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First tip: refer to the invoice! Add corduroy wide-leg trousers to the top of an extraordinary cut. Crop tops with various inscriptions, as well as T-shirts with asymmetrical cut are considered to be such.

Textured outfit looks provocative due to a combination of different fabrics, so this is an excellent choice for rave parties.

The second recommendation implies the refusal to combine only velvet clothes. The dress should contain several fabrics that will shade each other.
The velvet jacket in a tandem with jeans looks old-school and fresh at the same time. Designers reanimated the long-forgotten fabric with the help of the main trend of the year - a T-shirt, worn under a corduroy sundress of midi length.

In addition, do not forget about the pleated skirt, which will become a fashionable replacement for the classic case-skirt. Complete the look with a satin blouse or a one-tone turtleneck tucked under the skirt.

The third life hack is known to many, but not all remember about it. Do not play with an animal print: leopard or zebra. Prefer monochrome clothing or with organic patterns. Leopard print can turn any outfit into vulgar or fancy.
The penultimate farewell refers directly to the color of the clothes you want to buy.

Velvet is created for an aristocratic color palette:
• indigo, powdery and pastel,
• cobalt, emerald and plum,
• white, black and brown.

Give up velvet dresses in colorful and bright colors, because they look less advantageous against the background of the above colors.

Final advice: the rule of three combinations. In any image, choose no more than three types of fabrics, colors, prints and other details. Follow this simple rule and you will not turn a bow into a hodgepodge or rainbow costume.

Corduroy error rating: 3 most popular

Stylists claim that the most common mistake in wearing velveteen is in the wrong style.

Flared velveteen pants are definitely the hit of the fashion season, but not everything is so simple. This model of pants looks spectacular on girls with narrow hips, who are not shy about exposing the press and emphasizing it with a top. And for girls with the opposite figure, a corduroy skirt would be an appropriate choice, it will give an image of femininity.

The second most common mistake is the combination of velveteen with leather clothing. Conditionally things are divided into two types:

• first focus on yourself
• the second on the contrary complement the image.

The clothes from velvet belong to the first type of things, as well as leather, therefore they cannot be together in one dress.

The next error is called layered images. Velvet is not intended for massive bows, because it looks extravagant. This fabric becomes the main part of the bow, provided that it is not hidden behind a layer of clothing. As soon as various capes are worn over the velvet, scarves or vests they turn into an elaborate detail.

Top 5 fashion combinations with corduroy clothes

The most effective rules are assimilated by examples, so we have prepared for you a selection of the best images. Each of the pictures shows us how to combine corduroy clothes with elements of a basic wardrobe.

Minimalism in fashion is in demand, because with him it is impossible to miscalculate. It is enough to choose two colors, for example, white and brown. A velvet skirt with a high waist accentuates attention, so there is no need for a colorful T-shirt. You can beat the skirt with a white T-shirt, as well as tonal shoes along. The image is universal and discreet, so it is appropriate for study, work or lunch.

If you want to visually lengthen the legs, then the wine-colored sundress will be a great purchase. Under it is better to wear a sweatshirt or a polka dot blouse that will accentuate a trendy sundress. Sneakers on the platform will approach this lightweight alongside. With accessories, you should not overplay, and it is enough to wear a black hat or a hat with wide brim.

In the wardrobe of every woman there are trousers of non-standard style or color. These can be called sea-green corduroy trousers with symmetrical necklines. They look stylish in tandem with a sweater, which is decorated with white and blue accents. The unusual texture of the pants is appropriate to combine with shoes with a steady heel.

Two striking examples of a failed combination of corduroy clothes

We have selected photos for you, which show how not to wear velvet. In the first version, several errors in image creation were made at once:

• three incompatible textures: denim, corduroy and leather,
• multi-colored types of accessories: red beads and a belt with animal print,
• awkward length of a shirt, skirt and boots.

The girl visually made the form disproportionate due to the length of the shirt, which hid the waist. A yellow skirt should be combined with white or black, and jeans will make an outfit frilly. Velvet skirt in combination with leather boots looks unattractive and pretentious, so avoid such images.

The second example of how not to wear corduroy clothes. It consists of 3 common mistakes. We will analyze the image to understand what to avoid in creating corduroy outfits:

• multilayer combinations of vests, jackets and coats,
• mixing prints and more than two colors in the image,
• a combination of compacted golf and stiletto sandals.

The model decided to immediately put on a white shirt, a multi-colored vest, and a purple jacket over it - all this created a cumbersome image. This outfit looks tasteless, so it was not possible to emphasize the girl's figure.

So, having familiarized yourself with the velvet trends of 2017-2018, each woman of fashion can go in search of the cherished novelty. We recommend you not to forget about the rules of combining velveteen with other fabrics. And also do not repeat common mistakes.

