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  • Rocky rocky
  • USA
  • Drama Sport
  • 120 min 1976

Rocky Balboa - a brilliant boxer. In addition to modesty, there are many other qualities: commitment, perseverance and the will to win. Only on their own Rocky was able to reach incredible heights in boxing. He bravely rushes into battle, not paying attention to the fact that, sometimes, the enemy is stronger than him. Rocky is ready to go to certain death, just not to seem weak.

  • Knockdown Cinderella Man
  • USA
  • Drama Biography Sports
  • 138 min. 2005

Jim Braddock decides to quit boxing, after several crushing defeats. Now the man is working for wear to feed his family, but in secret he dreams of returning to the ring. And fate gives him a chance. Replacing a boxer, he enters the arena against a man claiming the world title and wins. Now he is ready, in spite of pain and injuries, to become a great boxer.

  • Million Dollar Baby
  • USA
  • Drama Sport
  • 132 min. 2004

Frank Dunn trains boxers, but due to difficult family relationships, he does not allow himself to become attached to any athlete. However, things change when he meets Maggie. The girl wants to forget the past, so she gives herself to the sport. Now these two will win the most important battle in life. They share a common goal, and they are ready to go at all.

  • Fighter the fighter
  • USA
  • Drama Biography Sports
  • 114 min. 2010

The boxer nicknamed "Irishman" is a regular road works guy. But the will to win, the love of the girl and the patronage of the stepbrother helped him to reach unprecedented heights. In his life there were ups and downs, courage and cowardice, but the man was able to withstand all the difficulties and become almost the same legend as Rocky Balboa. But can he win the last match?

  • Ali Ali
  • USA
  • Drama Biography Sports
  • 165 min. 2001

One of the greatest heroes of the United States and the idol of the inhabitants of all countries, Mohammed Ali devoted his life to the fight against injustice. At a time when his compatriots were losing civil rights and silently endured humiliation, Ali helped the weak and was the hope of the whole country. Every person on the planet heard about this living legend, but nobody ever learned what Mohammed had to go through.

  • Southpaw
  • USA China
  • Drama Sport
  • 124 min. 2015

In sixth place in the list of the best films - "Lefty." The life of Billy Hope was like a fairy tale. And how could it be otherwise, if the world boxing champion had a beautiful wife and favorite daughter. But at one moment, everything changed dramatically. The spouse dies in tragic circumstances, Billy loses parental rights and gets disqualified. Will a man be able to bring everything back to normal and improve life?

  • Warrior warrior
  • USA
  • Drama Sport
  • 140 min. 2011

Boxer Tommy Colnon leaves the big sport and goes on a long journey. However, a long absence brought him only disappointment, and the man returned to his homeland to regain the title and former glory, taking part in a grand tournament. He starts hard training under the guidance of his father. Can Tommy become a legend?

  • Creed: The Rocky Creed Legacy
  • USA
  • Drama Sport
  • 133 min 2015

The very first opponent of Rocky Balboa was the famous Apollo Creed. After the fight, the men became inseparable friends and always helped each other. Now the son of Apollo decides to follow in the footsteps of his father and is looking for an experienced mentor, who becomes Rocky. But can a young man reach unprecedented heights in boxing, learn from Balboa his fighting style and become a worthy son of his famous father?

  • Discussion not subject Undisputed
  • USA Germany
  • Action Drama Crime
  • 96 min. 2002

The famous boxer George Chambers gets a sentence for raping a woman and goes to jail. This prison is famous for its cruel order, and the main entertainment and way to get relief is boxing. George begins to strengthen training to enter the ring against Monroe, who for ten years held the title of the best boxer in the colony.

  • A fight with a shadow
  • Russia
  • Action Drama
  • 132 min. 2005

Closes the top 10 best movies about boxing, the Russian film - "Fight with the shadow." Artem Kolchin decides to become a world boxing champion. A fierce fight awaits him, but the man does not even realize that all the difficulties are still to come. Contingency forces the hero to fight the fate itself. At stake is the safety of the woman he loves, as well as the health and life of the boxer himself. But Artyom was not accustomed to surrender and boldly rushes into battle.

  • Raging Bull Raging Bull
  • USA
  • Drama Biography Sports
  • 129 min. 1980

Jake LaMotta - not quite balanced boxer. He has a lot of complexes, sexual and psychological, with which he fights when he enters the fight ring. His rage knows no bounds, and the brother of a man and a minor girl become the victims. But in this life, everybody gets deserved punishment. Can Jake cope with his conscience?

