as much as possible and vice versa.

Under the evening dress

Under evening dress red lipstick will be very appropriate. It has always been thought that a black dress would be suitable for such a lip color. And this is true! The girl in black dress with red lips attracts looks and she looks sexy. But other variants of color combinations of a dress and lipstick will also look great. For example, yellow outfit and red lips attracts attention, it looks fresh and stylish. Another classic combination is a red dress and lips to match him.

Make-up video lesson with a professional makeup artist

Red lipstick requires special attention, it will not tolerate carelessness. This will lead to the fact that the beauty will cause views of regret for the ridiculous image instead of admiration for beauty. It is necessary to prepare not only the lips themselves, but also the skin of the face, eyebrows, eyes, cheekbones. Want to learn about the make-up technique, the scheme of applying the necessary tools? Then watch the video make-up lesson for brown eyes with red lips.

Day beautiful makeup with red lipstick for brunettes

In this case, the only bright area in make-up is lips. The remaining areas of the face should be painted neutral, preferably in pastel colors.

Casual makeup under red lipstick for brown-haired women and brunettes involves the use of a minimum number of shadows, eyeliner and rouge, as a rule, stylists recommend limiting it to black or graphite mascara. If you still want to slightly emphasize the eyes, it is better to gently draw your eyelids with a black or dark brown pencil, slightly shading it, and beige or light brown shadows. Eyebrows should look natural, without strict lines and excessively saturated colors.

It is important to remember that red lipstick instantly draws attention to the face. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully mask all the existing skin imperfections and to maximize its tone.

Evening and festive makeup with red lipstick for brunettes

You can afford make-up more brightly to an elegant dress, although in this situation it is necessary to observe moderation and care not to shift the accents and not to look vulgar.

The ideal version of evening eye makeup under red lipstick for brunettes is black arrows, like Dita Von Teese or Kim Kardashian. If you add to them lush and long eyelashes, you get a perfect and complete classic image of "vamp".

Another way to emphasize bright lips is to apply shadows using the Smokey Ice technique, but not in the standard black and gray scale, but in a more restrained palette. Looks beautiful with the use of such shades:

  • metallic,
  • beige brown
  • maroon,
  • purple blue
  • plum,
  • chocolate,
  • coffee,
  • olive,
  • graphite gray.

Eyebrows can be made more clearly using a powder pencil or eye shadow.

As with daytime makeup, in the evening it is important to pay special attention to the condition of the skin. It should look perfect, have a smooth and natural tone. It is allowed to apply a small amount of rouge on the cheekbones.

You can not pick up a few basic lipstick under their blond hair and beautiful eyes? You will help our new material. In this article you will find clear instructions on choosing a lipstick in accordance with the shade of the iris and see vivid examples of its application.

Blue eyes are deep and very attractive in their own right. And if the owner of them also do the right make-up, you can get a maddening, spectacular image from which it will be difficult to look away. What make-up is suitable for fair-haired blue-eyed ladies?

Green-eyed girls with blond hair pick up makeup is easy. There are a few simple rules that tell which shades are suitable and which ones are best never to use. More information about these rules and tell in the article.

Owners of green eyes, however, like the rest, you need to do a competent and harmonious everyday makeup, taking into account the type of appearance of the girl. It will be a great addition to its external data and help to appear in the most favorable light.

Create a unique image: make-up with red lipstick

Red lipstick is a classic make-up. Times change, fashion, and it remains. Red lips - this is a bright and bold accent that you need to competently combine with the rest of the makeup, otherwise, you risk looking bold and vulgar. We will tell and show examples on the make-up photo with red lipstick, which will help in creating your unique image.