Velvet in the fall-winter fashion collections 2017 - 2018: Prada, Goar and Monki

Designers of fashion shows autumn-winter 2017 - 2018 return us the aristocratic trend from the 80s and 90s. This time the velvet era broke into every fashion show, and will soon appear in all mass-markets. If velvet chic appeared on the catwalk of the world, then mods are obliged to learn everything about it.

Stylists have already expressed their admiration in the direction of new items from the past. And also advised to find the very corduroy jacket, which will say everything for you. The color palette of fabrics is not limited to certain shades, so you can give free rein to your imagination. Do not deny yourself an aristocratic new clothes that will give chic and elegance to any party.

The Italian brand Prada in the winter collection presented outfits in two colors: Marsala and ocher. The best images of the winter line are created using:

• corduroy jackets and trench coats in shades of red,
• elongated skirts with a slit in muted colors,
• trousers of wide cut in wine shades.

If you do not like high fashion brands, then pay attention to less popular designers, for example, Goar. At the show, corduroy images were full of elegance that set the mood of the entire collection:

• light chiffon blouse in tandem with a fuchsia velvet suit,
• corduroy trench coat in cool shades with a wide line of shoulders,
• powdery midi dress in pink.

Fashion designers showed us how the mood of an image can vary depending on the color and cut of clothes. The same corduroy dress can look both catchy and discreet.
The brand Monki has combined two styles in its collection: street fashion in Europe and Asia, which reflects the spirit of youth. The highlight of the collection was a pink outfit: a jacket with buttons and pants. This outfit looks a bit pretentious and massive, so it can be diluted.

The jacket looks good with a colorful dress or top that can be combined with jeans. Fashion designers recommend combining corduroy pants with a coarse-knit sweater or a print blouse.

Stylists offer to choose the girls themselves, what image they try on: the rebels in sneakers or the lady in the shoes, and maybe 2 in 1.

A fresh look

Red-haired corduroy flared pants - this is a stylish greeting from the 1970s, but do not rush to get them from my mother's wardrobe. In their previous form, they will most likely look very boring, so it is worth “painting” this vintage item with new colors. If you decide to buy clothes from velvet, be sure to choose the most courageous options: pink pants, blue jacket or a coat of deep coffee tint - this is exactly what you need. You don’t have to search for a long time: the mass market provides a huge choice, so finding something you like is not difficult.

Strict classic or fantasy game

Velvet, of course, is most associated with classic things, so a stylish suit of this noble material will be an excellent acquisition and complement your basic wardrobe. Add to it any one-tone turtleneck, matching in color, and voila - your trendy look is ready. This is an ideal option for those who do not have time to come up with stylish combinations, and you really want to look good.

If you are a lover of complex and interesting outfits, with velveteen you can try a variety of combinations. Flared trousers made of this material look great with cotton shirts, turtlenecks, knitted sweaters, leather jackets, heeled ankle boots and even cowboy boots. In general, fully rely on your fantasy and come up with vivid images.

Bright accent

Even a corduroy accessory will be enough for you to declare yourself as a real fashionista. For example, a small handbag or stylish hat will give your look of vintage chic, and corduroy ankle boots will be a great accent in a casual style.

In our gallery we have collected cool things from velvet - get inspired!

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Text: Tatyana Zubakhina

A photo: Press Service Archives, Shutterstock / VOSTOCK

Back to the 80s

This season corduroy clothing appeared on fashion catwalks of such famous brands as Prada, Armani, Roberto Cavalli. Moreover, it is recommended to experiment with fashion gurus not only with individual details of clothing, but also not to be ashamed to wear corduroy costumes. From now on, they can rightfully be considered suitable for a strict office dress code.

But agreeing to replenish the wardrobe with such a fashionable thing, it is worth remembering about some important rules:

  1. Velvet - a rather complicated fabric. It is textured, voluminous and eye-catching. That is why when creating an image, it is worth adhering to the “rule of three combinations”. Its meaning is that in your bow there should not be more than three types of fabrics, colors or prints. Otherwise, you risk becoming like a rainbow.
  2. Animalistic patterns are taboo. They give vulgarity. Ideal - plain additions.
  3. To dilute the image a little, you can not be afraid to use simple fabrics. For example, a plain cotton T-shirt is perfect for a velvet sundress. By the way, this is the main trend of this fall.
  4. The most successful fabric will look in noble colors - deep blue, emerald, plum, white, black, brown and pastel shades. But courageous experiments for girls who want to stand out from the crowd, has not been canceled.
  5. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of style. Squeak of fashion - flared trousers, only slim girls with narrow hips and taut tummy can afford. As for them, designers recommend wearing cropped tops. The girls in the body is better to choose a straight cut pants or skirt.
  6. "No" layering. If you have already decided to follow the fashion trends, then make sure that your main part of the image does not cover the waistcoats, capes, scarves and stoles. By itself, it will look very extravagant, but hidden under layers of other things, will lose its meaning.