  • Boxer The Boxer
  • USA
  • Drama Melodrama Sport
  • 113 min. 1997

Boxer Danny Flynn, who lives in Belfast, will have to spend 14 years behind bars. Once free, the man returns to his hometown to find the former beloved. But Maggie has long tied the knot with another, and after her husband went to jail, she began to be fully engaged in bringing up her son. What happens to the main characters of an exciting melodrama?

  • Grudge Match Face Rematch
  • USA
  • Comedy Sports
  • 113 min. 2013

Two boxers, many years trying to figure out who is more experienced and stronger than them, are waiting for time spent without fight rings. But there are no former boxers, and the men decide to resolve past disputes. They return to the big sport to meet for the last time and show themselves. Their goal is to dot the "and" and to retire with a clear conscience.

  • Victor Young Perez Brutal Ring
  • France
  • Drama Biography History
  • 110 min. 2013

This incredible movie is based on real events and tells the story of the famous boxer Victor Perez. His life was filled with bright colors and emotions, because in the early 40s he became a world champion, and also married a charming French actress. But with him played a cruel joke of Jewish origin, and the man went to Auschwitz.

  • Real Steel Real Steel
  • USA India
  • Fantasy Action Family
  • 127 min. 2011

In the distant future, the government decided that boxing was a very ruthless sport, so it was decided to replace it with a battle of human-controlled robots. The former boxer finds a rejected iron man and decides to make him a champion. But at this time the man meets his eleven-year-old son and tries to make friends with the boy. And the robot is going towards its goal.

27 Hellish Kitchen (Paradise Alley), 1978

New York, 1946. The three brothers Carboni - Victor, Lenny and Cosmo - one single dream in life: to escape from the gangster area of ​​New York called "Hellish Kitchen". But for this you need to break the circle of hopeless poverty, in which they have been living for many years. The enterprising Cosmo decides that there is still hope of making a lot of money. He invites Viktor, the strongest and most sporting of them, to take part in a series of matches in the wrestling ring ...

Producer: Sylvester Stallone
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Lee Canalito, Armand Assante


26 Fox Hunter (Foxcatcher), 2014

Multimillionaire John Dupont invites to his estate the winner of the Olympic gold medal in wrestling Mark Schulz to prepare the team for the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. Hoping to devote himself to training, to perform adequately and to get out of the shadow of his brother, the legendary wrestler Dave Schulz, Mark accepts the offer. But the paranoid DuPont is starting a cat and mouse game with Mark and Dave.

Producer: Bennett miller
Cast: Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo


25 Pasman Devil (Bleed for This), 2016

Winnie Pazienza is one of the most outstanding boxing champions. Young, bright, reckless ... He was called the Pozman devil. His career was at its peak, but a terrible accident overnight destroyed all plans. Doctors said he could never walk again. However, Winnie decided to return to the ring at all costs.

Producer: Ben Younger
Cast: Miles Teller, Aaron Eckhart, Katie Sagal


24 Body and Soul, 1947

Charlie Davis wins an amateur boxing match, after which Quinn becomes his promoter. Charlie's mom does not want him to take part in fights, but after the accidental death of his father, Charlie begins to fight for money. He wins battle after fight, and promoter Roberts begins to be interested in him. Charlie has a difficult choice to make.

Producer: Robert Rossen
Cast: John Garfield, Lilly Palmer, Hazel Brooks


23 Win! (Win Win), 2011

Self-confident lawyer Mike Flaherty, trying to feed his family, works as a wrestling coach in high school, and contacts the former star athlete who is involved in some dubious business operations. Mike takes care of older clients in a desperate attempt to keep his law practice afloat. When one of the teenagers, the client's grandson, runs away from the house and appears on the threshold of his grandfather's house, Mike's life turns upside down, and his mutually beneficial position turns into something much more complicated than he ever expected.

Producer: Tom McCarthy
Cast: Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan, Bobby Cannavale


22 Non-discussion (Undisputed), 2002

After receiving a sentence for rape and having lost his stellar title, heavyweight boxing champion George Chambers finds himself in the prison of Sweetwater, famous for its brutal rules, where for 10 years the untouchable champion is the formidable Monroe Hatchen.

Unbeaten Chambers knows that there is no boxer in the world better than him, and he is ready to prove it. But Hutchin is not going to lose. This is a fight for life and death.

Producer: Walter hill
Cast: Wesley Snipes, Wing Reims, Peter Falk


21 Legendary 2010

A smart, well-read teenager was asked to join the school wrestling team to win the competition, because his father was a legendary champion 10 years ago.

Producer: Mel Damsky
Cast: Patricia Clarkson, Devon Grie, John Cena


20 Fat City (Fat City), 1972

The film, in the darkest colors describing the world of professional boxing. Boxers Ernie and Talley are at a turning point in life. Talley is an ordinary guy from the people. He has already passed the peak of his good fortune, the end of a stellar career is not far off, but Ernie is just beginning to get his first victories.

Producer: John houston
Cast: Stacy Keach, Jeff Bridges, Susan Tyrrel


19 Female Fight (Girlfight), 2000

Diana is a stubborn girl. From this in life she has some trouble. In those areas of New York where she grew up, it is impossible otherwise - here the world around us is cruel and uncompromising, the Jungle Law is in force here. Here survives the one who knows how to stand up for himself. Once she gets into the boxing gym and decides that she will be a boxer.

Do not care that boxing is not a woman's business The persistent wins, and Diana's persistence does not hold. Smack of sweat and blood, struggle, victory over oneself and the enemy inhale meaning in every day of life. Every fight is the last, every victory is like the first time, and let the loser cry. Who is next?

Producer: Karin Kusama
Cast: Michelle Rodriguez, Jaime Tirelli, Paul Calderon


18 Resurrecting the Champ, 2007

Unlucky sports commentator Eric Kernan, always in the shadow of his legendary father, meets a homeless person who calls himself a Champion. Soon, Eric discovers that his new acquaintance is the famous boxer Bob Satterfield, who really bore the title of champion. Having taken the sensational story of a man of legend to the world, Eric at the same time begins to rethink his own life: a relationship with his son and wife, with whom he recently broke up ...

Producer: Rod Lurie
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Josh Hartnett, Katherine Morris


17 Creed: The Legacy of Rocky (Creed), 2015

The focus is on the son of Apollo Creed - Rocky Balboa's first serious contender in the ring, who later became the hero's best friend. The talent of the father at some point manifests itself in Creed Junior, and the young man goes in search of a mentor, who for him eventually becomes Rocky, who is also not too eager to return to old matters. Even as a coach.

Producer: Ryan Kugler
Cast: Michael B. Jordan Sylvester Stallone Tessa Thompson


16 The Boxer, 1997

After fourteen years in prison, boxer Danny Flynn returns to troubled Belfast to his long-time passion, Maggie, who has already become the wife of another prisoner and is raising one teenager son.

Producer: Jim Sheridan
Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis, Emily Watson, Brian Cox


15 Rocky 4 (Rocky IV), 1985

Rocky Balboa is happy in her family life, and even the everlasting bourgeois of Pauli Pennino, Adriana's brother, is not able to spoil Rocky's good mood. But a new tragedy still breaks into the life of Balboa ...

His friend and trainer Apollo Creed agrees to take part in an exemplary fight with the world champion among amateur boxers Ivan Drago, captain of the Soviet Army. The match organizers called the match indicative, but Ivan Drago turned the boxing fight into a real fight: the Russian giant, like a sledgehammer, put Creed in the ring with a mortal blow.

In order to take revenge for the death of a friend in an honest sports fight, Rocky Balboa returns to the big box. To prepare for the fight, which, according to the terms of the contract, will take place in Moscow, Rocky goes to Russia, where he begins to recruit sportswear again ...

Producer: Sylvester Stallone
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Bert Young


The Greatest 14, 1977

The agent of boxer Cassius Clay tightly parses the conditions of the upcoming fights, saying that the greatest black boxers at the end of their careers became poor and Clay should not go this way.

Cassius Clay goes to Islam, taking the name of Mohammed Ali. He later refuses to go to war in Vietnam. This complicates his professional career and leads to a lawsuit that Ali wins.

Producer: Tom grise
Cast: Muhammad Ali, Ernest Borgnine, John Marley


13 Kickboxer, 1989

Brothers Kurt and Eric Sloan go to Thailand, the home of kickboxing, to prove to local fighters the superiority of the American school over Thai. Erik, the American kickboxing champion, meets in a battle with Tong Po, the champion of Thailand.

Tong Po turns out to be a real beast. He deliberately cripples the already exhausted Eric Sloan, condemning him to disability. Kurt enters the training of Thai wrestling master Xen to defeat Tong Po and avenge his paralyzed brother.

Directors: Mark DiSalle, David Worth
Cast: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dennis Alexio, Dennis Chan


12 Rocky Balboa (Rocky Balboa), 2006

Rocky retired, taking up the restaurant business and is still hard going through the death of his wife Adrian. Trying to dispel the resulting void, Balboa decides to return to the ring for local fights with boxers in light weight. But when he agrees to oppose current heavyweight champion Mason Dixon, the press unexpectedly shows a keen interest in returning Rocky.