Right choice

But theory is good when backed up by practice. Because we offer to understand what you can combine things from velvet.

They are indispensable for the autumn-winter season and casual style. An excellent pair to them will be a jumper or a cardigan made of fine knitwear. And for colder pores sweaters of large knitting will suit.

Retro style can be created by combining such pants with a shirt, a woolen jacket and soft moccasins or lace-up shoes.

Without being tied to the style and season of the year, you can pick up small brown ribbed pants that are perfect for creating images both in winter and in summer. From accessories to them the beautiful leather belt will approach. And from shoes give preference to suede pair.

It is a soft, but at the same time a solid thing, moreover, it is almost not creased. The most fashionable this season options:

  • in a small scarred knee-length,
  • trapezoidal
  • asymmetrical mini.

The petticoat skirt gives elegance and favorably emphasizes the dignity of the figure, not giving extra volume. It will suit girls with any type of figure. But those who need to visually enlarge the hips, should choose a model in a large scar.

Young girls can afford a short version with lace trim at the bottom.

The velvet skirt is perfectly combined with cashmere top - turtleneck, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Also it can be warm shirts or blouses from dense fabrics.

Dress and dress

Quite an unusual option, which is able to surprise others and give you a lot of pleasant words and compliments. But most importantly, choosing such a thing, pay attention to the above-mentioned hem.

For casual style bows, it is better to opt for sundresses knee-length or slightly lower. In a pair of them is to pick up leather shoes without decor.

In the case of a more solemn option, you can look at the dress-case in a thin scar. It will favorably emphasize the waistline and make the hips visually narrower.

Long corduroy dresses can also be worn for a special occasion, but it is worth remembering that only slender girls can afford them. Dense material makes the image heavier.

The most successful version of the combination - corduroy jacket + jeans. The only thing worth considering is the play of shades. If the jacket is of a dark color, then the bottom should be one or two tones darker, and vice versa.

For business style fit black, gray or blue jacket. A harmonious couple with him will be created by classic-cut shirts and strict pencil skirts.

An evening look made from a lightweight, chiffon dress can also be complemented with a corduroy top.

Velvet - a dense and comfortable material, but at the same time requiring special care. Remember that such things can sit down after washing, so they are not recommended to be strongly rubbed and wrung out. Another disadvantage is that velveteen "attracts" to itself a variety of villi. But to get rid of them you will always help roller with adhesive tape or a wet brush.

Now that you know how to properly create fashionable images and care for velveteen things, it's time to go shopping. Have a nice shopping!


Corduroy trousers are especially good in the context of the casual style of the Wild West. By the way, hoodie and sneakers can be combined with them as well as denim shirts and Cossacks.

Prada (Menswear), autumn-winter 17/18

To maintain the entire image in the same style is not only not necessary, but even undesirable.

It is better to limit one or two things in the kit.

Flared trousers with a high waist fit can set the desired direction alone.

Especially bold offer to combine sport and the Wild West in one thing and pay attention to, say, velvet pants with stripes.

Like a professor

A bit of corduroy in official situations? Try to pay attention to the jackets. Favorites are saturated red color (bohemian and aristocratic) and natural shades from khaki to brown (practical and with a certain degree of informality).

The latter go well with classic blue jeans.

If you pay attention to the velvet suit pants, we recommend wearing them with a blouse, not complementing the jacket with the same material - otherwise the effect of “professor from the 70s” cannot be avoided.

But, perhaps, the best piece of velvet in classic style will be a trench coat. If you manage to get something like that, get ready for a flurry of questions and compliments.

Country style

More immediate images with the participation of denim will help build a guide to the American country classics. Warm jackets with sheep fur collars (most often artificial) and corduroy mini skirts with buttons or buttons would be the right choice.

The velvet jacket with a faux white fur collar can be easily paired with either a woodcutter shirt or a classic pencil skirt (especially we recommend to try the latter).

A jacket made of the same material, a denim or leather biker jacket, and a large-knit sweater will suit the corduroy mini-skirt.

As well as printed shirts, brown leather boots, bags with fringe and other things in the style of the 70s.

How to choose a suitable model?

Now you can find stylish in stores. velveteen dresses and suits for all occasions. Стоит купить хотя бы одну модную вещь на зиму 2019, ведь этот материал идеально подходит для холодного времени года!

Очень простой и стильный образ: толстовка, кроссовки и вельветовые брюки.

Песочные брючки сочетаются не только со спортивной одеждой, но и с классическими пиджаками или рубашками.

Многие девушки боятся покупать вещи из вельвета, потому что не знают, как их правильно носить. In fact, this material can be combined with almost any thing. For example, they look great corduroy skirts together with knit sweaters and voluminous sweatshirts .