Producer: Sylvester Stallone
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Bert Young, Antonio Terver


11 Rocky 3 (1982)

Having won a crushing victory over Apollo Creed, Rocky basks in the glory. He is surrounded by luxury and prestige. He easily gets along with all the contenders for his championship belt. Fees are high and workouts are short and as a result Rocky begins to lose his famous speed and accuracy.

Plus, old injuries have an effect - after all, he missed too many blows to the head. As a result, when a young impenetrable, like a hurricane appears in the ring, a boxer named Clubber, Rocky is unable to withstand his crushing blows and falls dead weight.

After such a shame, everyone turns away from him, except the former enemy, and now his comrade in misfortune, Apollo Creed.

Producer: Sylvester Stallone
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Mr. Ti, Talia Shire


10 Lefty (Southpaw), 2015

Boxer Billy Hope was fine: the title of champion, the beautiful wife and beloved daughter. But fortune turns away from him: under tragic circumstances, his beloved wife dies, disqualification in the ring, zero incomes, the court deprives of his parental rights ... Hope must defend the champion title and return his daughter. Does Hope have any chance of winning? His famous left hook will decide everything ...

Producer: Antoine Fuqua
Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams, Forest Whitaker


9 Ali (2001)

Mohammed Ali is the great hero of America, the idol of the whole world, and at the same time, one of the most undervalued people of the 20th century. Fighting for civil rights in his native country in difficult, turbulent years, when loud political and social events radically changed the outlook of people, Ali defended the oppressed and gave people new hope. History has made him a living legend, and now there is hardly any person on the planet who has not heard the proud name of Ali.

Producer: Michael mann
Cast: Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Jon Voight


8 The Wrestler, 2008

The protagonist of the film - Randy "Baran" Robinson - was the star of the 80s, but became a pale copy of himself. After receiving a heart attack during one of the matches, the wrestler heard the unpleasant news from the doctors: if he continues to speak, he may die. After an unsuccessful attempt to start another life and even more disastrous attempts to improve relations with his daughter, Baran decided to participate in the battle, knowing that he was going to die ...

Producer: Darren Aronofsky
Cast: Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood


7 The Fighter, 2010

Incredible, but the real story of the path to the title of world champion boxer Mickey Ward, nicknamed "Irish". Ward's climb was like that of the legendary Rocky. The guy from the people, between fights, he worked on road works.

Having survived a series of failures and defeats, Mickey was able to return to the ring again when his half-brother Dicky Eklund, a former boxer whose career ended because of his addiction to drugs, became his coach. The brother’s help, the love of the waitress Charlene, the care of the mother and the inflexible will to win let Ward climb the world pedestal ...

Producer: David O. Russell
Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams


6 Rocky 2 (1979)

Having lost on points in an unforgettable fight for the title of world champion in the first part, Rocky Balboa is trying to quit sports and start a new peaceful life. However, he does not succeed, because boxing is his vocation.

As a result, despite the protests of his young wife, Rocky accepts the challenge of his old rival Appolo Creed for a rematch. Appolo is in good physical shape and is eager to avenge the beatings inflicted on him in the first fight. So Rocky has every chance of losing not only his wife, but also his health.

Producer: Sylvester Stallone
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Carl Weathers, Talia Shire


5 The Hurricane (1999)

The film is based on real facts from the life of a boxer Rubin Carter, nicknamed "The Hurricane" - the main contender for the champion title in middleweight in June 1966. After killing three people in one of the bars in New Jersey, he was accused of this terrible crime and sentenced to three life terms in prison.

Producer: Norman Jewison
Cast: Denzel Washington, Visellos Reon Shannon, Deborah Kara Unger


4 Rocky, 1976

Who is Rocky Balboa? - this is a man of legend, shy, but extremely stubborn and talented boxer who did not spare himself and rose from the bottom to the top of fame.

With his charisma, he wins the hearts of millions, and with bloody fights shocks even professionals. He exhausts himself with grueling workouts and dreams of a world champion belt. Like a bull terrier, he attacks his opponents, no matter how dangerous they are.

He does not care that his face turns into a bloody mess, he always goes to the very end, and it seems that he will rather die than show his weakness.

Producer: John G. Evildsen
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Bert Young


3 Million Dollar Baby, 2004

Boxing coach Frank Dunn is going through hard times. Because of his difficult relationship with his daughter, for a long time he did not allow himself to become attached to anyone, afraid to relive the loss. However, everything changes when Maggie appears in his training room. Being in constant struggle with the outside world, Maggie has developed an unwavering fortitude and will to win. But more than anything, she wants to be believed.

Frank does not want to take responsibility, but the stubbornness of Maggie wins. In the maelstrom of the vicissitudes of life, these two realize that they are striving for the same thing: to forget the past and find a family. Ahead of them is waiting for the main battle of life, for which they will need to gather in their hearts so much courage, how much earlier they could not imagine ...

Producer: Clint Eastwood
Cast: Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman


2 Warrior, 2011

Tommy Conlon is a young fighter who returned home after a long absence to get ready to participate in a big tournament. The father is a drunkard, in the past a talented boxer, is taken to train his son.

Producer: Gavin O’Connor
Cast: Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte


1 Knockdown (Cinderella Man) 2005

Having suffered several defeats in a row, promising heavyweight boxer Jim Braddock is forced to give up the sport. During the Great Depression, Braddock takes on any job to feed his wife, May, and the children. However, he still hopes to return to the ring. And once he is given such a chance. At the last minute Jim replaces another boxer and goes to a duel with a contender for the world title ...

Producer: Ron howard
Cast: Russell Crowe, Renee Zellweger, Paul Giamatti

10 Shadow Boxing

10. Fight with a shadow. Also in the top ten entered the Russian high-profile film - "Fight with the shadow." Artem Kolchin is aiming for a championship title in boxing. Before him is a tense fight, but the difficulties are just beginning. An unexpected circumstance makes the hero start a confrontation with the fatum itself. He is concerned for the well-being of the woman he loves, and his health and life are at stake. But Artem never gave up, and bravely takes the fight.

9 Discussion is not subject to

9. Discussion is not subject to. The famous boxer George Chambers was imprisoned and now he has to survive behind the bars. In prison, its special cruel order, and the main method to get relief is boxing. George began to train hard to resist in the ring of Monroe, who for ten years is considered the strongest fighter.

8 Creed: Rocky's Legacy

8. Creed: The Legacy of Rocky. Rocky Balboa's very first opponent was the famous Apollo Creed. After the fight, the boxers made good friends. Suddenly, the son of Apollo decides to devote his life to boxing and goes in search of a coach, who becomes Rocky. Will the guy become a famous athlete and reach the heights in boxing, learn the style of battle with a mentor and not disgrace the memories of his illustrious dad?

7. Warrior. Athlete Tommy Colnon decides to quit boxing and goes on a long trip. But the journey brought nothing but disappointment, and he comes back. The man decides to compete in the greatest tournament in order to regain the glory and title of the champion. Father starts to train him diligently. Will Tommy be a champion?

6. Lefty. Sixth place surely belongs to the film "Lefty." Billy Hope had a beautiful life. And how is it different when you have a champion boxing title and you have a caring wife and a beautiful daughter? But overnight, happiness collapsed. The wife died under an unfortunate set of circumstances, he was deprived of parental rights, and yes even disqualification. Will a man be able to break out of the vicious circle and cut the knot of trouble?

5. Ali. One of the most famous citizens of the United States and an idol to worship, Mohammed Ali laid his own life in confrontation with injustice. In difficult times, when compatriots were deprived of civil rights and underwent insults, Ali helped the needy and was a symbol of hope. Everyone on our planet knows about him, but they don’t even imagine what Mohammed went through.

4. Fighter. The boxer with the nickname "Irishman" - the most ordinary guy. However, the desire to win, the help of a stepbrother and the love of a beautiful woman accompanied him in reaching exorbitant heights. His life is full of ups and defeats, strength and fear, but the courageous man will be able to withstand all the troubles and be in the same row with other famous boxers. But the final battle is ahead: victory or defeat?

3 Baby in a million

3. Baby in a million. Frank Dunn is training boxers. But in his family troubles and he can not fully give himself to boxing work and give preference to one athlete. But everything turned upside down with Maggie. The girl intends to bury the past and completely dissolved in the sport. Together they are capable of all accomplishments. With a common goal, they will succeed in everything. “Baby in a million” takes the third place in the TOP 10 best movies about boxing.

2. Knock down. Jim Braddock leaves boxing after having suffered several failures. He has to load himself with work so that the family does not starve, but in dreams he sees himself again in the ring. One day, fate smiled at him. He replaced the boxer and joined the battle with a strong opponent. He managed to win. Now he has a chance to win the champion title.

1. Rocky. Rocky Balboa is a talented boxer. In addition to shyness, he has other qualities: dedication, perseverance and the desire to win. Only because of his talent Rocky reached the top in boxing. He is always ready to rush into battle, sometimes even with a rival much stronger than himself. Fear to seem weak, forcing Rocky to run into deadly fights.