If you do not have enough accessories, you can add a bow on the neck or a belt on the waist.

This skirt can be supplemented with a sweater and a headdress in the same color scheme.

Sneakers that match the rest of the elements of the image will look impressive. Instead of socks, you can wear tight tights. They do not have to be black.

To create a gentle and airy look, use flowing fabrics. For example, silk dress can be added velveteen jacket .

And this jacket can be worn with a dress or a skirt of medium length.

If you add classic shoes or boots with a small heel, you get the perfect image for the university or work.

In order not to waste time on the selection of clothing for the office, it is worth to get pantsuit . Very popular models with a jacket free cut and straight pants . They can be supplemented with a simple white blouse or turtleneck. To make the image look complete, add a stylish hat and accessories. For example, fit here cap or beret . Jewelry should be simple, fairly voluminous. Let them fit the jacket and trousers in colors.

Formal suit should be combined with a monochromatic blouse or turtleneck.

You can choose a model in white, but blue will look more impressive. Accessories here will be superfluous, but you can pick up small silver earrings.

Just an incredible costume will help you become a star in any event.

The color of fuchsia does not require additional accessories, it is already quite bright in itself.

If you think that such a bow attracts too much attention, you can wear trousers and a jacket with other things. The remaining elements of the image should be simple cut, black or white.

The best option for the winter evening - convenient corduroy dress . It can be as simple or elegant, monophonic or multi-colored. Pay attention to models from bright fabric, products with original decorative elements.

A cozy dress will remind you of spring even on the most frosty day.

By the way, it is perfect for meeting the New Year.

This dress can be worn at a festive party or just in the office.

And this dress can be worn on a shirt or turtleneck. Keep things matched by color.

You can combine such dresses with denim shirt , blazer or an ordinary sweatshirt. Do not forget about the appropriate accessories and suitable shoes. In winter, it is better to choose shoes with low speed or boots with a small heel.

Successful combinations

Corduroy Jackets - timeless classics. They are more suitable for adult women, but may also look good on young girls. So that the image does not seem too serious and businesslike, dilute it with a flowing skirt or any jeans bottom.

For example, this jacket can pick up pants to match, and you can experiment with jeans and skirts.

But remember that the yellow jacket should be the brightest element of the image. Otherwise there is a risk of becoming a clown.

It is not necessary to buy a plain velvet suit to feel comfortable. Try to combine two things from different collections to create a unique image. They should be combined in color or style.

Pants can be combined with jackets asymmetrical cut and baggy sweaters. They also look good with denim shirts and jackets. For winter, you can choose pants dark or pastel shades.

The trend colors are:

  • Burgundy
  • Cream.
  • Chocolate.
  • Crimson.
  • Beige.
  • Emerald.
  • Blue.
  • Mustard.
  • Coral.

Corduroy pants can be worn in the office or for a walk or party.

You can choose the top with embroidery or print, as in the photo.

In the first case, they must be combined with shirts and blazers in the second - with dimensionless sweaters or hoodies .

Solid totallook will look boring if you do not add contrasting accessories or unusual shoes. Make bright accents in each image. This may be a hat, brooch or bright shoes. Velvet is associated with peace and comfort, so it is well combined with various decorations and shoes.

Beggy pants look great with a turtleneck and original high-heeled shoes.

Note the combination of prints: striped top, snake skin pattern on shoes and plain fabric pants. All elements are united by one color gamut, so the image looks solid. Perhaps he lacks accessories.

And these culottes look harmonious with checkered boots.

You can wear pants with any monophonic things or supplement them with a jacket of the same color.

Any product from velvet can be combined in one image with metal decorations. If you want to create a daring sports bow, select massive bracelets with bright inserts. To look tender and graceful, it is necessary to choose thin and neat jewelry. For example, long earrings or a chain around the neck.

Very unusual bow, consisting of a velvet dress, snow-white boots and a hat with a fur trim.

The final accent is a massive chain around the neck. By themselves, these things might look strange, but in this image they complement each other.

Velvet is the best fit for a winter look.. That is why it is so well combined with warm accessories. Choose a scarf to match the clothes, put on a fur-trimmed vest. To go outside, add a warm fluffy hat and mittens. Outerwear can be any, but all kinds of coats and sheepskin are best for things from velvet.

Bright trousers successfully combined with a fluffy jacket and shoes on the platform.

This stylish image can be complemented with glasses that match the color of any of the things. Other accessories will be superfluous here.

If we talk about shoes, it all depends on your convenience. Wide pants It should be worn with boots or warm sneakers. To narrowed models You can pick up shoes or boots with heels. If you prefer to wear corduroy skirts with boots, choose as narrow as possible model without a large number of folds. Otherwise, the silhouette will be too wide and massive.